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2001-07-19 David O'Brien <>
* lbasename.c: New file.
2000-12-29 DJ Delorie <>
* fnmatch.c: Make the note about the origins of this file more
accurate, at least until we can sync with glibc.
* getopt.c: Ditto.
* getopt1.c: Ditto.
* md5.c: Ditto.
* obstack.c: Ditto.
2000-12-26 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* bsearch.c: New file.
* (funcs): Add bsearch.
(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Likewise.
* configure, Regenerate.
2000-12-13 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* safe-ctype.c: #include "ansidecl.h".
* strtod.c: Likewise.
2000-12-13 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* strtoul.c: Include safe-ctype.h, not ctype.h.
2000-12-07 Zack Weinberg <>
* safe-ctype.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add safe-ctype.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add safe-ctype.o.
* argv.c: Define ISBLANK and use it, not isspace.
* basename.c, cplus-dem.c, fnmatch.c, pexecute.c, strtod.c,
strtol.c, strtoul.c: Include safe-ctype.h, not ctype.h. Use
uppercase ctype macros. Don't test ISUPPER(c)/ISLOWER(c)
before calling TOLOWER(c)/TOUPPER(c).
2000-12-07 Mike Stump <>
* (distclean): When cleaning, remove testsuite.
2000-12-05 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-demangle.c (cplus_demangle_v3): Check that it's a v3 mangled
name before allocating the dyn_string.
2000-12-04 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-demangle.c: s/new_abi/v3/.
* cplus-dem.c: Likewise.
(current_demangling_style): Now auto_demangling.
(cplus_demangle): Try v3 demangling if AUTO_DEMANGLING.
(main): Use standard symbol chars for auto_demangling.
2000-11-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* hashtab.c (higher_prime_number): Use a table, rather than a
seive, to find the next prime.
2000-11-22 H.J. Lu <>
* cplus-dem.c (main): Handle gnat_demangling.
2000-11-22 Zack Weinberg <>
* aclocal.m4 (LIB_AC_PROG_CC): Moved here from
(AC_DEFINE_NOAUTOHEADER): New - work around bug in autoheader.
* Call AC_C_INLINE and AC_C_CONST. Use three
argument form of AC_DEFINE in dummy definitions block. Use
AC_DEFINE_NOAUTOHEADER for real definitions of things defined
in dummy block. Preload cache variables instead of bypassing
tests, where possible.
* acconfig.h: Removed.
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc_failed): New function, does error
reporting on failed allocation.
(xmalloc, xcalloc, xrealloc): Use it.
2000-11-21 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle): Fix formatting.
(grow_vect): Ditto.
(ada_demangle): Ditto.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Ditto.
(mop_up): Ditto.
2000-11-21 H.J. Lu <>
* cplus-dem.c (main): Handle java_demangling.
2000-11-19 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (grow_vect): Prototype.
(ada_demangle): Cast the arg of ctype macros to unsigned char.
2000-11-15 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cplus-dem.c (ada_demangle): Add back ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for
parameter `option'.
2000-11-15 Kenneth Block <>
* cplus-dem.c: Eliminate use of DEFUN, it is obsolete and cannot
be used in GCC.
2000-11-15 Kenneth Block <>
* cplus-dem.c: Add gnat demangler. Add java to demangle style
2000-11-04 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* hashtab.c (htab_expand): Change to return int. Use calloc or
xcalloc depending on htab->return_allocation_failure. Return zero
if calloc fails.
(htab_create): Update comment to cover memory allocation.
(htab_try_create): New.
(htab_find_slot_with_hash): Return NULL if htab_expand fails.
Update comment to cover this.
2000-11-03 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* hashtab.c: Change void * to PTR where necessary.
(htab_create, htab_expand): Correct formatting of comment before
2000-10-22 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (string_list_def): Add caret_position and comments.
(result_caret_pos): New macro.
(result_append_string): Rename to...
(result_add_string): ... this, and insert at caret position.
Rename throughout.
(result_append): Rename to...
(result_add): ... this, and insert at caret position. Rename
(result_append_char): Rename to...
(result_add_char): ... this, and insert at caret position. Rename
(result_append_space): Remove.
(string_list_new): Initialize caret position.
(result_add_separated_char): Use caret position.
(result_get_caret): New funtion.
(result_set_caret): Likewise.
(result_shift_caret): Likewise.
(result_previous_char_is_space): Likewise.
(substitution_start): Use caret position.
(substitution_add): Likewise.
(demangling_new): Initialize caret position.
(demangle_encoding): Use caret position.
(demanglin_nested_name): Put CV qualifiers after name.
(demangle_type_ptr): Use switch statement. Handle pointers to
arrays. Don't use result_append_space. Use caret position.
(demangle_type): Emit CV qualifiers after underlying type. Adjust
call to demangle_array_type.
(demangle_array_type): Add parameter to handle pointers to arrays.
2000-10-01 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_insert): Fix formatting.
2000-09-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_predecessor): Fix typo in comment.
2000-09-14 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* splay-tree.c: #include <stdio.h>.
2000-09-14 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* testsuite/demangle-expected: Add two tests for anonymous
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Handle anonymous namespaces.
2000-09-10 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_predecessor): New function.
(splay_tree_successor): Likewise.
2000-09-10 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* testsuite/demangle-expected: Add four tests for type_info
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Use do_type, not demangle_fund_type,
for a non-template non-qualified type_info function or node.
2000-09-08 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c: Fix copyright banner.
2000-09-07 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* md5.c: #include "ansidecl.h".
2000-09-06 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (status_allocation_failed): Rearrange whitespace.
(demangle_type): Handle substitution candidates correctly in the
face of special substitutions.
2000-09-05 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_encoding): Rename variable.
(demangle_name): Rename parameter. Handle return type
(demangle_nested_name): Rename parameter.
(demangle_prefix): Likewise. Change return type suppression.
(demangle_unqualified_name): Add parameter. Flag constructors and
conversion operators.
(demangle_special_name): Fix comment.
(demangle_type): Rename variable.
(demangle_bare_function_type): Check for missing return type and
(demangle_class_enum_type): Rename parameter.
(demangle_discriminator): Fix misspelling in comment.
2000-08-31 DJ Delorie <>
* (Cygwin): special case cygwin only when we're
building cygwin, not when we're hosting cygwin.
2000-09-04 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_template_arg): Eat an `E' after an
2000-09-04 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_type_ptr): Increment position past
pointer and reference characters.
2000-09-04 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_nv_offset): New function.
(demangle_v_offset): Likewise.
(demangle_call_offset): Likewise.
(demangle_special_name): Update thunk demangling to comply with
ABI changes.
2000-09-03 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (ANONYMOUS_NAMESPACE_PREFIX): New macro.
(substitution_def): Remove template_parm_number.
(result_insert_string): New macro.
(result_insert): Likewise.
(result_insert_char): Likewise.
(substitution_add): Remove last parameter. Don't store template
parm number.
(demangle_encoding): Adjust call to demangle_bare_function_type.
(demangle_name): Adjust substitution. Adjust call to
(demangle_prefix): Adjust call to substitution_add.
(demangle_identifier): Handle anonymous namespaces.
(demangle_operator_name): Change demangling of vendor-extended
operator to match ABI changes.
(demangle_type_ptr): Change parameters. Make recursive. Handle
substitutions here.
(demangle_type): Adjust calls to demangle_template_param,
substitution_add, and demangle_type_ptr. Fix substitution of
templated types.
(demangle_function_type): Change parameter to a pointer.
(demangle_bare_function_type): Likewise. Adjust insertion point.
(demangle_template_param): Remove last parameter.
(demangle_expr_primary): Remove unused variable. Adjust call to
(is_mangled_char): Accept `$' and `.'.
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_new_abi_symbol_characters): Add '$' and '.'.
* dyn-string.c (dyn_string_insert_char): New function.
2000-08-31 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* testsuite/demangle-expected: Add nine tests for
underscore-after-number followed by five tests for name-signature
2000-08-28 Richard Henderson <>
* (md5.o): Depend on config.h.
2000-08-28 Jason Merrill <>
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): Add md5.o.
(CFILES): Add md5.c.
* md5.c: New file.
2000-08-27 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_name): Initialize template_p in local
name case. Don't re-add substitutions as candidates.
(demangle_nested_name): Use <unqualified-name>.
(demangle_prefix): Likewise. Don't add template names as
substitution candidates twice, or re-add a substitution or the
last prefix component.
(demangle_local_name): Adjust output format.
2000-08-25 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (result_add_separated_char): Change parameter to
(substitution_add): Don't check for duplicates. Check if
previously allocated size is zero.
(demangle_name): Remove duplicate check for std substitution.
Clear template flag appropriately.
(demangle_prefix): Remove argument to demangle_substitution.
Don't check that template flag is already set.
(demangle_operator_name): Add pt operator.
(demangle_type): Don't treat r as built-in type. Remove argument
to demangle_substitution. Fix substitution candidate mechanics.
Handle <template-template-parm>s. Improve comments.
(demangle_template_param): Don't handle template arg lists here.
(demangle_substitution): Remove parameter.
(print_usage): Remove extra fprintf option.
2000-08-24 Greg McGary <>
* libiberty/random.c (end_ptr): Revert previous change.
2000-08-24 Greg McGary <>
* libiberty/cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname, cplus_mangle_opname,
demangle_expression, demangle_function_name): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
* libiberty/random.c (end_ptr): Likewise.
2000-08-23 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (result_close_template_list): Remove function.
(result_add_separated_char): New function.
(result_open_template_list): New macro.
(result_close_template_list): Likewise.
(demangle_prefix): Don't set template_p if the
prefix ends with a ctor name.
(demangle_type_ptr): Remove duplicate RETURN_IF_ERROR.
(demangle_type): Check for template args after substitution.
(demangle_template_args): Use result_open_template_list.
2000-08-02 Zack Weinberg <>
* pexecute.c: Don't use vfork. Initialize 'pid' before retry loop.
2000-07-26 Dave Pitts <>
* config/mh-openedition.h: Added -DLE370 definition.
2000-07-26 Mark Elbrecht <>
* pexecute.c (pexecute) [__MSDOS__]: Change __GO32__ to
__DJGPP__. Use P_WAIT instead of constant in the spawnv* call.
Cast program to 'char *' in errmsg_arg assignment.
(PWAIT_ERROR): Define.
(pwait): Use PWAIT_ERROR. Adjust DJGPP's status code to conform
to DJGPP's WIF* macros.
2000-07-27 RodneyBrown <>
Jeff Law <>
* getcwd.c: Include string.h, stdlib.h for prototypes
* (rename.o, waitpid.o): Depend on config.h
* rename.c: Include config.h, unistd.h
* waitpid.c: Include config.h, sys/wait.h
2000-07-24 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cplus-dem.c (work_stuff_copy_to_from): New.
(delete_non_B_K_work_stuff): New.
(delete_work_stuff): New.
(mop_up): Break out work_stuff partly destruction to
(iterate_demangle_function): New.
(demangle_prefix): Call iterate_demangle_function instead of
demangle_function_name. Leave handling of name-signature
__-delimiters to iterate_demangle_function.
(demangle_integral_value): Strip an optional
following underscore cautiously. Handle negative numbers.
2000-07-24 Daniel Berlin <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Change if (GNU_DEMANGLING) to
2000-07-21 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_ctor_dtor_name): Remove not-in-charge
allocating ctor mangling.
(demangle_array_type): Handle empty and non-constant array length.
2000-07-23 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Jeff Law <>
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add time.h.
(AC_HEADER_TIME): Add check.
* configure, Regenerate.
* getruntime.c: Portably #include <sys/time.h> and/or <time.h>.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add limits.h.
* configure, Regenerate.
* sort.c: Portably #include <limits.h> and/or <sys/param.h>.
* strtol.c, strtoul.c: #include "config.h". Portably #include
<limits.h> and/or <sys/param.h>.
* (strtol.o, strtoul.o): Update dependencies.
* aclocal.m4 (libiberty_AC_DECLARE_ERRNO): New macro.
* (libiberty_AC_DECLARE_ERRNO): Add check.
* configure, Regenerate.
* pexecute.c, strtol.c, strtoul.c: Declare errno if necessary.
* cp-demangle.c, mkstemps.c: #include <sys/types.h>.
2000-07-21 Mike Stump <>
* (xexit.o): Add dependency for config.h in xexit.c.
* (vasprintf.o): Add dependency for config.h in vasprintf.c.
2000-07-21 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cp-demangle.c (cp_demangle_type): Wrap in IN_LIBGCC2.
* setenv.c (setenv): Initialize variable `ep'.
* sigsetmask.c (abort): Prototype.
* vasprintf.c: Include config.h. Check ANSI_PROTOTYPES, not
__STDC__ for stdarg.h include.
(int_vasprintf): Prototype.
(checkit): Prototype. Use VPARAMS/ANSI_PROTOTYPES/VA_START in
definition. Cast `global_total_width' in comparison.
(main): Prototype. Return a value.
* vfork.c (fork): Prototype.
* xexit.c: Include config.h.
2000-07-20 Joseph S. Myers <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Make 'dec' an unsigned int,
and print it with %u.
2000-07-17 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* testsuite/regress-demangle (failed test): Show result and
expected output.
2000-07-07 Andrew Haley <>
* cplus-dem.c (main): fflush() after emitting last char before
waiting for input.
2000-06-28 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_encoding): Accept no substitutions.
(demangle_name): Handle <substitution> followed by
(demangle_type): Follow special substitutions with
(demangle_subtitution): Set template_p for special substitutions.
(main): Fix typos.
2000-06-27 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_special_name): Swap base and derived
class when demangling construction vtables.
2000-06-21 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c: Don't include ctype.h.
(IS_DIGIT): New macro.
(IS_ALPHA): Likewise. Use IS_DIGIT and IS_ALPHA throughout
instead of isdigit and isalpanum.
(demangling_def): Make name and next const pointers.
(dyn_string_append_space): Handle failure in
(int_to_dyn_string): Likewise. Change return value to status_t.
(string_list_new): Handle failure of dyn_string_init.
(result_close_template_list): Change return type to status_t.
Handle failure in dyn_string_append.
(result_push): Change return value to status_t. Handle failure in
string_list_new. Handle failure of result_push throughout.
(substitution_add): Change return value to status_t. Handle
dyn_string failures. Handle failure of substitution_add
(template_arg_list_new): Return NULL on allocation failure.
(result_append_string): Return STATUS_ALLOCATION_FAILED on error.
Handle error result throughout.
(result_append): Likewise.
(result_append_char): Likewise.
(result_append_space): Likewise.
(demangling_new): Make argument a const pointer. Handle
allocation failures.
(demangle_template_args): Handle failure in template_arg_list_new
and result_close_template_list.
(demangle_discriminator): Return if int_to_dyn_string fails.
(cp_demangle): Likewise.
(cp_demangle_type): New function.
(cplus_demangle_new_abi): Don't call dyn_string_delete. Abort on
memory allocation failure.
(main): Likewise.
* dyn-string.c (RETURN_ON_ALLOCATION_FAILURE): Define if
(dyn_string_init): Change return value to int. Handle
(dyn_string_new): Handle RETURN_ON_ALLOCATION_FAILURE case.
(dyn_string_release): Delete the dyn_string.
(dyn_string_resize): Handle RETURN_ON_ALLOCATION_FAILURE case.
(dyn_string_copy): Change return type to int.
(dyn_string_copy_cstr): Likewise.
(dyn_string_prepend): Likewise.
(dyn_string_prepend_cstr): Likewise.
(dyn_string_insert): Likewise.
(dyn_string_insert_cstr): Likewise.
(dyn_string_append): Likewise.
(dyn_string_append_cstr): Likewise.
(dyn_string_append_char): Likewise.
(dyn_string_substring): Likewise.
2000-06-09 Zack Weinberg <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_operator_name): Add spaces before
names beginning with a letter: delete, delete[], new, new[],
(demangle_special_name): Handle TF <type> and TJ <type>.
Thu Jun 8 18:52:24 2000 Philippe De Muyter <>
* cp-demangle.c (template_arg_list_new): Revert previous PARAMS patch.
Thu Jun 8 09:25:54 2000 Philippe De Muyter <>
* cp-demangle.c (stdio.h): File included unconditionaly.
(template_arg_list_new): Parameter list is PARAMS ((void)), not ().
* dyn-string.c (stdio.h): File included.
* partition.c (partition_print): No `&' needed to take the address of
a function.
2000-06-07 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (ac_libiberty_warn_cflags): Add -pedantic.
* choose-temp.c (try, choose_temp_base, make_temp_file): Constify.
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_char): Change parameter from char to int.
(demangle_expression, demangle_expr_primary): Remove extra
semi-colon in prototype.
* dyn-string.c (dyn_string_append_char): Change parameter from
char to int.
* memcmp.c (memcmp): Constify.
* mkstemps.c (gcc_uint64_t): Mark GNUC `long long' case with
* partition.c (elem_compare): Prototype. Don't cast away
* setenv.c (setenv): Use braces to avoid ambiguous `else'.
2000-06-07 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (cp-demangle.o): Depend on $(INCDIR)/demangle.h.
* cp-demangle.c: Include demangle.h.
(template_arg_list_new): DeANSIfy.
(cp_demangle): Make static and add prototype.
(operator_code, operators): Constify.
(demangle_operator_name): Likewise for variables `p1', `p2' and `p'.
2000-06-05 Alex Samuel <>
* cp-demangle.c (demangle_prefix): Cast argument to isdigit to
unsigned char.
(demangle_unqualified_name): Likewise.
(demangle_number_literally): Likewise.
(demangle_type): Likewise.
(demangle_substitution): Likewise.
(is_mangled_char): Likewise, for isalnum.
2000-06-04 Alex Samuel <>
* (CFILES): Add cp-demangle.c and dyn-string.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add cp-demangle.o and dyn-string.o.
(cp-demangle.o): New dependency.
(dyn-string.o): Likewise.
* dyn-string.c: Move here from gcc/dyn-string.c. Add new functions.
* cplus-dem.c (libiberty_demanglers): Add initializer for new-ABI
(cplus_demangle): Call cplus_demangle_new_abi if in new-ABI
demangling mode.
(gnu_new_abi_symbol_characters): New function.
(main): Use gnu_new_abi_symbol_characters. * cp-demangle.c: New
* cp-demangle.c: New file.
Tue May 30 16:45:25 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* floatformat.c: Add name to each floatformat field.
Tue May 30 15:07:52 2000 Jeffrey A Law (
* (objalloc.o): Depend on config.h
2000-05-29 Zack Weinberg <>
* hashtab.c, partition.c, sort.c, xmemdup.c: Include string.h
* pexecute.c, xexit.c: Include stdlib.h if HAVE_STDLIB_H.
* objalloc.c: Include config.h. Include stdlib.h and don't
declare malloc or free if HAVE_STDLIB_H.
* strerror.c, strsignal.c: Include stdlib.h if HAVE_STDLIB_H,
else declare malloc without prototype. Include string.h if
HAVE_STRING_H, else declare memset without prototype. Don't
include stddef.h.
2000-05-23 Mike Stump <>
* (xmalloc.o): Add dependency for config.h, fixes make
2000-05-18 J. David Anglin <>
* xmalloc.c: Include config.h for HAVE_SBRK definition.
2000-05-16 Horst von Brand <>
* hashtab.c (hash_pointer): Delete low-order bits which are
probably zero, also eliminate a warning on alpha.
2000-05-15 David Edelsohn <>
* Change "pic" to depend on $(PICFLAG), not
on $(enable_shared).
2000-05-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* config.table: Use mh-sparcpic for sparc*-*-*.
2000-05-08 Nick Clifton <>
* (CFILES): Add strncmp.c.
(NEEDED): Add strncmp.
2000-05-04 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname, demangle_function_name):
Cast the arguments to `islower' to `unsigned char'.
(print_demangler_list): Prototype.
Thu May 4 17:14:41 2000 Philippe De Muyter <>
* sort.c (UCHAR_MAX): Provide fallback definition.
2000-04-29 Alexandre Oliva <>
* (maintainer-clean-subdir): Fix handling of empty
2000-04-28 Kenneth Block <>
Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (libiberty_demanglers): New table for demangle styles.
(cplus_demangle_set_style): New function for setting style.
(cplus_demangle_name_to_style): New function to translate name.
2000-04-27 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* aclocal.m4: New file with new test libiberty_AC_FUNC_STRNCMP.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add sys/mman.h fcntl.h.
(libiberty_AC_FUNC_STRNCMP): Invoke.
* strncmp.c: New file.
Thu Apr 27 16:58:43 MET DST 2000 Jan Hubicka <>
* hashtab.c (htab_expand): Add prototype.
(find_empty_slot_for_expand): Likewise.
2000-04-24 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* hashtab.c (hash_pointer, eq_pointer): Make definition static to
match prototype.
(htab_expand): Cast the return value of xcalloc.
2000-04-24 Mark Mitchell <>
* hashtab.c (hash_pointer): New function.
(eq_pointer): Likewise.
(htab_hash_pointer): New variable.
(htab_eq_pointer): Likewise.
2000-04-23 Mark Mitchell <>
* sort.c (sort_pointers): Fix endianness bugs.
* sort.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add sort.c
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add sort.o.
(sort.o): New target.
2000-04-21 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* (*-subdir): Revamp slightly to avoid losing on
4.3BSD systems.
Tue Apr 18 16:23:31 2000 Richard Kenner <>
* hashtab.c: Various minor cleanups.
(htab_find_slot_with_hash): INSERT is now enum insert_option.
(htab_find_slot): Likewise.
2000-04-16 Dave Pitts <>
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname): Changed to use islower.
2000-04-05 Richard Henderson <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_remove): New.
2000-03-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* hashtab.c (find_empty_slot_for_expand): Use hashval_t for hash
(htab_find_with_hash): Likewise.
(htab_find_slot_with_hash): Likewise.
2000-03-29 Zack Weinberg <>
* hashtab.c (htab_find_with_hash): Avoid calculating hash2
unless it will be used. Rearrange loop for better
(higher_prime_number): Add static prototype.
Thu Mar 16 01:33:58 2000 Jeffrey A Law (
* (partition.o): Depend on config.h
2000-03-14 Bernd Schmidt <>
* hashtab.c (find_empty_slot_for_expand): New function.
(htab_expand): Use it instead of htab_find_slot.
(htab_find_with_hash): Renamed from htab_find; now accepts extra
argument HASH.
(htab_find_slot_with_hash): Likewise for htab_find_slot.
(htab_find): New wrapper function.
(htab_find_slot): Likewise.
(htab_traverse): Pass slot, not entry, to called function.
2000-03-09 Alex Samuel <>
* (CFILES): Add partition.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add partition.o.
(partition.o): New rule.
* partition.c: New file.
2000-03-09 Zack Weinberg <>
* hashtab.c (htab_create): Set del_f.
(htab_delete, htab_empty, htab_remove_elt, htab_clear_slot):
Use it.
2000-03-08 Zack Weinberg <>
* hashtab.c: Remove debugging variables (all_searches,
all_collisions, all_expansions). Delete
(create_hash_table, delete_hash_table, empty_hash_table,
find_hash_table_entry, remove_element_from_hash_table_entry,
clear_hash_table_slot, traverse_hash_table, hash_table_size,
hash_table_elements_number, hash_table_collisions): Rename to:
htab_create, htab_delete, htab_empty, htab_find_slot,
htab_remove_elt, htab_clear_slot, htab_traverse, htab_size,
htab_elements, htab_collisions.
(htab_find): New function, handles common case where you don't
plan to add or delete an entry.
(htab_expand): Don't create a whole new table, just a new
entry vector.
(htab_find_slot): Simplify logic.
1999-08-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* floatformat.c: Add casts to avoid signed/unsigned warnings.
* pexecute.c: Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED as needed on Unix.
* (install_to_libdir): Change $(TARGETLIB).n to
$(TARGETLIB)n so it works on MSDOS.
(install_to_tooldir): Likewise.
1999-07-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
From Mark Elbrecht:
* makefile.dos: Remove; obsolete.
* configure.bat: Remove; obsolete.
1999-07-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_insert): Add initialization to avoid
2000-01-04 Mumit Khan <>
* pexecute.c: Conditionally include string.h.
(fix_argv): Handle embedded whitespace in args for Mingw32.
2000-01-04 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (ac_libiberty_warn_cflags): Turn on warnings if
we're using gcc.
* (COMPILE.c): Add @ac_libiberty_warn_cflags@
1999-12-27 Geoff Keating <>
* vasprintf.c (int_vasprintf): Don't re-read the format character
as this mishandles strings like '%%s'.
1999-12-05 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_new): Use struct splay_tree_node_s
rather than struct splay_tree_node.
(splay_tree_insert): Use struct splay_tree_s rather than struct
Sun Nov 28 00:59:39 1999 Philippe De Muyter <>
* hashtab.c (sys/types.h): File included.
1999-11-22 Jason Merrill <>
* strtoul.c, strtol.c, random.c: Remove advertising clause from
BSD license, pursuant with
Wed Nov 10 09:42:39 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hashtab.c: Include stdio.h.
Mon Nov 8 09:23:41 1999 Jeffrey A Law (
* hashtab.c (traverse_hash_table): Protect prototype with PARAMS.
Tue Nov 2 03:23:13 1999 Philippe De Muyter <>
* xstrdup (sys/types.h): Include this file.
1999-10-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (SUBDIRS): New macro.
(mostlyclean, clean, distclean, maintainer-clean): Adjust to
avoid multiple subdirectory cleaning.
(*-subdir): Use SUBDIRS.
1999-10-25 Jim Kingdon <>
* cplus-dem.c: Move declarations of standard_symbol_characters and
hp_symbol_characters inside #ifdef MAIN to avoid compiler
1999-10-23 08:51 -0700 Zack Weinberg <>
* hashtab.c (find_hash_table_entry): When returning a
DELETED_ENTRY slot, change it to EMPTY_ENTRY first.
(clear_hash_table_slot): New function which deletes an entry
by its position in the table, not its value.
(traverse_hash_table): New function which calls a hook
function for every live entry in the table.
1999-10-19 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (INTBUF_SIZE): New macro.
(string_append_template_idx): New function.
(demangle_expression): Likewise.
(demangle_integral_value): Use it.
(demangle_real_value): New function, split out from ...
(demangle_template_value_parm): ... here. Use
string_append_template_idx. Use demangle_real_value.
(demangle_template): Use string_append_template_idx.
(demangle_qualified): Use consume_count_with_underscores.
(get_count): Tweak formatting.
(do_type): Use string_append_template_idx.
1999-10-18 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* calloc.c: Add a public domain notice.
Mon Oct 18 02:30:47 1999 Philippe De Muyter <>
* setenv.c (sys/types.h, stdio.h): Include those files unconditionaly.
Fri Oct 15 01:47:51 1999 Vladimir Makarov <>
* (CFILES): Add hashtab.c
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add hashtab.o
(hashtab.o): Add dependencies.
* hashtab.c: New file
Wed Oct 13 01:16:47 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* basename.c (DIR_SEPARATOR): New macro.
(DIR_SEPARATOR_2): Likewise.
(main): Handle MSDOS style pathname.
1999-10-11 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle pointer to member types whose
enclosing classes have namespace scope.
Sun Oct 10 01:23:50 1999 Marc Espie <>
* config.table: Provide a backup shell for executing move-if-change.
1999-10-02 Mark Mitchell <>
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc): Fix spelling error.
(xcalloc, xrealloc): Likewise.
1999-10-02 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (fancy_abort, demangle_integral_value,
demangle_arm_hp_template, recursively_demangle,
standard_symbol_characters, hp_symbol_characters, main): Add prototype.
(program_name, program_version, fatal): Constify a char*.
(usage, fatal): Mark with ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.
(main): Call return, not exit.
1999-09-25 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* choose-temp.c: Remove obsolete comment about gcc.
(make_temp_file): Constify a char*.
Wed Sep 8 20:03:28 1999 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* xmemdup.c: Include sys/types.h.
1999-09-07 Jeff Garzik <>
* xmemdup.c: New xmemdup function.
*, makefile.vms, Use xmemdup.[co].
Tue Sep 7 23:32:18 1999 Linas Vepstas <>
* config.table: Add openedition target.
* config/mh-openedition: New file.
Thu Sep 2 01:36:12 1999 Marc Espie <>
* pexecute.c (pexecute): Fill in temp_base when needed.
1999-08-31 Richard Henderson <>
* getpwd.c: Check HAVE_GETCWD before defining it away.
1999-08-30 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (CFILES): Add calloc.c and getpwd.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add getpwd.o.
(getpwd.o): Add target.
* (AC_PREREQ): Bump to 2.13.
(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add check for <sys/stat.h>.
* getpwd.c: New file, moved here from gcc.
1999-08-25 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Cast a `size_t' to `long' when
comparing against a signed quantity.
(arm_special): Likewise.
(demangle_fund_type): Likewise.
(do_hpacc_template_const_value): Mark parameter `work' with
(main): Constify variable `valid_symbols'.
Tue Aug 24 02:50:45 1999 Philippe De Muyter <>
* strtoul.c (strtoul): Add parentheses around && within ||.
Fri Aug 6 23:32:29 1999 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Include prefix, exec_prefix,
libdir, libsubdir and tooldir.
1999-08-01 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_insert): Return the new node.
1999-07-14 Richard Henderson <>
* argv.c: Include stdlib.h and string.h instead of
prototyping directly.
* choose-temp.c: Conditionally include string.h.
1999-07-12 Jason Merrill <>
* (NEEDED): Add bcmp, bcopy, bzero.
1999-07-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_insert): Add initialization to avoid
1999-07-07 Jason Merrill <>
* (needed-list): Only include stuff we actually need
for libstdc++.
1999-06-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* (checkfuncs): Add gettimeofday.
*, configure: Regenerated.
Mon Jun 21 05:56:01 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* (*-*-uwin*): UWIN has sys_{errlist,nerr} even if
the test fails.
* configure: Regenerate.
1999-06-10 Mike Stump <>
* (setenv.o): Add config.h dep for setenv.o to fix
parallel builds.
1999-05-28 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* putenv.c: Include ansidecl.h to define `const'.
* setenv.c: Likewise.
Wed May 26 03:58:20 1999 "Melissa O'Neill" <>
* (CFILES): Add putenv.c and setenv.c.
* (funcs): Add putenv and setenv.
(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for putenv and setenv.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* putenv.c setenv.c: New files.
* getcwd.c (getcwd): If pathname is NULL, then obtain SIZE
bytes of space using malloc.
Mon May 17 01:42:34 1999 Stu Grossman <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type (near 'I' case)): Don't advance
the *mangled pointer beyond the end of the string. Clean up code to
match prevailing coding style.
1999-05-13 Michael Hayes <>
* tmpnam.c (L_tmpnam): Fix typo.
Thu May 13 01:14:46 1999 Marc Espie <>
* cplus-dem.c (standard_symbol_characters): Renamed from
standard_symbol_alphabet. No longer modify TABLE.
(hp_symbol_characters): Renamed from hp_symbol_alphabet. No longer
modify TABLE.
(main): Corresponding changes. Use strchr to determine if a
character is valid.
1999-05-11 Jim Blandy <>
* cplus-dem.c (main): Use table lookup to distinguish identifier
characters from non-identifier characters.
(standard_symbol_alphabet, hp_symbol_alphabet): New functions.
Thu May 6 20:34:42 1999 Fred Fish <>
* (sys/resource.h): Add to AC_CHECK_HEADERS list.
* getruntime.c: Only attempt to include sys/resource.h and
use getrusage if both HAVE_GETRUSAGE and HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H
are defined.
Mon Apr 26 01:36:06 1999 Donn Terry (
* (alloca detection): Handle alloca directly for interix.
* configure: Rebuilt.
Sun Apr 25 01:18:21 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* choose-temp.c (DIR_SEPARATOR): Use '\\' only for native windows32.
1999-04-20 Jim Blandy <>
Fix from Dale Hawkins:
* cplus-dem.c (mop_up): Set typevec_size to zero, so it'll be
reallocated properly if we use it again.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Check for buffer overrun. Be
stricter about syntax. Always null-terminate string.
Thu Apr 15 23:00:55 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* (checkfuncs): Check for sbrk.
* Rebuilt.
* configure: Likewise.
* xmalloc.c: Use HAVE_SBRK instead of the host specific definitions.
1999-04-12 Jim Blandy <>
Fix from Marcus Daniels:
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Don't run off the end of the
identifier looking for another underscore.
Sun Apr 11 23:20:59 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* pexecute.c: Change all references to __UWIN__ to _UWIN.
* xmalloc.c: Likewise.
(xcalloc): UWIN has sbrk.
(xrealloc): Fix guard macro.
1999-04-11 Richard Henderson <>
* alloca-conf.h (alloca) [C_ALLOCA]: Don't use Gcc builtin
or <alloca.h>.
* clock.c (GNU_HZ): New definition.
(clock): Use it.
* getruntime.c: Likewise.
* config.table: Use mh-beos.
* config/mh-beos: New file.
1999-04-11 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template_value_parm): Handle
(do_type): Handle template parameters as qualifiers.
1999-04-01 Jim Blandy <>
* cplus-dem.c: Attempt to handle overflows in counts with some
semblance of grace.
(consume_count): Detect overflows. Return -1 to indicate errors,
instead of zero.
(demangle_template_value_parm, demangle_template): Handle change
to consume_count's return convention.
1999-04-05 Tom Tromey <>
* testsuite/regress-demangle: New file.
* testsuite/demangle-expected: New file.
* (all, check, installcheck, info, install-info,
clean-info, dvi, install, etags, tags, mostlyclean, clean,
distclean, maintainer-clean, realclean): Depend on corresponding
`-subdir' target.
(all-subdir check-subdir installcheck-subdir info-subdir
install-info-subdir clean-info-subdir dvi-subdir
install-info-subdir etags-subdir mostlyclean-subdir clean-subdir
distclean-subdir maintainer-clean-subdir): New target.
* testsuite/ New file.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* Create testsuite/Makefile.
1999-04-02 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.h (splay_tree_compare_pointers): Define.
1999-03-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_compare_ints): Define.
1999-03-30 Tom Tromey <>
* cplus-dem.c (consume_count): If `count' wraps, return 0 and
don't advance input pointer.
(demangle_class_name): If consume_count didn't find a count, do
nothing. Don't bother with `strlen' sanity check; consume_count
does it for us.
1999-03-16 Stan Shebs <>
From Art Haas <>:
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): Don't grab all the '__' strings
when doing arm or hp style.
(demangle_nested_args): Decr forgetting_types field when done.
Thu Mar 11 01:22:58 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* pexecute.c (__CYGWIN32__): Rename to
(__CYGWIN__): this.
* xmalloc.c: Likewise.
Changes to support i386-pc-uwin.
* (*-*-uwin*): Workaround for vfork bug.
* configure: Regenerate.
* pexecute.c (pexecute): Be like standard Unix.
(pwait): Likewise.
* xmalloc.c (first_break): Define.
(xmalloc_set_program_name): Use.
(xmalloc): Use.
Thu Mar 11 01:07:55 1999 Franz Sirl <>
* config.table: Cleanup and add mh-*pic handling for alpha, arm, powerpc
Sun Feb 28 22:30:44 1999 Geoffrey Noer <>
* config.table: Check cygwin*, not cygwin32*.
Tue Feb 9 16:39:01 1999 Dave Brolley <>
* Change mkstemp -> mkstemps.
Tue Feb 9 01:12:27 1999 Marc Espie <>
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): remove mkstemp.o
* (funcs): Check for and conditionally add mkstemps to
the list of functions libiberty will provide.
* configure: Rebuilt.
Wed Feb 3 00:01:15 1999 Mumit Khan <>
* clock.c (HZ): Define in terms of (ISO C) CLOCKS_PER_SEC on
platforms that don't have HZ.
* getruntime.c (HZ): Likewise.
Sat Jan 30 13:28:04 1999 Richard Henderson <>
* (xstrdup.o): Depend on config.h.
Wed Jan 13 07:26:44 1999 H.J. Lu (
* cplus-dem.c (mop_up): Set work->previous_argument to NULL after
freeing it.
Wed Jan 13 14:16:36 1999 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* xstrdup.c (xstrdup): Switch from strcpy to memcpy for speed.
Tue Jan 5 15:58:29 1999 Elena Zannoni <>
* (CFILES): fix typo, splay-tree.c instead of
1999-01-04 Jason Molenda (
* Require autoconf 2.12.1 or higher.
1998-12-30 Michael Meissner <>
* random.c (NULL): Don't redefine NULL if it is already defined.
Tue Dec 22 09:43:35 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* argv.c (buildargv): Cast the result of alloca in assignment.
* choose-temp.c: Include stdlib.h.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_pt): Remove unused prototype.
(snarf_numeric_literal): Constify first parameter.
(code_for_qualifier): Avoid a gcc extension, make the parameter an
int, not a char.
(demangle_qualifier): Likewise.
(demangle_signature): Cast the argument of a ctype function to
unsigned char.
(arm_pt): Add parens around assignment used as truth value.
(demangle_arm_hp_template): Constify variable `args'.
(do_hpacc_template_const_value): Cast the argument of a ctype
function to unsigned char.
(do_hpacc_template_literal): Remove unused variable `i'.
(snarf_numeric_literal): Constify parameter `args'.
Cast the argument of a ctype function to unsigned char.
* floatformat.c (floatformat_to_double): Add explicit braces to
avoid ambiguous `else'.
* fnmatch.c (fnmatch): Change type of variables `c', `c1',
`cstart' and `cend' to unsigned char. Cast the argument of macro
`FOLD', which uses ctype functions, to unsigned char.
* objalloc.c (free): Add prototype.
Sun Dec 20 16:03:46 1998 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* (CFILES): Fix typo: splay-tree.c, not splay-tree.o
Fri Dec 18 17:50:18 1998 David Taylor <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_pt): remove declaration -- function
doesn't exist.
(do_hpacc_template_literal): remove unused variable `i'.
Fri Dec 18 16:11:43 EST 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Process CV and u codes before
bumping the pointer we read from. Also prepend these codes,
as we do in other places.
1998-12-18 Nick Clifton <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_hp_template): Make variable 'args' be
'const char *' in order to match its usage when calling siblings.
(snarf_numeric_literal): Make first arg 'const char **' in order
to match usage.
Mon Dec 14 09:55:50 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* choose-temp.c: Don't check IN_GCC anymore.
* floatformat.c (floatformat_from_double): Use `const', not `CONST'.
* memchr.c (memchr): Likewise.
* memcpy.c (memcpy): Likewise.
* memmove.c (memmove): Likewise.
* mkstemp.c: Don't check IN_GCC anymore.
* pexecute.c: Likewise.
* splay-tree.c: Likewise.
* strchr.c (strchr): Use `const', not `CONST'.
* strrchr.c (strrchr): Likewise.
* strtol.c (strtol): Likewise.
* strtoul.c (strtoul): Likewise.
Fri Dec 4 13:51:04 1998 David Taylor <>
Elena Zannoni <>
Stan Shebs <>
Edith Epstein <>
Andres MacLeod <>
Satish Pai <>
* HP aCC demangling support.
* cplus-dem.c
(main): Remove default to HP style demangling, set to EDG
demangling correctly when -edg specified; set the demangling style
when user specifies 'edg'. Set strip_underscore to
prepends_underscore, if not HPUXHPPA. Set
current_demangling_style to hp_demangling if HPUXHPPA. Set
current demangling style correctly if the switch is hp. Read
label correctly also in the HP style case.
(work_stuff): add temp_start field; add field for volatile member
(arm_pt): handle ARM_DEMANGLING and EDG_DEMANGLING styles; HP
style for this case is the same as ARM.
(demangle_args): handle EDG_DEMANGLING style; support HP style.
(demangle_arm_hp_template): new function. (It was
demangle_arm_pt.); check and set value of temp_start field in
multiple places. Also, when ceching for end of template args,
check to see if at end of static member of template class.
(demangle_class): new local variable : save_class_name_end Don't
include template args in string defining class.
(demangle_class_name): use demangel_arm_hp_template.
(demangle_function_name): handle case where demangling style is
HP_DEMANGLING and currently point at an 'X' in the mangled name.
Handle EDG_DEMANGLING style. Handle constructor and destructor
ops for HP style.
(demangle_prefix): handle EDG_DEMANGLING and ARM_DEMANGLING
styles. global destructor and constructor for HP style are same
as for ARM style. Same for local variables.
(demangle_qualified): handle EDG_DEMANGLING style.
(demangle_signature): add case for volatile member function. For
cases '1' - '9' : initialize the temp_start field to -1 and handle
the EDG_DEMANGLING style. for case 'F' : handle EDG_DEMANGLING
and AUTO_DEMANGLING styles. If expecting a function and managed
to demangle the funct args, then handle the LUCID_DEMANGLING,
ARM_DEMANGLING, and EDG_DEMANGLING styles. Add case for local
class name after "Lnnn_ in HP style case. HP style too needs to
forget types. _nnn is OK for HP style, so don't report failure.
(do_hpacc_template_const_value): new function. Handle template's
value param for HP/aCC.
(do_hpacc_template_literal): new function. Handle a template's
literal parameter for HP aCC.
(recursively_demangle): new function
(snarf_numeric_literal): new function.
(usage): add 'edg' to the list of demangling styles; add hp switch
to message.
Sat Nov 28 17:25:22 1998 Christopher Faylor <>
* pexecute.c: Remove obsolete ifdefed cygwin code.
Fri Nov 27 13:26:06 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* choose-temp.c: Always include libiberty.h. Avoid redundancies.
* cplus-dem.c: Likewise. Conform to libiberty.h.
* pexecute.c: Likewise.
* splay-tree.c: Likewise.
1998-11-25 Mike Stump <>
* (splay-tree.o): Add config.h dependency.
Mon Nov 23 16:59:49 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* Use AC_PREREQ(2.12.1).
1998-11-16 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Add demangling for C9x types.
Thu Nov 19 22:15:50 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mpw.c (mpw_access): Add missing parens.
Thu Nov 19 12:59:21 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* pexecute.c: Include sys/wait.h when !IN_GCC.
Thu Nov 19 14:38:20 1998 Geoffrey Noer <>
* pexecute.c: revert back to checking old Cygwin
preprocessor symbol until some time has passed.
Wed Nov 18 08:52:26 1998 Christopher Faylor <>
* pexecute.c: Reorganize WIN32 case to accomodate Cygwin
since it will now support similar constructs.
Fri Nov 13 19:18:05 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* Check for calloc.
* calloc.c: New file.
* xmalloc.c (xcalloc): New function.
Fri Nov 13 08:51:46 EST 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
*cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): Use the last "__"
in the mangled name when looking for the signature. This allows
template names to begin with "__".
1998-11-08 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (type_kind_t): Add tk_reference.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Handle it.
(do_type): Use it for references, instead of tk_pointer.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template_value_parm): Use cplus_demangle,
not internal_cplus_demangle.
Sat Nov 7 16:02:10 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* choose-temp.c: Don't include gansidecl.h.
* mkstemp.c: Likewise.
* pexecute.c: Likewise.
Mon Nov 2 15:05:33 1998 Geoffrey Noer <>
* detect cygwin* instead of cygwin32*
* configure: regenerate
Mon Nov 2 10:22:01 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* pexecute.c: Check HAVE_CONFIG_H, not IN_GCC, when determining
whether to include config.h. Possibly include unistd.h in the
!IN_GCC case. Define VFORK_STRING as a printable function call
for error messages (either "vfork" or "fork".) If HAVE_VFORK_H is
defined, include vfork.h. If VMS is defined, define vfork()
appropriately. Remove vfork check on USG, we're using autoconf.
(pexecute): Set `errmsg_fmt' to VFORK_STRING instead of checking
locally what string to use.
1998-10-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c: Tweak include directives to make sure declarations of
xmalloc and free are available.
1998-10-25 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Fix handling of virtual tables in
anonymous namespaces.
1998-10-23 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (work_stuff): Replace const_type and volatile_type
with type_quals.
(TYPE_QUAL_CONST): Likewise.
(code_for_qualifier): New function.
(qualifier_string): Likewise.
(demangle_qualifier): Likewise.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Use them.
(demangle_signature): Likewise.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Likewise.
(do_type): Likewise.
(demangle_fund_type)): Likewise.
Thu Oct 22 19:58:43 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* splay-tree.c (splay_tree_foreach_helper): Make definition static
to match prototype.
1998-10-21 Mark Mitchell <>
* splay-tree.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add it.
(splay-tree.o): Add dependencies.
Tue Oct 20 12:29:02 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_qualified): Fix off-by-one when checking
range of 'K' index.
Thu Oct 15 18:51:12 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* choose-temp.c: Prototype mkstemps() when IN_GCC.
* cplus-dem.c (consume_count): Cast argument of ctype macro to
`unsigned char'.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Cast the result of `strlen' to (int) when
comparing against one.
(cplus_mangle_opname): Likewise.
(demangle_integral_value): Cast argument of ctype macro to
`unsigned char'.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Likewise.
(demangle_template): Initialize variable `bindex'. Cast the
result of `strlen' to (int) when comparing against one. Remove
unused variable `start_of_value_parm'.
(demangle_class_name): Cast the result of `strlen' to (int) when
comparing against one.
(demangle_prefix): Cast argument of ctype macro to `unsigned char'.
(gnu_special): Likewise. Cast the result of `strlen' to (int)
when comparing against one.
(demangle_qualified): Cast argument of ctype macro to `unsigned char'.
(get_count): Likewise.
(do_type): Likewise. Cast the result of `strlen' to (int) when
comparing against one.
(demangle_fund_type): Cast argument of ctype macro to `unsigned char'.
(demangle_function_name): Cast the result of `strlen' to (int)
when comparing against one.
* mkstemp.c (mkstemps): Cast variable `len' to (int) when
comparing against one.
Tue Oct 13 23:51:51 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mkstemp.c: Check HAVE_SYS_TIME_H before including sys/time.h
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for sys/time.h too.
*, configure: Rebuilt.
* getopt.c: Check HAVE_STRINGS_H before including strings.h.
* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for strings.h too.
*, configure: Rebuilt.
Mon Oct 12 19:15:59 1998 Geoffrey Noer <>
* in comment, call AC_EXEEXT instead of AM_EXEEXT
Sun Oct 11 17:36:06 1998 Michael Tiemann <>
* (cplus-dem.o, obstack.o): Depend upon config.h.
Thu Oct 8 23:42:08 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* Merge egcs & devo libiberty.
1998-09-08 Martin von Löwis <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_pt): Demangle anonymous namespaces.
Mon Sep 7 23:29:01 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* mkstemp.c: Include config.h even when not IN_GCC. Wrap header
inclusions inside HAVE_*_H macros. Include ansidecl.h when not
* vasprintf.c: Include stdarg.h/varargs.h first.
* vprintf.c: Likewise.
Sat Sep 5 03:24:49 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* pexecute.c: Updates from gcc. Copy in gcc has been removed. This
is the canonical copy. Define ISSPACE if !IN_GCC.
* alloca.c, vfprintf.c, choose-temp.c, mkstemp.c, getopt.c: Similarly.
* getopt1.c, obstack.c: Similarly.
* Build mkstemp.o
Tue Sep 1 23:12:47 1998 Christopher Faylor <>
* Include asprintf in list of functions known not
to be in newlib.
* configure: Rebuild.
Wed Aug 19 14:05:01 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* cplus-dem.c (work_stuff): Add dllimported.
(demangled_prefix): Mark symbols imported from PE DLL.
(internal_cplus_demangled): Handle.
1998-08-17 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Fix simple array handling. If we fail,
stay failed.
Mon Aug 17 10:40:34 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c: Include config.h if it exists. Also, only
prototype malloc/realloc if we can't get stdlib.h.
Sat Aug 15 16:15:01 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Switch back to checking --with-target-subdir when
deciding whether to check for newlib, undoing part of July 15
* configure: Rebuild.
Thu Aug 13 16:47:38 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (type_kind_t): New type.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Add type_kind_t parameter. Rely
on this paramter, rather than demangling the type again.
(demangle_integral_value): Pass tk_integral.
(demangle_template_: Pass the value returned from do_type.
(do_type): Return a type_kind_t. Pass tk_integral to
demangle_template_value_parm for array bounds.
(demangle_fund_type): Likewise.
Also incorporate from GCC version:
Tue Jul 21 13:28:19 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Use demangle_template_value_parm for arrays.
Thu Aug 13 16:47:38 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_nested_args): Make function definition
static to match the prototype.
Tue Jul 28 11:33:09 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (type_kind_t): New type.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Add type_kind_t parameter. Rely
on this paramter, rather than demangling the type again.
(demangle_integral_value): Pass tk_integral.
(demangle_template_: Pass the value returned from do_type.
(do_type): Return a type_kind_t. Pass tk_integral to
demangle_template_value_parm for array bounds.
(demangle_fund_type): Likewise.
Also incorporate from GCC version:
Tue Jul 21 13:28:19 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Use demangle_template_value_parm for arrays.
Mon Jul 27 12:16:08 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (ALLOCA): New variable.
($(TARGETLIB)): Add $(ALLOCA) to library.
(needed-list): Add $(ALLOCA).
($(ALLOCA)): Depend upon stamp-picdir.
Sun Jul 19 08:23:17 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_nested_args): Make function definition
static to match the prototype.
Wed Jul 15 00:12:58 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Check --with-cross-host rather than
--with-target-subdir when deciding whether build uses a cross
compiler, and when deciding where to install the library.
* configure: Rebuild.
Sun Jul 12 01:27:05 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_nested_args): Return a value.
Sat Jul 11 16:19:48 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (string): Move definition before work_stuff.
(work_stuff): Add volatile_type, forgetting_types,
previous_argument, and nrepeats fields.
(SCOPE_STRING): New macro.
(demangle_template): Add `remember' parameter. Add comment.
Register the `B' code type here, if remembering. Tidy. Fix crash
on NULL tmpl_argvec. Be consistent with use of tname/trawname.
(demangle_nested_args): New function.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Handle volatile-qualified member
(mop_up): Delete the previous_argument string if present.
(demangle_signature): Tidy. Handle volatile-qualified member
functions. Handle back-references using the `B' code. Use extra
parameter to demangle_template and SCOPE_STRING where appropriate.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Fix thinko; 'B' is not an integral
(demangle_class): Use SCOPE_STRING.
(gnu_special): Pass additional argument to demangle_template.
(demangle_qualified): Save qualified types for later
back-references. Handle constructors and destructors for template
types correctly.
(do_type): Tidy. Use SCOPE_STRING. Pass extra argument to
demangle_template. Use demangled_nested_args. Don't remember
qualified types here; that's now done in demangle_qualified.
Similarly for templates.
(do_arg): Improve commment. Handle 'n' repeat code.
(remember_type): Check forgetting_types.
(demangle_args): Deal with 'n' repeat codes. Tidy.
Thu Jul 2 16:26:24 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Only use mh-fbsd21 on *-*-freebsd2.2.[012], not on
*-*-freebsd2.2.*. From Dmitrij Tejblum <>.
Mon Jun 15 16:29:01 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (setobjs): Correct quoting error in cygwin32 case.
From Chris Faylor <>.
Mon Jun 1 13:47:55 1998 Jason Molenda (
* obstack.c: Update to latest FSF version.
Mon Jun 1 14:17:36 1998 Mike Stump <>
* Add a dependency on stamp-picdir for the
objects, so that we can do a parallel build.
Sat May 30 22:17:13 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* (checkfuncs): Add missing "'".
Fri May 29 12:40:41 1998 Jason Molenda (
* obstack.c (_obstack_memory_used): Elide this function if we're
on a system with GNU libc.
Tue May 26 18:28:43 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (distclean): Remove config.log.
Tue May 26 15:01:52 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* (distclean): Don't remove alloca-conf.h.
Fri May 22 01:38:07 1998 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cplus-dem.c (MBUF_SIZE): Bumped from 512 to 32767.
1998-05-21 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle volatile qualification.
1998-05-21 Manfred Hollstein <>
* Check for unistd.h as well.
* configure: Rebuild.
* Rebuild.
* getpagesize.c (GNU_OUR_PAGESIZE): Use sysconf only if _SC_PAGESIZE
is defined in unistd.h. Reformat conditional block for easier reading.
* config.table (shared): Default to no if ${enable_shared}
is unset or empty; this logic is used by the toplevel
configure scripts, too.
Sat May 16 14:01:26 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* config.table: Add line to set enable_shared in the Makefile
as needed.
Wed May 13 14:24:38 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cplus-dem.c (squangle_mop_up): Change return type to void.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Remove unused parameter `options'.
All callers changed.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Remove function wide variable `int i' and
replace with `size_t i' at each location where it is used.
(cplus_mangle_opname): change type of `i' from int to size_t.
Wed May 13 13:39:38 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* alloca-conf.h: Include config.h. Check HAVE_ALLOCA_H rather
than sparc or sun.
* (argv.o): Depend upon config.h and alloca-conf.h.
Fri May 8 00:23:51 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Set libiberty_topdir correctly when srcdir is
"." and with_target_subdir is not set.
* configure: Rebuild.
Thu May 7 13:01:44 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Add *-*-mingw32* case.
* configure: Rebuild.
Wed May 6 11:33:51 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Never use a PIC file for *-*-cygwin32*.
* (config.status): Depend upon config.table.
* On a cygwin32 host, always compile random, and
don't test for sys_siglist, strsignal, or psignal.
* configure: Rebuild.
* clock.c: Check HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H rather than NO_SYS_PARAM_H.
* getcwd.c: Likewise.
* getpagesize.c: Likewise.
* getruntime.c: Likewise.
Tue May 5 18:08:32 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Use autoconf tests rather than the old dummy.c test:
* Add AC_ARG_WITH calls for --with-target-subdir and
--with-newlib. Add AC_CONFIG_HEADER. Use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS for
most functions. Add special cases to handle newlib and VxWorks.
Remove target_makefile_frag. Create stamp-h in AC_OUTPUT if
CONFIG_HEADERS is set. Only call in AC_OUTPUT if
CONFIG_FILES is set; set ac_file before calling it.
* config.table (arm-*-riscix*, *-*-cygwin32): Remove.
(*-*-hpux*, *-*-hiux*, *-*-irix4*, *-*-solaris2*): Remove.
(*-*-sysv4*, *-*-go32, *-*-vxworks5*, *-*-vxworks): Remove
(i[3456]-*-mingw32*): Remove.
(LIBOBJS): New variable.
(all): Depend upon needed-list. Don't check RULE1.
(@target_makefile_frag@): Remove.
(COMPILE.c): Include @DEFS@.
(HFILES): Add alloca-conf.h.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Remove basename.o.
($(TARGETLIB)): New target.
(stamp-needed, lneeded-list, needed.awk, stamp-config): Remove.
(lconfig.h, needed2.awk, dummy.o, errors): Remove.
(needed-list, config.h): Rewrite.
(RULE1, $(RULE1), RULE2, $(RULE2)): Remove.
(.always.): Remove.
(stamp-h): New target.
(atexit.o, clock.o, getcwd.o, getpagesize.o): New targets.
(basename.o): Don't depend upon config.h.
(getruntime.o): Depend upon config.h.
* atexit.c: Include config.h. Check HAVE_ON_EXIT rather than
* basename.c: Don't include config.h. Don't check NEED_basename.
* clock.c: Include config.h.
* getcwd.c: Likewise.
* getpagesize.c: Likewise.
* getruntime.c: Likewise. Fix checks which set HAVE_GETRUSAGE and
* strerror.c: Change uses of NEED_sys_errlist to
HAVE_SYS_ERRLIST. Likewise for NEED_strerror and HAVE_STRERROR.
* strsignal.c: Likewise for NEED_sys_siglist and HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST,
and for NEED_strsignal and HAVE_STRSIGNAL and for NEED_psignal and
* acconfig.h: New file.
* dummy.c: Remove.
* functions.def: Remove.
* config/mh-cxux7 (HDEFINES): Remove -DHAVE_SYSCONF.
* config/mh-windows (HDEFINES): Remove.
* config/mh-cygwin32: Remove.
* config/mh-go32: Remove.
* config/mh-irix4: Remove.
* config/mh-riscix: Remove.
* config/mh-sysv4: Remove.
* config/mt-mingw32: Remove.
* config/mt-vxworks5: Remove.
* New file, generated using autoheader.
* configure: Rebuild.
Mon May 4 13:00:28 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Rewrite to use autoconf.
* configure: Generate using autoconf.
* config/mh-a68bsd: Remove.
* config/mh-apollo68: Remove.
* config/mh-hpbsd: Remove.
* config/mh-ncr3000: Remove.
* config/mh-sysv: Remove.
* config/mh-aix (RANLIB, INSTALL): Don't define.
* config/mh-cxux7 (RANLIB, INSTALL): Don't define.
* config/mh-irix4 (CC, RANLIB, INSTALL): Don't define.
* config/mh-sysv4 (RANLIB, INSTALL): Don't define.
* config.table: Change config_shell to CONFIG_SHELL, and use
libiberty_topdir to find move-if-change.
(m68k-apollo-bsd*, m68k-apollo-sysv*): Remove.
(i[3456]86-ncr-sysv4*, *-*-dgux*, hppa*-hp-bsd*): Remove.
(*-*-irix*, *-*-m88kbcs*, *-*-sysv*): Remove.
* (srcdir): Set to @srcdir@.
(VPATH): Likewise.
(prefix, exec_prefix, bindir, libdir): Set to autoconf variables.
(CC, CFLAGS, RANLIB)): Likewise.
(datadir, man*dir, infodir, includedir, MAKEINFO): Remove.
(target_makefile_frag, host_makefile_frag): Add substitutions.
(Makefile): Depend upon config.status. Don't depend upon
$(host_makefile_frag) or $(target_makefile_frag).
(config.status): New target.
Sun May 3 17:58:49 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config/mt-sunos4: Remove. Should be handled by --with-headers
and --with-libraries options at top level.
* config.table: Never use mt-sunos4.
* alloca-conf.h: New file, combining alloca-norm.h and
* alloca-norm.h: Remove.
* alloca-botch.h: Remove.
* Set shell variables files and links to empty.
* config.table: Don't set shell variable files.
* configure.bat: Don't create alloca-conf.h.
* makefile.vms: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
Fri May 1 11:41:42 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
target depending upon config.h.
(alloca.o): Add target depending upon config.h
(basename.o, choose-temp.o, fnmatch.o): Likewise.
(getopt.o, getopt1.o, pexecute.o, strerror.o): Likewise.
(strsignal.o, xstrerror.o): Likewise.
Fri May 1 04:26:25 1998 Peter Schauer <>
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname): Initialize work.
Mon Apr 27 15:53:30 EDT 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_qualified): Replace missing else.
Sun Apr 26 15:38:50 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Fix off-by-one bug when checking the
length in the name of a virtual table.
Wed Apr 22 10:53:49 EDT 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* cplus-dem.c (struct work stuff): Add field for B and K mangle codes.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Call mop_up_squangle.
(cplus_demangle): Initialize squangle info, then call
internal_cplus_demangle. (Most code moved there as well)
(internal_cplus_demangle): New function, performs most of what use
to be done in cplus_demangle, but is only called with this file.
(squangle_mop_up): New function to clean up B and K code data.
(mop_up): set pointers to NULL after freeing.
(demangle_signature, demangle_template, demangle_class): Add
switch elements to handle K and B codes.
(demangle_prefix, gnu_special, demangle_qualified): Add
code to handle K and B codes.
(do_type, demangle_fund_type): Handle B and K codes.
(remember_Ktype): New function to store K info.
(register_Btype, remember_Btype): New functions for B codes.
(forget_B_and_K_types): New function to destroy B and K info.
Fri Apr 10 01:49:10 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* COPYING.LIB, choose-temp.c, cplus-dem.c: Sync with egcs & gcc.
Thu Mar 5 09:23:28 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* config.table: Make locating frag files failsafe even for the
special case if configuring and building in srcdir.
Mon Feb 23 14:33:15 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* choose-temp.c: Fix handling of sys/file.h to work in libiberty.
Sun Feb 22 18:03:23 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* choose-temp.c: Sync with copy in gcc.
Thu Feb 12 16:29:49 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* getopt.c: Update to latest FSF version.
* getopt1.c: Likewise.
Tue Feb 10 16:58:33 1998 Stan Shebs <>
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Don't get confused by .<digits>
strings that are not actually lengths.
Fri Feb 6 01:35:17 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Don't pass PICFLAG.
(.c.o): Check value of enable_shared, not PICFLAG.
(stamp-picdir): Dito.
Thu Feb 5 18:48:56 1998 Geoffrey Noer <>
* config/mh-cygwin32: remove vasprintf.o from EXTRA_OFILES
since it gets built automatically
Sun Feb 1 02:52:32 1998 Mike Stump <>
* config.table (vxworks configs): Default to VxWorks 5.x, as that is
the currently shipping OS.
Tue Jan 27 16:08:20 1998 Pat Rankin <>
* [REQUIRE_OFILES]: Synchronized with
Add fnmatch.o and objalloc.o; remove vasprintf.o.
[config.h]: Define NEED_strsignal.
Mon Jan 19 12:20:01 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* functions.def: Correct argument types for strerror and
strsignal. Reported by Alex Gutman <>.
Sun Jan 18 15:57:28 1998 Michael Snyder <>
* vasprintf.c (int_vasprintf): Increase buffer size for float/double
Sat Jan 17 22:28:38 1998 Mumit Khan <>
J.J. VanderHeijden <>
Add mingw32 support.
* pexecute.c (pexecute): New function for mingw32. Supports pipes.
(pwait): New function for mingw32.
* config.table (i[3456]86-*-mingw32*): Support for i386-mingw32.
* config/mt-mingw32: New file.
* xmalloc.c (first_break): Not used for mingw32.
(xmalloc_set_program_name): Don't use sbrk on mingw32.
(xmalloc): Likewise.
(xrealloc): Likewise.
Sat Jan 17 22:28:05 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* choose-temp.c: Sync with gcc version.
Tue Jan 13 18:34:39 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* (install_to_libdir, install_to_tooldir): Add MULTISUBDIR
to all filenames in libdir and tooldir.
(distclean): Do MULTICLEAN before deleting Makefile.
(stamp-needed, stamp-config): Add MULTISRCTOP to
pathname for move-if-change.
Thu Dec 4 17:25:19 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* strsignal.c (sys_nsig): Try NSIG and _NSIG.
Wed Nov 19 13:37:06 1997 Michael Meissner <>
* alloca-norm.h (alloca, GCC case): Don't redefine alloca if it
was already defined previously.
Mon Nov 10 12:48:03 1997 Philippe De Muyter <>
* (INSTALL): Use ../install-sh, not install.
Tue Oct 28 23:41:15 1997 Judy Goldberg <>
* (CFILES): Add pexecute.c.
Wed Oct 15 19:13:48 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* asprintf.c: Consistently use either stdarg or varargs.
Tue Oct 14 12:01:00 1997 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Don't look for return types on
constructors. Handle member template constructors.
Fri Oct 3 17:53:30 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* README: Fix configuration instructions.
Mon Sep 29 12:28:41 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* pexecute.c: Update to current version from /gd/gnu/lib:
Mon Sep 29 12:27:59 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* pexecute.c: Use spawn if __CYGWIN32__.
1997-08-08 Paul Eggert <>
* pexecute.c: Include "config.h" first, as per autoconf manual.
Fri Jun 27 15:20:29 1997 Scott Christley <>
* pexecute.c (fix_argv): New function.
(pexecute): Win32 but not Cygwin32 needs its arguments fixed.
Add underscore to cwait function call.
Sun Sep 28 12:00:52 1997 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Add new parameter. Handle new
template-function mangling.
(consume_count_with_underscores): New function.
(demangle_signature): Handle new name-mangling scheme.
Wed Sep 24 00:31:59 1997 Felix Lee <>
* asprintf.c: stdarg.h when ALMOST_STDC
* config/mh-windows (EXTRA_OFILES): add asprintf.o and
Thu Aug 28 14:27:15 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* vasprintf.c (vasprintf): Allow for _BSD_VA_LIST_.
* config.table: Add case for FreeBSD 2.1 and 2.2, needs mh-fbsd21.
* config/mh-fbsd21 (EXTRA_OFILES): Force vasprintf.o
Wed Sep 10 12:43:10 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Change "complex" to "__complex".
Fri Sep 5 16:34:42 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* asprintf.c (asprintf): New file.
* (CFILES): Add asprintf.c
* functions.def: Ditto.
Thu Aug 28 18:53:34 1997 Andrew Cagney <>
* argv.c (dupargv): New function, duplicate an argument vector.
Tue Aug 19 20:28:45 1997 Geoffrey Noer <>
* config/mh-cygwin32: also build random.o
Tue Aug 19 17:10:56 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c: Add 'extern' to prepends_underscore.
Wed Jul 30 11:42:19 1997 Per Bothner <>
* cplus-dem.c: Various changes to produce Java output when passed
DMGL_JAVA. Thus "::" becomes "." and "JArray<Foo>" becomes "Foo[]".
(main): Support --java and -j flags to set DMGL_JAVA.
Tue Jul 22 19:05:23 1997 Robert Hoehne <robert.hoehne@Mathematik.TU-Chemnitz.DE>
* config/mh-go32 (CC, AR, RANLIB): Don't define.
Tue Jul 22 17:49:54 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): Add pexecute.o.
(pexecute.o): New target.
* (stamp-needed): New target, replacing needed-list.
(needed-list): Just depend upon stamp-needed.
(stamp-config): New target, replacing config.h.
(config.h): Just depend upon stamp-config.
(mostlyclean): Remove stamp-*.
Thu Jun 12 11:00:18 1997 Angela Marie Thomas (
INSTALL_DATA for multilibbed installs
Tue Jun 3 13:21:05 1997 Doug Evans <>
Tue Dec 10 09:44:57 1996 Paul Eggert <>
* choose-temp.c (choose_temp_base): Don't dump core if TMPDIR is empty.
* choose-temp.c (try): Insist that temp dir be searchable.
Wed Oct 23 17:36:39 1996 Doug Rupp (
* choose-temp.c (choose_temp_base): On VMS, use proper syntax
for current directory.
Sat Feb 15 19:03:48 1997 Geoffrey Noer (
* pexecute.c: Remove special cases for cygwin32.
(pwait): Remove local definition of `pid'.
Tue Nov 12 18:26:15 1996 Doug Rupp (
* pexecute.c (vfork): Supply new definition for VMS.
(pwait): Use waitpid instead of wait for VMS.
Tue May 20 14:02:20 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle `J'.
(demangle_fund_type): Print "complex" for it.
Wed Apr 30 12:15:45 1997 Jason Merrill <>
* Don't turn on multilib here.
Mon Apr 28 19:04:31 1997 Michael Snyder <>
* obstack.c: move _obstack_memory_used outside of ifdef. Cannot be
elided; needed by gdb and not present in libc.
Thu Apr 24 19:33:47 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (clean): Remove tmpmulti.out.
Tue Apr 22 10:25:15 1997 Fred Fish <>
* floatformat.c (floatformat_ieee_double_littlebyte_bigword):
Add new floatformat, mainly for ARM doubles.
Mon Apr 14 12:11:16 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Use ${config_shell} with ${moveifchange}. From
Thomas Graichen <>.
Fri Apr 4 03:09:24 1997 Ulrich Drepper <>
* Enable multilibing by default.
Update multilib template to read
Tue Apr 1 16:26:39 1997 Klaus Kaempf <>
* makefile.vms: Add objalloc.
Mon Mar 31 23:57:51 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_it): Add prototype declaration.
(usage, fatal): Likewise.
* xexit.c (_xexit_cleanup): Add prototype.
* strerror.c (init_error_tables): Declare.
Fri Mar 28 11:43:20 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* functions.def: Add DEF of vasprintf, and DEFFUNC of strsignal.
* strsignal.c: Only define strsignal if NEED_strsignal.
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): Remove vasprintf.o.
* Add NEED_strsignal to xconfig.h. Add vasprintf.o
to xneeded-list.
* config/mh-cygwin32 (HDEFINES): Add -DNEED_strsignal.
(EXTRA_OFILES): Define to vasprintf.o.
* config/mh-windows (HDEFINES): Add -DNEED_strsignal.
(EXTRA_OFILES): Add vasprintf.o.
* config/mt-vxworks5 (vxconfig.h): Define NEED_strsignal.
(vxneeded-list): Add vasprintf.o.
Thu Mar 20 17:02:09 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* objalloc.c: Include <stdio.h>.
Mon Mar 17 19:23:11 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* objalloc.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add objalloc.c
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add objalloc.o.
(objalloc.o): New target.
Sat Mar 15 18:49:41 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* obstack.c: Update to current FSF version.
Fri Mar 14 14:18:47 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* cplus-dem.c: Add prototypes for all static functions.
(mystrstr): Make static. Make arguments and result const.
(cplus_match): Remove; not used.
Tue Mar 11 14:20:31 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Call demangled_fund_type for other
__t* symbols.
Tue Mar 11 15:41:21 1997 H.J. Lu <>
* spaces.c: Declare malloc and free properly.
* strsignal.c (init_signal_tables): Add prototype.
* xatexit.c (_xexit_cleanup): Add parameter declarations.
Wed Feb 19 15:43:24 1997 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (lneeded-list): If alloca.o is needed, xexit.o is
also required because of xmalloc.o.
Fri Feb 14 13:43:38 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* strsignal.c: Unconditionally redefine sys_siglist around the
inclusion of the system header files.
Thu Feb 13 22:01:04 1997 Klaus Kaempf <>
* makefile.vms: Remove 8 bit characters. Update to latest
gcc release.
Tue Feb 4 11:52:19 1997 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* strsignal.c: Use NEED_sys_siglist instead of
* config.table: Don't use mh-lynxos.
* config/mh-lynxos: Remove.
Thu Jan 16 14:51:03 1997 Bob Manson <>
* cplus-dem.c: Fix indenting; make identical to the copy
in GCC.
(do_type, case 'M'): Check for a template as well as a class.
Thu Dec 19 13:51:33 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* config/mt-vxworks5 (vxneeded-list): Remove sigsetmask.o, since
vxworks 5.[0-3] all have sigsetmask in them; the one provided by
libiberty is incorrect, as well.
Mon Dec 2 15:03:42 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* alloca.c (alloca): When compiled with an ANSI/ISO compiler,
alloca takes a size_t argument, not just unsigned.
Mon Nov 18 15:42:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c: Note that this file also lives in GCC.
Mon Nov 18 15:19:00 1996 Dawn Perchik <>
* alloca.c: Remove include of libiberty.h for hpux.
* argv.c: Replace defs from libiberty.h.
* spaces.c: Put back externs from removed from libiberty.h.
* vasprintf.c: Remove include of libiberty.h for hpux.
Mon Nov 18 14:08:00 1996 Dawn Perchik <>
* cplus-dem.c: Checking in again; last checkin filed due to sticky tag.
Wed Nov 13 08:22:00 1996 Dawn Perchik <>
* cplus-dem.c: Revert last two commits due to conflicts with
hpux system headers.
Wed Nov 13 08:22:00 1996 Dawn Perchik <>
* alloca.c, argv.c, spaces.c, strcasecmp.c, vasprintf.c, vprintf.c:
Revert last commit due to conflicts with hpux system headers.
Wed Nov 13 10:36:50 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* cplus-dem.c (x{m,re}alloc): Make declarations compatibile with
libiberty.h when compiled with a standard compiler.
Tue Nov 12 16:31:00 1996 Dawn Perchik <>
* alloca.c: Include libiberty.h for definition of xmalloc.
Don't redefine NULL.
* argv.c: Move prototypes to libiberty.h.
* cplus-dem.c: Include libiberty.h for definition of xmalloc.
Don't redefine NULL.
Use casts to eliminate compiler warnings.
* spaces.c: Remove prototypes for malloc and free which are
already in libibrty.h.
* strcasecmp.c: Use casts to eliminate compiler warnings.
* vasprintf.c: Include libiberty.h for definition of malloc.
Don't redefine NULL.
* vprintf.c: Include stdarg.h if __STDC__.
Fri Oct 11 15:42:12 1996 Stu Grossman (
* config/mh-windows: Add strcasecmp.o to EXTRA_OFILES.
Fri Oct 11 11:16:31 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw.c (mpwify_filename): Rewrite to simplify, and to handle
upward components correctly.
Tue Oct 8 08:55:34 1996 Stu Grossman (
* config.table, config/mh-windows: Add support for building under
MSVC (the Microsoft build environment).
Mon Oct 7 10:50:27 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* fnmatch.c: Undef const if not __STDC__.
Thu Oct 3 13:46:39 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* fnmatch.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add fnmatch.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add fnmatch.o.
(fnmatch.o): New target.
Wed Sep 18 14:49:13 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Fix handling of address args.
(gnu_special): Handle type_info stuff.
Fri Sep 13 17:52:55 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw.c (DebugPI): Make settable from the env var DEBUG_PATHNAMES.
(mpwify_filename): Handle "::/" case.
Thu Sep 12 13:30:40 1996 Geoffrey Noer <>
* config/mh-cygwin32: new file (need -DNEED_basename and
-DNEED_sys_siglist for native NT rebuilding)
* config.table (*-*-cygwin32): new entry
* choose-temp.c: bring in sync with gcc (revert Aug 17 change)
Thu Aug 29 16:48:45 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* config.table (i[345]86-*-*): Recognize i686 for pentium pro.
Tue Aug 27 13:47:58 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* pexecute.c (pexecute) [MPW]: Remove old bogus code that
messed with arguments that included a '/', add escape chars
to double quotes, remove const decl from arg that Mac
compilers don't seem to like.
Sat Aug 17 04:44:27 1996 Geoffrey Noer <>
* pexecute.c: Update test for win32 (&& ! cygwin32).
* choose-temp.c: fix WIN32 preprocessor defines
Thu Aug 15 12:26:48 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw-make.sed: Add @DASH_C_FLAG@ and @SEGMENT_FLAG({Default})@
to editing of default makefile rule.
Sun Aug 11 21:03:27 1996 Stu Grossman (
* alloca-norm.h: Include <malloc.h> if _WIN32.
* argv.c: Include non-prototyped decls for malloc and string
functions if ! _WIN32 or if __GNUC__.
Thu Aug 8 12:42:40 1996 Klaus Kaempf <>
* config.h-vms: New file.
* makefile.vms: Use it.
Wed Aug 7 17:16:12 1996 Stu Grossman (
* getopt.c (_getopt_internal): If argc is 0, just return (before
we reference *argv and segfault).
Mon Aug 5 01:29:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (distclean): Add multilib.out.
Thu Jul 18 17:40:55 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* alloca-norm.h: Change #ifdef sparc to #if defined (sparc) &&
defined (sun). From Andrew Gierth <>.
Mon Jul 1 13:40:44 1996 Ken Raeburn <>
Tue May 28 15:29:03 1996 Pat Rankin <>
* (REQUIRD_OFILES): Add choose-temp.o and xstrdup.o.
Thu Jan 25 18:20:04 1996 Pat Rankin <>
* Changes to handle DEFFUNC(on_exit).
(do_ofiles): Allow nonexistent source file in pass 3.
(chk_deffunc): New routine.
Tue Jun 25 19:24:43 1996 Doug Evans <>
* pexecute.c (PEXECUTE_VERBOSE): Define.
(MPW pexecute): Check flags & PEXECUTE_VERBOSE instead of verbose_flag.
Tue Jun 25 23:11:48 1996 Jason Molenda (
* (docdir): Removed.
Tue Jun 25 23:01:07 1996 Jason Molenda (
* (oldincludedir): Removed.
Tue Jun 25 22:50:07 1996 Jason Molenda (
* (datadir): Set to $(prefix)/share.
Thu Jun 20 21:17:52 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_pt): Reindent. Avoid endless loop by
checking for errors from do_type.
Tue Jun 18 14:36:19 1996 Klaus Kaempf <>
* makefile.vms: New file.
* xmalloc.c: If VMS, include <stdlib.h> and <unixlib.h> rather
than declaring malloc, realloc, and sbrk.
Mon Jun 10 13:17:17 1996 Doug Evans <>
* pexecute.c: New file.
Wed Jun 5 16:57:45 1996 Richard Henderson <>
* xmalloc.c: Declare sbrk.
Sat May 4 05:08:45 1996 Peter Schauer (
* alloca-norm.h: Add SPARCworks cc compatible __builtin_alloca
Mon Apr 22 18:41:49 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* xstrerror.c: Include <stdio.h>.
Sun Apr 21 11:55:12 1996 Doug Evans <>
* (CFILES): Add atexit.c.
Sun Apr 21 09:50:09 1996 Stephen L Moshier (
* choose-temp.c: Include sys/types.h before sys/file.h for sco3.2v5.
Wed Apr 17 11:17:55 1996 Doug Evans <>
* choose-temp.c: Don't #include sys/file.h ifdef NO_SYS_FILE_H.
#include <stdio.h>
* config/mt-vxworks5 (HDEFINES): Define NO_SYS_FILE_H.
Tue Apr 16 11:27:16 1996 Jeffrey A Law (
* (lneeded-list): If alloca.o is needed, so is xmalloc.o.
Reverts Feb 8, 1995 change.
Mon Apr 15 12:53:26 1996 Doug Evans <>
* choose-temp.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add choose-temp.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add choose-temp.o.
Sat Apr 13 14:19:30 1996 Stu Grossman (
* floatformat.c (floatformat_to_double): Don't bias exponent when
handling zero's, denorms or NaNs.
Thu Apr 11 13:36:56 1996 Stu Grossman (
* floatformat.c (floatformat_to_double): Fix bugs with handling
numbers with fractions < 32 bits.
Mon Apr 8 14:48:34 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Permit --enable-shared to specify a list of
Tue Mar 19 22:02:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Fix for non-mangled pointer
Fri Mar 8 17:24:18 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* If srcdir is `.' and with_target_subdir is not
`.', then set MULTISRCTOP before calling
Thu Mar 7 13:37:10 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw.c (mpw_open): Add debugging output option.
Wed Mar 6 17:36:03 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Fix for address-of-extern arguments.
Tue Feb 27 12:00:50 1996 Raymond Jou <>
* mpw.c (mpwify_filename): Change 6 to 5 in
strncmp (unixname, "/tmp/", 5).
Tue Feb 20 10:55:53 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Initialize is_bool. Correctly
handle 0 as a pointer value parameter.
Mon Feb 5 16:41:44 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (all): Depend upon required-list.
(required-list): New target.
(clean): Remove required-list.
Wed Jan 31 10:19:41 1996 Steve Chamberlain <>
* win32.c: Deleted.
* config.table (i386-*-win32): Deleted.
* config/mh-i386win32: Deleted.
Thu Jan 18 11:34:17 1996 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname): Change opname parameter to
const char *.
(cplus_mangle_opname): Change return type and opname parameter to
const char *. Don't cast return value.
Tue Jan 16 12:13:11 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw.c: Include Timer.h, in order to get m68k Microseconds trap
Wed Jan 3 13:15:04 1996 Fred Fish <>
* obstack.c: Update copyright to 1996.
(_obstack_memory_used): Define new function. Called via
obstack_memory_used macro.
Thu Dec 28 11:39:40 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* xstrdup.c: New file.
* (CFILES): Add xstrdup.c.
(REQUIRED_OFILES): Add xstrdup.o.
(xstrdup.o): New target.
Mon Dec 11 18:18:52 1995 Mike Stump <>
* atexit.c: New stub to provide atexit on systems that have
on_exit, like SunOS 4.1.x systems.
* functions.def (on_exit, atexit): Ditto.
Mon Dec 11 15:42:14 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw.c (mpw_abort): Remove decl.
(mpw_access): Move debugging printf.
Sat Dec 2 01:25:23 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Consistently use ${host} rather than ${xhost} or
* Don't bother to set ${xhost} before calling
Tue Nov 28 14:16:57 1995 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (.c.o): Use test instead of the left bracket, to
avoid problems with some versions of make.
Tue Nov 28 11:45:17 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw-make.sed: Fix INCDIR edit to work with Nov 14 change.
Tue Nov 21 11:26:34 1995 Fred Fish <>
* config/mh-hpux: Remove. It was only used to define EXTRA_OFILES,
which was set to just alloca.o, which is now automatically marked
as needed by the autoconfiguration process.
Tue Nov 21 14:15:06 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config.table: Check ${with_cross_host} rather than comparing
${host} and ${target}.
Thu Nov 16 14:34:42 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* If with_target_subdir is empty, set xhost to
${host} rather than ${target} before calling config.table.
Tue Nov 14 01:38:30 1995 Doug Evans <>
* (MULTITOP): Deleted.
(install_to_libdir): Add $(MULTISUBDIR). Call $(MULTIDO).
* Delete call to Call
instead of
(cross-compile check): Change to test for with_target_subdir.
(EXTRA_LINKS): Delete.
Sun Nov 12 12:13:04 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw-make.sed: Add getpagesize.c.o to needed-list.
* mpw.c [USE_MW_HEADERS]: Conditionalize compiling of
functions that are supplied by Metrowerks libraries.
(fstat): Clean up descriptor->pointer conversion code.
(InstallConsole, etc): Empty definitions, for when linking
with SIOUX.
Sun Nov 5 19:25:27 1995 Per Bothner <>
(.c.o): Stylistic change.
Thu Nov 2 12:06:29 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* strtol.c, strtoul.c: Don't include <stdlib.h>. From (Philippe De Muyter).
Wed Nov 1 11:59:36 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Correct sed call.
Mon Oct 30 13:03:45 1995 Per Bothner <>
* Clean up / simplify for native.
* Merge in stuff from ../xiberty/
* (CC): Add definition (so it can be overrridden
by ../configure).
Tue Oct 24 17:57:27 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw-make.sed: Leave strerror.c.o in standard list of functions.
* mpw.c (R_OK, ENOENT, EACCESS, ENOSYS): Remove.
(link): Remove useless definition with error return.
(last_microseconds, warn_if_spin_delay, record_for_spin_delay):
Use UnsignedWide type for microsecond counts.
Thu Oct 19 10:52:07 1995 Michael Meissner <>
* memcmp.c (memcmp): Argument types are const void *, not void
* strncasecmp.c (strncasecmp): Include ansidecl.h/stdarg.h, not
* strcasecmp.c (strcasecmp): Ditto.
Tue Oct 10 11:03:24 1995 Fred Fish <>
* (BISON): Remove macro.
Tue Sep 26 15:06:46 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* (HFILES): Add default empty definition.
* (config.h): Only update if changed.
* Remove.
* mpw-make.sed: New file, edits into MPW makefile.
* mpw.c: Remove semi-clone of strerror code.
(sys_nerr, sys_errlist): Define here.
(Microseconds): Only define as A-line trap if m68k Mac.
Wed Sep 20 12:53:32 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (maintainer-clean): New synonym for distclean.
Mon Aug 28 19:47:52 1995 Per Bothner <>
* config.table: For host, generalize rs6000-ibm-aix*
to *-ibm-aix* so we also include powerpc.
Tue Aug 22 03:18:05 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Fri Jun 16 18:35:40 1995 Pat Rankin (
* xstrerror.c: New file.
*, Compile it.
Mon Jul 31 12:16:32 1995 steve chamberlain <>
* config.table (i386-*-win32): New.
Fri Jul 21 11:35:52 1995 Doug Evans <>
* (MULTITOP): New variable.
(all): Add multilib support.
(install_to_tooldir, *clean): Likewise.
Mon Jul 10 11:47:27 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* makefile.dos (OBJS): Add hex.o. From DJ Delorie.
Fri Jun 30 17:28:59 1995 Pat Rankin (
* create "new-lib.olb", build libiberty under that
name, and then make it become "liberty.olb" when done, so that an
incomplete build attempt never leaves behind something which looks
like a complete library.
Thu Jun 29 00:22:02 1995 Steve Chamberlain <>
* config/mh-i386pe: New file for PE hosts.
* config.table: Understand PE hosts.
Wed Jun 28 19:13:23 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c: Update from gcc.
* argv.c, dummy.c: If __STDC__, #include "alloca-conf.h" after
* alloca-norm.h: If __STDC__, declare alloca with its parameter.
Thu Jun 22 18:57:47 1995 Stan Shebs <>
* (ALL_CFLAGS): Define NEED_basename.
* mpw.c: Only test DebugPI once whenever printing debug info.
(mpwify_filename): If filename is /tmp/foo, change it into :_foo,
also fix to not write on input filename buffer.
(mpw_access): Use stat() instead of open(), works for directories
as well as files.
Mon Jun 19 00:33:22 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* Massage broken shells that require 'else true'.
Sat Jun 17 23:21:58 1995 Fred Fish <>
* alloca-norm.h: Declare alloca as type "PTR" to match functions.def.
Declare __builtin_alloca in the sparc case, as argv.c did.
* argv.c: Replace inline version of alloca-norm.h at start of file with
a #include of alloca-conf.h. Precede it with an include of ansidecl.h
because alloca-norm.h needs to declare alloca as "PTR".
Mon Jun 12 14:24:26 1995 Steve Chamberlain <>
* win32.c: New file.
Fri Jun 9 15:16:14 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* dummy.c: #include "alloca-conf.h".
Wed Jun 7 11:46:23 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (mostlyclean): Remove stamp-picdir.
(clean): Don't.
Mon Jun 5 18:46:06 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.table (frags): Use toplevel pic frags.
* (PICFLAG): New macro.
(all): Depend on stamp-picdir.
(needed-list): Ditto.
(.c.o): Also build pic object.
(stamp-picdir): New rule.
(mostlyclean): Remove pic.
(clean): Remove stamp-picdir.
Fri Mar 24 16:55:48 1995 Pat Rankin (
* (config.h): Add `#define NEED_basename'.
Tue May 23 10:12:46 1995 Per Bothner <>
* clock.c, getopt.c, strtod.c, vsprintf.c: Change from using LGPL
to libio-style copyright.
* getpagesize.c: Remove FSF copyright.
Sat May 20 12:30:23 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Added improved VMS support from Pat Rankin:
Fri Mar 17 18:40:36 1995 Pat Rankin (
* new file.
* getpagesize.c (getpagesize): implement for VMS;
* strerror.c (strerror, strerrno, strtoerrno): add rudimentary
support for EVMSERR.
Thu May 18 17:01:42 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
Wed May 10 14:28:16 1995 Richard Earnshaw (
* floatformat.c (floatformat_arm_ext): Define.
Tue May 16 13:30:59 1995 Per Bothner <>
* basename.c, bcmp.c, getcwd.c, insque.c, rename.c, sigsetmask.c,
strerror.c, strsignal.c: Remove FSF copyright.
* sigsetmask.c: #include <sys/types.h> - seems to be needed by ISC.
Mon May 15 19:53:17 1995 Per Bothner <>
* bcopy.c, bzero.c, memcmp.c, memcpy.c, memset.c, strchr.c,
strrchr.c, strstr.c, vfork.c: Remove FSF Copyright, because this
might contaminate libstdc++ with the LGPL. (OK'd by RMS 11 Oct 94.)
* strchr.c, strrchr.c: Add cast to suppress const warning.
Thu May 4 14:36:42 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c: Use const instead of CONST. Don't include
ansidecl.h directly.
Wed Apr 19 01:30:27 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c: Don't include libiberty.h. Do declare xmalloc and
(-DMAIN): Don't rely on an externally-defined version number;
instead, require the version number to be defined as a
preprocessor macro. Handle the RS/6000 leading dot. Define
xmalloc, xrealloc and fatal. Don't strip a leading underscore
if we couldn't demangle the word.
Tue Apr 4 13:03:51 1995 Stan Shebs <>
(Old mpw.c change descriptions retained for informational value.)
* mpw.c (warning_threshold): Default to .4 sec.
(overflow_count, current_progress): New globals.
(warn_if_spin_delay): Include current progress type,
such as program name, in message.
(mpw_start_progress): Set current_progress variable from arg.
(mpw_end_progress): Report spin delays by power-of-two-size
buckets instead of constant-size buckets.
* mpw.c: Clean up formatting, types, returns, etc.
(ENOSYS): Define.
(mpw_fread, mpw_fwrite): Define.
(sleep): Define correctly.
* mpw.c: New code to implement cursor spinning support.
(umask): New function.
(mpw_fopen, mpw_fseek, stat, fstat): Call PROGRESS.
* mpw.c (mpw_basename, mpw_mixed_basename): New functions, find
basenames for MPW and MPW/Unix filenames.
(mpw_special_init): New function, calls Macsbug if desired.
* mpw.c: Add GPL notice.
(mpwify_filename): Add more transformations.
(mpw_fopen): Call mpwify_filename on file names.
(rename): Remove.
(chdir, getcwd): Add simple definitions.
* mpw.c: Random cleanups, remove unused code bits.
Added copy of strerror.c for gcc's use.
(stat, fstat, _stat): New versions based on Guido van Rossum code.
* mpw.c (mpw_fseek): Make it work correctly when doing SEEK_CUR.
* mpw.c (stat): Remove hack definition, get from sys/stat.h.
(fork, vfork, etc): Print error messages if called.
(getrusage, sbrk, environ, isatty, link, utime, mkdir, rmdir,
rename, chown): Define.
* New file, MPW version of
* New file, MPW version of
* mpw.c: New file, MPW compatibility routines.
Fri Mar 24 14:10:30 1995 Jim Kingdon (
* basename.c: Include config.h before checking for NEED_basename.
Thu Mar 23 19:09:54 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* functions.def: Add DEFFUNC for basename.
* basename.c: Only define basename if NEED_basename.
Thu Mar 16 13:36:05 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* config.table: Fix --enable-shared logic for native builds.
Mon Mar 13 11:05:11 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Demangle bool literals properly.
Mon Mar 6 23:57:28 1995 Stu Grossman (
* strtol.c strtoul.c: Replace these with less buggy versions from
NetBSD. (strtoul in particular couldn't handle base 16.)
Wed Mar 1 15:59:01 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* config/mt-vxworks5 (HDEFINES): Define NO_SYS_PARAM_H.
* clock.c: If NO_SYS_PARAM_H is defined, don't include
* getcwd.c, getpagesize.c, getruntime.c: Likewise.
Fri Feb 17 15:40:55 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* getruntime.c (get_run_time): Don't assume that CLOCKS_PER_SEC is
a number; ANSI appears to permit any expression, including a
function call.
* config.table (*-*-vxworks5*): Use mt-vxworks5 when configuring
* config/mt-vxworks5: New file.
Thu Feb 9 14:19:45 1995 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* basename.c (basename): Change argument to be const.
Wed Feb 8 18:06:52 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (lneeded-list): Don't worry about xmalloc.
Sun Jan 15 00:40:36 1995 Jeff Law (
* (distclean): Delete xhost-mkfrag.
Thu Jan 12 16:54:18 1995 Jason Merrill <>
* (lneeded-list): If alloca.o is needed, so is xmalloc.o.
Wed Jan 11 22:39:56 1995 Ken Raeburn <>
* hex.c: New file.
(hex.o): Add dependencies.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): For GNU style constructor and
destructor names, try demangling the remainder of the string.
Wed Dec 28 00:49:15 1994 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* vasprintf.c (int_vasprintf): New static function.
(vasprintf): Use int_vasprintf. Removes assumption that va_list
is assignment compatible.
Sat Nov 5 19:29:12 1994 Jason Merrill (
* (LIBCFLAGS): New variable.
(FLAGS_TO_PASS): Pass it.
(.c.o): Use it.
Thu Nov 3 19:09:47 1994 Ken Raeburn <>
* getopt.c, getopt1.c: Do compile these functions under Linux,
since many native versions are based on glibc but are buggy.
Mon Oct 24 15:16:46 1994 Per Bothner <>
* vasprintf.c: Make 'format' arg be const, to avoid a mismatch
with prototype in GNU libc. Support stdarg.h as well as varargs.h.
Tue Oct 11 17:48:27 1994 Jason Merrill (
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): Add vasprintf.o.
* functions.def: Remove vasprintf.
Wed Sep 14 17:04:55 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* xmalloc.c (first_break): New static variable.
(xmalloc_set_program_name): Record sbrk (0) in first_break.
(xmalloc): If memory allocation fails, try to report how much
memory was allocated by the program up to this point.
(xrealloc): Likewise.
Sun Sep 04 17:58:10 1994 Richard Earnshaw (
* (ERRORS_CC): New variable, defaulted to $(CC). Use it
when linking dummy.
* config.table: Add host RISCiX Makefile frag.
* config/mh-riscix: New file.
Thu Aug 25 17:29:44 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Define.
($(RULE1)): Use $(FLAGS_TO_PASS).
Wed Aug 24 17:08:47 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* vasprintf.c: Include <string.h>.
(vasprintf): Add casts to void for va_arg to avoid gcc warnings.
* xatexit.c: Declare malloc.
Fri Aug 19 15:29:12 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_args): Fix a bug in previous patch (the
one below).
Thu Aug 18 14:37:14 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle args): Handle ARM repeat encoding where
the type index is greater than 9.
Wed Aug 17 16:13:49 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_qualified): accept optional '_' between
qualified name. This is baecause the template name may end with
numeric and can mixed up with the length of next qualified name.
Wed Aug 3 05:52:14 1994 D. V. Henkel-Wallace (
* config/mt-sunos4: Use our standard location for cross-includes
and cross-libs when the target is also a "host" environment (ie no
newlib; includes and such don't belong to us). This is specific
to the Cygnus Support environment.
Tue Aug 2 15:25:12 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): demangle as xxx<'Q'> not
Mon Aug 1 17:02:48 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (main): flush stdout to make pipe work.
Sat Jul 16 12:56:32 1994 Stan Shebs (
* config.table (*-*-cxux7*): Recognize.
* floatformat.c (floatformat_m88110_ext) [HARRIS_FLOAT_FORMAT]:
Harris-specific float format.
* config/mh-cxux7: New file.
Wed Jun 29 00:26:17 1994 Peter Schauer (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Make sure that the result of
consume_count doesn't index beyond the end of the string.
Mon Jun 20 23:54:37 1994 Peter Schauer (
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Handle vtable mangling of gcc-2.4.5 and
earlier. Improve test for new vtable mangling. Change output back
to `virtual table'.
Mon Jun 20 11:37:30 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* obstack.c: Always compile this code, even if using the GNU
library. Avoids problems with relatively recent binary
Thu Jun 16 17:54:01 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* cplus-dem.c: Include libiberty.h.
(xmalloc, xrealloc, free): Don't declare.
(strstr): Don't declare parameters.
(xmalloc, xrealloc): Don't define.
(long_options): Add no-strip-underscores.
(main): Call xmalloc_set_program_name. Pass n in short options to
getopt_long. Handle option 'n' to not strip underscores.
(usage): Mention -n and --no-strip-underscores.
Sun Jun 12 01:37:09 1994 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Separate consecutive >'s with a
(gnu_special): Demangle template and qualified names in a vtable name.
Fri May 27 12:27:52 1994 Ken Raeburn (
From gas-2.3 and binutils-2.4 net releases:
Wed May 11 22:32:00 1994 DJ Delorie (
* makefile.dos: [new] Makefile for dos/go32
* configure.bat: update for latest files
* msdos.c: remove some functions now in libc.a
Fri May 20 18:53:32 1994 Per Bothner (
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Recognize thunks, as well as
the new naming style for vtables (when -fvtable-thunks).
Wed May 18 13:34:06 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (XTRAFLAGS): Don't define.
(.c.o, dummy.o): Don't use XTRAFLAGS.
($(RULE1)): Don't pass XTRAFLAGS down in recursive call.
Fri May 13 16:02:12 1994 Jim Kingdon (
* vasprintf.c: New file.
*, functions.def: Add it.
Fri May 13 16:20:28 1994 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Grok bool.
Fri May 6 14:44:21 1994 Steve Chamberlain (
* config.table: Add go32
* config/mh-go32: New template.
Fri May 6 11:01:59 1994 D. V. Henkel-Wallace (
* config.table, config/mt-sunos4: config for when sun4 is cross target.
Mon Apr 11 00:54:33 1994 Richard Stallman (
* getopt.c [not __GNU_LIBRARY__] [__GCC__] [not __STDC__]:
Declare strlen to return int. Don't include stddef.h.
Fri Apr 1 00:38:17 1994 Jim Wilson (
* getopt.c: Delete use of IN_GCC to control whether
stddef.h or gstddef.h is included.
Thu Apr 14 14:00:56 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Fix a bug in template function
type numbering.
Wed Apr 13 17:23:03 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Fix template function with arm
style argument type number, Tn.
Wed Apr 13 17:11:15 1994 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c (optable): Add new[] and delete[].
Fri Apr 8 11:21:42 1994 Jim Kingdon (
* argv.c (buildargv): Don't produce empty argument just because
there is trailing whitespace.
Wed Apr 6 11:42:14 1994 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): fix 'Q' qualified name bug.
Handle 'p' same as 'P'.
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle 'p' same as 'P'.
Sat Mar 26 12:00:13 1994 Peter Schauer (
* floatformat.c (get_field, put_field): Fix off by one error in
little endian case.
Thu Mar 24 10:40:19 1994 Jim Kingdon (
* floatformat.c (floatformat_from_double): Pass unsigned char *,
not char *, to put_field.
Fri Mar 18 12:34:33 1994 Per Bothner (
* memmove.c: Re-wrote; placed in public domain.
Wed Mar 16 10:33:07 1994 Jim Kingdon (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): If ARM demangling, don't treat
__Q* as a constructor.
Mon Mar 14 12:26:02 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* ieee-float.c: Removed; no longer used.
* Changed accordingly.
Mon Mar 7 12:28:17 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* floatformat.c (get_field): Removed unused local variable i.
(put_field): Removed unused local variable i.
Sun Feb 27 21:50:11 1994 Jim Kingdon (
* floatformat.c: New file, intended to replace ieee-float.c.
* Change accordingly.
Thu Feb 24 11:51:12 1994 David J. Mackenzie (
* getopt.c: Remove #ifdef GETOPT_COMPAT and #if 0 code.
(_getopt_initialize): New function, broken out of _getopt_internal.
If long_only and the ARGV-element has the form "-f", where f is
a valid short option, don't consider it an abbreviated form of
a long option that starts with f. Otherwise there would be no
way to give the -f short option.
Thu Feb 10 14:44:16 1994 Richard Stallman (
* getopt.c [not __GNU_LIBRARY__] [__GNUC__] [not IN_GCC]:
Test just __STDC__, not emacs.
Wed Feb 9 00:14:00 1994 Richard Stallman (
* getopt.c [not __GNU_LIBRARY__] [__GNUC__] [not IN_GCC]
[emacs] [not __STDC__]: Don't include stddef.h. Don't declare strlen.
Fri Dec 24 19:43:00 1993 Noah Friedman (
* getopt.c (_NO_PROTO): Define before config.h is included.
Mon Sep 20 15:59:03 1993 Roland McGrath (
* getopt.c, getopt1.c [emacs || CONFIG_BROKETS]: Include
<config.h> only under these, else "config.h".
Thu Aug 12 18:16:49 1993 Roland McGrath (
* getopt.c, getopt1.c [HAVE_CONFIG_H]: Include
<config.h> instead of "config.h".
Sun Feb 20 17:17:01 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* concat.c: Check ANSI_PROTOTYPES rather than __STDC__ to decide
whether to use prototypes or not.
* strerror.c (const): Never undefine; let ansidecl.h handle it.
* strsignal.c (const): Likewise.
Thu Feb 17 13:27:35 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* xatexit.c (_xexit_cleanup): Declare as extern; don't initialize.
Merging common and initialized variables need not be supported by
ANSI C compilers.
(xatexit): Initialize _xexit_cleanup if not already set.
* xexit.c: Comment fix.
Wed Feb 16 01:15:36 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* xmalloc.c: Don't declare xexit; it's declared in libiberty.h.
(xrealloc): If oldmem is NULL, allocate with malloc, rather than
assuming that realloc works correctly.
Tue Feb 15 09:26:16 1994 Peter Schauer (
* concat.c, ieee-float.c: Replace inclusion of <string.h>
with explicit function declarations, as recommended by Ian Taylor.
Sat Feb 12 10:31:11 1994 David J. Mackenzie (
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Use PTR and size_t throughout.
(malloc, realloc): Declare.
Thu Feb 10 17:08:19 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* argv.c, basename.c: Include ansidecl.h and libiberty.h.
* concat.c, fdmatch.c, getruntime.c, spaces.c: Likewise.
* strerror.c, strsignal.c, xatexit.c, xexit.c: Likewise.
* xmalloc.c: Likewise.
* concat.c: Don't declare xmalloc. If __STDC__, use <stdarg.h>
macros, not <varargs.h> macros.
* spaces.c (spaces): Make return type const. Don't crash if
malloc returns NULL.
* strerror.c (struct error_info): Make name and msg fields const.
(error_names): Make const.
(strerrno): Make const.
(strtoerrno): Make argument const.
* strsignal.c (struct signal_info): Make name and msg fields
(signal_names, sys_siglist): Make const.
(strsignal, strsigno): Make const.
(strtosigno): Make argument const.
* xatexit.c: Declare parameter types.
* xmalloc.c (name): Make const.
(xmalloc_set_program_name): Make argument const.
* (INCDIR): Define.
(.c.o): Use $(INCDIR).
(dummy.o): Likewise.
(argv.o, basename.o): New targets; depend on libiberty.h.
(concat.o, fdmatch.o, getruntime.o, spaces.o): Likewise.
(strerror.o, strsignal.o, xatexit.o, xexit.o): Likewise.
(xmalloc.o): Likewise.
(cplus-dem.o): New target; depend on demangle.h.
(getopt.o, getopt1.o): New targets; depend on getopt.h.
(ieee-float.o): New target; depend on ieee-float.h.
(obstack.o): New target; depend on obstack.h.
Tue Feb 8 05:29:08 1994 David J. Mackenzie (
Handle obstack_chunk_alloc returning NULL. This allows
obstacks to be used by libraries, without forcing them
to call exit or longjmp.
* obstack.c (_obstack_begin, _obstack_begin_1, _obstack_newchunk):
If CALL_CHUNKFUN returns NULL, set alloc_failed, else clear it.
(_obstack_begin, _obstack_begin_1): Return 1 if successful, 0 if not.
Tue Feb 8 00:32:28 1994 Peter Schauer (
* concat.c, ieee-float.c: Include <string.h>.
Sun Feb 6 21:28:46 1994 David J. Mackenzie (
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc_set_program_name): New function.
(xmalloc, xrealloc): Include the name in the error message, if set.
* Replace atexit.c with xatexit.c.
* (CFILES), functions.def: Change references.
Sat Feb 5 14:02:32 1994 Stan Shebs (
* getruntime.c (get_run_time): Use getrusage or times if
Fri Feb 4 15:49:38 1994 David J. Mackenzie (
* atexit.c: New file.
* (CFILES), functions.def: Add it.
* xexit.c: New file.
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Call xexit instead of exit.
Change request for 0 bytes into request for 1 byte.
Wed Feb 2 11:36:49 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* xmalloc.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Print size using %lu, and cast to
unsigned long, to avoid warnings.
Fri Jan 28 17:49:06 1994 Ken Raeburn (
* dummy.c: Don't include time.h ever; always define clock_t as
"unsigned long". Until gcc/fixincludes ensures that clock_t
exists, __STDC__ isn't a sufficient test. And if clock() doesn't
exist, clock_t probably doesn't either.
Mon Jan 24 11:52:31 1994 Stan Shebs (
* clock.c, getruntime.c: New files.
* Add to file lists.
* functions.def (clock): Add to list.
* dummy.c (time.h): Add if __STDC__.
(clock_t): #define as "unsigned long" if not __STDC__.
Tue Jan 11 11:27:44 1994 Ian Lance Taylor (
* strtod.c: Declare atof. From (Jan
Tue Dec 28 14:17:30 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (errors): Use CFLAGS as well as LDFLAGS when
Fri Dec 17 12:26:07 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_arm_pt): New function. Common code
for ARM template demangling.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_class_name): Use demangle_arm_pt.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): Likewise.
Tue Nov 30 15:47:48 1993 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle_opname): Add CONST to please gcc.
Sat Nov 27 11:05:50 1993 Fred Fish (
Merge changes from (Tom R.Hageman)
* strerror.c, strsignal.c: As a small space optimization, don't
include messages when they aren't actually used.
Merge changes from!joe (Josef Leherbauer)
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix, demangle_function_name,
cplus_demangle_opname): Fixes for systems where cplus_marker
is something other than '$'.
Fri Nov 26 13:51:11 1993 Per Bothner (
* waitpid.c: Simple-minded approcimation to waitpid
using vanilla wait.
* functions.def, Update accordingly,
Thu Nov 18 18:01:15 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c(demangle_template): fix bug template instantiation
with value of user defined type.
Wed Nov 17 18:30:21 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c(cplus_demangle_opname): add the subject new function
to support unified search of operator in class.
Wed Nov 10 09:47:22 1993 Jim Kingdon (
gcc -Wall lint:
* strtoul.c (strtoul): use "(digit = *s) != '\0'" not just
"digit = *s" as condition in while loop.
Tue Nov 9 15:52:22 1993 Mark Eichin (
* pass SHELL to recursive make
Thu Nov 4 12:09:26 1993 Per Bothner (
* vfprintf.c, vprintf.c, vsprintf.c: Make format arg
be (const char*), for ANSI (and gcc w/fixproto) consistency.
Thu Nov 4 08:29:04 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* config.table: Make *-*-hiux* use mh-hpux.
Fri Oct 22 07:53:15 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* config.table: Add * to end of all OS names.
Tue Oct 19 17:12:01 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* (lneeded-list): ensure that object file names are
not duplicated, as multiple instances of the same object file in
a library causes problems on some machines
Mon Oct 18 21:59:28 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* strcasecmp.c, strncasecmp.c: Change u_char to unsigned char.
Fri Oct 15 22:17:11 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* strncasecmp.c: new file, implements strncasecmp
* strcasecmp.c: new file, implement strcasecmp
* (CFILES): list these two new source files
* functions.def: add strcasecmp and strncasecmp entries
Fri Oct 15 14:53:05 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* strtoul.c (strtoul), strtol.c (strtol): Handle overflow
according to ANSI C.
Thu Oct 14 16:34:19 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c: add support of ARM global constructor/destructor,
and 'G' for passing record or union in parameter.
Wed Oct 13 13:36:19 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* Fix comment to clarify that stuff in REQUIRED_OFILES
should not be in functions.def.
Wed Oct 13 13:13:38 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* functions.def: Removed xmalloc. Stuff in REQUIRED_OFILES should
not be in functions.def.
Mon Oct 4 18:26:39 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c: change globl constructor/destructor to proper name
Tue Sep 28 18:11:07 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c: fix bug in constructor/destructor
Tue Sep 28 16:20:49 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c: support both old and new _vt$... vtbl mangled names
Fri Sep 24 19:07:16 1993 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c: Fix demangle_template prototype
Fri Sep 24 17:32:55 1993 Kung Hsu (
* cplus-dem.c: fix template demangling
* cplus-dem.c: fix const type demangling
* cplus-dem.c: fix constructor/destructor, virtual table,
qualifier, global constructor/destructor demangling
Wed Sep 1 23:13:11 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* strsignal.c, strerror.c: Use fully-bracketed initializer to
keep gcc -Wall happy.
Fri Aug 27 10:30:09 1993 Jason Merrill (
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Add CONSTS to make gcc happy with last
Fri Aug 27 11:24:54 1993 Jim Kingdon (
Patch from Paul Flinders:
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Deal with arrays.
Tue Aug 24 14:23:50 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_qualified: Deal with GNU format for more
than 9 classes.
Wed Aug 18 19:50:29 1993 Jason Merrill (
* (dummy.o): Redirect to /dev/null to avoid "variable
not initialized" warnings under HP/UX
Sun Aug 15 20:42:40 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* strerror.c: Move include of stdio.h after sys_errlist #define.
Also remove NULL definition (stdio.h always defines NULL, so it
never did anything but clutter up the code).
Sat Aug 14 14:21:49 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
*, functions.def: handle xmalloc.c
* xmalloc.c: provide xmalloc and xrealloc functions
Thu Aug 12 17:38:57 1993 David J. Mackenzie (
* cplus-dem.c: Fix a comment.
Sat Aug 7 13:56:35 1993 David J. Mackenzie (
* getopt1.c: Declare const the way getopt.c does.
Fri Aug 6 17:03:13 1993 David J. Mackenzie (
* obstack.c, alloca.c: Update from FSF.
* getopt.c, getopt1.c: Update to current FSF version, which
doesn't use alloca.
Tue Jul 27 14:03:57 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* (demangle): Add the target with a message saying
where demangle went.
Mon Jul 26 15:49:54 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* Remove obsolete `demangle' target.
Thu Jul 22 08:31:01 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c (arm_special): Apply patch from to
avoid infinite loop on vtbl symbols with disambiguating "junk"
tacked on the end.
Mon Jul 19 14:10:37 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (
* strsignal.c: work around some systems losing definitions of
* config/mh-lynxos: this system has a losing definition of
* config.table: use mh-lynxos for *-*-lynxos
Mon Jul 19 17:08:52 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* config.table: Add support for HPPA BSD hosts.
* config/mh-hpbsd: New file.
Mon Jul 12 18:00:40 1993 K. Richard Pixley (
* (TAGS): make work when srcdir != objdir.
Sun Jun 27 15:35:31 1993 David J. Mackenzie (
* cplus-dem.c (main): Add long options, including --help and
(usage): New function from code in main.
Tue Jun 22 11:37:38 1993 Per Bothner (
* config.table: New shell scipt, sourced by both ./configure,in
and ../xiberty/, to avoid maintainance lossages.
* and ../xiberty/ Use config.table.
* Don't use mh-aix for AIX 3.2, only for 3.1.
* Map *-*-irix* (except irix4) to mh-sysv.
* ../xiberty/ Update from ./
Tue Jun 15 17:05:31 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* remove parentdir support
Wed May 26 12:59:09 1993 Peter Schauer (
* cplus-dem.c (xrealloc): Match definition with prototype.
Tue May 25 14:27:51 1993 Peter Schauer (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): Demangle cfront
local variables as an extension to ARM demangling.
Fri May 21 09:53:57 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* ieee-float.c: Don't require pointers to double to be aligned.
Tue May 18 17:12:10 1993 Fred Fish (
(merge changes from
* cplus-dem.c (consume_count): Simplify.
* cplus-dem.c (arm_pt, demangle_class_name): New functions.
* cplus-dem.c (various): Calls to arm_pt, demangle_class_name.
* cplus-dem.c (xmalloc, xrealloc, strstr): Make extern decls into
full prototypes.
* cplus-dem.c (free): Add prototype.
* cplus-dem.c (optable): Fully bracketize initializer.
Fri May 14 17:13:05 1993 Per Bothner (
* cplus-dem.c: Whether initial underscores are stripped
depends on the external variable prepends_underscore
(which is generated by the binutils Makefile).
Fri May 14 07:32:20 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* cplus-dem.c (mop_up, arm_special): Remove some unused variables.
Tue May 4 20:31:59 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c (consume_count): Return zero if arg does not
start with digit, and don't consume any input.
Tue May 4 08:10:28 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* (demangle): Use ${srcdir} not $^.
* strtod.c: New file, needed at least for BSD 4.3.
Sun May 2 11:30:42 1993 Fred Fish (
* strsignal.c (sys_siglist): For ANSI compilations, type is
"const char *const". Also remove conditionalization on __STDC__
since const is defined away for non-ANSI.
Wed Apr 28 19:29:55 1993 Ken Raeburn (
* Recognize *-*-hpux.
* config/mh-hpux: New file.
Tue Apr 27 15:22:19 1993 Per Bothner (
* tmpnam.c: Added ANSI tmpnam() function.
* functions.def, Update accordingly.
Tue Apr 27 13:38:38 1993 Peter Schauer (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_function_name): Get the demangling of
stop__1A right.
Fri Apr 16 23:48:24 1993 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at calvin)
* cplus-dem.c: Declare strstr return type.
Fri Mar 26 12:01:26 1993 Jim Kingdon (
* strsignal.c: Add some AIX signals.
Thu Mar 25 15:17:23 1993 Ian Lance Taylor (
* (MAKEOVERRIDES): Define to be empty.
Wed Mar 24 01:59:25 1993 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* add installcheck & dvi targets
Thu Mar 18 14:05:44 1993 Per Bothner (
* ieee-float.c: New file, moved from ../gdb (since it is
needed by ../opcode/m68k-dis.c).
Tue Mar 2 17:47:31 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c: Replace all references to cfront with ARM.
Fri Feb 26 00:17:07 1993 Per Bothner (
* cplus-dem.c: Fix main program (when compiled with -DMAIN)
to be more useful as a filter.
Sat Feb 20 21:41:39 1993 Brendan Kehoe (
* (install_to_libdir, install_to_tooldir): Go into the
destination directory before running $(RANLIB), in case that
program tries to create a file in the current directory as part of
its work.
Thu Feb 18 23:00:19 1993 John Gilmore (
* strsignal.c (sys_siglist): Remove yet another *%^&%&$# "const"
because BSD 4.4 lacks one. Isn't this fun?
Thu Feb 18 11:24:25 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Set func_done after
demangling a template.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_template): Fix several small bugs
in demangling GNU style templates.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_prefix): Fix for templates in GNU
style constructors.
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Fix for templates in GNU style
static data members.
Tue Feb 16 17:28:35 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Modify to include type
modifiers like static and const in remembered types.
Thu Feb 11 22:20:47 1993 Fred Fish (
* cplus-dem.c (demangled_qualified): Add new parameter that tells
whether to prepend or append the qualifiers.
* cplus-dem.c (string_prepends): Used now, remove #if 0.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_signature): Call demangle_qualified
with prepending.
* cplus-dem.c (gnu_special): Recognize static data members that
use qualified names.
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_qualified): Accumulate qualifiers in a
temporary buffer and the prepend or append them to the result,
as specified by the new "append" flag.
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Call demangled_qualified with
Mon Dec 28 10:47:19 1992 Ken Raeburn (
* strsignal.c (signal_table): Now const.
(init_signal_tables): Variable eip now points to const.
* strerror.c (error_table): Now const.
(init_error_tables): Variable eip now points to const.
Tue Dec 15 15:36:50 1992 Per Bothner (
* memchr.c (memchr): New (ANSI standard) function.
*, functions.def: Added memchr.
* (AR_FLAGS): Use rc instad of non-standard cq.
Wed Dec 2 22:49:10 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* getopt.c: remove use of USG around <alloca.h>, which never meant
anything anyway
* config/mh-{aix,apollo68,ncr3000,sysv,sysv4}: removed definitions
of USG and USGr4
Thu Nov 19 03:09:33 1992 Brendan Kehoe (
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_fund_type): Recognize `w', a wide character;
it's now a type according to the ANSI X3J16 working paper; output
"wchar_t" for it.
(demangle_template): Accept `w' as an integral type.
(xmalloc, xrealloc): Use `char *', not `PTR'. Cast calls to their
counterparts malloc and realloc to `char *'.
(main): Exit with a 0 status.
* (demangle): Don't expect the user to define
DEMANGLE, instead force to be cplus-dem.c. Look in $(srcdir)/../include
for demangle.h. Pass it any HDEFINES or XTRAFLAGS.
Wed Nov 18 18:56:20 1992 John Gilmore (
* (AR_FLAGS): Avoid verbosity.
* config/mh-sysv4: Remove AR_FLAGS override, use INSTALL=cp,
replace USGr4 with HAVE_SYSCONF.
* config/mh-solaris: Remove; mh-sysv4 works now.
* getpagesize.c: Replace USGr4 with HAVE_SYSCONF.
* Simplify host matching table, remove separate
solaris config file.
Sun Nov 15 09:35:16 1992 Fred Fish (
* (i[34]86-*-solaris2*): Add, use mh-sysv4.
Tue Nov 3 21:27:03 1992 Brendan Kehoe (
* cplus-dem.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Add decls.
(remember_type): Don't cast xmalloc.
(string_need): Likewise; don't cast xrealloc either.
Fri Oct 23 08:52:01 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
*, functions.defs, rename.c: added simple
implementation of rename, since some binutils programs use it.
Thu Oct 15 15:18:22 1992 Per Bothner (
* strsignal.c: Add appropriate 'const' to sys_siglist
extern declaration (if __STDC__). (Needed for Linux.)
* strsignal.c (strsignal): Add cast to remove const-ness.
Fri Oct 9 03:22:55 1992 John Gilmore (
* (needed.awk, needed2.awk): Remove erroneous \'s
before "'s, diagnosed by BSD 4.4 awk.
Thu Oct 8 15:25:12 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* create config.h and needed-list through $(CONFIG_H)
and $(NEEDED_LIST), to give some hooks for xiberty.
Thu Oct 1 23:31:42 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* use cpu-vendor-triple instead of nested cases
Wed Sep 30 11:26:59 1992 Per Bothner (
*, argv.c, basename.c, bcmp.c, bcopy.c, bzero.c,
concat.c, cplus-dem.c, fdmatch.c, getcwd.c, getopt.c, getopt1.c,
getpagesize.c, insque.c, memcmp.c, memcpy.c, memmove.c, memset.c,
obstack.c, sigsetmask.c, spaces.c, strchr.c, strerror.c,
strrchr.c, strsignal.c, strstr.c, vfork.c, vsprintf.c:
Convert from using GPL to LGPL.
Sat Sep 26 04:01:30 1992 John Gilmore (
* (errors): Leave dummy.o and dummy around so that
we can see how the needed list was generated (it's sometimes wrong).
(mostlyclean): Remove them.
Mon Sep 21 14:50:42 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* getcwd.c: supply a default if MAXPATHLEN is not defined.
* config/mh-irix4: set EXTRA_OFILES to alloca.o, from WRS.
Wed Sep 9 12:41:48 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* Use XTRAFLAGS when compiling, so that xiberty works
when cross-compiling.
Thu Sep 3 13:29:39 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* cplus-dem.c: (demangle_prefix): reduction in strength of strstr
as a time optimization.
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle): remove strpbrk test. Appears to
be more expensive than simply demangling.
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_match): new function.
Tue Sep 1 15:24:04 1992 Per Bothner (
* cplus-dem.c: #include <stdio.h>, to define NULL.
Define current_demangling_style.
Sun Aug 30 17:58:19 1992 Per Bothner (
* cplus-dem.c: New file, moved from ../gdb.
* cplus-dem.c (set_cplus_marker_for_demangling): New exported
function, to avoid compiling in target-dependency for CPLUS_MARKER.
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle): Allow demangling style option
to be passed as a parameter, but using the global variable
current_demangling_style as a default.
* Update for cplus-dem.c
Sat Aug 29 10:44:09 1992 Fred Fish (
* obstack.c: Merge in comment changes from FSF version. Now
matches the FSF version exactly.
Fri Aug 28 18:39:08 1992 John Gilmore (
* obstack.c (CALL_FREEFUN): Can't use ?: with void values (at
least on losing DECstations!); use if-then-else instead.
Wed Aug 19 14:40:34 1992 Ian Lance Taylor (
* always create installation directories.
Mon Aug 10 17:33:40 1992 david d `zoo' zuhn (zoo at
* clean up definition of CFILES, more comments
Sat Aug 8 23:10:59 1992 Fred Fish (
* getopt.c (my_index): Make first arg const to match strchr,
which it sometimes is remapped to.
Sat Aug 1 13:48:50 1992 Fred Fish (
* obstack.c (DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT): Update to match FSF version.
* obstack.c (_obstack_begin): Initialize use_extra_arg.
* obstack.c (_obstack_begin_1): New, from FSF version.
Mon Jul 20 21:07:58 1992 Fred Fish (
* obstack.c (CALL_CHECKFUN, CALL_FREEFUN): Use use_extra_arg and
* obstack.c (_obstack_begin): Remove area_id and flags arguments
(previously added for mmalloc support, interface has changed).
Also convert flags usage to use use_extra_arg and maybe_empty_object.
Fri Jul 10 00:41:53 1992 Fred Fish (
* argv.c: Move expandargv inline and eliminate static variables.
Rewrite to always allocate in powers of two. Fix to return an
argv with a single null string arg if passed a null string.
Fri Jul 3 20:27:29 1992 Fred Fish (
* random.c, sigsetmask.c, strerror.c, strsignal.c: Remove
"(void)" casts from function calls where the return value is
ignored, in accordance with GNU coding standards.
Mon Jun 29 10:54:19 1992 Fred Fish (fnf at
* bcopy.c, strerror.c, strsignal.c: Lint.
Thu Jun 25 09:18:41 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* getopt.c: merge changes from make.
Thu Jun 25 04:43:22 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* alloca.c: Incorporate fixes from gdb/alloca.c.
FIXME: Eventually move gdb's alloca configuration files here,
and remove gdb/alloca.c and its support.
Tue Jun 23 21:56:30 1992 Fred Fish (
* dummy.c: Define NOTHING to /*nothing*/, change return type
of main to int and return zero.
* functions.def: Supply NOTHING as the fourth arg to macros
that don't have an explicit arg, to satisfy picky preprocessors.
Wed Jun 17 18:13:58 1992 Per Bothner (
* Clean up *clean rules, as per standards.texi.
Tue Jun 16 16:11:59 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* getopt.c, getopt1.c: merged largely gratuitous, mostly
whitespace diffs from other prep distributions.
Mon Jun 15 12:25:46 1992 Fred Fish (
* config/mh-ncr3000 (INSTALL): Don't use /usr/ucb/install,
it is broken on ncr 3000's.
Mon Jun 15 01:03:26 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* sigsetmask.c: Rewrite. Old one was very confused about its
arguments and result. New one can't do much, but at least knows
what it can't do, and it's good enough for GDB's use.
Sun Jun 14 15:17:40 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* functions.def: Use proper prototype for strtoul.
Fri Jun 12 19:22:40 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* Add random.c.
* config/mh-*: Use "true" rather than "echo >/dev/null" for ranlib.
* update solaris2 config.
Wed Jun 10 16:31:29 1992 Fred Fish (
* random.c: Add for random() and srandom().
* functions.def: Add random
Tue Jun 9 17:27:18 1992 Fred Fish (
* config/{mh-ncr3000, mh-sysv4}: Add definition for INSTALL
using /usr/ucb/install.
Mon Jun 1 13:20:17 1992 Per Bothner (
* strerror.c: Kludge to guard against a conflict with
possible declaration of sys_errlist in errno.h.
Sun May 31 15:07:47 1992 Mark Eichin (eichin at
*, config/mh-solaris: add solaris2 config support.
Fri May 29 17:23:23 1992 Per Bothner (
* sigsetmask.c: #ifdef out sigsetmask if SIG_SETMASK
is not defined (should be defined in signal.h, says Posix.).
Mon May 18 17:35:04 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* getopt.c: merged changes from make-3.62.11.
Fri May 8 14:53:07 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* getopt.c: merged changes from bison-1.18.
Tue May 5 11:51:40 1992 Per Bothner (
* Don't have $(EXTRA_OFILES) depend on config.h,
since that introduces a circular dependency.
($(EXTRA_OFILES) are used to build config.h.)
* strtoul.c: Fixes to handle non-decimal bases better.
Wed Apr 22 09:27:51 1992 Fred Fish (
* config/mh-ncr3000: Replace MINUS_G with CFLAGS.
* Makefile.dos: Finish MINUS_G eradication.
* (CFILES): Add strsignal.c.
* (REQUIRED_OFILES): Add strerror.o strsignal.o
* (needed-list): Split creation of errors file to
separate make target.
* (config.h, needed2.awk, errors): New targets.
* (clean): Split to multiple lines, add needed2.awk
and config.h.
* dummy.c (DEFFUNC, DEFVAR): Add defines and undefs.
* functions.def (strerror): Remove from optional list.
* functions.def (sys_nerr, sys_errlist, sys_siglist): DEFVAR's
* functions.def (strerror, psignal): DEFFUNC's
* strerror.c: Rewrite from scratch to use sys_errlist only if
available, add errno_max(), add strerrno(), add strtoerrno(),
add test driver.
* strsignal.c: New file, signal equivalent to strerror.c.
Uses sys_siglist if available, defines signo_max(), strsignal(),
strsigno(), strtosigno(), psignal(), and test driver.
Mon Apr 20 20:49:32 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* do not print recursion line.
* allow CFLAGS to be passed in from command line.
Removed MINUS_G. Default CFLAGS to -g.
Mon Apr 20 12:57:46 1992 Per Bothner (
* config/mh-aix: New. EXTRA_OFILES lists copysign.o,
so libg++ users don't have to be inconvenienced by a
libc.a bug (libc.a needs copysign, but doesn't define it!).
* Use config/mh-aix.
* strtoul.c: Handle '-' as required by ANSI.
Clean up radix handling.
* strstr.c: Fix buggy algorithm.
* Change so that ${EXTRA_OFILES} is
appended to needed-list (which is used by libg++).
Fri Apr 10 22:51:41 1992 Fred Fish (
* Recognize new ncr3000 config.
* config/mh-ncr3000: New config file.
Wed Apr 1 23:31:43 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* argv.c, dummy.c: Lint.
Tue Mar 31 18:46:44 1992 Fred Fish (
* config/mh-sysv4: New config file.
* (host_makefile_frag): Set to config/mh-sysv4 for
host_os == sysv4.
* getpagesize.c: For SVR4, use sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE) to get
Sun Mar 29 12:26:42 1992 John Gilmore (gnu at
* getopt.c: Lint.
Fri Mar 27 08:32:55 1992 Fred Fish (
* functions.def (alloca): Fix return type and args to avoid
type clash with gcc's builtin alloca.
Tue Mar 24 23:33:42 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
*, config/mh-irix4: irix4 support.
*, functions.def, alloca.c: added alloca.
Tue Mar 24 17:34:46 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* obstack.c (CALL_FREEFUN): Make it compile on DECstations.
Thu Mar 19 13:57:42 1992 Fred Fish (
* argv.c: Fix various external function definitions to be
correct in an ANSI compilation environment.
Sat Mar 14 17:28:17 1992 Fred Fish (
* obstack.c: Changes to support calling mmalloc functions,
which take an additional argument over malloc functions.
Fri Mar 6 22:01:10 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
* added check target.
Thu Feb 27 22:19:39 1992 Per Bothner (
* argv.c: #include alloca-conf.h (needed by AIX).
Wed Feb 26 18:04:40 1992 K. Richard Pixley (
*, removed traces of namesubdir,
-subdirs, $(subdir), $(unsubdir), some rcs triggers. Forced
copyrights to '92, changed some from Cygnus to FSF.
Sat Feb 22 01:09:21 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* argv.c: Check in Fred's version which fixes problems with
Fri Feb 7 21:46:08 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* makefile.dos: Remove NUL to keep patch from failing.
Thu Jan 30 22:48:41 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* getopt.c (_getopt_internal): Fix usage of enum has_arg.
Mon Jan 20 18:53:23 1992 Stu Grossman (grossman at
* getopt.c, getopt1.c, ../include/getopt.h: Get latest versions.
Sat Jan 18 16:53:01 1992 Fred Fish (fnf at
* argv.c: New file to build and destroy standard argument
vectors from a command string.
* Add argv.c and argv.o to appropriate macros.
Fri Dec 20 12:12:57 1991 Fred Fish (fnf at
* Change svr4 references to sysv4.
* rindex.c: Declare return type of externally used function
Thu Dec 19 18:35:03 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* Remove "***" in normal output, since Make produces
this on errors, and it's convenient to search for.
Tue Dec 17 23:21:30 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
* memcmp.c, memcpy.c, memmove.c, memset.c, strchr.c, strrchr.c:
New ANSI functions. The old non-ANSI functions (such as bcopy)
should be avoided.
* bcopy.c: Fix to correctly handle overlapping regions.
* index.c, rindex.c: Re-write in terms of strchr() and strrchr().
* functions.def: Add the new functions.
* functions.def: Add 4th parameter to DEF macro,
an ansidecl.h-style prototype.
* dummy.c: Use expanded DEF macro to create a dummy function
call, with correct parameter types. (This avoids some
complaints from gcc about predefined builtins.)
Move the functionality of config/mh-default into
This avoid duplication, and simplifies things slightly.
* Tweak so we don't need config/mh-default.
* README: Update.
* No longer need config/mh-default.
* config/mh-default: Deleted.
* config/mh-sysv: Remove lines copied from old mh-default.
Tue Dec 17 05:46:46 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* fdmatch.c (fdmatch): Don't compare st_rdev, which is for
'mknod' device numbers.
Mon Dec 16 12:25:34 1991 Fred Fish (fnf at
* fdmatch.c, Add new function that takes two
open file descriptors and returns nonzero if they refer to
the same file, zero otherwise. (used in gdb)
Wed Dec 11 17:40:39 1991 Steve Chamberlain (sac at
From DJ:
* msdos.c: stub functions for dos.
* makefile.dos, configdj.bat: new.
* getopt.c: Don't include alloca-conf.h in a GO32 world.
Tue Dec 10 04:14:49 1991 K. Richard Pixley (rich at
* infodir belongs in datadir.
Fri Dec 6 23:26:45 1991 K. Richard Pixley (rich at
* remove spaces following hyphens because bsd make
can't cope. added standards.text support. install using
* remove commontargets as it is no longer a
recognized hook.
Thu Dec 5 22:46:46 1991 K. Richard Pixley (rich at
* idestdir and ddestdir go away. Added copyrights
and shift gpl to v2. Added ChangeLog if it didn't exist. docdir
and mandir now keyed off datadir by default.
Fri Nov 22 19:15:29 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* find-needed.awk does not fit in 14 chars.
* Suppress error checking when compiling the test
program, because Ultrix make/sh aborts there due to a bug.
Fri Nov 22 12:23:17 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
* Re-did how EXTRA_OFILES is used to be more useful.
* README: Explained how the auto-configuration works,
and how to add new files and/or configurations.
Fri Nov 22 09:45:23 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* strtoul.c: Avoid defining ULONG_MAX if already defined;
cast a const char * to char * for pedants.
* getopt.c: Only define "const" after local include files get to,
and only if they haven't defined it.
Thu Nov 21 16:58:53 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* getcwd.c (remove getwd.c): GNU code should call getcwd(). We
emulate it with getwd() if available. This avoids callers having
to find a MAXPATHLEN or PATH_MAX value from somewhere.
*, functions.def: getwd->getcwd.
* Use generic case for every system.
* config/mh-{delta88,mach,rs6000,svr4}: Remove.
* config/mh-sysv: Use default handling, just add -DUSG.
Thu Nov 14 10:58:05 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
*, config/mh-default: Re-do make magic
so that for the default ("automatic") mode we only
compile the files we actually need. Do this using
a recursive make: The top-level generates the list
of needed files (loosely, the ones missing in libc),
and then passes that list to the recursive make.
* config/mh-mach: Remove obsolete STRERROR-{C,O} macros.
Tue Nov 12 19:10:57 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
RS/6000 host support (grumble).
* Build alloca-conf.h file from alloca-norm.h
(everything else) or alloca-botch.h (rs/6000).
* Include . on the include path.
* getopt.c: Use alloca-conf.h.
* alloca-norm.h: How to declare alloca on reasonable machines.
* alloca-botch.h: How to declare alloca on braindead machines.
Tue Nov 12 09:21:48 1991 Fred Fish (fnf at
* concat.c : New file, like concat() in gdb but can take a
variable number of arguments rather than fixed at 3 args. For
now, client applications must supply an xmalloc(), which is a
front end function to malloc() that deals with out-of-memory
* Add concat.c and concat.o to appropriate macros.
Sat Nov 9 13:29:59 1991 Fred Fish (fnf at
* config/mh-svr4: Add sigsetmask to list of required functions.
Sun Nov 3 11:57:56 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
* vsprintf.c: New file.
* functions.def, Add vsprintf.
Sun Oct 27 16:31:22 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
*, config/mh-rs6000: Add rs/6000 host support.
* Compile with debug info.
Fri Oct 25 17:01:12 1991 Per Bothner (bothner at
*,, and new files: dummy.c, functions.def,
config/mf-default: Added a default configuration mode,
which includes into libiberty.a functions that are "missing" in libc.
* strdup.c, vprintf.c, vfprintf.c: New files.
Thu Oct 24 02:29:26 1991 Fred Fish (fnf at
* config/hmake-svr4: New file.
* config/hmake-sysv: Add HOST_CFILES and HOST_OFILES.
* basename.c, bcmp.c, bcopy.c, bzero.c, getpagesize.c getwd.c,
index.c, insque.c, rindex.c, spaces.c, strstr.c, vfork.c: New
files containing either portable C versions or emulations using
native library calls.
* strerror.c: Add copyright, internal documentation, etc.
* strtol.c: Replace hardwired hex constants with some more
portable macros. Remove illegal (according to gcc) cast.
* strtoul.c: Replace hardwired hex constant with more portable
* Move TARGETLIB and CFLAGS where makefile fragments
can override them. Add new source and object file names to CFILES
and OFILES respectively.
* Add support for SVR4 makefile fragments.
Tue Oct 22 19:00:23 1991 Steve Chamberlain (steve at
* Move RANLIB, AR and AR_FLAGS to where they can be
over-ridden by config/hmake-*
* added m88kcvs to sysv list
Fri Oct 4 01:29:08 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* Most hosts need strerror, but one or two don't,
and they override these definitions in the host-dependent makefile
* config/hmake-mach: The odd man out on strerror -- it's supplied.
* strerror.c: New file.
* strtol.c, strtoul.c: Add strtol to libiberty, since Mach lacks
it and bfd uses it.
*,, config/hmake-mach: Only configure
strtol & strotoul in on Mach.
Tue Sep 3 06:36:23 1991 John Gilmore (gnu at
* obstack.c: Merge with latest FSF version.
Local Variables:
version-control: never