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/* m88k-opcode.h -- Instruction information for the Motorola 88000
Contributed by Devon Bowen of Buffalo University
and Torbjorn Granlund of the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.
Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#if !defined(__STDC__) && !defined(const)
#define const
Character codes for op_spec field below.
Reserved for self-matching: [ ] ,
d = GRF Destination register (21:5)
x = XRF register prefix. Makes next d, 1, or 2, match an extended register.
1 = Source register 1 (16:5)
2 = Source register 2 (0:5)
3 = Both source registers (same value) (0:5 and 16:5)
I = IMM16 (0:16)
b = bit field spec. (0:10)
p = 16 bit pc displ. (0:16)
P = 26 bit pc displ. (0:26)
B = bb0/bb1 condition (21:5)
M = bcnd condition (21:5)
f = fcr (5:6)
c = cr (5:6)
V = VEC9 (0:9)
o = O6 field of "prot" insn (10:7)
? = Give warning for this insn/operand combination
/* instruction descriptor structure */
struct m88k_opcode
unsigned int opcode;
char *name;
char *op_spec;
/* and introducing... the Motorola 88100 and 88110 instruction sets... */
/* By default, include the 88110 instructions. */
#define MC88110
#if defined (MC88110)
#define _MC88100(OPCODE,MNEM,OP_SPEC)
#define _MC88110(OPCODE,MNEM,OP_SPEC)
/* Equal mnemonics must be adjacent.
More specific operand specification must go before more general.
For example, "d,1,2" must go before "d,1,I" as a register for s2
would otherwise be considered a variable name. */
static struct m88k_opcode m88k_opcodes[] =
/* Opcode Mnemonic Opspec */
_MC88xxx (0xf4007000, "add", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x70000000, "add", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007200, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007300, "add.cio", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007100, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "addu", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x60000000, "addu", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006200, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006300, "addu.cio", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006100, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4004000, "and", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x40000000, "and", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4004400, "and.c", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x44000000, "and.u", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xd0000000, "bb0", "B,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xd4000000, "bb0.n", "B,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xd8000000, "bb1", "B,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xdc000000, "bb1.n", "B,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xe8000000, "bcnd", "M,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xec000000, "bcnd.n", "M,1,p")
_MC88xxx (0xc0000000, "br", "P")
_MC88xxx (0xc4000000, "br.n", "P")
_MC88xxx (0xc8000000, "bsr", "P")
_MC88xxx (0xcc000000, "bsr.n", "P")
_MC88xxx (0xf4008000, "clr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf0008000, "clr", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007c00, "cmp", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x7c000000, "cmp", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007800, "div", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x78000000, "div", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007800, "divs", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x78000000, "divs", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf4006900, "divu.d", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006800, "divu", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x68000000, "divu", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4009000, "ext", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf0009000, "ext", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0xf4009800, "extu", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf0009800, "extu", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0x84002800, "fadd.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a800, "fadd.sss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002880, "fadd.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a820, "fadd.ssd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a840, "fadd.ssx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002a00, "fadd.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a880, "fadd.sds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002a80, "fadd.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a8a0, "fadd.sdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a8c0, "fadd.sdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a900, "fadd.sxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a920, "fadd.sxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400a940, "fadd.sxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002820, "fadd.dss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aa00, "fadd.dss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840028a0, "fadd.dsd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aa20, "fadd.dsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aa40, "fadd.dsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002a20, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aa80, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002aa0, "fadd.ddd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aaa0, "fadd.ddd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aac0, "fadd.ddx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ab00, "fadd.dxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ab20, "fadd.dxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ab40, "fadd.dxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ac00, "fadd.xss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ac20, "fadd.xsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ac40, "fadd.xsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ac80, "fadd.xds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400aca0, "fadd.xdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400acc0, "fadd.xdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ad00, "fadd.xxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ad20, "fadd.xxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ad40, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003a80, "fcmp.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ba80, "fcmp.sdd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003a00, "fcmp.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ba00, "fcmp.sds", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bb00, "fcmp.sdx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003880, "fcmp.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b880, "fcmp.ssd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003800, "fcmp.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b800, "fcmp.sss", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b900, "fcmp.ssx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bc80, "fcmp.sxd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bc00, "fcmp.sxs", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bd00, "fcmp.sxx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84003aa0, "fcmpu.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400baa0, "fcmpu.sdd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84003a20, "fcmpu.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400ba20, "fcmpu.sds", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bb20, "fcmpu.sdx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840038a0, "fcmpu.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b8a0, "fcmpu.ssd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84003820, "fcmpu.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b820, "fcmpu.sss", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b920, "fcmpu.ssx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bca0, "fcmpu.sxd", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bc20, "fcmpu.sxs", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400bd20, "fcmpu.sxx", "d,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84000880, "fcvt.ds", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008880, "fcvt.ds", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840088c0, "fcvt.dx", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84000820, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008820, "", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008840, "", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008920, "fcvt.xd", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008900, "fcvt.xs", "xd,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007000, "fdiv.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f000, "fdiv.sss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007080, "fdiv.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f020, "fdiv.ssd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f040, "fdiv.ssx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007200, "fdiv.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f080, "fdiv.sds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007280, "fdiv.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f0a0, "fdiv.sdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f0c0, "fdiv.sdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f100, "fdiv.sxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f120, "fdiv.sxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f140, "fdiv.sxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007020, "fdiv.dss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f200, "fdiv.dss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840070a0, "fdiv.dsd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f220, "fdiv.dsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f240, "fdiv.dsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84007220, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f280, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840072a0, "fdiv.ddd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f2a0, "fdiv.ddd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f2c0, "fdiv.ddx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f300, "fdiv.dxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f320, "fdiv.dxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f340, "fdiv.dxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f400, "fdiv.xss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f420, "fdiv.xsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f440, "fdiv.xsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f480, "fdiv.xds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f4a0, "fdiv.xdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f4c0, "fdiv.xdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f500, "fdiv.xxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f520, "fdiv.xxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f540, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400ec00, "ff0", "d,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400e800, "ff1", "d,2")
_MC88xxx (0x80004800, "fldcr", "d,f")
_MC88xxx (0x84002020, "flt.ds", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x84002220, "flt.ds", "xd,2")
_MC88xxx (0x84002000, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x84002200, "", "xd,2")
_MC88110 (0x84002240, "flt.xs", "xd,2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000000, "fmul.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008000, "fmul.sss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000080, "fmul.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008020, "fmul.ssd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008040, "fmul.ssx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000200, "fmul.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008080, "fmul.sds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000280, "fmul.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x840080a0, "fmul.sdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840080c0, "fmul.sdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008100, "fmul.sxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008120, "fmul.sxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008140, "fmul.sxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000020, "fmul.dss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008200, "fmul.dss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840000a0, "fmul.dsd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008220, "fmul.dsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008240, "fmul.dsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84000220, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x84008280, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840002a0, "fmul.ddd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x840082a0, "fmul.ddd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840082c0, "fmul.ddx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008300, "fmul.dxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008320, "fmul.dxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008340, "fmul.dxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008400, "fmul.xss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008420, "fmul.xsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008440, "fmul.xsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008480, "fmul.xds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840084a0, "fmul.xdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840084c0, "fmul.xdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008500, "fmul.xxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008520, "fmul.xxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84008540, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x840078a0, "fsqrt.dd", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f8a0, "fsqrt.dd", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84007880, "fsqrt.ds", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f880, "fsqrt.ds", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f8c0, "fsqrt.dx", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84007820, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f820, "", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84007800, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f800, "", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f840, "", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f920, "fsqrt.xd", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f900, "fsqrt.xs", "xd,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400f940, "fsqrt.xx", "xd,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x80008800, "fstcr", "3,f")
_MC88xxx (0x84003000, "fsub.sss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b000, "fsub.sss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003080, "fsub.ssd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b020, "fsub.ssd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b040, "fsub.ssx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003200, "fsub.sds", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b080, "fsub.sds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003280, "fsub.sdd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b0a0, "fsub.sdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b0c0, "fsub.sdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b100, "fsub.sxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b120, "fsub.sxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b140, "fsub.sxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003020, "fsub.dss", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b200, "fsub.dss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840030a0, "fsub.dsd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b220, "fsub.dsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b240, "fsub.dsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84003220, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b280, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x840032a0, "fsub.ddd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b2a0, "fsub.ddd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b2c0, "fsub.ddx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b300, "fsub.dxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b320, "fsub.dxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b340, "fsub.dxx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b400, "fsub.xss", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b420, "fsub.xsd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b440, "fsub.xsx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b480, "fsub.xds", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b4a0, "fsub.xdd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b4c0, "fsub.xdx", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b500, "fsub.xxs", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b520, "fsub.xxd", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400b540, "", "xd,x1,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x8000c800, "fxcr", "d,3,f")
_MC88xxx (0x8400fc01, "illop1", "")
_MC88xxx (0x8400fc02, "illop2", "")
_MC88xxx (0x8400fc03, "illop3", "")
_MC88xxx (0x84004880, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400c880, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84004800, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400c800, "", "d,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400c900, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400c000, "jmp", "2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400c400, "jmp.n", "2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400c800, "jsr", "2")
_MC88xxx (0xf400cc00, "jsr.n", "2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001400, "ld", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001600, "ld", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0x14000000, "ld", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0001600, "ld", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001400, "ld", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x04000000, "ld", "xd,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001e00, "ld.b", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001c00, "ld.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x1c000000, "ld.b", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001d00, "ld.b.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001f00, "ld.b.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000e00, "ld.bu", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000c00, "ld.bu", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x0c000000, "ld.bu", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000d00, "ld.bu.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000f00, "ld.bu.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001200, "ld.d", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001000, "ld.d", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x10000000, "ld.d", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0001200, "ld.d", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001000, "ld.d", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x00000000, "ld.d", "xd,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001100, "ld.d.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001300, "ld.d.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001100, "ld.d.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0001300, "ld.d.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001a00, "ld.h", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001800, "ld.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x18000000, "ld.h", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001900, "ld.h.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001b00, "ld.h.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000a00, "", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000800, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x08000000, "", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000900, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000b00, "", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001500, "ld.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4001700, "ld.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001500, "ld.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0001700, "ld.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001a00, "ld.x", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0001800, "ld.x", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x3c000000, "ld.x", "xd,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0001900, "ld.x.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0001b00, "ld.x.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4003600, "lda", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "lda", "?d,1,2") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0x60000000, "lda", "?d,1,I") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "lda.b", "?d,1[2]") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "lda.b", "?d,1,2") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0x60000000, "lda.b", "?d,1,I") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0xf4003200, "lda.d", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "lda.d", "?d,1,2") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0x60000000, "lda.d", "?d,1,I") /* Output addu */
_MC88110 (0xf4003e00, "lda.x", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4003a00, "lda.h", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006000, "lda.h", "?d,1,2") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0x60000000, "lda.h", "?d,1,I") /* Output addu */
_MC88xxx (0x80004000, "ldcr", "d,c")
_MC88xxx (0xf400a000, "mak", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf000a000, "mak", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0x48000000, "mask", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0x4c000000, "mask.u", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0x8400c000, "mov.s", "d,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84004200, "mov.s", "xd,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400c080, "mov.d", "d,x2")
_MC88110 (0x84004280, "mov.d", "xd,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400c300, "mov", "xd,x2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006c00, "mul", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x6c000000, "mul", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006e00, "muls", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x6c000000, "muls", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006c00, "mulu", "d,1,2") /* synonym for mul */
_MC88xxx (0x6c000000, "mulu", "d,1,I") /* synonym for mul */
_MC88110 (0xf4006d00, "mulu.d", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x84005080, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d080, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84005000, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d000, "", "d,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d100, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4005800, "or", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x58000000, "or", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4005c00, "or.c", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x5c000000, "or.u", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0x88002020, "padd.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88002040, "padd.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88002060, "padd", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880020a0, "padds.u.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880020c0, "padds.u.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880020e0, "padds.u", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88002120, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88002140, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88002160, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880021a0, "padds.s.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880021c0, "padds.s.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880021e0, "padds.s", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003860, "pcmp", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88000000, "pmul", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006420, "ppack.32.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006240, "ppack.16.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006440, "ppack.32.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006160, "ppack.8", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006260, "ppack.16", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006460, "ppack.32", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88007800, "prot", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88007000, "prot", "d,1,o")
_MC88110 (0x88003020, "psub.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003040, "psub.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003060, "psub", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880030a0, "psubs.u.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880030c0, "psubs.u.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880030e0, "psubs.u", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003120, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003140, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88003160, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880031a0, "psubs.s.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880031c0, "psubs.s.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x880031e0, "psubs.s", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x88006800, "punpk.n", "d,1")
_MC88110 (0x88006820, "punpk.b", "d,1")
_MC88110 (0x88006840, "punpk.h", "d,1")
_MC88xxx (0xf400a800, "rot", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf000a800, "rot", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0xf400fc00, "rte", "")
_MC88xxx (0xf4008800, "set", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf0008800, "set", "d,1,b")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002600, "st", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002400, "st", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x24000000, "st", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0002600, "st", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002400, "st", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x34000000, "st", "xd,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002e00, "st.b", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002c00, "st.b", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x2c000000, "st.b", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002d00, "st.b.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002f00, "st.b.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002d80, "st.b.usr.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002f80, "st.b.usr.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002c80, "st.b.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002e80, "st.b.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002200, "st.d", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002000, "st.d", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x20000000, "st.d", "d,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0002200, "st.d", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002000, "st.d", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x30000000, "st.d", "xd,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002100, "st.d.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002300, "st.d.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002100, "st.d.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002300, "st.d.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002180, "st.d.usr.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002380, "st.d.usr.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002180, "st.d.usr.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002380, "st.d.usr.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002080, "st.d.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002280, "st.d.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002080, "st.d.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002280, "st.d.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002a00, "st.h", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002800, "st.h", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x28000000, "st.h", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002900, "st.h.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002b00, "st.h.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002980, "st.h.usr.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002b80, "st.h.usr.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002880, "st.h.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002a80, "st.h.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002500, "st.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4002700, "st.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002500, "st.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002700, "st.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002580, "st.usr.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002780, "st.usr.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002580, "st.usr.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002780, "st.usr.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf4002480, "st.wt", "d,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf4002680, "st.wt", "d,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002480, "st.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002680, "st.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002a00, "st.x", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002800, "st.x", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0x38000000, "st.x", "xd,1,I")
_MC88110 (0xf0002900, "st.x.usr", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002b00, "st.x.usr", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002980, "st.x.usr.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002b80, "st.x.usr.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88110 (0xf0002880, "st.x.wt", "xd,1,2")
_MC88110 (0xf0002a80, "st.x.wt", "xd,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0x80008000, "stcr", "3,c")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007400, "sub", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x74000000, "sub", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007600, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007700, "sub.cio", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4007500, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006400, "subu", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x64000000, "subu", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006600, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006700, "subu.cio", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf4006500, "", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf000d000, "tb0", "B,1,V")
_MC88xxx (0xf000d800, "tb1", "B,1,V")
_MC88xxx (0xf400f800, "tbnd", "1,2")
_MC88xxx (0xf8000000, "tbnd", "1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf000e800, "tcnd", "M,1,V")
_MC88xxx (0x84005880, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d880, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x84005800, "", "d,2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d800, "", "d,x2")
_MC88110 (0x8400d900, "", "d,x2")
_MC88xxx (0x8000c000, "xcr", "d,3,c")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000600, "xmem", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000400, "xmem", "d,1,2")
_MC88100 (0x04000000, "xmem", "?d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000200, "xmem.bu", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000000, "xmem.bu", "d,1,2")
_MC88100 (0x00000000, "xmem.bu", "?d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000300, "xmem.bu.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000100, "xmem.bu.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88100 (0x00000100, "xmem.bu.usr", "?d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000700, "xmem.usr", "d,1[2]")
_MC88xxx (0xf4000500, "xmem.usr", "d,1,2")
_MC88100 (0x04000100, "xmem.usr", "?d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4005000, "xor", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x50000000, "xor", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0xf4005400, "xor.c", "d,1,2")
_MC88xxx (0x54000000, "xor.u", "d,1,I")
_MC88xxx (0x00000000, "", 0)
#define NUMOPCODES ((sizeof m88k_opcodes)/(sizeof m88k_opcodes[0]))