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@c Copyright 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
@c Free Software Foundation, Inc.
@c This file is part of the documentation for the GAS manual
@c Configuration settings for all-inclusive version of manual
@c switches:------------------------------------------------------------
@c Properties of the manual
@c ========================
@c Discuss all architectures?
@c A generic form of manual (not tailored to specific target)?
@c Include text on assembler internals?
@c Many object formats supported in this config?
@c Object formats of interest
@c ==========================
@set AOUT
@set BOUT
@set COFF
@set ELF
@set SOM
@c CPUs of interest
@c ================
@set A29K
@set ARC
@set ARM
@set D10V
@set D30V
@set H8/300
@set H8/500
@set HPPA
@set I370
@set I80386
@set I860
@set I960
@set M32R
@set M68HC11
@set M680X0
@set MCORE
@set MIPS
@set PJ
@set SH
@set SPARC
@set C54X
@set V850
@set VAX
@set Z8000
@c Does this version of the assembler use the difference-table kluge?
@c Do all machines described use IEEE floating point?
@c Is a word 32 bits, or 16?
@clear W32
@set W16
@c Do symbols have different characters than usual?
@c strings:------------------------------------------------------------
@c Name of the assembler:
@set AS as
@c Name of C compiler:
@set GCC gcc
@c Name of linker:
@set LD ld
@c Text for target machine (best not used in generic case; but just in case...)
@set TARGET machine specific
@c Name of object format NOT SET in generic version
@clear OBJ-NAME