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2004-12-28 Jim Blandy <>
* remote.c (fetch_register_using_p): Recognize a register value
starting with 'x' as indicating an unfetchable register.
2004-12-27 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/mips/ (NATDEPFILES): Unwrap line.
2004-12-26 Mark Kettenis <>
* inftarg.c (child_xfer_partial): Remove code that handles
2004-12-25 Mark Kettenis <>
* inftarg.c (child_create_inferior) [HPUXHPPA]: Remove code.
2004-12-24 Mark Kettenis <>
* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state): Remove
enable_hw_watchpoints_after_wait member.
(number_of_threads_in_syscalls): Remove variable.
(init_wait_for_inferior): Don't initialize
(init_execution_control_state): Don't initialize
(handle_inferior_event): Never invoke TARGET_ENABLE_HW_WATCHPOINTS
2004-12-23 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-nto-tdep.c: Reorder include files.
(i386nto_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets): Remove function.
(init_i386nto_ops, i386nto_init_abi): Use
svr4_ilp32_fetch_link_map_offsets instead of
2004-12-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_prev_register_helper): Make 64-bit safe.
2004-12-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa64_return_value): Fix previous commit.
2004-12-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa32_return_value): Move further down.
(hppa64_return_value): Re-implement.
2004-12-21 Jim Blandy <>
* remote.c (fetch_register_using_p): Fix formatting.
2004-12-21 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_print_subexp): Remove i18n markup from Ada code
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_typedef_print): Ditto.
(print_unchecked_union_type): Ditto.
(print_record_type): Ditto, and correct output for non-derived
types that was inadvertently left off during the markup.
2004-12-19 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa64_hpux_search_dummy_call_sequence): Check
whether the name returned by find_pc_partial_function is a null
pointer, not whether it is an empty string.
* hppa-tdep.h (hppa_regnum): Add HPPA_DP_REGNUM, HPPA_RET0_REGNUM,
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa64_integral_or_pointer_p)
(hppa64_floating_p) New functions.
(hppa64_push_dummy_call): Re-implement.
(hppa32_register_type): Rename argument reg_nr to regnum.
(hppa64_register_type): Likewise. Use HPPA64_FP4_REGNUM instead
(hppa32_cannot_store_register): Renamed from
(hppa64_cannot_store_register): New function.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Set cannot_store_register and
cannot_fetch_register to hppa32_cannot_store_register or
hppa64_cannot_store_register when appropriate.
2004-12-18 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppah-nat.c: Remove file.
* infttrace.h: Remove file.
* infttrace.c: Remove file.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Remove hppah-nat.c
(infttrace_h): Remove variable.
(hppah-nat.o, infttrace.o): Remove dependencies.
* (hppa*64*-*-hpux11*): Remove.
* config/pa/ Remove file.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h: Remove file.
* config/pa/nm-hppah11.h: Remove file.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Resolve name clash between
../bfd/elf32-arm.c and ../bfd/elf32-arc.c, i386-sol2-nat.c and
i386-sol2-tdep.c, mips64obsd-nat.c and mips64obsd-tdep.c,
testsuite/gdb.base/bitfields.c and
testsuite/gdb.base/bitfields2.c, testsuite/gdb.base/bitfields.exp
and testsuite/gdb.base/bitfields2.exp. Remove entry for
* solib-pa64.c: Only include <dlfcn.h>, <elf.h> and <elf_hp.h> if
PA_SOM_ONLY isn't defined.
* somread.c: Include "solib-som.h".
(som_symfile_init, som_new_init, som_symfile_read,
som_symfile_finish, som_symtab_read, som_symfile_offsets): Remove
redudant prototypes.
* (somread.o): Update dependencies.
2004-12-17 Jim Blandy <>
* remote.c (fetch_register_using_p): Indentation cleanup.
2004-12-17 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (setup_d_pid_in_inferior): Make static.
(find_stub_with_shl_get): Make static.
2004-12-17 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (IS_32BIT_TARGET): New.
(in_opd_section): New.
(hppa32_hpux_find_global_pointer): Rename from
(hppa64_hpux_find_global_pointer): New.
(ldsid_pattern): New.
(hppa_hpux_search_pattern): New.
(hppa32_hpux_search_dummy_call_sequence): New.
(hppa64_hpux_search_dummy_call_sequence): New.
(hppa_hpux_find_import_stub_for_addr): New.
(hppa_hpux_sr_for_addr): New.
(hppa_hpux_find_dummy_bpaddr): New.
(hppa_hpux_init_abi): Use IS_32BIT_TARGET predicate.
(hppa_hpux_som_init_abi): Set find_global_pointer method to
hppa32_hpux_find_global_pointer instead of
(hppa_hpux_elf_init_abi): Set find_global_pointer method.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_init_objfile_priv_data): New.
(read_unwind_info): Use function to initialize objfile-private data.
(hppa32_push_dummy_call): Don't automatically set the RP if there is
a push_dummy_code method.
(hppa64_push_dummy_call): Retrieve and set the global pointer.
Don't automatically set the RP if there is a push_dummy_code method.
* hppa-tdep.h (hppa_objfile_private): Add dummy_call_sequence_reg and
dummy_call_sequence_addr members.
(hppa_init_objfile_priv_data): New prototype.
2004-12-17 Joel Brobecker <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_lookup_stub_minimal_symbol): New function.
* hppa-tdep.h (hppa_lookup_stub_minimal_symbol): Add declaration.
* solib-som.c (som_solib_create_inferior_hook): Replace stub
msymbol search by call to hppa_lookup_stub_minimal_symbol. This
extends the search to all objfiles, not just shared libraries.
Remove unused variable.
2004-12-16 Michael Snyder <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as maintainer for mn10300.
* NEWS: Mention mn10300.
2004-12-15 Kevin Buettner <>
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_skip_prologue): Clear/initialize the
frame cache.
2004-12-14 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_in_function_epilogue_p): New function.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Set in_epilogue_p method.
2004-12-14 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (sh_extract_return_value_nofpu): Rename from
(sh_extract_return_value_fpu): Rename from
(sh_store_return_value_nofpu): Rename from
(sh_store_return_value_fpu): Rename from sh3e_sh4_store_return_value.
(sh_return_value_nofpu): Accomodate above changes.
(sh_return_value_fpu): Ditto.
2004-12-13 Jerome Guitton <>
* stabsread.c (read_huge_number): Add support for reading octal
signed number in twos complement, based on the size of this
(read_range_type): Add support for reading octal signed bounds
in twos complements, based on the size of the type.
(read_type_number, read_cpp_abbrev, read_member_functions,
read_cpp_abbrev, read_one_struct_field, read_baseclasses,
read_struct_type, read_array_type, read_enum_type,
read_sun_builtin_type, read_sun_floating_type): Update calls to
(read_type): Update call to read_range_type.
2004-12-13 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (internalize_hp_cxx_exception_support): Call
solib_get_solib_by_pc method through target vector.
(hppa_hpux_som_find_global_pointer): Call solib_get_got_by_pc
method through target vector.
2004-12-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* alpha-osf1-tdep.c (alpha_osf1_sigcontext_addr): Change
parameter name to make it clear that we already have a next
frame. Return the sigcontext from that next frame instead
of the frame following it.
2004-12-13 Randolph Chung <>
* (pa64solib_h, somsolib_h): Delete.
(solib_pa64_h, solib_som_h): New.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR, ALLDEPFILES): Replace somsolib.h with solib-som.h.
(hppa-hpux-tdep.o, hpread.o): Update dependencies.
(pa64solib.o, somsolib.o): Delete.
(solib-pa64.o, solib-som.o): New.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Include new solib interfaces.
(hppa_hpux_som_init_abi): Attach to SOM solib interface.
(hppa_hpux_elf_init_abi): Attach to PA64 ELF solib interface.
* hppa-tdep.c (internalize_unwinds): If solib_get_text_base method
is available, use it to determine the base of unwind records.
* hppa-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add new solib methods.
* hpread.c: Replace somsolib.h with solib-som.h.
(hpread_process_one_debug_symbol): Use target vector to get thread
start address.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Use new solib interface.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Delete references to target objects.
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h: Use new solib interface.
2004-12-13 Randolph Chung <>
* tramp-frame.c (tramp_frame_sniffer): Allow frames with names or
sections to be trampolines too.
2004-12-13 Ben Elliston <>
* f-exp.y (typename): Remove unused nonterminal.
(name): Likewise.
2004-12-12 Baurjan Ismagulov <>
Committed by Andrew Cagney.
* abug-rom.c, ada-lang.c, ada-typeprint.c, alpha-tdep.c: i18n
2004-12-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): When unwinding normal frames, check
that the PC isn't zero.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_stub_frame_unwind_cache): Delete check for a
zero PC.
* MAINTAINERS: Reword description of what "Target Instruction Set
Architectures" covers.
2004-12-12 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-nat.c (hppa_hpux_child_can_run): Tweak comment.
2004-12-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-nat.c (ss_mpsfu_high): Remove define.
(hppa_hpux_save_state_offset): New function, replacing variable
with the same name.
(hppa_cannot_fetch_register, hppa_cannot_store_register): Remove
(hppa_hpux_fetch_register): Don't call hppa_cannot_fetch_register.
Use new hppa_hpux_save_state_offset function. Add special
handling for handling 64-bit "flags" register.
(hppa_hpux_store_register): Likewise.
(hppa_hpux_child_can_run): Tweak comment.
* inf-ttrace.c (inf_ttrace_him): Set TTEVT_BPT_SSTEP if available.
(inf_ttrace_attach): Likewise.
(inf_ttrace_resume_callback): New function.
(inf_ttrace_resume): Don't use TT_PROC_CONTINUE. Iterate over all
lwps and call inf_ttrace_resume_callback instead.
(inf_ttrace_wait): Handle TTEVT_BPT_SSTEP.
* inf-ttrace.c (_initialize_inf_ttrace): Unconditionially compile.
2004-12-10 Michael Snyder <>
* mn10300-tdep.c: New file. This is a re-implementation of
the mn10300 target back-end using the new frame api etc.
* mn10300-tdep.h: New file.
* config/mn10300/ New file (or replace old file).
* configure.tgt: Add mn10300 target.
2004-12-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* (hppa*-*-hpux11*): Remove.
* config/pa/ Remove file.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa_hpux_sigtramp_frame_unwind_cache): Fix
2004-12-10 Kris Warkentin <>
* nto-tdep.h: Include osabi.h. Prototypes for generic Neutrino
osabi sniffer, signal handling initializer, 'in_dynsym_resolve_code'
function and nto_set_target function.
(struct nto_target_ops): Put comments inline with struct. Add osabi
sniffer hook. Redefine macros to permit testing/assignment. Remove
nto_ prefix from members.
* nto-tdep.c (nto_find_and_open_solib): Allocate all buffers
dynamically to support arbitrary root paths. Check for basename of
lib in search path and then check for absolute.
(nto_in_dynsym_resolve_code): New function.
(nto_core_sniffer): New function.
(regset_core_fns): Register core sniffer.
(nto_initialize_signals): New function.
(_initialize_nto_tdep): Move signal initialization code to above to
avoid initialization race conditions.
(nto_set_target): New function.
* nto-procfs.c: Minor formatting/indenting changes.
(procfs_is_nto_target): New function.
(procfs_open): Set nto_is_nto_target.
(_initialize_procfs): Ditto. Remove notice_signals() call to avoid
initialization race conditions.
(procfs_create_inferior): Resume inferior after creation.
* i386-nto-tdep.c: Declare i386_nto_target.
(init_i386nto_ops): Initialize i386_nto_target instead of
(i386nto_init_abi): Initialize signals. Call nto_set_target. Set
(_initialize_i386nto_tdep): Call init_i386nto_ops. Register osabi
2004-12-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (child_enable_exception_callback): Use XMALLOC.
(hppa_hpux_sigtramp_frame_unwind_cache): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
(hppa_hpux_init_abi): Reformat long line.
2004-12-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Include "regset.h".
(hppa_hpux_supply_ss_narrow, hppa_hpux_supply_ss_fpblock)
(hppa_hpux_supply_ss_wide, hppa_hpux_supply_save_state): New
(hppa_hpux_regset): New variable.
(hppa_hpux_regset_from_core_section): New function.
(hppa_hpux_init_abi): Set regset_from_core_section.
(hppa_hpux_core_osabi_sniffer): New function.
(_initialize_hppa_hpux_tdep): Register
* (hppa-hpux-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Add corelow.o.
2004-12-09 Randolph Chung <>
* solib-pa64.c (pa64_relocate_section_addresses): Properly relocate
text and data sections.
(pa64_current_sos): Also include the dld in the list of current shared
(pa64_solib_get_solib_by_pc): Update comments.
(pa64_solib_get_text_base): New function.
(pa64_solib_select): Set solib_get_text_base method.
2004-12-08 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux-thread-db.c (BUILD_THREAD): Delete.
(thread_get_info_callback): Include LWP ID in thread ID.
(thread_from_lwp, check_event, find_new_threads_callback): Likewise.
(lwp_from_thread): Use the LWP ID from the thread ID.
2004-12-07 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_prev_register_helper): Zero out the entire
register for both 32- and 64-bit targets.
2004-12-07 Randolph Chung <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Don't terminate unwinding at main if we
are unwinding through a dummy frame.
2004-12-07 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add unwind_adjust_stub method.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa_hpux_unwind_adjust_stub): New function.
(hppa_hpux_init_abi) Set unwind_adjust_stub method.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_cache): Call unwind_adjust_stub method
if defined.
2004-12-07 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_stub_Frame_unwind_cache): Stop unwinding if
unwinding from a frame with pc == 0.
(hppa_stub_frame_this_id): Likewise.
(hppa_stub_frame_prev_register): Only provide real values if the frame
cache is not NULL.
2004-12-07 Randolph Chung <>
* solib-som.c: New file.
* solib-som.h: New file.
* solib-pa64.c: New file.
* solib-pa64.h: New file.
2004-12-07 Mark Kettenis <>
* (inf-ttrace.o): Fix typo.
2004-12-07 Jim Blandy <>
* remote.c (remote_threads_info, remote_current_thread): Use
strtoul to parse thread ID numbers.
2004-12-07 Mark Kettenis <>
* inf-ttrace.c: Include "gdbthread.h".
(inf_ttrace_num_lwps): New variable.
(inf_ttrace_num_lwps_in_syscall): Renamed from
(inf_ttrace_him): Track TTEVT_LWP_CREATE, TTEVT_LWP_EXIT and
(inf_ttrace_create_inferior): Assert that INF_TTRACE_NUM_LWPS is
(inf_ttrace_mourn_inferior): Set INF_TTRACE_NUM_LWPS to zero.
(inf_ttrace_attach): Assert that INF_TTRACE_NUM_LWPS is zero.
(inf_ttrace_wait): Report status as TARGET_WAITKIND_SPURIOUS by
(inf_ttrace_thread_alive, inf_ttrace_pid_to_str): New functions.
(inf_ttrace_target): Set to_thread_alive and to_pid_to_str.
* (inf-ttrace.o): Update dependencies.
* hppa-tdep.h (hppa_read_pc, hppa_write_pc, hppa_unwind_pc): New
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_read_pc): Rename from hppa_target_read_pc.
Make global. Remove HP-UX specific code. Use
frame_unwind_register_unsigned instead of
(hppa_write_pc): Rename from hppa_target_write_pc. Make global.
Remove HP-UX specific code.
(hppa_unwind_pc): Make global. Remove HP-UX specific code.
(hppa_frame_prev_register_helper): Set "flags" register to zero
for all unwound frames.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Adjust.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (HPPA_HPUX_SS_INSYSCALL): New define.
(hppa_hpux_read_pc, hppa_hpux_write_pc)
(hppa_hpux_unwind_pc): New functions.
(hppa_hpux_init_abi): Set read_pc, write_pc and unwind_pc.
2004-12-07 Andreas Schwab <>
* main.c (long_options): Add entry for "-l".
(print_gdb_help): Add line for -l option.
* NEWS: Mention it.
2004-12-05 Randolph Chung <>
* hppah-nat.c (store_inferior_registers): Rewrite logic to not use
2004-12-05 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (unwind_command): Print the stub type for stub unwind
2004-12-05 Mark Kettenis <>
* somsolib.c [PA_SOM_ONLY] (no_shared_libraries): New function.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Remove solib.o.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Update copyright notice and year.
2004-12-05 Richard Earnshaw <>
* doublest.c (FLOATFORMAT_LARGEST_BYTES): New define.
(get_field, put_field): Assert that the format is one we can handle.
Simplify logic accordingly.
(floatformat_normalize_byteorder): New function.
(convert_floatformat_to_doublest): Use floatformat_normalize_byteorder
to normalize and select modified byte order. Pass modified byte order
to get_field.
(floatformat_is_negative, floatformat_is_nan, floatformat_mantissa):
(convert_doublest_to_floatformat): Select an appropriate intermediate
byte order if necessary. Always convert to the final format before
2004-12-04 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
PR tui/1703
* linux-nat.c (linux_tracefork_child): Use _exit instead of exit.
Suggested by Joshua Neuheisel.
2004-12-03 Randolph Chung <>
* (instruction_nullified): Delete.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbarch.h: Regenerate.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_target_read_pc): Adjust pc if instruction is
(hppa_unwind_pc): Likewise.
(hppa_instruction_nullified): Delete.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Don't set instruction_nullified method.
* infrun.c (infwait_states): Remove infwait_nullified_state.
(handle_inferior_event): Remove handling of infwait_nullified_state.
Remove handling of nullified instructions.
2004-12-03 Mark Kettenis <>
* inf-ttrace.c: Include <sys/mman.h>.
(struct inf_ttrace_page): New.
(struct inf_ttrace_page_dict): New.
(inf_ttrace_reenable_page_protections): New variables.
(inf_ttrace_disable_syscall_events, inf_ttrace_get_page)
(inf_ttrace_add_page, inf_ttrace_insert_page)
(inf_ttrace_remove_page, inf_ttrace_mask_page_protections)
(inf_ttrace_insert_watchpoint, inf_ttrace_remove_watchpoint)
(inf_ttrace_stopped_by_watchpoint): New functions.
(inf_ttrace_him): Remove unsused varaible `tts'.
(inf_ttrace_create_inferior): Add assertionts.
(inf_ttrace_mourn_inferior): Clear page dictionary.
(inf_ttrace_attach): Set initial event mask.
(inf_ttrace_detach): Reset number of threads in system call.
(inf_ttrace_wait): Deal with system call events.
(inf_ttrace_target): Initialize "hardware" watchpoint-related
parts of the target vector.
(_initialize_inf_ttrace): New prototype and function.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa_hpux_push_dummy_code): Use ULONGEST as
type of `gp' variable.
2004-12-03 Richard Sandiford <>
* README: Remove config.if from directory listing.
2004-12-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_register_name): Add comment.
(alpha_cannot_fetch_register): Exclude registers numbers which
are no longer used from the list of registers that can be fetched.
(alpha_cannot_store_register): Exclude registers numbers which
are no longer used from the list of registers that can be stored.
* alpha-nat.c (fetch_osf_core_registers): Add missing value in
core_reg_mapping array.
2004-12-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_heuristic_frame_prev_register): Fetch
the register value from the correct frame.
2004-11-30 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-linux-tdep.c (insns_match_pattern_relaxed): New function.
(hppa_linux_in_dyncall): Check that we are inside the range of
$$dyncall, not necessarily at the first insn.
(hppa_linux_in_solib_call_trampoline): Identify a trampoline
even if the pc does not point to the first insn of the trampoline.
2004-11-30 Randolph Chung <>
* breakpoint.c (break_at_finish_command): Delete.
(break_at_finish_command_1): Delete.
(break_at_finish_at_depth_command): Delete.
(break_at_finish_at_depth_command_1): Delete.
(tbreak_at_finish_command): Delete.
* hppa-tdep.c (_initialize_hppa_tdep): Remove deprecated xbreak, tbreak
and bx commands.
2004-11-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/nm-gnu.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/nm-i386gnu.h: Inline "config/nm-gnu.h".
* config/nm-sysv4.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/nm-i386v4.h: Inline "config/nm-sysv4.h".
* config/i386/nm-i386v42mp.h: Inline "config/nm-sysv4.h".
* config/i386/nm-i386sol2.h: Inline "config/nm-sysv4.h".
* config/ia64/nm-aix.h: Inline "config/nm-sysv4.h".
* config/mips/nm-irix5.h: Inline "config/nm-sysv4.h".
2004-11-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Randolph Chung (pa), Jeff Johnston (ia64), Kei
Sakamoto (m32r), Joel Brobecker (mips), and Ulrich Weigand (s390)
as can-commit architecture developers.
2004-11-29 Mark Kettenis <>
* sparc-tdep.c (X_RS1, X_SIMM13): New macros.
(sparc32_skip_prologue): Skip instructions that store arguments in
registers into their corresponding stack slots.
* config/m68k/ (NAT_FILE): Set to solib.h instead of
* config/m68k/ (NAT_FILE): Likewise.
* sparc-tdep.h (sparc32nbsd_elf_init_abi): New prototype.
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c (sparc32nbsd_elf_init_abi): Make global.
* sparcobsd-tdep.c (sparc32obsd_init_abi): Call
sparc32nbsd_elf_init_abi. Remove duplicate code.
* config/sparc/ (NAT_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/sparc/ (NAT_FILE): Remove variable.
* config/sparc/nm-nbsd.h: Remove file.
* config/sparc/nm-nbsdaout.h: Remove file.
* sparc-nat.c (inf_ptrace_xfer_partial): New variable.
(sparc_xfer_partial): New function.
(sparc_target): Save value of to_xfer_partial from ptrace vector.
Set to_xfer_partial.
* fork-child.c (fork_inferior): Fork instead of vfork if
PRE_TRACE_FUN is non-null.
2004-11-24 Fred Fish <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (skip_prologue): Use line table info to skip over
compiler generated function calls made as part of a prologue.
2004-11-23 Mark Kettenis <>
* inf-ttrace.c: New file.
* inf-ttrace.h: New file.
* hppa-hpux-nat.c [HAVE_TTRACE]: Include <sys/ttrace>.
Include "inf-ttrace.h".
(ss_mpsfu_high): Define to ss_tlsp if necessary.
(hppa_hpux_fetch_register, hppa_hpux_store_register): Use
ptid_get_pid instead of PIDGET. Modify to handle both ttrace and
ptrace systems.
(_initialize_hppa_hpux_nat) [HAVE_TTRACE]: Call inf_ttrace_traget
instead of inf_ptrace_target.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-ttrace.o.
* (inf_ttrace_h): New variable.
(hppa-hpux-nat.o): Update dependency.
(inf-ttrace.o): New dependency.
(ALLDEPFILES): Add inf-ptrace.c and inf-ttrace.c.
2004-11-23 Randolph Chung <>
* arch-utils.c (generic_instruction_nullified): New.
* arch-utils.h (generic_instruction_nullified): New.
* (instruction_nullified): New method.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbarch.h: Regenerate.
* infrun.c (INSTRUCTION_NULLIFIED): Delete.
(handle_inferior_event): Replace INSTRUCTION_NULLIFIED with calls to
new gdbarch method.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (INSTRUCTION_NULLIFIED): Delete definition.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_instruction_nullified): Remove prototype and make
static. Rewrite to work directly off the passed regcache.
(hppa_gdbarch_init): Set instruction_nullified method.
2004-11-23 Joel Brobecker <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_is_unimp_insn): New function.
(sparc32_frame_cache): For functions where there is no debugging
information to help us determine whether it's a struct-return
function or not, fallback on checking whether the instruction
at the return address is an "unimp" instruction or not.
2004-11-22 John David Anglin <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself to write after approval section.
* hppa-hpux-nat.c (child_suppress_run): Add variable to allow
hpux-thread.c to suppress children from running.
(hppa_hpux_child_can_run): New function.
(_initialize_hppa_hpux_nat): Use hppa_hpux_child_can_run.
* hpux-thread.c: Include string.h and hppa-tdep.h.
(hpux_thread_store_registers): Replace deprecated_registers with
calls to regcache_raw_read.
* config/pa/, config/pa/ Delete HOST_IPC.
2004-11-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* sparc64fbsd-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(_initialize_sparc64fbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o,
2004-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_software_single_step): Handle stepping to NULL.
2004-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux-nat.c (my_waitpid): New function.
(linux_test_for_tracefork): Make more robust and verbose. Take
an ORIGINAL_PID argument and test for PTRACE_SETOPTIONS first.
(linux_supports_tracefork, linux_supports_tracevforkdone): Take a PID
argument. Update calls to linux_test_for_tracefork.
(linux_enable_event_reporting, child_follow_fork)
(child_insert_fork_catchpoint, child_insert_vfork_catchpoint)
(child_insert_exec_catchpoint): Update calls to
linux_supports_tracefork and linux_supports_tracevforkdone.
2004-11-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* valarith.c (value_subscript): Copy VALUE_FRAME_ID.
(value_subscripted_rvalue): Likewise.
* valops.c (search_struct_field, value_slice): Likewise.
2004-11-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* inf-ptrace.c: Don't include "regcache.h" and "gdbcmd.h".
Reorder includes a bit. Fix comment.
* (inf-ptrace.o): Update dependencies.
2004-11-21 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68klinux-tdep.c: Include "glibc-tdep.h" and "solib-svr4.h".
(m68k_linux_init_abi): Set solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to
svr4_ilp32_fetch_link_map_offsets and gdbarch_skip_solib_resolver
to glibc_skip_solib_resolver.
* config/m68k/ (TDEPFILES): Add glibc-tdep.o. Remove
* (m68klinux-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
2004-11-20 John David Anglin <>
* infttrace.h (ttrace_write_reg_64): Add prototype.
* hppah-nat.c (store_inferior_registers): Fix warning from ambiguous
(store_inferior_registers): Correct formatting. Replace uses of
deprecated_registers with calls to regcache_raw_read,
regcache_raw_write_part and regcache_raw_read_part.
2004-11-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/pa/ Remove file.
* config/pa/ Remove file.
2004-11-20 Andreas Schwab <>
* Set host floatformat for m68k.
2004-11-20 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Resolve file-name clash between
hppa-hpux-tdep.c and the new hppa-hpux-nat.c.
2004-11-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-hpux-nat.c: New file.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): New file.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add hppa-hpux-nat.c.
(hppa-hpux-nat.o): New dependency.
* Remove hppa*-*-hpux10.20.
(hppa*-*-hpux*, hppa*-*-hiux*): Set gdb_host to
* inf-ptrace.c: Fix coding style.
* gdb_ptrace.h [PTRACE_TYPE_ARG5] (ptrace): New macro.
* infptrace.c (call_ptrace): Simply call ptrace with four
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Fix a few coding standard
issues. Improve code formatting.
* dbxread.c: Include "gdb_string.h".
(record_minimal_symbol, read_ofile_symtab): Replace
DEPRECATED_STREQ and DEPRECATED_STREQN with strcmp and strncmp.
* (dbxread.o): Update dependencies.
* dwarf2-frame.c (read_encoded_value): Correctly calculate number
of bytes read for aligned LEB128 encodings.
2004-11-19 Mark Kettenis <>
* bsd-kvm.c (bsd_kvm_pcb_cmd): Cast return value from
parse_and_eval_address to u_long before converting it to a pointer
* i386fbsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386fbsd_nat): Change type of
ps_strings from int to u_long.
* i386obsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386obsd_nat): Cast _ps.val to
u_long instead of CORE_ADDR.
2004-11-18 Mark Kettenis <>
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Do not adjust address of first
N_SLINE stab for a function for code generated by non-GCC
2004-11-18 Kevin Buettner <>
* solib-null.c: New file.
2004-11-17 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Drop MIPS and remote.
2004-11-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* findvar.c (value_of_register): Set the frame ID.
* value.c (value_primitive_field): Copy the frame ID.
* valops.c (value_assign): Simplify lval_register case, there's
always a frame.
2004-11-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (mips-linux-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* mips-linux-tdep.c: Include "regcache.h".
(fill_fpregset, mips64_fill_fpregset): Use regcache_raw_collect.
2004-11-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (linux-thread-db.o): Fix typo in last change.
2004-11-14 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* linux-thread-db.c: New file, renamed from thread-db.c.
* thread-db.c: Remove.
* (linux-thread-db.o): Rename from thread-db.o rule.
* config/alpha/ (NATDEPFILES): Rename thread-db.o
to linux-thread-db.o.
* config/arm/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/ia64/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/m32r/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/mips/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/s390/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
2004-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/i386/ Delete file.
* config/i386/ Delete file.
* (ALLDEPFILES, i386ly-tdep.o): Remove i386ly-tdep.c.
* i386ly-tdep.c: Delete.
* config/tm-lynx.h: Delete, inline contents ...
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000ly.h: ... here.
* config/tm-sysv4.h: Delete file, inlining contents.
* config/ia64/tm-aix.h (SKIP_TRAMPOLINE_CODE): Define.
* config/tm-linux.h (SKIP_TRAMPOLINE_CODE): Define.
* config/tm-nto.h (SKIP_TRAMPOLINE_CODE): Define.
* regcache.h (deprecated_register_valid): Delete.
(deprecated_registers): Delete.
* regcache.c (deprecated_register_valid): Delete.
(deprecated_registers): Delete.
(deprecated_read_register_byte, _initialize_regcache)
(deprecated_write_register_bytes, build_regcache): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TDEPFILES): Remove ppc-bdm.o and
* config/powerpc/ (TDEPFILES): Ditto.
* config/mips/ (TDEPFILES): Remove remote-mips.o.
* NEWS: List h8300*-*-*, mcore-*-*, mn10300-*-*, ns32k-*-*, and
v850-*-* under removed.
* Delete ns32k-*-netbsd*.
* configure.tgt: Delete h8300-*-*, mcore*-*-*, mn10300-*-*,
ns32k-*-netbsd*, and v850*-*-*.
* MAINTAINERS: Mark h8300, mcore, mn10300, ns32k, v850 as
* config/h8300/tm-h8300.h, config/h8300/ Delete.
* h8300-tdep.c, config/mcore/, mcore-rom.c: Delete.
* mcore-tdep.c, config/mn10300/ Delete.
* mn10300-tdep.c, config/ns32k/ Delete.
* config/ns32k/, config/ns32k/nm-nbsd.h: Delete.
* config/ns32k/nm-nbsdaout.h, config/ns32k/tm-ns32k.h: Delete.
* ns32knbsd-nat.c, ns32knbsd-tdep.c, ns32k-tdep.c: Delete.
* ns32k-tdep.h, config/v850/, v850ice.c: Delete.
* v850-tdep.c: Delete.
2004-11-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* irix5-nat.c (fetch_core_registers): Replace use of
deprecated_registers by equivalent code.
2004-11-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* irix5-nat.c (fill_gregset): Replace use of deprecated_registers
with equivalent code.
(fill_fpregset): Likewise.
2004-11-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Do not list "Deleted" architectures.
* configure.tgt: Delete i[34567]86-*-vxworks*, m68*-netx-*,
m68*-*-vxworks*, mips*-*-vxworks*, powerpc-*-vxworks*, and
* NEWS: Mention that vxworks was deleted.
* config/m68k/tm-vx68.h, config/mips/tm-vxmips.h: Delete.
* config/powerpc/tm-vxworks.h, config/tm-vxworks.h: Delete.
* config/i386/, config/m68k/ Delete.
* config/mips/, config/powerpc/ Delete.
* config/sparc/, vx-share/dbgRpcLib.h: Delete.
* vx-share/ptrace.h, vx-share/regPacket.h: Delete.
* vx-share/vxTypes.h, vx-share/vxWorks.h: Delete.
* vx-share/wait.h, vx-share/xdr_ld.c: Delete.
* vx-share/xdr_ld.h, vx-share/xdr_ptrace.c: Delete.
* vx-share/xdr_ptrace.h, vx-share/xdr_rdb.c: Delete.
* vx-share/xdr_rdb.h, remote-vxsparc.c: Delete.
* remote-vxmips.c, remote-vx.c: Delete.
* remote-vx68.c: Delete.
* config/m68k/tm-os68k.h: Remove reference to VxWorks.
* config/m68k/, ada-lang.h: Ditto.
(remote-vx.o, remote-vxmips.o, remote-vxsparc.o): Delete vx files.
2004-11-13 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config/i386/xm-go32.h: Don't include fopen-bin.h.
* source.c (OPEN_MODE, FDOPEN_MODE): Remove the definitions in the
branch that doesn't define CRLF_SOURCE_FILES; always use
binary-mode open.
(print_source_lines_base, forward_search_command)
(reverse_search_command): Enable the code that accepts DOS-style
CRLF line endings on all platforms (this removes the need for
* defs.h: Fix wording of the comment before FOPEN_RB.
(DIRNAME_SEPARATOR) [__MSDOS__]: Define to ';'.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Group renames for opcode directory
* config/djgpp/ Replace file names that don't exist
anymore with existing files, for checking the unpacked
* config/djgpp/config.sed (am_cv_exeext, lt_cv_sys_max_cmd_len):
Export pre-cooked values in configure-* targets that begin with
"@test -f stage_last".
2004-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* defs.h (enum lval_type): Delete lval_reg_frame_relative.
* value.h (struct value): Update comment.
* valops.c (value_assign): Fold lval_reg_fame_relative into
* findvar.c (value_from_register, locate_var_value): Ditto.
2004-11-12 Randolph Chung <>
* config/tm/tm-hppa.h (SYMBOLS_CAN_START_WITH_DOLLAR): Remove.
(write_exp_msymbol): Remove conditional check for symbols starting
with $. Update comments.
2004-11-12 Randolph Chung <>
* pa64solib.c (pa64_solib_thread_start_addr): Rename from
* pa64solib.h (so_list): Forward declare.
(pa64_solib_thread_start_addr): Prototype.
* somsolib.c (SHL_LOAD, SHL_UNLOAD): Define if not already defined.
(no_shared_libraries): Remove.
(som_solib_thread_start_addr): Rename from so_lib_thread_start_addr.
* somsolib.h (som_solib_thread_start_addr): Likewise; prototype.
* hpread.c (hpread_process_one_debug_symbol): Use either the som or
the elf solib handler to find the start address.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Move target-specific support
files to the target makefile.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Put target-specific support
files for symbol reading and shared library handling here.
* config/pa/ (TDEPFILES): Likewise.
(PA_SOM_ONLY): Define so we can build a 32-bit SOM only target
without bringing in 64-bit support.
2004-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* sparc-tdep.c: Replace VALUE_TYPE with value_type.
* v850-tdep.c, sparc64-tdep.c, sh-tdep.c: Ditto.
* sh64-tdep.c, s390-tdep.c, mcore-tdep.c: Ditto.
* h8300-tdep.c, arm-linux-tdep.c, amd64-tdep.c: Ditto.
* hppa-tdep.c, mips-tdep.c, m88k-tdep.c: Ditto.
* m68hc11-tdep.c, m32r-tdep.c, ia64-tdep.c: Ditto.
* frv-tdep.c, cris-tdep.c, avr-tdep.c, alpha-tdep.c: Ditto.
(struct value): Delete location.regnum, rename "regno" to
* value.c, valops.c, valarith.c, findvar.c: Update.
(value_type, value_offset, value_bitsize, value_bitpos): Declare.
* value.c (value_type, value_offset, value_bitpos)
(value_bitsize): New functions. Update references.
* arm-tdep.c, gnu-v3-abi.c, hpacc-abi.c, gnu-v2-abi.c: Update.
* f-valprint.c, cp-valprint.c, c-valprint.c: Update.
* ada-valprint.c, typeprint.c, scm-valprint.c, scm-exp.c: Update.
* p-valprint.c, jv-valprint.c, jv-lang.c, varobj.c: Update.
* objc-lang.c, ada-lang.c, std-regs.c, stack.c: Update.
* infcall.c, linespec.c, printcmd.c, valarith.c: Update.
* valops.c, eval.c, findvar.c, breakpoint.c: Update.
* tracepoint.c, ax-gdb.c, mi/mi-main.c, cli/cli-dump.c:
* rs6000-tdep.c, ppc-sysv-tdep.c: Update.
2004-11-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* cris-tdep.c (cris_register_offset): Delete, never called.
(cris_spec_reg_applicable): Delete cris_ver_sim.
* rdi-share/host.h (FOPEN_WB): #ifdef 0 out definitions of
FOPEN_WB, defined by "fopen-bin.h".
2004-11-12 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_skip_permanent_breakpoint): Move definition ...
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa_skip_permanent_breakpoint): ... to here.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (SKIP_PERMANENT_BREAKPOINT): Move definition ...
* config/pa/tm-hppah.h (SKIP_PERMANENT_BREAKPOINT): ... to here.
2004-11-12 Mark Kettenis <>
* tui/tui-io.c: Don't include "terminal.h".
* (tui-io.o): Update dependencies.
2004-11-12 Kei Sakamoto <>
* (m32r-linux-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* m32r-linux-tdep.c (m32r_linux_init_abi): Call
set_gdbarch_regset_from_core_section for core file support.
(m32r_linux_supply_gregset, m32r_linux_regset_from_core_section):
New functions.
2004-11-11 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (skip_prologue_hard_way): Make static, add
stop_after_branch parameter and use it to determine if we should look
at the delay slot of the first branch insn to find prologue insns.
(hppa_skip_prologue): Update comment and call to skip_prologue_hard_way.
(hppa_frame_cache): Likewise.
2004-11-11 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_cache): Properly handle the frame pointer
register so that it can be unwound from anywhere in the prologue.
2004-11-10 msnyder <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (skip_prologue): After saving lr_offset,
must invalidate lr_reg (so we don't try to save it again).
Ditto for cr_offset and cr_reg.
2004-11-05 Jon Beniston <>
Committed by Andrew Cagney.
* remote.c (putpkt_binary) Fix PR gdb/1806. Send an ACK
when an unexpected packet is received, as the target stubs
continually retransmit the same packet until ACKed.
2004-11-10 Randolph Chung <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Use get_frame_type to retrieve the
frame's type.
2004-11-10 Randolph Chung <>
* blockframe.c (inside_entry_func): Move to .....
* frame.c (inside_entry_func): ... here, and make static.
(backtrace_past_entry): New flag.
(get_prev_frame): Stop backtrace at the entry function if enabled
by flag. Update comments.
(_initialize_frame): Add command to set backtrace_past_entry flag.
* defs.h (inside_entry_func): Remove prototype.
2004-11-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2read.c: Fix formatting.
2004-11-10 Andrew Cagney <>
(coerce_ref, coerce_array, coerce_number, coerce_enum): Replace
macros with function declarations.
* value.c (coerce_ref, coerce_array, coerce_number)
(coerce_enum): New functions.
(value_as_long, value_as_address): Update.
* ada-lang.c (ada_coerce_ref, ada_value_binop)
(ada_evaluate_subexp, ada_value_assign, ada_value_struct_elt): Update.
* jv-lang.c (evaluate_subexp_java): Update.
* valarith.c (value_less, value_neg, value_complement)
(value_binop, value_add, value_subscript, value_x_binop)
(value_logical_not, value_sub): Update.
* valops.c (check_field, value_struct_elt, value_ind)
(value_find_oload_method_list, value_cast, value_assign): Update.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Update.
2004-11-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_relative_offset): Change return type to
LONGEST, change argument type to ULONGEST. Fix sign-extension.
2004-11-10 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa32_register_name, hppa64_register_name): Make static.
(hppa32_push_dummy_call, hppa64_push_dummy_call): Likewise.
(hppa_fetch_pointer_argument): Likewise.
(hppa_frame_cache): Use safe_frame_unwind_memory instead of
(_initialize_hppa_tdep): Replace deprecated_add_show_from_set/
add_set_cmd sequence with add_setshow_boolean_cmd.
2004-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
GDB 6.3 released from GDB 6.3 branch.
2004-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* values.c: Rename to ...
* value.c: ..., new file.
* Update.
2004-11-09 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_state_alloc_regs): Correct allocated
2004-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* TODO: Delete.
* value.h (struct value): Delete field bfd_section.
(VALUE_BFD_SECTION): Delete macro.
(COERCE_REF): Update.
(value_at, value_at_lazy): Delete asection parameter.
* printcmd.c (print_formatted, x_command): Update.
(do_examine): Delete asection parameter.
(next_section): Delete variable.
* valops.c (value_cast, value_at, value_at_lazy)
(value_coerce_function, value_addr, value_ind, value_string)
(find_rt_vbase_offset, value_full_object): Update.
* hpacc-abi.c (hpacc_virtual_fn_field)
(hpacc_value_rtti_type): Update.
* gnu-v3-abi.c (gnuv3_rtti_type, gnuv3_virtual_fn_field)
(gnuv3_baseclass_offset): Update.
* f-valprint.c (f_val_print): Update.
* c-valprint.c (c_val_print): Update.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_val_print): Update.
* jv-valprint.c (java_value_print): Update.
* jv-lang.c (java_class_from_object, evaluate_subexp_java): Update.
* ada-lang.c (ada_value_primitive_packed_val)
(ada_evaluate_subexp): Update.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc): Update.
* expprint.c (print_subexp_standard): Update.
* infcall.c (call_function_by_hand): Update.
* valarith.c (value_add): Update.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Update.
* values.c (allocate_value, value_copy, value_static_field): Update.
* findvar.c (read_var_value, locate_var_value): Update.
2004-11-09 Andrew Cagney <>
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Include "dwarf2-frame.h".
* Update all dependencies.
2004-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* sentinel-frame.c (sentinel_frame_prev_pc): New function.
(sentinel_frame_unwinder): Add the prev_pc method.
* frame.c (frame_pc_unwind): Use the per-frame pc unwinder when
available. Do not handle the sentinel-frame case.
* frame-unwind.h (frame_prev_register_ftype): Define.
(struct frame_unwind): Add prev_pc;
2004-11-08 John David Anglin <>
* Check for ncurses/term.h.
* gdb_curses.h: Include term.h here, prefering ncurses/term.h.
* utils.c: Include gdb_curses.h instead of curses.h and term.h.
* tui/tui.c: Don't include term.h.
* configure, Rebuilt.
2004-11-08 Mark Kettenis <>
* m68kbsd-nat.c: Include "inf-ptrace.h".
(_initialize_m68kbsd_nat): Fix pasto.
* (m68kbsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
2004-11-08 Randolph Chung <>
* infrun.c (debug_infrun): New variable.
(resume, proceed, wait_for_inferior): Annotate with debug messages.
(handle_inferior_event, keep_going): Likewise.
(_initialize_infrun): Register "set debug infrun" command.
2004-11-08 Andreas Schwab <>
* linux-nat.c (PTRACE_EVENT_VFORK_DONE): Renamed from
(child_follow_fork): Adjust.
2004-11-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* README: Refer to 6.3, not 6.2, update directory listing droppng
references to intl/ and mmalloc/.
* PROBLEMS: Refer to 6.3 not 6.2.
* PROBLEMS: Delete no-longer applicable problems.
2004-11-07 Andrew Cagney <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
Roland McGrath <>
* (symfile-mem.o): Update dependencies.
* i386-linux-tdep.c (i386_linux_dwarf_signal_frame_p): New.
(i386_linux_init_abi): Call dwarf2_frame_set_signal_frame_p.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_attach): Call
* inftarg.c (child_attach): Likewise.
* symfile-mem.c: Include "observer.h", "auxv.h", and "elf/common.h".
(symbol_file_add_from_memory): Take NAME argument. Use it for
the new BFD's filename.
(add_symbol_file_from_memory_command): Update call to
(struct symbol_file_add_from_memory_args, add_vsyscall_page)
(symbol_file_add_from_memory_wrapper): New.
(_initialize_symfile_mem): Register add_vsyscall_page as an
inferior_created observer.
2004-11-07 Mark Kettenis <>
* m68kbsd-nat.c (m68kbsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(m68kbsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
(_initialize_m68kbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Set to tm-solib.h.
(LOADLIBES): New variable.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Delete variable.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Set to tm-solib.h.
* config/m68k/nm-nbsdaout.h: Remove file.
2004-11-07 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (struct dwarf2_frame_ops): Add signal_frame_p.
(dwarf2_frame_set_signal_frame_p, dwarf2_frame_signal_frame_p)
(dwarf2_signal_frame_unwind): New.
(dwarf2_frame_sniffer): Use dwarf2_frame_signal_frame_p.
* dwarf2-frame.h (dwarf2_frame_set_signal_frame_p): New prototype.
2004-11-07 Mark Kettenis <>
* (mips64obsd-tdep.o): Fix typo.
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (mipsnbsd_ilp32_fetch_link_map_offsets): Renamed
from mipsnbsd_ilp32_solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets. Trim sizes
to only include the structure members we actually need.
(mipsnbsd_lp64_fetch_link_map_offsets): Renamed from
mipsnbsd_lp64_solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets. Trim sizes to
only include the structure members we actually need.
(mipsnbsd_init_abi): Update.
* mips64obsd-nat.c: Include "mips-tdep.h".
(MIPS64OBSD_NUM_REGS): Remove define.
(mips64obsd_supply_gregset, mips64obsd_collect_gregset): Handle
floating-point registers correctly.
* (mips64obsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
* mips64obsd-tdep.c: Include "trad-frame.h", "tramp-frame.h" and
(mips64obsd_sigframe_init): New function.
(mips64obsd_sigframe): New variable.
(mips64obsd_init_abi): Add comments. Prepend mips64obsd_sigrame
* (mips64obsd-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
2004-11-06 Joel Brobecker <>
* alpha-mdebug-tdep.c: #include mdebugread.h.
Replace alpha_extra_func_info_t by struct mdebug_extra_func_info *.
* (alpha-mdebug-tdep.o): Add dependency on mdebugread.h.
2004-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_cache): Only complain when both the
CFI and the init_reg method leave the register unspecified.
Include the register name in the "Incomplete CFI data" complaint.
Supress leading zeros in the address.
2004-11-05 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (decode_frame_entry_1): Avoid indirection when
skipping a personality routine in a CIE augmentation.
2004-11-05 Jeff Johnston <>
* defs.h (fatal, vfatal): New function prototypes.
* stack.c (backtrace_command_stub): Stub to call backtrace_command_1
via catch_errors.
(backtrace_command): Change to call backtrace_command_stub via
catch_errors instead of calling backtrace_command_1 directly.
(backtrace_full_command): Ditto.
* utils.c (error_stream_1): New static function.
(verror): Change to call error_stream_1 instead of error_stream.
(error_stream): Call error_stream_1 with RETURN_ERROR argument.
(vfatal, fatal): New functions.
2004-11-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (parse_frame_specification_1): Clear selected_frame_p
when not using selected frame.
2004-11-05 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (decode_frame_entry_1): Correctly skip
personality routine in a CIE augmentation.
2004-11-05 Felix Lee <>
* stack.c (set_current_sal_from_frame): New function.
(print_args_stub): Use it.
(print_frame_info): Don't set sal here.
2004-11-04 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (read_encoded_value): Change type of third
argument to `unsigned char *'. Add support for LEB128 encodings.
2004-11-04 Jim Blandy <>
* gdbtypes.c (make_qualified_type): Doc fix. Add assertion to
prevent cross-objfile references.
(make_cv_type): Doc fix. Don't create cross-objfile references,
even for stub types.
(replace_type): Add assertion to prevent cross-objfile references.
(check_typedef): Never resolve a stub type by copying over a type
from another file.
2004-11-04 Kei Sakamoto <>
* (m32r-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* m32r-tdep.c (m32r_gdbarch_init): Call gdbarch_init_osabi for
ABI-specific overrides.
2004-11-04 Kei Sakamoto <>
* m32r-tdep.c (m32r_memory_insert_breakpoint): Remove
unnecessary parallel execution bit.
(m32r_memory_remove_breakpoint): Ditto.
(m32r_breakpoint_from_pc): Update.
2004-11-03 Randolph Chung <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_cache): Use frame_pc_unwind instead of
frame_func_unwind to locate the unwind entry.
(hppa_frame_this_id): Likewise.
2004-11-03 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention internationalization, m32r-*-linux-gnu, 'p'
packet, obsolete configurations, end-of-life deprecated_registers.
2004-11-02 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (read_encoded_value): Set proper size for signed
encodings as well as unsigned encodings.
2004-11-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* value.h (COERCE_VARYING_ARRAY): Delete.
* valops.c (value_cast, value_slice): Delete use.
* valarith.c (value_subscript, value_concat): Delete use.
2004-11-02 Paul Hilfinger <>
* NEWS: GDB understands GNAT Ada.
2004-11-01 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add amd64-sol2-tdep.c.
(amd64-sol2-tdep.o): Add dependencies.
* amd64-sol2-tdep.c, config/i386/,
config/i386/ New files.
* i386-sol2-nat.c (amd64_sol2_gregset64_reg_offset,
amd64_sol2_gregset32_reg_offset, _initialize_amd64_sol2_nat): New.
(supply_gregset): Correct order of arguments to
(fill_gregset): Correct order of arguments to
* (i[34567]86-*-solaris2.1[0-9]*): Add new case.
* configure.tgt (i[34567]86-*-solaris2.1[0-9]*): Likewise.
* (*-*-solaris2.[[6789]]): Add *-*-solaris2.1[[0-9]]
for definition of NEW_PROC_API.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-11-01 Joseph S. Myers <>
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2004-11-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* configure.tgt: Mark d10v-*-* as obsolete.
* config/d10v/, d10v-tdep.c: Obsolete files.
2004-11-01 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* values.c (modify_field): Correct handling of bit-fields that
don't fit in 32 bits. Use unsigned operations throughout and
simplify the code a bit. Document preconditions.
2004-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/pa/tm-linux.h: Delete #undef IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE.
* config/tm-sysv4.h (IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE): Delete.
(in_plt_section): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_in_solib_return_trampoline): Delete.
(mips_gdbarch_init): Do not set same.
* arch-utils.c (generic_in_solib_call_trampoline): Delete.
* arch-utils.h (generic_in_solib_call_trampoline): Delete.
* (in_solib_call_trampoline): Delete.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_stub_unwind_sniffer): Replace
IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE with tdep.in_solib_call_trampoline.
* hppa-tdep.h (struct gdbarch_tdep): Add in_solib_call_trampoline.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c (hppa_hpux_init_abi): Set same.
* hppa-linux-tdep.c (hppa_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
2004-10-31 Mark Kettenis <>
* mipsnbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h" and "inf-ptrace.h".
(mipsnbsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(mipsnbsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
(_initialize_mipsnbsd_nat): New function and prototype.
* (mipsnbsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
* config/mips/ (NAT_CLIBS, NAT_FILE): Remove variables.
(NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and inftarg.o. Add
2004-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Do not set in_solib_call_trampoline,
delete corresponding unused function.
* armnbsd-tdep.c (arm_netbsd_aout_init_abi): Really do not set
* config/arm/tm-embed.h (IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE): Delete.
* config/powerpc/tm-linux.h: Delete #undef IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE.
* config/mips/tm-nbsd.h: Ditto.
* config/arm/tm-linux.h: Ditto.
* config/mips/tm-linux.h: Ditto.
* armnbsd-tdep.c (arm_netbsd_aout_init_abi)
(arm_netbsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline): Do not set
in_solib_call_trampoline, delete corresponding unused function.
* vaxnbsd-tdep.c (vaxnbsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(vaxnbsd_aout_init_abi): Ditto.
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c (sparcnbsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(sparc32nbsd_aout_init_abi): Ditto.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc64_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(ppc_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
* ns32knbsd-tdep.c (ns32knbsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(ns32knbsd_init_abi_aout): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_in_call_stub, mips_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
* m68kbsd-tdep.c (m68kbsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(m68kbsd_aout_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386-cygwin-tdep.c (i386_cygwin_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(i386_cygwin_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386bsd-tdep.c (i386bsd_aout_in_solib_call_trampoline)
(i386bsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* sparc-sol2-tdep.c (sparc32_sol2_init_abi): Do not set
in_solib_call_trampoline to in_plt_entry, IN_SOLIB_CALL_TRAMPOLINE
isn't used by this architecture.
* sparc64-sol2-tdep.c (sparc64_sol2_init_abi): Ditto.
* sparc64obsd-tdep.c (sparc64obsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* sparc64nbsd-tdep.c (sparc64nbsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Ditto.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
* m68klinux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_svr4_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386-nto-tdep.c (i386nto_init_abi): Ditto.
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_linux_init_abi): Ditto.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_init_abi): Ditto.
* vaxnbsd-tdep.c (vaxnbsd_elf_init_abi): Do not set
in_solib_call_trampoline to its default value of
* ppcobsd-tdep.c (ppcobsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* m68kbsd-tdep.c (m68kbsd_elf_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386obsd-tdep.c (i386obsd_elf_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c (i386nbsdelf_init_abi): Ditto.
* i386fbsd-tdep.c (i386fbsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* hppabsd-tdep.c (hppabsd_init_abi): Ditto.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Don't print any of the macros.
* config/mips/ (DEPRECATED_TM_FILE): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h: Delete file.
* remote-mips.c: Delete tm-mips.h from comment.
* config/mips/ (DEPRECATED_TM_FILE): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-nbsd.h: Don't include tm-mips.h.
* config/mips/ (DEPRECATED_TM_FILE): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-linux.h: Don't include tm-mips.h.
* config/mips/tm-vxmips.h: Don't include tm-mips.h.
* config/mips/ (DEPRECATED_TM_FILE):
* config/mips/tm-wince.h: Don't include.
* mdebugread.h (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Define.
* mdebugread.c (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Delete.
* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Delete.
* mdebugread.h (ecoff_relocate_efi): Delete declaration.
* mdebugread.c (ecoff_relocate_efi): Delete function.
* objfiles.c (objfile_relocate): Delete #ifdef
2004-10-31 Orjan Friberg <>
Andrew Cagney <>
* (single_step_through_delay): Add.
* gdbarch.h, gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (STEP_SKIPS_DELAY_P, STEP_SKIPS_DELAY)
(mips_step_skips_delay): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_single_step_through_delay): Replace
(mips_gdbarch_init): Set single_step_through_delay.
(mips_dump_tdep): Do not print STEP_SKIPS_DELAY.
2004-10-31 Mark Kettenis <>
* tramp-frame.c (tramp_frame_prepend_unwinder): Set unwinder type
from TRAMP_FRAME frame type.
2004-10-31 Andrew Cagney <>
* mdebugread.c (parse_procedure): Wrap use of RA_REGNUM in #ifdef.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_ignore_helper): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (DEPRECATED_IGNORE_HELPER_CALL): Delete.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Delete #ifdef
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (RA_REGNUM): Delete.
2004-10-31 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386v4-nat.c (supply_gregset, supply_fpregset, fill_gregset)
(fill_fpregset): Do not compile for 64-bit systems.
* i386-sol2-nat.c: Don't include "i386v4-nat.c".
* (i386-sol2-nat.o): Update dependencies.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add back i386v4-nat.c.
2004-10-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* mdebugread.h: Include "coff/sym.h" and "coff/symconst.h".
(struct mdebug_extra_func_info): Define.
* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h: Delete same.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h: Delete same.
* mdebugread.c: Delete same.
* Update dependencies.
* mips-mdebug-tdep.c: Include "mdebugread.h".
* objfiles.c: Include "mdebugread.h".
* mdebugread.c: Include "mdebugread.h".
(ecoff_relocate_cfi): Delete.
* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h (ecoff_relcate_cfi): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (ecoff_relcate_cfi): Delete.
* mdebugread.h (ecoff_relocate_efi): New file.
* Update dependencies.
* mips-tdep.c (struct frame_extra_info): Delete.
(temp_proc_desc): Delete.
* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Rename
(mips_extra_func_info_t, mips_extra_func_info): Delete.
(struct mdebug_extra_func_info): Replace struct
alpha_extra_func_info and alpha_extra_func_info_t.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (MDEBUG_EFI_SYMBOL_NAME): Rename
(struct mdebug_extra_func_info): Replace struct
alpha_extra_func_info and alpha_extra_func_info_t.
* objfiles.c, mips-tdep.c, mips-mdebug-tdep.c: Update.
* mdebugread.c, alpha-mdebug-tdep.c:
Suggested by Mark Kettenis.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (struct mips_extra_func_info): Delete
fields frame_adjust and high_addr.
* mips-mdebug-tdep.c (PROC_HIGH_ADDR, PROC_FRAME_ADJUST): Delete.
(non_heuristic_proc_desc): Delete references.
* mips-tdep.h (MIPS_PRID_REGNUM): Add.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (PRID_REGNUM): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c: Update.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (FIRST_EMBED_REGNUM)
* mipsv4-nat.c, mips-tdep.c, mips-linux-tdep.c: Update.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (PS_REGNUM): Delete.
* mips-tdep.h (MIPS_PS_REGNUM): Add.
* remote-vxmips.c, mipsv4-nat.c, mips-tdep.c: Update.
* mips-linux-nat.c: Update.
* mips-tdep.h: Add comments on registers.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (ZERO_REGNUM, UNUSED_REGNUM)
* irix5-nat.c, mipsv4-nat.c, mips-linux-tdep.c: Update.
* mips-linux-nat.c, remote-mips.c: Update.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (t_insn): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_fetch_instruction, mips_skip_trampoline_code):
Replace t_insn with ULONGEST.
2004-10-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c: Include "regset.h" and "gdb_assert.h".
(fetch_core_registers, fetch_elfcore_registers): Remove functions.
(mipsnbsd_core_fns, mipsnbsd_elfcore_fns): Remove variables.
(mipsnbsd_core_osabi_sniffer): New function.
(mipsnbsd_init_abi): Set regset_from_core_section.
(_initialize_mipsnbsd_tdep): Remove calls to
(mipsnbsd_supply_fpregset, mipsnbsd_supply_gregset)
(mipsnbsd_regset_from_core_section): New functions.
(mipsnbsd_gregset, mipsnbsd_fpregset): New variables.
* (mipsnbsd-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* procfs.c (procfs_fetch_registers, procfs_store_registers): Like
Remove optimization for DEPRECATED_FP_REGNUM.
2004-10-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* alpha-tdep.c (alpha_setup_arbitrary_frame): Delete.
* config/alpha/tm-alpha.h (SETUP_ARBITRARY_FRAME): Delete.
(alpha_setup_arbitrary_frame): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (setup_arbitrary_frame): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (SETUP_ARBITRARY_FRAME): Delete.
(setup_arbitrary_frame): Delete.
* stack.c (parse_frame_specification_1): When specified, call
create_new_frame with two parameters. Delete #ifdef
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (MIPS16_INSTLEN, MIPS_NUMREGS)
* mips-tdep.h (enum mips_insn_size): Rename MIPS32_INSN_SIZE and
* remote-mips.c, mips-tdep.c: Update.
* config/mips/ (TDEPFILES): Add mips-mdebug-tdep.o.
* mips-mdebug-tdep.h, mips-mdebug-tdep.c: New files.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_mdebug_frame_cache)
(mips_mdebug_frame_this_id, mips_mdebug_frame_prev_register)
(mips_mdebug_frame_unwind, mips_mdebug_frame_sniffer)
(mips_mdebug_frame_base_address, mips_mdebug_frame_sniffer)
(mips_mdebug_frame_base_sniffer, non_heuristic_proc_desc)
(compare_pdr_entries, the_bfd, mips16_fetch_instruction): Delete.
(mips_gdbarch_init): Do not append mdebug sniffers.
* Update dependencies.
* mips-tdep.h (mips_abi_regsize): Declare.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_abi_regsize): Make non-static.
* mips-tdep.c (gdb_print_insn_mips): Simplify.
(make_mips16_addr): Delete.
2004-10-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-sol2-nat.c: New file.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add i386-sol2-nat.c and
(i386-sol2-nat.o): Update dependencies.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove i386v4.o, add
2004-10-30 Andrew Cagney <>
Total breakage identified by Joel Brobecker.
* mips-tdep.c (after_prologue): Delete.
(mips_skip_prologue): Use skip_prologue_using_sal.
(heuristic_proc_desc): Delete, unused.
2004-10-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* procfs.c (proc_get_gregs, proc_get_fpregs, proc_set_gregs)
(proc_set_fpregs, procfs_fetch_registers, procfs_store_registers):
Cleanup coding style.
2004-10-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* mips-tdep.h (mips_pc_is_mips16): Declare.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_pc_is_mips16): Rename pc_is_mips16, make
non-static. Update calls.
* cli/cli-decode.c (add_setshow_enum_cmd): New function.
* command.h (add_setshow_enum_cmd): Declare.
* mips-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_tdep): Use add_setshow_enum_cmd.
* mips-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_tdep): Use
* mips-tdep.c (mips_eabi_extract_return_value)
(mips_o64_extract_return_value, mips_o64_store_return_value)
(return_value_location, mips_eabi_reg_struct_has_addr)
(mips_eabi_store_return_value): Delete.
(mips_eabi_store_return_value): New function.
(mips_eabi_return_value): New function.
(mips_gdbarch_init): For O64 and EABI, delete
extract_return_value, store_return_value, use_struct_convention
and reg_struct_has_addr, add return_value.
* mips-tdep.c (read_signed_register): Use
2004-10-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* mipsread.c: Cleanup coding style.
(mipscoff_new_init, mipscoff_symfile_init, mipscoff_symfile_read)
(mipscoff_symfile_finish): Remove prototypes.
2004-10-29 Mark Kettenis <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_fetch_instruction, mips16_fetch_instruction)
(mips_mdebug_frame_cache, mips16_scan_prologue)
(mips32_scan_prologue, mips_stub_frame_cache)
(heuristic_proc_start, heuristic_proc_desc)
(mips_eabi_push_dummy_call, mips_n32n64_push_dummy_call)
(mips_n32n64_return_value, mips_o32_push_dummy_call)
(mips_o32_return_value, mips_o64_push_dummy_call)
(mips_step_skips_delay, mips_skip_trampoline_code)
(mips_gdbarch_init): Use MIPS_A0_REGNUM instead of A0_REGNUM,
MIPS_RA_REGNUM instead of RA_REGNUM, MIPS_T9_REGNUM instead of
and MIPS16_INSN_SIZE instead of MIPS16_INSTLEN.
(mips_dump_tdep): Don't print A0_REGNUM, RA_REGNUM,
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips_linux_o32_sigframe_init)
(mips_linux_n32n64_sigframe_init): Use MIPS_ZERO_REGNUM instead of
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c (mipsnbsd_cannot_fetch_register)
(mipsnbsd_cannot_store_register): Use MIPS_ZERO_REGNUM instead of
(mipsnbsd_get_longjmp_target): Use MIPS_A0_REGNUM instead of
* mipsnbsd-nat.c: Include "mips-tdep.h".
(getregs_supplies): Use MIPS_ZERO_REGNUM instead of ZERO_REGNUM.
* (mipsnbsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
2004-10-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* stack.c (parse_frame_specification_1): New function based on
parse_frame_specification. Add message and selected_frame_p
paramters. Truely always return non-NULL.
(parse_frame_specification): Call parse_frame_specification_1.
(frame_info): Update. Eliminate target_has_stack check.
(select_frame_command): Update.
2004-10-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.h (get_selected_frame): Add message parameter.
* frame.c (get_selected_frame): Add and use message parameter.
* stack.c (current_frame_command, return_command, locals_info)
(catch_info, args_info, up_silently_base, down_silently_base): Use
get_selected_frame with an explicit message.
* thread.c, stack.c, sh-tdep.c, sh64-tdep.c: Update.
* remote-rdp.c, remote-mips.c, remote-e7000.c: Update.
* ocd.c, mi/mi-main.c, mi/mi-cmd-stack.c: Update.
* infrun.c, inflow.c, infcmd.c, frame.c: Update.
* findvar.c, eval.c, corelow.c, bsd-kvm.c: Update.
* breakpoint.c: Update.
2004-10-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* trad-frame.c (trad_frame_get_prev_register): Use
frame_unwind_register instead of frame_register_unwind, do not
recurse the register's location.
* xstormy16-tdep.c (xstormy16_frame_prev_register):
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc32_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* sparc64-tdep.c (sparc64_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* sh-tdep.c (sh_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_frame_prev_register): Ditto.
2004-10-28 Mark Kettenis <>
* proc-events.c: Fix several coding-style issues. Consistently
use #ifdef instead of #if defined().
(proc_prettyfprint_fault, proc_prettyfprint_faultset): Use
(_initialize_proc_events): New prototype.
* proc-why.c: Fix several coding-style issues.
(proc_prettyfprint_why): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
2004-10-27 Jim Blandy <>
* remote.c (fetch_register_using_p): Construct 'p' packet in a
manner independent of the host byte order.
2004-10-27 Mark Kettenis <>
* mips-tdep.c (id_delayed): Remove prototype.
2004-10-26 Mark Kettenis <>
to enum with register numbers.
(enum mips_insn_size): New enum.
2004-10-26 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/mips/tm-linux.h: Delete #undef SKIP_TRAMPOLINE_CODE.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_skip_trampoline_code): Rename mips_skip_stub.
(mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
(mips_dump_tdep): Do not print SKIP_TRAMPOLINE_CODE.
* config/arm/tm-linux.h (IN_SOLIB_RETURN_TRAMPOLINE): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-nbsd.h, config/mips/tm-linux.h: Delete #undef
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Do not print
(mips_in_solib_return_trampoline): Rename mips_in_return_stub.
(mips_gdbarch_init): Update.
* mips-tdep.h (mips_software_single_step): Move to here ...
* config/mips/tm-mips.h: ... from here.
* config/mips/tm-linux.h (SOFTWARE_SINGLE_STEP_P)
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips_linux_init_abi): Set software_single_step.
2004-10-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Add Changes since GDB 6.3 section.
2004-10-23 Andreas Schwab <>
* ada-lang.c (grow_vect): Return the new array instead of
expecting pointer to pointer to avoid violation of aliasing rules.
* ada-lang.h (GROW_VECT): Adapt call to grow_vect.
2004-10-23 Ulrich Weigand <>
* s390-tdep.c (enum pv_boolean): Remove.
(pv_is_array_ref): Remove.
(s390_on_stack): Remove.
(S390_NUM_SPILL_SLOTS): Remove.
(struct s390_prologue_data): Remove members 'spill' and 'back_chain',
add members 'gpr_slot', 'fpr_slot', and 'back_chain_saved_p'.
(s390_store): Track all stores of orginal incoming registers to the
stack constant offsets relative to the CFA, instead of only tracking
stores into specific spill slots.
(s390_load): Likewise.
(s390_analyze_prologue): Adapt to struct s390_prologue_data changes.
(s390_prologue_frame_unwind_cache): Likewise. Only track registers
defined as call-saved by the ABI.
(s390_push_dummy_call): Use bottom of dummy call argument save area
as return value, not the top. Do not store to the called function's
register save area.
(s390_unwind_dummy_id): Adapt accordingly.
2004-10-23 Andrew Cagney <>
* objfiles.h (struct objfile): Rename obj_private to
deprecated_obj_private, sym_private to deprecated_sym_private, and
sym_stab_info to deprecated_sym_stab_info.
* gdb-stabs.h: Update.
* elfread.c: Update.
* dbxread.c: Update.
* coffread.c: Update.
* xcoffread.c: Update.
* symfile.c: Update.
* somread.c: Update.
* nlmread.c: Update.
* mdebugread.c: Update.
* hpread.c: Update.
* coffread.c: Update.
2004-10-23 Mark Kettenis <>
* mips64obsd-nat.c, mips64obsd-tdep.c: New files.
* Add mips64*-*-openbsd*.
* configure.tgt: Add mips64*-*-openbsd*.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add mips64obsd-nat.o,
(mips64obsd-nat.o, mips64obsd-tdep.o): New dependecies.
* config/mips/, config/mips/ New files.
2004-10-21 Joel Brobecker <>
* symtab.c (symbol_search_name): Minor reformatting.
2004-10-20 Joel Brobecker <>
* symtab.h: Fix typo in comment.
2004-10-19 Mark Kettenis <>
* dwarf2read.c (struct comp_unit_head): Fix coding style.
(dwarf_decode_line_header): Likewise.
2004-10-19 Michael Chastain <>
* NEWS: GDB works with GCC -feliminate-dwarf2-dups.
2004-10-19 Andrew Cagney <>
GDB 6.3 branch created.
* Bump to version 6.3.50_2004-10-19-cvs.
2004-10-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* dwarf2read.c (set_cu_language): Set language to Ada for
DW_LANG_Ada83 and DW_LANG_Ada95.
2004-10-15 Michael Chastain <>
From Andreas Schwab <>:
* (.y.c, .l.c.): Fix the substitutions for
for xmalloc and xrealloc.
2004-10-15 Andrew Cagney <>
* ada-exp.y, ada-lex.l: Use xmalloc and xrealloc through out.
* inf-ptrace.c: Include "gdb_wait.h" instead of <wait.h>.
* (.y.c, .l.c): Don't replace xmalloc with xxmalloc.
Update dependencies.
2004-10-15 Paul Hilfinger <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_lookup_symbol): Correct comment.
(ada_evaluate_subexp): Change error message for
OP_FUNCALL case so as not to indicate an internal error.
2004-10-15 Joel Brobecker <>
Committed by Paul Hilfinger.
* ada-lang.c (ada_template_to_fixed_record_type_1): Detect bogus
type sizes in XVE/XVU types, and emit a warning when that happens,
instead of rounding up the size of the resulting type.
Some minor reformatting.
(ada_is_aligner_type): Do not consider a type as an aligner type
if there is a corresponding XVS type as well.
(ada_evaluate_subexp): For TERNOP_SLICE, handle cases where we
have several levels of pointer indirection to the array.
2004-10-15 Jerome Guitton <>
Committed by Paul Hilfinger.
* ada-lang.c (check_size): New function.
(coerce_unspec_val_to_type): call check_size to make sure
that the object size is reasonable.
(ada_evaluate_subexp): in UNOP_IND: Ditto. In TERNOP_SLICE:
Implements the case when we get a reference when we evaluate
the expression of one of the bounds of the slice.
(ada_value_struct_elt): when a packed array field is
a reference, use ada_coerce_ref to dereference it; use
ada_value_ind only if it is a pointer.
2004-10-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_scan_prologue): Move the implementation up
a bit to avoid the necessity of an advance declaration. Remove
(set_reg_offset): Move implemenation up.
(mips16_get_imm): Likewise.
(mips16_scan_prologue): Likewise.
(reset_saved_regs): Likewise.
(mips32_scan_prologue): Likewise.
2004-10-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_scan_prologue): Add advance declaration.
Remove sp as a parameter, compute it internally instead. Move
prologue scanning limit from heuristic_proc_desc to here.
(mips16_scan_prologue): Likewise.
(mips_insn16_frame_cache): Replace call to heuristic_proc_desc
by call to mips16_scan_prologue.
(mips_insn32_frame_cache): Replace call to heuristic_proc_desc
by call to mips32_scan_prologue.
(heuristic_proc_desc): Remove code that's no longer necessary.
Update calls to mips16_scan_prologue and mips32_scan_prologue.
(mips_skip_prologue): Update calls to mips16_scan_prologue
and mips32_scan_prologue.
2004-10-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips16_scan_prologue): Merge code from
mips16_skip_prologue. Now return the address of the first
instruction past the function prologue.
(mips16_skip_prologue): Remove, no longer necessary.
(mips_skip_prologue): Replace call to mips16_skip_prologue
by call to mips16_scan_prologue.
2004-10-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_scan_prologue): Merge code from
mips32_skip_prologue. Now return the address of the first
instruction past the function prologue.
(mips32_skip_prologue): Remove. No longer necessary.
(mips16_skip_prologue): Add parameter end_pc instead of
computing it.
(mips_skip_prologue): Compute the upper limit for the
prologue scanning. Update call to mips16_skip_prologue.
Replace call to mips32_skip_prologue by call to
2004-10-14 Mark Kettenis <>
* hppa-tdep.c (hppa_frame_cache): Add support for OpenBSD and
NetBSD system call stubs that store %rp in the ERP slot of the
stack frame.
* source.c: Always define O_BINARY to 0 if not defined already.
(openp): Unconditionally use O_BINARY.
* top.c (gdb_readline): Always accept "\r\n" as a line-ending.
* event-top.c (gdb_readline2): Likewise.
2004-10-14 Orjan Friberg <>
* cris-tdep.c (_initialize_cris_tdep): Re-add call to
deprecated_add_core_fns which was removed by mistake.
2004-10-13 Kevin Buettner <>
* ia64-linux-nat.c (fill_gregset, fill_fpregset): Replace
references to deprecated_registers[] with equivalent code.
2004-10-13 Kevin Buettner <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_push_dummy_call): Replace references to
``deprecated_registers'' with equivalent code. Use gdb_assert()
instead of explicit test and print statement.
2004-10-12 Mark Kettenis <>
* sparc-nat.c: Include "inf-ptrace.h".
(sparc_target): New function.
* sparc-nat.h: Update copyright year.
(sparc_target): New prototype.
* sparcnbsd-nat.c: Don't include "gdbcore.h", include "target.h".
(_initialize_sparcnbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* sparc64nbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h".
(_initialize_sparc64nbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* (sparc-nat.o, sparcnbsd-nat.o, sparc64nbsd-nat.o):
Update dependencies.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o, add inf-ptrace.o.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o, add inf-ptrace.o and bsd-kvm.o.
(NAT_FILE): Set to nm-bsd.h.
(LOADLIBES): New variable.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
infarg.o, add inf-ptrace.o.
* config/sparc/nm-nbsdaout.h: Remove file.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-ptrace.o.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-ptrace.o.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-ptrace.o.
* defs.h [!FOPEN_RB]: Include "fopen-bin.h" instead of
"fopen-same.h". Update comment.
2004-10-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386gnu-nat.c: Include "gdb_string.h".
(fetch_fpregs): Use i387_supply_fxsave to fill the floating-point
registers when the floating-point state isn't initialized.
* (i386gnu-nat.o): Update dependencies.
2004-10-11 David Anderson <>
* regcache.c (regcache_raw_read): Comment was missing "to".
Extraneous ' removed.
* gdb_thread_db.h (struct td_thrinfo): ti_lid field
comment now describes use.
2004-10-11 Orjan Friberg <>
* cris-tdep.c (cris_sigtramp_start, cris_rt_sigtramp_start)
(cris_sigcontext_addr, cris_sigtramp_frame_unwind_cache)
(cris_sigtramp_frame_this_id, cris_sigtramp_frame_prev_register)
(cris_sigtramp_frame_sniffer): New functions.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Hook in signal trampoline unwinder.
(cris_dwarf2_reg_to_regnum, cris_dwarf2_frame_init_reg): New functions.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Hook in Dwarf-2 unwinder.
(struct gdbarch_tdep, set_cris_dwarf2_cfi, cris_dump_tdep)
(cris_gdbarch_init, _initialize_cris_tdep): Add CRIS Dwarf-2 CFI usage
(cris_version_update): Remove, replace with ...
(set_cris_version): New function.
(struct gdbarch_tdep, cris_mode, cris_mode_update)
(cris_cannot_store_register, cris_dump_tdep, cris_gdbarch_init)
(_initialize_cris_tdep): Remove CRIS mode command.
(cris_fpless_backtrace, _initialize_cris_tdep): Remove
cris-fpless-backtrace command.
(cris_scan_prologue): Fix prologue scanning limit.
(cris_register_type): Update to reflect actual registers.
(cris_register_bytes_ok) Remove.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Remove support for CRIS v8 and v9.
Remove set_gdbarch_deprecated_register_size,
set_gdbarch_deprecated_register_byte, set_gdbarch_register_bytes_ok.
2004-10-10 Andrew Cagney <>
* ada-lang.c (lim_warning): Add ATTR_FORMAT prototype and FIXME
2004-10-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips16_scan_prologue): Remove redundant code.
2004-10-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips16_scan_prologue): Renames
mips16_heuristic_proc_desc. Update comment.
(mips32_scan_prologue): Renames mips32_heuristic_proc_desc.
(heuristic_proc_desc): Update calls to the 2 functions above.
2004-10-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_insn16_frame_cache): Remove unused variables.
Update comments. Also immediately return empty cache when the start
address of our function could not be found.
(mips_insn32_frame_cache): Likewise.
2004-10-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips16_decode_reg_save): Delete, no longer used.
(mips_insn16_frame_cache): Pass frame cache in call to
heuristic_proc_desc. Move some code to mips16_heuristic_proc_desc.
Remove code that became redundant as a consequence.
(mips32_heuristic_proc_desc): No longer compute a fake
procedure descriptor. Compute the full frame cache instead.
Some minor comment reformatting.
2004-10-10 Jim Blandy <>
* MAINTAINERS (generic symtabs, dwarf readers, elf reader, stabs
reader, tracing bytecode stuff): Remove self.
2004-10-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* sparc64-linux-tdep.c: Update copyright year. Don't include
(sparc64_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets): Remove function.
(sparc64_linux_init_abi): Don't set solib_svr4_link_map_offsets.
* (sparc64-linux-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
* sparc-linux-tdep.c: Update copyright year.
(sparc_linux_sigtramp_start): Change first argument from CORE_ADDR
to struct frame_info *. Use safe_frame_unwind_memory instead of
(sparc32_linux_sigtramp_start, sparc32_linux_rt_sigtramp_start):
Change argumen from CORE_ADDR to struct frame_info *. Adjust for
changed signature of sparc_linux_sigtramp_start.
(sparc32_linux_pc_in_sigtramp): Remove function.
(sparc32_linux_sigtramp_p): New function.
(sparc32_linux_sigtramp_frame_sniffer): Use
sparc32_linux_sigtramp_p instead of sparc32_linux_pc_in_sigtramp.
* sparc-linux-tdep.c (sparc32_linux_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets):
Remove function.
(sparc32_linux_init_abi): Don't set solib_svr4_link_map_offsets.
* ada-lang.c (lim_warning): Re-implement as a varargs function.
(decode_packed_array_type, value_subscript_packed)
(ada_evaluate_subexp, to_fixed_range_type): Remove redundant
argument in call to lim_warning.
* Really disable the TUI if an enhanced curses
library isn't found.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-10-09 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/nm-nbsdaout.h: Remove file.
* config/i386/nm-fbsd.h (link_object, lo_name, lo_library)
(lo_unused, lo_major, lo_minor, lo_next, link_map, lm_addr)
(lm_name, lm_next, lm_lop, lm_lob, lm_rwt, lm_ld, lm_lpd)
(link_dynamic_2, ld_loaded, ld_need, ld_rules, ld_got, ld_plt)
(ld_rel, ld_hash, ld_stab, ld_stab_hash, ld_buckets, ld_symbols)
(ld_symb_size, ld_text, ld_plt_sz, rtc_symb, rtc_sp, rtc_next)
(ld_debug, ldd_version, ldd_in_debugger, ldd_sym_loaded)
(ldd_bp_addr, ldd_bp_inst, ldd_cp, link_dynamic, ld_version)
(ldd, ld_un, ld_2): Remove defines.
* config/i386/nm-obsd.h: Likewise.
2004-10-09 Paul Hilfinger <>
* ada-lex.l: Remove useless rule whose right-context clause
causes unreferenced static function warning for yyrealloc.
(ada_flex_use): Remove the artificial reference to yyrealloc.
2004-10-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* target.h (struct target_ops): Rename to_xfer_memory to
* target.c: Update.
(deprecated_debug_xfer_memory): Rename debug_to_xfer_memory.
* wince.c: Update.
* win32-nat.c: Update.
* v850ice.c: Update.
* uw-thread.c: Update.
* thread-db.c: Update.
* sol-thread.c: Update.
* remote.c: Update.
* remote-vx.c: Update.
* remote-st.c: Update.
* remote-sim.c: Update.
* remote-sds.c: Update.
* remote-rdp.c: Update.
* remote-rdi.c: Update.
* remote-mips.c: Update.
* remote-m32r-sdi.c: Update.
* remote-e7000.c: Update.
* procfs.c: Update.
* ppc-bdm.c: Update.
* nto-procfs.c: Update.
* monitor.c: Update.
* linux-nat.c: Update.
* inftarg.c: Update.
* hpux-thread.c: Update.
* go32-nat.c: Update.
* gnu-nat.c: Update.
* exec.c: Update.
* corelow.c: Update.
* bsd-kvm.c: Update.
* aix-thread.c: Update.
2004-10-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* target.c (debug_target): Move to near start of file.
(target_stopped_data_address_p): Re-org logic, add casts.
2004-10-02 Mark Kettenis <>
* solib-sunos.c [HAVE_STRUCT_SO_MAP_WITH_SOM_MEMBERS] (link_map)
(lm_addr, lm_name, lm_next, link_dynamic_2, ld_loaded, rtc_symb)
(rtc_sp, rtc_next, ld_debug, ldd_in_debugger, ldd_bp_addr)
(ldd_bp_inst, ldd_cp, link_dynamic, ld_version, ldd, ld_un, ld_2):
New defines.
2004-10-08 Jeff Johnston <>
* target.h (to_stopped_data_address): Change prototype to
take a CORE_ADDR pointer and return an int.
* target.c (update_current_target): Change to_stopped_data_address
to match new prototype.
(debug_to_stopped_data_address): Change appropriately.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Change call to
target_stopped_data_address to use new prototype.
* frv-tdep.c (frv_have_stopped_data_address): New function.
(frv_stopped_data_address): Change to new prototype and
* ia64-linux-nat.c (ia64_stopped_data_address): Change to new
prototype and functionality.
(ia64_stopped_by_watchpoint): New function.
* i386-nat.c (i386_stopped_data_address): Change to new
prototype and functionality.
(i386_stopped_by_watchpoint): New function.
* remote.c (remote_stopped_data_address): Change to new prototype
and functionality.
* remote-m32r-sdi.c (m32r_stopped_data_address): Ditto.
* config/frv/tm-frv.h (frv_stopped_data_address): Change prototype.
(STOPPED_BY_WATCHPOINT): Change to use frv_have_stopped_data_address.
* config/i386/nm-i386.h (STOPPED_BY_WATCHPOINT): Change to use
new i386_stopped_by_watchpoint function.
(i386_stopped_by_watchpoint): New prototype.
(i386_stoppped_data_address): Change to new prototype.
* config/ia64/nm-linux.h (STOPPED_BY_WATCHPOINT): Change to use
new ia64_stopped_by_watchpoint function.
(ia64_stopped_by_watchpoint): New prototype.
(ia64_stopped_data_address): Ditto.
2004-10-08 Paul Hilfinger <>
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_print_type): Use int_string for printing
modulus of modular type.
* ada-lang.h (ada_modulus): Change return type to unsigned.
* ada-lang.c (ada_language_arch_info): Correct type of
(ada_modulus): Return unsigned result.
(ada_lookup_symbol): Remove user disambiguation and modify comment
2004-10-08 Eric Botcazou <>
Committed by Paul Hilfinger.
* ada-lang.c (decode_packed_array): On big-endian targets,
left-justify the value if it comes with a modular type.
2004-10-08 Joel Brobecker <>
Committed by Paul Hilfinger.
* ada-lang.c (template_to_static_fixed_type): Fix a small typo.
(is_name_suffix): Add support for "___JM" suffixes.
(ada_check_typedef): Renames ada_completed_type.
Update all users of CHECK_TYPEDEF, check_typedef, and
ada_complete_type to call ada_check_typedef.
* ada-typeprint.c: Likewise.
* ada-valprint.c: Likewise.
2004-10-08 Corinna Vinschen <>
* infcall.c (call_function_by_hand): Use correct VALUE_TYPE macro.
2004-10-08 Nick Roberts <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update e-mail address.
2004-10-07 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
From Maciej W. Rozycki <>:
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_next_pc): Check the register's contents,
not its number for BLEZ/BLEZL and BGTZ/BGTZL.
2004-10-07 Kei Sakamoto <>
* m32r-tdep.c (decode_prologue): Support functions written
in assembler language. Recognize trap instructions as the
end of prologue.
(m32r_frame_unwind_cache): Ditto.
(m32r_skip_prologue): Extend search limit. Quit analyzing
prologue if pc's location is not readable.
2004-10-06 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* (.l.c): Do conversions of names of alloc and free
functions that are done for .y.c files, plus special one
for yy_flex_realloc. Also, correct missing-file tests here.
* ada-lex.l (malloc, free): Remove macros.
(resize_tempbuf): Use "realloc"; rely on sed changes to convert to
(ada_flex_use): Dummy definition to remove warnings about unused
* ada-exp.y (dummy_string_to_ada_operator): Temporary definition
to suppress warning.
2004-10-06 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (sh_return_value_nofpu): New function, implementing
(sh_return_value_fpu): Ditto for CPUs with FPU.
Install sh_return_value_nofpu resp. sh_return_value_fpu as
RETURN_VALUE functions.
2004-10-06 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (sh_pseudo_register_read): Add PSEUDO_BANK_REGNUM handling.
(sh_pseudo_register_write): Ditto.
2004-10-06 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (IS_MACL_STS): New define.
(IS_MOVI20): Ditto.
(IS_MACL_LDS): Ditto.
(sh_analyze_prologue): Recognize STS.L MACL,@-r15 and MOVI20
instructions in prologue.
(sh_in_function_epilogue_p): Recognize LDS.L @r15+,MACL and MOVI20
instructions in epilogue.
2004-10-06 Corinna Vinschen <>
* sh-tdep.c (SH_NUM_REGS): Define as 67.
(sh_sh_register_name): Add eight empty register names.
(sh_sh3_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh3e_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh2e_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh2a_register_name): New function, defining SH2A register set.
(sh_sh2a_nofpu_register_name): New function, defining SH2A register set
in nofpu case.
(sh_sh_dsp_register_name): Add eight empty register names.
(sh_sh3_dsp_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh4_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh4_nofpu_register_name): Ditto.
(sh_sh4al_dsp_register_name): Ditto.
(sh2a_show_regs): New function.
(sh2a_nofpu_show_regs): New function.
(sh_sh2a_register_type): New function.
(do_bank_register_info): New function.
(sh_print_pseudo_register): Call do_bank_register_info.
Call sh_print_pseudo_register for valid "bank" register.
(sh_sh2a_register_sim_regno): New function.
(sh_gdbarch_init): Add bfd_mach_sh2a and bfd_mach_sh2a_nofpu handling.
Increment pseudo register count by one for all sh variants with
pseudo registers to accomodate pseudo bank register.
* sh-tdep.h: Add register numbers for R0_BANK0_REGNUM, MACHB_REGNUM,
Increment pseudo register numbers.
2004-10-06 Corinna Vinschen <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_subroutine_type): Call make_function_type
instead of lookup_function_type.
2004-10-05 Jim Blandy <>
* linux-nat.c (_initialize_linux_nat): Rename child_ops.
(Previous change missed some uses.)
2004-10-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* target.h (deprecated_child_ops): Rename child_ops.
* wince.c: Update copyright. Rename child_ops.
* win32-nat.c: Rename child_ops.
* target.c: Rename child_ops.
* rs6000-nat.c: Rename child_ops.
* linux-nat.c: Rename child_ops.
* infttrace.c: Rename child_ops.
* inftarg.c: Rename child_ops.
* infptrace.c: Rename child_ops.
* hppah-nat.c: Update copyright. Rename child_ops.
* hpux-thread.c: Update copyright. Rename child_ops.
2004-10-05 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* remote.c (remote_xfer_partial): Handle TARGET_OBJECT_MEMORY.
2004-10-05 Andrew Cagney <>
* Bump to version 6.2.50_YYYY-MM-DD-cvs.
2004-10-05 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* dwarf2read.c (REF_HASH_SIZE): Move earlier.
(die_ref_table): Remove.
(struct dwarf2_cu): Add DIES, DEPENDENCIES, and DIE_REF_TABLE.
(struct dwarf2_per_cu_data): Add PSYMTAB. Add a comment describing
the usage of this type.
(struct dwarf2_per_objfile): Update comment for ALL_COMP_UNITS.
(struct dwarf2_pinfo, PST_PRIVATE, DWARF_INFO_OFFSET): Remove.
(struct dwarf2_queue_item, dwarf2_queue, dwarf2_queue_tail): New.
(dwarf2_create_include_psymtab): Update comment.
(find_partial_die): Remove third argument. Remove unreachable call
to error ().
(dwarf2_find_containing_comp_unit): Update comments. Change one
assertion to an error. Remove an unreachable error.
(dwarf2_find_comp_unit): Update comments.
(type_at_offset): Remove dead code.
(make_cleanup_free_die_list, dwarf2_empty_hash_tables): Remove.
(store_in_ref_table): Add CU argument.
(follow_die_ref): Take DIE, attribute, and CU arguments. Handle
inter-compilation-unit references.
(load_full_comp_unit, process_full_comp_unit): New functions, based
on psymtab_to_symtab_1.
(psymtab_to_symtab_1): Use them.
(dwarf2_add_dependence): New function.
(dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Set the psymtab in per_cu. Always create
a per_cu structure, and save it in READ_PSYMTAB_PRIVATE.
(partial_die_parent_scope, guess_structure_name): Update for changes
to find_partial_die.
(dwarf2_psymtab_to_symtab): Initialize dwarf2_per_objfile here.
(queue_comp_unit, process_queue, dwarf2_release_queue): New.
(read_comp_unit): Don't call dwarf2_empty_hash_tables.
(read_die_and_children): Update call to store_in_ref_table.
(do_free_die_list_cleanup): Remove.
(fixup_partial_die): Update for changes to find_partial_die.
(read_full_die): Handle queueing absolute references.
(read_attribute_value): Use DW_ADDR for all DW_FORM_ref* forms.
(dwarf2_attr, die_specification, die_type)
(die_containing_type, dwarf2_extension): Update calls to
(dump_die): Update DW_FORM_ref* handling.
(dwarf2_get_ref_die_offset): Likewise.
(free_one_comp_unit): Release the dies list.
(dwarf2_mark_helper): New function.
(dwarf2_mark): Use it.
2004-10-05 Mark Kettenis <>
* procfs.c (procfs_xfer_partial): Use WRITEBUF instead of READBUF
when writing to memory.
2004-10-05 Kei Sakamoto <>
* m32r-tdep.c (m32r_use_struct_convention): Delete function.
(m32r_extract_struct_value_address): Delete function.
(m32r_return_value): New function.
(m32r_gdbarch_init): Instead of store_return_value,
extract_return_value, deprecated_extract_struct_value_address
and deprecated_use_struct_convention, set return_value.
2004-10-03 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* dwarf2read.c (read_subrange_type): Add comment for variable
sized arrays.
2004-10-03 Paul Hilfinger <>
* (.l.c): Modify rule for compatibility with recent
versions of flex, and remove most command-line options.
* ada-lex.l: Add %options line in place of -I -i and -s command-line
2004-10-02 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
Turn on initial Ada support (mainly expression evaluation).
* (SFILES): Remove ada-tasks.c.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add ada-lang.h.
(COMMON_OBS): Add ada-lang.o, ada-typeprint.o, ada-valprint.o.
(YYOBJ): Add ada-exp.o.
(rule .l.c): Generalize to not mention ada.
* symtab.c: Include ada-lang.h.
(symbol_natural_name, symbol_demangled_name)
(symbol_search_name): Add Ada case.
2004-10-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* (COMMON_OBS): Add inf-child.o.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/m88k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove inf-child.o.
* target.c (xfer_using_stratum): Change return type to LONGEST.
On each iteration offset, readbuf and writebuf.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_xfer_partial): Simplify computation of
partial_length, and read/modify/write predicate, update comments.
Pass buffer.word to ptrace write.
2004-10-01 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* symfile.c (init_filename_language_table): Add extensions for
* defs.h (enum language): Add language_ada.
* gdbtypes.h (TYPE_FLAG_FIXED_INSTANCE): Define.
* ada-lang.c: Strip code that is conditionalized out by GNAT_GDB.
(add_symbols_from_enclosing_procs): Make a no-op for now.
(extended_canonical_line_spec, find_sal_from_funcs_and_line)
(find_line_in_linetable, find_next_line_in_linetable)
(read_all_symtabs, is_plausible_func_for_line)
(adjust_pc_past_prologue, error_breakpoint_runtime_sym_not_found)
(is_runtime_sym_defined, check_size): Remove declaration.
(function_name_from_pc, ada_translate_error_message)
(ada_lookup_minimal_symbol): Remove definition.
(ada_add_block_symbols): Remove useless label.
* ada-lang.h (ada_maybe_exception_partial_symbol): Remove
useless declaration.
(ada_is_exception_sym): Likewise.
2004-09-30 Kei Sakamoto <>
Add m32r-linux support.
* configure.tgt: Add m32r*-*-linux*.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add m32r-tdep.c, m32r-linux-nat.c
and m32r-linux-tdep.c.
(m32r-linux-nat.o, m32r-linux-tdep.o): New dependencies.
* m32r-tdep.c: Move some definitions to m32r-tdep.h.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Add m32r-linux-nat.c and
* m32r-tdep.h, m32r-linux-nat.c, m32r-linux-tdep.c,
config/m32r/, config/m32r/,
config/m32r/nm-linux.h: New files.
2004-09-30 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_decode_reg_save): Remove, unused.
(mips32_fetch_instruction): Remove, unused.
2004-09-30 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_insn16_frame_cache): Remove dead code or
conditions that will always be true.
2004-09-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* vaxbsd-nat.c: Include "target,h" and "inf-ptrace.h".
(vaxbsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(vaxbsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
(_initialize_vaxbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-child.o and inf-ptrace.o.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-child.o and inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Remove.
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-child.o and inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Remove.
* (vaxbsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
* m88kbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h" and "inf-ptrace.h".
(m88kbsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(m88kbsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
(_initialize_m88kbsd_nat): New prototype and function.
* config/m88k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o and
inftarg.o. Add inf-child.o and inf-ptrace.o.
(NAT_FILE): Remove.
* (m88kbsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
2004-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* target.c (target_xfer_partial): New function.
(target_read_memory_partial, target_write_memory_partial)
(default_xfer_partial, target_read_partial, target_write_partial)
(xfer_using_stratum): Use.
(debug_to_xfer_partial): Delete function.
(setup_target_debug): Do not override to_xfer_partial.
2004-09-30 Mark Kettenis <>
* fork-child.c: Update copyright year. Fix coding style.
2004-09-29 Mark Kettenis <>
* defs.h (msavestring, mstrsave): Remove prototypes.
* utils.c (msavestring, mstrsave): Remove functions.
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Use xstrdup instead of mstrsave.
* solib-sunos.c (allocate_rt_common_objfile): Use xstrdup instead
of mstrsave.
* source.c (find_and_open_source): Use xstrdup instead of
2004-09-30 Andrew Cagney <>
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_target): Do not set to_xfer_memory.
(inf_ptrace_xfer_memory): Delete.
* target.c (target_xfer_partial_p, xfer_using_stratum): New.
(target_read_memory, target_write_memory): Use xfer_using_stratum
when target_xfer_partial_p.
(debug_target): Move to start of file.
(target_read_memory_partial, target_write_memory_partial): Use
to_xfer_partial when target_xfer_partial_p.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_xfer_partial): Replace call to
inf_ptrace_xfer_memory with equivalent code.
* inftarg.c (child_xfer_partial): When performing a write, pass
writebuf to child_xfer_memory.
* target.c (target_read_string): Use target_read_memory instead of
2004-09-29 Andrew Cagney <>
* infptrace.c (kill_inferior): Fix typo, in previous inline. Pass
the address of status.
* infptrace.c (ptrace_wait): Mention problem with HPUX.
(kill_inferior): Inline ptrace_wait call.
* linux-nat.c (kill_inferior): Inline ptrace_wait call.
* inftarg.c (child_wait): Inline ptrace_wait call.
* target.h (struct target_ops): Delete field to_post_wait.
(target_post_wait): Delete macro.
(child_post_wait): Delete declaration.
* target.c (update_current_target, update_current_target)
(debug_to_post_wait, setup_target_debug): Delete functions and
* infttrace.c (ptrace_wait): Delete call to target_post_wait.
* inftarg.c (child_post_wait): Delete.
(init_child_ops): Do not set to_post_wait.
* infptrace.c (ptrace_wait): Delete call to target_post_wait.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_wait): Delete call to target_post_wait.
* inf-child.c (inf_child_post_wait): Delete.
(inf_child_target): Do not set to_post_wait.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_post_wait): Delete.
(inf_ptrace_target): Do not set to_post_wait.
* wince.c (child_ops): Delete.
* win32-nat.c (child_ops): Delete.
* inftarg.c (inftarg_set_find_memory_regions)
(inftarg_set_make_corefile_notes): Delete functions.
(_initialize_linux_nat): Inline calls.
* target.h (child_ops): Declare.
* inftarg.c (child_ops): Move from here ...
* target.c (child_ops): ... to here.
* wince.c (child_ops): Delete extern declaration.
* win32-nat.c (child_ops): Delete extern declaration.
* linux-nat.c (child_ops): Delete extern declaration.
* hpux-thread.c (child_ops): Delete extern declaration.
2004-09-28 Mark Kettenis <>
* configure.tgt: Set default OS/ABI for OpenBSD ELF targets.
2004-09-28 Mark Kettenis <>
* Only set host_makefile_frag when building a native
* configure: Regenerate.
* alphanbsd-tdep.c (_initialize_alphanbsd_tdep): Register OS/ABI
for OpenBSD ELF.
2004-09-28 Andrew Cagney <>
Problem identified by Paul Hilfinger.
* (ada_lex_c): Define.
(ada-lex.o): Delete rule.
* linux-proc.c: Delete file.
* Update.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES):
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/s390/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/mips/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/ia64/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/arm/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* config/alpha/ (NATDEPFILES): Update.
* linux-nat.c: Update copyright. Include <sys/param.h>,
<sys/procfs.h>, "elf-bfd.h", "gregset.h", <ctype.h>,
"gdbthread.h", "gdb_stat.h", <fcntl.h>.
(O_LARGEFILE): Possibly define.
(_initialize_linux_nat, linux_proc_pending_signals)
(add_line_to_sigset, linux_proc_xfer_memory)
(linux_nat_info_proc_cmd, linux_nat_make_corefile_notes)
(linux_nat_do_registers, linux_nat_corefile_thread_callback)
(struct linux_corefile_thread_data)
(linux_nat_do_thread_registers, linux_nat_find_memory_regions)
(child_pid_to_exec_file): Insert code previously in linux-proc.c.
2004-09-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* lin-lwp.c: Delete file.
* linux-nat.c: Include "gdb_assert.h", "gdb_string.h", <unistd.h>,
<sys/syscall.h>, "gdbthread.h", "gdbcmd.h", "regcache.h".
(status_to_str, init_lwp_list, add_lwp, delete_lwp)
(find_lwp_pid, iterate_over_lwps, lin_lwp_attach_lwp)
(linux_nat_attach, detach_callback, linux_nat_detach)
(resume_callback, resume_clear_callback, linux_nat_resume)
(kill_lwp, linux_nat_handle_extended, wait_lwp, stop_callback)
(stop_wait_callback, linux_nat_has_pending, flush_callback)
(status_callback, running_callback, count_events_callback)
(select_singlestep_lwp_callback, select_event_lwp_callback)
(cancel_breakpoints_callback, select_event_lwp, resumed_callback)
(child_wait, stop_and_resume_callback, linux_nat_wait)
(kill_callback, kill_wait_callback, linux_nat_kill)
(linux_nat_create_inferior, linux_nat_mourn_inferior)
(linux_nat_xfer_memory, linux_nat_thread_alive)
(linux_nat_pid_to_str, init_linux_nat_ops, sigchld_handler)
(_initialize_linux_nat): New functions.
* Update all dependencies.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/sparc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/s390/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/pa/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/mips/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/ia64/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/arm/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
* config/alpha/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove lin-lwp.o.
2004-09-27 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/, config/i386/,
config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Remove variable.
* Don't comment out NATDEPFILES in the generated
Makefile if NAT_FILE is unset.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-09-27 Andrew Cagney <>
* infrun.c (check_for_old_step_resume_breakpoint): Delete.
(insert_step_resume_breakpoint): Delete.
(insert_step_resume_breakpoint_at_frame): New function.
(insert_step_resume_breakpoint_at_sal): New function.
(handle_inferior_event, step_into_function)
(insert_step_resume_breakpoint): Simplify by using same.
* (types): Add caddr_t to list of predefined types.
2004-09-26 Mark Kettenis <>
* fbsd-proc.c: Remove file.
* (fbsd-proc.o): Remove dependency.
* i386fbsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386fbsd_nat): Group target related
code together.
* config/i386/nm-fbsd64.h: Remove file.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
2004-09-26 Mark Kettenis <>
* amd64-nat.h: Update copyright year.
(amd64bsd_target): New prototype.
* amd64bsd-nat.c: Include "target.h" and "inf-ptrace.h".
(amd64bsd_target): New function.
(amd64bsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(amd64bsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
* amd64fbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h" and "fbsd-nat.h".
(_initialize_amd64fbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* amd64nbsd-nat.o: Include "target.h".
(_initialize_amd64nbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* amd64obsd-nat.c: Include "target.h".
(_initialize_amd64obsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* config/i386/nm-fbsd64.h (CHILD_PID_TO_EXEC_FILE): Remove define.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o,
inftarg.o and fbsd-proc.o. Add inf-child.o, inf-ptrace.o and
* config/i386/, config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES):
Remove infptrace.o and inftarg.o. Add inf-child.o and
* (amd64bsd-nat.o, amd64fbsd-nat.o, amd64nbsd-nat.o)
(amd64obsd-nat.o): Update dependencies.
2004-09-25 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove infptrace.o.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_attach): Remove redundant parenthesis.
Inline attach call.
(inf_ptrace_detach): Inline detach call.
* Check for waddstr instead of mvwaddstr when
searching for curses library. Check for wborder.
* configure, Regenerate.
* tui/tui-wingeneral.c (box_win): Use box if wborder isn't
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_xfer_memory): Fix wart.
2004-09-24 Robert Picco <>
Committed by Andrew Cagney.
* remote.c (set_remote_protocol_p_packet_cmd, remote_protocol_p)
(show_remote_protocol_p_packet_cmd): New. Implement 'p' packet.
(fetch_register_using_p): Implement 'p' packet. Based on code by
Fernando Nasser.
(remote_fetch_registers): Call fetch_register_using_p.
(init_all_packet_configs, show_remote_cmd)
(_initialize_remote): Add p-packet.
2004-09-24 Mark Kettenis <>
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_kill_inferior): Call ptrace directly
instead of call_ptrace. Call wait directly instead of
(inf_ptrace_me): Call ptrace directly instead of call_ptrace.
(inf_ptrace_wait): Inline ptrace_wait call.
2004-09-24 Paul Hilfinger <>
* (.y.c): Revert previous change. ../ylwrap was
rolled back instead.
2004-09-24 Paul Hilfinger <>
* (.y.c): Modify $(YLWRAP) invocation to use
the new argument order.
2004-09-23 Corinna Vinschen <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove "broken" from XStormy16 entry.
* xstormy16-tdep.c: Convert XStormy16 target to latest GDB methods.
(struct gdbarch_tdep): Remove.
(struct xstormy16_frame_cache): New frame cache structure.
(xstormy16_register_byte, xstormy16_register_raw_size)
(xstormy16_reg_virtual_type, xstormy16_register_type)
(xstormy16_push_arguments, xstormy16_push_return_address)
(xstormy16_pop_frame, xstormy16_store_struct_return)
(xstormy16_store_return_value, xstormy16_extract_struct_value_address)
(xstormy16_frame_saved_register, xstormy16_get_saved_register)
(xstormy16_scan_prologue, xstormy16_frame_init_saved_regs)
(xstormy16_frame_saved_pc, xstormy16_init_extra_frame_info)
(xstormy16_frame_chain, xstormy16_frame_chain_valid,
(xstormy16_saved_pc_after_call, xstormy16_save_dummy_frame_to): Remove.
(xstormy16_use_struct_convention): Drop gcc_p parameter.
(xstormy16_extract_return_value, xstormy16_store_return_value):
Regcachify. Drop useless struct convention handling.
(xstormy16_register_type, xstormy16_return_value)
(xstormy16_push_dummy_call, xstormy16_analyze_prologue)
(xstormy16_alloc_frame_cache, xstormy16_frame_cache)
(xstormy16_frame_prev_register, xstormy16_frame_this_id)
(xstormy16_frame_base_address, xstormy16_frame_sniffer)
(xstormy16_unwind_sp, xstormy16_unwind_pc)
(xstormy16_unwind_dummy_id) : New functions.
(xstormy16_skip_prologue): Call xstormy16_analyze_prologue instead
of xstormy16_scan_prologue.
(xstormy16_frame_unwind): New frame_unwind structure.
(xstormy16_frame_base): New frame_base structure.
(xstormy16_gdbarch_init): Accomodate all of the above changes.
Reshuffle for better readability. Also add dwarf2_frame_sniffer.
2004-09-22 Mark Kettenis <>
* language.c (language_gdbarch_post_init): Fix off-by one error.
2004-09-21 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* dwarf2read.c (struct dwarf2_per_cu_data): New field type_hash.
(struct dwarf2_offset_and_type): New.
(set_die_type, reset_die_and_siblings_types, get_die_type)
(offset_and_type_hash, offset_and_type_eq): New functions.
(read_structure_type, read_enumeration_type, read_array_type)
(read_namespace, read_tag_pointer_type, read_tag_ptr_to_member_type)
(read_tag_reference_type, read_tag_const_type)
(read_tag_volatile_type, read_tag_string_type, read_subroutine_type)
(read_typedef, read_base_type, read_subrange_type): Use
2004-09-20 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* (dwarf2read.o): Update dependencies.
* dwarf2read.c: Include "command.h" and "gdbcmd.h".
(struct dwarf2_per_objfile): Add all_comp_units, n_comp_units,
and read_in_chain.
(struct dwarf2_cu): Add read_in_chain, per_cu, last_used,
mark, and has_form_ref_addr.
(struct dwarf2_per_cu_data): New.
(dwarf2_max_cache_age): New.
(dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard): Free cached compilation units
after loading. Create and manage the list of compilation units.
Remove unnecessary NULL initialization. Fix indentation.
(psymtab_to_symtab_1): Initialize all of CU.
(dwarf2_read_abbrevs): Set has_form_ref_addr.
(find_partial_die): Use dwarf2_find_containing_comp_unit
and load_comp_unit.
(free_stack_comp_unit): Update comments. Clear the per-cu
pointer. Handle aging.
(dwarf2_find_containing_comp_unit, free_cached_comp_units)
(age_cached_comp_units, free_one_cached_comp_unit)
(dwarf2_mark, dwarf2_clear_marks, create_all_comp_units)
(load_comp_unit, dwarf2_find_comp_unit, free_one_comp_unit)
(set_dwarf2_cmdlist, show_dwarf2_cmdlist, set_dwarf2_cmd)
(show_dwarf2_cmd): New.
(_initialize_dwarf2_read): Provide "maint set dwarf2 max-cache-age"
and "maint show dwarf2 max-cache-age".
* gdbcmd.h (maintenance_set_cmdlist, maintenance_show_cmdlist): New
* maint.c (maintenance_set_cmdlist, maintenance_show_cmdlist): Make
2004-09-20 Jeff Johnston <>
* dwarf2read.c (typename_concat): Change prototype to accept obstack
and dwarf2_cu struct pointer as arguments. Change function to use
obstack if provided and use dwarf2_cu to determine language-specific
(partial_die_parent_scope): Change comment to include java. Use
new version of typename_concat instead of obconcat.
(partial_die_full_name): Use typename_concat.
(read_namespace): Ditto.
(read_enumeration_type): Use typename_concat instead of obconcat.
(new_symbol): Ditto.
(add_partial_symbol): Enhance tests for C++ to also test for Java.
(guess_structure_name): Ditto.
(read_subroutine_type): Ditto.
(read_structure_type): Ditto.
(is_vtable_name): Add Java support.
(determine_class_name): Switch to new typename_concat call.
(determine_prefix): Switch to new typename_concat call.
* jv-exp.y (FuncStart): New pattern.
(MethodInvocation): Add support for simple function calls. Change
warning message for other forms of inferior call currently not
* valarith.c (value_subscript): Treat an array with upper-bound
of -1 as unknown size.
2004-09-20 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* symtab.c (lookup_partial_symtab): Use psymtab_to_fullname.
(lookup_partial_symtab): Use symtab_to_fullname.
2004-09-19 Jim Blandy <>
* minsyms.c (lookup_minimal_symbol): Doc fix.
2004-09-20 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/nm-lynx.h (DEPRECATED_CHILD_RESUME): Deprecate
* config/i386/nm-linux.h (DEPRECATED_CHILD_RESUME): Ditto.
* config/nm-linux.h (DEPRECATED_KILL_INFERIOR): Deprecate
* infptrace.c: Update.
2004-09-19 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* symtab.c (output_source_filename): Mark first argument as const.
(sources_info): Use symtab_to_fullname and psymtab_to_fullname
for "info sources" output.
2004-09-20 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/nm-fbsd.h, config/i386/nm-obsd.h: Don't include
(register_u_addr): Remove prototype.
2004-09-19 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386bsd-nat.c: Include "i386bsd-nat.h" and "inf-ptrace.h".
(i386bsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename from
fetch_inferior_registers. Make static.
(i386bsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename from
store_inferior_registers. Make static.
(i386bsd_target): New function.
* i386bsd-nat.h: New file.
* i386fbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h", "fbsd-nat.h" and
(i386fbsd_resume): Rename from child_resume. Make static.
(_initialize_i386fbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* i386nbsd-nat.c: Include "target.h" and "i386bsd-nat.h".
(_initialize_i386nbsd_nat): Construct and add target vector.
* config/i386/nm-fbsd.h: (CHILD_RESUME, CHILD_PID_TO_EXEC_FILE):
Remove defines.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-child.o, inf-ptrace.o
and fbsd-nat.o. Remove inftarg.o and fbsd-proc.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-child.o,
inf-ptrace.o, i386bsd-nat.o and bsd-kvm.o. Remove inftarg.o.
(LOADLIBES): New variable.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-child.o and
inf-ptrace.o. Remove inftarg.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-child.o and
inf-ptrace.o. Remove inftarg.o.
* config/i386/ (NATDEPFILES): Add inf-child.o,
inf-ptrace.o, i386nbsd-nat.o and bsd-kvm.o. Remove inftarg.o.
(LOADLIBES): New variable.
* (i386bsd_nat_h): New variable.
(i386bsd-nat.o, i386fbsd-nat.o, i386nbsd-nat.o): Update
* sparc64nbsd-tdep.c: Include "objfiles.h".
(sparc64nbsd_init_abi): Set in_solib_call_trampoline and
skip_trampoline_code. Set solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to
* sparc64obsd-tdep.c: Include "objfiles.h". Don't include
(sparc64obsd_init_abi): Set in_solib_call_trampoline and
skip_trampoline_code. Set solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to
* (sparc64nbsd-tdep.o, sparc64obsd-tdep.o): Update
* fbsd-nat.c: New files with cleaned up contents of fbsd-proc.c.
* fbsd-nat.h: New file.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add fbsd-nat.c.
(fbsd_nat_h): New variable.
(fbsd-nat.o): New dependency.
* config/sparc/, config/sparc/,
config/sparc/ (DEPRECATED_TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* inf-child.c (inf_child_post_wait): Remove stray whitespace in
2004-09-18 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* ada-exp.y (type_int): New function to add layer of abstraction
around references to expression types.
(type_long): Ditto.
(type_long_long): Ditto.
(type_float): Ditto.
(type_double): Ditto.
(type_long_double): Ditto.
(type_char): Ditto.
(type_system_address): Ditto.
(simple_exp): Use type_* functions in place of builtin_*
(exp): Ditto.
(write_var_from_name): Ditto.
(write_object_renaming): Ditto.
* ada-lang.c (ada_create_fundamental_type): Remove redundant
(build_ada_types): Remove, replacing with...
(ada_language_arch_info): New function to initialize primitive
type vector in language_arch_info.
(ada_array_length): Remove use of builtin_type_ada_int.
(value_pos_atr): Ditto.
(ada_evaluate_subexp): Ditto.
(builtin_type_ada_int, builtin_type_ada_short, builtin_type_ada_long,
builtin_type_ada_long_long, builtin_type_ada_char,
builtin_type_ada_float, builtin_type_ada_double,
builtin_type_ada_long_double, builtin_type_ada_natural,
builtin_type_ada_positive, builtin_type_ada_system_address): Remove.
(ada_builtin_types): Remove.
(ada_language_defn): Remove entries for la_builtin_type_vector and
string_char_type and use ada_language_arch_info.
(_initialize_ada_language): Do type-vector initialization along
the lines of c-lang.c.
(ada_create_fundamental_type): Break up line.
(ada_dump_symtab): Remove unused function.
(enum ada_primitive_types): Define.
* ada-lang.h (builtin_type_ada_int, builtin_type_ada_short,
builtin_type_ada_float, builtin_type_ada_double,
builtin_type_ada_long_double, builtin_type_ada_natural,
builtin_type_ada_positive, builtin_type_ada_system_address): Remove.
* ada-lex.l: Use type_* functions in place of builtin_* variables.
(processInt): Ditto.
(processReal): Ditto.
(name_lookup): Ditto.
* ada-typeprint.c (print_range): Use builtin_type_int, not
2004-09-18 Mark Kettenis <>
* i386-tdep.c (i386_register_name): Rename regno to regnum.
* config/pa/ (MH_CFLAGS): Remove -D__HP_CURSES.
* config/pa/ (MH_CFLAGS): Likewise.
* config/pa/ (MH_CFLAGS): Likewise.
* Improve checks for curses library by checking for
mvwaddstr instead of initscr. Drop HP curses in favour of
standard curses on HP-UX.
* configure: Regenerated.
2004-09-18 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* ada-lang.c: (ada_main_name, ada_value_slice_ptr, ada_value_slice,
ada_breakpoint_rewrite, ada_template_to_fixed_record_type_1):
Minor formatting changes.
(empty_array): Slight rewrite for formatting.
ada_is_exception_sym, _initialize_ada_language): Move
definitions around.
(ada_dump_symtab): Remove unused definition.
(ada_maybe_exception_partial_symbol): Remove unused definition.
2004-09-16 Andrew Cagney <>
* inf-child.c: Include "gdb_string.h".
(inf_child_core_file_to_sym_file): Delete.
(inf_child_target): Set to_fetch_registers and to_store_registers.
* inf-ptrace.c: Include "gdb_string.h".
* Update all dependencies.
* (gnu-v3-abi.o): Add explict rule to avoid -Werror
2004-09-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_insn32_frame_cache): Pass frame cache in
call to heuristic_proc_desc. Remove code that became redundant
as a consequence.
(read_next_frame_reg): Remove special case for SP_REGNUM.
(set_reg_offset): Fix small typo.
(reset_saved_regs): New procedure.
(mips32_heuristic_proc_desc): No longer compute a fake
procedure descriptor. Compute the full frame cache instead.
Some minor comment reformatting.
2004-09-14 Andrew Cagney <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Michael Chastain as the backup gdb.threads
* thread-db.c (thread_db_new_objfile): Assume that there is a
child process.
2004-09-13 Jim Blandy <>
* valops.c (value_assign): Move 'buffer' to the enclosing block,
so that its storage isn't referenced after its lifetime ends.
* valops.c (value_assign): 'use_buffer' is initialized to zero,
and never assigned to. Delete it, and the 'if (use_buffer)'
clauses. Delete 'raw_buffer', since it is now unused.
2004-09-13 Andrew Cagney <>
* (frags): Replace TM_FILE with DEPRECATED_TM_FILE.
* configure: Re-generate.
* nlm/ (TAGS): Update.
* (TAGS): Update.
* config/vax/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sh/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sh/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sh/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/sh/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/s390/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/rs6000/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/rs6000/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/rs6000/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/ns32k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/mips/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/ia64/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/ia64/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/ia64/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/h8300/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/frv/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/cris/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/alpha/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/alpha/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/alpha/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/alpha/ (TM_FILE): Update.
* config/alpha/ (TM_FILE): Update.
Eliminate event_loop_p, always has the value 1.
* defs.h (event_loop_p): Delete macro.
* breakpoint.c (until_break_command): Simplify.
* utils.c (prompt_for_continue): Simplify.
* tracepoint.c (read_actions): Simplify.
* top.c (throw_exception, execute_command, gdb_readline_wrapper)
(gdb_rl_operate_and_get_next, command_line_input, get_prompt)
(set_prompt, init_main): Simplify.
(init_signals, disconnect): Delete, unused.
* remote.c (remote_async_resume)
(extended_remote_async_create_inferior): Simplify.
* mi/mi-interp.c (mi_input): Delete, unused.
(mi_interpreter_resume, mi_command_loop): Simplify.
* interps.c (current_interp_command_loop): Simplify.
* infrun.c (proceed): Simplify.
* infcmd.c (run_command, continue_command, step_1, jump_command)
(until_command, advance_command, finish_command)
(interrupt_target_command): Simplify.
* event-top.c (gdb_setup_readline, gdb_disable_readline): Simplify.
* config/i386/nm-i386.h (TARGET_HAS_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINTS): Delete.
* config/s390/nm-linux.h (TARGET_HAS_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINTS): Delete.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (TARGET_HAS_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINTS): Delete.
* config/ia64/nm-linux.h (TARGET_HAS_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINTS): Delete.
* config/frv/tm-frv.h (TARGET_HAS_HARDWARE_WATCHPOINTS): Delete.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_dump_tdep): Do not print same.
2004-09-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* valprint.c (print_longest): Use fputs_filtered. Make "val"
* (valprint.o): Delete explict rule.
* config/m68k/ Add missing trailing newline. Problem
reported by Dave Anderson.
* target.c (target_info): Delete #ifdef call to FILES_INFO_HOOK.
* inferior.h (STORE_STRUCT_RETURN): Delete macro.
2004-09-12 Salvador E. Tropea <>
Andrew Cagney <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_data_list_changed_registers)
(mi_cmd_data_write_register_values): Include the PSEUDO_REGS in
the register number computation.
2004-09-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* ppcnbsd-nat.c: Include "inf-ptrace.h".
(ppcnbsd_fetch_inferior_registers): Rename fetch_inferior_registers.
(ppcnbsd_store_inferior_registers): Rename store_inferior_registers.
(_initialize_ppcnbsd_nat): Create and add a NetBSD/PPC ptrace
* config/powerpc/ (NATDEPFILES): Replace and inftarg.o with
inf-ptrace.o and inf-child.o.
* inf-ptrace.h, inf-ptrace.c, inf-child.h, inf-child.c: New files.
* Update dependencies.
2004-09-11 Andrew Cagney <>
* language.c (hex_string, hex_string_custom): Move from here ...
* utils.c (hex_string, hex_string_custom): ... to here, rewrite.
(CELLSIZE): Increase to 50.
* language.h (hex_string, hex_string_custom): Move from here ...
* defs.h: ... to here.
* Update all dependencies.
2004-09-11 Paul N. Hilfinger <>
* language.c (local_hex_format_custom): Remove.
(local_hex_string): Rename to hex_string, use C format, and move to
(local_hex_string_custom): Rename to hex_string_custom and change
interface. Now uses C format. Move to utils.c
(local_octal_format_custom): Remove.
(local_decimal_format_custom): Remove.
(unknown_language_defn): Remove language-specific number
formatting entries.
(auto_language_defn): Ditto.
(local_language_defn): Ditto.
* language.h (struct language_format_info): Delete declaration.
(struct language_defn): Remove language_format_info fields
la_binary_format, la_octal_format, la_decimal_format, la_hex_format.
(local_binary_format): Remove macro.
(local_binary_format_prefix): Remove macro.
(local_binary_format_specifier): Remove macro.
(local_binary_format_suffix): Remove macro.
(local_octal_format): Remove macro.
(local_octal_format_prefix): Remove macro.
(local_octal_format_specifier): Remove macro.
(local_octal_format_suffix): Remove macro.
(local_decimal_format): Remove macro.
(local_decimal_format_prefix): Remove macro.
(local_decimal_format_specifier): Remove macro.
(local_decimal_format_suffix): Remove macro.
(local_hex_format): Remove macro.
(local_hex_format_prefix): Remove macro.
(local_hex_format_specifier): Remove macro.
(local_hex_format_suffix): Remove macro.
(local_decimal_format_custom): Remove.
(local_octal_format_custom): Remove.
(local_hex_format_custom): Remove.
(local_hex_string): Rename to hex_string and move to defs.h.
(local_hex_string_custom): Rename to hex_string_custom, change
interface, and move to defs.h.
* utils.c: (int_string): New function.
(hex_string): New function (from language.c).
(hex_string_custom): New function (from language.c).
(octal2str): New function.
(decimal2str): Add width parameter.
(paddr_u): Use new decimal2str interface.
(paddr_d): Ditto.
* defs.h (hex_string): Declare.
(hex_string_custom): Declare.
(int_string): Declare.
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Remove localized binary
* valprint.c (print_longest): Use int_string.
(print_floating): Use C hex format.
(print_hex_chars): Ditto.
(print_binary_chars): Remove language-specific formatting.
(print_octal_chars): Use C octal format.
(print_decimal_chars): Delocalize format.
(print_decimal): Remove.
* ada-lang.c (ada_language_defn): Remove language-specific number
formatting entries.
* p-lang.c (pascal_language_defn): Ditto.
* c-lang.c (c_language_defn): Ditto.
(cplus_language_defn): Ditto.
(asm_language_defn): Ditto.
(minimal_language_defn): Ditto.
* f-lang.c (f_language_defn): Ditto.
* jv-lang.c (java_language_defn): Ditto.
* m2-lang.c (m2_language_defn): Ditto.
* scm-lang.c (scm_language_defn): Ditto.
* objc-lang.c (objc_language_defn): Ditto.
* memattr.c (mem_info_command): Use renamed hex_string_custom with
new interface.
* pa64solib.c (pa64_sharedlibrary_info_command): Ditto.
* ui-out.c (ui_out_field_core_addr): Ditto.
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_adjustment_warning): Ditto.
* exec.c (print_section_info): Ditto.
* i387-tdep.c (print_i387_status_word): Ditto.
(print_i387_control_word): Ditto.
(i387_print_float_info): Ditto.
* maint.c (maint_print_section_info): Ditto.
* solib.c (info_sharedlibrary_command): Ditto.
* somsolib.c (som_sharedlibrary_info_command): Ditto.
* symtab.c (print_msymbol_info): Ditto.
* tracepoint.c (tracepoints_info): Ditto.
* solib-frv.c (lm_base): Ditto.
(frv_current_sos): Ditto.
(enable_break2): Ditto.
(enable_break): Ditto.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Use renamed hex_string.
(process_one_symbol): Ditto.
* infcmd.c (program_info): Ditto.
* mdebugread.c (parse_partial_symbols): Ditto.
* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command): Ditto.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (edit_command): Ditto.
(list_command): Ditto.
* infcall.c (call_function_by_hand): Ditto.
* remote-vx.c (vx_run_files_info): Ditto.
(vx_wait): Ditto.
(vx_attach): Ditto.
(vx_detach): Ditto.
(vx_kill): Ditto.
* aix-thread.c (pdc_symbol_addrs): Ditto.
(pdc_read_regs): Ditto.
(pdc_write_regs): Ditto.
(pdc_read_data): Ditto.
(pdc_write_data): Ditto.
* d10v-tdep.c (display_trace): Ditto.
* rs6000-nat.c (find_toc_address): Ditto.
* aix-thread.c: Don't include language.h.
* buildsym.c: Ditto.
* dbxread.c: Ditto.
* mdebugread.c: Ditto.
* rs6000-nat.c: Ditto.
* buildsym.c (make_blockvector): Use renamed hex_string.
2004-09-10 Jason Molenda (
* cli/cli-script.c (read_next_line): Accept zero or more whitespace
chars after 'if' or 'while' commands in user-defined commands.
2004-09-08 Jim Blandy <>
Fix bug reported and analyzed by Olivier Crete:
* symfile.c (copy_section_addr_info): New function.
(symbol_file_add_with_addrs_or_offsets): Use it to save the
original set of address arguments, instead of handwritten code
that uses one length to allocate and a different length to
initialize. Use make_cleanup_free_section_addr_info.
* symfile.h (copy_section_addr_info): New declaration.
* utils.c: #include "symfile.h".
(do_free_section_addr_info, make_cleanup_free_section_addr_info):
New functions.
* defs.h (make_cleanup_free_section_addr_info): New declaration.
* (utils.o): Update dependencies.
2004-09-08 Andrew Cagney <>
* thread-db.c (keep_thread_db): Delete.
(thread_db_new_objfile, thread_db_create_inferior)
(thread_db_mourn_inferior): Simplify assuming !keep_thread_db.
2004-09-08 Mark Kettenis <>
(i386_frameless_signal_p): Remove prototype.
* i386-linux-nat.c (GETFPREGS_SUPPLIES): Remove macro.
* i386-nto-tdep.c (i386nto_supply_gregset): Use I386_NUM_GREGS
instead of FP0_REGNUM.
(i386nto_regset_id): Use I386_NUM_GREGS and I386_NUM_FREGS instead
* solib-sunos.c (sunos_relocate_main_executable): Remove function.
(sunos_solib_create_inferior_hook): Don't call
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c (sparc32nbsd_elf_init_abi): Set
solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to
* sparcobsd-tdep.c: Don't include "nbsd-tdep.h".
(sparc32obsd_init_abi): Set solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to
* (sparcobsd-tdep.o): Update dependencies.
2004-09-07 Jim Blandy <>
* frame.h (frame_register): Doc fix.
2004-09-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* vx-share/wait.h: Delete #ifdef USG.
* utils.c (request_quit): Ditto.
* tui/tui.c (tui_reset): Ditto.
* remote.c: Ditto.
* remote-sds.c: Ditto.
* remote-rdi.c: Ditto.
* mdebugread.c: Ditto.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Ditto.
* infttrace.c: Ditto.
* infptrace.c: Ditto.
* i386v-nat.c: Ditto.
* exec.c: Ditto.
* dbxread.c: Ditto.
* core-aout.c: Ditto.
2004-09-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_insn16_frame_cache): Fix parameter in call to
(mips_insn32_frame_cache): Likewise.
2004-09-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips32_heuristic_proc_desc): Remove code that was
left behind by error.
2004-09-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/alpha/nm-osf.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Remove define.
* config/powerpc/nm-aix.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Likewise.
2004-09-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/rs6000/xm-aix4.h: Remove this file.
* config/rs6000/ (XM_FILE): Delete.
2004-09-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/rs6000/xm-rs6000.h: Remove this file.
* config/rs6000/ (XM_FILE): Remove.
2004-09-03 Andrew Cagney <>
(_PROC_MAGIC_, after_prologue, mips_dump_tdep): Delete macros and
only use.
* mips-tdep.c (temp_saved_regs): Delete.
(set_reg_offset): Replace saved_regs parameter with this_cache.
(heuristic_proc_desc, mips16_heuristic_proc_desc)
(mips32_heuristic_proc_desc): Add this_cache parameter.
(mips_insn32_frame_cache, mips_insn16_frame_cache)
(after_prologue): Pass a NULL this_cache.
* mips-tdep.c (mips_mdebug_frame_cache): Delete code handling
non-kernel trap prologues.
* mips-tdep.c (find_proc_desc): Delete function.
(mips_mdebug_frame_cache): Inline call to find_proc_desc,
(mips_insn16_frame_cache): Replace find_proc_desc with code from
* mips-tdep.c (after_prologue): Inline call to find_proc_desc.
Simplify as NEXT_FRAME is NULL.
(find_proc_desc): Simplify as NEXT_FRAME is non-NULL.
* mips-tdep.c (after_prologue): Replace proc_desc parameter with
local variable.
(mips_skip_prologue): Update.
* mips-tdep.c (find_proc_desc, heuristic_proc_desc): Delete
"cur_frame" parameter.
(after_prologue, mips_mdebug_frame_cache, mips_insn16_frame_cache):
(mips_insn32_frame_cache, find_proc_desc): Update
* config/vax/nm-obsd.h: Delete file.
* config/vax/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-bsd.h.
* config/vax/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/vax/nm-nbsdaout.h: Include config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/vax/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/sh/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/sh/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/rs6000/nm-rs6000ly.h: Delete file.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Do not rename nm-rs6000ly.h.
* config/rs6000/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-lynx.h.
* config/powerpc/nm-obsd.h: Delete file.
* config/powerpc/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-bsd.h.
* config/powerpc/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/powerpc/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/pa/nm-obsd.h: Delete file.
* config/pa/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-bsd.h.
* config/mips/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/mips/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/m88k/nm-obsd.h: Delete file.
* config/m88k/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-bsd.h.
* config/m68k/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/m68k/nm-nbsdaout.h: Include config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/m68k/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/nm-nbsdaout.h: Include config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/nm-i386lynx.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-lynx.h.
* config/arm/nm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/arm/nm-nbsdaout.h: Include config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/arm/ (NAT_FILE): Set to config/nm-nbsd.h.
* config/i386/tm-fbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000-aix4.h: Delete file.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Do not rename tm-rs6000-aix4.h.
* config/rs6000/ (TM_FILE): Set to
* config/powerpc/tm-ppc-aix.h: Delete file.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Set to
* config/m68k/tm-linux.h: Delete file.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h
* config/i386/tm-linux64.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Do not rename tm-linux.h.
* config/m68k/tm-linux.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/i386/tm-linux64.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/i386/nm-i386sco5.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/tm-linux.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/nm-sysv4.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/nm-linux.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* config/nm-gnu.h (SVR4_SHARED_LIBS): Delete.
* sh64-tdep.c [SVR4_SHARED_LIBS]: Delete #ifdef wrapper.
* sh-tdep.c [SVR4_SHARED_LIBS]: Delete #ifdef wrapper.
* (GDB_TM_FILE): Fix typo, use gdb_target_cpu and not
2004-09-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_insn32_frame_cache): Remove some dead code.
Minor reformatting. Some code factoring.
2004-09-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* config/vax/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/vax/tm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Set to config/tm-vxworks.h.
* config/sparc/tm-vxworks.h: Delete file.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/sparc/tm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/sparc/tm-linux.h: Delete file.
* config/s390/ (TM_FILE): Set to config/tm-linux.h
* config/s390/tm-linux.h: Delete file.
* config/pa/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/pa/tm-bsd.h: Delete file.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/m68k/tm-obsd.h: Delete file.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/m68k/tm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to config/tm-vxworks.h.
* config/i386/tm-vxworks.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/i386/tm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/i386/ (TM_FILE): Set to config/tm-lynx.h.
* config/i386/tm-i386lynx.h: Delete file.
* config/cris/ (TM_FILE): Set to solib.h.
* config/cris/tm-cris.h: Delete file.
* Let TM_FILE, XM_FILE and NAT_FILE specify a path.
* configure: Re-generate.
* config/arm/ (TM_FILE): Set to "solib.h".
* config/arm/tm-nbsd.h: Delete file.
* config/powerpc/tm-ppcle-sim.h: Delete.
* config/powerpc/tm-ppcle-eabi.h: Delete.
* config/powerpc/tm-nbsd.h: Delete.
* config/powerpc/ (TM_FILE): Set to tm-ppc-eabi.h.
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Do not rename tm-ppcle-sim.h or
* config/i386/ (NAT_FILE): Delete.
* config/i386/nm-nto.h: Delete.
* config/m68k/tm-vx68.h: Do not include "tm-m68k.h".
* config/m68k/tm-os68k.h: Ditto.
* config/m68k/tm-monitor.h: Ditto.
* config/m68k/tm-cisco.h: Ditto.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Delete.
* config/m68k/tm-vx68.h (GET_LONGJMP_TARGET): Delete.
* config/m68k/tm-cisco.h (GET_LONGJMP_TARGET): Delete.
* config/m68k/tm-m68k.h (m68k_get_longjmp_target): Delete file.
* m68k-tdep.c (m68k_get_longjmp_target): Make static.
* config/m68k/tm-st2000.h: Delete.
* config/m68k/ (TM_FILE): Set to tm-m68k.h.
* config/sparc/ (TM_FILE): Delete.
* config/sparc/tm-fbsd.h: Delete.
* acconfig.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete undef.
* Instead of GDB_MULTI_ARCH print GDB_NM_FILE,
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
quotes in macro definition.
* Re-generate.
* Delete check for GDB_MULTI_ARCH_PARTIAL when
validating architecture methods.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* Delete check for consistency between GDB_MULTI_ARCH
and GDB_TM_FILE. Check for GDB_TM_FILE instead of
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* config/sparc/tm-vxworks.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/sparc/tm-sol2.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/sparc/tm-nbsd.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/sparc/tm-linux.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/sparc/tm-fbsd.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/sh/tm-sh.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/pa/tm-hppa.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/mips/tm-mips.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/ia64/tm-ia64.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/cris/tm-cris.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
* config/arm/tm-arm.h (GDB_MULTI_ARCH): Delete.
2004-09-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* objfiles.h (struct entry_info): Delete fields main_func_lowpc
and main_func_highpc.
* objfiles.c (init_entry_point_info, objfile_relocate): Update
* nlmread.c (nlm_symfile_read): Update.
2004-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (linked_proc_desc_table): Delete, not used.
(mips_insn32_frame_cache): Inline call to find_proc_desc.
(find_proc_desc): Remove dead code.
2004-09-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* mips-tdep.c (mips_mdebug_frame_cache): Minor reformatting.
2004-09-01 Jeff Johnston <>
* Add struct so_list declaration.
* Add dependencies on observer.h for solib.c and
* breakpoint.c (disable_breakpoints_in_unloaded_shlib): New
(_initialize_breakpoint): Register
disable_breakpoints_in_unloaded_shlib as an observer of the
"solib unloaded" observation event.
(re_enable_breakpoints_in_shlibs): For bp_shlib_disabled breakpoints,
call decode_line_1 so unfound breakpoint errors are silent.
* solib.c (update_solib_list): When a solib is discovered to have
been unloaded by the program, notify all observers of the
"solib unloaded" observation event.
2004-09-01 Andrew Cagney <>
* frame.c: Include "objfiles.h".
(inside_main_func): New function.
(get_prev_frame): Use new inside_main_func.
* (frame.o): Update dependencies.
* defs.h (inside_main_func): Delete declaration.
* blockframe.c (inside_main_func): Delete function.
2004-08-31 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2read.c (is_vtable_name): New function, based on logic from
read_structure_type, but passing the correct length to strncmp,
and using 'sizeof' instead of 'strlen'.
(read_structure_type): Call it.
2004-08-31 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/ Add comment.
2004-08-31 Paul GIlliam <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write-After-Approval.
2004-08-30 Manoj Iyer <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self to Write-After-Approval.
2004-08-30 Andrew Cagney <>
Fix PR breakpoints/1757.
* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state): Replace
remove_breakpoints_on_following_step with
(init_execution_control_state): Update.
(handle_inferior_event): For signals, when stepping off a
breakpoint, set step_after_step_resume_breakpoint. When
BPSTAT_WHAT_STEP_RESUME, do a single-step off the breakpoint.
(keep_going): Delete code handling
2004-08-29 David Lecomber <>
Fix PR gdb/648
* language.h (enum array_ordering): New enum.
* language.h (struct language_defn): New la_array_ordering
* language.c (unknown_language_defn, auto_language_defn)
(local_language_defn): Ditto.
* ada-lang.c (ada_language_defn): Ditto.
* c-lang.c (c_language_defn, cplus_language_defn)
(asm_language_defn, minimal_language_defn): Ditto.
* f-lang.c (f_language_defn): Ditto.
* jv-lang.c (java_language_defn): Ditto.
* m2-lang.c (f_language_defn): Ditto.
* objc-lang.c (objc_language_defn): Ditto.
* p-lang.c (pascal_language_defn): Ditto.
* scm-lang.c (scm_language_defn): Ditto.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Assume Fortran arrays are
oriented large to small in type structure.
* dwarf2read.c (read_array_order): New function.
(read_array_type): Use read_array_order to check row/column
major ordering.
2004-08-27 Nathan J. Williams <>
* target.c (target_resize_to_sections): Check
current_target.to_sections for an old value when updating.
2004-08-27 Joel Brobecker <>
* procfs.c (dbx_link_bpt_addr): New static global variable.
(dbx_link_shadow_contents): New static global variable.
(procfs_wait, case <PR_SYSEXIT>): Handle syssgi events.
(procfs_wait, case <FLTBPT>): Remove the __dbx_link brekapoint
if we just hit it.
(procfs_init_inferior): Enable syssgi() syscall trace if appropriate.
Reset dbx_link_bpt_addr as the address of __dbx_link() may change
from run to run.
(procfs_create_inferior): Remove syssgi syscall-exit notifications
after the inferior has been forked.
(remove_dbx_link_breakpoint): New function.
(dbx_link_addr): New function.
(insert_dbx_link_bpt_in_file): New function.
(insert_dbx_link_bpt_in_region): New function.
(insert_dbx_link_breakpoint): New function.
(proc_trace_syscalls_1): New function, extracted from
(proc_trace_syscalls): Replace extract code by call to
* solib-irix.c (disable_break): Remove stop_pc assertion, as it
is no longer valid.
2004-08-25 Jim Blandy <>
* gdbtypes.h (TYPE_CODE_ARRAY): Doc fix.
2004-08-25 Andrew Cagney <>
* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state): Delete field
(init_execution_control_state): Do not set same.
(context_switch): Do not pass same to save_infrun_state and
* gdbthread.h (struct thread_info): Delete field
(save_infrun_state, load_infrun_state): Delete parameter
* thread.c (load_infrun_state, save_infrun_state): Update.
* infrun.c: Re-indent. Move expression operators to the beginning
of the line. Remove long disabled #if 0 code.
2004-08-24 Andrew Cagney <>
* doublest.h (floatformat_ieee_quad): Rename
* doublest.c (floatformat_ieee_quad): Rename
(_initialize_doublest): Update.
2004-08-24 Jim Blandy <>
* dwarf2expr.h (struct dwarf_expr_context): New members
'num_pieces' and 'pieces', for returning the result of an
expression that uses DW_OP_piece.
(struct dwarf_expr_piece): New struct type.
* dwarf2expr.c (new_dwarf_expr_context): Initialize num_pieces and
(free_dwarf_expr_context): Free pieces, if any.
(add_piece): New function.
(execute_stack_op): Implement DW_OP_piece.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc): If the result of the
expression is a list of pieces, print an error message.
(dwarf2_loc_desc_needs_frame): If the expression yields
pieces, and any piece is in a register, then we need a frame.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc): Wait to fetch the top of
the stack until we've decided what sort of result the evaluation
has produced. Use separate variables, with more specific names.
2004-08-23 Richard Earnshaw <>
* armnbsd-tdep.c (arm_nbsd_arm_be_breakpoint): Define.
(arm_nbsd_thumb_[lb]e_breakpoint): Define.
(arm_netbsd_init_abi_common): Register them.
2004-08-22 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/vax/ (NATDEPFILES): Add vax-nat.c.
* amd64obsd-tdep.c (amd64obsd_sigtramp_p): Use
safe_frame_unwind_memory instead of target_read_memory.
* infptrace.c: Remove #ifdef'ed out inclusion of gdb_stat.h.
Reorder includes.
(fetch_register, store_register): Remove prototypes.
(child_resume): Reorganize code and comments such that it is
grouped a bit more logically.
(attach): Explicitly compare errno against 0.
(detach): Likewise. Use perror_with_name instead of
* (infptrace.o): Update dependencies.
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(fetch_debug_register, store_debug_register)
(ia64_linux_stopped_by_watchpoint): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* config/ia64/nm-linux.h: Update copyright year.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_linux_sigtramp_start): Change argument
from CORE_ADDR to struct frame_info *. Use
safe_frame_unwind_memory instead of deprecated_read_memory_nobpt.
(amd64_linux_sigtramp_p): Adjust for changed signature of
* gdb_ptrace.h: GNU/Linux.
* config/alpha/nm-linux.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE, PTRACE_XFER_TYPE):
Remove defines.
* infptrace.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(PTRACE_XFER_TYPE): Remove define.
(offsetof): Only define if U_REGS_OFFSET isn't defined.
(fetch_register, store_register): Rewrite to use PTRACE_TYPE_RET.
Tweak comment.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers): Remove
redundant culry braces. Tweak comment. s/regno/regnum.
* (infptrace.o): Update dependencies.
* Change test for return type of ptrace to default
to `long' instead of `int'.
* configure: Regenerate.
2004-08-21 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/alpha/ (LOADLIBES): New variable.
* Check for ttrace function.
* configure, Regenerate.
* gdb_ptrace.h: New file.
* infptrace.c: Include "gdb_ptrace.h" instead of <ptrace.h> or
(attach): Don't define PT_ATTACH.
(detach): Don't define PT_DETACH.
* (gdb_ptrace_h): New variable.
(infptrace.o): Update dependencies.
2004-08-16 Mark Kettenis <>
* inferior.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Define as PTRACE_TYPE_ARG3
instead of `int' if not already defined.
(call_ptrace): Revert change that replaced PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* infptrace.c (call_ptrace): Revert change that replaced
2004-08-15 Mark Kettenis <>
* config/i386/nm-linux64.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE, PTRACE_XFER_TYPE):
Remove defines.
* linux-nat.c (kill_inferior): Add missing third and fourth
arguments to ptrace call. Don't use PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE.
* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory): Replace PTRACE_XFER_TYPE with
* proc-why.c (proc_prettyfprint_why): Fix format string.
* solib-osf.c (osf_current_sos): Remove unsused label.
* Add <ncurses/ncurses.h> to the list of possible
curses headers.
* configure, Regenerate.
* gdb_curses.h [HAVE_NCURSES_NCURSES_H]: Include
* config/nm-bsd.h (PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Remove define.
* config/nm-nbsd.h: Update copyright year.
(PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE): Remove define.
* sparc-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers, sparc_xfer_wcookie):
* alphabsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers):
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* amd64bsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* armnbsd-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(fetch_register, fetch_regs, fetch_fp_register, fetch_fp_regs)
(store_register, store_regs, store_fp_register, store_fp_regs):
* hppabsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* i386bsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers, i386bsd_dr_set, i386bsd_dr_get_status):
* m68kbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* m88kbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* mipsnbsd-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers):
* ns32knbsd-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers):
* ppcnbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers):
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* ppcobsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers):
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* shnbsd-nat.c: Update copyright year.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers):
* vaxbsd-nat.c (fetch_inferior_registers)
(store_inferior_registers): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* inferior.h (call_ptrace): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
* infptrace.c (call_ptrace, child_resume, attach, detach)
(U_REGS_OFFSET, fetch_register, store_register, child_xfer_memory)
(udot_info): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with PTRACE_TYPE_ARG3.
* inftarg.c (ptrace_me): Replace PTRACE_ARG3_TYPE with
2004-08-14 Mark Kettenis <>
* defs.h: Remove out-of-date comment.
[!FCLOSE_PROVIDED] (fclose): Remove prototype.
[!GETENV_PROVIDED] (getenv): Remove prototype.
* standalone.c: Remove file.
* (standalone.o): Remove dependency.
* i386-linux-nat.c (dummy_sse_values): Remove function and
(i386_linux_dr_get): Fix typo in comment.
* config/i386/ (TDEPFILES): Add i386obsd-tdep.o.
* defs.h (deprecated_error_hook): Remove RETURN and ATTR_NORETURN
from declaration.
* top.c (deprecated_error_hook): Remove RETURN and ATTR_NORETURN
from definition.
2004-08-13 Mark Kettenis <>
parenthesis in definition.
* configure: Regenerated.
2004-08-12 Michael Chastain <>
* PROBLEMS: Mention build/1411.
2004-08-09 Robert Millan <>
Committed by Nathanael Nerode.
* Match kfreebsd*-gnu and knetbsd*-gnu.
* configure.tgt: Match kfreebsd*-gnu and knetbsd*-gnu.
2004-08-12 Andrew Cagney <>
* NEWS: Mention fixes in GDB 6.2.1.
* PROBLEMS: Remove mention of mips-irix.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/xm-aix.h: Delete.
* config/powerpc/ (MH_FILE): Remove.
* config/powerpc/ (MH_FILE): Remove.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/ Remove obsolete comment.
* config/powerpc/ Likewise.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/xm-aix.h (UINT_MAX): Remove undef.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/rs6000/xm-aix4.h: Remove "config/xm-aix4.h" include,
this file is now empty.
* config/xm-aix4.h: Remove, this file is no longer included
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/powerpc/xm-aix.h: Remove "config/xm-aix4.h" include,
that file is now empty.
(termdef): Remove prototype, function no longer used.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/xm-aix4.h (USE_O_NOCTTY): Remove, no longer used.
* config/rs6000/xm-rs6000.h (USE_O_NOCTTY): Likewise.
2004-08-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* config/xm-aix4.h (FIVE_ARG_PTRACE): Remove, no longer used.
* config/pa/nm-hppah.h (FIVE_ARG_PTRACE): Likewise.
* config/rs6000/xm-rs6000.h (FIVE_ARG_PTRACE): Likewise.
2004-08-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* infptrace.c (call_ptrace): Select code based on PTRACE_TYPE_ARG5
instead of FIVE_ARG_PTRACE.
* inflow.c (O_NOCTTY): Define to zero if not already defined.
(new_tty): Use O_NOCTTY unconditionally.
2004-08-10 Mark Kettenis <>
* procfs.c (procfs_detach): Cleanup. Print process ID, not LWP