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# Sed commands to finish translating the opcodes into MPW syntax.
# Fix pathnames to include directories.
/^INCDIR = /s/^INCDIR = .*$/INCDIR = "{topsrcdir}"include/
/^CSEARCH = /s/$/ -i "{INCDIR}":mpw: -i ::extra-include:/
# No PIC foolery in this environment.
/^{OFILES} \\Option-f stamp-picdir/,/^$/d
# Remove the pic trickery from the default build rule.
/^\.c\.o \\Option-f /,/End If/c\
.c.o \\Option-f .c
# Remove pic trickery from other rules - aimed at the rule
# for disassemble.o in particular.
/-n "{PICFLAG}"/,/End If/d