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# Copyright 2013-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# Test solib-search-path, and in the case of solib-svr4.c whether l_addr_p
# is properly reset when the path is changed.
if {[is_remote target] || [skip_shlib_tests]} {
untested "skipping remote target and shared library tests"
return -1
# This is required by gdb_compile_shlib.
if {[get_compiler_info]} {
warning "Could not get compiler info"
untested "no compiler info"
return 1
# Build "wrong" and "right" versions of the libraries in separate directories.
set wrong_lib_subdir "solib-search-wrong"
set right_lib_subdir "solib-search-right"
# First library file.
set libname1 "solib-search-lib1"
set srcfile1_lib ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${libname1}.c
set wrong_binfile1_lib \
[standard_output_file ${wrong_lib_subdir}/${libname1}.so]
set right_binfile1_lib \
[standard_output_file ${right_lib_subdir}/${libname1}.so]
# Second library file.
set libname2 "solib-search-lib2"
set srcfile2_lib ${srcdir}/${subdir}/${libname2}.c
set wrong_binfile2_lib \
[standard_output_file ${wrong_lib_subdir}/${libname2}.so]
set right_binfile2_lib \
[standard_output_file ${right_lib_subdir}/${libname2}.so]
# Link with the library that lives here.
# This is so that we can replace what gdb sees with the wrong copy,
# and then tell gdb to use the right copy that lives someplace else.
set binfile1_lib [standard_output_file ${libname1}.so]
set binfile2_lib [standard_output_file ${libname2}.so]
set lib_flags [list debug ldflags=-Wl,-Bsymbolic]
set wrong_lib_flags "$lib_flags additional_flags=-DARRAY_SIZE=1"
set right_lib_flags "$lib_flags additional_flags=-DARRAY_SIZE=8192 -DRIGHT"
# Binary file.
standard_testfile .c
set bin_flags [list debug shlib=${binfile1_lib} shlib=${binfile2_lib}]
remote_exec build "rm -rf [standard_output_file ${wrong_lib_subdir}]"
remote_exec build "rm -rf [standard_output_file ${right_lib_subdir}]"
remote_exec build "mkdir [standard_output_file ${wrong_lib_subdir}]"
remote_exec build "mkdir [standard_output_file ${right_lib_subdir}]"
if { [gdb_compile_shlib ${srcfile1_lib} ${wrong_binfile1_lib} $wrong_lib_flags] != ""
|| [gdb_compile_shlib ${srcfile2_lib} ${wrong_binfile2_lib} $wrong_lib_flags] != ""
|| [gdb_compile_shlib ${srcfile1_lib} ${right_binfile1_lib} $right_lib_flags] != ""
|| [gdb_compile_shlib ${srcfile2_lib} ${right_binfile2_lib} $right_lib_flags] != "" } {
untested "failed to compile shared library"
return -1
# Build the test binary using the right copies of the libraries.
remote_exec build "ln -sf ${right_lib_subdir}/${libname1}.so ${binfile1_lib}"
remote_exec build "ln -sf ${right_lib_subdir}/${libname2}.so ${binfile2_lib}"
if { [gdb_compile $srcdir/$subdir/${srcfile} ${binfile} \
executable $bin_flags] != "" } {
untested "failed to compile"
return -1
clean_restart $testfile
if { ![runto_main] } {
gdb_breakpoint "break_here"
gdb_continue "break_here"
set corefile [standard_output_file solib-search.core]
set core_supported [gdb_gcore_cmd "$corefile" "save a corefile"]
if {!$core_supported} {
return -1
# Before we restart gdb, replace the libs with the "wrong" ones.
remote_exec build "ln -sf ${wrong_lib_subdir}/${libname1}.so ${binfile1_lib}"
remote_exec build "ln -sf ${wrong_lib_subdir}/${libname2}.so ${binfile2_lib}"
clean_restart $testfile
set core_loaded [gdb_core_cmd $corefile "re-load generated corefile"]
if { $core_loaded == -1 } {
# No use proceeding from here.
proc test_backtrace { expect_fail } {
global gdb_prompt
set count 0
set total_expected 5
if { $expect_fail } {
set testname "backtrace (with wrong libs)"
} else {
set testname "backtrace (with right libs)"
# N.B. The order of the tests here is important.
# We need to count each function in the backtrace, and expect matches
# the first one it finds.
gdb_test_multiple "backtrace" $testname {
-re "\[^\r\n\]* in lib2_func4 \[^\r\n\]*" {
incr count
-re "\[^\r\n\]* in lib1_func3 \[^\r\n\]*" {
incr count
-re "\[^\r\n\]* in lib2_func2 \[^\r\n\]*" {
incr count
-re "\[^\r\n\]* in lib1_func1 \[^\r\n\]*" {
incr count
-re "\[^\r\n\]* in main \[^\r\n\]*" {
incr count
-re "\[\r\n\]$gdb_prompt $" {
pass "$testname (data collection)"
set fail 0
if { $expect_fail } {
# If the backtrace output is correct the test isn't sufficiently
# testing what it should.
if { $count == $total_expected } {
set fail 1
} else {
if { $count != $total_expected } {
set fail 1
if { $fail } {
fail $testname
} else {
pass $testname
# Verify the backtrace is messed up.
test_backtrace 1
# Remove the copies gdb currently sees: the absolute path is encoded in
# the core file and we want gdb to find the right copies elsewhere.
remote_exec build "rm -f ${binfile1_lib}"
remote_exec build "rm -f ${binfile2_lib}"
# Set solib-search-path to use the correct copies of libraries.
gdb_test "set solib-search-path [standard_output_file ${right_lib_subdir}]" \
"" \
"set solib-search-path"
# Verify gdb has properly updated the location of the libraries.
test_backtrace 0
gdb_test "p lib1_size" " = 8192"
gdb_test "p lib2_size" " = 8192"