gdb/testsuite/sim: Remove redundant setting of timeout

In the config/sim.exp file two functions are defined.  Both of these
functions define local timeout variables and then call gdb_expect,
which (through a call to get_largest_timeout) will find the local
definition of timeout.

However, both of these functions set the local timeout to some
arbitrary value and print a log message for this "new" timeout just
before returning.

As in both cases, the timeout is a local variable, this final setting
of the timeout has no effect and can be removed.

As having log messages about the timeout being adjusted could cause
confusion I've removed all logging related to timeouts in this
function, timeouts are adjusted throughout the testsuite without any
logging, there doesn't seem to be any good reason why these functions
should get their own logging.

With the logging gone there seems to be little need to a local timeout
variable at all, and so I've folded the local timeout directly into
the call to gdb_expect.


	* config/sim.exp (gdb_target_sim): Remove redundant adjustment of
	local timeout variable before return, and remove all local timeout
	variable entirely.
	(gdb_load): Likewise.
2 files changed