[gdb/testsuite] Generate .debug_aranges in gdb.dwarf2/locexpr-data-member-location.exp

When running test-case gdb.dwarf2/locexpr-data-member-location.exp with target
board cc-with-debug-names, all tests pass but we run into PR28261:
(gdb) run ^M
Starting program: locexpr-data-member-location ^M
warning: Section .debug_names in locexpr-data-member-location-lib.so has \
  abbreviation_table of size 1 vs. written as 37, ignoring .debug_names.^M

Using a patch that fixes PR28261, the warning is gone, but we run into:
FAIL: gdb.dwarf2/locexpr-data-member-location.exp: step into foo

This is due a missing .debug_aranges contribution for the CU declared in

Fix this by adding the missing .debug_aranges contribution.

Tested on x86_64-linux.
1 file changed