Fix printing of non-address types when memory tagging is enabled

When the architecture supports memory tagging, we handle
pointer/reference types in a special way, so we can validate tags and
show mismatches.

Unfortunately, the currently implementation errors out when the user
prints non-address values: composite types, floats, references, member
functions and other things.

Vector registers:

 (gdb) p $v0
 Value can't be converted to integer.

Non-existent internal variables:

 (gdb) p $foo
 Value can't be converted to integer.

The same happens for complex types and printing struct/union types.

There are a few problems here.

The first one is that after print_command_1 evaluates the expression
to print, the tag validation code call value_as_address
unconditionally, without making sure we have have a suitable type
where it makes to sense to call it.  That results in value_as_address
(if it isn't given a pointer-like type) trying to treat the value as
an integer and convert it to an address, which #1 - doesn't make sense
(i.e., no sense in validating tags after "print 1"), and throws for
non-integer-convertible types.  We fix this by making sure we have a
pointer or reference type first, and only if so then proceed to check
if the address-like value has tags.

The second is that we're calling value_as_address even if we have an
optimized out or unavailable value, which throws, because the value's
contents aren't fully accessible/readable.  This error currently
escapes out and aborts the print.  This case is fixed by checking for
optimized out / unavailable explicitly.

Third, the tag checking process does not gracefully handle exceptions.
If any exception is thrown from the tag validation code, we abort the
print.  E.g., the target may fail to access tags via a running thread.
Or the needed /proc files aren't available.  Or some other untold
reason.  This is a bit too rigid.  This commit changes print_command_1
to catch errors, print them, and still continue with the normal
expression printing path instead of erroring out and printing nothing

With this patch, printing works correctly again:

 (gdb) p $v0
 $1 = {d = {f = {2.0546950501119882e-81, 2.0546950501119882e-81}, u = {3399988123389603631, 3399988123389603631}, s = {
       3399988123389603631, 3399988123389603631}}, s = {f = {1.59329203e-10, 1.59329203e-10, 1.59329203e-10, 1.59329203e-10}, u = {
       791621423, 791621423, 791621423, 791621423}, s = {791621423, 791621423, 791621423, 791621423}}, h = {bf = {1.592e-10,
       1.592e-10, 1.592e-10, 1.592e-10, 1.592e-10, 1.592e-10, 1.592e-10, 1.592e-10}, f = {0.11224, 0.11224, 0.11224, 0.11224, 0.11224,
       0.11224, 0.11224, 0.11224}, u = {12079, 12079, 12079, 12079, 12079, 12079, 12079, 12079}, s = {12079, 12079, 12079, 12079,
       12079, 12079, 12079, 12079}}, b = {u = {47 <repeats 16 times>}, s = {47 <repeats 16 times>}}, q = {u = {
       62718710765820030520700417840365121327}, s = {62718710765820030520700417840365121327}}}
 (gdb) p $foo
 $2 = void
 (gdb) p 2 + 2i
 $3 = 2 + 2i

3 files changed