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2002-12-31 Mark Kettenis <>
* gdb_dirent.h: Cleanup and update code to match the example in
the Autoconf manual.
* Call AC_HEADER_DIRENT. Remove dirent.h,
sys/ndir.h, sys/dir.h and ndir.h from call to AC_CHECK_HEADERS.
* configure: Regenerated.
2002-12-30 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y (parse_number): Cast sscanf arguments to proper type.
(yylex): Initialize c to avoid uninitialized warning.
2002-12-29 Mark Kettenis <>
* tracepoint.c (ISATTY): Removed.
2002-12-26 J. Brobecker <>
Continuing work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partil.
* hppa-tdep.c: Add some missing forward declarations.
(frameless_function_invocation): Prefix the function name
by "hppa_" to avoid polluting the namespace. Update all calls
to use the new function name.
(saved_pc_after_call): Ditto.
(init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(frame_chain): Ditto.
(push_dummy_frame): Ditto.
(target_read_pc): Ditto.
(target_write_pc): Ditto.
(in_solib_call_trampoline): Ditto.
(in_solib_return_trampoline): Ditto.
(skip_trampoline_code): Ditto.
(hppa_read_fp): New function, renamed from target_read_fp.
(hppa_target_read_fp): New function, using hppa_read_fp.
This function conforms to the function profile for the
READ_FP gdbarch method.
(hppa_extract_struct_value_address): New function, extracted
(hppa_frame_num_args): New function.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Setup the gdbarch vector for the hppa target.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h: Wrap around all gdbarch-eligible macros
inside "#if !GDB_MULTI_ARCH ... #endif" conditional, in preparation
for the switch to multiarch partial.
Update some of the macros definitions to match some changes
described above in the name of the function they are calling.
(PUSH_DUMMY_FRAME): Add a FIXME explaining why this macro will
not be straightforward to convert. Do now wrap it inside
"#if !... #endif" to remember that this macro has still not
been taken care of.
(FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Likewise.
2002-12-26 J. Brobecker <>
Continuing work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partial.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_register_raw_size): New function replacing
the body of macro REGISTER_RAW_SIZE.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Add new functions replacing macro bodies from
config/pa/tm-hppah.h. These functions will be used to initialize
the gdbarch structure.
(hppa_hpux_pc_in_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_saved_pc_in_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_base_before_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_find_saved_regs_in_sigtramp): New function.
Add gdbcore.h #include.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (REGISTER_RAW_SIZE): Change the definition
of this gdbarch-eligible macro to a call to the new associated
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Likewise.
(FRAME_SAVED_PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Change the definition of this macro
into a call to the new associated function.
* (hppa-hpux-tdep.o): Add dependency on gdbcore.h.
2002-12-24 David Carlton <>
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h: Delete duplicate definition of
2002-12-24 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips-linux-tdep.o): Add $(mips_tdep_h) and
* configure.tgt: Recognize mips64*-*-linux*.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips-tdep.h, gdb_assert.h): Include.
(supply_32_bit_reg): New function.
(supply_gregset): Call supply_32bit_reg() instead of supply_register().
(fill_gregset): Use regcache_collect() instead of
(register_addr): Change name to mips_linux_register_addr().
(MIPS64_LINUX_JB_PC): New defines.
(mips64_elf_greg_t, mips64_elf_gregset_t, mips64_elf_fpreg_t)
(mips64_elf_fpregset_t): New typedefs.
(mips64_linux_get_longhmp_target, mips64_supply_gregset)
(mips64_fill_gregset, mips64_supply_fpregset, mips64_fill_fpregset)
(mips64_linux_register_addr, set_mips_linux_register_addr)
(register_addr, mips64_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets):
New functions.
(fetch_core_registers): Add support for core file formats with 64-bit
(mips_linux_init_abi): Distinguish o32, n32, and n64 ABIs.
(register_addr_data): New static global variable.
(_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Initialize register_addr_data. Invoke
gdbarch_register_osabi() for each MIPS machine.
* config/mips/ New file.
* config/mips/tm-linux64.h: New file.
2002-12-23 Adam Fedor <>
* maint.c (maintenance_demangle): Add switch to demangle
ObjC language symbols as well.
2002-12-23 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-lang.c (lookup_objc_class, lookup_child_selector): Remove
last argument from complaint function call.
2002-12-23 Kevin Buettner <>
* exec.c (print_section_info): Add FIXME comments regarding format
string choices.
2002-12-23 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppab.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
* config/pa/nm-hppao.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
2002-12-23 Rodney Brown <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
2002-12-23 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Delete 'force_return' variable.
(lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms): Delete 'force_return' argument.
(search_symbols): Call lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms to find debugging
information associated to a minsym, not lookup_symbol.
2002-12-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_abi): New prototype.
* x86-64-tdep.c (i386_fp_regnum_p): Remove function.
(x86_64_init_abi): Make non-static. Set number of pseudo
registers to 0.
(x86_64_gdbarch_init): Remove function.
(_initialize_x86_64_tdep): Renove register_gdbarch_init call.
Remove code dealing with dissambly.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_linux_init_abi): New function.
(_initialize_x86_64_linux_tdep): New function.
* config/i386/ (TDEPFILES): Add i386-tdep.o and
2002-12-14 Mark Kettenis <>
* osabi.c: Include "gdb_assert.h" and "gdb_string.h".
(struct gdb_osabi_handler): Remove member `arch'. Add member
(gdbarch_register_osabi): Add new argument `machine'. Use ot to
construct a `struct bfd_arch_info' and store it in the `struct
gdb_osabi_handler' that is created.
(gdbarch_init_osabi): Check for compatibility based on machine
type and architecture.
* osabi.h (gdbarch_register_osabi): Adjust prototype and update
* alpha-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_alpha_linux_tdep): Add 0 as
second argument in call to gdbarch_register_osabi.
* alpha-osf1-tdep.c (_initialize_alpha_osf1_tdep): Likewise.
* alphafbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_alphafbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* alphanbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_alphanbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* arm-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_arm_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* arm-tdep.c (_initialize_arm_tdep): Likewise.
* armnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_armnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (_initialize_hppa_hpux_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_interix_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-sol2-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_sol2_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_tdep): Likewise.
* i386bsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386bsd_tdep): Likewise.
* i386gnu-tdep.c (_initialize_i386gnu_tdep): Likewise.
* i386ly-tdep.c (_initialize_i386lynx_tdep): Renamed from
_initialize_i386bsd_tdep and updated likewise.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386nbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* i386obsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386obsd_tdep): Likewise.
* mips-irix-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_irix_tdep): Likewise.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_mipsnbsd__tdep): Likewise.
* ns32knbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_ns32kmnsd_tdep): Likewise.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_ppc_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* ppcnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_ppcnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* shnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_shnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_sparcnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* solib-svr4.c (elf_locate_base): Fix sizeof() related bug. Add
DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP case for 64-bit targets.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* mips-tdep.c (heuristic_proc_desc): Clear memory associated with
``temp_saved_regs'', not the pointer or other storage contiguous
to this pointer.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips-linux-tdep.o): Add $(osabi_h) and $(gdb_string_h).
* config/mips/tm-linux.h (mips_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets)
(mips_linux_get_longjmp_target): Delete declarations.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (osabi.h, gdb_string.h): Include.
(mips_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets): Make static.
(mips_linux_init_abi): New function.
(_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Register mips_linux_init_abi().
2002-12-19 Keith Seitz <>
patch committed by Elena Zannoni <>
* thread.c (do_captured_list_thread_ids): Call prune_threads and
target_find_new_threads. Fix for PR mi/669.
2002-12-19 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Move code into decode_all_digits.
(decode_all_digits): New function.
2002-12-19 Kevin Buettner <>
* exec.c (print_section_info): Select a format string to use with
local_hex_string_custom() based upon the value of TARGET_ADDR_BIT.
2002-12-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): Replace
(deprecated_update_frame_base_hack): New function.
* frame.h (deprecated_update_frame_pc_hack): Replace
(deprecated_update_frame_base_hack): Declare.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Update.
2002-12-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Use
(rs6000_frame_args_address): Use get_frame_extra_info.
(frame_get_saved_regs): Use get_frame_saved_regs.
(frame_initial_stack_address): Use get_frame_saved_regs and
(frame_initial_stack_address): Use get_frame_extra_info.
2002-12-17 Kevin Buettner <>
* dve3900-rom.c (r3900_regnames): Don't use NUM_REGS to determine
array size.
(fetch_bitmapped_register, store_bitmapped_register): Add bounds
checks for r3900_regnames[].
2002-12-17 Richard Earnshaw <>
* armnbsd-tdep.c (ARM_NBSD_JB_PC): Renamed from JB_PC.
All uses changed
2002-12-17 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_partial_symbol): Don't search past the end of
the partial symbols.
2002-12-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_info): Use get_frame_saved_regs.
* breakpoint.c (until_break_command): Use get_frame_pc.
2002-12-16 Kevin Buettner <>
* buildsym.c (block_end_complaint, anon_block_end_complaint)
(innerblock_complaint, innerblock_anon_complaint)
(blockvector_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(finish_block, make_blockvector, end_symtab): Replace calls
to complain() with calls to complaint().
* coffread.c (ef_complaint, ef_stack_complaint, eb_stack_complaint)
(bf_no_aux_complaint, ef_no_aux_complaint, lineno_complaint)
(unexpected_type_complaint, bad_sclass_complaint)
(misordered_blocks_complaint, tagndx_bad_complaint, eb_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(coff_symtab_read, enter_linenos, decode_type, decode_base_type):
Replace calls to complain() with calls to complaint().
* dbxread.c (lbrac_complaint, string_table_offset_complaint)
(unknown_symtype_complaint, unknown_symchar_complaint)
(lbrac_rbrac_complaint, lbrac_unmatched_complaint)
(lbrac_mismatch_complaint, repeated_header_complaint)
(unclaimed_bincl_complaint, discarding_local_symbols_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(unknown_symtype_complaint, lbrac_mismatch_complaint)
(function_outside_compiliation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(add_old_header_file, find_corresponding_bincl_psymtab)
(set_namestring, find_stab_function_addr, read_dbx_symtab)
(process_one_symbol): Replace calls to complain() with, possibly
indirect, calls to complaint().
* dwarfread.c (no_bfd_get_N, malformed_die, bad_die_ref)
(unknown_attribute_form, unknown_attribute_length)
(unexpected_fund_type, unknown_type_modifier, volatile_ignored)
(const_ignored, botched_modified_type, op_deref2, op_deref4)
(basereg_not_handled, dup_user_type_allocation)
(dup_user_type_definition, missing_tag, bad_array_element_type)
(subscript_data_items, unhandled_array_subscript_format)
(unknown_array_subscript_format, not_row_major)
(missing_at_name): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(bad_die_ref_complaint, unknown_attribute_form_complaint)
(bad_array_element_type_complaint): New functions.
(lookup_utype, alloc_utype, struct_type, decode_array_element_type)
(decode_subscript_data_item, dwarf_read_array_type)
(read_tag_string_type, read_subroutine_type, read_func_scope)
(locval, scan_partial_symbols, decode_modified_type)
(decode_func_type, basicdieinfo, completeddieinfo, target_to_host)
(attribute_size): Replace calls to complain() with, possibly
indirect, calls to complaint().
* elfread.c (section_info_complaint, section_info_dup_complaint)
(stab_info_mismatch_complaint, stab_info_questionable_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(elf_symtab_read, elfstab_offset_sections): Replace calls to
complain() with calls to complaint().
* gdbtypes.c (stub_noname_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint
(stub_noname_complaint): New function.
(check_typedef, add_mangled_type): Replace calls to complain()
with calls to complaint().
* hpread.c (string_table_offset_complaint, lbrac_unmatched_complaint)
(lbrac_mismatch_complaint, hpread_unhandled_end_common_complaint)
(hpread_unhandled_type_complaint, hpread_struct_complaint)
(hpread_array_complaint, hpread_type_lookup_complaint)
(hpread_unexpected_end_complaint, hpread_tagdef_complaint)
(hpread_unhandled_blockdata_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint
struct definitions and declarations.
(lbrac_unmatched_complaint, lbrac_mismatch_complaint): New functions.
(SET_NAMESTRING, hpread_type_lookup, hpread_process_one_debug_symbol):
Replace calls to complain() with, possibly indirect, calls to
* macrotab.c (macro_include, check_for_redefinition, macro_undef):
* mdebugread.c (bad_file_number_complaint, index_complaint)
(aux_index_complaint, block_index_complaint)
(unknown_ext_complaint, unknown_sym_complaint)
(unknown_st_complaint, block_overflow_complaint)
(basic_type_complaint, unknown_type_qual_complaint)
(array_index_type_complaint, bad_tag_guess_complaint)
(block_member_complaint, stEnd_complaint)
(unknown_mdebug_symtype_complaint, stab_unknown_complaint)
(pdr_for_nonsymbol_complaint, pdr_static_symbol_complaint)
(bad_setjmp_pdr_complaint, bad_fbitfield_complaint)
(bad_continued_complaint, bad_rfd_entry_complaint)
(unexpected_type_code_complaint, unable_to_cross_ref_complaint)
(bad_indirect_xref_complaint, illegal_forward_tq0_complaint)
(illegal_forward_bt_complaint, bad_linetable_guess_complaint)
(bad_ext_ifd_complaint, bad_ext_iss_complaint): Delete deprecated
complaint structs.
(index_complaint, unknown_ext_complaint, basic_type_complaint)
(bad_tag_guess_complaint, bad_rfd_entry_complaint)
(function_outside_compilation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(parse_symbol, parse_type, upgrade_type, parse_procedure)
(parse_partial_symbols, psymtab_to_symtab_1, cross_ref, add_symbol):
Replace calls to complain() with, possibly indirect calls to
* objc-lang.c (noclass_lookup_complaint, nosel_lookup_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(lookup__objc_class, lookup_child_selector): Replace complain()
with complaint().
* remote-vx.c (cant_contact_target): Delete deprecated complaint
(vx_lookup_symbol): Replace complain() with complaint().
* stabsread.c (invalid_cpp_abbrev_complaint)
(invalid_cpp_type_complaint, member_fn_complaint)
(const_vol_complaint, error_type_complaint)
(invalid_member_complaint, range_type_base_complaint)
(reg_value_complaint, vtbl_notfound_complaint)
(unrecognized_cplus_name_complaint, rs6000_builtin_complaint)
(unresolved_sym_chain_complaint, stabs_general_complaint)
(lrs_general_complaint, multiply_defined_struct): Delete
deprecated complaint structs.
(invalid_cpp_abbrev_complaint, ref_value_complaint)
(stabs_general_complaint, lrs_general_complaint)
(msg_unknown_complaint): New functions.
(dbx_lookup_type, read_cfront_baseclasses)
(read_cfront_member_functions, resolve_symbol_reference)
(define_symbol, resolve_live_range, add_live_range, read_type)
(rs6000_builtin_type, read_member_functions, read_cpp_abbrev)
(read_one_struct_field, read_baseclasses, read_tilde_fields)
(read_cfront_static_fields, attach_fields_to_type)
(complain_about_struct_wipeout, read_range_type)
(common_block_start, common_block_end, cleanup_undefined_types)
(scan_file_globals): Replace complain() with complaint().
* stabsread.h (unknown_symtype_complaint, unknown_symchar_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint struct declarations.
* xcoffread.c (storclass_complaint, bf_notfound_complaint)
(ef_complaint, eb_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(bf_not_found_complaint, ef_complaint, eb_complaint)
(function_outside_compilation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(record_include_begin, record_include_end, enter_line_range)
(xcoff_next_symbol_text, read_xcoff_symtab, process_xcoff_symbol)
(read_symbol, read_symbol_lineno, scan_xcoff_symtab) Replace
complain() with complaint().
2002-12-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/arc/, config/arc/tm-arc.h: Delete.
* config/d30v/, config/d30v/tm-d30v.h: Delete.
* config/fr30/, config/fr30/tm-fr30.h: Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/nm-i386aix.h, config/i386/nm-i386mach.h: Delete.
* config/i386/nm-m3.h, config/i386/tm-i386aix.h: Delete.
* config/i386/tm-i386m3.h, config/i386/tm-i386mk.h: Delete.
* config/i386/xm-i386aix.h, config/i386/xm-i386m3.h: Delete.
* config/i386/xm-i386mach.h, config/i386/xm-i386mk.h: Delete.
* config/i960/, config/i960/ Delete.
* config/i960/tm-i960.h, config/i960/tm-mon960.h: Delete.
* config/i960/tm-nindy960.h, config/i960/tm-vx960.h: Delete.
* config/i960/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/nm-delta88v4.h, config/m88k/nm-m88k.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/tm-delta88.h, config/m88k/tm-delta88v4.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/tm-m88k.h, config/m88k/xm-delta88.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/xm-dgux.h: Delete.
* fr30-tdep.c, i386aix-nat.c, i386m3-nat.c: Delete.
* i386mach-nat.c, i960-tdep.c, m88k-nat.c: Delete.
* os9kread.c, remote-bug.c, remote-nindy.c: Delete.
* remote-nrom.c, remote-os9k.c, remote-vx960.c: Delete.
* d30v-tdep.c, arc-tdep.c, cxux-nat.c, dst.h, dstread.c: Delete.
* ch-exp.c, ch-lang.c, ch-lang.h, ch-typeprint.c: Delete.
* ch-valprint.c: Delete.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Rearrange code to resume if
no catchpoint triggers for an event.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Merge TARGET_WAITKIND_FORKED
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Assume that catchpoints
are not affected by DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* target.c (update_current_target): Don't inherit DONT_USE.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove DONT_USE.
(target_next): Remove macro.
2002-12-15 Mark Kettenis <>
* ui-out.c (MAX_UI_OUT_LEVELS): Raise to 6. Fixes PR cli/654.
2002-12-14 Richard Earnshaw <>
* arm-tdep.c (convert_from_extended): New argument to hold the
type of floating point result we want to convert to. Make input
argument const. Fix all callers.
(convert_to_extended): Similarly.
(arm_extract_return_value): Now takes a regcache argument. Change
code to use regcache accessor functions. Correctly extract
smaller-than-word results on big-endian machines.
(arm_store_return_value): Now takes a regcache argument. Change
code to use regcache accessor functions. Correctly zero/sign extend
smaller than word results before storing into r0.
(arm_gdbarch_init): Register new-style extract_return_value and
store_return_value functions.
2002-12-13 Michael Snyder <>
* thread-db.c (thread_from_lwp): Uniquify error msg.
(lwp_from_thread): Ditto.
(check_event): Ditto.
(find_new_threads_callback): Ditto.
(thread_db_pid_to_str): Ditto.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_frame_saved_regs): Declare.
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc): Change return type to CORE_ADDR
* frame.c (get_frame_saved_regs): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc): Return the allocated saved_regs.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): New
* frame.h (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): Declare.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Use said function instead of directly
modifying the frame's PC.
2002-12-13 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frame.h (frame_id_unwind_ftype): Fix typo in return type.
2002-12-13 Kevin Buettner <>
* config/mips/tm-mips.h, config/mips/tm-irix3.h,
config/mips/tm-irix6.h (NUM_REGS): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Call set_gdbarch_num_regs().
(temp_saved_regs): Declare as a pointer rather than an array.
(mips32_heuristic_proc_desc, heuristic_proc_desc): Make sure
that ``temp_saved_regs'' has storage allocated to it and that
it's the correct size.
2002-12-13 Jeff Johnston <>
* defs.h (init_last_source_visited): New prototype.
(add_path): Ditto.
* source.c (add_path): New function that adds to a specified path.
(mod_path): Change to call add_path.
(init_last_source_visited): New function to allow interfaces to
initialize static variable: last_source_visited. Part of fix
for PR gdb/741.
* Add support for mi/mi-cmd-env.c.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (frame_id_unwind): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add fields id_unwind, id_unwind_cache_p and
(frame_id_unwind_ftype): Declare.
* frame.c (frame_id_unwind): New function.
(set_unwind_by_pc): Add unwind_id parameter. Initialized.
(create_new_frame, get_prev_frame): Pass id_unwind to
(frame_saved_regs_id_unwind): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_id_unwind): New function.
* dummy-frame.c (dummy_frame_id_unwind): New function.
(struct dummy_frame): Add field id.
(generic_push_dummy_frame): Initialize `id'.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_id_unwind): Declare.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c (run_stack_dummy): Create a frame ID directly and then
pass that to set_momentary_breakpoint. Move comments to where they
* frame.h (set_current_frame): Delete declaration.
* frame.c (set_current_frame): Delete function.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_extra_info_zalloc): New function.
* frame.h (frame_extra_info_zalloc): Declare.
2002-12-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_pop_frame): Fix a compilation error introduced
in the previous prototype change to set_momentary_breakpoint.
2002-12-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (pending_follow): Remove saw_parent_fork, saw_child_fork,
and saw_child_exec.
(follow_fork, init_wait_for_inferior, handle_inferior_event): Remove
references to saw_parent_fork, saw_child_fork, and saw_child_exec.
(stop_stepping): Remove outdated check for child vfork events.
2002-12-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* GDB 5.3 released from gdb_5_3-branch.
2002-12-11 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* corelow.c (init_core_ops): Delete references to to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
* exec.c (init_exec_ops): Likewise.
* hppah-nat.c (child_follow_fork): Call hppa_require_attach and
hppa_require_detach directly.
* inferior.h (REQUIRE_ATTACH, REQUIRE_DETACH): Delete.
* inftarg.c (child_detach): Remove.
(child_detach_from_process): Rename to child_detach, remove
after_fork argument.
(child_attach): Remove.
(child_attach_to_process): Rename to child_attach, remove after_fork
(init_child_ops): Delete references to to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
* infttrace.c (hppa_require_attach): Update comment.
* target.c (cleanup_target, update_current_target)
(init_dummy_target, setup_target_debug): Delete references to
to_require_attach and to_require_detach.
(find_default_require_detach, find_default_require_attach)
(debug_to_require_attach, debug_to_require_detach): Remove
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
(target_require_attach, target_require_detach): Delete macros.
(find_default_require_detach, find_default_require_attach): Delete
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (REQUIRE_ATTACH, REQUIRE_DETACH): Delete.
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_frame_extra_info): New function.
* frame.h (get_frame_extra_info): Declare.
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.h (struct breakpoint): Replace frame with frame_id.
(set_momentary_breaokpoint): Replace `struct frame_info' parameter
with `struct frame_id'.
(set_longjmp_resume_breakpoint): Ditto.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Update.
* breakpoint.c (watch_command_1, until_break_command): Update.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event, check_sigtramp2): Update.
(handle_inferior_event, step_over_function): Update.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status, print_one_breakpoint): Update.
(set_raw_breakpoint, set_longjmp_resume_breakpoint): Update.
(set_momentary_breakpoint, deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Update.
* infcmd.c (finish_command, run_stack_dummy): Update.
2002-12-11 Kevin Buettner <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_const_ignored, dwarf2_volatile_ignored)
(dwarf2_mangled_line_number_section, dwarf2_unsupported_die_ref_attr)
(dwarf2_unsupported_stack_op, dwarf2_complex_location_expr)
(dwarf2_unsupported_tag, dwarf2_unsupported_at_encoding)
(dwarf2_unsupported_at_frame_base, dwarf2_unexpected_tag)
(dwarf2_missing_at_frame_base, dwarf2_bad_static_member_name)
(dwarf2_unsupported_accessibility, dwarf2_bad_member_name_complaint)
(dwarf2_vtbl_not_found_complaint, dwarf2_absolute_sibling_complaint)
(dwarf2_unsupported_const_value_attr, dwarf2_misplaced_line_number)
(dwarf2_line_header_too_long, dwarf2_missing_macinfo_section)
(dwarf2_macros_too_long, dwarf2_macros_not_terminated)
(dwarf2_macro_outside_file, dwarf2_macro_unmatched_end_file)
(dwarf2_macro_malformed_definition, dwarf2_macro_spaces_in_definition)
(dwarf2_invalid_attrib_class, dwarf2_invalid_pointer_size): Delete
complaints using deprecated struct..
(dwarf2_invalid_attrib_class_complaint): New functions.
(read_func_scope, dwarf2_attach_fields_to_type, dwarf2_add_member_fn)
(read_structure_scope, read_array_type, read_common_block)
(read_tag_pointer_type, read_base_type, read_partial_die)
(dwarf_decode_line_header, check_cu_functions, dwarf_decode_lines)
(new_symbol, dwarf2_const_value, read_type_die)
(dwarf2_get_ref_die_offset, decode_locdesc, consume_improper_spaces)
(parse_macro_definition, dwarf_decode_macros): Replace calls to
complain() with, possibly indirect, calls to complaint().
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_get_frame_saved_regs): Rename
* frame.h (deprecated_get_frame_saved_regs): Update declaration.
* sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* hppa-tdep.c: Update.
* h8500-tdep.c: Update.
2002-12-11 Kevin Buettner <>
(ADDRESS_CLASS_NAME_TO_TYPE_FLAGS): Use ``const char *'' instead of
``char *'' for return and parameter types.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbtypes.h, gdbtypes.c (address_space_int_to_name): Change
return type from ``char *'' to ``const char *''.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_modifier): Make ``address_space_id''
2002-12-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-tdep.c: Include "dummy-frame.h".
(i386_frame_chain, i386_frame_saved_pc): Replace
DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY with call to pc_in_dummy_frame.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Don't set deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy.
2002-12-10 Andrew Cagney <>
Change to a function with predicate.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Update. Test
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_init_abi): Update.
* arm-tdep.c: Update comments.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Explicitly set init_frame_pc.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Delete macro.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_POST_FOLLOW_VFORK): Change to
* hppah-nat.c (saved_vfork_pid): Add.
(child_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(child_follow_fork): New function.
(child_wait): Call detach_breakpoints after receiving the child vfork.
Call child_resume directly instead of going through resume ().
Make sure we have the exec before reporting the vfork.
* inferior.h (follow_inferior_reset_breakpoints): Add prototype.
* infrun.c (follow_fork, follow_vfork, follow_inferior_fork): Remove.
(follow_fork): New function. Call target_follow_fork.
(follow_inferior_reset_breakpoints): New function broken out from
old follow_inferior_fork.
(resume): Remove hack to follow exec after vfork.
* inftarg.c (child_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(child_follow_fork): New function.
(init_child_ops): Replace to_post_follow_vfork with to_follow_fork.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Replace to_post_follow_vfork with
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(setup_target_debug): Likewise.
(debug_to_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(debug_to_follow_fork): New function.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Replace to_post_folow_vfork with
(child_post_follow_vfork): Remove prototype.
(child_follow_fork): Add prototype.
(target_post_follow_vfork): Remove macro.
(target_follow_fork): Add macro.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (saved_child_execd_pathname, saved_vfork_state): New.
(child_post_follow_vfork): Cancel pending exec event if we follow
the parent.
(child_wait): Only return TARGET_WAITKIND_VFORKED when all necessary
events have been processed. Return a fake TARGET_WAITKIND_EXECD
event at the following wait call if necessary.
* infrun.c (follow_vfork): Don't follow_exec here.
(handle_inferior_event): Add comment to TARGET_WAITKIND_EXECD
case about HP/UX 10.20. Remove code pushed down to
* infttrace.c (child_resume): Use TT_PROC_CONTINUE if
vfork_in_flight is set.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (child_wait): Return TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE
for the parent's fork event.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Only expect one fork event.
Call prepare_to_wait for TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE. Update comment.
* target.h: Update comment for TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE.
2002-12-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* PROBLEMS: Delete reference to PR gdb/725.
* MAINTAINERS (gdb.c++): Add David Carlton.
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
* cli/cli-setshow.c: #include <readline/tilde.h> after defs.h.
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Ditto.
2002-12-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* (gdbarch_dump): Print NAME_OF_MALLOC using %s. Wrap
function address in <>.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (symtab_from_filename): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into symtab_from_filename.
2002-12-09 Kevin Buettner <>
* lin-lwp.c (strsignal): Make extern declaration match that of glibc.
2002-12-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* f-valprint.c (info_common_command): Use get_frame_pc.
* std-regs.c (value_of_builtin_frame_pc_reg): Ditto.
* ax-gdb.c (agent_command): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(rs6000_pop_frame): Ditto.
(rs6000_frameless_function_invocation): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_saved_pc, frame_get_saved_regs): Ditto.
(frame_initial_stack_address, rs6000_frame_chain): Ditto.
* macroscope.c (default_macro_scope): Ditto.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
(print_frame, frame_info, print_frame_label_vars): Ditto.
(return_command, func_command, get_frame_language): Ditto.
* infcmd.c (finish_command): Ditto.
* dummy-frame.c (cached_find_dummy_frame): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Ditto.
(break_at_finish_at_depth_command_1): Ditto.
(break_at_finish_command_1): Ditto.
(until_break_command, get_catch_sals): Ditto.
* blockframe.c (func_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
(frameless_look_for_prologue): Ditto.
(frame_address_in_block, generic_func_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (init_frame_pc_noop): Add declaration.
* dwarf2cfi.c (cfi_init_frame_pc): Cast the PC to a pointer.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
to pure functions.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Explictly assign prev's pc with value
* arch-utils.h (init_frame_pc_default, init_frame_pc_noop): Change
declaration to a function returning a CORE_ADDR.
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* arch-utils.c (init_frame_pc_noop): Return the PC value.
(init_frame_pc_default): Ditto.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* dwarf2cfi.h (cfi_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* dwarf2cfi.c (cfi_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_init_abi): Set init_frame_pc
to init_frame_pc_noop.
(i386_interix_init_frame_pc): Delete function.
* z8k-tdep.c (init_frame_pc): Delete function.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Define as init_frame_pc_noop.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Redefine as
(INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Convert to an expression.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c: Use get_frame_base instead of directly accessing
the `struct frame_info' member frame.
* f-valprint.c, std-regs.c, rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* stack.c, dummy-frame.c, breakpoint.c: Ditto.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
* (readline_h): Define.
(completer.o): Depend on readline_h.
(corelow.o): Ditto.
(event-top.o): Ditto.
(exec.o): Ditto.
(solib.o): Ditto.
(source.o): Ditto.
(symfile.o): Ditto.
(symmisc.o): Ditto.
(top.o): Ditto.
(tracepoint.o): Ditto.
(utils.o): Ditto.
(cli-dump.o): Ditto.
(tui-hooks.o): Ditto.
(tuiWin.o): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
More cleanup from import of readline 4.3.
* completer.h (complete_line, readline_line_completion_function):
Update prototypes.
(line_completion_function): Removed, not used outside of completer.c.
* completer.c (readline_line_completion_function,
complete_function, line_completion_function): Use const for first
(line_completion_function): Make static.
(filename_completer): filename_completion_function is now called
* corelow.c: Include <readline/readline.h>.
* exec.c: Ditto.
* solib.c: Ditto.
* source.c: Ditto.
* symfile.c: Ditto.
* symmisc.c: Ditto.
* top.c (init_main): No need to coerce
readline_line_completion_function anymore.
* cli/cli-dump.c: Include <readline/readline.h>.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_info): Use get_prev_frame.
* blockframe.c (frame_address_in_block): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(rs6000_frameless_function_invocation): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_saved_pc): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_chain): Ditto.
* arch-utils.c (init_frame_pc_default): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY):
Delete redundant definition.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
Import of readline 4.3:
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Include readline/tilde.h.
* cli/cli-setshow.c: Ditto.
* defs.h: Don't declare tilde_expand anymore, since readline
exports it.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
* (thread-db.o): Add explicit rule to ignore the use of
-Werror on this file.
2002-12-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* (TARGET_FLOAT_FORMAT): Use the macro when printing
the format name.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-12-06 Andrew Cagney <>
INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST. Change to a function with predicate. Do not
provide a default value.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Update. Check
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Update.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-12-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Include gdb_string.h.
* alpha-nat.c: Ditto.
* ppc-linux-nat.c: Ditto.
* (ia64-linux-nat.o, alpha-nat.o, ppc-linux-nat.o):
Update dependencies.
2002-12-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbthread.h: Include "frame.h".
(struct thread_info): Replace step_frame_address with
* inferior.h: Include "frame.h".
(step_frame_id): Replace external variable step_frame_address.
* gdbthread.h (save_infrun_state): Replace step_frame_address
parameter with step_frame_id parameter.
(load_infrun_state): Ditto.
* (gdbthread_h, inferior_h): Add $(frame_h).
* infcmd.c (step_frame_id, step_1, step_once): Update.
* thread.c (load_infrun_state, save_infrun_state): Update.
* infrun.c (clear_proceed_status, save_inferior_status): Update.
(handle_inferior_event, step_over_function): Update.
(normal_stop, context_switch, restore_inferior_status): Update.
(struct inferior_status): Replace step_frame_address with
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_add_field): Treat a field that is a
DW_TAG_member as well as a declaration as being a C++ static data
(read_structure_scope): Combine tests for DW_TAG_member and
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_compound): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into decode_compound.
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux_local): Add 'static_block'
(lookup_symbol_aux): Do the 'field_of_this' check before checking
the static block. See PR gdb/804.
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux_block): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_local): Move code into lookup_symbol_aux_block.
2002-12-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* Dump the predicate function and macro values.
(read): Print error on standard error.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-12-04 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips_tdep_h): Define.
(mips-tdep.o): Add mips_tdep_h to dependency list.
* mips-tdep.h: New file.
* mips-tdep.c (mips-tdep.h): Include.
(enum mips_abi): Move to mips-tdep.h.
(mips_abi): New function.
2002-12-04 David Carlton <>
* ( Don't depend on
2002-12-04 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Move minsym code into a separate
(lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms): New function.
2002-12-04 J. Brobecker <>
* pa64solib.c: s/boolean/int/. Fixes a build failure on hppa64-hpux.
2002-12-04 J. Brobecker <>
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Renamed from IN_SIGTRAMP,
which is an obsolete macro name.
2002-12-04 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* doublest.c (convert_floatformat_to_doublest): Cast exp_bias to int.
* config/alpha/ (MH_CFLAGS): Add -mieee.
2002-12-03 H.J. Lu (
* breakpoint.c (create_thread_event_breakpoint): Use xasprintf.
(create_breakpoints): Make sure the addr_string field is not
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* sparc-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Add comment on problem of LWP vs
From 2002-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_fetch_registers): Remove.
(lin_lwp_store_registers): Remove.
(init_lin_lwp_ops): Use fetch_inferior_registers
and store_inferior_registers directly.
* sparc-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Honor LWP ID.
(store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
Fix PR gdb/725.
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_frame_id): Convert to a function.
(null_frame_id, frame_id_p): Declare.
(frame_id_eq, frame_id_inner): Declare.
(frame_id_build): New function.
* frame.c (get_frame_id): Update. Use null_frame_id.
(frame_find_by_id): Rewrite using frame_id_p, frame_id_eq and
(null_frame_id, frame_id_p): Define.
(frame_id_eq, frame_id_inner): Define.
(frame_id_build): New function.
* varobj.c (varobj_create): Update.
(varobj_update): Update.
* valops.c (value_assign): Update.
(new_root_variable): Update.
* infrun.c (save_inferior_status): Update.
* breakpoint.c (watch_command_1): Update.
2002-12-03 J. Brobecker <>
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (SNAP1): Remove unused macro.
(SNAP2): Likewise.
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention Daniel Jacobowitz's multi-threaded shared library
* PROBLEMS: Mention PR gdb/725.
2002-12-03 Andreas Schwab <>
* infcmd.c (construct_inferior_arguments): Handle empty arguments.
2002-12-02 Adam Fedor <>
Klee Dienes <>
* objc-lang.c (objc_printstr): Add width arg to match
printstr prototype.
(compare_selectors): Add 'const' to arg types.
(compare_classes): Likewise.
(find_imps): Cast msym pointer to avoid compiler warning.
(print_object_command): Validate the address before
passing it to the print routine.
(find_objc_msgcall_submethod): Change function argument to
return an int.
* objc-lang.h: Add 'extern' to all function declarations.
(value_nsstring): Add declaration.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* somsolib.c (dld_cache): Replace boolean by int for field is_valid.
Fixes a build failure on HP/UX.
* hpread.c (told_objfile): Replace boolean type by int. Fixes a build
failure on HP/UX.
(hpread_has_name): Advance declaration to avoid a compilation warning.
(pst_syms_count): Add missing variable type. By change, the compiler
was defaulting to int, which seems a good choice. Fixes a compilation
(pst_syms_size): Likewise.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c: Add #include "osabi.h" (for hppa_gdbarch_init).
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Detect osabi from objfile. Will be needed
later to set the proper gdbarch methods depending on the osabi.
* (hppa-tdep.o): Add dependency on osabi.h.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* osabi.h (gdb_osabi): Add two new enum values for HPUX ELF and SOM.
* osabi.c (gdb_osabi_name): Add strings images for the two new
enum values.
(generic_elf_osabi_sniffer): Handle HPUX objfiles.
2002-12-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS (Java): Global maintainers are responible for Java.
(Past Maintainers): Mention both Anthony Green and Per Bothner as
part Java maintainers.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* xcoffread.c (read_symbol_lineno): Replace boolean by int.
Fixes a compilation failure on AiX.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Add a comment explaining
why aix-thread.o is not listed.
2002-12-01 Andrew Cagney <>
PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY. Change to predicate. Always allow call.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h, config/sparc/tm-sp64.h: Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h, frame.h: Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c, vax-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* s390-tdep.c, ns32k-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c: Update.
* m68k-tdep.c, i386-tdep.c, frv-tdep.c: Update.
* cris-tdep.c, alpha-tdep.c: Update.
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc, create_new_frame): Use either
DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY or pc_in_dummy_frame.
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* exec.c (xfer_memory): Replace boolean with int.
* p-exp.y: Use 0 instead of false.
* corelow.c (gdb_check_format): Change return type to int from
* utils.c: Don't include <curses.h> or <term.h> first.
2002-11-29 Stephane Carrez <>
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_register_raw_size): Remove.
(m68hc11_register_byte): Remove.
(m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Don't set the above.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* remote-mips.c (mips_initialize): Force a selected frame rebuild
by calling get_selected_frame.
* ocd.c (ocd_start_remote): Use get_selected frame instead of
set_current_frame, create_new_frame, select_frame and
* remote-e7000.c (e7000_start_remote): Ditto.
* remote-mips.c (common_open): Ditto
* remote-rdp.c (remote_rdp_open): Ditto.
2002-11-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_frame_chain, m68k_frame_saved_pc)
(altos_skip_prologue, delta68_frame_saved_pc, isi_frame_num_args)
(delta68_frame_num_args, news_frame_num_args, m68k_skip_prologue)
(m68k_frame_init_saved_regs, m68k_saved_pc_after_call): Use
read_memory_unsigned_integer instead of read_memory_integer when
dealing with addresses and instruction opcodes.
* m68klinux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc)
(m68k_linux_frame_saved_pc): Likewise.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (selected_frame, select_frame): Move from here ...
* frame.c (selected_frame, select_frame): ... to here. Include
* (frame.o): Update dependencies.
* frame.c (get_selected_frame): New function.
* frame.h (get_selected_frame): Declare.
(deprecated_selected_frame): Rename selected_frame.
* ada-lang.c, ada-tasks.c, breakpoint.c, corelow.c: Update.
* eval.c, f-valprint.c, findvar.c, frame.c, frame.h: Update.
* h8300-tdep.c, h8500-tdep.c, hppa-tdep.c, infcmd.c: Update.
* inflow.c, infrun.c, macroscope.c, mips-tdep.c: Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c, ocd.c, regcache.h, remote-e7000.c: Update.
* remote-mips.c, remote-rdp.c, sh-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* stack.c, thread.c, tracepoint.c, valops.c, varobj.c: Update.
* z8k-tdep.c, cli/cli-cmds.c: Update.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_selected_block): Add comments.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (pc_notcurrent): New function.
(find_frame_sal): New function.
* frame.h (find_frame_sal): Declare.
(struct symtab_and_line): Add opaque declaration.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Use find_frame_sal instead of
(frame_info): Ditto.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-28 J. Brobecker <>
* Check that the pthdebug library is recent enough
before enabling thread support on native AiX.
* configure: Regenerate.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove aix-thread.o
from the list of object files as it is now appended by configure
if thread support is enabled.
(NAT_CLIBS): Removed as -lpthdebug is also appended by configure
if thread support is enabled.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (get_selected_block): In-line get_current_block.
* frame.h (get_current_block): Delete declaration.
* blockframe.c (get_current_block): Delete function.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* valops.c, frame.c: Update.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h, config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h: Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h, blockframe.c: Update.
* vax-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c, ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68k-tdep.c, alpha-tdep.c: Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c: Eliminate USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES as always 1.
* mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-11-27 Andrew Cagney <>
(USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES): Default to true.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Default to generic_pc_in_call_dummy.
* gdbarch.c, gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* inferior.h (USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES): Delete macro definition.
(CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Delete macro definition.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Delete macro definitions.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set pc_in_call_dummy,
default is already generic_pc_in_call_dummy.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set
use_generic_dummy_frames, default is already 1.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Do not set
call_dummy_location, default is already AT_ENTRY_POINT.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h: Update comments on set_current_frame, create_new_frame,
flush_cached_frames, reinit_frame_cache, select_frame and
2002-11-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Update definition to use
deprecated pc_in_call_dummy function.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/sparc/tm-sp64.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
2002-11-26 Martin M. Hunt <>
* Remove Tix dependencies.
* acinclude.m4: Ditto.
* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* Ditto.
* configure: Regenerated.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* (TARGET_FLOAT_FORMAT): Print the float format name.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/pa/tm-hppa64.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Delete undefine.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as
* config/sparc/tm-sp64.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Redefine as
pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point and pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Defile as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* inferior.h (deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_before_text_end): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_after_text_end): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point): Rename
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Update.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Update.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Update.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Update.
* blockframe.c (deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_before_text_end)
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-11-25 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* acconfig.h (HAVE_PREAD64): Add.
* Check for pread64.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_xfer_memory): Call linux_proc_xfer_memory.
* linux-proc.c (linux_proc_xfer_memory): New function.
* config/nm-linux.h (linux_proc_xfer_memory): Add prototype.
2002-11-25 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (scan_partial_symbols): Descend into namespace
pdi's with no name.
2002-11-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Mark h8500 as broken. Breakage occured Fri Nov 5
16:32:04 1999 Andrew Cagney <>.
2002-11-25 Jim Blandy <>
* symfile.c (init_objfile_sect_indices): New function.
(default_symfile_offsets): Move the section-index-initializing
stuff into init_objfile_sect_indices, and call that.
* symtab.h (SIZEOF_N_SECTION_OFFSETS): New macro.
* symfile.c (syms_from_objfile): Adjust indentation.
* symfile.c (symbol_file_add): Flush gdb_stdout even if from_tty
|| info_verbose isn't true.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
default to get_frame_base.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* arch-utils.c (default_frame_address): Delete function.
* arch-utils.h (default_frame_address): Delete declaration
2002-11-24 Pierre Muller <>
* varobj.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain):
Use get_frame_base instead of FRAME_FP,
obvious fix.
2002-11-19 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (FRAME_FP): Delete macro.
(get_frame_base): New function declaration.
* frame.c (get_frame_base): New function.
(get_frame_id): Use ->frame.
(frame_find_by_id): Rewrite to use get_frame_id.
* blockframe.c: Use get_frame_base instead of FRAME_FP.
* cris-tdep.c, d10v-tdep.c, findvar.c, h8500-tdep.c: Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c, i386-tdep.c, infcmd.c, infrun.c: Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c, m68k-tdep.c, mcore-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
* mn10200-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c, rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c, stack.c, tracepoint.c: Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c, valops.c, z8k-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set get_saved_register.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Revert change below, use
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* dummy-frame.c (pc_in_dummy_frame): New function.
(generic_pc_in_call_dummy): Call pc_in_dummy_frame.
(find_dummy_frame): Update comment.
(generic_pop_current_frame): Use get_frame_type.
* dummy-frame.h (pc_in_dummy_frame): Declare.
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(create_new_frame): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(get_prev_frame): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(frame_saved_regs_register_unwind): Use get_prev_frame.
(deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Use get_prev_frame.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): Move function
from here ...
* varobj.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): ... to here.
(varobj_create): Note that frame ID should be used.
* frame.h (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): Delete declaration.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Assert that generic dummy frames are
not being used.
* (breakpoint.o): Update dependencies.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Use get_frame_type instead of
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
(frame_info): Ditto.
(print_frame_info_base): Ditto. Delete dead code.
2002-11-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* (m68k_tdep_h): Define.
(abug-rom.o, cpu32bug-rom.o, dbug-rom.o, m68k-tdep.o, m68klinux-nat.o)
(remote-est.o, rom68k-rom.o): Add $(m68k_tdep_h).
* m68k-tdep.c: Move register number enum ...
* m68k-tdep.h: ... to this new file and rename the constants from
E_* to M68K_*. All uses changed.
* config/m68k/tm-m68k.h (D0_REGNUM, A0_REGNUM): Remove definitions.
* abug-rom.c: Include "m68k-tdep.h". Use
* cpu32bug-rom.c: Likewise.
* dbug-rom.c: Likewise.
* m68k-tdep.c: Likewise.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Likewise.
* remote-est.c: Likewise.
* rom68k-rom.c: Likewise.
* config/m68k/tm-linux.h: Likewise.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Remove old style non-generic
dummy frame initialization code.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-11-22 Christopher Faylor <>
* win32-nat.c (child_attach): Reset saw_create counter or subsequent
attach will hang.
2002-11-22 Andrew Cagney <>
to default_frame_address.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Do not set frame_args_address
or frame_locals_address to default_frame_address.
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Update.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Update.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_frame_args_address): Delete function.
(cris_frame_locals_address): Delete function.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Do not set frame_args_address or
2002-11-22 Michael Snyder <>
* thread-db.c (thread_db_load): Tell the user what's going on
if dlopen fails on libthread_db.
2002-11-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_register_virtual_type): Use architecture
invariant return values.
2002-11-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* valops.c (value_slice): Move declaration of `offset' to avoid
2002-11-22 Christopher Faylor <>
* win32-nat.c (psapi_get_dll_name): Fix a compiler warning.
(struct so_stuff): Add end_addr field.
(register_loaded_dll): Calculate and store end address of loaded dll.
(solib_address): New function.
(child_solib_loaded_library_pathname): Pass carefully constructed
section info to safe_symbol_file_add rather than ignoring it.
(get_child_debug_event): Call re_enable_breakpoints_in_shlibs when a
DLL is loaded.
(do_initial_child_stuff): Call disable_breakpoints_in_shlibs.
(child_create_inferior): Fix a compiler warning.
* config/i386/tm-cygwin.h (PC_SOLIB): Define new macro.
(solib_address): Declare new function.
2002-11-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_register_virtual_type): Return int for SR, FPC
and FPS registers.
2002-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* maint.c (_initialize_maint_cmds): Fix typo. From
Francesco Potorti` <>.
2002-11-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Delete references to
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (GDB_TARGET_MASK_DISAS_PC): Delete macro.
* printcmd.c (build_address_symbolic): Delete calls to
(address_info): Ditto.
Fix PR gdb/773.
2002-11-19 Klee Dienes <>
Adam Fedor <>
* completer.c (skip_quoted_chars): Renamed from skip_chars. Add
the ability to explicitly specify the quote characters and word
break characters; if NULL is specified for either, use the old
behavior of using the characters used by the completer.
(skip_chars): New function. Convenience wrapper around
skip_quoted_chars to provide the original skip_chars behavior.
* completer.h (skip_quoted_chars): Add prototype.
2002-11-19 Andrew Cagney <>
Problems reported by Paul Eggert.
* Use `sort -k 3`. Fix PR gdb/527.
2002-11-19 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68klinux-nat.c (IS_SIGTRAMP, IS_RT_SIGTRAMP)
(m68k_linux_in_sigtramp, SIGCONTEXT_PC_OFFSET)
(UCONTEXT_PC_OFFSET, m68k_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc)
(m68k_linux_frame_saved_pc): Move to ...
* m68klinux-tdep.c: ... here. New file.
* (m68klinux-tdep.o): Add dependencies.
* config/m68k/ (TDEPFILES): Add m68klinux-tdep.o.
2002-11-19 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y: Revert to old skip_quoted usage.
2002-11-19 Adam Fedor <>
* (SFILES): Add objc-exp.y objc-lang.c.
(objc_lang_h): Define.
(local-maintainer-clean): Remove
(,, objc-lang.o): New target.
2002-11-19 Pierre Muller <>
* p-exp.y (typecast rule): Add automatic dereference of
pascal classes if needed.
(THIS): Set current_type.
Automatically dereference pascal classes.
(typebase rule): Add ^typebase recognition.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp): Handle OP_OBJC_NSSTRING,
(op_name): Handle OP_OBJC_SELF.
* (expprint.o): Add additional depends.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* expression.h: Rename ObjC ops to OP_OBJC_MSGCALL,
* parse.c (length_of_subexp, prefixify_subexp): Likewise.
* objc-exp.y: Likewise.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* parser-defs.h: (struct objc_class_str): New structure
for parsing ObjC classes.
2002-11-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_relative_level): Copy function from here ...
* frame.c (frame_relative_level): here.
2002-11-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (enum frame_type): Define.
(get_frame_type): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add field `type'. Delete field
(deprecated_set_frame_signal_handler_caller): Declare.
* frame.c (get_frame_type): New function.
(deprecated_set_frame_type): New function.
(create_new_frame): Set the frame's type.
(get_prev_frame): Similar.
* sparc-tdep.c: Use get_frame_type instead of signal_handler_caller.
* s390-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c: Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c: Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c: Ditto.
* i386-interix-tdep.c: Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c: Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c: Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c: Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c: Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c: Ditto.
* stack.c: Ditto.
* ada-lang.c: Ditto.
* blockframe.c: Update.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_back_one_frame): Use
deprecated_set_frame_type instead of signal_handler_caller.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
* breakpoint.h: Delete FIXME suggesting get_frame_type.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* (buildsym.o): Add dependency for gdb_assert.h.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* buildsym.c (pop_context): Add comment.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* buildsym.h (pop_context): Convert to function, defined in
* buildsym.c: Include gdb_assert.h.
(pop_context): Implement as C function. Add check for stack
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Complain and stop processing
that symbol if we are already at the top of the context stack for
a function-end N_FUN (this would imply an umatched RBRAC). Ditto
when processing N_RBRAC.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_POST_FOLLOW_INFERIOR_BY_CLONE): Don't
(struct target_waitstatus): Add opaque definition.
* corelow.c (init_core_ops): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior.
* exec.c (init_exec_ops): Likewise.
* fork-child.c (clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
* hppah-nat.c (child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
* inferior.h (clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
* infrun.c (follow_fork_mode_both): Remove.
(follow_fork_mode_kind_names): Remove commented out "both".
(follow_inferior_fork): Remove follow_fork_mode_both support.
* inftarg.c (child_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
* target.c (default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(cleanup_target): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
(find_default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(init_dummy_target): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior.
(debug_to_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(debug_to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
(setup_target_debug): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_clone_and_follow_inferior
and to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
(child_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
(child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove prototype.
(target_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove macro.
(target_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove macro.
(find_default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Call inferior_has_forked,
inferior_has_vforked, and inferior_has_execd instead of
target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, and target_has_execd.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_HAS_FORKED, CHILD_HAS_VFORKED)
(CHILD_WAIT): Define.
(child_wait): Add prototype.
* hppah-nat.c (hpux_has_forked): Rename from child_has_forked.
Add prototype.
(hpux_has_vforked): Likewise, from child_has_vforked.
(hpux_has_execd): Likewise, from child_has_execd.
(hpux_has_syscall_event): Likewise, from child_has_syscall_event.
(not_same_real_pid, child_wait): New, copied from inftarg.c.
Call hpux_has_forked, hpux_has_vforked, hpux_has_execd,
and hpux_has_syscall_event instead of the target hooks.
* infrun.c (inferior_has_forked, inferior_has_vforked)
(inferior_has_execd): New functions.
* inftarg.c (not_same_real_pid): Remove.
(child_wait): Remove references to not_same_real_pid,
target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, target_has_execd,
and target_has_syscall_event.
(child_has_forked, child_has_vforked, child_has_execd)
(child_has_syscall_event): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Remove references to child_has_forked,
child_has_vforked, child_has_execd, and child_has_syscall_event.
* infttrace.c (hpux_has_forked): Rename from child_has_forked.
(hpux_has_vforked): Likewise, from child_has_vforked.
(hpux_has_execd): Likewise, from child_has_execd.
(hpux_has_syscall_event): Likewise, from child_has_syscall_event.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Remove references to
to_has_forked, to_has_vforked, to_has_execd, and
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(setup_target_debug): Likewise.
(debug_to_has_forked): Remove.
(debug_to_has_vforked): Remove.
(debug_to_has_execd): Remove.
(debug_to_has_syscall_event): Remove.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_has_forked.
to_has_vforked, to_has_execd, and to_has_syscall_event.
(child_has_forked, child_has_vforked, child_has_execd)
(child_has_syscall_event): Remove prototypes.
(inferior_has_forked, inferior_has_vforked, inferior_has_execd): Add
(target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, target_has_execd)
(target_has_syscall_event): Remove macros.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
* inftarg.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Don't initialize to_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec.
* infttrace.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Remove reference to
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(debug_to_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
(setup_target_debug): Remove reference to
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove
(child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove prototype.
(target_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove definition.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_CAN_FOLLOW_VFORK_PRIOR_TO_EXEC): Don't
* infrun.c (follow_vfork_when_exec): Remove.
(follow_inferior_fork): Remove references to follow_vfork_when_exec.
(follow_exec): Likewise.
(handle_inferior_event): Likewise.
(keep_going): Likewise.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (generic_unwind_get_saved_register): Make static.
* frame.h (generic_unwind_get_saved_register): Delete declaration.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Do not set get_saved_register,
defaults to generic_unwind_get_saved_register.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Delete macro.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* x86-64-linux-nat.c (i386_sse_regnum_p): New function. Copy from
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (sigtramp_saved_pc): Delete declaration.
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Delete function.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_sigtramp_saved_pc): New function.
(ns32k_frame_saved_pc): Call ns32k_sigtramp_saved_pc.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_sigtramp_saved_pc): New function.
(vax_frame_saved_pc): Call vax_sigtramp_saved_pc.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_pc_unwind): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_pc_unwind): New function.
(frame_register_unwind): Pass unwind_cache instead of
(set_unwind_by_pc): Add unwind_pc parameter, set.
(create_new_frame): Pass frame->pc_unwind to set_unwind_by_pc.
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
* frame.h (frame_pc_unwind_ftype): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add pc_unwind, pc_unwind_cache_p and
pc_unwind_cache. Rename register_unwind_cache to unwind_cache.
(frame_pc_unwind): Declare.
* dummy-frame.c (dummy_frame_pc_unwind): New function.
(struct dummy_frame): Add comment mentioning that values are for
previous frame.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_pc_unwind): Declare.
* blockframe.c (file_frame_chain_valid): Use frame_pc_unwind.
(generic_file_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
* stack.c (frame_info): Ditto.
2002-11-15 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (locate_first_half): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into locate_first_half.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.h: Add comment explaining how to eliminate a
deprecated_complain call.
* complaints.h: Fix spelling errors.
2002-11-15 David Carlton <>
* printcmd.c: Remove #include "disasm.h".
2002-11-14 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h: Move the most relevant interface functions to the start
of the file.
2002-11-14 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_registers): Rename registers.
* a68v-nat.c, alpha-nat.c, arch-utils.c, core-sol2.c: Update.
* hp300ux-nat.c, hppab-nat.c, hppah-nat.c: Update.
* hppam3-nat.c, hpux-thread.c, i386gnu-nat.c: Update.
* ia64-aix-nat.c, ia64-linux-nat.c, ia64-tdep.c: Update.
* irix4-nat.c, irix5-nat.c, lynx-nat.c, m68k-tdep.c: Update.
* m68knbsd-nat.c, mips-linux-tdep.c, mipsm3-nat.c: Update.
* mipsv4-nat.c, ns32knbsd-nat.c, ppc-bdm.c: Update.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c, ptx4-nat.c, regcache.c, remote-es.c: Update.
* remote-sds.c, remote-vx68.c, remote-vxmips.c: Update.
* remote-vxsparc.c, rs6000-tdep.c, sol-thread.c: Update.
* sparc-nat.c, sparc-tdep.c, sun3-nat.c, symm-nat.c: Update.
* v850ice.c: Update.
Wed Nov 13 19:51:05 2002 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Add comment mentioning realpath with a
NULL buffer.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_read_register_bytes): Rename
(deprecated_write_register_bytes): Rename write_register_bytes.
* alpha-tdep.c, arm-tdep.c, cris-tdep.c, d10v-tdep.c: Update.
* dwarf2cfi.c, frv-tdep.c, hppa-tdep.c, ia64-tdep.c: Update.
* m68k-tdep.c, mcore-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c: Update.
* ns32k-tdep.c, regcache.c, remote-sds.c, remote-vx.c: Update.
* remote.c, rs6000-tdep.c, s390-tdep.c, sh-tdep.c: Update.
* sparc-tdep.c, v850-tdep.c, vax-tdep.c, x86-64-tdep.c: Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c, z8k-tdep.c, config/nm-gnu.h: Update.
* config/nm-m3.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/i386/nm-ptx4.h, config/i386/nm-symmetry.h: Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h, config/m68k/nm-sun3.h: Update.
* config/m68k/tm-delta68.h, config/m68k/tm-linux.h: Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h, config/pa/tm-hppa64.h: Update.
* config/sparc/nm-nbsd.h, config/sparc/nm-sun4os4.h: Update.
* config/sparc/nm-sun4sol2.h, config/sparc/tm-sparclet.h: Update.
2002-11-13 Jim Blandy <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Doc fix.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (struct regcache): Replace passthough_p with
(regcache_xmalloc): Initialize readonly_p.
(build_regcache): Initialize readonly_p.
(regcache_save): New function.
(regcache_restore): New function.
(regcache_cpy): Re-implement using regcache_save and
(regcache_raw_read): Update.
(regcache_cooked_read): When a read-only cache, checked for cached
pseudo register values.
(regcache_raw_write): Assert that the cache is not read-only.
Remove code handling a non-passthrough cache.
* regcache.h (regcache_save): Declare.
(regcache_restore): Declare.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (struct regcache_descr): Add fields
sizeof_cooked_registers and sizeof_cooked_register_valid_p.
(init_legacy_regcache_descr): Compute the size of a cooked
register cache and then assign that to sizeof_raw_registers. Set
sizeof_raw_register_valid_p to sizeof_cooked_register_valid_p
(init_legacy_regcache_descr): Ditto.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (register_buffer): Move to near start of file, update
(regcache_raw_read): Use.
(regcache_raw_write): Use.
(struct regcache): Rename raw_registers to registers and
raw_register_valid_p to register_valid_p.
(regcache_xmalloc): Update.
(regcache_xfree): Update.
(register_buffer): Update.
(regcache_cpy): Update.
(regcache_cpy_no_passthrough): Update.
(regcache_valid_p): Update.
(deprecated_grub_regcache_for_registers): Update.
(deprecated_grub_regcache_for_register_valid): Update.
(set_register_cached): Update.
(regcache_raw_write): Update.
2002-11-13 Pierre Muller <>
* p-exp.y (name_not_typename): Use copy_name to
set current_type variable for fields of THIS.
2002-11-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gnu-nat.c (init_gnu_ops): Remove NULL initializations.
* monitor.c (init_base_monitor_ops): Likewise.
* ppc-bdm.c (init_bdm_ppc_ops): Likewise.
* remote-array.c (init_array_ops): Likewise.
* remote-e7000.c (init_e7000_ops): Likewise.
* remote-es.c (init_es1800_ops): Likewise.
(init_es1800_child_ops): Likewise.
* remote-rdp.c (init_remote_rdp_ops): Likewise.
* remote-sim.c (init_gdbsim_ops): Likewise.
* remote-st.c (init_st2000_ops): Likewise.
* sol-thread.c (init_sol_core_ops): Likewise.
(init_sol_thread_ops): Likewise.
* v850ice.c (init_850ice_ops): Likewise.
* win32-nat.c (init_child_ops): Likewise.
* wince.c (init_child_ops): Likewise.
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Make rp a constant pointer.
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Rewrite. Try, in order: realpath() with
a constant buffer; cannonicalize_file_name(); realpath() with a
pathconf() defined buffer, xstrdup().
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Fix typo, hang1.c to hang1.C; hang2.c
to hang2.C; hang3.c to hang3.C.
2002-11-11 Elena Zannoni <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Reenable TLS code.
2002-11-11 Elena Zannoni <>
Jim Blandy <>
* gdb_thread_db.h (enum): Add TD_NOTALLOC.
* target.c (update_current_target): Add
* target.h (to_get_thread_local_address): Export.
(target_get_thread_local_address): Define.
(target_get_thread_local_address_p): Define.
* thread-db.c: Include solib-svr4.h.
(td_thr_tls_get_addr_p): Define.
(thread_db_load): Get a pointer to td_thr_tls_get_addr.
(thread_db_get_thread_local_address): New function.
(init_thread_db_ops): Initialize to_get_thread_local_address.
* Add test for TD_NOTALLOC in thread_db.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2002-11-11 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (set_flags): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into set_flags.
2002-11-11 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Move chunks of code to separate
(initialize_defaults): New function.
(decode_indirect): New function.
2002-11-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Fix tipo. void_func_ptr
instead of void_code_ptr.
(sigtramp_saved_pc): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (i386_fp_regnum_p): Copy i386-tdep.c's
2002-11-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gdbtypes.h (struct main_type): Move artificial flag out of
loc. New member of ``struct field'' named static_kind. Reduce
overloaded meaning of bitsize.
* ada-lang.c (fill_in_ada_prototype): Initialize static_kind for
new fields.
(template_to_fixed_record_type, template_to_static_fixed_type)
(to_record_with_fixed_variant_part): Likewise.
* coffread.c (coff_read_struct_type, coff_read_enum_type): Likewise.
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_add_field, read_enumeration): Likewise.
* dwarfread.c (struct_type, enum_type): Likewise.
* hpread.c (hpread_read_enum_type)
(hpread_read_function_type, hpread_read_doc_function_type)
(hpread_read_struct_type): Likewise.
* mdebugread.c (parse_symbol): Likewise.
2002-11-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.h (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Rename frame_in_dummy.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Update.
(print_frame_info_base, frame_info): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(sparc_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Update.
* breakpoint.c (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Update.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-linux-nat.c (ORIG_EAX): Define to -1 if not already
(regmap): Extend to cover all registers.
(fetch_register, sore_register): Simplify.
(old_fetch_inferior_registers, old_store_inferior_registers):
Remove functions.
(cannot_fetch_register, cannot_store_register): Change
implementation to use regmap array to decide which registers
cannot be fetched/stored. This removes $orig_eax from the
registers that cannot be fetched/stored.
(fetch_inferior_registers): Call fetch_register directly instead
of calling old_fetch_inferior_registers.
(store_inferior_registers): Call store_register directly instead
of calling old_store_inferior_registers.
(i386_linux_dr_get): Replace PT_READ_U with PTRACE_PEEKUSER.
(i386_linux_dr_set): Replace PT_WRITE_U with PTRACE_POKEUSER.
* config/i386/nm-linux.h (U_REGS_OFFSET): Remove definition.
2002-11-09 Klee Dienes <>
* i387-tdep.c (i387_supply_register): When called with NULL as a
buffer, mark the register as not provided (to mirror the behavior
of supply_register).
(i387_supply_fxsave): Ditto.
(i387_supply_fsave): Ditto (inherits the behavior from
2002-11-09 Klee Dienes <>
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Use
builtin_type_void_code_ptr, not builtin_type_void_data_ptr (we are
extracting the PC). Use TYPE_LENGTH (builtin_type_void_code_ptr)
2002-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Test prev_p to identify a previously
unwound frame. Initialize prev_p.
* frame.h (struct frame_info): Add field prev_p. Expand prev/next
2002-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Cleanups. Eliminate redundant tests
for a NULL NEXT_FRAME. Simplify fromleaf initialization. Add
more comments. Zap dead code.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* infcmd.c (print_vector_info, print_float_info): Move code that
checks whether the target has any registers and whether there is a
selected frame up, such that it is also used if a target provides
multi-arch definitions of these functions.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* (DESTDIR): Define.
(install-only, install-gdbtk, uninstall-gdbtk): Add $(DESTDIR)
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: 8.3 proof i386obsd-nat.c and
i386obsd-tdep.c. Rename to "gdb.cxx", paths containing "gdb.c++".
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(i386_linux_register_reggroup_p): New function.
(i386_linux_init_abi): Set register_reggroup_p to
* i386-tdep.h (i386_register_reggroup_p): Declare.
* i386-tdep.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(i386_init_reggroups): New function.
(i386_add_reggroups): New function.
(i386_register_reggroup_p): New function.
(i386_sse_reggroup, i386_mmx_reggroup): New variables.
(_initialize_i386_tdep): Call i386_init_reggroups.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Set register_reggroup_p and add in the i386
specific reggroups.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory): Make use of the new PT_IO
request that's available in *BSD.
* i386-tdep.h (IS_FPU_CTRL_REGNUM): Remove.
* i387-tdep.c (i387_fill_fxsave): Use FOOFF_REGNUM instead of
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Use dummy_frame_register_unwind.
* dummy-frame.c (find_dummy_frame): Rename
generic_find_dummy_frame, make static. Return the dummy frame
instead of the regcache.
(generic_find_dummy_frame): Re-implement using find_dummy_frame,
(cached_find_dummy_frame): New function. Use find_dummy_frame.
(dummy_frame_register_unwind): Rename
generic_call_dummy_register_unwind. Use cached_find_dummy_frame.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_register_unwind): Rename
2002-11-08 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/tm-i386v42mp.h: Remove file. Move its contents,
except the inclusion of "i386/tm-i386.h", to...
* config/i386/nm-i386v42mp.h:
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to tm-i386.h.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* (frame.o): Update dependencies.
* blockframe.c (current_frame, frame_obstack_alloc)
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc, get_current_frame)
(set_current_frame, create_new_frame)
(set_unwind_by_pc, get_next_frame)
(flush_cached_frames, reinit_frame_cache)
(get_prev_frame, get_frame_pc, get_frame_saved_regs)
(_initialize_blockframe): Move frame code from here...
* frame.c: here. Include "gdb_obstack.h", "gdbcore.h",
"annotate.h" and "dummy-frame.h".
(_initialize_frame): New function.
2002-11-08 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_func_scope): Restore list_in_scope properly
when we finish a function a context.
* buildsym.h (outermost_context_p): New macro.
(Bug analyzed by David Edelsohn.)
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c: Include "dummy-frame.h".
(struct dummy_frame, dummy_frame_stack)
(generic_find_dummy_frame, deprecated_generic_find_dummy_frame)
(generic_pc_in_call_dummy, deprecated_read_register_dummy)
(generic_push_dummy_frame, generic_save_dummy_frame_tos)
(generic_save_call_dummy_addr, generic_pop_current_frame)
(generic_pop_dummy_frame, generic_fix_call_dummy)
(generic_fix_call_dummy, generic_call_dummy_register_unwind): Move
dummy frame code from here...
* dummy-frame.c: here. New file.
* dummy-frame.h: New file.
(generic_call_dummy_register_unwind): Declare.
(generic_find_dummy_frame): Declare.
* (SFILES): Add dummy-frame.c.
(dummy-frame.o): Specify dependencies.
(dummy_frame_h): Define.
(COMMON_OBS): Add dummy-frame.o.
(blockframe.o): Update dependencies.
2002-11-08 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_func_scope): Restore local_symbols and
param_symbols after we finish the function context. (Based on a
patch from David Edelsohn.)
2002-11-08 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (symbol_found): New function.
(minsym_found): New function.
(decode_line_1): Separate out some code into separate functions.
2002-11-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frameless_signal_p): Make non static for
the benefit of the interix target.
* i386-tdep.h (i386_frameless_signal_p): Declare.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-tdep.h (i386_linux_orig_eax_regnum_p): Delete stray
declaration that snuck in from change below.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_mmx_regnum_p): Rename mmx_regnum_p. Update
all callers.
(i386_fp_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of FP_REGNUM_P.
(i386_fpc_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of FPC_REGNUM_P.
(i386_sse_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of SSE_REGNUM_P.
(i386_mxcsr_regnum_p): new function. Use instead of
* i386-tdep.h (SSE_REGNUM_P): Delete macro.
(i386_sse_regnum_p): Declare.
(i386_mxcsr_regnum_p): Declare.
(FP_REGNUM_P, FPC_REGNUM_P): Delete macros.
(i386_fp_regnum_p, i386_fpc_regnum_p): Declare.
(IS_FP_REGNUM): Update definition.
(IS_FPU_CTRL_REGNUM): Update definition..
(IS_SSE_REGNUM): Update definition..
* i386v-nat.c (register_u_addr): Update.
* go32-nat.c (fetch_register): Update.
(store_register): Update.
2002-11-07 Joel Brobecker <>
Preparation work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partial.
* hppa-tdep.c: Add new functions replacing macro bodies from
config/pa/tm-hppa.h. These function will be used to initialize
the gdbarch structure. Import some comments from tm-hppa.h,
and place them where appropriate, to avoid loosing them when
we cleanup this file.
(hppa_reg_struct_has_addr): New function.
(hppa_inner_than): New function.
(hppa_stack_align): New function.
(hppa_pc_requires_run_before_use): New function.
(hppa_instruction_nullified): New function.
(hppa_register_byte): New function.
(hppa_register_virtual_type): New function.
(hppa_store_struct_return): New function.
(hppa_cannot_store_register): New function.
(hppa_frame_args_address): New function.
(hppa_frame_locals_address): New function.
(hppa_smash_text_address): New function.
(hppa_coerce_float_to_double): New function. Requires the inclusion
of "language.h".
* (hppa-tdep.o): Add dependency on language.h.
* tm-hppa.h (REG_STRUCT_HAS_ADDR): Change the definition of this
gdbarch-eligible macro to a call to the new associated function
created in hppa-tdep.c.
(INNER_THAN): Likewise.
(STACK_ALIGN): Likewise.
(REGISTER_BYTE): Likewise.
(ABOUT_TO_RETURN): Delete, as no longer used.
2002-11-07 Fernando Nasser <>
* printcmd.c (disassemble_command): Remove obsolete function.
(_initialize_printcmd): Do not create disassemble command here.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (disassemble_command): New function. Implements
disassemble command.
(init_cli_cmds): Create disassemble command here instead.
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Daniel Jacobowitz to global maintainers list.
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (regcache_cooked_read_using_offset_hack)
(regcache_cooked_write_using_offset_hack): Delete declarations.
(register_changed): Delete declaration.
* regcache.c (regcache_cooked_read_using_offset_hack)
(regcache_cooked_write_using_offset_hack): Delete functions.
(cooked_xfer_using_offset_hack): Delete function.
(register_changed): Delete function.
2002-11-07 Jim Blandy <>
* macroscope.c: #include "complaints.h".
(sal_macro_scope): Cope with filenames that appear in the symtabs,
but not in the macro table.
* (macroscope.o): Record dependency.
2002-11-07 Joel Brobecker <>
* PROBLEMS: Document gdb/816 (unable to read core file on alpha-osf).
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (deprecated_registers_fetched): Update.
* regcache.h (deprecated_registers_fetched): Rename
* remote-vxsparc.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* remote-vxmips.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* remote-vx68.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* irix5-nat.c (fetch_core_registers): Update.
* mipsm3-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* sun3-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* symm-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* ns32knbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
(fetch_core_registers): Update.
(fetch_kcore_registers): Update.
* mips-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* corelow.c (get_core_registers): Update.
* a68v-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
2002-11-06 Joel Brobecker <>
Put in place the framework necessary for multiarching the hppa targets.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_gdbarch_init): New function.
(hppa_dump_tdep): New function.
(_initialize_hppa_tdep): Register the hppa gdbarch init function and
tdep structure dumper.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): New macro, defined to 0
until the multi-arching conversion has partially been completed.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* valops.c (value_assign): Merge lval_register case into
lval_reg_frame_relative. Use frame_register and
regcache_cooked_write instead of get_saved_register and
write_register_bytes. After flushing the register cache, try to
re-select the selected frame.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_register_valid): Rename register_valid.
* regcache.c: Update.
* ia64-aix-nat.c: Update.
* i386gnu-nat.c: Update.
* alpha-nat.c: Update.
* sparc-nat.c: Update.
* lynx-nat.c: Update.
* remote-mips.c: Update.
2002-11-06 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (_initialize_hppa_tdep): Move function body
to end of file, to be more consistent with the pratice followed
by other targets.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c: Include "reggroups.h" and <ctype.h>.
(print_float_info): Print registers in float_reggroup.
(print_vector_info): Print registers in vector_reggroup.
(default_print_registers_info): When all, print registers in
all_reggroup. Otherwize, print registers in general_reggroup.
(registers_info): Rewrite. Add support for register groups.
Eliminate a goto.
2002-11-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (methods_info): Delete. It has been ifdeffed out for
(symtab_symbol_info): Remove eons old ifdeffed out code.
(_initialize_symtab): Remove prehistoric disabled 'info methods'
2002-11-06 Theodore A. Roth <>
* c-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* f-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* m2-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* p-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
Add empty action to start rule to avoid a type clash error when
building with bison >= 1.50.
2002-11-06 Jim Blandy <>
* macrotab.h (struct macro_source_file): Doc fix.
2002-11-05 Jeff Johnston <>
* varobj.c (child_exists, cplus_number_of_children): Change
STREQ macro references to strcmp.
(cplus_name_of_child): Change code to handle the fact that
fields are not necessarily contiguous with regards to their
access control. This is a fix for PR gdb/792.
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Change to a predicate function.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regnerate.
* frame.h (frame_register): Declare.
* frame.c (frame_register): New function.
(get_saved_register): Test GET_SAVED_REGISTER_P before calling
GET_SAVED_REGISTER, otherwize call
(frame_register_read): Use frame_register instead of
2002-11-05 Elena Zannoni <>
From Jim Ingham <>:
* event-top.c (gdb_disable_readline): New function.
(_initialize_event_loop): Move comment.
2002-11-05 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-loop.c (start_event_loop): Add comment.
Update copyright.
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c (default_print_registers_info): Do not call
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_print_register_hook): Make static.
(sparc_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparc_do_registers_info): New function.
(sparclet_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparclet_do_registers_info): New function.
(do_sparc_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparc_print_registers): New static function, clone of infcmd.c's
* config/sparc/tm-sparclet.h (PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(sparclet_do_registers_info): Declare.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_DO_REGISTERS_INFO):
(sparc_do_registers_info): Declare.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(sparc_print_register_hook): Delete declaration.
2002-11-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Move chunks of code into separate
(lookup_symbol_aux_local): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_symtabs): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_psymtabs): New function.
2002-11-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): In minsym sections, don't use the
previous values of 'objfile' and 'block'.
2002-11-05 Pierre Muller <>
* values.c (value_change_enclosing_type): Set
enclosing_type field correctly also for the case where
more memory needs to be allocated.
2002-11-03 Mark Kettenis <>
* i387-tdep.c (i387_print_float_info): Call fputs_filtered instead
of puts_filtered.
* i387-tdep.c (i387_print_float_info): Replace calls to
register_read and deprecated_read_register_gen with calls to
frame_register_read, and make the necessary adjustments to the
surrounding code.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* (register_reggroup_p): Allow default value.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h: Add coment indicating replacements for deprecated
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* reggroups.h, reggroups.c: New files.
* regcache.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(enum regcache_dump_what): Add `regcache_dump_groups'.
(regcache_dump): Contract size of the "Type" column. When
specified, dump the register's groups.
(maintenance_print_register_groups): New function.
(_initialize_regcache): Add command `maint print register-groups'.
* (COMMON_OBS): Add reggroups.o
(SFILES): Add reggroups.c.
(reggroups_h): Define.
(regcache.o, gdbarch.o): Update dependencies.
(reggroups.o): Specify dependencies.
* (register_reggroup_p): Add pure multi-arch method.
Add opaque declaration for `struct reggroup' in generated .h file.
Include "reggroups.h" in generated .c file.
gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_read_register_gen): Rename
(deprecated_write_register_gen): Rename write_register_gen.
* i387-tdep.c: Update.
* x86-64-linux-nat.c: Update
* wince.c: Update.
* thread-db.c: Update.
* win32-nat.c: Update.
* mips-tdep.c: Update.
* d10v-tdep.c: Update.
* cris-tdep.c: Update.
* remote-sim.c: Update.
* remote-rdi.c: Update.
* remote-rdp.c: Update.
* frame.c: Update.
* target.c: Update.
* blockframe.c: Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c: Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c: Update.
* sh-tdep.c: Update.
* s390-tdep.c: Update.
* rs6000-tdep.c: Update.
* sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* i386-tdep.c: Update.
* dwarf2cfi.c: Update.
* regcache.c: Update.
2002-11-01 Joel Brobecker <>
New interix-specific files:
* config/i386/nm-interix.h: New file.
* config/i386/ New file.
* config/i386/ New file.
* i386-interix-nat.c: New file.
* i386-interix-tdep.c: New file.
2002-11-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Rename
* blockframe.c (deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_get_saved_register): Update.
(xstormy16_frame_saved_register): Update.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Update.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Update.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_get_saved_register): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Update.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-10-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_resume): Remove resume_all test for !step.
2002-10-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* i386-linux-tdep.c (i386_linux_pc_in_sigtramp): Check for
trampolines in sigaction.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* h8300-tdep.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(h8300_print_register): Add gdbarch, file and frame parameters.
Use frame_read_unsigned_register to read the register's value.
Use fprintf_filtered to display output.
(h8300_print_registers_info): Replace h8300_do_registers_info.
(h8300_gdbarch_init): Set print_registers_info.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_read_unsigned_register): New function.
(frame_read_signed_register): New function.
* frame.h (frame_read_unsigned_register): Declare.
(frame_read_signed_register): Declare.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* h8500-tdep.c (h8500_print_registers_info): New static function,
clone of infcmd.c's default_print_registers_info.
(h8500_do_registers_info): New funtion.
(h8500_print_register_hook): Rename print_register_hook, make
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update copyright.
(h8500_do_registers_info: Declare.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(print_register_hook): Delete function.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* z8k-tdep.c (z8k_print_register_hook): Make static.
(z8k_print_registers_info): New static function, clone of
infcmd.c's default_print_registers_info.
(z8k_do_registers_info): New function. Wrap
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h: Update copyright.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(z8k_print_register_hook): Delete declaration.
(z8k_do_registers_info): Declare.
2002-10-30 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (find_function_in_inferior): Remove this extern,
as this is already provided by value.h, and was actually causing
a compilation error because of a conflict in parameter type
declaration due to a missing const keyword.
(low_text_segment_addres): Fix a compilation warning.
2002-10-29 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* mips-linux-nat.c (mips_linux_cannot_fetch_register): Don't fetch
registers without a name.
(mips_linux_cannot_store_register): Don't store registers without
a name.
2002-10-28 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (find_addr_symbol): Delete. (It was already commented
* symtab.h: Delete prototype for find_addr_symbol.
2002-10-26 Andrew Cagney <>
gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* infcmd.c (default_print_registers_info): Update reference.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Set deprecated_do_registers_info.
(mips_dump_tdep): Do not print DO_REGISTERS_INFO.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-10-26 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Set init_extra_frame_info to
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): Remove prototype.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): Remove function.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Add calls to override the i386
target where necessary. Add more comments and remove the ones
that don't provide any useful information.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frame_saved_pc): Replace call to
deprecated_read_register_dummy with
* i386-tdep.c (i386_extract_struct_value_address): Use
regcache_raw_read_unsigned instead of
regcache_cooked_read_unsigned since we know that the register
we're reading isn't a pseudo register. Rename variable 'val' into
the more descriptive 'addr'.
* x86-64-tdep.c: Fix some formatting problems, mostly in comments.
(x86_64_push_return_address): Add comment.
(x86_64_pop_frame): Make static.
(examine_argument): Clarify comment.
(x86_64_skip_prologue): Make prolog_expact variable static.
* dwarf2cfi.c: Fix some formatting problems.
(context_cpy, read_encoded_pointer): Clarify comments.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_breakpoint_from_pc): Constify.
(x86_64_init_abi): Move set_gdbarch_* calls that overlap with the
i386 target back into x86_64_gdbarch_init. Add some comments and
remove meaningless ones.
2002-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.h (struct deprecated_complaint): Rename `struct
* complaints.c (complain): Update.
* remote-vx68.c, remote-vxmips.c, remote-vxsparc.c: Delete
incorrect comment indicating that "symfile.h" was being included
for the `struct complaint' definition.
* remote-vx.c: Update.
* objc-lang.c: Update.
* xcoffread.c: Update.
* hpread.c: Update.
* mdebugread.c: Update.
* stabsread.c: Update.
* dwarf2read.c: Update.
* dwarfread.c: Update.
* elfread.c: Update.
* coffread.c: Update.
* stabsread.h: Update.
* dbxread.c: Update.
* buildsym.c: Update.
* gdbtypes.c: Update.
* macrotab.c: Update.
2002-10-25 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Make a bit more similar to
the version in i386-tdep.c. Move set_gdbarch_* calls out into...
(x86_64_init_abi): function.
* (i386v-nat.o): Add $(i386_tdep_h).
* i386v-nat.c: Include "i386-tdep.h".
2002-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbtypes.c (address_space_name_to_int): Update.
(address_space_int_to_name): Update.
* (address_class_type_flags_to_name): Change to a pure
multi-arch predicate.
(address_class_name_to_type_flags): Ditto.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* MAINTAINERS: Check all warnings when h8300hms and alpha-elf.
2002-10-24 Martin M. Hunt <>
* utils.c (string_to_core_addr): Revert patch from 11 Oct.
2002-10-24 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (INIT_SAL): Delete macro.
(init_sal): Export.
* symtab.c (init_sal): New function.
* ada-lang.c (ada_finish_decode_line_1): Change INIT_SAL macro
to init_sal function call.
(find_sal_from_funcs_and_line): Ditto.
(all_sals_for_line): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (create_internal_breakpoint): Ditto.
(create_fork_vfork_event_catchpoint): Ditto.
(create_exec_event_catchpoint): Ditto.
(parse_breakpoint_sals): Ditto.
(watch_command_1): Ditto.
(handle_gnu_4_16_catch_command): Ditto.
(clear_command): Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c (child_enable_exception_callback): Ditto.
* infcmd.c (run_stack_dummy): Ditto.
* infrun.c (process_event_stop_test): Ditto.
(check_sigtramp2): Ditto.
(step_over_function): Ditto.
* linespec.c (decode_line_2): Ditto.
(decode_line_1): Ditto.
* source.c (line_info): Ditto.
* symtab.c (find_pc_sect_line): Ditto.
2002-10-24 Michal Ludvig <>
* dwarf2cfi.c (struct context)
(struct context_reg): Moved to dwarf2cfi.h
(context_alloc, frame_state_alloc, context_cpy):
Made extern instead of static, removed prototypes.
* dwarf2cfi.h (struct context)
(struct context_reg): New, moved from dwarf2cfi.c
(context_alloc, frame_state_alloc, context_cpy):
New prototypes.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc):
Changed from static to extern.
(x86_64_linux_in_sigtramp, x86_64_linux_frame_chain)
(x86_64_init_frame_pc, x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): New.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Several
set_gdbarch_*() calls now use x86-64 specific functions
instead of DWARF2 CFI ones.
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_linux_in_sigtramp)
(x86_64_linux_frame_chain, x86_64_init_frame_pc)
(x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): New prototypes.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c: #include "parser-defs.h".
Delete prototype for find_template_name_end.
* (linespec.o): Depend on $(parser_defs_h).
2002-10-23 Jeff Johnston <>
* NEWS: add recent mi fixes.
* varobj.c (struct varobj): Add new "updated" flag.
(new_variable): Default "updated" flag to 0.
(varobj_set_value): Set "updated" flag to 1 if value
(varobj_update): Check varobj "updated" flag before
comparing old and refreshed values. Fix for
PR gdb/702.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* parse.c (parse_exp_1): Use BLOCK_START.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_skip_prologue): Use BLOCK_END,
* objc-lang.c (find_methods): Use BLOCK_START, BLOCK_END.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c: Delete cplusplus_hint.
Delete prototype for find_template_name_end.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h: Update comment.
2002-10-23 Michael Snyder <>
* printcmd.c (address_info): Restore quotes in output.
* valops.c (value_of_local): Restore quotes in error message.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (symbol_demangled_name): New function.
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_DEMANGLED_NAME): Simplify macro, by
turning most of it into a function.
(symbol_demangled_name): Export.
2002-10-23 Michael Snyder <>
* valops.c (value_of_local): Restore quotes in error message.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (symbol_init_language_specific): New function.
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_INIT_LANGUAGE_SPECIFIC): Simplify macro, by
turning most of it into a function.
(symbol_init_language_specific): Export.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf_tag_name): Add DWARF 3 names.
(dwarf_attr_name): Ditto.
(dwarf_type_encoding_name): Ditto.
(scan_partial_symbols): Descend into DW_TAG_namespace entries.
(process_die): Handle DW_TAG_namespace,
DW_TAG_imported_declaration, DW_TAG_imported_module.
(read_namespace): New function.
2002-10-22 Joel Brobecker <>
* Define NEW_PROC_API on Interix too.
* configure: Regenerate.
2002-10-21 Joel Brobecker <>
* configure: Regenerate using the proper version of autoconf.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Temporarily disable TLS code, until
complete TLS support is added.
2002-10-21 Jim Blandy <>
Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (address_class): Re-add LOC_THREAD_LOCAL_STATIC
for thread local storage locations.
(struct symbol): Add objfile field.
* dwarf2read.c (is_thread_local): New static variable.
(new_symbol): If variable is in thread local fill in address class
and objfile appropriately.
(decode_locdesc): Recognize and handle DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address
stack operation.
* printcmd.c (address_info): Print the information for thread
local storage variable.
* findvar.c (read_var_value): In case of thread local variable,
defer to the target vector code to compute address.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* solib-svr4.c (svr4_fetch_objfile_link_map): New function.
* solib-svr4.h (svr4_fetch_objfile_link_map): Export.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (address_class): Rename
* hpread.c (hpread_process_one_debug_symbol): Ditto.
* printcmd.c (address_info): Ditto.
* findvar.c (symbol_read_needs_frame, read_var_value): Ditto.
2002-10-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386bsd-nat.c (i386bsd_dr_set, i386bsd_dr_get_status): Use
DBREG_DRX macro to acces debug registers.
* (i386obsd-tdep.o): New target.
* solib-sunos.c: Include "bcache.h" and "regcache.h".
* (solib-sunos.o): Add $(bcache_h) and $(regcache_h).
* configure.tgt (i[3456]86-*-openbsd*): Set gdb_target to obds.
* config/i386/ New file.
* i386bsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386bsd_nat): Introduce
i386obsd_sc_pc_offset and i386obsd_sc_sp_offset;
* i386obsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386obsd_nat): Set
i386obsd_sigtramp_start and i386obsd_sigtramp_end instead of
i386nbsd_sigtramp_start and i386nbsd_sigtramp_end.
* i386obsd-tdep.c: New file.
2002-10-19 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y (name_not_typename): Fix invalid comment.
2002-10-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* solib-sunos.c (allocate_rt_common_objfile): Use bcache_xmalloc
to allocate partial syms and macro byte caches.
2002-10-18 David Carlton <>
* symtab.h: Delete 'struct source' and 'struct sourcevector'.
2002-10-18 Adam Fedor <>
* stabsread.c (find_name_end): New function.
(define_symbol): Use it.
2002-10-18 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/alpha/nm-fbsd.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-linux.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-nbsd.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-osf.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
2002-10-17 David Carlton <>
* symfile.h: Add opaque declaration for struct obstack.
Declare obsavestring to take a const char *.
* symfile.c (obsavestring): Make first argument a const char *.
2002-10-16 Adam Fedor <>
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Ignore ObjC method
names when matching breakpoints in current file.
2002-10-16 Kevin Buettner <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_invalid_pointer_size): New complaint.
(read_tag_pointer_type): Add address class support.
New methods.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbtypes.c (address_space_name_to_int, address_space_int_to_name)
(make_type_with_address_space, recursive_type_dump): Add address
class support.
2002-10-16 Klee Dienes <>
* stabsread.c (read_tilde_fields): Use name[sizeof(vptr_name)-2]
to get the last character of a char[] buffer, not
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* symtab.h: New objc_specific struct.
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* symfile.c (init_filename_language_table): Add ObjC file extension.
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* utils.c (puts_filtered_tabular): New function.
(fprintf_symbol_filtered): Get ObjC demangled name.
* defs.h (puts_filtered_tabular): Declared.
2002-10-14 Kevin Buettner <>
* c-lang.h (c_type_print_varspec_prefix): Delete.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_varspec_prefix): Make static. Add
``need_post_space'' parameter. Adjust all callers.
2002-10-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/mips/nm-irix4.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/mips/nm-irix5.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-embed.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* source.c (print_source_lines): Update comments.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* valops.c (value_of_local): New function.
(value_of_this): Use it.
* value.h (value_of_local): Declared.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* parse.c: (length_of_subexp, prefixify_subexp): Handle
2002-10-12 Adam Fedor <>
* language.c (binop_result_type): Add language_objc to case.
(integral_type): Likewise.
(character_type): Likewise.
(string_type): Likewise.
(boolean_type): Likewise.
(structured_type): Likewise.
(binop_type_check): Likewise.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* printcmd.c (address_info): Print 'self' for ObjC.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* expression.h: New ops OP_NSSTRING, OP_SELECTOR, OP_MSGCALL, and
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* language.h (CAST_IS_CONVERSION): Add language_objc.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* defs.h (enum language): Add language_objc.
2002-10-11 Klee Dienes <>
* corefile.c (read_memory_typed_address): New function.
* gdbcore.h (read_memory_typed_address): Add prototype.
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Use read_memory_typed_address
to read a value destined for a CORE_ADDR, not read_memory_integer.
* f-valprint.c (f77_get_dynamic_upperbound): Ditto.
(f77_get_dynamic_lowerbound): Ditto.
2002-10-11 Martin M. Hunt <>
* utils.c (string_to_core_addr): After turning string into
a number, convert to a CORE_ADDR using INTEGER_TO_ADDRESS
which will do necessary sign-extension, etc.
2002-10-11 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* c-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* cp-valprint.c (vtbl_ptr_name_old): Delete.
(cp_is_vtbl_ptr_type): Don't check vtbl_ptr_name_old.
* demangle.c (cplus_markers): Update comment. Put '$'
first. Remove CPLUS_MARKER.
(_initialize_demangler): Don't call set_cplus_marker_for_demangling.
* jv-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Don't dump CPLUS_MARKER.
* objc-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* p-exp.y (yylex): Remove reference to CPLUS_MARKER.
* stabsread.c (vptr_name, vb_name): Replace CPLUS_MARKER with '$'.
(read_member_functions): Likewise for opname.
(read_tilde_fields): Use is_cplus_marker.
* defs.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Don't define.
* config/tm-sysv4.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/i386/xm-i386sco.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-irix3.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-irix6.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/i386/tm-i386v4.h: Delete file.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Delete tm-i386v4.h.
* config/i386/tm-i386sol2.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/tm-i386v42mp.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/tm-ptx.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Use tm-i386.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
2002-10-10 Marko Mlinar <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT into C,
accidentially not commited 2002-10-09
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-09 Marko Mlinar <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT into C.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-08 Petr Sorfa <>
Revised and re-submitted by John Wolfe <>
Move the Dwarf 2 abbrev table to a per-compilation-unit structure,
so we can work on more than one compilation unit at a time. This
helps prepare GDB to handle inter-CU die references.
* dwarf2read.c (ABBREV_HASH_SIZE): moved definition forward in
the code to be defined before struct comp_unit_head.
(comp_unit_head): Added new members - offset, cu_head,
begin_die, next and dwarf2_abbrevs.
(dwarf2_abbrevs): Removed single static var; now member of
struct comp_unit_head.
dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Complete new struct comp_unit_head
(psymtab_to_symtab_1): Changed to work with the new
struct comp_unit_head.
(dwarf2_read_abbrevs): Now accepts a cu_header parameter and
constructs the dwarf2_abbrevs[] inside the cu_header.
(dwarf2_empty_abbrev_table): Now expects a ptr to a
dwarf2_abbrev table to clean up.
(dwarf2_lookup_abbrev): Now accepts a cu_header parameter and
handling of dwarf2_abbrevs inside the cu_header.
(read_partial_die): Now supports the call to the new
(read_full_die): Now supports the call to the new
2002-10-06 Christopher Faylor <>
* (install-gdbtk): Add missing continuation backslash to
insure that shell variables, such as "transformed_name" are propagated
to later shell statements in rule.
2002-10-06 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/nm-i386sco.h: Add protection against
multiple-inclusion. Include "i386/nm-i386v.h".
(REGISTER_U_ADDR): Remove define.
(i386_register_u_addr): Remove prototype.
2002-10-04 Michael Snyder <>
* m32r-stub.c (handle_exception): Make sure exception is "trap"
before treating it as a single-step event.
2002-10-03 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-lang.c: ARI fixes. Change string.h to gdb_string.h.
(objc_demangle): Remove assignment in if statements, Replace
free with xfree.
(add_msglist): Likewise.
(end_msglist): Likewise.
(complare_selectors): Likewise.
(selectors_info): Likewise.
(compare_classes): Likewise.
(classes_info): Likewise.
(print_object_command): Likewise.
(find_objc_msgcall_submethod): Replace PTR with void *.
* objc-lang.h: Remove check for __STDC__.
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* ui-out.h (ui_out_field_fmt_int): New prototype.
* ui-out.c (ui_out_field_fmt_int): New function allowing specification
of field width and alignment.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): When printing frame level, use
ui_out_field_fmt_int with a width of 2 and left alignment. Fix for
PR gdb/192
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* infcmd.c (interrupt_target_command_wrapper): Delete.
(interrupt_target_command): Make non static.
(nofp_registers_info): Make static.
* stack.c (return_command_wrapper): Delete.
(return_command): Make non static.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-top.c (gdb_setup_readline): New function. Code moved from
(_initialize_event_loop): Call gdb_setup_readline().
2002-10-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT into C.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-02 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Fix PR gdb/778
* gdbtypes.c (fill_in_vptr_fieldno): Call check_typedef
before recursing.
* gnu-v3-abi.c (gnuv3_virtual_fn_field): Check return value
of fill_in_vptr_fieldno.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* inferior.h (registers_info, stepi_command, nexti_command,
continue_command, interrupt_target_command): Export from infcmd.c.
* frame.h (args_info, selected_frame_level_changed_hook,
return_command): Export from stack.c.
* v850ice.c (stepi_command, nexti_command, continue_command): use
prototypes from inferior.h.
* tracepoint.c (registers_info, args_info, locals_info): Use
prototypes from frame.h and inferior.h.
* (mi-main.o): Add dependency on frame.h.
2002-10-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_store_struct_return): Store struct_return
value in register 3 adjusted by ppc_gp0_regnum.
* rs6000-tdep.c (skip_prologue): Bias alloca_reg by ppc_gp0_regnum.
2002-10-02 Marko Mlinar <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the Write After Approval list.
2002-10-01 Alexandre Oliva <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_find_abi_section): .mdebug.abi64 is the name
of the section for the N64 ABI, fixed.
* config/mips/tm-irix6.h: Include solib.h.
2002-10-01 Elena Zannoni <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf_stack_op_name): Recognize more dwarf3 and
GNU operators.
2002-10-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention that MI syntax, selected by "mi" changed to "mi2"
and that "mi0" syntax has been removed.
2002-09-30 David Carlton <>
* (ppc-sysv-tdep.o): Depend on gdb_string_h.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c: #include "gdb_string.h".
* remote-sds.c (getmessage): Add semicolon after 'retry' label to
pacify GCC.
2002-10-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): For powerpc:7400, fix
"vrsave"'s register number.
2002-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_frame_saved_pc): When a generic dummy frame,
use frame_unwind_signed_register to obtain the PC.
(mips_frame_chain): Handle a generic dummy frame.
(mips_init_extra_frame_info): When a generic dummy frame, don't
re-compute the frame base.
(mips_pop_frame): Handle generic dummy frames.
(mips_gdbarch_init): When generic dummy frames, set
use_generic_dummy_frames, push_dummy_frame to
generic_push_dummy_frame, pc_in_call_dummy to
generic_pc_in_call_dummy, and save_dummy_frame_top_of_stack to
2002-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (generic_find_dummy_frame): Rewrite. Only test
against TOP when TOP was explictly set.
(generic_push_dummy_frame): Set TOP to zero.
2002-09-30 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-loop.c (start_event_loop): Rename variable 'result' to
'gdb_result', to avoid conflicts with upcoming intepreters changes.
2002-09-30 Keith Seitz <>
* (selected_thread_changed): New event.
* gdb-events.c: Regenerated.
* gdb-events.h: Regenerated.
2002-09-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2002-09-30 Fernando Nasser <>
* disasm.c: New file.
* disasm.h: New file.
* mi/mi-cmd-disas.c (gdb_dis_asm_read_memory): Moved to disasm.c.
(compare_lines): Ditto.
(dump_insns): Ditto.
(do_mixed_source_and_assembly): Moved to disasm.c. Added uiout
(do_assembly_only): Ditto.
(do_disassembly): Renamed to gdb_disassembly and moved to
disasm.c. Sdded uiout argument.
* Add new files. Reorder SFILES list. Update
dependencies. Include libgdb.a later in the insight executable.
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Rename bfd/elf64-alpha.c and
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Rename i386gnu-nat.c and
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* gnu-nat.h (debug): Use __FILE__ and __LINE__ instead of
* gnu-nat.c (do_mach_notify_no_senders): Replace __FUNCTION__ with
function name.
(do_mach_notify_port_deleted, do_mach_notify_msg_accepted): Ditto.
(do_mach_notify_port_destroyed, do_mach_notify_send_once): Ditto.
(S_proc_setmsgport_reply, S_proc_getmsgport_reply): Ditto.
(S_msg_sig_post_reply): Ditto.
2002-09-28 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (sh_use_struct_convention): Use definition according
to ABI.
(sh_push_arguments): Store in register with correct endianess.
(sh_default_store_return_value): Ditto.
(sh_gdbarch_init): Set sizeof long double to 8.
2002-09-27 Mark Kettenis <>
* defs.h: Move inclusion of "ansidecl.h" before "gdb_locale.h".
Fix some whitespace problems.
2002-09-27 David Carlton <>
* (cris-tdep.o): Depend on gdb_string_h.
(mcore-tdep.o): Ditto.
(ns32k-tdep.o): Ditto.
(ns32knbsd-tdep.o): Ditto.
(sh3-rom.o): Ditto.
(vax-tdep.o): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c: #include "gdb_string.h"
* mcore-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ns32knbsd-tdep.c: Ditto.
* sh3-rom.c: Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-09-27 David Carlton <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Add entries for
gdb/testsuite/gdb.c++/m-static files.
2002-09-27 Jim Wilson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the Write After Approval list.
2002-09-26 Martin M. Hunt <>
* mips-tdep.c (find_proc_desc): Initialize startaddr.
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_frame_chain): Don't chain past the dummy
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_extract_struct_value_address): Return 0.
(rs6000_struct_return_address): Delete variable.
(rs6000_store_struct_return): Update.
(rs6000_gdbarch_init): Set extract_struct_value_address instead of
(rs6000_frame_align): New function.
(rs6000_gdbarch_init): Set frame_align.
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
From Grace Sainsbury <>:
* (gdbtk-main.o): New target.
(gdb.o): New target.
(main_h): Define.
(main.o): Update dependencies.
(gdb$(EXEEXT)): Add gdb.o.
(SUBDIR_GDBTK_SRCS): Add gdbtk-main.c.
(install-gdbtk): Install the insight binary.
(uninstall-gdbtk): New target.
(all-gdbtk, clean-gdbtk): New rule.
* top.c (use_windows): Default to zero.
* main.c: Include "main.h".
(main): Delete.
(struct captured_main_args): Delete.
(gdb_main): New function.
* main.h: New file.
* gdb.c: New File.
2002-09-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c: Include "gdb_string.h" and "builtin-regs.h".
(frame_map_regnum_to_name): New function.
(frame_map_name_to_regnum): New function.
* frame.h (frame_map_name_to_regnum): Declare.
(frame_map_regnum_to_name): Declare.
* builtin-regs.c (builtin_reg_map_regnum_to_name): New function.
* builtin-regs.h (builtin_reg_map_regnum_to_name): Declare.
* parse.c: Do not include "builtin-regs.h".
(target_map_name_to_register): Delete function.
(write_dollar_variable): Use frame_map_name_to_regnum.
* parser-defs.h (target_map_name_to_register): Delete declaration.
* expprint.c: Include "frame.h".
(print_subexp): Use frame_map_regnum_to_name.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Use frame_map_regnum_to_name.
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Use frame_map_name_to_regnum.
2002-09-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_frame_saved_pc): If the link register
wasn't saved, and the next innermost frame is a dummy, return the
dummy frame's link register.
2002-09-24 Jim Blandy <>
Fix from Paul Breed:
* main.c (captured_main): Add a `break' after the case for 'b'.
2002-09-24 Keith Seitz <>
* varobj.c (c_type_of_child): Use get_target_type instead
2002-09-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c (get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Remove
(set_default_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Attempts to
determine a source file to list lines from if one is not currently
(get_current_source_symtab_and_line): Initialize sal.pc and
sal.end fields.
(set_current_source_symtab_and_line): Mark argument as const.
* source.h: Update declarations and comments.
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Replace call to removed routine above.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (edit_command): Ditto.
(list_command): Ditto.
2002-09-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c (get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Initialize
sal.pc and sal.end fields.
(get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Use correct accessor function
so we do not cause a new source symtab to be searched for (reverting an
unintentional change from the 2002-09-20 patch).
* scm-lang.c (scm_unpac): Ditto.
2002-09-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.c (symfile_explanations): Remove new-line from
(vcomplaint): When ISOLATED_MESSAGE, force a line break.
(clear_complaints): When a SUBSEQUENT_MESSAGE, force a line break.
2002-09-20 Nick Clifton <>
* NEWS: Announce that V850EA ISA is no longer supported.
* v850-tdep.c: Remove reference to bfd_mach_v850ea.
2002-09-20 David Carlton <>
* (c-lang.o): Correct dependencies.
(utils.o): Gather dependencies.
(charset.o): Move.
* c-lang.c: #include "gdb_string.h"
2002-09-20 George Helffrich <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (list_command): New function. Implements the new
cli edit command.
(_init_cli_cmds): Add new command definition.
* gdb.1: Document edit command.
2002-09-20 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c: Make global variables current_source_symtab and
current_source_line static.
(list_command): Moved to cli/cli-cmds.c.
(ambiguous_line_spec): Moved to cli/cli-cmds.c.
(get_first_line_listed): New accessor function.
(get_lines_to_list): New accessor function.
(get_current_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Retrieves the
position in the source code that we consider current.
(get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): New function.
Like the above but attempts to determine a default position if one
is not currently defined.
(set_current_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Sets the source
code position considered current and returns the previously set one.
(clear_current_source_symtab_and_line): Reset stored information about
a current source line.
(_initialize_source): Remove registration for the "list" command and
its alias.
* source.h: Add declarations for the new functions above.
* symtab.h: Remove declarations for the global variables mentioned
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Use accessor functions to
obtain current source line.
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Ditto.
* macroscope.c (default_macro_scope): Ditto.
* scm-lang.c (scm_unpac): Ditto.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
* symfile.c (clear_symtab_users): Ditto.
* symtab.c (decode_line_spec): Ditto.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (list_command): Moved here from source.c.
(ambiguous_line_spec): Moved here from source.c.
(_init_cli_cmds): Add definition for "list" and its alias.
* Update dependencies.
2002-09-20 Corinna Vinschen <>
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_examine_prologue): Match saved regs location
with what gcc thinks is correct.
2002-09-20 Corinna Vinschen <>