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<title>GDB Internals (Doxygen)</title>
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This page is the index to doxygen-generated pages describing GDB
These are primarily useful for people working on GDB itself. Users of
GDB, people working with stubs, and people working on frontends to GDB
are all better served by the GDB manual, which is the official
definition for all of GDB's external interfaces.
<a href="gdb-api/index.html">GDB internal API</a>
The GDB internal API consists of all definitions and functions
that are of interest to multiple areas of the debugger.
Note that this internal API reference lists only header files for
which doxygen-type documentation has been added, and explicitly listed
as a part of the API.
<a href="gdb-xref/index.html">GDB full source cross-reference</a>
This cross-reference includes all of the GDB sources proper, omitting
support libraries such as BFD, and files that are not compiled into
It is not guaranteed to report all uses of a construct, and you should
independently check non-use of a symbol before trying to remove it.
<a href="gdbserver/index.html">GDBserver source cross-reference</a>
Similar to the GDB cross-reference, but for GDBserver sources.