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/* symbols.h -
Copyright 1987, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GAS, the GNU Assembler.
GAS is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.
GAS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GAS; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA. */
/* The BFD code wants to walk the list in both directions. */
/* The non-BFD code expects to be able to manipulate the symbol fields
directly. */
#include "struc-symbol.h"
extern struct obstack notes; /* eg FixS live here. */
extern struct obstack cond_obstack; /* this is where we track .ifdef/.endif
(if we do that at all). */
extern symbolS *symbol_rootP; /* all the symbol nodes */
extern symbolS *symbol_lastP; /* last struct symbol we made, or NULL */
extern symbolS abs_symbol;
extern int symbol_table_frozen;
/* This is non-zero if symbols are case sensitive, which is the
default. */
extern int symbols_case_sensitive;
char *decode_local_label_name PARAMS ((char *s));
symbolS *symbol_find PARAMS ((CONST char *name));
symbolS *symbol_find_base PARAMS ((CONST char *name, int strip_underscore));
symbolS *symbol_find_or_make PARAMS ((const char *name));
symbolS *symbol_make PARAMS ((CONST char *name));
symbolS *symbol_new PARAMS ((CONST char *name, segT segment, valueT value,
fragS * frag));
symbolS *symbol_create PARAMS ((CONST char *name, segT segment, valueT value,
fragS * frag));
symbolS *colon PARAMS ((const char *sym_name));
void local_colon PARAMS ((int n));
void symbol_begin PARAMS ((void));
void symbol_print_statistics PARAMS ((FILE *));
void symbol_table_insert PARAMS ((symbolS * symbolP));
valueT resolve_symbol_value PARAMS ((symbolS *, int));
void resolve_local_symbol_values PARAMS ((void));
void print_symbol_value PARAMS ((symbolS *));
void print_expr PARAMS ((expressionS *));
void print_expr_1 PARAMS ((FILE *, expressionS *));
void print_symbol_value_1 PARAMS ((FILE *, symbolS *));
int dollar_label_defined PARAMS ((long l));
void dollar_label_clear PARAMS ((void));
void define_dollar_label PARAMS ((long l));
char *dollar_label_name PARAMS ((long l, int augend));
void fb_label_instance_inc PARAMS ((long label));
char *fb_label_name PARAMS ((long n, long augend));
extern void copy_symbol_attributes PARAMS ((symbolS *, symbolS *));
/* Get and set the values of symbols. These used to be macros. */
extern valueT S_GET_VALUE PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void S_SET_VALUE PARAMS ((symbolS *, valueT));
extern int S_IS_FUNCTION PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_EXTERNAL PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_WEAK PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_COMMON PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_DEFINED PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_DEBUG PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_LOCAL PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_EXTERN PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int S_IS_STABD PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern CONST char *S_GET_NAME PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern segT S_GET_SEGMENT PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void S_SET_SEGMENT PARAMS ((symbolS *, segT));
extern void S_SET_EXTERNAL PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void S_SET_NAME PARAMS ((symbolS *, char *));
extern void S_CLEAR_EXTERNAL PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void S_SET_WEAK PARAMS ((symbolS *));
struct broken_word
/* Linked list -- one of these structures per ".word x-y+C"
expression. */
struct broken_word *next_broken_word;
/* Segment and subsegment for broken word. */
segT seg;
subsegT subseg;
/* Which frag is this broken word in? */
fragS *frag;
/* Where in the frag is it? */
char *word_goes_here;
/* Where to add the break. */
fragS *dispfrag; /* where to add the break */
/* Operands of expression. */
symbolS *add;
symbolS *sub;
offsetT addnum;
int added; /* nasty thing happend yet? */
/* 1: added and has a long-jump */
/* 2: added but uses someone elses long-jump */
/* Pointer to broken_word with a similar long-jump. */
struct broken_word *use_jump;
extern struct broken_word *broken_words;
#endif /* ndef WORKING_DOT_WORD */
* Current means for getting from symbols to segments and vice verse.
* This will change for infinite-segments support (e.g. COFF).
extern const segT N_TYPE_seg[]; /* subseg.c */
#define SEGMENT_TO_SYMBOL_TYPE(seg) ( seg_N_TYPE [(int) (seg)] )
extern const short seg_N_TYPE[];/* subseg.c */
#define N_REGISTER 30 /* Fake N_TYPE value for SEG_REGISTER */
void symbol_clear_list_pointers PARAMS ((symbolS * symbolP));
void symbol_insert PARAMS ((symbolS * addme, symbolS * target,
symbolS ** rootP, symbolS ** lastP));
void symbol_remove PARAMS ((symbolS * symbolP, symbolS ** rootP,
symbolS ** lastP));
extern symbolS *symbol_previous PARAMS ((symbolS *));
void verify_symbol_chain PARAMS ((symbolS * rootP, symbolS * lastP));
void verify_symbol_chain_2 PARAMS ((symbolS * symP));
void symbol_append PARAMS ((symbolS * addme, symbolS * target,
symbolS ** rootP, symbolS ** lastP));
extern symbolS *symbol_next PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern expressionS *symbol_get_value_expression PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_set_value_expression PARAMS ((symbolS *,
const expressionS *));
extern void symbol_set_frag PARAMS ((symbolS *, fragS *));
extern fragS *symbol_get_frag PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_mark_used PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_clear_used PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_used_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_mark_used_in_reloc PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_clear_used_in_reloc PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_used_in_reloc_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_mark_mri_common PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_clear_mri_common PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_mri_common_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_mark_written PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_clear_written PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_written_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_mark_resolved PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_resolved_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_section_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_equated_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern int symbol_constant_p PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern asymbol *symbol_get_bfdsym PARAMS ((symbolS *));
extern void symbol_set_bfdsym PARAMS ((symbolS *, asymbol *));
OBJ_SYMFIELD_TYPE *symbol_get_obj PARAMS ((symbolS *));
void symbol_set_obj PARAMS ((symbolS *, OBJ_SYMFIELD_TYPE *));
TC_SYMFIELD_TYPE *symbol_get_tc PARAMS ((symbolS *));
void symbol_set_tc PARAMS ((symbolS *, TC_SYMFIELD_TYPE *));