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This is, produced by makeinfo version 4.0 from as.texinfo.
* As: (as). The GNU assembler.
This file documents the GNU Assembler "as".
Copyright (C) 1991, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001 Free
Software Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no
Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the
section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

Indirect: 706 50094 99626 149185 198790 248755 297747 344018 373827

Tag Table:
Node: Top706
Node: Overview1628
Node: Manual16196
Node: GNU Assembler17135
Node: Object Formats18301
Node: Command Line18748
Node: Input Files19830
Node: Object21809
Node: Errors22756
Node: Invoking23946
Node: a25792
Node: D27126
Node: f27346
Node: I27849
Node: K28388
Node: L28687
Node: M29513
Node: MD33903
Node: o34322
Node: R34770
Node: statistics35786
Node: traditional-format36186
Node: v36652
Node: W36920
Node: Z37820
Node: Syntax38335
Node: Preprocessing38925
Node: Whitespace40485
Node: Comments40875
Node: Symbol Intro42953
Node: Statements43636
Node: Constants45550
Node: Characters46176
Node: Strings46669
Node: Chars48822
Node: Numbers49563
Node: Integers50094
Node: Bignums50737
Node: Flonums51080
Node: Sections52813
Node: Secs Background53187
Node: Ld Sections58213
Node: As Sections60609
Node: Sub-Sections61514
Node: bss64513
Node: Symbols65458
Node: Labels66105
Node: Setting Symbols66831
Node: Symbol Names67196
Node: Dot70158
Node: Symbol Attributes70600
Node: Symbol Value71332
Node: Symbol Type72368
Node: a.out Symbols72747
Node: Symbol Desc72997
Node: Symbol Other73279
Node: COFF Symbols73435
Node: SOM Symbols74064
Node: Expressions74497
Node: Empty Exprs75245
Node: Integer Exprs75587
Node: Arguments75977
Node: Operators77074
Node: Prefix Ops77400
Node: Infix Ops77719
Node: Pseudo Ops80107
Node: Abort84862
Node: ABORT85263
Node: Align85525
Node: Ascii87714
Node: Asciz88015
Node: Balign88255
Node: Byte90113
Node: Comm90346
Node: Data91705
Node: Def92015
Node: Desc92383
Node: Dim92876
Node: Double93267
Node: Eject93598
Node: Else93766
Node: Elseif94056
Node: End94340
Node: Endef94548
Node: Endfunc94871
Node: Endif95039
Node: Equ95292
Node: Equiv95595
Node: Err95991
Node: Exitm96294
Node: Extern96454
Node: Fail96708
Node: File97146
Node: Fill97755
Node: Float98712
Node: Func99046
Node: Global99626
Node: Hidden100369
Node: hword100938
Node: Ident101259
Node: If101559
Node: Include104151
Node: Int104691
Node: Internal105065
Node: Irp105700
Node: Irpc106499
Node: Lcomm107318
Node: Lflags108059
Node: Line108246
Node: Linkonce109269
Node: Ln110489
Node: MRI110637
Node: List110964
Node: Long111567
Node: Macro111737
Node: Nolist114121
Node: Octa114537
Node: Org114863
Node: P2align116138
Node: Previous118059
Node: PopSection118746
Node: Print119247
Node: Protected119469
Node: Psize120106
Node: Purgem120783
Node: PushSection120997
Node: Quad121580
Node: Rept122026
Node: Sbttl122432
Node: Scl122790
Node: Section123286
Node: Set126307
Node: Short126859
Node: Single127172
Node: Size127509
Node: Sleb128128246
Node: Skip128561
Node: Space128876
Node: Stab129761
Node: String131756
Node: Struct132175
Node: SubSection132891
Node: Symver133445
Node: Tag135829
Node: Text136337
Node: Title136649
Node: Type137021
Node: Uleb128138128
Node: Val138443
Node: Version138804
Node: VTableEntry139070
Node: VTableInherit139351
Node: Weak139785
Node: Word140046
Node: Deprecated141880
Node: Machine Dependencies142105
Node: ARC-Dependent144190
Node: ARC Options144566
Node: ARC Syntax145618
Node: ARC-Chars145838
Node: ARC-Regs145957
Node: ARC Floating Point146068
Node: ARC Directives146370
Node: ARC Opcodes147652
Node: AMD29K-Dependent147852
Node: AMD29K Options148233
Node: AMD29K Syntax148407
Node: AMD29K-Macros148671
Node: AMD29K-Chars148922
Node: AMD29K-Regs149185
Node: AMD29K Floating Point150449
Node: AMD29K Directives150655
Node: AMD29K Opcodes152063
Node: ARM-Dependent152399
Node: ARM Options152773
Node: ARM Syntax155812
Node: ARM-Chars156032
Node: ARM-Regs156543
Node: ARM Floating Point156715
Node: ARM Directives156905
Node: ARM Opcodes158972
Node: D10V-Dependent161022
Node: D10V-Opts161364
Node: D10V-Syntax162318
Node: D10V-Size162838
Node: D10V-Subs163798
Node: D10V-Chars164820
Node: D10V-Regs166406
Node: D10V-Addressing167437
Node: D10V-Word168110
Node: D10V-Float168611
Node: D10V-Opcodes168913
Node: D30V-Dependent169297
Node: D30V-Opts169642
Node: D30V-Syntax170308
Node: D30V-Size170831
Node: D30V-Subs171789
Node: D30V-Chars172811
Node: D30V-Guarded175096
Node: D30V-Regs175764
Node: D30V-Addressing176890
Node: D30V-Float177545
Node: D30V-Opcodes177847
Node: H8/300-Dependent178231
Node: H8/300 Options178635
Node: H8/300 Syntax178816
Node: H8/300-Chars179103
Node: H8/300-Regs179387
Node: H8/300-Addressing180291
Node: H8/300 Floating Point181317
Node: H8/300 Directives181633
Node: H8/300 Opcodes182153
Node: H8/500-Dependent190506
Node: H8/500 Options190910
Node: H8/500 Syntax191091
Node: H8/500-Chars191378
Node: H8/500-Regs191669
Node: H8/500-Addressing192425
Node: H8/500 Floating Point193042
Node: H8/500 Directives193358
Node: H8/500 Opcodes193677
Node: HPPA-Dependent198790
Node: HPPA Notes199215
Node: HPPA Options199962
Node: HPPA Syntax200146
Node: HPPA Floating Point201405
Node: HPPA Directives201600
Node: HPPA Opcodes208191
Node: ESA/390-Dependent208439
Node: ESA/390 Notes208889
Node: ESA/390 Options209669
Node: ESA/390 Syntax209868
Node: ESA/390 Floating Point212029
Node: ESA/390 Directives212298
Node: ESA/390 Opcodes215575
Node: i386-Dependent215826
Node: i386-Options216884
Node: i386-Syntax217495
Node: i386-Mnemonics219898
Node: i386-Regs222352
Node: i386-Prefixes224386
Node: i386-Memory227134
Node: i386-Jumps230060
Node: i386-Float231170
Node: i386-SIMD232988
Node: i386-16bit234086
Node: i386-Bugs236111
Node: i386-Arch236850
Node: i386-Notes238714
Node: i860-Dependent239559
Node: Notes-i860239945
Node: Options-i860240439
Node: Directives-i860241444
Node: Opcodes for i860242106
Node: i960-Dependent244225
Node: Options-i960244617
Node: Floating Point-i960248498
Node: Directives-i960248755
Node: Opcodes for i960250775
Node: callj-i960251381
Node: Compare-and-branch-i960251856
Node: M32R-Dependent253745
Node: M32R-Opts254008
Node: M32R-Warnings255760
Node: M68K-Dependent258748
Node: M68K-Opts259205
Node: M68K-Syntax265496
Node: M68K-Moto-Syntax267324
Node: M68K-Float269902
Node: M68K-Directives270411
Node: M68K-opcodes271006
Node: M68K-Branch271218
Node: M68K-Chars275404
Node: M68HC11-Dependent275802
Node: M68HC11-Opts276205
Node: M68HC11-Syntax278908
Node: M68HC11-Float279724
Node: M68HC11-opcodes280237
Node: M68HC11-Branch280405
Node: MIPS-Dependent282912
Node: MIPS Opts283814
Node: MIPS Object288733
Node: MIPS Stabs290288
Node: MIPS ISA290999
Node: MIPS autoextend292129
Node: MIPS insn292840
Node: MIPS option stack293326
Node: PJ-Dependent294039
Node: PJ Options294252
Node: SH-Dependent294519
Node: SH Options294899
Node: SH Syntax295064
Node: SH-Chars295323
Node: SH-Regs295602
Node: SH-Addressing296201
Node: SH Floating Point297095
Node: SH Directives297391
Node: SH Opcodes297747
Node: Sparc-Dependent301994
Node: Sparc-Opts302366
Node: Sparc-Aligned-Data304612
Node: Sparc-Float305456
Node: Sparc-Directives305646
Node: Z8000-Dependent307595
Node: Z8000 Options308554
Node: Z8000 Syntax308729
Node: Z8000-Chars309005
Node: Z8000-Regs309223
Node: Z8000-Addressing310013
Node: Z8000 Directives310956
Node: Z8000 Opcodes312554
Node: Vax-Dependent322490
Node: VAX-Opts322997
Node: VAX-float326721
Node: VAX-directives327342
Node: VAX-opcodes328191
Node: VAX-branch328569
Node: VAX-operands331065
Node: VAX-no331817
Node: V850-Dependent332043
Node: V850 Options332429
Node: V850 Syntax334242
Node: V850-Chars334468
Node: V850-Regs334618
Node: V850 Floating Point336155
Node: V850 Directives336350
Node: V850 Opcodes337250
Node: Reporting Bugs342535
Node: Bug Criteria343258
Node: Bug Reporting344018
Node: Acknowledgements350586
Ref: Acknowledgements-Footnote-1355377
Node: GNU Free Documentation License355403
Node: Index373827

End Tag Table