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/* mips-opc.c -- MIPS opcode list.
Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Ralph Campbell and OSF
Commented and modified by Ian Lance Taylor, Cygnus Support
Extended for MIPS32 support by Anders Norlander, and by SiByte, Inc.
This file is part of GDB, GAS, and the GNU binutils.
GDB, GAS, and the GNU binutils are free software; you can redistribute
them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public
License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
1, or (at your option) any later version.
GDB, GAS, and the GNU binutils are distributed in the hope that they
will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this file; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free
Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
#include <stdio.h>
#include "sysdep.h"
#include "opcode/mips.h"
/* Short hand so the lines aren't too long. */
#define WR_31 INSN_WRITE_GPR_31
#define RD_s INSN_READ_GPR_S
#define RD_b INSN_READ_GPR_S
#define RD_t INSN_READ_GPR_T
#define RD_C0 INSN_COP
#define RD_C1 INSN_COP
#define RD_C2 INSN_COP
#define RD_C3 INSN_COP
#define WR_C0 INSN_COP
#define WR_C1 INSN_COP
#define WR_C2 INSN_COP
#define WR_C3 INSN_COP
#define MOD_HI WR_HI|RD_HI
#define MOD_LO WR_LO|RD_LO
#define IS_M INSN_MULT
#define I1 INSN_ISA1
#define I2 INSN_ISA2
#define I3 INSN_ISA3
#define I4 INSN_ISA4
#define I5 INSN_ISA5
#define I32 INSN_ISA32
#define I64 INSN_ISA64
#define P3 INSN_4650
#define L1 INSN_4010
#define V1 INSN_4100
#define T3 INSN_3900
#define G1 (T3 \
#define G2 (T3 \
#define G3 (I4 \
#define G6 INSN_GP32
/* The order of overloaded instructions matters. Label arguments and
register arguments look the same. Instructions that can have either
for arguments must apear in the correct order in this table for the
assembler to pick the right one. In other words, entries with
immediate operands must apear after the same instruction with
Many instructions are short hand for other instructions (i.e., The
jal <register> instruction is short for jalr <register>). */
const struct mips_opcode mips_builtin_opcodes[] =
/* These instructions appear first so that the disassembler will find
them first. The assemblers uses a hash table based on the
instruction name anyhow. */
/* name, args, match, mask, pinfo, membership */
{"pref", "k,o(b)", 0xcc000000, 0xfc000000, RD_b, I32|G3 },
{"nop", "", 0x00000000, 0xffffffff, 0, I1 },
{"ssnop", "", 0x00000040, 0xffffffff, 0, I32 },
{"li", "t,j", 0x24000000, 0xffe00000, WR_t, I1 }, /* addiu */
{"li", "t,i", 0x34000000, 0xffe00000, WR_t, I1 }, /* ori */
{"li", "t,I", 0, (int) M_LI, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"move", "d,s", 0x00000025, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, I1|G6 },/* or */
{"move", "d,s", 0x0000002d, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, I3 },/* daddu */
{"move", "d,s", 0x00000021, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, I1 },/* addu */
{"move", "d,s", 0x00000025, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, I1 },/* or */
{"b", "p", 0x10000000, 0xffff0000, UBD, I1 },/* beq 0,0 */
{"b", "p", 0x04010000, 0xffff0000, UBD, I1 },/* bgez 0 */
{"bal", "p", 0x04110000, 0xffff0000, UBD|WR_31, I1 },/* bgezal 0*/
{"abs", "d,v", 0, (int) M_ABS, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"abs.s", "D,V", 0x46000005, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"abs.d", "D,V", 0x46200005, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"", "D,V", 0x46c00005, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I5 },
{"add", "d,v,t", 0x00000020, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"add", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_ADD_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"add.s", "D,V,T", 0x46000000, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_S, I1 },
{"add.d", "D,V,T", 0x46200000, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I1 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c00000, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"addi", "t,r,j", 0x20000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"addiu", "t,r,j", 0x24000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"addu", "d,v,t", 0x00000021, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"addu", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_ADDU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"", "D,V,T,s", 0x4c00001e, 0xfc00003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"and", "d,v,t", 0x00000024, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"and", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_AND_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"andi", "t,r,i", 0x30000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
/* b is at the top of the table. */
/* bal is at the top of the table. */
{"bc0f", "p", 0x41000000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc0fl", "p", 0x41020000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"bc1f", "p", 0x45000000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"bc1f", "N,p", 0x45000000, 0xffe30000, CBD|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"bc1fl", "p", 0x45020000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC|FP_S, I2|T3 },
{"bc1fl", "N,p", 0x45020000, 0xffe30000, CBL|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"bc2f", "p", 0x49000000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc2fl", "p", 0x49020000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"bc3f", "p", 0x4d000000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc3fl", "p", 0x4d020000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"bc0t", "p", 0x41010000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc0tl", "p", 0x41030000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"bc1t", "p", 0x45010000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"bc1t", "N,p", 0x45010000, 0xffe30000, CBD|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"bc1tl", "p", 0x45030000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC|FP_S, I2|T3 },
{"bc1tl", "N,p", 0x45030000, 0xffe30000, CBL|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"bc2t", "p", 0x49010000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc2tl", "p", 0x49030000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"bc3t", "p", 0x4d010000, 0xffff0000, CBD|RD_CC, I1 },
{"bc3tl", "p", 0x4d030000, 0xffff0000, CBL|RD_CC, I2|T3 },
{"beqz", "s,p", 0x10000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"beqzl", "s,p", 0x50000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"beq", "s,t,p", 0x10000000, 0xfc000000, CBD|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"beq", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BEQ_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"beql", "s,t,p", 0x50000000, 0xfc000000, CBL|RD_s|RD_t, I2|T3 },
{"beql", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BEQL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bge", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGE, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bge", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgel", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGEL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgel", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGEL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgeu", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGEU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgeu", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGEU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgeul", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGEUL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgeul", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGEUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgez", "s,p", 0x04010000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"bgezl", "s,p", 0x04030000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"bgezal", "s,p", 0x04110000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s|WR_31, I1 },
{"bgezall", "s,p", 0x04130000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"bgt", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGT, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgt", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGT_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgtl", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGTL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgtl", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGTL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgtu", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGTU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgtu", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGTU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bgtul", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BGTUL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgtul", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BGTUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bgtz", "s,p", 0x1c000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"bgtzl", "s,p", 0x5c000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"ble", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLE, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ble", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"blel", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLEL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"blel", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLEL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bleu", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLEU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bleu", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLEU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bleul", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLEUL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bleul", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLEUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"blez", "s,p", 0x18000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"blezl", "s,p", 0x58000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"blt", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLT, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"blt", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLT_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bltl", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLTL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bltl", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLTL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bltu", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLTU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bltu", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLTU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bltul", "s,t,p", 0, (int) M_BLTUL, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bltul", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BLTUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"bltz", "s,p", 0x04000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"bltzl", "s,p", 0x04020000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"bltzal", "s,p", 0x04100000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s|WR_31, I1 },
{"bltzall", "s,p", 0x04120000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"bnez", "s,p", 0x14000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"bnezl", "s,p", 0x54000000, 0xfc1f0000, CBL|RD_s, I2|T3 },
{"bne", "s,t,p", 0x14000000, 0xfc000000, CBD|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"bne", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BNE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"bnel", "s,t,p", 0x54000000, 0xfc000000, CBL|RD_s|RD_t, I2|T3 },
{"bnel", "s,I,p", 0, (int) M_BNEL_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"break", "", 0x0000000d, 0xffffffff, TRAP, I1 },
{"break", "B", 0x0000000d, 0xfc00003f, TRAP, I32 },
{"break", "c", 0x0000000d, 0xfc00ffff, TRAP, I1 },
{"break", "c,q", 0x0000000d, 0xfc00003f, TRAP, I1 },
{"c.f.d", "S,T", 0x46200030, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.f.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200030, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.f.s", "S,T", 0x46000030, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.f.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000030, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c00030, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c00030, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.un.d", "S,T", 0x46200031, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.un.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200031, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.un.s", "S,T", 0x46000031, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.un.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000031, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c00031, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c00031, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.eq.d", "S,T", 0x46200032, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.eq.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200032, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.eq.s", "S,T", 0x46000032, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.eq.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000032, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c00032, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c00032, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ueq.d", "S,T", 0x46200033, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ueq.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200033, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ueq.s", "S,T", 0x46000033, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ueq.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000033, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00033, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00033, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "S,T", 0x4600003c, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x4600003c, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"c.olt.d", "S,T", 0x46200034, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.olt.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200034, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.olt.s", "S,T", 0x46000034, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.olt.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000034, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00034, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00034, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ult.d", "S,T", 0x46200035, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ult.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200035, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ult.s", "S,T", 0x46000035, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ult.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000035, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00035, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00035, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.le.s", "S,T", 0x4600003e, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.le.s", "M,S,T", 0x4600003e, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"c.ole.d", "S,T", 0x46200036, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ole.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200036, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ole.s", "S,T", 0x46000036, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ole.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000036, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00036, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00036, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ule.d", "S,T", 0x46200037, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ule.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200037, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ule.s", "S,T", 0x46000037, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ule.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000037, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00037, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00037, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.sf.d", "S,T", 0x46200038, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.sf.d", "M,S,T", 0x46200038, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.sf.s", "S,T", 0x46000038, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.sf.s", "M,S,T", 0x46000038, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c00038, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c00038, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ngle.d","S,T", 0x46200039, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ngle.d","M,S,T", 0x46200039, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ngle.s","S,T", 0x46000039, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ngle.s","M,S,T", 0x46000039, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c00039, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c00039, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.seq.d", "S,T", 0x4620003a, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.seq.d", "M,S,T", 0x4620003a, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.seq.s", "S,T", 0x4600003a, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.seq.s", "M,S,T", 0x4600003a, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c0003a, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c0003a, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ngl.d", "S,T", 0x4620003b, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ngl.d", "M,S,T", 0x4620003b, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ngl.s", "S,T", 0x4600003b, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ngl.s", "M,S,T", 0x4600003b, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c0003b, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c0003b, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "S,T", 0x4620003c, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x4620003c, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c0003c, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c0003c, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.nge.d", "S,T", 0x4620003d, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.nge.d", "M,S,T", 0x4620003d, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.nge.s", "S,T", 0x4600003d, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.nge.s", "M,S,T", 0x4600003d, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c0003d, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c0003d, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.le.d", "S,T", 0x4620003e, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.le.d", "M,S,T", 0x4620003e, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"", "S,T", 0x46c0003e, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "M,S,T", 0x46c0003e, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"c.ngt.d", "S,T", 0x4620003f, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I1 },
{"c.ngt.d", "M,S,T", 0x4620003f, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"c.ngt.s", "S,T", 0x4600003f, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"c.ngt.s", "M,S,T", 0x4600003f, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"","S,T", 0x46c0003f, 0xffe007ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"","M,S,T", 0x46c0003f, 0xffe000ff, RD_S|RD_T|WR_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"cache", "k,o(b)", 0xbc000000, 0xfc000000, RD_b, I3|I32|T3},
{"ceil.l.d", "D,S", 0x4620000a, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"ceil.l.s", "D,S", 0x4600000a, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"ceil.w.d", "D,S", 0x4620000e, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"ceil.w.s", "D,S", 0x4600000e, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"cfc0", "t,G", 0x40400000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C0, I1 },
{"cfc1", "t,G", 0x44400000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C1|FP_S, I1 },
{"cfc1", "t,S", 0x44400000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C1|FP_S, I1 },
{"cfc2", "t,G", 0x48400000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C2, I1 },
{"cfc3", "t,G", 0x4c400000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C3, I1 },
{"clo", "U,s", 0x70000021, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|WR_t|RD_s, I32 },
{"clz", "U,s", 0x70000020, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|WR_t|RD_s, I32 },
{"ctc0", "t,G", 0x40c00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_CC, I1 },
{"ctc1", "t,G", 0x44c00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"ctc1", "t,S", 0x44c00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_CC|FP_S, I1 },
{"ctc2", "t,G", 0x48c00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_CC, I1 },
{"ctc3", "t,G", 0x4cc00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_CC, I1 },
{"cvt.d.l", "D,S", 0x46a00021, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"cvt.d.s", "D,S", 0x46000021, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D|FP_S, I1 },
{"cvt.d.w", "D,S", 0x46800021, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"cvt.l.d", "D,S", 0x46200025, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"cvt.l.s", "D,S", 0x46000025, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"cvt.s.l", "D,S", 0x46a00020, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"cvt.s.d", "D,S", 0x46200020, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"cvt.s.w", "D,S", 0x46800020, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"","D,S", 0x46c00028, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S|FP_D, I5 },
{"cvt.s.pu","D,S", 0x46c00020, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S|FP_D, I5 },
{"cvt.w.d", "D,S", 0x46200024, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"cvt.w.s", "D,S", 0x46000024, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"","D,V,T", 0x46000026, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"dabs", "d,v", 0, (int) M_DABS, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dadd", "d,v,t", 0x0000002c, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I3 },
{"dadd", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_DADD_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"daddi", "t,r,j", 0x60000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I3 },
{"daddiu", "t,r,j", 0x64000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I3 },
{"daddu", "d,v,t", 0x0000002d, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I3 },
{"daddu", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_DADDU_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dclo", "U,s", 0x70000025, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|WR_d|WR_t, I64 },
{"dclz", "U,s", 0x70000024, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|WR_d|WR_t, I64 },
/* dctr and dctw are used on the r5000. */
{"dctr", "o(b)", 0xbc050000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_b, I3 },
{"dctw", "o(b)", 0xbc090000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_b, I3 },
{"deret", "", 0x4200001f, 0xffffffff, 0, I32|G2 },
/* For ddiv, see the comments about div. */
{"ddiv", "z,s,t", 0x0000001e, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"ddiv", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DDIV_3, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ddiv", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DDIV_3I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
/* For ddivu, see the comments about div. */
{"ddivu", "z,s,t", 0x0000001f, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"ddivu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DDIVU_3, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ddivu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DDIVU_3I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
/* The MIPS assembler treats the div opcode with two operands as
though the first operand appeared twice (the first operand is both
a source and a destination). To get the div machine instruction,
you must use an explicit destination of $0. */
{"div", "z,s,t", 0x0000001a, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"div", "z,t", 0x0000001a, 0xffe0ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"div", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DIV_3, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"div", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DIV_3I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"div.d", "D,V,T", 0x46200003, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I1 },
{"div.s", "D,V,T", 0x46000003, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_S, I1 },
/* For divu, see the comments about div. */
{"divu", "z,s,t", 0x0000001b, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"divu", "z,t", 0x0000001b, 0xffe0ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"divu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DIVU_3, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"divu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DIVU_3I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"dla", "t,o(b)", 0x64000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I3 }, /* daddiu */
{"dla", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_DLA_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dli", "t,j", 0x24000000, 0xffe00000, WR_t, I3 }, /* addiu */
{"dli", "t,i", 0x34000000, 0xffe00000, WR_t, I3 }, /* ori */
{"dli", "t,I", 0, (int) M_DLI, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmadd16", "s,t", 0x00000029, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_LO, V1 },
{"dmfc0", "t,G", 0x40200000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C0, I3 },
{"dmfc0", "t,G,H", 0x40200000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C0, I64 },
{"dmtc0", "t,G", 0x40a00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C0|WR_CC, I3 },
{"dmtc0", "t,G,H", 0x40a00000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C0|WR_CC, I64 },
{"dmfc1", "t,S", 0x44200000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"dmfc1", "t,G", 0x44200000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"dmtc1", "t,S", 0x44a00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"dmtc1", "t,G", 0x44a00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"dmfc2", "t,G", 0x48200000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C2, I3 },
{"dmfc2", "t,G,H", 0x48200000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C2, I64 },
{"dmtc2", "t,G", 0x48a00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C2|WR_CC, I3 },
{"dmtc2", "t,G,H", 0x48a00000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C2|WR_CC, I64 },
{"dmfc3", "t,G", 0x4c200000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C3, I3 },
{"dmfc3", "t,G,H", 0x4c200000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C3, I64 },
{"dmtc3", "t,G", 0x4ca00000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C3|WR_CC, I3 },
{"dmtc3", "t,G,H", 0x4ca00000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C3|WR_CC, I64 },
{"dmul", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DMUL, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmul", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DMUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmulo", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DMULO, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmulo", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DMULO_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmulou", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_DMULOU, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmulou", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DMULOU_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dmult", "s,t", 0x0000001c, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"dmultu", "s,t", 0x0000001d, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"dneg", "d,w", 0x0000002e, 0xffe007ff, WR_d|RD_t, I3 }, /* dsub 0 */
{"dnegu", "d,w", 0x0000002f, 0xffe007ff, WR_d|RD_t, I3 }, /* dsubu 0*/
{"drem", "z,s,t", 0x0000001e, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"drem", "d,v,t", 3, (int) M_DREM_3, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"drem", "d,v,I", 3, (int) M_DREM_3I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dremu", "z,s,t", 0x0000001f, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I3 },
{"dremu", "d,v,t", 3, (int) M_DREMU_3, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dremu", "d,v,I", 3, (int) M_DREMU_3I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dsllv", "d,t,s", 0x00000014, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 },
{"dsll32", "d,w,<", 0x0000003c, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsll", "d,w,s", 0x00000014, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 }, /* dsllv */
{"dsll", "d,w,>", 0x0000003c, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 }, /* dsll32 */
{"dsll", "d,w,<", 0x00000038, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsrav", "d,t,s", 0x00000017, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 },
{"dsra32", "d,w,<", 0x0000003f, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsra", "d,w,s", 0x00000017, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 }, /* dsrav */
{"dsra", "d,w,>", 0x0000003f, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 }, /* dsra32 */
{"dsra", "d,w,<", 0x0000003b, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsrlv", "d,t,s", 0x00000016, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 },
{"dsrl32", "d,w,<", 0x0000003e, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsrl", "d,w,s", 0x00000016, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I3 }, /* dsrlv */
{"dsrl", "d,w,>", 0x0000003e, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 }, /* dsrl32 */
{"dsrl", "d,w,<", 0x0000003a, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsub", "d,v,t", 0x0000002e, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsub", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DSUB_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"dsubu", "d,v,t", 0x0000002f, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I3 },
{"dsubu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_DSUBU_I, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"eret", "", 0x42000018, 0xffffffff, 0, I3|I32 },
{"floor.l.d", "D,S", 0x4620000b, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"floor.l.s", "D,S", 0x4600000b, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"floor.w.d", "D,S", 0x4620000f, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"floor.w.s", "D,S", 0x4600000f, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"flushi", "", 0xbc010000, 0xffffffff, 0, L1 },
{"flushd", "", 0xbc020000, 0xffffffff, 0, L1 },
{"flushid", "", 0xbc030000, 0xffffffff, 0, L1 },
{"hibernate","", 0x42000023, 0xffffffff, 0, V1 },
{"jr", "s", 0x00000008, 0xfc1fffff, UBD|RD_s, I1 },
{"j", "s", 0x00000008, 0xfc1fffff, UBD|RD_s, I1 }, /* jr */
/* SVR4 PIC code requires special handling for j, so it must be a
macro. */
{"j", "a", 0, (int) M_J_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
/* This form of j is used by the disassembler and internally by the
assembler, but will never match user input (because the line above
will match first). */
{"j", "a", 0x08000000, 0xfc000000, UBD, I1 },
{"jalr", "s", 0x0000f809, 0xfc1fffff, UBD|RD_s|WR_d, I1 },
{"jalr", "d,s", 0x00000009, 0xfc1f07ff, UBD|RD_s|WR_d, I1 },
/* SVR4 PIC code requires special handling for jal, so it must be a
macro. */
{"jal", "d,s", 0, (int) M_JAL_2, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"jal", "s", 0, (int) M_JAL_1, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"jal", "a", 0, (int) M_JAL_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
/* This form of jal is used by the disassembler and internally by the
assembler, but will never match user input (because the line above
will match first). */
{"jal", "a", 0x0c000000, 0xfc000000, UBD|WR_31, I1 },
/* jalx really should only be avaliable if mips16 is available,
but for now make it I1. */
{"jalx", "a", 0x74000000, 0xfc000000, UBD|WR_31, I1 },
{"la", "t,o(b)", 0x24000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 }, /* addiu */
{"la", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LA_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lb", "t,o(b)", 0x80000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lb", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LB_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lbu", "t,o(b)", 0x90000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lbu", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LBU_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ld", "t,o(b)", 0xdc000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"ld", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_LD_OB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ld", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LD_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ldc1", "T,o(b)", 0xd4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_D, I2 },
{"ldc1", "E,o(b)", 0xd4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_D, I2 },
{"ldc1", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"ldc1", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"l.d", "T,o(b)", 0xd4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_D, I2 }, /* ldc1 */
{"l.d", "T,o(b)", 0, (int) M_L_DOB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"l.d", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_L_DAB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ldc2", "E,o(b)", 0xd8000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_CC, I2 },
{"ldc2", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDC2_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"ldc3", "E,o(b)", 0xdc000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_CC, I2 },
{"ldc3", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDC3_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"ldl", "t,o(b)", 0x68000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|WR_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"ldl", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ldr", "t,o(b)", 0x6c000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|WR_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"ldr", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LDR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ldxc1", "D,t(b)", 0x4c000001, 0xfc00f83f, LDD|WR_D|RD_t|RD_b, I4 },
{"lh", "t,o(b)", 0x84000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lh", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LH_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lhu", "t,o(b)", 0x94000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lhu", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LHU_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
/* li is at the start of the table. */
{"li.d", "t,F", 0, (int) M_LI_D, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"li.d", "T,L", 0, (int) M_LI_DD, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"li.s", "t,f", 0, (int) M_LI_S, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"li.s", "T,l", 0, (int) M_LI_SS, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ll", "t,o(b)", 0xc0000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I2 },
{"ll", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"lld", "t,o(b)", 0xd0000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I3 },
{"lld", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LLD_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"lui", "t,u", 0x3c000000, 0xffe00000, WR_t, I1 },
{"luxc1", "D,t(b)", 0x4c000005, 0xfc00f83f, LDD|WR_D|RD_t|RD_b, I5 },
{"lw", "t,o(b)", 0x8c000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lw", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LW_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwc0", "E,o(b)", 0xc0000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_CC, I1 },
{"lwc0", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC0_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwc1", "T,o(b)", 0xc4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_S, I1 },
{"lwc1", "E,o(b)", 0xc4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_S, I1 },
{"lwc1", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwc1", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"l.s", "T,o(b)", 0xc4000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_T|FP_S, I1 }, /* lwc1 */
{"l.s", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwc2", "E,o(b)", 0xc8000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_CC, I1 },
{"lwc2", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC2_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwc3", "E,o(b)", 0xcc000000, 0xfc000000, CLD|RD_b|WR_CC, I1 },
{"lwc3", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWC3_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lwl", "t,o(b)", 0x88000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lwl", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"lcache", "t,o(b)", 0x88000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I2 }, /* same */
{"lcache", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 }, /* as lwl */
{"lwr", "t,o(b)", 0x98000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I1 },
{"lwr", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"flush", "t,o(b)", 0x98000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I2 }, /* same */
{"flush", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 }, /* as lwr */
{"lwu", "t,o(b)", 0x9c000000, 0xfc000000, LDD|RD_b|WR_t, I3 },
{"lwu", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_LWU_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"lwxc1", "D,t(b)", 0x4c000000, 0xfc00f83f, LDD|WR_D|RD_t|RD_b, I4 },
{"mad", "s,t", 0x70000000, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, P3 },
{"madu", "s,t", 0x70000001, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, P3 },
{"madd.d", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000021, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I4 },
{"madd.s", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000020, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_S, I4 },
{"", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000026, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I5 },
{"madd", "s,t", 0x0000001c, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, L1 },
{"madd", "s,t", 0x70000000, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, I32},
{"madd", "s,t", 0x70000000, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|IS_M, G1 },
{"madd", "d,s,t", 0x70000000, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|WR_d|IS_M, G1 },
{"maddu", "s,t", 0x0000001d, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, L1 },
{"maddu", "s,t", 0x70000001, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, I32},
{"maddu", "s,t", 0x70000001, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|IS_M, G1 },
{"maddu", "d,s,t", 0x70000001, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|WR_d|IS_M, G1 },
{"madd16", "s,t", 0x00000028, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, V1 },
{"mfc0", "t,G", 0x40000000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C0, I1 },
{"mfc0", "t,G,H", 0x40000000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C0, I32 },
{"mfc1", "t,S", 0x44000000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"mfc1", "t,G", 0x44000000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"mfc2", "t,G", 0x48000000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C2, I1 },
{"mfc2", "t,G,H", 0x48000000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C2, I32 },
{"mfc3", "t,G", 0x4c000000, 0xffe007ff, LCD|WR_t|RD_C3, I1 },
{"mfc3", "t,G,H", 0x4c000000, 0xffe007f8, LCD|WR_t|RD_C3, I32 },
{"mfhi", "d", 0x00000010, 0xffff07ff, WR_d|RD_HI, I1 },
{"mflo", "d", 0x00000012, 0xffff07ff, WR_d|RD_LO, I1 },
{"mov.d", "D,S", 0x46200006, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"mov.s", "D,S", 0x46000006, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"", "D,S", 0x46c00006, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I5 },
{"movf", "d,s,N", 0x00000001, 0xfc0307ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_CC|FP_D|FP_S, I4|I32},
{"movf.d", "D,S,N", 0x46200011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"movf.s", "D,S,N", 0x46000011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "D,S,N", 0x46c00011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"movn", "d,v,t", 0x0000000b, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I4|I32 },
{"ffc", "d,v", 0x0000000b, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, L1 },
{"movn.d", "D,S,t", 0x46200013, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_t|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"movn.s", "D,S,t", 0x46000013, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_t|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"movt", "d,s,N", 0x00010001, 0xfc0307ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_CC, I4|I32 },
{"movt.d", "D,S,N", 0x46210011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"movt.s", "D,S,N", 0x46010011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_S, I4|I32 },
{"", "D,S,N", 0x46c10011, 0xffe3003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_CC|FP_D, I5 },
{"movz", "d,v,t", 0x0000000a, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I4|I32 },
{"ffs", "d,v", 0x0000000a, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s, L1 },
{"movz.d", "D,S,t", 0x46200012, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_t|FP_D, I4|I32 },
{"movz.s", "D,S,t", 0x46000012, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_t|FP_S, I4|I32 },
/* move is at the top of the table. */
{"msub.d", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000029, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I4 },
{"msub.s", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000028, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_S, I4 },
{"", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c00002e, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I5 },
{"msub", "s,t", 0x0000001e, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, L1 },
{"msub", "s,t", 0x70000004, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, I32 },
{"msubu", "s,t", 0x0000001f, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, L1 },
{"msubu", "s,t", 0x70000005, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|MOD_HILO, I32 },
{"mtc0", "t,G", 0x40800000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C0|WR_CC, I1 },
{"mtc0", "t,G,H", 0x40800000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C0|WR_CC, I32 },
{"mtc1", "t,S", 0x44800000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"mtc1", "t,G", 0x44800000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"mtc2", "t,G", 0x48800000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C2|WR_CC, I1 },
{"mtc2", "t,G,H", 0x48800000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C2|WR_CC, I32 },
{"mtc3", "t,G", 0x4c800000, 0xffe007ff, COD|RD_t|WR_C3|WR_CC, I1 },
{"mtc3", "t,G,H", 0x4c800000, 0xffe007f8, COD|RD_t|WR_C3|WR_CC, I32 },
{"mthi", "s", 0x00000011, 0xfc1fffff, RD_s|WR_HI, I1 },
{"mtlo", "s", 0x00000013, 0xfc1fffff, RD_s|WR_LO, I1 },
{"mul.d", "D,V,T", 0x46200002, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I1 },
{"mul.s", "D,V,T", 0x46000002, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_S, I1 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c00002, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"mul", "d,v,t", 0x70000002, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I32|P3 },
{"mul", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_MUL, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mul", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_MUL_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mulo", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_MULO, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mulo", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_MULO_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mulou", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_MULOU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mulou", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_MULOU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"mult", "s,t", 0x00000018, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|IS_M, I1 },
{"mult", "d,s,t", 0x00000018, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|WR_d|IS_M, G1 },
{"multu", "s,t", 0x00000019, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|IS_M, I1 },
{"multu", "d,s,t", 0x00000019, 0xfc0007ff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO|WR_d|IS_M, G1 },
{"neg", "d,w", 0x00000022, 0xffe007ff, WR_d|RD_t, I1 }, /* sub 0 */
{"negu", "d,w", 0x00000023, 0xffe007ff, WR_d|RD_t, I1 }, /* subu 0 */
{"neg.d", "D,V", 0x46200007, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I1 },
{"neg.s", "D,V", 0x46000007, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I1 },
{"", "D,V", 0x46c00007, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I5 },
{"nmadd.d", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000031, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I4 },
{"nmadd.s", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000030, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_S, I4 },
{"","D,R,S,T", 0x4c000036, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I5 },
{"nmsub.d", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000039, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I4 },
{"nmsub.s", "D,R,S,T", 0x4c000038, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_S, I4 },
{"","D,R,S,T", 0x4c00003e, 0xfc00003f, RD_R|RD_S|RD_T|WR_D|FP_D, I5 },
/* nop is at the start of the table. */
{"nor", "d,v,t", 0x00000027, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"nor", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_NOR_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"not", "d,v", 0x00000027, 0xfc1f07ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },/*nor d,s,0*/
{"or", "d,v,t", 0x00000025, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"or", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_OR_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ori", "t,r,i", 0x34000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c0002c, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c0002d, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
/* pref is at the start of the table. */
{"prefx", "h,t(b)", 0x4c00000f, 0xfc0007ff, RD_b|RD_t, I4 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c0002e, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c0002f, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"recip.d", "D,S", 0x46200015, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I4 },
{"recip.s", "D,S", 0x46000015, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I4 },
{"rem", "z,s,t", 0x0000001a, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"rem", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_REM_3, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"rem", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_REM_3I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"remu", "z,s,t", 0x0000001b, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|WR_HILO, I1 },
{"remu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_REMU_3, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"remu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_REMU_3I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"rfe", "", 0x42000010, 0xffffffff, 0, I1|T3 },
{"rol", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_ROL, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"rol", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_ROL_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ror", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_ROR, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ror", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_ROR_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"round.l.d", "D,S", 0x46200008, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"round.l.s", "D,S", 0x46000008, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"round.w.d", "D,S", 0x4620000c, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"round.w.s", "D,S", 0x4600000c, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"rsqrt.d", "D,S", 0x46200016, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I4 },
{"rsqrt.s", "D,S", 0x46000016, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I4 },
{"sb", "t,o(b)", 0xa0000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I1 },
{"sb", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SB_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sc", "t,o(b)", 0xe0000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|WR_t|RD_b, I2 },
{"sc", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SC_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"scd", "t,o(b)", 0xf0000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|WR_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"scd", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SCD_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"sd", "t,o(b)", 0xfc000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"sd", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_SD_OB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sd", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SD_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sdbbp", "", 0x0000000e, 0xffffffff, TRAP, G2 },
{"sdbbp", "c", 0x0000000e, 0xfc00ffff, TRAP, G2 },
{"sdbbp", "c,q", 0x0000000e, 0xfc00003f, TRAP, G2 },
{"sdbbp", "", 0x7000003f, 0xffffffff, TRAP, I32 },
{"sdbbp", "B", 0x7000003f, 0xfc00003f, TRAP, I32 },
{"sdc1", "T,o(b)", 0xf4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_D, I2 },
{"sdc1", "E,o(b)", 0xf4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_D, I2 },
{"sdc1", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"sdc1", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"sdc2", "E,o(b)", 0xf8000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_C2|RD_b, I2 },
{"sdc2", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDC2_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"sdc3", "E,o(b)", 0xfc000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_C3|RD_b, I2 },
{"sdc3", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDC3_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"s.d", "T,o(b)", 0xf4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_D, I2 },
{"s.d", "T,o(b)", 0, (int) M_S_DOB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"s.d", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_S_DAB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sdl", "t,o(b)", 0xb0000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"sdl", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"sdr", "t,o(b)", 0xb4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I3 },
{"sdr", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SDR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"sdxc1", "S,t(b)", 0x4c000009, 0xfc0007ff, SM|RD_S|RD_t|RD_b, I4 },
{"selsl", "d,v,t", 0x00000005, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, L1 },
{"selsr", "d,v,t", 0x00000001, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, L1 },
{"seq", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SEQ, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"seq", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SEQ_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sge", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SGE, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sge", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SGE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgeu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SGEU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgeu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SGEU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgt", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SGT, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgt", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SGT_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgtu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SGTU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sgtu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SGTU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sh", "t,o(b)", 0xa4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I1 },
{"sh", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SH_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sle", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SLE, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sle", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SLE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sleu", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SLEU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sleu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SLEU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sllv", "d,t,s", 0x00000004, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"sll", "d,w,s", 0x00000004, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 }, /* sllv */
{"sll", "d,w,<", 0x00000000, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I1 },
{"slt", "d,v,t", 0x0000002a, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"slt", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SLT_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"slti", "t,r,j", 0x28000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"sltiu", "t,r,j", 0x2c000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"sltu", "d,v,t", 0x0000002b, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"sltu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SLTU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sne", "d,v,t", 0, (int) M_SNE, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sne", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SNE_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sqrt.d", "D,S", 0x46200004, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"sqrt.s", "D,S", 0x46000004, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"srav", "d,t,s", 0x00000007, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"sra", "d,w,s", 0x00000007, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 }, /* srav */
{"sra", "d,w,<", 0x00000003, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I1 },
{"srlv", "d,t,s", 0x00000006, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"srl", "d,w,s", 0x00000006, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_t|RD_s, I1 }, /* srlv */
{"srl", "d,w,<", 0x00000002, 0xffe0003f, WR_d|RD_t, I1 },
/* ssnop is at the start of the table. */
{"standby", "", 0x42000021, 0xffffffff, 0, V1 },
{"sub", "d,v,t", 0x00000022, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"sub", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SUB_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"sub.d", "D,V,T", 0x46200001, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I1 },
{"sub.s", "D,V,T", 0x46000001, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_S, I1 },
{"", "D,V,T", 0x46c00001, 0xffe0003f, WR_D|RD_S|RD_T|FP_D, I5 },
{"subu", "d,v,t", 0x00000023, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"subu", "d,v,I", 0, (int) M_SUBU_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"suspend", "", 0x42000022, 0xffffffff, 0, V1 },
{"suxc1", "S,t(b)", 0x4c00000d, 0xfc0007ff, SM|RD_S|RD_t|RD_b, I5 },
{"sw", "t,o(b)", 0xac000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I1 },
{"sw", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SW_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swc0", "E,o(b)", 0xe0000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_C0|RD_b, I1 },
{"swc0", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC0_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swc1", "T,o(b)", 0xe4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_S, I1 },
{"swc1", "E,o(b)", 0xe4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_S, I1 },
{"swc1", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swc1", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"s.s", "T,o(b)", 0xe4000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_T|RD_b|FP_S, I1 }, /* swc1 */
{"s.s", "T,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC1_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swc2", "E,o(b)", 0xe8000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_C2|RD_b, I1 },
{"swc2", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC2_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swc3", "E,o(b)", 0xec000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_C3|RD_b, I1 },
{"swc3", "E,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWC3_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"swl", "t,o(b)", 0xa8000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I1 },
{"swl", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"scache", "t,o(b)", 0xa8000000, 0xfc000000, RD_t|RD_b, I2 }, /* same */
{"scache", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWL_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 }, /* as swl */
{"swr", "t,o(b)", 0xb8000000, 0xfc000000, SM|RD_t|RD_b, I1 },
{"swr", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_SWR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"invalidate", "t,o(b)",0xb8000000, 0xfc000000, RD_t|RD_b, I2 }, /* same */
{"invalidate", "t,A(b)",0, (int) M_SWR_AB, INSN_MACRO, I2 }, /* as swr */
{"swxc1", "S,t(b)", 0x4c000008, 0xfc0007ff, SM|RD_S|RD_t|RD_b, I4 },
{"sync", "", 0x0000000f, 0xffffffff, INSN_SYNC, I2|G1 },
{"sync.p", "", 0x0000040f, 0xffffffff, INSN_SYNC, I2 },
{"sync.l", "", 0x0000000f, 0xffffffff, INSN_SYNC, I2 },
{"syscall", "", 0x0000000c, 0xffffffff, TRAP, I1 },
{"syscall", "B", 0x0000000c, 0xfc00003f, TRAP, I1 },
{"teqi", "s,j", 0x040c0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"teq", "s,t", 0x00000034, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"teq", "s,t,q", 0x00000034, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"teq", "s,j", 0x040c0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* teqi */
{"teq", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TEQ_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"tgei", "s,j", 0x04080000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"tge", "s,t", 0x00000030, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tge", "s,t,q", 0x00000030, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tge", "s,j", 0x04080000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* tgei */
{"tge", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TGE_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"tgeiu", "s,j", 0x04090000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"tgeu", "s,t", 0x00000031, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tgeu", "s,t,q", 0x00000031, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tgeu", "s,j", 0x04090000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* tgeiu */
{"tgeu", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TGEU_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"tlbp", "", 0x42000008, 0xffffffff, INSN_TLB, I1 },
{"tlbr", "", 0x42000001, 0xffffffff, INSN_TLB, I1 },
{"tlbwi", "", 0x42000002, 0xffffffff, INSN_TLB, I1 },
{"tlbwr", "", 0x42000006, 0xffffffff, INSN_TLB, I1 },
{"tlti", "s,j", 0x040a0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"tlt", "s,t", 0x00000032, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tlt", "s,t,q", 0x00000032, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tlt", "s,j", 0x040a0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* tlti */
{"tlt", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TLT_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"tltiu", "s,j", 0x040b0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"tltu", "s,t", 0x00000033, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tltu", "s,t,q", 0x00000033, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tltu", "s,j", 0x040b0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* tltiu */
{"tltu", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TLTU_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"tnei", "s,j", 0x040e0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 },
{"tne", "s,t", 0x00000036, 0xfc00ffff, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tne", "s,t,q", 0x00000036, 0xfc00003f, RD_s|RD_t|TRAP, I2 },
{"tne", "s,j", 0x040e0000, 0xfc1f0000, RD_s|TRAP, I2 }, /* tnei */
{"tne", "s,I", 0, (int) M_TNE_I, INSN_MACRO, I2 },
{"trunc.l.d", "D,S", 0x46200009, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I3 },
{"trunc.l.s", "D,S", 0x46000009, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I3 },
{"trunc.w.d", "D,S", 0x4620000d, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"trunc.w.d", "D,S,x", 0x4620000d, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_D, I2 },
{"trunc.w.d", "D,S,t", 0, (int) M_TRUNCWD, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"trunc.w.s", "D,S", 0x4600000d, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"trunc.w.s", "D,S,x", 0x4600000d, 0xffff003f, WR_D|RD_S|FP_S, I2 },
{"trunc.w.s", "D,S,t", 0, (int) M_TRUNCWS, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"uld", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_ULD, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"uld", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_ULD_A, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ulh", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_ULH, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ulh", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_ULH_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ulhu", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_ULHU, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ulhu", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_ULHU_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ulw", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_ULW, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ulw", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_ULW_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"usd", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_USD, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"usd", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_USD_A, INSN_MACRO, I3 },
{"ush", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_USH, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"ush", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_USH_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"usw", "t,o(b)", 0, (int) M_USW, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"usw", "t,A(b)", 0, (int) M_USW_A, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"xor", "d,v,t", 0x00000026, 0xfc0007ff, WR_d|RD_s|RD_t, I1 },
{"xor", "t,r,I", 0, (int) M_XOR_I, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"xori", "t,r,i", 0x38000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, I1 },
{"wait", "", 0x42000020, 0xffffffff, TRAP, I3|I32 },
{"wait", "J", 0x42000020, 0xfe00003f, TRAP, I32 },
{"waiti", "", 0x42000020, 0xffffffff, TRAP, L1 },
{"wb", "o(b)", 0xbc040000, 0xfc1f0000, SM|RD_b, L1 },
/* No hazard protection on coprocessor instructions--they shouldn't
change the state of the processor and if they do it's up to the
user to put in nops as necessary. These are at the end so that the
disasembler recognizes more specific versions first. */
{"c0", "C", 0x42000000, 0xfe000000, 0, I1 },
{"c1", "C", 0x46000000, 0xfe000000, 0, I1 },
{"c2", "C", 0x4a000000, 0xfe000000, 0, I1 },
{"c3", "C", 0x4e000000, 0xfe000000, 0, I1 },
{"cop0", "C", 0, (int) M_COP0, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"cop1", "C", 0, (int) M_COP1, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"cop2", "C", 0, (int) M_COP2, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
{"cop3", "C", 0, (int) M_COP3, INSN_MACRO, I1 },
/* Conflicts with the 4650's "mul" instruction. Nobody's using the
4010 any more, so move this insn out of the way. If the object
format gave us more info, we could do this right. */
{"addciu", "t,r,j", 0x70000000, 0xfc000000, WR_t|RD_s, L1 },
((sizeof mips_builtin_opcodes) / (sizeof (mips_builtin_opcodes[0])))
const int bfd_mips_num_builtin_opcodes = MIPS_NUM_OPCODES;
/* const removed from the following to allow for dynamic extensions to the
* built-in instruction set. */
struct mips_opcode *mips_opcodes =
(struct mips_opcode *) mips_builtin_opcodes;
int bfd_mips_num_opcodes = MIPS_NUM_OPCODES;