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2002-12-31 Mark Kettenis <>
* gdb_dirent.h: Cleanup and update code to match the example in
the Autoconf manual.
* Call AC_HEADER_DIRENT. Remove dirent.h,
sys/ndir.h, sys/dir.h and ndir.h from call to AC_CHECK_HEADERS.
* configure: Regenerated.
2002-12-30 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y (parse_number): Cast sscanf arguments to proper type.
(yylex): Initialize c to avoid uninitialized warning.
2002-12-29 Mark Kettenis <>
* tracepoint.c (ISATTY): Removed.
2002-12-26 J. Brobecker <>
Continuing work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partil.
* hppa-tdep.c: Add some missing forward declarations.
(frameless_function_invocation): Prefix the function name
by "hppa_" to avoid polluting the namespace. Update all calls
to use the new function name.
(saved_pc_after_call): Ditto.
(init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(frame_chain): Ditto.
(push_dummy_frame): Ditto.
(target_read_pc): Ditto.
(target_write_pc): Ditto.
(in_solib_call_trampoline): Ditto.
(in_solib_return_trampoline): Ditto.
(skip_trampoline_code): Ditto.
(hppa_read_fp): New function, renamed from target_read_fp.
(hppa_target_read_fp): New function, using hppa_read_fp.
This function conforms to the function profile for the
READ_FP gdbarch method.
(hppa_extract_struct_value_address): New function, extracted
(hppa_frame_num_args): New function.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Setup the gdbarch vector for the hppa target.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h: Wrap around all gdbarch-eligible macros
inside "#if !GDB_MULTI_ARCH ... #endif" conditional, in preparation
for the switch to multiarch partial.
Update some of the macros definitions to match some changes
described above in the name of the function they are calling.
(PUSH_DUMMY_FRAME): Add a FIXME explaining why this macro will
not be straightforward to convert. Do now wrap it inside
"#if !... #endif" to remember that this macro has still not
been taken care of.
(FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Likewise.
2002-12-26 J. Brobecker <>
Continuing work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partial.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_register_raw_size): New function replacing
the body of macro REGISTER_RAW_SIZE.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Add new functions replacing macro bodies from
config/pa/tm-hppah.h. These functions will be used to initialize
the gdbarch structure.
(hppa_hpux_pc_in_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_saved_pc_in_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_base_before_sigtramp): New function.
(hppa_hpux_frame_find_saved_regs_in_sigtramp): New function.
Add gdbcore.h #include.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (REGISTER_RAW_SIZE): Change the definition
of this gdbarch-eligible macro to a call to the new associated
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Likewise.
(FRAME_SAVED_PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Change the definition of this macro
into a call to the new associated function.
* (hppa-hpux-tdep.o): Add dependency on gdbcore.h.
2002-12-24 David Carlton <>
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h: Delete duplicate definition of
2002-12-24 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips-linux-tdep.o): Add $(mips_tdep_h) and
* configure.tgt: Recognize mips64*-*-linux*.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips-tdep.h, gdb_assert.h): Include.
(supply_32_bit_reg): New function.
(supply_gregset): Call supply_32bit_reg() instead of supply_register().
(fill_gregset): Use regcache_collect() instead of
(register_addr): Change name to mips_linux_register_addr().
(MIPS64_LINUX_JB_PC): New defines.
(mips64_elf_greg_t, mips64_elf_gregset_t, mips64_elf_fpreg_t)
(mips64_elf_fpregset_t): New typedefs.
(mips64_linux_get_longhmp_target, mips64_supply_gregset)
(mips64_fill_gregset, mips64_supply_fpregset, mips64_fill_fpregset)
(mips64_linux_register_addr, set_mips_linux_register_addr)
(register_addr, mips64_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets):
New functions.
(fetch_core_registers): Add support for core file formats with 64-bit
(mips_linux_init_abi): Distinguish o32, n32, and n64 ABIs.
(register_addr_data): New static global variable.
(_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Initialize register_addr_data. Invoke
gdbarch_register_osabi() for each MIPS machine.
* config/mips/ New file.
* config/mips/tm-linux64.h: New file.
2002-12-23 Adam Fedor <>
* maint.c (maintenance_demangle): Add switch to demangle
ObjC language symbols as well.
2002-12-23 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-lang.c (lookup_objc_class, lookup_child_selector): Remove
last argument from complaint function call.
2002-12-23 Kevin Buettner <>
* exec.c (print_section_info): Add FIXME comments regarding format
string choices.
2002-12-23 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppab.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
* config/pa/nm-hppao.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
2002-12-23 Rodney Brown <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h: Delete duplicate CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER decl.
2002-12-23 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Delete 'force_return' variable.
(lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms): Delete 'force_return' argument.
(search_symbols): Call lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms to find debugging
information associated to a minsym, not lookup_symbol.
2002-12-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_abi): New prototype.
* x86-64-tdep.c (i386_fp_regnum_p): Remove function.
(x86_64_init_abi): Make non-static. Set number of pseudo
registers to 0.
(x86_64_gdbarch_init): Remove function.
(_initialize_x86_64_tdep): Renove register_gdbarch_init call.
Remove code dealing with dissambly.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_linux_init_abi): New function.
(_initialize_x86_64_linux_tdep): New function.
* config/i386/ (TDEPFILES): Add i386-tdep.o and
2002-12-14 Mark Kettenis <>
* osabi.c: Include "gdb_assert.h" and "gdb_string.h".
(struct gdb_osabi_handler): Remove member `arch'. Add member
(gdbarch_register_osabi): Add new argument `machine'. Use ot to
construct a `struct bfd_arch_info' and store it in the `struct
gdb_osabi_handler' that is created.
(gdbarch_init_osabi): Check for compatibility based on machine
type and architecture.
* osabi.h (gdbarch_register_osabi): Adjust prototype and update
* alpha-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_alpha_linux_tdep): Add 0 as
second argument in call to gdbarch_register_osabi.
* alpha-osf1-tdep.c (_initialize_alpha_osf1_tdep): Likewise.
* alphafbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_alphafbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* alphanbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_alphanbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* arm-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_arm_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* arm-tdep.c (_initialize_arm_tdep): Likewise.
* armnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_armnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (_initialize_hppa_hpux_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_interix_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-sol2-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_sol2_tdep): Likewise.
* i386-tdep.c (_initialize_i386_tdep): Likewise.
* i386bsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386bsd_tdep): Likewise.
* i386gnu-tdep.c (_initialize_i386gnu_tdep): Likewise.
* i386ly-tdep.c (_initialize_i386lynx_tdep): Renamed from
_initialize_i386bsd_tdep and updated likewise.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386nbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* i386obsd-tdep.c (_initialize_i386obsd_tdep): Likewise.
* mips-irix-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_irix_tdep): Likewise.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_mipsnbsd__tdep): Likewise.
* ns32knbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_ns32kmnsd_tdep): Likewise.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (_initialize_ppc_linux_tdep): Likewise.
* ppcnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_ppcnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* shnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_shnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_sparcnbsd_tdep): Likewise.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* solib-svr4.c (elf_locate_base): Fix sizeof() related bug. Add
DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP case for 64-bit targets.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* mips-tdep.c (heuristic_proc_desc): Clear memory associated with
``temp_saved_regs'', not the pointer or other storage contiguous
to this pointer.
2002-12-20 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips-linux-tdep.o): Add $(osabi_h) and $(gdb_string_h).
* config/mips/tm-linux.h (mips_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets)
(mips_linux_get_longjmp_target): Delete declarations.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (osabi.h, gdb_string.h): Include.
(mips_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets): Make static.
(mips_linux_init_abi): New function.
(_initialize_mips_linux_tdep): Register mips_linux_init_abi().
2002-12-19 Keith Seitz <>
patch committed by Elena Zannoni <>
* thread.c (do_captured_list_thread_ids): Call prune_threads and
target_find_new_threads. Fix for PR mi/669.
2002-12-19 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Move code into decode_all_digits.
(decode_all_digits): New function.
2002-12-19 Kevin Buettner <>
* exec.c (print_section_info): Select a format string to use with
local_hex_string_custom() based upon the value of TARGET_ADDR_BIT.
2002-12-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): Replace
(deprecated_update_frame_base_hack): New function.
* frame.h (deprecated_update_frame_pc_hack): Replace
(deprecated_update_frame_base_hack): Declare.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Update.
2002-12-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Use
(rs6000_frame_args_address): Use get_frame_extra_info.
(frame_get_saved_regs): Use get_frame_saved_regs.
(frame_initial_stack_address): Use get_frame_saved_regs and
(frame_initial_stack_address): Use get_frame_extra_info.
2002-12-17 Kevin Buettner <>
* dve3900-rom.c (r3900_regnames): Don't use NUM_REGS to determine
array size.
(fetch_bitmapped_register, store_bitmapped_register): Add bounds
checks for r3900_regnames[].
2002-12-17 Richard Earnshaw <>
* armnbsd-tdep.c (ARM_NBSD_JB_PC): Renamed from JB_PC.
All uses changed
2002-12-17 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_partial_symbol): Don't search past the end of
the partial symbols.
2002-12-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_info): Use get_frame_saved_regs.
* breakpoint.c (until_break_command): Use get_frame_pc.
2002-12-16 Kevin Buettner <>
* buildsym.c (block_end_complaint, anon_block_end_complaint)
(innerblock_complaint, innerblock_anon_complaint)
(blockvector_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(finish_block, make_blockvector, end_symtab): Replace calls
to complain() with calls to complaint().
* coffread.c (ef_complaint, ef_stack_complaint, eb_stack_complaint)
(bf_no_aux_complaint, ef_no_aux_complaint, lineno_complaint)
(unexpected_type_complaint, bad_sclass_complaint)
(misordered_blocks_complaint, tagndx_bad_complaint, eb_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(coff_symtab_read, enter_linenos, decode_type, decode_base_type):
Replace calls to complain() with calls to complaint().
* dbxread.c (lbrac_complaint, string_table_offset_complaint)
(unknown_symtype_complaint, unknown_symchar_complaint)
(lbrac_rbrac_complaint, lbrac_unmatched_complaint)
(lbrac_mismatch_complaint, repeated_header_complaint)
(unclaimed_bincl_complaint, discarding_local_symbols_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(unknown_symtype_complaint, lbrac_mismatch_complaint)
(function_outside_compiliation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(add_old_header_file, find_corresponding_bincl_psymtab)
(set_namestring, find_stab_function_addr, read_dbx_symtab)
(process_one_symbol): Replace calls to complain() with, possibly
indirect, calls to complaint().
* dwarfread.c (no_bfd_get_N, malformed_die, bad_die_ref)
(unknown_attribute_form, unknown_attribute_length)
(unexpected_fund_type, unknown_type_modifier, volatile_ignored)
(const_ignored, botched_modified_type, op_deref2, op_deref4)
(basereg_not_handled, dup_user_type_allocation)
(dup_user_type_definition, missing_tag, bad_array_element_type)
(subscript_data_items, unhandled_array_subscript_format)
(unknown_array_subscript_format, not_row_major)
(missing_at_name): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(bad_die_ref_complaint, unknown_attribute_form_complaint)
(bad_array_element_type_complaint): New functions.
(lookup_utype, alloc_utype, struct_type, decode_array_element_type)
(decode_subscript_data_item, dwarf_read_array_type)
(read_tag_string_type, read_subroutine_type, read_func_scope)
(locval, scan_partial_symbols, decode_modified_type)
(decode_func_type, basicdieinfo, completeddieinfo, target_to_host)
(attribute_size): Replace calls to complain() with, possibly
indirect, calls to complaint().
* elfread.c (section_info_complaint, section_info_dup_complaint)
(stab_info_mismatch_complaint, stab_info_questionable_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(elf_symtab_read, elfstab_offset_sections): Replace calls to
complain() with calls to complaint().
* gdbtypes.c (stub_noname_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint
(stub_noname_complaint): New function.
(check_typedef, add_mangled_type): Replace calls to complain()
with calls to complaint().
* hpread.c (string_table_offset_complaint, lbrac_unmatched_complaint)
(lbrac_mismatch_complaint, hpread_unhandled_end_common_complaint)
(hpread_unhandled_type_complaint, hpread_struct_complaint)
(hpread_array_complaint, hpread_type_lookup_complaint)
(hpread_unexpected_end_complaint, hpread_tagdef_complaint)
(hpread_unhandled_blockdata_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint
struct definitions and declarations.
(lbrac_unmatched_complaint, lbrac_mismatch_complaint): New functions.
(SET_NAMESTRING, hpread_type_lookup, hpread_process_one_debug_symbol):
Replace calls to complain() with, possibly indirect, calls to
* macrotab.c (macro_include, check_for_redefinition, macro_undef):
* mdebugread.c (bad_file_number_complaint, index_complaint)
(aux_index_complaint, block_index_complaint)
(unknown_ext_complaint, unknown_sym_complaint)
(unknown_st_complaint, block_overflow_complaint)
(basic_type_complaint, unknown_type_qual_complaint)
(array_index_type_complaint, bad_tag_guess_complaint)
(block_member_complaint, stEnd_complaint)
(unknown_mdebug_symtype_complaint, stab_unknown_complaint)
(pdr_for_nonsymbol_complaint, pdr_static_symbol_complaint)
(bad_setjmp_pdr_complaint, bad_fbitfield_complaint)
(bad_continued_complaint, bad_rfd_entry_complaint)
(unexpected_type_code_complaint, unable_to_cross_ref_complaint)
(bad_indirect_xref_complaint, illegal_forward_tq0_complaint)
(illegal_forward_bt_complaint, bad_linetable_guess_complaint)
(bad_ext_ifd_complaint, bad_ext_iss_complaint): Delete deprecated
complaint structs.
(index_complaint, unknown_ext_complaint, basic_type_complaint)
(bad_tag_guess_complaint, bad_rfd_entry_complaint)
(function_outside_compilation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(parse_symbol, parse_type, upgrade_type, parse_procedure)
(parse_partial_symbols, psymtab_to_symtab_1, cross_ref, add_symbol):
Replace calls to complain() with, possibly indirect calls to
* objc-lang.c (noclass_lookup_complaint, nosel_lookup_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(lookup__objc_class, lookup_child_selector): Replace complain()
with complaint().
* remote-vx.c (cant_contact_target): Delete deprecated complaint
(vx_lookup_symbol): Replace complain() with complaint().
* stabsread.c (invalid_cpp_abbrev_complaint)
(invalid_cpp_type_complaint, member_fn_complaint)
(const_vol_complaint, error_type_complaint)
(invalid_member_complaint, range_type_base_complaint)
(reg_value_complaint, vtbl_notfound_complaint)
(unrecognized_cplus_name_complaint, rs6000_builtin_complaint)
(unresolved_sym_chain_complaint, stabs_general_complaint)
(lrs_general_complaint, multiply_defined_struct): Delete
deprecated complaint structs.
(invalid_cpp_abbrev_complaint, ref_value_complaint)
(stabs_general_complaint, lrs_general_complaint)
(msg_unknown_complaint): New functions.
(dbx_lookup_type, read_cfront_baseclasses)
(read_cfront_member_functions, resolve_symbol_reference)
(define_symbol, resolve_live_range, add_live_range, read_type)
(rs6000_builtin_type, read_member_functions, read_cpp_abbrev)
(read_one_struct_field, read_baseclasses, read_tilde_fields)
(read_cfront_static_fields, attach_fields_to_type)
(complain_about_struct_wipeout, read_range_type)
(common_block_start, common_block_end, cleanup_undefined_types)
(scan_file_globals): Replace complain() with complaint().
* stabsread.h (unknown_symtype_complaint, unknown_symchar_complaint):
Delete deprecated complaint struct declarations.
* xcoffread.c (storclass_complaint, bf_notfound_complaint)
(ef_complaint, eb_complaint): Delete deprecated complaint structs.
(bf_not_found_complaint, ef_complaint, eb_complaint)
(function_outside_compilation_unit_complaint): New functions.
(record_include_begin, record_include_end, enter_line_range)
(xcoff_next_symbol_text, read_xcoff_symtab, process_xcoff_symbol)
(read_symbol, read_symbol_lineno, scan_xcoff_symtab) Replace
complain() with complaint().
2002-12-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/arc/, config/arc/tm-arc.h: Delete.
* config/d30v/, config/d30v/tm-d30v.h: Delete.
* config/fr30/, config/fr30/tm-fr30.h: Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/, config/i386/ Delete.
* config/i386/nm-i386aix.h, config/i386/nm-i386mach.h: Delete.
* config/i386/nm-m3.h, config/i386/tm-i386aix.h: Delete.
* config/i386/tm-i386m3.h, config/i386/tm-i386mk.h: Delete.
* config/i386/xm-i386aix.h, config/i386/xm-i386m3.h: Delete.
* config/i386/xm-i386mach.h, config/i386/xm-i386mk.h: Delete.
* config/i960/, config/i960/ Delete.
* config/i960/tm-i960.h, config/i960/tm-mon960.h: Delete.
* config/i960/tm-nindy960.h, config/i960/tm-vx960.h: Delete.
* config/i960/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m68k/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/, config/m88k/ Delete.
* config/m88k/nm-delta88v4.h, config/m88k/nm-m88k.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/tm-delta88.h, config/m88k/tm-delta88v4.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/tm-m88k.h, config/m88k/xm-delta88.h: Delete.
* config/m88k/xm-dgux.h: Delete.
* fr30-tdep.c, i386aix-nat.c, i386m3-nat.c: Delete.
* i386mach-nat.c, i960-tdep.c, m88k-nat.c: Delete.
* os9kread.c, remote-bug.c, remote-nindy.c: Delete.
* remote-nrom.c, remote-os9k.c, remote-vx960.c: Delete.
* d30v-tdep.c, arc-tdep.c, cxux-nat.c, dst.h, dstread.c: Delete.
* ch-exp.c, ch-lang.c, ch-lang.h, ch-typeprint.c: Delete.
* ch-valprint.c: Delete.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Rearrange code to resume if
no catchpoint triggers for an event.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Merge TARGET_WAITKIND_FORKED
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Assume that catchpoints
are not affected by DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK.
2002-12-15 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* target.c (update_current_target): Don't inherit DONT_USE.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove DONT_USE.
(target_next): Remove macro.
2002-12-15 Mark Kettenis <>
* ui-out.c (MAX_UI_OUT_LEVELS): Raise to 6. Fixes PR cli/654.
2002-12-14 Richard Earnshaw <>
* arm-tdep.c (convert_from_extended): New argument to hold the
type of floating point result we want to convert to. Make input
argument const. Fix all callers.
(convert_to_extended): Similarly.
(arm_extract_return_value): Now takes a regcache argument. Change
code to use regcache accessor functions. Correctly extract
smaller-than-word results on big-endian machines.
(arm_store_return_value): Now takes a regcache argument. Change
code to use regcache accessor functions. Correctly zero/sign extend
smaller than word results before storing into r0.
(arm_gdbarch_init): Register new-style extract_return_value and
store_return_value functions.
2002-12-13 Michael Snyder <>
* thread-db.c (thread_from_lwp): Uniquify error msg.
(lwp_from_thread): Ditto.
(check_event): Ditto.
(find_new_threads_callback): Ditto.
(thread_db_pid_to_str): Ditto.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_frame_saved_regs): Declare.
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc): Change return type to CORE_ADDR
* frame.c (get_frame_saved_regs): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc): Return the allocated saved_regs.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): New
* frame.h (deprecated_update_current_frame_pc_hack): Declare.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Use said function instead of directly
modifying the frame's PC.
2002-12-13 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frame.h (frame_id_unwind_ftype): Fix typo in return type.
2002-12-13 Kevin Buettner <>
* config/mips/tm-mips.h, config/mips/tm-irix3.h,
config/mips/tm-irix6.h (NUM_REGS): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Call set_gdbarch_num_regs().
(temp_saved_regs): Declare as a pointer rather than an array.
(mips32_heuristic_proc_desc, heuristic_proc_desc): Make sure
that ``temp_saved_regs'' has storage allocated to it and that
it's the correct size.
2002-12-13 Jeff Johnston <>
* defs.h (init_last_source_visited): New prototype.
(add_path): Ditto.
* source.c (add_path): New function that adds to a specified path.
(mod_path): Change to call add_path.
(init_last_source_visited): New function to allow interfaces to
initialize static variable: last_source_visited. Part of fix
for PR gdb/741.
* Add support for mi/mi-cmd-env.c.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (frame_id_unwind): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add fields id_unwind, id_unwind_cache_p and
(frame_id_unwind_ftype): Declare.
* frame.c (frame_id_unwind): New function.
(set_unwind_by_pc): Add unwind_id parameter. Initialized.
(create_new_frame, get_prev_frame): Pass id_unwind to
(frame_saved_regs_id_unwind): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_id_unwind): New function.
* dummy-frame.c (dummy_frame_id_unwind): New function.
(struct dummy_frame): Add field id.
(generic_push_dummy_frame): Initialize `id'.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_id_unwind): Declare.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c (run_stack_dummy): Create a frame ID directly and then
pass that to set_momentary_breakpoint. Move comments to where they
* frame.h (set_current_frame): Delete declaration.
* frame.c (set_current_frame): Delete function.
2002-12-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_extra_info_zalloc): New function.
* frame.h (frame_extra_info_zalloc): Declare.
2002-12-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_pop_frame): Fix a compilation error introduced
in the previous prototype change to set_momentary_breakpoint.
2002-12-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* infrun.c (pending_follow): Remove saw_parent_fork, saw_child_fork,
and saw_child_exec.
(follow_fork, init_wait_for_inferior, handle_inferior_event): Remove
references to saw_parent_fork, saw_child_fork, and saw_child_exec.
(stop_stepping): Remove outdated check for child vfork events.
2002-12-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* GDB 5.3 released from gdb_5_3-branch.
2002-12-11 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* corelow.c (init_core_ops): Delete references to to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
* exec.c (init_exec_ops): Likewise.
* hppah-nat.c (child_follow_fork): Call hppa_require_attach and
hppa_require_detach directly.
* inferior.h (REQUIRE_ATTACH, REQUIRE_DETACH): Delete.
* inftarg.c (child_detach): Remove.
(child_detach_from_process): Rename to child_detach, remove
after_fork argument.
(child_attach): Remove.
(child_attach_to_process): Rename to child_attach, remove after_fork
(init_child_ops): Delete references to to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
* infttrace.c (hppa_require_attach): Update comment.
* target.c (cleanup_target, update_current_target)
(init_dummy_target, setup_target_debug): Delete references to
to_require_attach and to_require_detach.
(find_default_require_detach, find_default_require_attach)
(debug_to_require_attach, debug_to_require_detach): Remove
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_require_attach
and to_require_detach.
(target_require_attach, target_require_detach): Delete macros.
(find_default_require_detach, find_default_require_attach): Delete
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (REQUIRE_ATTACH, REQUIRE_DETACH): Delete.
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_frame_extra_info): New function.
* frame.h (get_frame_extra_info): Declare.
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.h (struct breakpoint): Replace frame with frame_id.
(set_momentary_breaokpoint): Replace `struct frame_info' parameter
with `struct frame_id'.
(set_longjmp_resume_breakpoint): Ditto.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Update.
* breakpoint.c (watch_command_1, until_break_command): Update.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event, check_sigtramp2): Update.
(handle_inferior_event, step_over_function): Update.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status, print_one_breakpoint): Update.
(set_raw_breakpoint, set_longjmp_resume_breakpoint): Update.
(set_momentary_breakpoint, deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Update.
* infcmd.c (finish_command, run_stack_dummy): Update.
2002-12-11 Kevin Buettner <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_const_ignored, dwarf2_volatile_ignored)
(dwarf2_mangled_line_number_section, dwarf2_unsupported_die_ref_attr)
(dwarf2_unsupported_stack_op, dwarf2_complex_location_expr)
(dwarf2_unsupported_tag, dwarf2_unsupported_at_encoding)
(dwarf2_unsupported_at_frame_base, dwarf2_unexpected_tag)
(dwarf2_missing_at_frame_base, dwarf2_bad_static_member_name)
(dwarf2_unsupported_accessibility, dwarf2_bad_member_name_complaint)
(dwarf2_vtbl_not_found_complaint, dwarf2_absolute_sibling_complaint)
(dwarf2_unsupported_const_value_attr, dwarf2_misplaced_line_number)
(dwarf2_line_header_too_long, dwarf2_missing_macinfo_section)
(dwarf2_macros_too_long, dwarf2_macros_not_terminated)
(dwarf2_macro_outside_file, dwarf2_macro_unmatched_end_file)
(dwarf2_macro_malformed_definition, dwarf2_macro_spaces_in_definition)
(dwarf2_invalid_attrib_class, dwarf2_invalid_pointer_size): Delete
complaints using deprecated struct..
(dwarf2_invalid_attrib_class_complaint): New functions.
(read_func_scope, dwarf2_attach_fields_to_type, dwarf2_add_member_fn)
(read_structure_scope, read_array_type, read_common_block)
(read_tag_pointer_type, read_base_type, read_partial_die)
(dwarf_decode_line_header, check_cu_functions, dwarf_decode_lines)
(new_symbol, dwarf2_const_value, read_type_die)
(dwarf2_get_ref_die_offset, decode_locdesc, consume_improper_spaces)
(parse_macro_definition, dwarf_decode_macros): Replace calls to
complain() with, possibly indirect, calls to complaint().
2002-12-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (deprecated_get_frame_saved_regs): Rename
* frame.h (deprecated_get_frame_saved_regs): Update declaration.
* sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* hppa-tdep.c: Update.
* h8500-tdep.c: Update.
2002-12-11 Kevin Buettner <>
(ADDRESS_CLASS_NAME_TO_TYPE_FLAGS): Use ``const char *'' instead of
``char *'' for return and parameter types.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbtypes.h, gdbtypes.c (address_space_int_to_name): Change
return type from ``char *'' to ``const char *''.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_modifier): Make ``address_space_id''
2002-12-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-tdep.c: Include "dummy-frame.h".
(i386_frame_chain, i386_frame_saved_pc): Replace
DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY with call to pc_in_dummy_frame.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Don't set deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy.
2002-12-10 Andrew Cagney <>
Change to a function with predicate.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Update. Test
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_init_abi): Update.
* arm-tdep.c: Update comments.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Explicitly set init_frame_pc.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Delete macro.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_POST_FOLLOW_VFORK): Change to
* hppah-nat.c (saved_vfork_pid): Add.
(child_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(child_follow_fork): New function.
(child_wait): Call detach_breakpoints after receiving the child vfork.
Call child_resume directly instead of going through resume ().
Make sure we have the exec before reporting the vfork.
* inferior.h (follow_inferior_reset_breakpoints): Add prototype.
* infrun.c (follow_fork, follow_vfork, follow_inferior_fork): Remove.
(follow_fork): New function. Call target_follow_fork.
(follow_inferior_reset_breakpoints): New function broken out from
old follow_inferior_fork.
(resume): Remove hack to follow exec after vfork.
* inftarg.c (child_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(child_follow_fork): New function.
(init_child_ops): Replace to_post_follow_vfork with to_follow_fork.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Replace to_post_follow_vfork with
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(setup_target_debug): Likewise.
(debug_to_post_follow_vfork): Remove.
(debug_to_follow_fork): New function.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Replace to_post_folow_vfork with
(child_post_follow_vfork): Remove prototype.
(child_follow_fork): Add prototype.
(target_post_follow_vfork): Remove macro.
(target_follow_fork): Add macro.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (saved_child_execd_pathname, saved_vfork_state): New.
(child_post_follow_vfork): Cancel pending exec event if we follow
the parent.
(child_wait): Only return TARGET_WAITKIND_VFORKED when all necessary
events have been processed. Return a fake TARGET_WAITKIND_EXECD
event at the following wait call if necessary.
* infrun.c (follow_vfork): Don't follow_exec here.
(handle_inferior_event): Add comment to TARGET_WAITKIND_EXECD
case about HP/UX 10.20. Remove code pushed down to
* infttrace.c (child_resume): Use TT_PROC_CONTINUE if
vfork_in_flight is set.
2002-12-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (child_wait): Return TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE
for the parent's fork event.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Only expect one fork event.
Call prepare_to_wait for TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE. Update comment.
* target.h: Update comment for TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE.
2002-12-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* PROBLEMS: Delete reference to PR gdb/725.
* MAINTAINERS (gdb.c++): Add David Carlton.
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
* cli/cli-setshow.c: #include <readline/tilde.h> after defs.h.
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Ditto.
2002-12-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* (gdbarch_dump): Print NAME_OF_MALLOC using %s. Wrap
function address in <>.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
2002-12-09 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (symtab_from_filename): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into symtab_from_filename.
2002-12-09 Kevin Buettner <>
* lin-lwp.c (strsignal): Make extern declaration match that of glibc.
2002-12-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* f-valprint.c (info_common_command): Use get_frame_pc.
* std-regs.c (value_of_builtin_frame_pc_reg): Ditto.
* ax-gdb.c (agent_command): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(rs6000_pop_frame): Ditto.
(rs6000_frameless_function_invocation): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_saved_pc, frame_get_saved_regs): Ditto.
(frame_initial_stack_address, rs6000_frame_chain): Ditto.
* macroscope.c (default_macro_scope): Ditto.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
(print_frame, frame_info, print_frame_label_vars): Ditto.
(return_command, func_command, get_frame_language): Ditto.
* infcmd.c (finish_command): Ditto.
* dummy-frame.c (cached_find_dummy_frame): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Ditto.
(break_at_finish_at_depth_command_1): Ditto.
(break_at_finish_command_1): Ditto.
(until_break_command, get_catch_sals): Ditto.
* blockframe.c (func_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
(frameless_look_for_prologue): Ditto.
(frame_address_in_block, generic_func_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (init_frame_pc_noop): Add declaration.
* dwarf2cfi.c (cfi_init_frame_pc): Cast the PC to a pointer.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
to pure functions.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Explictly assign prev's pc with value
* arch-utils.h (init_frame_pc_default, init_frame_pc_noop): Change
declaration to a function returning a CORE_ADDR.
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* arch-utils.c (init_frame_pc_noop): Return the PC value.
(init_frame_pc_default): Ditto.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* dwarf2cfi.h (cfi_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* dwarf2cfi.c (cfi_init_frame_pc): Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_init_frame_pc_first): Ditto.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_init_abi): Set init_frame_pc
to init_frame_pc_noop.
(i386_interix_init_frame_pc): Delete function.
* z8k-tdep.c (init_frame_pc): Delete function.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Define as init_frame_pc_noop.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Ditto.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (INIT_FRAME_PC): Redefine as
(INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Convert to an expression.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c: Use get_frame_base instead of directly accessing
the `struct frame_info' member frame.
* f-valprint.c, std-regs.c, rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* stack.c, dummy-frame.c, breakpoint.c: Ditto.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
* (readline_h): Define.
(completer.o): Depend on readline_h.
(corelow.o): Ditto.
(event-top.o): Ditto.
(exec.o): Ditto.
(solib.o): Ditto.
(source.o): Ditto.
(symfile.o): Ditto.
(symmisc.o): Ditto.
(top.o): Ditto.
(tracepoint.o): Ditto.
(utils.o): Ditto.
(cli-dump.o): Ditto.
(tui-hooks.o): Ditto.
(tuiWin.o): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
More cleanup from import of readline 4.3.
* completer.h (complete_line, readline_line_completion_function):
Update prototypes.
(line_completion_function): Removed, not used outside of completer.c.
* completer.c (readline_line_completion_function,
complete_function, line_completion_function): Use const for first
(line_completion_function): Make static.
(filename_completer): filename_completion_function is now called
* corelow.c: Include <readline/readline.h>.
* exec.c: Ditto.
* solib.c: Ditto.
* source.c: Ditto.
* symfile.c: Ditto.
* symmisc.c: Ditto.
* top.c (init_main): No need to coerce
readline_line_completion_function anymore.
* cli/cli-dump.c: Include <readline/readline.h>.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_info): Use get_prev_frame.
* blockframe.c (frame_address_in_block): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
(rs6000_frameless_function_invocation): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_saved_pc): Ditto.
(rs6000_frame_chain): Ditto.
* arch-utils.c (init_frame_pc_default): Ditto.
2002-12-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY):
Delete redundant definition.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
Import of readline 4.3:
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Include readline/tilde.h.
* cli/cli-setshow.c: Ditto.
* defs.h: Don't declare tilde_expand anymore, since readline
exports it.
2002-12-08 Elena Zannoni <>
* (thread-db.o): Add explicit rule to ignore the use of
-Werror on this file.
2002-12-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* (TARGET_FLOAT_FORMAT): Use the macro when printing
the format name.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-12-06 Andrew Cagney <>
INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST. Change to a function with predicate. Do not
provide a default value.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Update. Check
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Update.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (DEPRECATED_INIT_FRAME_PC_FIRST): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-12-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Include gdb_string.h.
* alpha-nat.c: Ditto.
* ppc-linux-nat.c: Ditto.
* (ia64-linux-nat.o, alpha-nat.o, ppc-linux-nat.o):
Update dependencies.
2002-12-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbthread.h: Include "frame.h".
(struct thread_info): Replace step_frame_address with
* inferior.h: Include "frame.h".
(step_frame_id): Replace external variable step_frame_address.
* gdbthread.h (save_infrun_state): Replace step_frame_address
parameter with step_frame_id parameter.
(load_infrun_state): Ditto.
* (gdbthread_h, inferior_h): Add $(frame_h).
* infcmd.c (step_frame_id, step_1, step_once): Update.
* thread.c (load_infrun_state, save_infrun_state): Update.
* infrun.c (clear_proceed_status, save_inferior_status): Update.
(handle_inferior_event, step_over_function): Update.
(normal_stop, context_switch, restore_inferior_status): Update.
(struct inferior_status): Replace step_frame_address with
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_add_field): Treat a field that is a
DW_TAG_member as well as a declaration as being a C++ static data
(read_structure_scope): Combine tests for DW_TAG_member and
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_compound): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into decode_compound.
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux_local): Add 'static_block'
(lookup_symbol_aux): Do the 'field_of_this' check before checking
the static block. See PR gdb/804.
2002-12-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux_block): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_local): Move code into lookup_symbol_aux_block.
2002-12-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* Dump the predicate function and macro values.
(read): Print error on standard error.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-12-04 Kevin Buettner <>
* (mips_tdep_h): Define.
(mips-tdep.o): Add mips_tdep_h to dependency list.
* mips-tdep.h: New file.
* mips-tdep.c (mips-tdep.h): Include.
(enum mips_abi): Move to mips-tdep.h.
(mips_abi): New function.
2002-12-04 David Carlton <>
* ( Don't depend on
2002-12-04 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Move minsym code into a separate
(lookup_symbol_aux_minsyms): New function.
2002-12-04 J. Brobecker <>
* pa64solib.c: s/boolean/int/. Fixes a build failure on hppa64-hpux.
2002-12-04 J. Brobecker <>
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (PC_IN_SIGTRAMP): Renamed from IN_SIGTRAMP,
which is an obsolete macro name.
2002-12-04 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* doublest.c (convert_floatformat_to_doublest): Cast exp_bias to int.
* config/alpha/ (MH_CFLAGS): Add -mieee.
2002-12-03 H.J. Lu (
* breakpoint.c (create_thread_event_breakpoint): Use xasprintf.
(create_breakpoints): Make sure the addr_string field is not
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* sparc-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Add comment on problem of LWP vs
From 2002-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_fetch_registers): Remove.
(lin_lwp_store_registers): Remove.
(init_lin_lwp_ops): Use fetch_inferior_registers
and store_inferior_registers directly.
* sparc-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Honor LWP ID.
(store_inferior_registers): Likewise.
Fix PR gdb/725.
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_frame_id): Convert to a function.
(null_frame_id, frame_id_p): Declare.
(frame_id_eq, frame_id_inner): Declare.
(frame_id_build): New function.
* frame.c (get_frame_id): Update. Use null_frame_id.
(frame_find_by_id): Rewrite using frame_id_p, frame_id_eq and
(null_frame_id, frame_id_p): Define.
(frame_id_eq, frame_id_inner): Define.
(frame_id_build): New function.
* varobj.c (varobj_create): Update.
(varobj_update): Update.
* valops.c (value_assign): Update.
(new_root_variable): Update.
* infrun.c (save_inferior_status): Update.
* breakpoint.c (watch_command_1): Update.
2002-12-03 J. Brobecker <>
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (SNAP1): Remove unused macro.
(SNAP2): Likewise.
2002-12-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention Daniel Jacobowitz's multi-threaded shared library
* PROBLEMS: Mention PR gdb/725.
2002-12-03 Andreas Schwab <>
* infcmd.c (construct_inferior_arguments): Handle empty arguments.
2002-12-02 Adam Fedor <>
Klee Dienes <>
* objc-lang.c (objc_printstr): Add width arg to match
printstr prototype.
(compare_selectors): Add 'const' to arg types.
(compare_classes): Likewise.
(find_imps): Cast msym pointer to avoid compiler warning.
(print_object_command): Validate the address before
passing it to the print routine.
(find_objc_msgcall_submethod): Change function argument to
return an int.
* objc-lang.h: Add 'extern' to all function declarations.
(value_nsstring): Add declaration.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* somsolib.c (dld_cache): Replace boolean by int for field is_valid.
Fixes a build failure on HP/UX.
* hpread.c (told_objfile): Replace boolean type by int. Fixes a build
failure on HP/UX.
(hpread_has_name): Advance declaration to avoid a compilation warning.
(pst_syms_count): Add missing variable type. By change, the compiler
was defaulting to int, which seems a good choice. Fixes a compilation
(pst_syms_size): Likewise.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c: Add #include "osabi.h" (for hppa_gdbarch_init).
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Detect osabi from objfile. Will be needed
later to set the proper gdbarch methods depending on the osabi.
* (hppa-tdep.o): Add dependency on osabi.h.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* osabi.h (gdb_osabi): Add two new enum values for HPUX ELF and SOM.
* osabi.c (gdb_osabi_name): Add strings images for the two new
enum values.
(generic_elf_osabi_sniffer): Handle HPUX objfiles.
2002-12-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS (Java): Global maintainers are responible for Java.
(Past Maintainers): Mention both Anthony Green and Per Bothner as
part Java maintainers.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* xcoffread.c (read_symbol_lineno): Replace boolean by int.
Fixes a compilation failure on AiX.
2002-12-02 J. Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Add a comment explaining
why aix-thread.o is not listed.
2002-12-01 Andrew Cagney <>
PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY. Change to predicate. Always allow call.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h, config/sparc/tm-sp64.h: Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h, frame.h: Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c, vax-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* s390-tdep.c, ns32k-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c: Update.
* m68k-tdep.c, i386-tdep.c, frv-tdep.c: Update.
* cris-tdep.c, alpha-tdep.c: Update.
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc, create_new_frame): Use either
DEPRECATED_PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY or pc_in_dummy_frame.
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* exec.c (xfer_memory): Replace boolean with int.
* p-exp.y: Use 0 instead of false.
* corelow.c (gdb_check_format): Change return type to int from
* utils.c: Don't include <curses.h> or <term.h> first.
2002-11-29 Stephane Carrez <>
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_register_raw_size): Remove.
(m68hc11_register_byte): Remove.
(m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Don't set the above.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* remote-mips.c (mips_initialize): Force a selected frame rebuild
by calling get_selected_frame.
* ocd.c (ocd_start_remote): Use get_selected frame instead of
set_current_frame, create_new_frame, select_frame and
* remote-e7000.c (e7000_start_remote): Ditto.
* remote-mips.c (common_open): Ditto
* remote-rdp.c (remote_rdp_open): Ditto.
2002-11-29 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_frame_chain, m68k_frame_saved_pc)
(altos_skip_prologue, delta68_frame_saved_pc, isi_frame_num_args)
(delta68_frame_num_args, news_frame_num_args, m68k_skip_prologue)
(m68k_frame_init_saved_regs, m68k_saved_pc_after_call): Use
read_memory_unsigned_integer instead of read_memory_integer when
dealing with addresses and instruction opcodes.
* m68klinux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc)
(m68k_linux_frame_saved_pc): Likewise.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (selected_frame, select_frame): Move from here ...
* frame.c (selected_frame, select_frame): ... to here. Include
* (frame.o): Update dependencies.
* frame.c (get_selected_frame): New function.
* frame.h (get_selected_frame): Declare.
(deprecated_selected_frame): Rename selected_frame.
* ada-lang.c, ada-tasks.c, breakpoint.c, corelow.c: Update.
* eval.c, f-valprint.c, findvar.c, frame.c, frame.h: Update.
* h8300-tdep.c, h8500-tdep.c, hppa-tdep.c, infcmd.c: Update.
* inflow.c, infrun.c, macroscope.c, mips-tdep.c: Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c, ocd.c, regcache.h, remote-e7000.c: Update.
* remote-mips.c, remote-rdp.c, sh-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* stack.c, thread.c, tracepoint.c, valops.c, varobj.c: Update.
* z8k-tdep.c, cli/cli-cmds.c: Update.
2002-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_selected_block): Add comments.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (pc_notcurrent): New function.
(find_frame_sal): New function.
* frame.h (find_frame_sal): Declare.
(struct symtab_and_line): Add opaque declaration.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Use find_frame_sal instead of
(frame_info): Ditto.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-28 J. Brobecker <>
* Check that the pthdebug library is recent enough
before enabling thread support on native AiX.
* configure: Regenerate.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove aix-thread.o
from the list of object files as it is now appended by configure
if thread support is enabled.
(NAT_CLIBS): Removed as -lpthdebug is also appended by configure
if thread support is enabled.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (get_selected_block): In-line get_current_block.
* frame.h (get_current_block): Delete declaration.
* blockframe.c (get_current_block): Delete function.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* valops.c, frame.c: Update.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h, config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h: Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h, blockframe.c: Update.
* vax-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c, ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68k-tdep.c, alpha-tdep.c: Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c: Eliminate USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES as always 1.
* mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-11-27 Andrew Cagney <>
(USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES): Default to true.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Default to generic_pc_in_call_dummy.
* gdbarch.c, gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* inferior.h (USE_GENERIC_DUMMY_FRAMES): Delete macro definition.
(CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Delete macro definition.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Delete macro definitions.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set pc_in_call_dummy,
default is already generic_pc_in_call_dummy.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set
use_generic_dummy_frames, default is already 1.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Do not set
call_dummy_location, default is already AT_ENTRY_POINT.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-11-28 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h: Update comments on set_current_frame, create_new_frame,
flush_cached_frames, reinit_frame_cache, select_frame and
2002-11-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Update definition to use
deprecated pc_in_call_dummy function.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/sparc/tm-sp64.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Ditto.
2002-11-26 Martin M. Hunt <>
* Remove Tix dependencies.
* acinclude.m4: Ditto.
* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* Ditto.
* configure: Regenerated.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* (TARGET_FLOAT_FORMAT): Print the float format name.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/pa/tm-hppa64.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Delete undefine.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Define as
* config/sparc/tm-sp64.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Redefine as
pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point and pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): Define as ON_STACK.
(PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Defile as pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack.
2002-11-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* inferior.h (deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_before_text_end): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_after_text_end): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_on_stack): Rename
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point): Rename
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Update.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Update.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Update.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): Update.
* blockframe.c (deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_before_text_end)
(deprecated_pc_in_call_dummy_at_entry_point): Update.
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-11-25 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* acconfig.h (HAVE_PREAD64): Add.
* Check for pread64.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_xfer_memory): Call linux_proc_xfer_memory.
* linux-proc.c (linux_proc_xfer_memory): New function.
* config/nm-linux.h (linux_proc_xfer_memory): Add prototype.
2002-11-25 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (scan_partial_symbols): Descend into namespace
pdi's with no name.
2002-11-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Mark h8500 as broken. Breakage occured Fri Nov 5
16:32:04 1999 Andrew Cagney <>.
2002-11-25 Jim Blandy <>
* symfile.c (init_objfile_sect_indices): New function.
(default_symfile_offsets): Move the section-index-initializing
stuff into init_objfile_sect_indices, and call that.
* symtab.h (SIZEOF_N_SECTION_OFFSETS): New macro.
* symfile.c (syms_from_objfile): Adjust indentation.
* symfile.c (symbol_file_add): Flush gdb_stdout even if from_tty
|| info_verbose isn't true.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
default to get_frame_base.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* arch-utils.c (default_frame_address): Delete function.
* arch-utils.h (default_frame_address): Delete declaration
2002-11-24 Pierre Muller <>
* varobj.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain):
Use get_frame_base instead of FRAME_FP,
obvious fix.
2002-11-19 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (FRAME_FP): Delete macro.
(get_frame_base): New function declaration.
* frame.c (get_frame_base): New function.
(get_frame_id): Use ->frame.
(frame_find_by_id): Rewrite to use get_frame_id.
* blockframe.c: Use get_frame_base instead of FRAME_FP.
* cris-tdep.c, d10v-tdep.c, findvar.c, h8500-tdep.c: Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c, i386-tdep.c, infcmd.c, infrun.c: Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c, m68k-tdep.c, mcore-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
* mn10200-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c, rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c, sparc-tdep.c, stack.c, tracepoint.c: Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c, valops.c, z8k-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Do not set get_saved_register.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Revert change below, use
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
2002-11-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* dummy-frame.c (pc_in_dummy_frame): New function.
(generic_pc_in_call_dummy): Call pc_in_dummy_frame.
(find_dummy_frame): Update comment.
(generic_pop_current_frame): Use get_frame_type.
* dummy-frame.h (pc_in_dummy_frame): Declare.
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(create_new_frame): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(get_prev_frame): Use pc_in_dummy_frame.
(frame_saved_regs_register_unwind): Use get_prev_frame.
(deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Use get_prev_frame.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): Move function
from here ...
* varobj.c (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): ... to here.
(varobj_create): Note that frame ID should be used.
* frame.h (find_frame_addr_in_frame_chain): Delete declaration.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Assert that generic dummy frames are
not being used.
* (breakpoint.o): Update dependencies.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Use get_frame_type instead of
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
(frame_info): Ditto.
(print_frame_info_base): Ditto. Delete dead code.
2002-11-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* (m68k_tdep_h): Define.
(abug-rom.o, cpu32bug-rom.o, dbug-rom.o, m68k-tdep.o, m68klinux-nat.o)
(remote-est.o, rom68k-rom.o): Add $(m68k_tdep_h).
* m68k-tdep.c: Move register number enum ...
* m68k-tdep.h: ... to this new file and rename the constants from
E_* to M68K_*. All uses changed.
* config/m68k/tm-m68k.h (D0_REGNUM, A0_REGNUM): Remove definitions.
* abug-rom.c: Include "m68k-tdep.h". Use
* cpu32bug-rom.c: Likewise.
* dbug-rom.c: Likewise.
* m68k-tdep.c: Likewise.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Likewise.
* remote-est.c: Likewise.
* rom68k-rom.c: Likewise.
* config/m68k/tm-linux.h: Likewise.
2002-11-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Remove old style non-generic
dummy frame initialization code.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-11-22 Christopher Faylor <>
* win32-nat.c (child_attach): Reset saw_create counter or subsequent
attach will hang.
2002-11-22 Andrew Cagney <>
to default_frame_address.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Do not set frame_args_address
or frame_locals_address to default_frame_address.
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_gdbarch_init): Update.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Update.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Update.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_frame_args_address): Delete function.
(cris_frame_locals_address): Delete function.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Do not set frame_args_address or
2002-11-22 Michael Snyder <>
* thread-db.c (thread_db_load): Tell the user what's going on
if dlopen fails on libthread_db.
2002-11-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_register_virtual_type): Use architecture
invariant return values.
2002-11-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* valops.c (value_slice): Move declaration of `offset' to avoid
2002-11-22 Christopher Faylor <>
* win32-nat.c (psapi_get_dll_name): Fix a compiler warning.
(struct so_stuff): Add end_addr field.
(register_loaded_dll): Calculate and store end address of loaded dll.
(solib_address): New function.
(child_solib_loaded_library_pathname): Pass carefully constructed
section info to safe_symbol_file_add rather than ignoring it.
(get_child_debug_event): Call re_enable_breakpoints_in_shlibs when a
DLL is loaded.
(do_initial_child_stuff): Call disable_breakpoints_in_shlibs.
(child_create_inferior): Fix a compiler warning.
* config/i386/tm-cygwin.h (PC_SOLIB): Define new macro.
(solib_address): Declare new function.
2002-11-22 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_register_virtual_type): Return int for SR, FPC
and FPS registers.
2002-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* maint.c (_initialize_maint_cmds): Fix typo. From
Francesco Potorti` <>.
2002-11-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Delete references to
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (GDB_TARGET_MASK_DISAS_PC): Delete macro.
* printcmd.c (build_address_symbolic): Delete calls to
(address_info): Ditto.
Fix PR gdb/773.
2002-11-19 Klee Dienes <>
Adam Fedor <>
* completer.c (skip_quoted_chars): Renamed from skip_chars. Add
the ability to explicitly specify the quote characters and word
break characters; if NULL is specified for either, use the old
behavior of using the characters used by the completer.
(skip_chars): New function. Convenience wrapper around
skip_quoted_chars to provide the original skip_chars behavior.
* completer.h (skip_quoted_chars): Add prototype.
2002-11-19 Andrew Cagney <>
Problems reported by Paul Eggert.
* Use `sort -k 3`. Fix PR gdb/527.
2002-11-19 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68klinux-nat.c (IS_SIGTRAMP, IS_RT_SIGTRAMP)
(m68k_linux_in_sigtramp, SIGCONTEXT_PC_OFFSET)
(UCONTEXT_PC_OFFSET, m68k_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc)
(m68k_linux_frame_saved_pc): Move to ...
* m68klinux-tdep.c: ... here. New file.
* (m68klinux-tdep.o): Add dependencies.
* config/m68k/ (TDEPFILES): Add m68klinux-tdep.o.
2002-11-19 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y: Revert to old skip_quoted usage.
2002-11-19 Adam Fedor <>
* (SFILES): Add objc-exp.y objc-lang.c.
(objc_lang_h): Define.
(local-maintainer-clean): Remove
(,, objc-lang.o): New target.
2002-11-19 Pierre Muller <>
* p-exp.y (typecast rule): Add automatic dereference of
pascal classes if needed.
(THIS): Set current_type.
Automatically dereference pascal classes.
(typebase rule): Add ^typebase recognition.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp): Handle OP_OBJC_NSSTRING,
(op_name): Handle OP_OBJC_SELF.
* (expprint.o): Add additional depends.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* expression.h: Rename ObjC ops to OP_OBJC_MSGCALL,
* parse.c (length_of_subexp, prefixify_subexp): Likewise.
* objc-exp.y: Likewise.
2002-11-18 Adam Fedor <>
* parser-defs.h: (struct objc_class_str): New structure
for parsing ObjC classes.
2002-11-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (frame_relative_level): Copy function from here ...
* frame.c (frame_relative_level): here.
2002-11-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (enum frame_type): Define.
(get_frame_type): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add field `type'. Delete field
(deprecated_set_frame_signal_handler_caller): Declare.
* frame.c (get_frame_type): New function.
(deprecated_set_frame_type): New function.
(create_new_frame): Set the frame's type.
(get_prev_frame): Similar.
* sparc-tdep.c: Use get_frame_type instead of signal_handler_caller.
* s390-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c: Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c: Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c: Ditto.
* i386-interix-tdep.c: Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ia64-tdep.c: Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c: Ditto.
* arm-tdep.c: Ditto.
* alpha-tdep.c: Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c: Ditto.
* stack.c: Ditto.
* ada-lang.c: Ditto.
* blockframe.c: Update.
* i386-interix-tdep.c (i386_interix_back_one_frame): Use
deprecated_set_frame_type instead of signal_handler_caller.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_init_extra_frame_info): Ditto.
* breakpoint.h: Delete FIXME suggesting get_frame_type.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* (buildsym.o): Add dependency for gdb_assert.h.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* buildsym.c (pop_context): Add comment.
2002-11-18 Klee Dienes <>
* buildsym.h (pop_context): Convert to function, defined in
* buildsym.c: Include gdb_assert.h.
(pop_context): Implement as C function. Add check for stack
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Complain and stop processing
that symbol if we are already at the top of the context stack for
a function-end N_FUN (this would imply an umatched RBRAC). Ditto
when processing N_RBRAC.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_POST_FOLLOW_INFERIOR_BY_CLONE): Don't
(struct target_waitstatus): Add opaque definition.
* corelow.c (init_core_ops): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior.
* exec.c (init_exec_ops): Likewise.
* fork-child.c (clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
* hppah-nat.c (child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
* inferior.h (clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
* infrun.c (follow_fork_mode_both): Remove.
(follow_fork_mode_kind_names): Remove commented out "both".
(follow_inferior_fork): Remove follow_fork_mode_both support.
* inftarg.c (child_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
* target.c (default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(cleanup_target): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
(find_default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(init_dummy_target): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior.
(debug_to_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove.
(debug_to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove.
(setup_target_debug): Don't set to_clone_and_follow_inferior
or to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_clone_and_follow_inferior
and to_post_follow_inferior_by_clone.
(child_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
(child_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove prototype.
(target_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove macro.
(target_post_follow_inferior_by_clone): Remove macro.
(find_default_clone_and_follow_inferior): Remove prototype.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Call inferior_has_forked,
inferior_has_vforked, and inferior_has_execd instead of
target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, and target_has_execd.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_HAS_FORKED, CHILD_HAS_VFORKED)
(CHILD_WAIT): Define.
(child_wait): Add prototype.
* hppah-nat.c (hpux_has_forked): Rename from child_has_forked.
Add prototype.
(hpux_has_vforked): Likewise, from child_has_vforked.
(hpux_has_execd): Likewise, from child_has_execd.
(hpux_has_syscall_event): Likewise, from child_has_syscall_event.
(not_same_real_pid, child_wait): New, copied from inftarg.c.
Call hpux_has_forked, hpux_has_vforked, hpux_has_execd,
and hpux_has_syscall_event instead of the target hooks.
* infrun.c (inferior_has_forked, inferior_has_vforked)
(inferior_has_execd): New functions.
* inftarg.c (not_same_real_pid): Remove.
(child_wait): Remove references to not_same_real_pid,
target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, target_has_execd,
and target_has_syscall_event.
(child_has_forked, child_has_vforked, child_has_execd)
(child_has_syscall_event): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Remove references to child_has_forked,
child_has_vforked, child_has_execd, and child_has_syscall_event.
* infttrace.c (hpux_has_forked): Rename from child_has_forked.
(hpux_has_vforked): Likewise, from child_has_vforked.
(hpux_has_execd): Likewise, from child_has_execd.
(hpux_has_syscall_event): Likewise, from child_has_syscall_event.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Remove references to
to_has_forked, to_has_vforked, to_has_execd, and
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(setup_target_debug): Likewise.
(debug_to_has_forked): Remove.
(debug_to_has_vforked): Remove.
(debug_to_has_execd): Remove.
(debug_to_has_syscall_event): Remove.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove to_has_forked.
to_has_vforked, to_has_execd, and to_has_syscall_event.
(child_has_forked, child_has_vforked, child_has_execd)
(child_has_syscall_event): Remove prototypes.
(inferior_has_forked, inferior_has_vforked, inferior_has_execd): Add
(target_has_forked, target_has_vforked, target_has_execd)
(target_has_syscall_event): Remove macros.
2002-11-16 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* hppah-nat.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
* inftarg.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
(init_child_ops): Don't initialize to_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec.
* infttrace.c (child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
* target.c (cleanup_target): Remove reference to
(update_current_target): Likewise.
(debug_to_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove.
(setup_target_debug): Remove reference to
* target.h (struct target_ops): Remove
(child_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove prototype.
(target_can_follow_vfork_prior_to_exec): Remove definition.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (CHILD_CAN_FOLLOW_VFORK_PRIOR_TO_EXEC): Don't
* infrun.c (follow_vfork_when_exec): Remove.
(follow_inferior_fork): Remove references to follow_vfork_when_exec.
(follow_exec): Likewise.
(handle_inferior_event): Likewise.
(keep_going): Likewise.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (generic_unwind_get_saved_register): Make static.
* frame.h (generic_unwind_get_saved_register): Delete declaration.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Do not set get_saved_register,
defaults to generic_unwind_get_saved_register.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Delete macro.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* x86-64-linux-nat.c (i386_sse_regnum_p): New function. Copy from
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (sigtramp_saved_pc): Delete declaration.
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Delete function.
* ns32k-tdep.c (ns32k_sigtramp_saved_pc): New function.
(ns32k_frame_saved_pc): Call ns32k_sigtramp_saved_pc.
* vax-tdep.c (vax_sigtramp_saved_pc): New function.
(vax_frame_saved_pc): Call vax_sigtramp_saved_pc.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_pc_unwind): New function.
(frame_saved_regs_pc_unwind): New function.
(frame_register_unwind): Pass unwind_cache instead of
(set_unwind_by_pc): Add unwind_pc parameter, set.
(create_new_frame): Pass frame->pc_unwind to set_unwind_by_pc.
(get_prev_frame): Ditto.
* frame.h (frame_pc_unwind_ftype): Declare.
(struct frame_info): Add pc_unwind, pc_unwind_cache_p and
pc_unwind_cache. Rename register_unwind_cache to unwind_cache.
(frame_pc_unwind): Declare.
* dummy-frame.c (dummy_frame_pc_unwind): New function.
(struct dummy_frame): Add comment mentioning that values are for
previous frame.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_pc_unwind): Declare.
* blockframe.c (file_frame_chain_valid): Use frame_pc_unwind.
(generic_file_frame_chain_valid): Ditto.
* stack.c (frame_info): Ditto.
2002-11-15 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (locate_first_half): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into locate_first_half.
2002-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.h: Add comment explaining how to eliminate a
deprecated_complain call.
* complaints.h: Fix spelling errors.
2002-11-15 David Carlton <>
* printcmd.c: Remove #include "disasm.h".
2002-11-14 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h: Move the most relevant interface functions to the start
of the file.
2002-11-14 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_registers): Rename registers.
* a68v-nat.c, alpha-nat.c, arch-utils.c, core-sol2.c: Update.
* hp300ux-nat.c, hppab-nat.c, hppah-nat.c: Update.
* hppam3-nat.c, hpux-thread.c, i386gnu-nat.c: Update.
* ia64-aix-nat.c, ia64-linux-nat.c, ia64-tdep.c: Update.
* irix4-nat.c, irix5-nat.c, lynx-nat.c, m68k-tdep.c: Update.
* m68knbsd-nat.c, mips-linux-tdep.c, mipsm3-nat.c: Update.
* mipsv4-nat.c, ns32knbsd-nat.c, ppc-bdm.c: Update.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c, ptx4-nat.c, regcache.c, remote-es.c: Update.
* remote-sds.c, remote-vx68.c, remote-vxmips.c: Update.
* remote-vxsparc.c, rs6000-tdep.c, sol-thread.c: Update.
* sparc-nat.c, sparc-tdep.c, sun3-nat.c, symm-nat.c: Update.
* v850ice.c: Update.
Wed Nov 13 19:51:05 2002 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Add comment mentioning realpath with a
NULL buffer.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_read_register_bytes): Rename
(deprecated_write_register_bytes): Rename write_register_bytes.
* alpha-tdep.c, arm-tdep.c, cris-tdep.c, d10v-tdep.c: Update.
* dwarf2cfi.c, frv-tdep.c, hppa-tdep.c, ia64-tdep.c: Update.
* m68k-tdep.c, mcore-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c, mn10300-tdep.c: Update.
* ns32k-tdep.c, regcache.c, remote-sds.c, remote-vx.c: Update.
* remote.c, rs6000-tdep.c, s390-tdep.c, sh-tdep.c: Update.
* sparc-tdep.c, v850-tdep.c, vax-tdep.c, x86-64-tdep.c: Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c, z8k-tdep.c, config/nm-gnu.h: Update.
* config/nm-m3.h, config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update.
* config/i386/nm-ptx4.h, config/i386/nm-symmetry.h: Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h, config/m68k/nm-sun3.h: Update.
* config/m68k/tm-delta68.h, config/m68k/tm-linux.h: Update.
* config/mn10200/tm-mn10200.h, config/pa/tm-hppa64.h: Update.
* config/sparc/nm-nbsd.h, config/sparc/nm-sun4os4.h: Update.
* config/sparc/nm-sun4sol2.h, config/sparc/tm-sparclet.h: Update.
2002-11-13 Jim Blandy <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Doc fix.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (struct regcache): Replace passthough_p with
(regcache_xmalloc): Initialize readonly_p.
(build_regcache): Initialize readonly_p.
(regcache_save): New function.
(regcache_restore): New function.
(regcache_cpy): Re-implement using regcache_save and
(regcache_raw_read): Update.
(regcache_cooked_read): When a read-only cache, checked for cached
pseudo register values.
(regcache_raw_write): Assert that the cache is not read-only.
Remove code handling a non-passthrough cache.
* regcache.h (regcache_save): Declare.
(regcache_restore): Declare.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (struct regcache_descr): Add fields
sizeof_cooked_registers and sizeof_cooked_register_valid_p.
(init_legacy_regcache_descr): Compute the size of a cooked
register cache and then assign that to sizeof_raw_registers. Set
sizeof_raw_register_valid_p to sizeof_cooked_register_valid_p
(init_legacy_regcache_descr): Ditto.
2002-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (register_buffer): Move to near start of file, update
(regcache_raw_read): Use.
(regcache_raw_write): Use.
(struct regcache): Rename raw_registers to registers and
raw_register_valid_p to register_valid_p.
(regcache_xmalloc): Update.
(regcache_xfree): Update.
(register_buffer): Update.
(regcache_cpy): Update.
(regcache_cpy_no_passthrough): Update.
(regcache_valid_p): Update.
(deprecated_grub_regcache_for_registers): Update.
(deprecated_grub_regcache_for_register_valid): Update.
(set_register_cached): Update.
(regcache_raw_write): Update.
2002-11-13 Pierre Muller <>
* p-exp.y (name_not_typename): Use copy_name to
set current_type variable for fields of THIS.
2002-11-12 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gnu-nat.c (init_gnu_ops): Remove NULL initializations.
* monitor.c (init_base_monitor_ops): Likewise.
* ppc-bdm.c (init_bdm_ppc_ops): Likewise.
* remote-array.c (init_array_ops): Likewise.
* remote-e7000.c (init_e7000_ops): Likewise.
* remote-es.c (init_es1800_ops): Likewise.
(init_es1800_child_ops): Likewise.
* remote-rdp.c (init_remote_rdp_ops): Likewise.
* remote-sim.c (init_gdbsim_ops): Likewise.
* remote-st.c (init_st2000_ops): Likewise.
* sol-thread.c (init_sol_core_ops): Likewise.
(init_sol_thread_ops): Likewise.
* v850ice.c (init_850ice_ops): Likewise.
* win32-nat.c (init_child_ops): Likewise.
* wince.c (init_child_ops): Likewise.
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Make rp a constant pointer.
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* utils.c (gdb_realpath): Rewrite. Try, in order: realpath() with
a constant buffer; cannonicalize_file_name(); realpath() with a
pathconf() defined buffer, xstrdup().
2002-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Fix typo, hang1.c to hang1.C; hang2.c
to hang2.C; hang3.c to hang3.C.
2002-11-11 Elena Zannoni <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Reenable TLS code.
2002-11-11 Elena Zannoni <>
Jim Blandy <>
* gdb_thread_db.h (enum): Add TD_NOTALLOC.
* target.c (update_current_target): Add
* target.h (to_get_thread_local_address): Export.
(target_get_thread_local_address): Define.
(target_get_thread_local_address_p): Define.
* thread-db.c: Include solib-svr4.h.
(td_thr_tls_get_addr_p): Define.
(thread_db_load): Get a pointer to td_thr_tls_get_addr.
(thread_db_get_thread_local_address): New function.
(init_thread_db_ops): Initialize to_get_thread_local_address.
* Add test for TD_NOTALLOC in thread_db.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2002-11-11 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (set_flags): New function.
(decode_line_1): Move code into set_flags.
2002-11-11 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Move chunks of code to separate
(initialize_defaults): New function.
(decode_indirect): New function.
2002-11-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Fix tipo. void_func_ptr
instead of void_code_ptr.
(sigtramp_saved_pc): Ditto.
* x86-64-tdep.c (i386_fp_regnum_p): Copy i386-tdep.c's
2002-11-10 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gdbtypes.h (struct main_type): Move artificial flag out of
loc. New member of ``struct field'' named static_kind. Reduce
overloaded meaning of bitsize.
* ada-lang.c (fill_in_ada_prototype): Initialize static_kind for
new fields.
(template_to_fixed_record_type, template_to_static_fixed_type)
(to_record_with_fixed_variant_part): Likewise.
* coffread.c (coff_read_struct_type, coff_read_enum_type): Likewise.
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_add_field, read_enumeration): Likewise.
* dwarfread.c (struct_type, enum_type): Likewise.
* hpread.c (hpread_read_enum_type)
(hpread_read_function_type, hpread_read_doc_function_type)
(hpread_read_struct_type): Likewise.
* mdebugread.c (parse_symbol): Likewise.
2002-11-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.h (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Rename frame_in_dummy.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Update.
(print_frame_info_base, frame_info): Update.
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(sparc_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* ada-lang.c (find_printable_frame): Update.
* breakpoint.c (deprecated_frame_in_dummy): Update.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-linux-nat.c (ORIG_EAX): Define to -1 if not already
(regmap): Extend to cover all registers.
(fetch_register, sore_register): Simplify.
(old_fetch_inferior_registers, old_store_inferior_registers):
Remove functions.
(cannot_fetch_register, cannot_store_register): Change
implementation to use regmap array to decide which registers
cannot be fetched/stored. This removes $orig_eax from the
registers that cannot be fetched/stored.
(fetch_inferior_registers): Call fetch_register directly instead
of calling old_fetch_inferior_registers.
(store_inferior_registers): Call store_register directly instead
of calling old_store_inferior_registers.
(i386_linux_dr_get): Replace PT_READ_U with PTRACE_PEEKUSER.
(i386_linux_dr_set): Replace PT_WRITE_U with PTRACE_POKEUSER.
* config/i386/nm-linux.h (U_REGS_OFFSET): Remove definition.
2002-11-09 Klee Dienes <>
* i387-tdep.c (i387_supply_register): When called with NULL as a
buffer, mark the register as not provided (to mirror the behavior
of supply_register).
(i387_supply_fxsave): Ditto.
(i387_supply_fsave): Ditto (inherits the behavior from
2002-11-09 Klee Dienes <>
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Use
builtin_type_void_code_ptr, not builtin_type_void_data_ptr (we are
extracting the PC). Use TYPE_LENGTH (builtin_type_void_code_ptr)
2002-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Test prev_p to identify a previously
unwound frame. Initialize prev_p.
* frame.h (struct frame_info): Add field prev_p. Expand prev/next
2002-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Cleanups. Eliminate redundant tests
for a NULL NEXT_FRAME. Simplify fromleaf initialization. Add
more comments. Zap dead code.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* infcmd.c (print_vector_info, print_float_info): Move code that
checks whether the target has any registers and whether there is a
selected frame up, such that it is also used if a target provides
multi-arch definitions of these functions.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* (DESTDIR): Define.
(install-only, install-gdbtk, uninstall-gdbtk): Add $(DESTDIR)
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: 8.3 proof i386obsd-nat.c and
i386obsd-tdep.c. Rename to "gdb.cxx", paths containing "gdb.c++".
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(i386_linux_register_reggroup_p): New function.
(i386_linux_init_abi): Set register_reggroup_p to
* i386-tdep.h (i386_register_reggroup_p): Declare.
* i386-tdep.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(i386_init_reggroups): New function.
(i386_add_reggroups): New function.
(i386_register_reggroup_p): New function.
(i386_sse_reggroup, i386_mmx_reggroup): New variables.
(_initialize_i386_tdep): Call i386_init_reggroups.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Set register_reggroup_p and add in the i386
specific reggroups.
2002-11-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory): Make use of the new PT_IO
request that's available in *BSD.
* i386-tdep.h (IS_FPU_CTRL_REGNUM): Remove.
* i387-tdep.c (i387_fill_fxsave): Use FOOFF_REGNUM instead of
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (set_unwind_by_pc): Use dummy_frame_register_unwind.
* dummy-frame.c (find_dummy_frame): Rename
generic_find_dummy_frame, make static. Return the dummy frame
instead of the regcache.
(generic_find_dummy_frame): Re-implement using find_dummy_frame,
(cached_find_dummy_frame): New function. Use find_dummy_frame.
(dummy_frame_register_unwind): Rename
generic_call_dummy_register_unwind. Use cached_find_dummy_frame.
* dummy-frame.h (dummy_frame_register_unwind): Rename
2002-11-08 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/tm-i386v42mp.h: Remove file. Move its contents,
except the inclusion of "i386/tm-i386.h", to...
* config/i386/nm-i386v42mp.h:
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to tm-i386.h.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* (frame.o): Update dependencies.
* blockframe.c (current_frame, frame_obstack_alloc)
(frame_saved_regs_zalloc, get_current_frame)
(set_current_frame, create_new_frame)
(set_unwind_by_pc, get_next_frame)
(flush_cached_frames, reinit_frame_cache)
(get_prev_frame, get_frame_pc, get_frame_saved_regs)
(_initialize_blockframe): Move frame code from here...
* frame.c: here. Include "gdb_obstack.h", "gdbcore.h",
"annotate.h" and "dummy-frame.h".
(_initialize_frame): New function.
2002-11-08 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_func_scope): Restore list_in_scope properly
when we finish a function a context.
* buildsym.h (outermost_context_p): New macro.
(Bug analyzed by David Edelsohn.)
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c: Include "dummy-frame.h".
(struct dummy_frame, dummy_frame_stack)
(generic_find_dummy_frame, deprecated_generic_find_dummy_frame)
(generic_pc_in_call_dummy, deprecated_read_register_dummy)
(generic_push_dummy_frame, generic_save_dummy_frame_tos)
(generic_save_call_dummy_addr, generic_pop_current_frame)
(generic_pop_dummy_frame, generic_fix_call_dummy)
(generic_fix_call_dummy, generic_call_dummy_register_unwind): Move
dummy frame code from here...
* dummy-frame.c: here. New file.
* dummy-frame.h: New file.
(generic_call_dummy_register_unwind): Declare.
(generic_find_dummy_frame): Declare.
* (SFILES): Add dummy-frame.c.
(dummy-frame.o): Specify dependencies.
(dummy_frame_h): Define.
(COMMON_OBS): Add dummy-frame.o.
(blockframe.o): Update dependencies.
2002-11-08 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_func_scope): Restore local_symbols and
param_symbols after we finish the function context. (Based on a
patch from David Edelsohn.)
2002-11-08 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c (symbol_found): New function.
(minsym_found): New function.
(decode_line_1): Separate out some code into separate functions.
2002-11-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frameless_signal_p): Make non static for
the benefit of the interix target.
* i386-tdep.h (i386_frameless_signal_p): Declare.
2002-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-tdep.h (i386_linux_orig_eax_regnum_p): Delete stray
declaration that snuck in from change below.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_mmx_regnum_p): Rename mmx_regnum_p. Update
all callers.
(i386_fp_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of FP_REGNUM_P.
(i386_fpc_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of FPC_REGNUM_P.
(i386_sse_regnum_p): New function. Use instead of SSE_REGNUM_P.
(i386_mxcsr_regnum_p): new function. Use instead of
* i386-tdep.h (SSE_REGNUM_P): Delete macro.
(i386_sse_regnum_p): Declare.
(i386_mxcsr_regnum_p): Declare.
(FP_REGNUM_P, FPC_REGNUM_P): Delete macros.
(i386_fp_regnum_p, i386_fpc_regnum_p): Declare.
(IS_FP_REGNUM): Update definition.
(IS_FPU_CTRL_REGNUM): Update definition..
(IS_SSE_REGNUM): Update definition..
* i386v-nat.c (register_u_addr): Update.
* go32-nat.c (fetch_register): Update.
(store_register): Update.
2002-11-07 Joel Brobecker <>
Preparation work to convert the hppa targets to multiarch partial.
* hppa-tdep.c: Add new functions replacing macro bodies from
config/pa/tm-hppa.h. These function will be used to initialize
the gdbarch structure. Import some comments from tm-hppa.h,
and place them where appropriate, to avoid loosing them when
we cleanup this file.
(hppa_reg_struct_has_addr): New function.
(hppa_inner_than): New function.
(hppa_stack_align): New function.
(hppa_pc_requires_run_before_use): New function.
(hppa_instruction_nullified): New function.
(hppa_register_byte): New function.
(hppa_register_virtual_type): New function.
(hppa_store_struct_return): New function.
(hppa_cannot_store_register): New function.
(hppa_frame_args_address): New function.
(hppa_frame_locals_address): New function.
(hppa_smash_text_address): New function.
(hppa_coerce_float_to_double): New function. Requires the inclusion
of "language.h".
* (hppa-tdep.o): Add dependency on language.h.
* tm-hppa.h (REG_STRUCT_HAS_ADDR): Change the definition of this
gdbarch-eligible macro to a call to the new associated function
created in hppa-tdep.c.
(INNER_THAN): Likewise.
(STACK_ALIGN): Likewise.
(REGISTER_BYTE): Likewise.
(ABOUT_TO_RETURN): Delete, as no longer used.
2002-11-07 Fernando Nasser <>
* printcmd.c (disassemble_command): Remove obsolete function.
(_initialize_printcmd): Do not create disassemble command here.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (disassemble_command): New function. Implements
disassemble command.
(init_cli_cmds): Create disassemble command here instead.
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Daniel Jacobowitz to global maintainers list.
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (regcache_cooked_read_using_offset_hack)
(regcache_cooked_write_using_offset_hack): Delete declarations.
(register_changed): Delete declaration.
* regcache.c (regcache_cooked_read_using_offset_hack)
(regcache_cooked_write_using_offset_hack): Delete functions.
(cooked_xfer_using_offset_hack): Delete function.
(register_changed): Delete function.
2002-11-07 Jim Blandy <>
* macroscope.c: #include "complaints.h".
(sal_macro_scope): Cope with filenames that appear in the symtabs,
but not in the macro table.
* (macroscope.o): Record dependency.
2002-11-07 Joel Brobecker <>
* PROBLEMS: Document gdb/816 (unable to read core file on alpha-osf).
2002-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.c (deprecated_registers_fetched): Update.
* regcache.h (deprecated_registers_fetched): Rename
* remote-vxsparc.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* remote-vxmips.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* remote-vx68.c (vx_read_register): Update.
* irix5-nat.c (fetch_core_registers): Update.
* mipsm3-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* sun3-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* symm-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* ns32knbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
(fetch_core_registers): Update.
(fetch_kcore_registers): Update.
* mips-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
* corelow.c (get_core_registers): Update.
* a68v-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Update.
2002-11-06 Joel Brobecker <>
Put in place the framework necessary for multiarching the hppa targets.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_gdbarch_init): New function.
(hppa_dump_tdep): New function.
(_initialize_hppa_tdep): Register the hppa gdbarch init function and
tdep structure dumper.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): New macro, defined to 0
until the multi-arching conversion has partially been completed.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* valops.c (value_assign): Merge lval_register case into
lval_reg_frame_relative. Use frame_register and
regcache_cooked_write instead of get_saved_register and
write_register_bytes. After flushing the register cache, try to
re-select the selected frame.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_register_valid): Rename register_valid.
* regcache.c: Update.
* ia64-aix-nat.c: Update.
* i386gnu-nat.c: Update.
* alpha-nat.c: Update.
* sparc-nat.c: Update.
* lynx-nat.c: Update.
* remote-mips.c: Update.
2002-11-06 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (_initialize_hppa_tdep): Move function body
to end of file, to be more consistent with the pratice followed
by other targets.
2002-11-06 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c: Include "reggroups.h" and <ctype.h>.
(print_float_info): Print registers in float_reggroup.
(print_vector_info): Print registers in vector_reggroup.
(default_print_registers_info): When all, print registers in
all_reggroup. Otherwize, print registers in general_reggroup.
(registers_info): Rewrite. Add support for register groups.
Eliminate a goto.
2002-11-06 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (methods_info): Delete. It has been ifdeffed out for
(symtab_symbol_info): Remove eons old ifdeffed out code.
(_initialize_symtab): Remove prehistoric disabled 'info methods'
2002-11-06 Theodore A. Roth <>
* c-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* f-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* m2-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
* p-exp.y: Add missing semi-colons.
Add empty action to start rule to avoid a type clash error when
building with bison >= 1.50.
2002-11-06 Jim Blandy <>
* macrotab.h (struct macro_source_file): Doc fix.
2002-11-05 Jeff Johnston <>
* varobj.c (child_exists, cplus_number_of_children): Change
STREQ macro references to strcmp.
(cplus_name_of_child): Change code to handle the fact that
fields are not necessarily contiguous with regards to their
access control. This is a fix for PR gdb/792.
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Change to a predicate function.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regnerate.
* frame.h (frame_register): Declare.
* frame.c (frame_register): New function.
(get_saved_register): Test GET_SAVED_REGISTER_P before calling
GET_SAVED_REGISTER, otherwize call
(frame_register_read): Use frame_register instead of
2002-11-05 Elena Zannoni <>
From Jim Ingham <>:
* event-top.c (gdb_disable_readline): New function.
(_initialize_event_loop): Move comment.
2002-11-05 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-loop.c (start_event_loop): Add comment.
Update copyright.
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c (default_print_registers_info): Do not call
2002-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_print_register_hook): Make static.
(sparc_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparc_do_registers_info): New function.
(sparclet_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparclet_do_registers_info): New function.
(do_sparc_print_registers_info): New function.
(sparc_print_registers): New static function, clone of infcmd.c's
* config/sparc/tm-sparclet.h (PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(sparclet_do_registers_info): Declare.
* config/sparc/tm-sparc.h (DEPRECATED_DO_REGISTERS_INFO):
(sparc_do_registers_info): Declare.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(sparc_print_register_hook): Delete declaration.
2002-11-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): Move chunks of code into separate
(lookup_symbol_aux_local): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_symtabs): New function.
(lookup_symbol_aux_psymtabs): New function.
2002-11-05 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol_aux): In minsym sections, don't use the
previous values of 'objfile' and 'block'.
2002-11-05 Pierre Muller <>
* values.c (value_change_enclosing_type): Set
enclosing_type field correctly also for the case where
more memory needs to be allocated.
2002-11-03 Mark Kettenis <>
* i387-tdep.c (i387_print_float_info): Call fputs_filtered instead
of puts_filtered.
* i387-tdep.c (i387_print_float_info): Replace calls to
register_read and deprecated_read_register_gen with calls to
frame_register_read, and make the necessary adjustments to the
surrounding code.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* (register_reggroup_p): Allow default value.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h: Add coment indicating replacements for deprecated
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* reggroups.h, reggroups.c: New files.
* regcache.c: Include "reggroups.h".
(enum regcache_dump_what): Add `regcache_dump_groups'.
(regcache_dump): Contract size of the "Type" column. When
specified, dump the register's groups.
(maintenance_print_register_groups): New function.
(_initialize_regcache): Add command `maint print register-groups'.
* (COMMON_OBS): Add reggroups.o
(SFILES): Add reggroups.c.
(reggroups_h): Define.
(regcache.o, gdbarch.o): Update dependencies.
(reggroups.o): Specify dependencies.
* (register_reggroup_p): Add pure multi-arch method.
Add opaque declaration for `struct reggroup' in generated .h file.
Include "reggroups.h" in generated .c file.
gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* regcache.h (deprecated_read_register_gen): Rename
(deprecated_write_register_gen): Rename write_register_gen.
* i387-tdep.c: Update.
* x86-64-linux-nat.c: Update
* wince.c: Update.
* thread-db.c: Update.
* win32-nat.c: Update.
* mips-tdep.c: Update.
* d10v-tdep.c: Update.
* cris-tdep.c: Update.
* remote-sim.c: Update.
* remote-rdi.c: Update.
* remote-rdp.c: Update.
* frame.c: Update.
* target.c: Update.
* blockframe.c: Update.
* x86-64-tdep.c: Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c: Update.
* sh-tdep.c: Update.
* s390-tdep.c: Update.
* rs6000-tdep.c: Update.
* sparc-tdep.c: Update.
* i386-tdep.c: Update.
* dwarf2cfi.c: Update.
* regcache.c: Update.
2002-11-01 Joel Brobecker <>
New interix-specific files:
* config/i386/nm-interix.h: New file.
* config/i386/ New file.
* config/i386/ New file.
* i386-interix-nat.c: New file.
* i386-interix-tdep.c: New file.
2002-11-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Rename
* blockframe.c (deprecated_generic_get_saved_register): Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_get_saved_register): Update.
(xstormy16_frame_saved_register): Update.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Update.
* m68hc11-tdep.c (m68hc11_gdbarch_init): Update.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_get_saved_register): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Update.
* config/m32r/tm-m32r.h (GET_SAVED_REGISTER): Update.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_gdbarch_init): Update.
2002-10-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* lin-lwp.c (lin_lwp_resume): Remove resume_all test for !step.
2002-10-31 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* i386-linux-tdep.c (i386_linux_pc_in_sigtramp): Check for
trampolines in sigaction.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* h8300-tdep.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(h8300_print_register): Add gdbarch, file and frame parameters.
Use frame_read_unsigned_register to read the register's value.
Use fprintf_filtered to display output.
(h8300_print_registers_info): Replace h8300_do_registers_info.
(h8300_gdbarch_init): Set print_registers_info.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (frame_read_unsigned_register): New function.
(frame_read_signed_register): New function.
* frame.h (frame_read_unsigned_register): Declare.
(frame_read_signed_register): Declare.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* h8500-tdep.c (h8500_print_registers_info): New static function,
clone of infcmd.c's default_print_registers_info.
(h8500_do_registers_info): New funtion.
(h8500_print_register_hook): Rename print_register_hook, make
* config/h8500/tm-h8500.h: Update copyright.
(h8500_do_registers_info: Declare.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(print_register_hook): Delete function.
2002-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* z8k-tdep.c (z8k_print_register_hook): Make static.
(z8k_print_registers_info): New static function, clone of
infcmd.c's default_print_registers_info.
(z8k_do_registers_info): New function. Wrap
* config/z8k/tm-z8k.h: Update copyright.
(PRINT_REGISTER_HOOK): Delete macro.
(z8k_print_register_hook): Delete declaration.
(z8k_do_registers_info): Declare.
2002-10-30 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (find_function_in_inferior): Remove this extern,
as this is already provided by value.h, and was actually causing
a compilation error because of a conflict in parameter type
declaration due to a missing const keyword.
(low_text_segment_addres): Fix a compilation warning.
2002-10-29 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* mips-linux-nat.c (mips_linux_cannot_fetch_register): Don't fetch
registers without a name.
(mips_linux_cannot_store_register): Don't store registers without
a name.
2002-10-28 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c (find_addr_symbol): Delete. (It was already commented
* symtab.h: Delete prototype for find_addr_symbol.
2002-10-26 Andrew Cagney <>
gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* infcmd.c (default_print_registers_info): Update reference.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Set deprecated_do_registers_info.
(mips_dump_tdep): Do not print DO_REGISTERS_INFO.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mn10300-tdep.c (mn10300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
2002-10-26 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Set init_extra_frame_info to
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): Remove prototype.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): Remove function.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_init_abi): Add calls to override the i386
target where necessary. Add more comments and remove the ones
that don't provide any useful information.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frame_saved_pc): Replace call to
deprecated_read_register_dummy with
* i386-tdep.c (i386_extract_struct_value_address): Use
regcache_raw_read_unsigned instead of
regcache_cooked_read_unsigned since we know that the register
we're reading isn't a pseudo register. Rename variable 'val' into
the more descriptive 'addr'.
* x86-64-tdep.c: Fix some formatting problems, mostly in comments.
(x86_64_push_return_address): Add comment.
(x86_64_pop_frame): Make static.
(examine_argument): Clarify comment.
(x86_64_skip_prologue): Make prolog_expact variable static.
* dwarf2cfi.c: Fix some formatting problems.
(context_cpy, read_encoded_pointer): Clarify comments.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_breakpoint_from_pc): Constify.
(x86_64_init_abi): Move set_gdbarch_* calls that overlap with the
i386 target back into x86_64_gdbarch_init. Add some comments and
remove meaningless ones.
2002-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.h (struct deprecated_complaint): Rename `struct
* complaints.c (complain): Update.
* remote-vx68.c, remote-vxmips.c, remote-vxsparc.c: Delete
incorrect comment indicating that "symfile.h" was being included
for the `struct complaint' definition.
* remote-vx.c: Update.
* objc-lang.c: Update.
* xcoffread.c: Update.
* hpread.c: Update.
* mdebugread.c: Update.
* stabsread.c: Update.
* dwarf2read.c: Update.
* dwarfread.c: Update.
* elfread.c: Update.
* coffread.c: Update.
* stabsread.h: Update.
* dbxread.c: Update.
* buildsym.c: Update.
* gdbtypes.c: Update.
* macrotab.c: Update.
2002-10-25 Mark Kettenis <>
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Make a bit more similar to
the version in i386-tdep.c. Move set_gdbarch_* calls out into...
(x86_64_init_abi): function.
* (i386v-nat.o): Add $(i386_tdep_h).
* i386v-nat.c: Include "i386-tdep.h".
2002-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* gdbtypes.c (address_space_name_to_int): Update.
(address_space_int_to_name): Update.
* (address_class_type_flags_to_name): Change to a pure
multi-arch predicate.
(address_class_name_to_type_flags): Ditto.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* MAINTAINERS: Check all warnings when h8300hms and alpha-elf.
2002-10-24 Martin M. Hunt <>
* utils.c (string_to_core_addr): Revert patch from 11 Oct.
2002-10-24 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (INIT_SAL): Delete macro.
(init_sal): Export.
* symtab.c (init_sal): New function.
* ada-lang.c (ada_finish_decode_line_1): Change INIT_SAL macro
to init_sal function call.
(find_sal_from_funcs_and_line): Ditto.
(all_sals_for_line): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (create_internal_breakpoint): Ditto.
(create_fork_vfork_event_catchpoint): Ditto.
(create_exec_event_catchpoint): Ditto.
(parse_breakpoint_sals): Ditto.
(watch_command_1): Ditto.
(handle_gnu_4_16_catch_command): Ditto.
(clear_command): Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c (child_enable_exception_callback): Ditto.
* infcmd.c (run_stack_dummy): Ditto.
* infrun.c (process_event_stop_test): Ditto.
(check_sigtramp2): Ditto.
(step_over_function): Ditto.
* linespec.c (decode_line_2): Ditto.
(decode_line_1): Ditto.
* source.c (line_info): Ditto.
* symtab.c (find_pc_sect_line): Ditto.
2002-10-24 Michal Ludvig <>
* dwarf2cfi.c (struct context)
(struct context_reg): Moved to dwarf2cfi.h
(context_alloc, frame_state_alloc, context_cpy):
Made extern instead of static, removed prototypes.
* dwarf2cfi.h (struct context)
(struct context_reg): New, moved from dwarf2cfi.c
(context_alloc, frame_state_alloc, context_cpy):
New prototypes.
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c (x86_64_linux_sigtramp_saved_pc):
Changed from static to extern.
(x86_64_linux_in_sigtramp, x86_64_linux_frame_chain)
(x86_64_init_frame_pc, x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): New.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_gdbarch_init): Several
set_gdbarch_*() calls now use x86-64 specific functions
instead of DWARF2 CFI ones.
* x86-64-tdep.h (x86_64_linux_in_sigtramp)
(x86_64_linux_frame_chain, x86_64_init_frame_pc)
(x86_64_init_extra_frame_info): New prototypes.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* linespec.c: #include "parser-defs.h".
Delete prototype for find_template_name_end.
* (linespec.o): Depend on $(parser_defs_h).
2002-10-23 Jeff Johnston <>
* NEWS: add recent mi fixes.
* varobj.c (struct varobj): Add new "updated" flag.
(new_variable): Default "updated" flag to 0.
(varobj_set_value): Set "updated" flag to 1 if value
(varobj_update): Check varobj "updated" flag before
comparing old and refreshed values. Fix for
PR gdb/702.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* parse.c (parse_exp_1): Use BLOCK_START.
* x86-64-tdep.c (x86_64_skip_prologue): Use BLOCK_END,
* objc-lang.c (find_methods): Use BLOCK_START, BLOCK_END.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* symtab.c: Delete cplusplus_hint.
Delete prototype for find_template_name_end.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h: Update comment.
2002-10-23 Michael Snyder <>
* printcmd.c (address_info): Restore quotes in output.
* valops.c (value_of_local): Restore quotes in error message.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (symbol_demangled_name): New function.
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_DEMANGLED_NAME): Simplify macro, by
turning most of it into a function.
(symbol_demangled_name): Export.
2002-10-23 Michael Snyder <>
* valops.c (value_of_local): Restore quotes in error message.
2002-10-23 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.c (symbol_init_language_specific): New function.
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_INIT_LANGUAGE_SPECIFIC): Simplify macro, by
turning most of it into a function.
(symbol_init_language_specific): Export.
2002-10-23 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf_tag_name): Add DWARF 3 names.
(dwarf_attr_name): Ditto.
(dwarf_type_encoding_name): Ditto.
(scan_partial_symbols): Descend into DW_TAG_namespace entries.
(process_die): Handle DW_TAG_namespace,
DW_TAG_imported_declaration, DW_TAG_imported_module.
(read_namespace): New function.
2002-10-22 Joel Brobecker <>
* Define NEW_PROC_API on Interix too.
* configure: Regenerate.
2002-10-21 Joel Brobecker <>
* configure: Regenerate using the proper version of autoconf.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Temporarily disable TLS code, until
complete TLS support is added.
2002-10-21 Jim Blandy <>
Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (address_class): Re-add LOC_THREAD_LOCAL_STATIC
for thread local storage locations.
(struct symbol): Add objfile field.
* dwarf2read.c (is_thread_local): New static variable.
(new_symbol): If variable is in thread local fill in address class
and objfile appropriately.
(decode_locdesc): Recognize and handle DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address
stack operation.
* printcmd.c (address_info): Print the information for thread
local storage variable.
* findvar.c (read_var_value): In case of thread local variable,
defer to the target vector code to compute address.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* solib-svr4.c (svr4_fetch_objfile_link_map): New function.
* solib-svr4.h (svr4_fetch_objfile_link_map): Export.
2002-10-21 Elena Zannoni <>
* symtab.h (address_class): Rename
* hpread.c (hpread_process_one_debug_symbol): Ditto.
* printcmd.c (address_info): Ditto.
* findvar.c (symbol_read_needs_frame, read_var_value): Ditto.
2002-10-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386bsd-nat.c (i386bsd_dr_set, i386bsd_dr_get_status): Use
DBREG_DRX macro to acces debug registers.
* (i386obsd-tdep.o): New target.
* solib-sunos.c: Include "bcache.h" and "regcache.h".
* (solib-sunos.o): Add $(bcache_h) and $(regcache_h).
* configure.tgt (i[3456]86-*-openbsd*): Set gdb_target to obds.
* config/i386/ New file.
* i386bsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386bsd_nat): Introduce
i386obsd_sc_pc_offset and i386obsd_sc_sp_offset;
* i386obsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386obsd_nat): Set
i386obsd_sigtramp_start and i386obsd_sigtramp_end instead of
i386nbsd_sigtramp_start and i386nbsd_sigtramp_end.
* i386obsd-tdep.c: New file.
2002-10-19 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-exp.y (name_not_typename): Fix invalid comment.
2002-10-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* solib-sunos.c (allocate_rt_common_objfile): Use bcache_xmalloc
to allocate partial syms and macro byte caches.
2002-10-18 David Carlton <>
* symtab.h: Delete 'struct source' and 'struct sourcevector'.
2002-10-18 Adam Fedor <>
* stabsread.c (find_name_end): New function.
(define_symbol): Use it.
2002-10-18 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/alpha/nm-fbsd.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-linux.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-nbsd.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/alpha/nm-osf.h (CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT): Define to 1.
2002-10-17 David Carlton <>
* symfile.h: Add opaque declaration for struct obstack.
Declare obsavestring to take a const char *.
* symfile.c (obsavestring): Make first argument a const char *.
2002-10-16 Adam Fedor <>
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Ignore ObjC method
names when matching breakpoints in current file.
2002-10-16 Kevin Buettner <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_invalid_pointer_size): New complaint.
(read_tag_pointer_type): Add address class support.
New methods.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbtypes.c (address_space_name_to_int, address_space_int_to_name)
(make_type_with_address_space, recursive_type_dump): Add address
class support.
2002-10-16 Klee Dienes <>
* stabsread.c (read_tilde_fields): Use name[sizeof(vptr_name)-2]
to get the last character of a char[] buffer, not
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* symtab.h: New objc_specific struct.
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* symfile.c (init_filename_language_table): Add ObjC file extension.
2002-10-14 Adam Fedor <>
* utils.c (puts_filtered_tabular): New function.
(fprintf_symbol_filtered): Get ObjC demangled name.
* defs.h (puts_filtered_tabular): Declared.
2002-10-14 Kevin Buettner <>
* c-lang.h (c_type_print_varspec_prefix): Delete.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_varspec_prefix): Make static. Add
``need_post_space'' parameter. Adjust all callers.
2002-10-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/mips/nm-irix4.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Define to 1.
* config/mips/nm-irix5.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-embed.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT): Likewise.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* source.c (print_source_lines): Update comments.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* valops.c (value_of_local): New function.
(value_of_this): Use it.
* value.h (value_of_local): Declared.
2002-10-13 Adam Fedor <>
* parse.c: (length_of_subexp, prefixify_subexp): Handle
2002-10-12 Adam Fedor <>
* language.c (binop_result_type): Add language_objc to case.
(integral_type): Likewise.
(character_type): Likewise.
(string_type): Likewise.
(boolean_type): Likewise.
(structured_type): Likewise.
(binop_type_check): Likewise.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* printcmd.c (address_info): Print 'self' for ObjC.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* expression.h: New ops OP_NSSTRING, OP_SELECTOR, OP_MSGCALL, and
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* language.h (CAST_IS_CONVERSION): Add language_objc.
2002-10-11 Adam Fedor <>
* defs.h (enum language): Add language_objc.
2002-10-11 Klee Dienes <>
* corefile.c (read_memory_typed_address): New function.
* gdbcore.h (read_memory_typed_address): Add prototype.
* blockframe.c (sigtramp_saved_pc): Use read_memory_typed_address
to read a value destined for a CORE_ADDR, not read_memory_integer.
* f-valprint.c (f77_get_dynamic_upperbound): Ditto.
(f77_get_dynamic_lowerbound): Ditto.
2002-10-11 Martin M. Hunt <>
* utils.c (string_to_core_addr): After turning string into
a number, convert to a CORE_ADDR using INTEGER_TO_ADDRESS
which will do necessary sign-extension, etc.
2002-10-11 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* c-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* cp-valprint.c (vtbl_ptr_name_old): Delete.
(cp_is_vtbl_ptr_type): Don't check vtbl_ptr_name_old.
* demangle.c (cplus_markers): Update comment. Put '$'
first. Remove CPLUS_MARKER.
(_initialize_demangler): Don't call set_cplus_marker_for_demangling.
* jv-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Don't dump CPLUS_MARKER.
* objc-exp.y (THIS): Delete token and grammar rule.
(yylex): Don't return THIS.
* p-exp.y (yylex): Remove reference to CPLUS_MARKER.
* stabsread.c (vptr_name, vb_name): Replace CPLUS_MARKER with '$'.
(read_member_functions): Likewise for opname.
(read_tilde_fields): Use is_cplus_marker.
* defs.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Don't define.
* config/tm-sysv4.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/i386/xm-i386sco.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-irix3.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/mips/tm-irix6.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (CPLUS_MARKER): Likewise.
* config/i386/tm-i386v4.h: Delete file.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Delete tm-i386v4.h.
* config/i386/tm-i386sol2.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/tm-i386v42mp.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/tm-ptx.h: Include "i386/tm-i386.h" instead.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Use tm-i386.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Likewise.
2002-10-10 Marko Mlinar <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT into C,
accidentially not commited 2002-10-09
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-09 Marko Mlinar <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef HAVE_NONSTEPPABLE_WATCHPOINT into C.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-08 Petr Sorfa <>
Revised and re-submitted by John Wolfe <>
Move the Dwarf 2 abbrev table to a per-compilation-unit structure,
so we can work on more than one compilation unit at a time. This
helps prepare GDB to handle inter-CU die references.
* dwarf2read.c (ABBREV_HASH_SIZE): moved definition forward in
the code to be defined before struct comp_unit_head.
(comp_unit_head): Added new members - offset, cu_head,
begin_die, next and dwarf2_abbrevs.
(dwarf2_abbrevs): Removed single static var; now member of
struct comp_unit_head.
dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Complete new struct comp_unit_head
(psymtab_to_symtab_1): Changed to work with the new
struct comp_unit_head.
(dwarf2_read_abbrevs): Now accepts a cu_header parameter and
constructs the dwarf2_abbrevs[] inside the cu_header.
(dwarf2_empty_abbrev_table): Now expects a ptr to a
dwarf2_abbrev table to clean up.
(dwarf2_lookup_abbrev): Now accepts a cu_header parameter and
handling of dwarf2_abbrevs inside the cu_header.
(read_partial_die): Now supports the call to the new
(read_full_die): Now supports the call to the new
2002-10-06 Christopher Faylor <>
* (install-gdbtk): Add missing continuation backslash to
insure that shell variables, such as "transformed_name" are propagated
to later shell statements in rule.
2002-10-06 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/nm-i386sco.h: Add protection against
multiple-inclusion. Include "i386/nm-i386v.h".
(REGISTER_U_ADDR): Remove define.
(i386_register_u_addr): Remove prototype.
2002-10-04 Michael Snyder <>
* m32r-stub.c (handle_exception): Make sure exception is "trap"
before treating it as a single-step event.
2002-10-03 Adam Fedor <>
* objc-lang.c: ARI fixes. Change string.h to gdb_string.h.
(objc_demangle): Remove assignment in if statements, Replace
free with xfree.
(add_msglist): Likewise.
(end_msglist): Likewise.
(complare_selectors): Likewise.
(selectors_info): Likewise.
(compare_classes): Likewise.
(classes_info): Likewise.
(print_object_command): Likewise.
(find_objc_msgcall_submethod): Replace PTR with void *.
* objc-lang.h: Remove check for __STDC__.
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* ui-out.h (ui_out_field_fmt_int): New prototype.
* ui-out.c (ui_out_field_fmt_int): New function allowing specification
of field width and alignment.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): When printing frame level, use
ui_out_field_fmt_int with a width of 2 and left alignment. Fix for
PR gdb/192
2002-10-03 Jeff Johnston <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* infcmd.c (interrupt_target_command_wrapper): Delete.
(interrupt_target_command): Make non static.
(nofp_registers_info): Make static.
* stack.c (return_command_wrapper): Delete.
(return_command): Make non static.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-top.c (gdb_setup_readline): New function. Code moved from
(_initialize_event_loop): Call gdb_setup_readline().
2002-10-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* infrun.c (resume): Convert #ifdef CANNOT_STEP_BREAKPOINT into C.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-10-02 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Fix PR gdb/778
* gdbtypes.c (fill_in_vptr_fieldno): Call check_typedef
before recursing.
* gnu-v3-abi.c (gnuv3_virtual_fn_field): Check return value
of fill_in_vptr_fieldno.
2002-10-02 Elena Zannoni <>
* inferior.h (registers_info, stepi_command, nexti_command,
continue_command, interrupt_target_command): Export from infcmd.c.
* frame.h (args_info, selected_frame_level_changed_hook,
return_command): Export from stack.c.
* v850ice.c (stepi_command, nexti_command, continue_command): use
prototypes from inferior.h.
* tracepoint.c (registers_info, args_info, locals_info): Use
prototypes from frame.h and inferior.h.
* (mi-main.o): Add dependency on frame.h.
2002-10-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_store_struct_return): Store struct_return
value in register 3 adjusted by ppc_gp0_regnum.
* rs6000-tdep.c (skip_prologue): Bias alloca_reg by ppc_gp0_regnum.
2002-10-02 Marko Mlinar <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the Write After Approval list.
2002-10-01 Alexandre Oliva <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_find_abi_section): .mdebug.abi64 is the name
of the section for the N64 ABI, fixed.
* config/mips/tm-irix6.h: Include solib.h.
2002-10-01 Elena Zannoni <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf_stack_op_name): Recognize more dwarf3 and
GNU operators.
2002-10-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention that MI syntax, selected by "mi" changed to "mi2"
and that "mi0" syntax has been removed.
2002-09-30 David Carlton <>
* (ppc-sysv-tdep.o): Depend on gdb_string_h.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c: #include "gdb_string.h".
* remote-sds.c (getmessage): Add semicolon after 'retry' label to
pacify GCC.
2002-10-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_gdbarch_init): For powerpc:7400, fix
"vrsave"'s register number.
2002-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_frame_saved_pc): When a generic dummy frame,
use frame_unwind_signed_register to obtain the PC.
(mips_frame_chain): Handle a generic dummy frame.
(mips_init_extra_frame_info): When a generic dummy frame, don't
re-compute the frame base.
(mips_pop_frame): Handle generic dummy frames.
(mips_gdbarch_init): When generic dummy frames, set
use_generic_dummy_frames, push_dummy_frame to
generic_push_dummy_frame, pc_in_call_dummy to
generic_pc_in_call_dummy, and save_dummy_frame_top_of_stack to
2002-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (generic_find_dummy_frame): Rewrite. Only test
against TOP when TOP was explictly set.
(generic_push_dummy_frame): Set TOP to zero.
2002-09-30 Elena Zannoni <>
* event-loop.c (start_event_loop): Rename variable 'result' to
'gdb_result', to avoid conflicts with upcoming intepreters changes.
2002-09-30 Keith Seitz <>
* (selected_thread_changed): New event.
* gdb-events.c: Regenerated.
* gdb-events.h: Regenerated.
2002-09-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write After Approval list.
2002-09-30 Fernando Nasser <>
* disasm.c: New file.
* disasm.h: New file.
* mi/mi-cmd-disas.c (gdb_dis_asm_read_memory): Moved to disasm.c.
(compare_lines): Ditto.
(dump_insns): Ditto.
(do_mixed_source_and_assembly): Moved to disasm.c. Added uiout
(do_assembly_only): Ditto.
(do_disassembly): Renamed to gdb_disassembly and moved to
disasm.c. Sdded uiout argument.
* Add new files. Reorder SFILES list. Update
dependencies. Include libgdb.a later in the insight executable.
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Rename bfd/elf64-alpha.c and
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Rename i386gnu-nat.c and
2002-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* gnu-nat.h (debug): Use __FILE__ and __LINE__ instead of
* gnu-nat.c (do_mach_notify_no_senders): Replace __FUNCTION__ with
function name.
(do_mach_notify_port_deleted, do_mach_notify_msg_accepted): Ditto.
(do_mach_notify_port_destroyed, do_mach_notify_send_once): Ditto.
(S_proc_setmsgport_reply, S_proc_getmsgport_reply): Ditto.
(S_msg_sig_post_reply): Ditto.
2002-09-28 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (sh_use_struct_convention): Use definition according
to ABI.
(sh_push_arguments): Store in register with correct endianess.
(sh_default_store_return_value): Ditto.
(sh_gdbarch_init): Set sizeof long double to 8.
2002-09-27 Mark Kettenis <>
* defs.h: Move inclusion of "ansidecl.h" before "gdb_locale.h".
Fix some whitespace problems.
2002-09-27 David Carlton <>
* (cris-tdep.o): Depend on gdb_string_h.
(mcore-tdep.o): Ditto.
(ns32k-tdep.o): Ditto.
(ns32knbsd-tdep.o): Ditto.
(sh3-rom.o): Ditto.
(vax-tdep.o): Ditto.
* cris-tdep.c: #include "gdb_string.h"
* mcore-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ns32k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* ns32knbsd-tdep.c: Ditto.
* sh3-rom.c: Ditto.
* vax-tdep.c: Ditto.
2002-09-27 David Carlton <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Add entries for
gdb/testsuite/gdb.c++/m-static files.
2002-09-27 Jim Wilson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the Write After Approval list.
2002-09-26 Martin M. Hunt <>
* mips-tdep.c (find_proc_desc): Initialize startaddr.
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_frame_chain): Don't chain past the dummy
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_extract_struct_value_address): Return 0.
(rs6000_struct_return_address): Delete variable.
(rs6000_store_struct_return): Update.
(rs6000_gdbarch_init): Set extract_struct_value_address instead of
(rs6000_frame_align): New function.
(rs6000_gdbarch_init): Set frame_align.
2002-09-26 Andrew Cagney <>
From Grace Sainsbury <>:
* (gdbtk-main.o): New target.
(gdb.o): New target.
(main_h): Define.
(main.o): Update dependencies.
(gdb$(EXEEXT)): Add gdb.o.
(SUBDIR_GDBTK_SRCS): Add gdbtk-main.c.
(install-gdbtk): Install the insight binary.
(uninstall-gdbtk): New target.
(all-gdbtk, clean-gdbtk): New rule.
* top.c (use_windows): Default to zero.
* main.c: Include "main.h".
(main): Delete.
(struct captured_main_args): Delete.
(gdb_main): New function.
* main.h: New file.
* gdb.c: New File.
2002-09-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c: Include "gdb_string.h" and "builtin-regs.h".
(frame_map_regnum_to_name): New function.
(frame_map_name_to_regnum): New function.
* frame.h (frame_map_name_to_regnum): Declare.
(frame_map_regnum_to_name): Declare.
* builtin-regs.c (builtin_reg_map_regnum_to_name): New function.
* builtin-regs.h (builtin_reg_map_regnum_to_name): Declare.
* parse.c: Do not include "builtin-regs.h".
(target_map_name_to_register): Delete function.
(write_dollar_variable): Use frame_map_name_to_regnum.
* parser-defs.h (target_map_name_to_register): Delete declaration.
* expprint.c: Include "frame.h".
(print_subexp): Use frame_map_regnum_to_name.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Use frame_map_regnum_to_name.
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Use frame_map_name_to_regnum.
2002-09-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_frame_saved_pc): If the link register
wasn't saved, and the next innermost frame is a dummy, return the
dummy frame's link register.
2002-09-24 Jim Blandy <>
Fix from Paul Breed:
* main.c (captured_main): Add a `break' after the case for 'b'.
2002-09-24 Keith Seitz <>
* varobj.c (c_type_of_child): Use get_target_type instead
2002-09-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c (get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Remove
(set_default_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Attempts to
determine a source file to list lines from if one is not currently
(get_current_source_symtab_and_line): Initialize sal.pc and
sal.end fields.
(set_current_source_symtab_and_line): Mark argument as const.
* source.h: Update declarations and comments.
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Replace call to removed routine above.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (edit_command): Ditto.
(list_command): Ditto.
2002-09-22 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c (get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Initialize
sal.pc and sal.end fields.
(get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Use correct accessor function
so we do not cause a new source symtab to be searched for (reverting an
unintentional change from the 2002-09-20 patch).
* scm-lang.c (scm_unpac): Ditto.
2002-09-21 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.c (symfile_explanations): Remove new-line from
(vcomplaint): When ISOLATED_MESSAGE, force a line break.
(clear_complaints): When a SUBSEQUENT_MESSAGE, force a line break.
2002-09-20 Nick Clifton <>
* NEWS: Announce that V850EA ISA is no longer supported.
* v850-tdep.c: Remove reference to bfd_mach_v850ea.
2002-09-20 David Carlton <>
* (c-lang.o): Correct dependencies.
(utils.o): Gather dependencies.
(charset.o): Move.
* c-lang.c: #include "gdb_string.h"
2002-09-20 George Helffrich <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (list_command): New function. Implements the new
cli edit command.
(_init_cli_cmds): Add new command definition.
* gdb.1: Document edit command.
2002-09-20 Fernando Nasser <>
* source.c: Make global variables current_source_symtab and
current_source_line static.
(list_command): Moved to cli/cli-cmds.c.
(ambiguous_line_spec): Moved to cli/cli-cmds.c.
(get_first_line_listed): New accessor function.
(get_lines_to_list): New accessor function.
(get_current_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Retrieves the
position in the source code that we consider current.
(get_current_or_default_source_symtab_and_line): New function.
Like the above but attempts to determine a default position if one
is not currently defined.
(set_current_source_symtab_and_line): New function. Sets the source
code position considered current and returns the previously set one.
(clear_current_source_symtab_and_line): Reset stored information about
a current source line.
(_initialize_source): Remove registration for the "list" command and
its alias.
* source.h: Add declarations for the new functions above.
* symtab.h: Remove declarations for the global variables mentioned
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Use accessor functions to
obtain current source line.
* linespec.c (decode_line_1): Ditto.
* macroscope.c (default_macro_scope): Ditto.
* scm-lang.c (scm_unpac): Ditto.
* stack.c (print_frame_info_base): Ditto.
* symfile.c (clear_symtab_users): Ditto.
* symtab.c (decode_line_spec): Ditto.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (list_command): Moved here from source.c.
(ambiguous_line_spec): Moved here from source.c.
(_init_cli_cmds): Add definition for "list" and its alias.
* Update dependencies.
2002-09-20 Corinna Vinschen <>
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_examine_prologue): Match saved regs location
with what gcc thinks is correct.
2002-09-20 Corinna Vinschen <>
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_examine_prologue): Fix loop for saved regs in
multiple register push instruction.
2002-09-19 Jim Blandy <>
Add support for distinct host and target character sets.
* charset.c, charset.h: New files.
* c-exp.y: #include "charset.h".
(yylex): Convert character and string literals to the target
character set, before returning them as the semantic value of the
* c-lang.c: #include "charset.h".
(c_emit_char): Use charset-specific methods to recognize
characters with backslash escape forms, to decide which characters
to print literally and which to print using numeric escape
sequences, and to convert target characters to host characters
before printing.
* utils.c: #include "charset.h".
(no_control_char_error): New function.
(parse_escape): Use charset-specific methods to recognize
backslash escapes, parse `control character' notation, and convert
characters from the host character set to the target character set.
* Set the default host character set.
Check where to find iconv, and what its argument types might be.
* acinclude.m4 (AM_ICONV): New macro, borrowed from GCC.
* (SFILES): List charset.c.
(COMMON_OBS): List charset.o.
(charset.o): New rule.
(charset_h): New header dependency variable.
(c-lang.o, utils.o, Note dependency on $(charset_h).
(LIBICONV): New variable, set by configure.
(CLIBS): Include $(LIBICONV) here.
* aclocal.m4,, configure: Regenerated.
2002-09-19 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-exp.y: Add missing semicolons to end rules. Fixes a
bison 1.35 warning.
2002-09-19 Richard Earnshaw <>
* New file.
2002-09-19 Andrew Cagney <>
* objc-exp.y, objc-lang.h, objc-lang.c: Fix copyright notice.
2002-09-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* breakpoint.c, c-exp.y, defs.h, elfread.c, expression.h,
jv-exp.y, language.c, language.h, p-exp.y, parse.c, parser-defs.h,
printcmd.c, source.c, stabsread.c, symfile.c, symtab.h, utils.c,
valops.c, value.h: Revert previous change.
2002-09-18 Michael Snyder <>
Preliminary support for Objective-C:
* defs.h (language_objc): New enum value.
(puts_filtered_tabular): Declaration only, exported from utils.c.
(skip_quoted): Delete, declared in completer.h.
* c-exp.y: Include completer.h.
* p-exp.y: Ditto.
* jv-exp.y: Ditto.
New operator enum values.
* language.h (CAST_IS_CONVERSION): Test for language_objc.
* language.c (binop_result_type): Handle language_objc case.
(integral_type, character_type, string_type, boolean_type,
structured_type, binop_type_check): Ditto.
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_OBJC_DEMANGLED_NAME): Define.
(struct objc_specific): Add to general_symbol_info.
(SYMBOL_INIT_LANGUAGE_SPECIFIC): Add objc initialization.
(SYMBOL_DEMANGLED_NAME): Handle objc case.
* parser-defs.h (struct objc_class_str): New struct type.
(start_msglist, end_msglist, add_msglist): Declaration only,
exported from objc-lang.c.
* value.h (value_of_local, value_nsstring,
call_function_by_hand_expecting_type): Exported from valops.c.
* valops.c (find_function_addr): Export.
(call_function_by_hand_expecting_type): New function.
(value_of_local): New function.
* symfile.c (init_filename_language_table): Add ".m" extension
for Objective-C.
* utils.c (puts_filtered_tabular): New function.
(fprintf_symbol_filtered): Add objc demangling support (disabled).
(set/show demangle): Extend help-string to refer to ObjC.
* elfread.c (elf_symtab_read): Skip Objective-C special symbols.
* stabsread.c (symbol_reference_defined): Objective-C symbols
may contain colons: make allowances when scanning stabs strings
for colons.
(objc_find_colon): New function.
* printcmd.c (address_info): If language == objc then print
"self" instead of "this".
* parse.c (length_of_subexp): Handle new operators OP_MSGCALL,
(prefixify_subexp): Ditto.
* source.c (print_source_lines): Mention objc in comment.
* breakpoint.c (parse_breakpoint_sals): Recognize Objective-C
method names.
2002-09-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* complaints.h: Update copyright.
(struct complaints): Declare.
(struct complaint): Make `message' constant.
(internal_complaint): Declare.
(complaint): Declare.
(complaint_root): Delete declaration.
(symfile_complaints): Delete declaration.
(struct complaints): Add opaque declaration.
(clear_complaints): Add a complaints parameter.
* complaints.c: Update copyright.
(enum complaint_series): Define.
(complaint_root): Delete.
(struct complaints): Define.
(complaint_sentinel, symfile_complaint_book): New variables.
(symfile_explanations, symfile_complaints): New variables.
New variables.
(get_complaints): New function.
(vcomplaint): New function.
(complaint): New function.
(internal_complaint): New function.
(complain): Call vcomplain with symfile_complaint.
(clear_complaints): Rewrite.
(_initialize_complaints): Use add_setshow_command.
* (complaints.o): Update dependencies.
* symfile.c (syms_from_objfile): Add symfile_complaints parameter
to call to clear_complaints.
(new_symfile_objfile, reread_symbols): Ditto.
(oldsyms_complaint): Delete.
(empty_symtab_complaint, unknown_option_complaint): Delete.
(free_named_symtabs): Use complaint instead of complain.
2002-09-18 Michael Snyder <>
Contributed by Apple Computer, Inc. Merged with current sources
by Adam Fedor <> [cagney].
* objc-lang.c: First clean-up round: comments, indentation.
* objc-lang.h: Ditto.
* objc-lang.y: Ditto.
2002-09-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* maint.c (maintenance_internal_error): Print the parameter as the
error message.
(maintenance_internal_warning): New function.
(_initialize_maint_cmds): Add command `maint internal-warning'.
* defs.h (internal_warning, internal_vwarning): Declare.
* utils.c (struct internal_problem): Define.
(internal_vproblem): New function.
(internal_warning): New function.
(internal_vwarning): New function.
(internal_warning_problem, internal_error_problem): New variables.
(internal_verror): Just call internal_vproblem.
2002-09-18 Michael Snyder <>
* objc-lang.c: New file, support for Objective-C.
Preliminary check-in, not yet integrated into gdb.
* objc-lang.h: New file.
* objc-exp.y: New file.
2002-09-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* infrun.c (signal_stop_update): Convert definition to ISO C.
(signal_print_update): Ditto.
(signal_pass_update): Ditto.
* inflow.c (terminal_save_ours): Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Use C instead of C++
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Handle name clashes between
bfd/coff-tic30.c, bfd/coff-tic4x.c, bfd/coff-tic54x.c and
* i386-linux-tdep.h: Fix tipo.
2002-09-18 Adam Fedor <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to the Write After Approval list.
2002-09-18 Jim Blandy <>
* dbxread.c, mdebugread.c: Revert my change of 2001-10-23. Moving
texthigh and textlow to reader-specific structs caused
objfile_relocate to miss them. This is fixable, but the work that
the change was supposed to prepare GDB for never got done anyway.
2002-09-18 David Carlton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Alphabetize Write After Approval list.
2002-09-18 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Fix PR gdb/709
* values.c (value_static_field): Call read_var_value.
2002-09-18 Andrew Cagney <>
* valops.c (hand_function_call): Align the initial stack pointer
and STRUCT_ADDR using frame_align. When STRUCT_RETURN and
FRAME_ALIGN_P, use STRUCT_ADDR to obtain the called function's
return value.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_frame_align): New function.
(mips_gdbarch_init): Set frame_align.
* (FRAME_ALIGN): New method.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2002-09-18 Michal Ludvig <>
* x86-64-linux-nat.c (x86_64_regmap): Added CS and SS
2002-09-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention that MIPS $fp behavior changed.
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (mipsnbsd_cannot_fetch_register): Delete
reference to FP_REGNUM.
(mipsnbsd_cannot_store_register): Ditto.
* mips-linux-nat.c: Update copyright.
(mips_linux_cannot_fetch_register): Delete reference to FP_REGNUM.
(mips_linux_cannot_store_register): Ditto.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (supply_gregset): Ditto. Update copyright.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h: Update copyright.
(FP_REGNUM): Delete macro.
(MIPS_REGISTER_NAMES): Replace "fp" with "".
* config/mips/tm-irix6.h (FP_REGNUM): Delete macro.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_gdbarch_init): Set read_fp to mips_read_sp.
(mips_r3041_reg_names, mips_r3051_reg_names)
(mips_r3081_reg_names): Replace "fp" with "".
Fix PR gdb/480.
2002-09-17 Theodore A. Roth <>
* avr-tdep.c(avr_scan_prologue): Fix bad call to
generic_read_register_dummy() (PR gdb/703).
(avr_push_return_address): #if 0 out unused vars.
(avr_gdbarch_init): Enable use of avr_push_return_address().
2002-09-17 Michael Snyder <>
* m32r-stub.c (restore_and_return): Postpone restoring of PSW.
RTE will take care of it.
2002-09-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* arch-utils.c (legacy_virtual_frame_pointer): If FP_REGNUM is
invalid, return SP_REGNUM.
2002-09-17 Michael Snyder <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_pop_frame): Read saved values of floating
point registers without sign extension.
2002-09-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* blockframe.c (deprecated_read_register_dummy): Rename
* frame.c (frame_unwind_signed_register): New function.
(frame_unwind_unsigned_register): New function.
* frame.h (frame_unwind_signed_register): Declare.
(frame_unwind_unsigned_register): Declare.
(deprecated_read_register_dummy): Rename
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_frame_chain): Update.
(h8300_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_frame_saved_pc_nofix): Update.
(s390_frame_chain): Update.
* v850-tdep.c (v850_find_callers_reg): Update.
(v850_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* m32r-tdep.c (m32r_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(m32r_find_callers_reg): Update.
(m32r_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_find_callers_reg): Update.
(sh64_get_saved_pr): Update.
(sh_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(sh_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(sh64_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(sh64_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
* mcore-tdep.c (mcore_find_callers_reg): Update.
(mcore_frame_saved_pc): Update.
(mcore_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* ia64-tdep.c (ia64_frame_saved_pc): Update.
(ia64_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(ia64_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
* d10v-tdep.c (d10v_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* cris-tdep.c (cris_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
* avr-tdep.c (avr_frame_chain): Update.
(avr_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(avr_frame_saved_pc): Update.
* arm-tdep.c (arm_find_callers_reg): Update.
(arm_init_extra_frame_info): Update.
(arm_frame_saved_pc): Update.
2002-09-17 Tom Tromey <>
* c-lang.c (c_emit_char): Don't treat \0 specially unless quoter
is "'".
2002-09-17 Corinna Vinschen <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove "non multi-arched" text from h8300.
* h8300-tdep.c (h8300_next_prologue_insn) Renamed from
(h8300_examine_prologue): Call h8300_next_prologue_insn instead of
2002-09-16 Joel Brobecker <>
* osfsolib.c: Remove file, replaced by solib-osf.c.
* Remove compilation rules for osfsolib.c.
2002-09-16 David Carlton <>
* cp-valprint.c (cp_print_class_method): Correct args to
2002-09-16 Corinna Vinschen <>
* h8300-tdep.c: Multiarch. Drop `set machine' command in favor of
`set architecture'. Unify naming convention of functions.
(h8300_skip_prologue): Improve prologue analysis.
(h8300_push_arguments): Rewritten to more closely match GCC's
bizarre argument-passing behavior, along with the comment describing
said behavior.
* remote-hms.c (hms_regnames): Don't use NUM_REGS in definition.
* config/h8300/tm-h8300.h: Multiarch. Just keep stuff needed by
sim, remote-e7000.c, remote-hms.c and remote.c
2002-09-15 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-tdep.c (gdb_print_insn_i386): Removed.
(i386_print_insn): New function.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Set print_insn to i386_print_insns.
(_initialize_i386_tdep): Don't initialize tm_print_insn and
2002-09-14 Mark Kettenis <>
* gdbtypes.c (check_stub_method_group): Initialize found_stub to
2002-09-14 Corinna Vinschen <>
* arch-utils.c (legacy_pc_in_sigtramp): Move preprocessor expression
for IN_SIGTRAMP to here. Use IN_SIGTRAMP only if it's defined.
Guard usage of SIGTRAMP_START() by using SIGTRAMP_START_P.
2002-09-13 Christopher Faylor <>
* win32-nat.c (child_create_inferior): Honor 'tty' command.
2002-09-13 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* gdbtypes.c (check_stub_method): Make static.
(check_stub_method_group): New function.
* gdbtypes.h: Update prototypes.
* cp-support.c: New file.
* cp-support.h: New file.
* stabsread.c: Include "cp-abi.h" and "cp-support.h".
(update_method_name_from_physname): New function.
(read_member_functions): Correct method names for operators
and v3 constructors/destructors. Separate v2 constructors and
* (stabsread.o): Update dependencies.
(SFILES): Add cp-support.c.
(COMMON_OBS): Add cp-support.o.
(cp_support_h, cp-support.o): Add.
* cp-valprint.c (cp_print_class_method): Call
check_stub_method_group instead of check_stub_method. Remove
extraneous QUITs.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_object_print_class_method): Likewise.
* valops.c (search_struct_method): Likewise.
(find_method_list, value_struct_elt_for_reference): Likewise.
2002-09-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* (SIGTRAMP_END): Change to a predicate function.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
2002-09-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (find_saved_register): Delete function.
* frame.h (find_saved_register): Delete declaration.
Fix PR gdb/631.
Fri Sep 13 14:59:55 2002 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (read_next_frame_reg): Re-hack using
Fri Sep 13 07:42:09 2002 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_get_saved_register): Re-hack using
2002-09-12 Joel Brobecker <>
* (NAME_OF_MALLOC): New variable in the architecture
vector. Will be useful for Interix.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* valops.c (value_allocate_space_in_inferior): Replace hard-coded
name of the malloc function by NAME_OF_MALLOC.
2002-09-12 Joel Brobecker <>
* value.h (find_function_in_inferior): Add const keyword to
one of the parameters. Allows us to invoke this function with
a const char *.
* valops.c (find_function_in_inferior): Likewise.
2002-09-12 Joel Brobecker <>
* exec.c (xfer_memory): Fix compilation warning with old versions
of GCC.
* tracepoint.c (trace_find_tracepoint_command): Likewise.
2002-09-12 David Carlton <>
* symtab.h: Run through gdb_indent.h.
Add 2002 to Copyright year list.
2002-09-12 Alan Modra <>
* x86-64-tdep.c (_initialize_x86_64_tdep): Don't use hard-coded
mach constants.
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to write after approval list.
2002-09-11 J. Brobecker <>
* osabi.c (gdb_osabi_name): Add entry for GDB_OSABI_INTERIX.
2002-09-11 J. Brobecker <>
* osabi.h (gdb_osabi): Add new GDB_OSABI_INTERIX enum value for
2002-06-05 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* procfs.c (do_detach): Clear current signal, not just fault.
Corrects problem with breakpoint trap signal leaking to detached
process on Tru64.
2002-09-10 Michael Snyder <>
* buildsym.c (finish_block): Protect against null pointer.
2002-09-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* infcmd.c (default_print_registers_info): Send all output to
``file'' instead of ``gdb_stdout''.
2002-09-10 Michael Snyder <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_extract_struct_value_address): Make val a
LONGEST, and use signed register read (addresses are sign-
extended for mips).
2002-09-10 Stephane Carrez <>
* event-loop.c (gdb_do_one_event): Make public.
* event-loop.h (gdb_do_one_event): Declare.
2002-09-10 Jeff Law <>
* infttrace.c (child_resume): Simplify and rework to avoid
2002-09-09 Fred Fish <>
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): "len" is the number of
target bytes, NOT the number of target bits.
2002-09-09 Elena Zannoni <>
From: Emmanuel Thome' <>
* top.c (init_main): Set rl_terminal_name.
2002-09-08 Aidan Skinner <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_array_bound, ada_type_match,
_initialize_ada_language): Fix K&R definitions.
* ada-tasks.c (get_current_task): Fix K&R definitions.
* ada-valprint.c (adjust_type_signedness): Fix K&R definitions.
2002-09-07 Christopher Faylor <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove CE from list of maintainership responsibilities.
Add XP.
2002-09-06 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_register_virtual_type,
i386_register_convertible, i386_register_convert_to_virtual,
i386_register_comvert_to_raw): Use FP_REGNUM_P and SSE_REGNUM_P
instead of IS_FP_REGNUM and IS_SSE_REGNUM.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Fix comment. Add comments on calls that set
sp_regnum, fp_regnum, pc_regnum, ps_regnum and fp0_regnum.
Don't set push_arguments twice.
* i386bsd-tdep.c (i386bsd_init_abi): Set sigtramp_start and
sigtramp_end to i386bsd_sigtramp_start and i386bsd_sigtramp_end.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c (i386nbsd_init_abi): Set sigtramp_start and
sigtramp_end to NULL.
* config/i386/tm-fbsd.h (SIGTRAMP_START, SIGTRAMP_END): Remove
(i386bsd_sigtramp_start, i386_sigtramp_end): Remove prototypes.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c (i386nbsd_pc_in_sigtramp): Remove spurious
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* blockframe.c (find_pc_sect_partial_function): Convert to use
2002-09-05 Michael Snyder <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_init_extra_frame_info): Distinguish between
generic_dummy_frame method and old method. Also distinguish
(arm_extract_return_value): Use new regcache method.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_n32n64_push_arguments): Remove alignment
adjustment that doesn't conform to the ABI.
(mips_extract_struct_value_address): Retrieve V0_REGNUM from
saved regcache, not from current regcache.
2002-09-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Update for 5.3. Add new section ``Changes since 5.3''.
* README: Update.
2002-09-04 Jason Thorpe <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_addr_bits_remove): Don't check for Thumb mode
if arm_apcs_32 is false.
2002-09-04 Andrew Cagney <>
GDB 5.3 branch created.
2002-09-03 Theodore A. Roth <>
* avr-tdep.c (avr_gdbarch_init): Use
2002-09-03 David Carlton <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_add_member_fn): Add the 'type'
argument (PR gdb/653). Update call to smash_to_method_type.
(read_structure_scope): Update call to dwarf2_add_member_fn.
2002-09-03 Michal Ludvig <>
* x86-64-linux-tdep.c: Include gdb_string.h
* x86-64-linux-nat.c: Ditto.
2002-09-02 Jason Thorpe <>
* ada-exp.y (yyname, yyrule): Remap global variables that appear
when YYDEBUG is set to 1.
* c-exp.y: Likewise.
* f-exp.y: Likewise.
* jv-exp.y: Likewise.
* m2-exp.y: Likewise.
* p-exp.y: Likewise.
2002-09-02 Jason Thorpe <>
* (i386nbsd-tdep.o): Add $(solib_svr4_h) to
dependency list.