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2020-12-27 Tom Tromey <>
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard) <case MULTI_SUBSCRIPT>:
2020-12-24 Andrew Burgess <>
PR gdb/27059
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_sizeof): Handle not allocated and
not associated arrays.
* f-lang.c (fortran_adjust_dynamic_array_base_address_hack): Don't
adjust arrays that are not allocated/associated.
* gdbtypes.c (resolve_dynamic_range): Update header comment. Add
new parameter which is used to sometimes set dynamic properties to
(resolve_dynamic_array_or_string): Update header comment. Add new
parameter which is used to guard evaluating dynamic properties.
Resolve allocated/associated properties first.
2020-12-24 Andrew Burgess <>
* gdbtypes (recursive_dump_type): Include allocated and associated
2020-12-24 Lancelot SIX <>
* gdbtypes.c (is_scalar_type_recursive): Prevent comparison
between uninitialized values.
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp_standard): Replace uses of
* f-valprint.c (f_language::value_print_inner): Likewise.
* guile/scm-pretty-print.c (ppscm_print_string_repr): Likewise.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_language::value_print_inner): Likewise.
* python/py-prettyprint.c (print_string_repr): Likewise.
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* rust-exp.y (rust_parse): Rename to...
(rust_language::parser): ...this.
* rust-lang.c (-rust_printstr): Rename to...
(rust_language::printstr): ...this.
(rust_value_print_inner): Delete declaration.
(val_print_struct): Rename to...
(rust_language::val_print_struct): ...this. Update calls to
member functions.
(rust_print_enum): Rename to...
(rust_language::print_enum): ...this. Update calls to member
(rust_value_print_inner): Rename to...
(rust_language::value_print_inner): ...this. Update calls to
member functions.
(exp_descriptor_rust): Rename to...
(rust_language::exp_descriptor_tab): ...this.
(class rust_language): Move to rust-lang.h.
(rust_language::language_arch_info): Implementation moved to here
from class declaration.
(rust_language::print_type): Likewise.
(rust_language::emitchar): Likewise.
(rust_language::is_string_type_p): Likewise.
* rust-lang.h: Add 'demangle.h', 'language.h', 'value.h', and
'c-lang.h' includes.
(rust_parse): Delete declaration.
(class rust_language): Class declaration moved here from
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* objc-lang.c (objc_language::opcode_print_table): Return
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* p-exp.y (exp): Update call to pascal_is_string_type.
(pascal_parse): Rename to...
(pascal_language::parser): ...this.
* p-lang.c (is_pascal_string_type): Rename to...
(pascal_is_string_type): ...this.
(pascal_one_char): Rename to...
(pascal_language::print_one_char): ...this.
(pascal_printchar): Rename to...
(pascal_language::printchar): ...this. Update call to
print_one_char member function.
(pascal_op_print_tab): Rename to...
(pascal_language::op_print_tab): ...this.
(class pascal_language): Moved to p-lang.h.
(pascal_language::language_arch_info): Function implementation
moved out of class declaration.
(pascal_language::printstr): Likewise.
* p-lang.h (pascal_parse): Delete declaration.
(pascal_is_string_type): Declare.
(pascal_print_type): Delete declaration.
(pascal_print_typedef): Delete declaration.
(pascal_value_print_inner): Delete declaration.
(pascal_value_print): Delete declaration.
(pascal_type_print_method_args): Delete declaration.
(is_pascal_string_type): Delete declaration.
(pascal_printchar): Delete declaration.
(pascal_builtin_types): Delete declaration.
(pascal_type_print_base): Delete declaration.
(pascal_type_print_varspec_prefix): Delete declaration.
(class pascal_language): Moved here from p-lang.c.
* p-typeprint.c (pascal_type_print_varspec_suffix): Delete
(pascal_type_print_derivation_info): Delete declaration.
(pascal_print_type): Rename to...
(pascal_language::print_type): ...this. Update calls to member
(pascal_print_typedef): Rename to...
(pascal_language::print_typedef): ...this. Update calls to member
(pascal_type_print_derivation_info): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_derivation_info): ...this.
(pascal_type_print_method_args): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_method_args): ...this.
(pascal_type_print_varspec_prefix): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_varspec_prefix): ...this. Update
calls to member functions.
(pascal_print_func_args): Rename to...
(pascal_language::print_func_args): ...this. Update calls to
member functions.
(pascal_type_print_func_varspec_suffix): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_func_varspec_suffix): ...this.
Update calls to member functions.
(pascal_type_print_varspec_suffix): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_varspec_suffix): ...this. Update
calls to member functions.
(pascal_type_print_base): Rename to...
(pascal_language::type_print_base): ...this. Update calls to
member functions.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_value_print_inner): Rename to...
(pascal_language::value_print_inner): ...this. Update calls to
member functions.
(pascal_value_print): Rename to...
(pascal_language::value_print): ...this. Update calls to member
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* go-exp.y (go_parse): Rename to...
(go_language::parser): ...this.
* go-lang.c (go_demangle): Rename to...
(go_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
(go_language::expression_ops): Implementation moved here out of
class declaration.
(go_op_print_tab): Rename to...
(go_language::op_print_tab): ...this, update comment.
(class go_language): Declaration moved to go-lang.h.
(go_language::language_arch_info): Implementation moved here out
of class declaration.
* go-lang.h (go_parse): Delete declaration.
(go_demangle): Delete declaration.
(go_print_type): Delete declaration.
(go_value_print_inner): Delete declaration.
(class go_language): Declaration moved here from go-lang.c.
* go-typeprint.c (go_print_type): Rename to...
(go_language::print_type): ...this.
* go-valprint.c (go_value_print_inner): Rename to...
(go_language::value_print_inner): ...this.
* symtab.c (demangle_for_lookup): Call demangle_symbol method on
the go_language object.
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* c-lang.c (language_defn::printchar): Call emitchar, not
* f-lang.h (f_language::printchar): Likewise.
* language.h (LA_EMIT_CHAR): Delete macro.
* rust-lang.c (rust_language::printchar): Call emitchar, not
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* c-lang.c (c_printchar): Rename to...
(language_defn::printchar): ...this.
* c-lang.h (c_printchar): Delete declaration.
* language.c (language_defn::printchar): Delete this
implementation. Is now implemented in c-lang.c.
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_compute_name): Call methods on C++
language object instead of calling global functions directly.
2020-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* valprint.c (print_char_chars): Delete definition.
* valprint.h (print_char_chars): Delete declaration.
2020-12-23 Samuel Thibault <>
* i386-gnu-tdep.c (I386_GNU_UCONTEXT_T_THREAD_STATE_OFFSET): New
(i386_gnu_sigcontext_addr): Detect between legacy and siginfo from the
second parameter, which is a small sigcode in the legacy case, and a
pointer in the siginfo case.
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2020-12-22 Shahab Vahedi <>
* frame.c: Remove trailing white spaces.
* frame.h: Likewise.
2020-12-22 Shahab Vahedi <>
* arc-linux-tdep.c: Replace "regnum" with "REGNUM" in comments.
2020-12-22 Anton Kolesov <>
* (ALLDEPFILES): Add arc-linux-nat.c.
* (host to gdb names): Add arc*-*-linux*.
* configure.nat (gdb_host_cpu): Add arc.
* arc-linux-nat.c: New.
2020-12-22 Shahab Vahedi <>
* arc-linux-tdep.c (supply_register): New.
(arc_linux_supply_gregset, arc_linux_supply_v2_regset,
arc_linux_collect_v2_regset): Consider REGNUM.
2020-12-22 Anton Kolesov <>
* arc-linux-tdep.c (arc_linux_sc_reg_offsets): New static variable.
(arc_linux_is_sigtramp): New function.
(arc_linux_sigcontext_addr): Likewise.
(arc_linux_init_osabi): Use them.
2020-12-22 Anton Kolesov <>
* arc-tdep.c (arc_make_sigtramp_frame_cache): New function.
(arc_sigtramp_frame_this_id): Likewise.
(arc_sigtramp_frame_prev_register): Likewise.
(arc_sigtramp_frame_sniffer): Likewise.
(arc_siftramp_frame_unwind): New global variable.
(arc_gdbarch_init): Use sigtramp capabilities.
(arc_dump_tdep): Print sigtramp fields.
* arc-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add sigtramp fields.
2020-12-21 Tom Tromey <>
* expression.h (enum noside): Move earlier.
2020-12-21 Peter Waller <>
* interps.c (interpreter_exec_cmd): Restore streams pointers.
2020-12-21 Markus Metzger <>
* record.c (require_record_target): Rephrase error message.
(info_record_command): Likewise.
2020-12-19 Hannes Domani <>
PR exp/27070
* gdbtypes.c (check_types_equal): Don't compare types of enum fields.
2020-12-19 Bernd Edlinger <>
* Move the static libs vs. source-highlight
error message to a better place.
* configure: Regenerate.
2020-12-18 Hannes Domani <>
* Fix main_type field name.
2020-12-18 Hannes Domani <>
* python/py-value.c (valpy_format_string): Implement address keyword.
2020-12-18 Hannes Domani <>
* python/py-type.c (typy_get_composite): Add TYPE_CODE_METHOD.
2020-12-18 Jameson Nash <>
* coffread.c (linetab_offset): Change type to file_ptr.
(linetab_size): Likewise.
(enter_linenos): Change parameter type to file_ptr.
(init_lineno): Likewise.
(init_stringtab): Likewise.
(coff_symtab_read): Likewise.
(coff_symfile_read): Change variable types to file_ptr.
2020-12-17 Tom Tromey <>
* printcmd.c (print_variable_and_value): Don't use n_spaces.
2020-12-17 Tom Tromey <>
* gdbtypes.c (print_args, dump_fn_fieldlists, print_cplus_stuff)
(print_gnat_stuff, print_fixed_point_type_info)
(recursive_dump_type): Update.
* go32-nat.c (go32_sysinfo, display_descriptor): Update.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_base_struct_union)
(c_type_print_base_1): Update.
* rust-lang.c (rust_internal_print_type): Update.
* f-typeprint.c (f_language::f_type_print_base): Update.
* utils.h (fprintfi_filtered, printfi_filtered): Remove.
* m2-typeprint.c (m2_record_fields): Update.
* p-typeprint.c (pascal_type_print_base): Update.
* compile/compile-loc2c.c (push, pushf, unary, binary)
(do_compile_dwarf_expr_to_c): Update.
* utils.c (fprintfi_filtered, printfi_filtered): Remove.
2020-12-16 Tom Tromey <>
* rust-exp.y (rust_lex_tests): Update.
* parser-defs.h (parser_state): Add void_p parameter.
<void_context_p>: New member.
* parse.c (parse_exp_in_context): Update.
* language.h (language_defn::post_parser): Remove void_context_p,
completing, tracker parameters. Add parser state.
* ada-lang.c (ada_language::post_parser): Update.
2020-12-16 Tom Tromey <>
* parse.c (parse_exp_1, parse_expression_for_completion): Update.
(parse_exp_in_context): Change void_context_p to bool.
* language.h (struct language_defn) <post_parser>: Change
void_context_p to bool.
* ada-lang.c (class ada_language) <post_parser>: Update.
2020-12-16 Tom Tromey <>
Tom Tromey <>
Tom de Vries <>
* utils.h (get_chars_per_line): Declare.
* utils.c (get_chars_per_line): New function.
(fputs_maybe_filtered): Handle '\r'.
* ui-out.h (ui_out::progress_meter): New class.
(ui_out::progress, ui_out::do_progress_start)
(ui_out::do_progress_notify, ui_out::do_progress_end): New
* ui-out.c (do_progress_end)
(make_cleanup_ui_out_progress_begin_end, ui_out_progress): New
* mi/mi-out.h (mi_ui_out::do_progress_start)
(mi_ui_out::do_progress_notify, mi_ui_out::do_progress_end): New
* cli-out.h (struct cli_ui_out) <do_progress_start,
do_progress_notify, do_progress_end>: New methods.
<enum meter_stat, struct cli_progress_info>: New.
<m_meters>: New member.
* cli-out.c (cli_ui_out::do_progress_start)
(cli_ui_out::do_progress_notify, cli_ui_out::do_progress_end): New
2020-12-16 Luis Machado <>
* aarch64-tdep.c (aarch64_record_data_proc_simd_fp): Record FPSR.
2020-12-16 Luis Machado <>
* aarch64-linux-nat.c
(aarch64_linux_nat_target::stopped_data_address): Handle the TBI.
2020-12-15 Rae Kim <>
* cli/cli-script.c (do_document_command): Rename from
document_command. Handle multi-line input.
(multi_line_command_p): Handle document_control.
(build_command_line): Likewise.
(execute_control_command_1): Likewise.
(process_next_line): Likewise.
(document_command): Call do_document_command.
* cli/cli-script.h (enum command_control_type): Add
2020-12-15 Tom Tromey <>
* stap-probe.c (stap_probe::evaluate_argument): Use
* dtrace-probe.c (dtrace_probe::evaluate_argument): Use
* value.h (evaluate_expression): Add expect_type parameter.
* objc-lang.c (print_object_command): Call evaluate_expression.
* eval.c (evaluate_expression): Add expect_type parameter.
2020-12-15 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (varobj_create): Use first_opcode.
* value.c (init_if_undefined_command): Use first_opcode.
* typeprint.c (whatis_exp): Use first_opcode.
* tracepoint.c (validate_actionline): Use first_opcode.
(encode_actions_1): Use first_opcode.
* stack.c (return_command): Use first_opcode.
* expression.h (struct expression) <first_opcode>: New method.
* eval.c (parse_and_eval_type): Use first_opcode.
* dtrace-probe.c (dtrace_process_dof_probe): Use first_opcode.
2020-12-15 Tom Tromey <>
* f-lang.c (evaluate_subexp_f): Update.
* expression.h (evaluate_subexp_do_call): Update.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_do_call): Add callee parameter. Replace
nargs, argvec with array_view.
(evaluate_funcall): Update.
2020-12-15 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (num_component_specs): Remove.
(assign_aggregate): Update.
(aggregate_assign_positional, aggregate_assign_from_choices)
(aggregate_assign_others, add_component_interval): Change
2020-12-15 Tom Tromey <>
* cli/cli-decode.c (deprecated_cmd_warning): Use title style for
command names.
2020-12-14 Tom Tromey <>
* dtrace-probe.c (dtrace_process_dof_probe): Use value_type.
* typeprint.c (whatis_exp): Always use evaluate_type.
(maintenance_print_type): Likewise. Simplify.
2020-12-14 Tom Tromey <>
* dictionary.c (language_defn::search_name_hash): Ignore "B".
* ada-lang.c (advance_wild_match): Ignore "B".
(full_match): Remove.
(do_full_match): Rewrite.
2020-12-14 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (get_var_value): Only consider exact matches.
2020-12-14 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (rewrite_array_type): New function.
(quirk_ada_thick_pointer_struct): Use rewrite_array_type.
2020-12-14 Tom Tromey <>
* valarith.c (fixed_point_binop): Call error on division by zero.
2020-12-13 Tom Tromey <>
* gdbtypes.c (safe_parse_type): Make argument const.
* value.h (parse_and_eval_type): Make argument const.
* eval.c (parse_and_eval_type): Make argument const.
2020-12-13 Andrew Burgess <>
* NEWS: Mention new commands.
* target-dcache.c: Add 'cli/cli-cmds.h' include.
(maint_flush_dcache_command): New function.
(_initialize_target_dcache): Create new 'maint flush dcache'
2020-12-13 Andrew Burgess <>
* NEWS: Mention new commands, and that the old commands are now
* cli/cli-cmds.c (maintenanceflushlist): Define.
* cli/cli-cmds.h (maintenanceflushlist): Declare.
* maint.c (_initialize_maint_cmds): Initialise
* regcache.c: Add 'cli/cli-cmds.h' include.
(reg_flush_command): Add header comment.
(_initialize_regcache): Create new 'maint flush register-cache'
command, make 'flushregs' an alias.
* symtab.c: Add 'cli/cli-cmds.h' include.
(_initialize_symtab): Create new 'maint flush symbol-cache'
command, make old command an alias.
2020-12-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* cli/cli-decode.c (deprecated_cmd_warning): Ignore the prefix
result from lookup_cmd_composition_1, use the prefixes from both
the command and the alias instead.
(lookup_cmd_composition_1): Initial prefix command is the based on
the search list being passed in. Simplify the logic for tracking
the prefix command. Replace a use of alloca with a local
2020-12-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* cli/cli-decode.c (deprecated_cmd_warning): Use nullptr instead
of NULL. Don't print message piece by piece, but sentence at a
time to allow internationalisation. Some whitespace cleanup.
2020-12-11 Andrew Burgess <>
PR cli/15104
* cli/cli-decode.c (lookup_cmd_1): Pass command list to
(deprecated_cmd_warning): Take extra parameter, call
lookup_cmd_composition_1 and pass new parameter through.
(lookup_cmd_composition_1): New function, takes implementation of
lookup_cmd_composition but with extra parameter.
(lookup_cmd_composition): Now calls lookup_cmd_composition_1
passing in cmdlist.
* command.h (deprecated_cmd_warning): Add extra parameter to
* top.c (execute_command): Pass cmdlist to deprecated_cmd_warning.
2020-12-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* cli/cli-decode.c (lookup_cmd_1): Move header comment into
command.h, add extra parameter, and use this to guard giving a
* command.h (lookup_cmd_1): Add comment from cli/cli-decode.c,
include argument names in declaration, add new argument.
* completer.c (complete_line_internal_1): Remove unneeded
brackets, pass extra argument to lookup_cmd_1.
2020-12-11 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.h (debug_infrun): Make a bool.
* infrun.c (debug_infrun): Make a bool.
(_initialize_infrun): Use add_setshow_boolean_cmd to define "set
debug infrun".
2020-12-11 Simon Marchi <>
* displaced-stepping.h (displaced_debug_printf): Use
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf_read_debug_printf): Likewise.
(dwarf_read_debug_printf_v): Likewise.
* infrun.h (infrun_debug_printf): Likewise.
* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_debug_printf): Likewise.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* p-exp.y (intvar): Remove global.
(DOLLAR_VARIABLE): Change type.
(start): Update.
(exp): Call write_dollar_variable here...
(yylex): ... not here.
* m2-exp.y (DOLLAR_VARIABLE): Change type.
(variable): Call write_dollar_variable here...
(yylex): ... not here.
* f-exp.y (DOLLAR_VARIABLE): Change type.
(exp): Call write_dollar_variable here...
(yylex): ... not here.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (varobj_create): Update.
(install_variable): Return void.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (instantiate_pretty_printer): Use gdbpy_ref.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (varobj_clear_saved_item): Remove.
(update_dynamic_varobj_children): Update.
(varobj::~varobj): Don't call varobj_clear_saved_item.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (install_dynamic_child, varobj_clear_saved_item)
(update_dynamic_varobj_children, create_child)
(create_child_with_value): Update.
* varobj-iter.h (struct varobj_item) <value>: Now a
* python/py-varobj.c (py_varobj_iter::next): Call release_value.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (struct varobj_dynamic) <child_iter>: Now unique_ptr.
(varobj_get_iterator): Return unique_ptr.
(update_dynamic_varobj_children, install_visualizer)
(varobj::~varobj): Update.
* python/python-internal.h (py_varobj_get_iterator): Return
* python/py-varobj.c (py_varobj_get_iterator): Return unique_ptr.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (struct varobj_dynamic) <saved_item>: Now unique_ptr.
(varobj_clear_saved_item, update_dynamic_varobj_children):
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (update_dynamic_varobj_children): Update.
* varobj-iter.h (struct varobj_iter) <next>: Change return type.
* python/py-varobj.c (struct py_varobj_iter) <next>: Change return
(py_varobj_iter::next): Likewise.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (update_dynamic_varobj_children, install_visualizer)
(varobj::~varobj): Update.
* varobj-iter.h (struct varobj_iter): Change to interface class.
(struct varobj_iter_ops): Remove.
(varobj_iter_next, varobj_iter_delete): Remove.
* python/py-varobj.c (struct py_varobj_iter): Derive from
varobj_iter. Add constructor, destructor. Rename members.
(py_varobj_iter::~py_varobj_iter): Rename from
(py_varobj_iter::next): Rename from py_varobj_iter_next.
(py_varobj_iter_ops): Remove.
(py_varobj_iter): Rename from py_varobj_iter_ctor.
(py_varobj_iter_new): Remove.
(py_varobj_get_iterator): Update.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.h (all_root_varobjs): Take a function_view.
* varobj.c (all_root_varobjs): Take a function_view.
(varobj_invalidate_iter): Remove unused parameter.
(varobj_invalidate): Update.
* mi/mi-cmd-var.c (struct mi_cmd_var_update): Remove.
(mi_cmd_var_update_iter): Change parameters.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (struct varobj_root) <next>: Remove.
(struct vlist): Remove.
(rootlist): Now a std::list.
(install_variable, uninstall_variable, all_root_varobjs): Update.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj.c (VAROBJ_TABLE_SIZE): Remove.
(varobj_table): Now htab_t.
(varobj_get_handle, install_variable, uninstall_variable):
(hash_varobj, eq_varobj_and_string): New functions.
(hash_varobj): Update.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* inline-frame.c (stopped_by_user_bp_inline_frame): Update.
* ada-lang.c (check_status_exception): Update.
* breakpoint.c (free_bp_location): Remove.
(decref_bp_location): Use bp_location_ref_policy.
(bpstats::bpstats): Don't call incref_bp_location.
(bpstats::~bpstats): Remove.
(bpstats::bpstats): Update.
(bpstat_check_watchpoint, bpstat_check_breakpoint_conditions)
(bp_location::bp_location): Update.
(incref_bp_location): Remove.
(bkpt_print_it): Update.
* breakpoint.h (class bp_location): Derive from
(struct bpstats): Remove destructor.
<bp_location_at>: Now a bp_location_ref_ptr.
<refc>: Remove.
(bp_location_ref_ptr): New typedef.
(struct bp_location_ref_policy): New.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* thread.c (class scoped_inc_dec_ref): Remove.
(tp_array_compar_ascending, tp_array_compar_descending): Change
parameter types.
(thread_apply_all_command): Use thread_info_ref.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* infrun.c (struct stop_context) <thread>: Now a thread_info_ref.
(stop_context::stop_context): Update.
(stop_context::~stop_context): Remove.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* inferior.c (current_inferior_): Change type.
(current_inferior, set_current_inferior, initialize_inferiors):
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* gdbthread.h (class enable_thread_stack_temporaries) <m_thr>:
Change type.
2020-12-11 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-tasks.c (struct ada_tasks_pspace_data) <cpu_id_offset>: New
(ada_get_tcb_types_info): Look for __gnat_gdb_cpu_first_id.
(read_atcb): Use cpu_id_offset.
2020-12-10 Kevin Buettner <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_fold_name): Fix off-by-one error.
2020-12-10 Luis Machado <>
* breakpoint.c (should_be_inserted): Don't output newline.
2020-12-10 Luis Machado <>
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c (aarch64_linux_restore_vreg) New function.
(aarch64_linux_sigframe_init): Call aarch64_linux_restore_vreg.
* aarch64-tdep.h (V_REGISTER_SIZE): Move to ...
* arch/aarch64.h: ... here.
* nat/aarch64-sve-linux-ptrace.c: Include endian.h.
(aarch64_maybe_swab128): New function.
(aarch64_sve_regs_copy_from_reg_buf): Adjust FPSIMD entries.
* trad-frame.c (trad_frame_reset_saved_regs): Initialize
the data field.
(TF_REG_VALUE_BYTES): New enum value.
(trad_frame_value_bytes_p): New function.
(trad_frame_set_value_bytes): New function.
(trad_frame_set_reg_value_bytes): New function.
(trad_frame_get_prev_register): Handle register values saved as bytes.
* trad-frame.h (trad_frame_set_reg_value_bytes): New prototype.
(struct trad_frame_saved_reg) <data>: New field.
(trad_frame_set_value_bytes): New prototype.
(trad_frame_value_bytes_p): New prototype.
2020-12-07 Mihails Strasuns <>
* jit.c (mem_bfd*, bfd_open_from_target_memory): Removed.
* gdb_bfd.h (gdb_bfd_open_from_target_memory): New function.
* gdb_bfd.c (mem_bfd*, gdb_bfd_open_from_target_memory): New functions.
2020-12-09 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_lookup_encoded_symbol): Use add_angle_brackets.
2020-12-09 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (get_dwarf2_rational_constant): Change "numerator"
and "denominator" to gdb_mpz. Handle block forms.
(get_dwarf2_unsigned_rational_constant): Change "numerator" and
"denominator" to gdb_mpz.
(finish_fixed_point_type): Update.
(has_zero_over_zero_small_attribute): Update.
2020-12-09 Tom Tromey <>
* expprint.c (op_name): Update.
* expression.h (enum exp_opcode): Update.
* std-operator.def: Add more opcodes.
* ada-operator.def, fortran-operator.def: Remove, moving contents
into std-operator.def.
2020-12-09 Simon Marchi <>
* gdbtypes.c (get_discrete_low_bound, get_discrete_high_bound):
Return {} instead of false.
(get_discrete_bounds): Compute high bound only if low bound is
2020-12-09 Simon Marchi <>
PR 26875, PR 26901
* gdbtypes.c (get_discrete_low_bound): Make non-static.
(get_discrete_high_bound): Make non-static.
* gdbtypes.h (get_discrete_low_bound): New declaration.
(get_discrete_high_bound): New declaration.
* valarith.c (value_subscript): Only fetch high bound if
2020-12-09 Simon Marchi <>
* gdbtypes.c (get_discrete_bounds): Implement with
get_discrete_low_bound and get_discrete_high_bound.
(get_discrete_low_bound): New.
(get_discrete_high_bound): New.
2020-12-09 Simon Marchi <>
* gdbtypes.h (get_discrete_bounds): Return bool, adjust all
* gdbtypes.c (get_discrete_bounds): Return bool.
2020-12-09 Simon Marchi <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_value_slice_from_ptr): Adjust.
(ada_value_slice): Adjust.
(pos_atr): Adjust.
* gdbtypes.c (get_discrete_bounds): Adjust.
(discrete_position): Return optional.
* gdbtypes.h (discrete_position): Return optional.
2020-12-07 Tom Tromey <>
* maint.c (_initialize_maint_cmds): Use expression command
completer for "maint print type".
2020-12-07 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* completer.c (complete_explicit_location): Also add keywords
that start with '-' to the completion list.
2020-12-07 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* linespec.c (linespec_lexer_lex_keyword): The "-force-condition"
keyword may be followed by any keyword.
* breakpoint.c (find_condition_and_thread): Advance 'tok' by
'toklen' in the case for "-force-condition".
2020-12-07 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* main.c (catch_command_errors): Add a flag parameter; invoke
`bpstat_do_actions` if the flag is set.
(execute_cmdargs): Update a call to `catch_command_errors`.
2020-12-07 Tom de Vries <>
* ada-lang.c (replace_operator_with_call): Handle shrink resize.
2020-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
PR ada/26999
* ada-lang.c (replace_operator_with_call): Rewrite.
2020-12-06 Giancarlo Frix <> (tiny change)
PR breakpoints/27009
* s390-tdep.h (op_bc): Correct BC opcode value.
2020-12-06 Joel Brobecker <>
* gmp-utils.h (gdb_mpz::safe_export): New private method.
(gdb_mpz::as_integer): Reimplement using gdb_mpz::safe_export.
* gmp-utils.c (gdb_mpz::write): Rewrite using gdb_mpz::safe_export.
(gdb_mpz::safe_export): New method.
* unittests/gmp-utils-selftests .c (gdb_mpz_as_integer):
Update function description.
(check_as_integer_raises_out_of_range_error): New function.
(gdb_mpz_as_integer_out_of_range): New function.
(_initialize_gmp_utils_selftests): Register
gdb_mpz_as_integer_out_of_range as a selftest.
2020-12-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* gmp-utils.c (gdb_mpz::read): Use HOST_CHAR_BIT instead of
(gdb_mpz::write): Likewise.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_linux_init_abi): Pass 2 as the
number of displaced step buffers.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* displaced-stepping.h (struct displaced_step_buffer): Rename
(struct displaced_step_buffers): ... this.
<m_addr, m_current_thread, m_copy_insn_closure>: Remove.
<struct displaced_step_buffer>: New inner class.
<m_buffers>: New.
* displaced-stepping.c (displaced_step_buffer::prepare): Rename
(displaced_step_buffers::prepare): ... this, adjust for multiple
(displaced_step_buffer::finish): Rename to...
(displaced_step_buffers::finish): ... this, adjust for multiple
(displaced_step_buffer::copy_insn_closure_by_addr): Rename to...
(displaced_step_buffers::copy_insn_closure_by_addr): ... this,
adjust for multiple buffers.
(displaced_step_buffer::restore_in_ptid): Rename to...
(displaced_step_buffers::restore_in_ptid): ... this, adjust for
multiple buffers.
* linux-tdep.h (linux_init_abi): Change supports_displaced_step
for num_disp_step_buffers.
* linux-tdep.c (struct linux_gdbarch_data)
<num_disp_step_buffers>: New field.
(struct linux_info) <disp_step_buf>: Rename to...
<disp_step_bufs>: ... this, change type to
(linux_displaced_step_prepare): Use
linux_gdbarch_data::num_disp_step_buffers to create that number
of buffers.
(linux_displaced_step_finish): Adjust.
(linux_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): Adjust.
(linux_displaced_step_restore_all_in_ptid): Adjust.
(linux_init_abi): Change supports_displaced_step parameter for
num_disp_step_buffers, save it in linux_gdbarch_data.
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c (aarch64_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* alpha-linux-tdep.c (alpha_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_linux_init_abi_common): Change
supports_displaced_step parameter for num_disp_step_buffers.
(amd64_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
(amd64_x32_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* arc-linux-tdep.c (arc_linux_init_osabi): Adjust.
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* bfin-linux-tdep.c (bfin_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* cris-linux-tdep.c (cris_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* csky-linux-tdep.c (csky_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* frv-linux-tdep.c (frv_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* hppa-linux-tdep.c (hppa_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* i386-linux-tdep.c (i386_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* ia64-linux-tdep.c (ia64_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* m32r-linux-tdep.c (m32r_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* m68k-linux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_init_abi):
* microblaze-linux-tdep.c (microblaze_linux_init_abi):
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* mn10300-linux-tdep.c (am33_linux_init_osabi): Adjust.
* nios2-linux-tdep.c (nios2_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* or1k-linux-tdep.c (or1k_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* riscv-linux-tdep.c (riscv_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* rs6000-tdep.c (struct ppc_inferior_data) <disp_step_buf>:
Change type to displaced_step_buffers.
* s390-linux-tdep.c (s390_linux_init_abi_any): Adjust.
* sh-linux-tdep.c (sh_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* sparc-linux-tdep.c (sparc32_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* sparc64-linux-tdep.c (sparc64_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* tic6x-linux-tdep.c (tic6x_uclinux_init_abi): Adjust.
* tilegx-linux-tdep.c (tilegx_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
* xtensa-linux-tdep.c (xtensa_linux_init_abi): Adjust.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* linux-tdep.c (init_linux_gdbarch_data): Change parameter to
(_initialize_linux_tdep): Register pre-init gdb data instead of
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* displaced-stepping.h (struct
displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): Adjust comments.
(struct displaced_step_inferior_state) <step_thread,
step_gdbarch, step_closure, step_original, step_copy,
step_saved_copy>: Remove fields.
(struct displaced_step_thread_state): New.
(struct displaced_step_buffer): New.
* displaced-stepping.c (displaced_step_buffer::prepare): New.
(write_memory_ptid): Move from infrun.c.
(displaced_step_instruction_executed_successfully): New,
factored out of displaced_step_finish.
(displaced_step_buffer::finish): New.
(displaced_step_buffer::copy_insn_closure_by_addr): New.
(displaced_step_buffer::restore_in_ptid): New.
* (displaced_step_location): Remove.
(displaced_step_prepare, displaced_step_finish,
displaced_step_restore_all_in_ptid): New.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* gdbthread.h (class thread_info) <displaced_step_state>: New
(thread_step_over_chain_remove): New declaration.
(thread_step_over_chain_next): New declaration.
(thread_step_over_chain_length): New declaration.
* thread.c (thread_step_over_chain_remove): Make non-static.
(thread_step_over_chain_next): New.
(global_thread_step_over_chain_next): Use
(thread_step_over_chain_length): New.
(global_thread_step_over_chain_enqueue): Add debug print.
(global_thread_step_over_chain_remove): Add debug print.
* infrun.h (get_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr):
* infrun.c (get_displaced_stepping_state): New.
(displaced_step_in_progress_any_inferior): Remove.
(displaced_step_in_progress_thread): Adjust.
(displaced_step_in_progress): Adjust.
(displaced_step_in_progress_any_thread): New.
(get_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): Remove.
(gdbarch_supports_displaced_stepping): Use
(displaced_step_reset): Change parameter from inferior to
(displaced_step_prepare_throw): Implement using
(write_memory_ptid): Move to displaced-step.c.
(displaced_step_restore): Remove.
(displaced_step_finish): Implement using
(start_step_over): Allow starting more than one displaced step.
(prepare_for_detach): Handle possibly multiple threads doing
displaced steps.
(handle_inferior_event): Handle possibility that fork event
happens while another thread displaced steps.
* linux-tdep.h (linux_displaced_step_prepare): New.
(linux_displaced_step_finish): New.
(linux_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): New.
(linux_displaced_step_restore_all_in_ptid): New.
(linux_init_abi): Add supports_displaced_step parameter.
* linux-tdep.c (struct linux_info) <disp_step_buf>: New field.
(linux_displaced_step_prepare): New.
(linux_displaced_step_finish): New.
(linux_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): New.
(linux_displaced_step_restore_all_in_ptid): New.
(linux_init_abi): Add supports_displaced_step parameter,
register displaced step methods if true.
(_initialize_linux_tdep): Register inferior_execd observer.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_linux_init_abi_common): Add
supports_displaced_step parameter, adjust call to
linux_init_abi. Remove call to
(amd64_linux_init_abi): Adjust call to
(amd64_x32_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c (aarch64_linux_init_abi): Adjust call to
linux_init_abi. Remove call to
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* i386-linux-tdep.c (i386_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* alpha-linux-tdep.c (alpha_linux_init_abi): Adjust call to
* arc-linux-tdep.c (arc_linux_init_osabi): Likewise.
* bfin-linux-tdep.c (bfin_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* cris-linux-tdep.c (cris_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* csky-linux-tdep.c (csky_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* frv-linux-tdep.c (frv_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* hppa-linux-tdep.c (hppa_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* ia64-linux-tdep.c (ia64_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* m32r-linux-tdep.c (m32r_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* m68k-linux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* microblaze-linux-tdep.c (microblaze_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* mips-linux-tdep.c (mips_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* mn10300-linux-tdep.c (am33_linux_init_osabi): Likewise.
* nios2-linux-tdep.c (nios2_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* or1k-linux-tdep.c (or1k_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* riscv-linux-tdep.c (riscv_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* s390-linux-tdep.c (s390_linux_init_abi_any): Likewise.
* sh-linux-tdep.c (sh_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* sparc-linux-tdep.c (sparc32_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* sparc64-linux-tdep.c (sparc64_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* tic6x-linux-tdep.c (tic6x_uclinux_init_abi): Likewise.
* tilegx-linux-tdep.c (tilegx_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* xtensa-linux-tdep.c (xtensa_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_abi): Adjust call to
linux_init_abi. Remove call to
* arm-tdep.c (arm_pc_is_thumb): Call
gdbarch_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr instead of
* rs6000-aix-tdep.c (rs6000_aix_init_osabi): Adjust calls to
clear gdbarch methods.
* rs6000-tdep.c (struct ppc_inferior_data): New structure.
(get_ppc_per_inferior): New function.
(ppc_displaced_step_prepare): New function.
(ppc_displaced_step_finish): New function.
(ppc_displaced_step_restore_all_in_ptid): New function.
(rs6000_gdbarch_init): Register new gdbarch methods.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Don't call
set_gdbarch_displaced_step_location, set new gdbarch methods.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* (COMMON_SFILES): Add displaced-stepping.c.
* aarch64-tdep.h: Include displaced-stepping.h.
* displaced-stepping.h (struct displaced_step_copy_insn_closure):
Move here.
(displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_up): Move here.
(struct buf_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): Move here.
(struct displaced_step_inferior_state): Move here.
(debug_displaced): Move here.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): Move here.
(displaced_debug_printf): Move here.
* displaced-stepping.c: New file.
* Include displaced-stepping.h in gdbarch.h.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* inferior.h: Include displaced-stepping.h.
* infrun.h (debug_displaced): Move to displaced-stepping.h.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): Likewise.
(displaced_debug_printf): Likewise.
(struct displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): Likewise.
(displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_up): Likewise.
(struct buf_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): Likewise.
(struct displaced_step_inferior_state): Likewise.
* infrun.c (show_debug_displaced): Move to displaced-stepping.c.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): Likewise.
(_initialize_infrun): Don't register "set/show debug displaced".
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* linux-tdep.c (get_linux_inferior_data): Add inferior
(linux_vsyscall_range): Pass current inferior.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (displaced_step_prepare_throw): Change return type to
(displaced_step_prepare): Likewise.
(displaced_step_finish): Change return type to
(resume_1): Adjust.
(stop_all_threads): Adjust.
* displaced-stepping.h: New file.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (displaced_step_fixup): Rename to...
(displaced_step_finish): ... this, update all callers.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.h (get_displaced_step_closure_by_addr): Rename to...
(get_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): ... this.
Update all users.
(displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all users.
(displaced_step_closure_up): Rename to...
(displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_up). ... this. Update all
(buf_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(buf_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* infrun.c (get_displaced_step_closure_by_addr): Rename to...
(get_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure_by_addr): ... this.
Update all users.
* aarch64-tdep.c (aarch64_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(aarch64_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update
all users.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(amd64_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* arm-tdep.h (arm_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(arm_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* i386-tdep.h (i386_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(i386_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* rs6000-tdep.c (ppc_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(ppc_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* s390-tdep.c (s390_displaced_step_closure): Rename to...
(s390_displaced_step_copy_insn_closure): ... this. Update all
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* gdbthread.h (thread_step_over_chain_enqueue): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_enqueue): ... this. Update all
(thread_step_over_chain_remove): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_remove): ... this. Update all
(thread_step_over_chain_next): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_next): ... this. Update all
* infrun.h (step_over_queue_head): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_head): ... this. Update all
* infrun.c (step_over_queue_head): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_head): ... this. Update all
* thread.c (step_over_chain_remove): Rename to...
(thread_step_over_chain_remove): ... this. Update all users.
(thread_step_over_chain_next): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_next): ... this. Update all
(thread_step_over_chain_enqueue): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_enqueue): ... this. Update all
(thread_step_over_chain_remove): Rename to...
(global_thread_step_over_chain_remove): ... this. Update all
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (get_displaced_stepping_state): Remove, change
callers to access the field directly.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Restore displaced step
buffer bytes in child process when handling fork, even if fork
happened in another thread than the displaced-stepping one.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (infrun_inferior_execd): New function.
(_initialize_infrun): Attach inferior_execd observer.
2020-12-04 Simon Marchi <>
* observable.h (inferior_execd): Declare new observable.
* observable.c (inferior_execd): Declare new observable.
* infrun.c (follow_exec): Notify inferior_execd observer.
* jit.c (jit_inferior_created_hook): Make static.
(_initialize_jit): Register inferior_execd observer.
* jit.h (jit_inferior_created_hook): Remove declaration.
* solib.c (_initialize_solib): Register inferior_execd observer.
2020-12-04 Tom de Vries <>
PR gdb/27003
* completer.c (completion_tracker::build_completion_result): Don't
access match_list[0][-1].
2020-12-04 Tom Tromey <>
* linespec.c (struct linespec_token): Rename; remove typedef.
* guile/scm-block.c (struct block_smob): Remove typedef.
(struct block_syms_progress_smob): Likewise.
* guile/scm-symbol.c (struct symbol_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-symtab.c (symtab_smob): Remove typedef.
(struct sal_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-param.c (struct param_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-progspace.c (struct pspace_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-objfile.c (struct objfile_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-iterator.c (struct iterator_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-frame.c (struct frame_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-arch.c (struct arch_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-type.c (struct field_smob): Remove typedef.
(struct type_smob): Rename.
* guile/scm-cmd.c (struct command_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-ports.c (struct ioscm_memory_port): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-value.c (struct value_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-lazy-string.c (lazy_string_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/guile-internal.h (struct scheme_variable)
(struct scheme_function, struct scheme_integer_constant)
(struct gdb_smob, struct chained_gdb_smob)
(struct eqable_gdb_smob, arch_smob, frame_smob, iterator_smob)
(objfile_smob, pspace_smob, type_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-pretty-print.c (pretty_printer_smob): Remove typedef.
(struct pretty_printer_worker_smob): Remove typedef.
* guile/scm-exception.c (struct exception_smob): Remove typedef.
* python/py-block.c (struct block_object): Remove typedef.
(block_syms_iterator_object): Update.
(set_block): Update.
(block_syms_iterator_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-inferior.c (struct membuf_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-symtab.c (struct symtab_object): Remove typedef.
(set_symtab): Update.
(sal_object): Remove typedef.
(set_sal): Update.
* python/py-frame.c (frame_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-record-btrace.c (struct btpy_list_object): Remove
* python/py-arch.c (struct arch_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-linetable.c (struct linetable_entry_object)
(linetable_object, struct ltpy_iterator_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-events.h (eventregistry_object): Remove typedef.
(struct events_object): Remove typedef.
* python/python-internal.h (gdbpy_breakpoint_object): Remove
(thread_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-progspace.c (pspace_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-value.c (struct value_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-record.h (recpy_record_object): Remove typedef.
(struct recpy_element_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-lazy-string.c (lazy_string_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-objfile.c (objfile_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-cmd.c (struct cmdpy_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-type.c (type_object): Remove typedef.
(typy_iterator_object): Update.
(set_type): Update.
(field_object): Remove typedef.
(typy_iterator_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-registers.c (register_descriptor_iterator_object):
Remove typedef.
(struct register_descriptor_object)
(struct reggroup_iterator_object, struct reggroup_object): Remove
* python/py-record.c (recpy_gap_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-symbol.c (symbol_object): Remove typedef.
(set_symbol): Update.
* python/py-event.h (event_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-param.c (parmpy_object): Remove typedef.
* python/py-instruction.c (struct py_insn_obj): Remove typedef.
* python/py-unwind.c (struct pending_frame_object): Remove typedef.
(unwind_info_object, struct cached_frame_info): Likewise.
2020-12-04 Tom Tromey <>
* value.c (value_internal_function_name): Make return type const.
* value.h (value_internal_function_name): Make return type const.
2020-12-04 Luis Machado <>
* aarch64-tdep.c (submask, bit, bits): Remove.
* arch/aarch64-insn.c (extract_signed_bitfield): Remove.
(aarch64_decode_adr, aarch64_decode_b aarch64_decode_bcond)
(aarch64_decode_cb, aarch64_decode_tb)
(aarch64_decode_ldr_literal): Use sbits to extract a signed
* arch/aarch64-insn.h (submask, bits, bit, sbits): New macros.
2020-12-04 Tom de Vries <>
PR tdep/27007
* i386-tdep.c (i386_16_byte_align_p): Skip static fields.
2020-12-03 Simon Marchi <>
PR gdb/26876
* dwarf2/frame.c (find_comp_unit, set_comp_unit): Reverse use of
dwarf2_frame_bfd_data and dwarf2_frame_objfile_data.
2020-12-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* arch/riscv.c: Include 'rv32e-xregs.c'.
(riscv_create_target_description): Update to handle rv32e.
* arch/riscv.h (struct riscv_gdbarch_features) <embedded>: New
member variable.
<operator==>: Update to account for new field.
<hash>: Likewise.
* features/Makefile (FEATURE_XMLFILES): Add riscv/rv32e-xregs.xml.
* features/riscv/rv32e-xregs.c: Generated.
* features/riscv/rv32e-xregs.xml: New file.
* riscv-tdep.c (riscv_debug_breakpoints): Move from later in the
(riscv_debug_infcall): Likewise.
(riscv_debug_unwinder): Likewise.
(riscv_debug_gdbarch): Likewise.
(enum riscv_register_required_status): Delete.
(struct riscv_register_feature): Add constructor, delete default
constructor, copy, and assign constructors.
(struct riscv_register_feature::register_info) <required>: Delete.
<check>: Update comment and arguments.
(struct riscv_register_feature) <name>: Change to member function.
<prefer_first_name>: Delete.
<tdesc_feature>: New member function.
<registers>: Rename to...
<m_registers>: ...this.
<m_feature_name>: New member variable.
(riscv_register_feature::register_info::check): Update arguments.
(riscv_xreg_feature): Rewrite as class, create a single static
instance of the class.
(riscv_freg_feature): Likewise.
(riscv_virtual_feature): Likewise.
(riscv_csr_feature): Likewise.
(riscv_create_csr_aliases): Has become a member function inside
riscv_csr_feature class.
(riscv_abi_embedded): New function definition.
(riscv_register_name): Adjust to use new feature objects.
(struct riscv_call_info) <riscv_call_info>: Check for rv32e abi,
and adjust available argument registers.
(riscv_features_from_gdbarch_info): Check for EF_RISCV_RVE flag.
(riscv_check_tdesc_feature): Delete.
(riscv_tdesc_unknown_reg): Adjust to use new feature objects.
(riscv_gdbarch_init): Delete target description checking code, and
instead call to the new feature objects to perform the checks.
Reorder handling of no abi information case, allows small code
(_initialize_riscv_tdep): Remove call, this is now done in the
riscv_csr_feature constructor.
* riscv-tdep.h (riscv_abi_embedded): Declare.
2020-12-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* riscv-tdep.c (riscv_create_csr_aliases): Remove use of
2020-12-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* riscv-tdep.c (riscv_is_unknown_csr): New function,
implementation moved from riscv_register_reggroup_p.
(riscv_register_reggroup_p): Update group handling for unknown
2020-12-01 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwz_search_other_debugdirs): New function.
(dwarf2_get_dwz_file): Convert 'filename' to a
std::string. Use dwz_search_other_debugdirs to search for DWZ
files in the debug-file-directories provided by the user as well.
2020-12-01 Tom Tromey <>
* parse.c (expr_builder::expr_builder): Initialize expout.
(expr_builder::release): Use expression::resize.
(expression::expression, expression::~expression)
(expression::resize): New methods.
(write_exp_elt): Use expression::resize.
(prefixify_expression): Update.
(increase_expout_size): Use expression::resize.
* expression.h (struct expression): Add constructor, destructor.
<resize>: New method.
(expression_up): Change type.
2020-12-01 Rogerio A. Cardoso <>
* ppc-linux-nat.c: (PPC_DEBUG_FEATURE_DATA_BP_ARCH_31): New define.
(region_ok_for_hw_watchpoint): Check if 2nd DAWR is avaliable before
set region.
2020-11-30 Tom de Vries <>
PR symtab/26905
* dwarf2/loc.c (dwarf2_locexpr_baton_eval): Add and handle
is_reference parameter.
(dwarf2_evaluate_property): Update dwarf2_locexpr_baton_eval call.
2020-11-30 Tom Tromey <>
* rust-lang.c (rust_op_name): Remove.
(exp_descriptor_rust): Update.
* parser-defs.h (op_name_standard): Don't declare.
(struct exp_descriptor) <op_name>: Remove.
* parse.c (exp_descriptor_standard): Update.
* opencl-lang.c (exp_descriptor_opencl): Update.
* m2-lang.c (m2_language::exp_descriptor_modula2): Update.
* f-lang.c (op_name_f): Remove.
(f_language::exp_descriptor_tab): Update.
* expression.h (op_name): Update.
* expprint.c (op_name): Rewrite.
(op_name_standard): Remove.
(dump_raw_expression, dump_subexp): Update.
* c-lang.c (exp_descriptor_c): Update.
* ax-gdb.c (gen_expr): Update.
* ada-lang.c (ada_op_name): Remove.
(ada_exp_descriptor): Update.
2020-11-30 Tom Tromey <>
* eval.c (init_array_element): Remove.
(evaluate_subexp_standard) <OP_ARRAY>: Remove "index_pc".
2020-11-29 Hannes Domani <>
PR tui/26973
* tui/tui-layout.c (tui_apply_current_layout): Don't delete the
static locator win info.
2020-11-28 Alex Richardson <>
* acincludde.m4 (GDB_AC_CHECK_BFD): Include string.h in the test
2020-11-27 Andrew Burgess <>
* printcmd.c (skip_over_slash_fmt): Reorder code to ensure in_fmt
is always initialized.
2020-11-26 Rogerio Alves <>
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself.
2020-11-26 Przemyslaw Wirkus <>
* features/aarch64-fpu.c (create_feature_aarch64_fpu): Regenerate.
* features/aarch64-fpu.xml: Add named FPCR and FPSR register bit-fields.
2020-11-25 Tom Tromey <>
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Remove unnecessary
2020-11-25 Tom Tromey <>
* d-lang.c: Include parser-defs.h.
* rust-lang.c: Include parser-defs.h.
* c-lang.h: Do not include parser-defs.h.
2020-11-24 Simon Marchi <>
* regcache.h (struct cached_reg): Remove typedef.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* README: Fix the URL of the MPFR library.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* README: Document the --with-libgmp-prefix configure option.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* NEWS: Add entry documenting support for DWARF-based fixed
point types.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* NEWS: Document that building GDB now requires GMP.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* typeprint.c (print_type_scalar): Add handling of
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* valarith.c (fixed_point_binop): Replace the
INIT_VAL_WITH_FIXED_POINT_VAL macro by a lambda. Update all
users accordingly.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbtypes.h (struct type) <fixed_point_scaling_factor>: New method,
replacing fixed_point_scaling_factor. All callers updated
throughout this project.
(fixed_point_scaling_factor): Delete declaration.
* gdbtypes.c (type::fixed_point_scaling_factor): Replaces
fixed_point_scaling_factor. Adjust implementation accordingly.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbtypes.h (struct type) <fixed_point_type_base_type> New method,
replacing the fixed_point_type_base_type function. All callers
updated throughout this project.
(fixed_point_type_base_type): Remove declaration.
* gdbtypes.c (type::fixed_point_type_base_type): Replaces
fixed_point_type_base_type. Adjust implementation accordingly.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* gdbtypes.h (struct type) <fixed_point_info, set_fixed_point_info>:
New methods.
(TYPE_FIXED_POINT_INFO): Delete macro.
(allocate_fixed_point_type_info): Change return type to void.
* gdbtypes.c (copy_type_recursive): Replace the use of
TYPE_FIXED_POINT_INFO by a call to the fixed_point_info method.
(fixed_point_scaling_factor): Likewise.
(allocate_fixed_point_type_info): Change return type to void.
Adjust implementation accordingly.
* dwarf2/read.c (finish_fixed_point_type): Replace the use of
TYPE_FIXED_POINT_INFO by a call to the fixed_point_info method.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* gmp-utils.h (gdb_mpz::read): Change buf and len parameters
into one single gdb::array_view parameter.
(gdb_mpz::write): Likewise.
(gdb_mpq::read_fixed_point, gdb_mpq::write_fixed_point): Likewise.
* gmp-utils.c (gdb_mpz::read): Change buf and len parameters
into one single gdb::array_view parameter.
Adjust implementation accordingly.
(gdb_mpz::write): Likewise.
(gdb_mpq::read_fixed_point, gdb_mpq::write_fixed_point): Likewise.
* unittests/gmp-utils-selftests.c: Adapt following changes above.
* valarith.c, valops.c, valprint.c, value.c: Likewise.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* gmp-utils.h (gmp_string_printf): Rename from gmp_string_asprintf.
Change return type to std::string. Update all callers.
* gmp-utils.c (gmp_string_printf): Likewise.
2020-11-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* unittests/gmp-utils-selftests.c (write_fp_test): Use mpq_set_si
instead of mpq_set_ui to initialize our GMP rational.
2020-11-23 Tom de Vries <>
* debuginfod-support.c (debuginfod_source_query)
(debuginfod_debuginfo_query): Only set DESTNAME if successful.
2020-11-21 Tom Tromey <>
* breakpoint.c (watchpoint_exp_is_const): Return bool.
2020-11-20 Simon Marchi <>
* unittests/gmp-utils-selftests.c (gdb_mpz_read_all_from_small):
Pass 2.0 to pow.
(gdb_mpz_write_all_from_small): Likewise.
2020-11-20 Simon Marchi <>
* dwarf2/read.c (finish_fixed_point_type): Use std::abs instead
of abs.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctfread.c (elfctf_build_psymtabs): Use ctf_dict_open, not
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctfread.c: Change uses of ctf_file_t to ctf_dict_t.
(ctf_fp_info::~ctf_fp_info): Call ctf_dict_close, not ctf_file_close.
2020-11-20 Pedro Alves <>
* language.c (language_arch_info::lookup_primitive_type): Use
gdb::function_view instead of gdb::function.
(template language_lookup_primitive_type): Rename to ...
(language_lookup_primitive_type_1): ... this, and make static.
(language_lookup_primitive_type(const struct language_defn *,
struct gdbarch *, const char *): Make non-template.
(language_lookup_primitive_type(const struct language_defn *,
struct gdbarch *, std::function<bool (struct type *)>): Make
non-template and use gdb::function_view.
* language.h (language_arch_info::lookup_primitive_type): Use
gdb::function_view instead of std::function.
(language_lookup_primitive_type): No longer template.
* opencl-lang.c (lookup_opencl_vector_type): 'filter' is now a
lambda instead of a std::function.
2020-11-19 Andreas Arnez <>
PR tdep/26916
* s390-tdep.c (s390_process_record): Fix recording of STOC, STOCG,
2020-11-19 Simon Marchi <>
* f-lang.c (fortran_value_subarray): Use plongest/pulongest.
2020-11-19 Simon Marchi <>
* (read_core_file_mappings): Remove `other` parameter
in `loop_cb` parameter.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* arch-utils.c (default_read_core_file_mappings): Remove `other`
* arch-utils.h (default_read_core_file_mappings): Likewise.
* corelow.c (core_target::build_file_mappings): Likewise.
* linux-tdep.c (linux_read_core_file_mappings): Likewise.
(linux_core_info_proc_mappings): Likewise.
2020-11-19 Andrew Burgess <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add f-array-walker.h.
* NEWS: Mention new options.
* f-array-walker.h: New file.
* f-lang.c: Include 'gdbcmd.h' and 'f-array-walker.h'.
(repack_array_slices): New static global.
(show_repack_array_slices): New function.
(fortran_array_slicing_debug): New static global.
(show_fortran_array_slicing_debug): New function.
(value_f90_subarray): Delete.
(skip_undetermined_arglist): Delete.
(class fortran_array_repacker_base_impl): New class.
(class fortran_lazy_array_repacker_impl): New class.
(class fortran_array_repacker_impl): New class.
(fortran_value_subarray): Complete rewrite.
(set_fortran_list): New static global.
(show_fortran_list): Likewise.
(_initialize_f_language): Register new commands.
(fortran_adjust_dynamic_array_base_address_hack): New function.
* f-lang.h (fortran_adjust_dynamic_array_base_address_hack):
* f-valprint.c: Include 'f-array-walker.h'.
(class fortran_array_printer_impl): New class.
(f77_print_array_1): Delete.
(f77_print_array): Delete.
(fortran_print_array): New.
(f_value_print_inner): Update to call fortran_print_array.
* gdbtypes.c: Include 'f-lang.h'.
(resolve_dynamic_type_internal): Call
2020-11-19 Andrew Burgess <>
* breakpoint.c (struct watch_options): New struct.
(watch_option_defs): New static global.
(make_watch_options_def_group): New function.
(watch_maybe_just_location): Convert option parsing.
(watch_command_completer): New function.
(_initialize_breakpoint): Build help text using options mechanism.
2020-11-19 Andrew Burgess <>
* breakpoint.c (update_watchpoint): Pass 'false' not '0'.
(watch_command_1): Update parameter types. Convert locals to
(watch_command_wrapper): Change parameter type.
(watch_maybe_just_location): Change locals to bool.
(rwatch_command_wrapper): Update parameter type.
(awatch_command_wrapper): Update parameter type.
* breakpoint.h (watch_command_wrapper): Change parameter type.
(rwatch_command_wrapper): Update parameter type.
(awatch_command_wrapper): Update parameter type.
* eval.c (fetch_subexp_value): Change parameter type.
* ppc-linux-nat.c (ppc_linux_nat_target::check_condition): Pass
'false' not '0'.
* value.h (fetch_subexp_value): Change parameter type in
2020-11-19 Andrew Burgess <>
* printcmd.c (skip_over_slash_fmt): Make use of skip_to_space and
2020-11-18 Keith Seitz <>
* linux-tdep.c (dump_note_entry_p): Return true instead of
checking `filename'.
2020-11-18 Tom de Vries <>
* debuginfod-support.c (debuginfod_source_query)
(debuginfod_debuginfo_query): Also do early exit if
"(getenv (DEBUGINFOD_URLS_ENV_VAR))[0] == '\0'".
2020-11-18 Tom de Vries <>
* gdbtypes.c (update_static_array_size): Fix -Werror=bool-compare
2020-11-17 Simon Marchi <>
* gdbtypes.h (get_array_bounds): Return bool, adjust some
callers. Move doc here.
* gdbtypes.c (get_array_bounds): Return bool
2020-11-17 Andrew Burgess <>
* arc-linux-tdep.c (arc_linux_sw_breakpoint_from_kind): Add an
* arc-tdep.c (arc_breakpoint_kind_from_pc): Likewise.
* disasm-selftests.c (print_one_insn_test): Fall throough from ARC
case to the default.
2020-11-17 Andrew Burgess <>
* printcmd.c: Include 'safe-ctype.c'.
(skip_over_slash_fmt): New function.
(print_command_completer): Call skip_over_slash_fmt.
(display_and_x_command_completer): New function.
(_initialize_printcmd): Add command completion for 'x' and
2020-11-16 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame): Move get_frame_id call from here ...
(get_prev_frame_always_1): ... to here.
* inline-frame.c (inline_frame_this_id): Mention
get_prev_frame_always_1 in comment.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* valarith.c (fixed_point_binop): Add BINOP_EQUAL and BINOP_LESS
(value_less): Add fixed-point handling.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* eval.c (binop_promote): Add fixed-point type handling.
* valarith.c (fixed_point_binop): New function.
(scalar_binop): Add fixed-point type handling.
(value_neg): Add fixed-point type handling.
* valops.c (value_cast_to_fixed_point): New function.
(value_cast): Add fixed-point type handling.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_print_type): Add handing of fixed-point
range types.
* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_varspec_prefix)
(c_type_print_varspec_suffix, c_type_print_base_1): Add
* p-typeprint.c (pascal_type_print_varspec_prefix)
(pascal_type_print_varspec_suffix): Likewise.
* typeprint.c (print_type_fixed_point): New function.
* typeprint.h (print_type_fixed_point): Add declaration.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Add fixed-point type
handling when options->format is set.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-valprint.c (ada_value_print_1): Add fixed-point type handling.
* dwarf2/read.c (get_dwarf2_rational_constant)
(get_dwarf2_unsigned_rational_constant, finish_fixed_point_type)
(has_zero_over_zero_small_attribute): New functions.
read_base_type, set_die_type): Add fixed-point type handling.
* Add fixed-point type handling.
* gdbtypes.c: #include "gmp-utils.h".
(create_range_type, set_type_code): Add fixed-point type handling.
(init_fixed_point_type): New function.
(is_integral_type, is_scalar_type): Add fixed-point type handling.
(print_fixed_point_type_info): New function.
(recursive_dump_type, copy_type_recursive): Add fixed-point type
(fixed_point_type_storage): New typedef.
(fixed_point_objfile_key): New static global.
(allocate_fixed_point_type_info, is_fixed_point_type): New functions.
(fixed_point_type_base_type, fixed_point_scaling_factor): New
* gdbtypes.h: #include "gmp-utils.h".
(enum type_code) <TYPE_SPECIFIC_FIXED_POINT>: New enum.
(union type_specific) <fixed_point_info>: New field.
(struct fixed_point_type_info): New struct.
(init_fixed_point_type, is_fixed_point_type)
(fixed_point_type_base_type, fixed_point_scaling_factor)
(allocate_fixed_point_type_info): Add declarations.
* valprint.c (generic_val_print_fixed_point): New function.
(generic_value_print): Add fixed-point type handling.
* value.c (value_as_address, unpack_long): Add fixed-point type
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* utils.h (uinteger_pow): Add declaration.
* utils.c (uinteger_pow): Moved here (without changes)...
* valarith.c (uinteger_pow): ... from here.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* gmp-utils.h, gmp-utils.c: New file.
* unittests/gmp-utils-selftests.c: New file.
(COMMON_SFILES) Add gmp-utils.c.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add gmp-utils.h.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* Generate an error if a usable GMP library
could not be found.
* configure: Regenerate.
2020-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* Add support for --with-libgmp-prefix.
* (LIBGMP): New variable.
(CLIBS): Include $(LIBGMP).
* configure, Regenerate
2020-11-14 Andrew Burgess <>
PR cli/26879
* f-exp.y (COMPLETE): New token.
(exp): Two new rules for tab-completion.
(saw_name_at_eof): New static global.
(last_was_structop): Likewise.
(yylex): Set new variables, and return COMPLETE token at the end
of the input stream in some cases.
2020-11-14 Tom Tromey <>
* infrun.c (fetch_inferior_event): Use "bool" for should_stop.
2020-11-14 Tom Tromey <>
* opencl-lang.c (opencl_component_ref): Make "comps" const.
2020-11-14 Simon Marchi <>
* arm-tdep.c (class arm_instruction_reader) <read>: Fix comment.
2020-11-13 Tom Tromey <>
* c-lang.c (convert_ucn, convert_octal, convert_hex)
(convert_escape, parse_one_string): Constify.
2020-11-13 Keith Seitz <>
* elfread.c (elf_symfile_segments): Omit "Loadable section ...
outside of ELF segments" warning for debugin
2020-11-13 Keith Seitz <>
PR gdb/23034
* elfread.c (elf_symfile_segments): Output a BFD file name
for the "Loadable section ... outside of ELF segments" warning.
2020-11-13 Simon Marchi <>
PR gdb/26835
* arm-tdep.c (class arm_instruction_reader): New.
(target_arm_instruction_reader): New.
(arm_analyze_prologue): Add instruction reader parameter and use
it. Use arm_expand_immediate.
(class target_arm_instruction_reader): Adjust.
(arm_skip_prologue): Adjust.
(arm_expand_immediate): New.
(arm_scan_prologue): Adjust.
(arm_analyze_prologue_test): New.
(class test_arm_instruction_reader): New.
2020-11-13 Andrew Burgess <>
* f-lang.c (fortran_argument_convert): Add declaration. Add
header comment, taken from f-lang.h. Make static.
* f-lang.h (f77_get_dynamic_array_length): Delete declaration.
(fortran_argument_convert): Delete declaration.
2020-11-12 Andrew Burgess <>
* ada-exp.y (find_primitive_type): Make parameter const.
* ada-lang.c (enum ada_primitive_types): Delete.
(ada_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* c-lang.c (enum c_primitive_types): Delete.
(c_language_arch_info): Update.
(enum cplus_primitive_types): Delete.
(cplus_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* d-lang.c (enum d_primitive_types): Delete.
(d_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* f-lang.c (enum f_primitive_types): Delete.
(f_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* go-lang.c (enum go_primitive_types): Delete.
(go_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* language.c (auto_or_unknown_language::language_arch_info):
(language_gdbarch_post_init): Use obstack_new, use array indexing.
(language_string_char_type): Add header comment, call function in
(language_bool_type): Likewise
(language_arch_info::bool_type): Define.
(language_lookup_primitive_type_1): Delete.
(language_lookup_primitive_type): Rewrite as a templated function
to call function in language_arch_info, then instantiate twice.
(language_arch_info::type_and_symbol::alloc_type_symbol): Define.
(language_arch_info::lookup_primitive_type_and_symbol): Define.
(language_arch_info::lookup_primitive_type): Define twice with
different signatures.
(language_arch_info::lookup_primitive_type_as_symbol): Define.
(language_lookup_primitive_type_as_symbol): Rewrite to call a
member function in language_arch_info.
* language.h (language_arch_info): Complete rewrite.
(language_lookup_primitive_type): Make templated.
* m2-lang.c (enum m2_primitive_types): Delete.
(m2_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* opencl-lang.c (OCL_P_TYPE): Delete.
(enum opencl_primitive_types): Delete.
(opencl_type_data): Delete.
(builtin_opencl_type): Delete.
(lookup_opencl_vector_type): Update.
(opencl_language::language_arch_info): Update, lots of content
moved from...
(build_opencl_types): This function is now deleted.
(_initialize_opencl_language): Delete.
* p-lang.c (enum pascal_primitive_types): Delete.
(pascal_language::language_arch_info): Update.
* rust-lang.c (enum rust_primitive_types): Delete.
(rust_language::language_arch_info): Update.
2020-11-12 Simon Marchi <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dw2_do_instantiate_symtab): Fix call to
2020-11-12 Simon Marchi <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dw2_do_instantiate_symtab): Fix typo in
2020-11-12 Simon Marchi <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf_read_debug_printf,
dwarf_read_debug_printf_v): New macros, use throughout the file.
2020-11-12 Shahab Vahedi <>
PR tdep/27015
* arc-linux-tdep.c (collect_register): Populate "eret" by
"pc" value from the regcache when asked for "pc" value.
2020-11-12 Tom Tromey <>
PR rust/26799:
* symtab.c (find_symbol_at_address): Search symtabs if no psymtabs
2020-11-12 Andrew Burgess <>
* features/Makefile (XMLTOC): Add rx.xml.
(FEATURE_XMLFILES): Remove rx.xml.
(FEATURE_CFILES rule): Pass '-single-feature' flag.
* features/rx.c: Regenerate.
* features/rx.xml: Wrap in `target` tags, and reindent.
* target-descriptions.c (struct maint_print_c_tdesc_options): New
(maint_print_c_tdesc_opt_def): New typedef.
(maint_print_c_tdesc_opt_defs): New static global.
(make_maint_print_c_tdesc_options_def_group): New function.
(maint_print_c_tdesc_cmd): Make use of command line flags, only
print single feature C file for target descriptions containing a
single feature.
(maint_print_c_tdesc_cmd_completer): New function.
(_initialize_target_descriptions): Update call to register command
completer, and include command line flag in help text.
2020-11-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* riscv-tdep.c (riscv_dwarf_reg_to_regnum): Decode DWARF CSR
enum values.
2020-11-10 Tom Tromey <>
* value.h (internalvar_name): Update.
* value.c (internalvar_name): Make return type const.
2020-11-10 Tom Tromey <>
* ax-gdb.c (gen_struct_elt_for_reference, gen_namespace_elt)
(gen_maybe_namespace_elt, gen_aggregate_elt_ref, gen_expr): Use
2020-11-10 Tom Tromey <>
* objc-lang.h (value_nsstring): Update.
* objc-lang.c (value_nsstring): Make "ptr" const.
2020-11-06 Andrew Burgess <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp_funcall): Increment expression position
after reading argument count.
* f-lang.c (print_subexp_f): Skip over opcode before calling
common function.
(dump_subexp_body_f): Likewise.
2020-11-06 Romain Geissler <>
PR python/26832
* configure: Regenerate.
* Check for python modules ctypes instead of
2020-11-06 Pedro Alves <>
* macroexp.c (struct macro_buffer): Split in two classes. Add
uses adjusted.
(struct shared_macro_buffer): New, factored out from struct
(struct growable_macro_buffer): New, factored out from struct
(set_token, get_comment, get_identifier, get_pp_number)
(get_character_constant, get_string_literal, get_punctuator)
(get_next_token_for_substitution): Constify parameters.
(substitute_args): Constify locals.
2020-11-05 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo)
(cutu_reader::cutu_reader, cutu_reader::cutu_reader)
(build_type_psymtabs_1): Update.
* dwarf2/abbrev.h (struct abbrev_table): Remove objfile
* dwarf2/abbrev.c (abbrev_table::read): Remove objfile parameter.
Don't read section. Add assert.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_print_type): Handle __XVL fields.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_print_type): Handle __T types.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (add_partial_symbol, process_die):
Handle DW_TAG_array_type.
(is_type_tag_for_partial): Add "lang" parameter.
(load_partial_dies, new_symbol): Handle DW_TAG_array_type.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_value_slice_from_ptr): Use bit size.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_array_type): Only apply stride to innermost
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* gdbtypes.c (update_static_array_size): Handle bit stride.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_value_struct_elt): Resolve dynamic type.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_is_any_packed_array_type): New function.
(ada_evaluate_subexp) <case TERNOP_SLICE>: Use it.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (recognize_bound_expression)
(quirk_ada_thick_pointer): New functions.
(read_array_type): Call quirk_ada_thick_pointer.
(set_die_type): Add "skip_data_location" parameter.
(quirk_ada_thick_pointer): New function.
(process_structure_scope): Call quirk_ada_thick_pointer.
* ada-lang.c (ada_is_unconstrained_packed_array_type)
(decode_packed_array_bitsize): Handle thick pointers without
parallel types.
(ada_is_gnat_encoded_packed_array_type): Rename from
(ada_is_constrained_packed_array_type): Update.
* ada-valprint.c (ada_val_print_gnat_array): Remove.
(ada_value_print_1): Use ada_get_decoded_value.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (recursively_update_array_bitsize): New function.
(decode_constrained_packed_array_type): Call it.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.c (to_fixed_array_type): Error if
decode_constrained_packed_array_type returns NULL.
2020-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/leb.h (read_3_bytes): Use bfd_get_24.
2020-11-02 Tom Tromey <>
* (ALL_64_TARGET_OBS): Add amd64-ravenscar-thread.o.
(ALLDEPFILES): Add amd64-ravenscar-thread.c.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add amd64-ravenscar-thread.h.
* amd64-ravenscar-thread.c: New file.
* amd64-ravenscar-thread.h: New file.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_init_abi): Register ravenscar ops.
* configure.tgt (amd64_tobjs): Add ravenscar objects.
2020-11-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* main.c (execute_cmdargs): New function.
(captured_main_1): Make use of execute_cmdargs.
2020-11-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* NEWS: Mention changes to config file search path.
* main.c
2020-11-02 Tom Tromey <>
* python/python.c: Consolidate two HAVE_PYTHON blocks.
(python_GdbModuleDef): Move earlier. Now static.
(do_start_initialization): Consolidate some IS_PY3K blocks.
2020-11-02 Simon Marchi <>
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* aarch64-ravenscar-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* aarch64-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* aarch64-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* ada-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* ada-lang.h: Fix indentation.
* ada-tasks.c: Fix indentation.
* ada-typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* ada-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* ada-varobj.c: Fix indentation.
* addrmap.c: Fix indentation.
* addrmap.h: Fix indentation.
* agent.c: Fix indentation.
* aix-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-bsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-mdebug-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-obsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* alpha-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-bsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-darwin-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-obsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* amd64-windows-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* annotate.c: Fix indentation.
* arc-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* arch-utils.c: Fix indentation.
* arch/arm-get-next-pcs.c: Fix indentation.
* arch/arm.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-pikeos-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* arm-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* arm-wince-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* auto-load.c: Fix indentation.
* auxv.c: Fix indentation.
* avr-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ax-gdb.c: Fix indentation.
* ax-general.c: Fix indentation.
* bfin-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* block.c: Fix indentation.
* block.h: Fix indentation.
* blockframe.c: Fix indentation.
* bpf-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* break-catch-sig.c: Fix indentation.
* break-catch-syscall.c: Fix indentation.
* break-catch-throw.c: Fix indentation.
* breakpoint.c: Fix indentation.
* breakpoint.h: Fix indentation.
* bsd-uthread.c: Fix indentation.
* btrace.c: Fix indentation.
* build-id.c: Fix indentation.
* buildsym-legacy.h: Fix indentation.
* buildsym.c: Fix indentation.
* c-typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* c-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* c-varobj.c: Fix indentation.
* charset.c: Fix indentation.
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Fix indentation.
* cli/cli-decode.c: Fix indentation.
* cli/cli-decode.h: Fix indentation.
* cli/cli-script.c: Fix indentation.
* cli/cli-setshow.c: Fix indentation.
* coff-pe-read.c: Fix indentation.
* coffread.c: Fix indentation.
* compile/compile-cplus-types.c: Fix indentation.
* compile/compile-object-load.c: Fix indentation.
* compile/compile-object-run.c: Fix indentation.
* completer.c: Fix indentation.
* corefile.c: Fix indentation.
* corelow.c: Fix indentation.
* cp-abi.h: Fix indentation.
* cp-namespace.c: Fix indentation.
* cp-support.c: Fix indentation.
* cp-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* cris-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* cris-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* darwin-nat-info.c: Fix indentation.
* darwin-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* darwin-nat.h: Fix indentation.
* dbxread.c: Fix indentation.
* dcache.c: Fix indentation.
* disasm.c: Fix indentation.
* dtrace-probe.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/abbrev.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/attribute.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/expr.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/frame.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/index-cache.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/index-write.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/line-header.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/loc.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/macro.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/read.c: Fix indentation.
* dwarf2/read.h: Fix indentation.
* elfread.c: Fix indentation.
* eval.c: Fix indentation.
* event-top.c: Fix indentation.
* exec.c: Fix indentation.
* exec.h: Fix indentation.
* expprint.c: Fix indentation.
* f-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* f-typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* f-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* fbsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* fbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* findvar.c: Fix indentation.
* fork-child.c: Fix indentation.
* frame-unwind.c: Fix indentation.
* frame-unwind.h: Fix indentation.
* frame.c: Fix indentation.
* frv-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* frv-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* frv-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* ft32-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* gcore.c: Fix indentation.
* gdb_bfd.c: Fix indentation.
* Fix indentation.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* gdbcore.h: Fix indentation.
* gdbthread.h: Fix indentation.
* gdbtypes.c: Fix indentation.
* gdbtypes.h: Fix indentation.
* glibc-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* gnu-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* gnu-nat.h: Fix indentation.
* gnu-v2-abi.c: Fix indentation.
* gnu-v3-abi.c: Fix indentation.
* go32-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/guile-internal.h: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-cmd.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-frame.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-iterator.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-math.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-ports.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-pretty-print.c: Fix indentation.
* guile/scm-value.c: Fix indentation.
* h8300-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-nbsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-obsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* hppa-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* i386-bsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-darwin-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-darwin-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-dicos-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-gnu-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-nto-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-obsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-sol2-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i386-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* i386-windows-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i387-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* i387-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* ia64-libunwind-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ia64-libunwind-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* ia64-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ia64-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ia64-tdep.h: Fix indentation.
* ia64-vms-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* infcall.c: Fix indentation.
* infcmd.c: Fix indentation.
* inferior.c: Fix indentation.
* infrun.c: Fix indentation.
* iq2000-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* language.c: Fix indentation.
* linespec.c: Fix indentation.
* linux-fork.c: Fix indentation.
* linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* linux-thread-db.c: Fix indentation.
* lm32-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m2-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* m2-typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* m2-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* m32c-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m32r-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m32r-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m68hc11-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m68k-bsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* m68k-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* m68k-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* m68k-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* machoread.c: Fix indentation.
* macrocmd.c: Fix indentation.
* macroexp.c: Fix indentation.
* macroscope.c: Fix indentation.
* macrotab.c: Fix indentation.
* macrotab.h: Fix indentation.
* main.c: Fix indentation.
* mdebugread.c: Fix indentation.
* mep-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmd-catch.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmd-disas.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmd-env.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmd-stack.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmd-var.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-cmds.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-main.c: Fix indentation.
* mi/mi-parse.c: Fix indentation.
* microblaze-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* minidebug.c: Fix indentation.
* minsyms.c: Fix indentation.
* mips-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* mips-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* mips-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* mips-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* mn10300-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* mn10300-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* moxie-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* msp430-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* namespace.h: Fix indentation.
* nat/fork-inferior.c: Fix indentation.
* nat/gdb_ptrace.h: Fix indentation.
* nat/linux-namespaces.c: Fix indentation.
* nat/linux-osdata.c: Fix indentation.
* nat/netbsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* nat/x86-dregs.c: Fix indentation.
* nbsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* nios2-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* nios2-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* nto-procfs.c: Fix indentation.
* nto-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* objfiles.c: Fix indentation.
* objfiles.h: Fix indentation.
* opencl-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* or1k-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* osabi.c: Fix indentation.
* osabi.h: Fix indentation.
* osdata.c: Fix indentation.
* p-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* p-typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* p-valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* parse.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-nbsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-obsd-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-ravenscar-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ppc64-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* printcmd.c: Fix indentation.
* proc-api.c: Fix indentation.
* producer.c: Fix indentation.
* producer.h: Fix indentation.
* prologue-value.c: Fix indentation.
* prologue-value.h: Fix indentation.
* psymtab.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-arch.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-bpevent.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-event.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-event.h: Fix indentation.
* python/py-finishbreakpoint.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-frame.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-framefilter.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-inferior.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-infthread.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-objfile.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-prettyprint.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-registers.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-signalevent.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-stopevent.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-stopevent.h: Fix indentation.
* python/py-threadevent.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-tui.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-unwind.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-value.c: Fix indentation.
* python/py-xmethods.c: Fix indentation.
* python/python-internal.h: Fix indentation.
* python/python.c: Fix indentation.
* ravenscar-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* record-btrace.c: Fix indentation.
* record-full.c: Fix indentation.
* record.c: Fix indentation.
* reggroups.c: Fix indentation.
* regset.h: Fix indentation.
* remote-fileio.c: Fix indentation.
* remote.c: Fix indentation.
* reverse.c: Fix indentation.
* riscv-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* riscv-ravenscar-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* riscv-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* rl78-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* rs6000-aix-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* rs6000-lynx178-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* rs6000-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* rs6000-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* rust-lang.c: Fix indentation.
* rx-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* s12z-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* s390-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* score-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* ser-base.c: Fix indentation.
* ser-mingw.c: Fix indentation.
* ser-uds.c: Fix indentation.
* ser-unix.c: Fix indentation.
* serial.c: Fix indentation.
* sh-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sh-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sh-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* skip.c: Fix indentation.
* sol-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* solib-aix.c: Fix indentation.
* solib-darwin.c: Fix indentation.
* solib-frv.c: Fix indentation.
* solib-svr4.c: Fix indentation.
* solib.c: Fix indentation.
* source.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc-obsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc-ravenscar-thread.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc64-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc64-nbsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc64-obsd-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* sparc64-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* stabsread.c: Fix indentation.
* stack.c: Fix indentation.
* stap-probe.c: Fix indentation.
* stubs/ia64vms-stub.c: Fix indentation.
* stubs/m32r-stub.c: Fix indentation.
* stubs/m68k-stub.c: Fix indentation.
* stubs/sh-stub.c: Fix indentation.
* stubs/sparc-stub.c: Fix indentation.
* symfile-mem.c: Fix indentation.
* symfile.c: Fix indentation.
* symfile.h: Fix indentation.
* symmisc.c: Fix indentation.
* symtab.c: Fix indentation.
* symtab.h: Fix indentation.
* target-float.c: Fix indentation.
* target.c: Fix indentation.
* target.h: Fix indentation.
* tic6x-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* tilegx-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* tilegx-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* top.c: Fix indentation.
* tracefile-tfile.c: Fix indentation.
* tracepoint.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-disasm.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-io.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-regs.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-stack.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-win.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui-winsource.c: Fix indentation.
* tui/tui.c: Fix indentation.
* typeprint.c: Fix indentation.
* ui-out.h: Fix indentation.
* unittests/copy_bitwise-selftests.c: Fix indentation.
* unittests/memory-map-selftests.c: Fix indentation.
* utils.c: Fix indentation.
* v850-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* valarith.c: Fix indentation.
* valops.c: Fix indentation.
* valprint.c: Fix indentation.
* valprint.h: Fix indentation.
* value.c: Fix indentation.
* value.h: Fix indentation.
* varobj.c: Fix indentation.
* vax-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* windows-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* windows-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* xcoffread.c: Fix indentation.
* xml-syscall.c: Fix indentation.
* xml-tdesc.c: Fix indentation.
* xstormy16-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* xtensa-config.c: Fix indentation.
* xtensa-linux-nat.c: Fix indentation.
* xtensa-linux-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
* xtensa-tdep.c: Fix indentation.
2020-11-02 Andrew Burgess <>
Craig Blackmore <>
* riscv-tdep.c (riscv_frame_cache): Read the frame base register
as an unsigned value.
2020-11-01 Tom Tromey <>
* dbxread.c (dbx_end_psymtab): Update.
* dwarf2/read.c (process_psymtab_comp_unit_reader)
(build_type_psymtabs_reader): Update.
* xcoffread.c (xcoff_end_psymtab): Update.
* ctfread.c (scan_partial_symbols): Update.
* psymtab.c (sort_pst_symbols): Remove.
(partial_symtab::end): Rename from end_psymtab_common. Inline
* psympriv.h (struct partial_symtab) <end>: New method.
(end_psymtab_common): Don't declare.
2020-11-01 Tom Tromey <>
* symmisc.c (count_psyms): New function.
(print_objfile_statistics): Use it.
* psymtab.c (append_psymbol_to_list): Remove.
(partial_symtab::add_psymbol): Inline append_psymbol_to_list.
* objfiles.h (struct objstats) <n_psyms>: Remove.
2020-11-01 Tom Tromey <>
* dbxread.c (dbx_end_psymtab): Update.
* dwarf2/read.c (process_psymtab_comp_unit_reader): Update.
(build_type_psymtabs_reader): Update.
* xcoffread.c (xcoff_end_psymtab): Update.
* ctfread.c (scan_partial_symbols): Update.
* psympriv.h (end_psymtab_common): Update.
* psymtab.c (end_psymtab_common): Remove objfile parameter.
(sort_pst_symbols): Likewise.
2020-11-01 Tom Tromey <>
* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read): Update.
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_build_psymtabs): Update.
* xcoffread.c (xcoff_initial_scan): Update.
* psympriv.h (init_psymbol_list): Don't declare.
* psymtab.c (init_psymbol_list): Remove.
2020-11-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (gnat_encoded_fixed_point_type_info): Renames
gnat_encoded_fixed_type_info. Update all callers.
2020-11-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (cast_from_gnat_encoded_fixed_point_type): Split
line too long.
2020-11-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (cast_from_gnat_encoded_fixed_point_type): Renames
cast_from_fixed. Update all callers.
(cast_to_gnat_encoded_fixed_point_type): Renames cast_to_fixed.
Update all callers.
(gnat_encoded_fixed_point_scaling_factor): Renames ada_scaling_factor.
Update all callers.
* ada-lang.h (gnat_encoded_fixed_point_scaling_factor): Renames
* ada-typeprint.c: Replace call to ada_scaling_factor by call
to print_gnat_encoded_fixed_point_type.
* ada-valprint.c: Likewise.
2020-10-31 Andrew Burgess <>
* infrun.h (infrun_debug_printf): Add check of debug_infrun flag.
(debug_prefixed_printf): Add check of debug_displaced flag.
* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_debug_printf): Add check of
debug_linux_nat flag.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (infrun_debug_printf_1): Remove.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): Remove.
(stop_all_threads): Use debug_prefixed_printf.
* infrun.h (infrun_debug_printf_1): Remove.
(infrun_debug_printf): Use debug_prefixed_printf.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): Remove.
(displaced_debug_printf): Use debug_prefixed_printf.
* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_debug_printf_1): Remove.
(linux_nat_debug_printf): Use debug_prefixed_printf.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
* sanitize.m4: Replace AC_TRY_LINK with AC_LINK_IFELSE +
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* acinclude.m4: Modernize.
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* Modernize.
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* acinclude.m4 (AM_PROG_CC_STDC): Remove.
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-31 Simon Marchi <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2020-10-30 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.h (displaced_debug_printf): New macro. Replace
displaced debug prints throughout to use it.
(displaced_debug_printf_1): New declaration.
(displaced_step_dump_bytes): Return string, remove ui_file
parameter, update all callers.
* infrun.c (displaced_debug_printf_1): New function.
(displaced_step_dump_bytes): Return string, remove ui_file
2020-10-30 Simon Marchi <>
* rs6000-tdep.c (rs6000_dwarf2_reg_to_regnum): Return -1 for
2020-10-30 Tom Tromey <>
* (stamp-init): Depend on config.status.
2020-10-30 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* infrun.c (fetch_inferior_event): Temporarily disable pagination.
2020-10-30 Pedro Alves <>
* thread.c (lookup_selected_frame): Move ...
* frame.c (lookup_selected_frame): ... here.
2020-10-30 Pedro Alves <>
* blockframe.c (block_innermost_frame): Use get_selected_frame.
* frame.c
Use save_selected_frame. Save language as well.
Use restore_selected_frame, and restore language as well.
(selected_frame_id, selected_frame_level): New.
(selected_frame): Update comments.
(save_selected_frame, restore_selected_frame): New.
(get_selected_frame): Use lookup_selected_frame.
(get_selected_frame_if_set): Delete.
(select_frame): Record selected_frame_level and selected_frame_id.
* frame.h (scoped_restore_selected_frame) <m_level, m_lang>: New
(get_selected_frame): Make 'message' parameter optional.
(get_selected_frame_if_set): Delete declaration.
(select_frame): Update comments.
(save_selected_frame, restore_selected_frame)
(lookup_selected_frame): Declare.
* gdbthread.h (scoped_restore_current_thread) <m_lang>: New field.
* infrun.c (struct infcall_control_state) <selected_frame_level>:
New field.
(save_infcall_control_state): Use save_selected_frame.
(restore_selected_frame): Delete.
(restore_infcall_control_state): Use restore_selected_frame.
* stack.c (select_frame_command_core, frame_command_core): Use
* thread.c (restore_selected_frame): Rename to ...
(lookup_selected_frame): ... this and make extern. Select the
current frame if the frame level is -1.
(scoped_restore_current_thread::restore): Also restore the
Don't try/catch.
Save the language as well. Use save_selected_frame.
2020-10-29 Simon Marchi <>
* (displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Adjust
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
2020-10-29 Simon Marchi <>
* (displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Remove closure
* aarch64-tdep.c (aarch64_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* aarch64-tdep.h (aarch64_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* arch-utils.c (default_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* arch-utils.h (default_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* rs6000-tdep.c (ppc_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* s390-tdep.c (s390_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* infrun.c (resume_1): Adjust.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.c (program_space::~program_space): Don't call
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* exec.c (exec_target::close): Don't change current program
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command): Update.
* exec.c (program_space::add_target_sections): Rename.
* symfile-mem.c (symbol_file_add_from_memory): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <add_target_sections>:
Declare new overload.
* exec.h (add_target_sections_of_objfile): Don't declare.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* solib.c (solib_map_sections): Update.
* exec.c (program_space::add_target_sections): Now a method.
(exec_file_attach): Update.
* exec.h (add_target_sections): Don't declare.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <add_target_sections>:
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <remove_target_sections>:
* exec.c (program_space::remove_target_sections): Now a method.
* exec.h (remove_target_sections): Don't declare.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* inferior.c (delete_inferior): Update.
* progspace.c (program_space::empty): Rename from
program_space_empty_p. Return bool.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <empty>: New method.
(program_space_empty_p): Don't declare.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.c (program_space::~program_space): Don't call
(program_space::clear_solib_cache): Rename from
* solib.c (handle_solib_event): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <clear_solib_cache>: New
(clear_program_space_solib_cache): Don't declare.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* windows-tdep.c (windows_solib_create_inferior_hook): Update.
* target.c (info_target_command): Update.
* symfile.c (syms_from_objfile_1, finish_new_objfile)
(symbol_file_clear, reread_symbols): Update.
* symfile-mem.c (add_symbol_file_from_memory_command): Update.
* stabsread.c (scan_file_globals): Update.
* solib.c (update_solib_list): Update.
* solib-svr4.c (elf_locate_base, open_symbol_file_object)
(svr4_fetch_objfile_link_map, enable_break)
(svr4_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order): Update.
* solib-frv.c (lm_base, enable_break)
(frv_relocate_main_executable): Update.
(main_got, frv_fdpic_find_canonical_descriptor): Update.
(frv_fetch_objfile_link_map): Update.
* solib-dsbt.c (lm_base, dsbt_relocate_main_executable): Update.
* solib-darwin.c (darwin_solib_create_inferior_hook): Update.
* solib-aix.c (solib_aix_solib_create_inferior_hook): Update.
* remote.c (remote_target::get_offsets): Update.
(extended_remote_target::post_attach): Update.
* objfiles.c (entry_point_address_query): Update.
* nto-procfs.c (nto_procfs_target::create_inferior): Update.
* minsyms.c (get_symbol_leading_char): Update.
* frame.c (inside_main_func): Update.
* progspace.h (symfile_objfile): Remove macro.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* exec.c (exec_file_attach): Update.
* progspace.c (program_space::exec_close): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <ebfd>: Now a
<set_exec_bfd>: Change argument type.
<exec_bfd>: Update.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* windows-tdep.c (windows_solib_create_inferior_hook): Update.
* symfile.c (reread_symbols): Update.
* symfile-mem.c (add_symbol_file_from_memory_command)
(add_vsyscall_page): Update.
* source-cache.c (source_cache::get_plain_source_lines): Update.
* solib-svr4.c (find_program_interpreter, elf_locate_base)
(svr4_current_sos_direct, svr4_exec_displacement)
(svr4_relocate_main_executable): Update.
(svr4_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order): Update.
* solib-frv.c (enable_break2, enable_break): Update.
* solib-dsbt.c (lm_base, enable_break): Update.
* solib-darwin.c (find_program_interpreter)
(darwin_solib_create_inferior_hook): Update.
* sol-thread.c (rw_common, ps_pdmodel): Update.
* rs6000-nat.c (rs6000_nat_target::create_inferior): Update.
* remote.c (compare_sections_command)
(remote_target::trace_set_readonly_regions): Update.
* remote-sim.c (get_sim_inferior_data)
(gdbsim_target::create_inferior, gdbsim_target::create_inferior): Update.
(gdbsim_target_open, gdbsim_target::files_info): Update.
* exec.h (exec_bfd): Remove macro.
* progspace.c (initialize_progspace): Update.
* proc-service.c (ps_addr_to_core_addr, core_addr_to_ps_addr):
* nto-procfs.c (nto_procfs_target::post_attach)
(nto_procfs_target::create_inferior): Update.
* maint.c (maintenance_info_sections): Update.
* linux-thread-db.c (thread_db_target::get_thread_local_address):
* infcmd.c (post_create_inferior): Update.
* gcore.c (default_gcore_arch, default_gcore_target): Update.
(objfile_find_memory_regions): Update.
* exec.c (validate_exec_file, exec_file_attach)
(exec_read_partial_read_only, print_section_info): Update.
* corelow.c (core_target_open): Update.
* corefile.c (reopen_exec_file, validate_files): Update.
* arm-tdep.c (gdb_print_insn_arm): Update.
* arch-utils.c (gdbarch_update_p, default_print_insn): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <exec_bfd, set_exec_bfd>: New
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.h (current_target_sections): Remove macro.
* solib-svr4.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* solib-dsbt.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* exec.c (exec_target::close): Update.
(add_target_sections, add_target_sections_of_objfile)
(remove_target_sections, exec_target::get_section_table)
(exec_target::files_info, set_section_command)
(exec_set_section_address, exec_target::has_memory)
(exec_target::has_memory): Update.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* source-cache.c (source_cache::get_plain_source_lines): Use
* corefile.c (reopen_exec_file): Use current_program_space.
* exec.c (exec_file_attach): Use current_program_space.
* exec.h (exec_bfd_mtime): Remove.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* gcore.c (default_gcore_mach): Remove.
(create_gcore_bfd): Update.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.c (program_space::exec_close): New method, from
exec_close in exec.c.
* exec.c (exec_close): Move to progspace.c.
(exec_target::close, exec_file_attach): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <exec_close>: Declare
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <exec_filename>: Rename from
pspace_exec_filename. Now a unique_xmalloc_ptr.
* inferior.c (print_selected_inferior): Update.
(print_inferior): Update.
* mi/mi-main.c (print_one_inferior): Update.
* exec.h (exec_filename): Remove macro.
* corefile.c (get_exec_file): Update.
* exec.c (exec_close): Update.
(exec_file_attach): Update.
* progspace.c (clone_program_space): Update.
(print_program_space): Update.
2020-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* target-section.h (struct target_section): Add constructor.
* exec.c (build_section_table, add_target_sections_of_objfile):
* corelow.c (core_target::build_file_mappings): Update.
2020-10-29 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
PR gdb/19318
* inferior.c (detach_inferior_command): Restore the current thread.
(kill_inferior_command): Ditto.
2020-10-28 Tom de Vries <>
PR symtab/26772
* symtab.c (find_pc_sect_compunit_symtab): In case there's an address
map, check it in the "best match" loop.
2020-10-27 Simon Marchi <>
* m32c-tdep.c: Remove unused includes.
2020-10-27 Simon Marchi <>
* xtensa-tdep.c: Remove includes.
2020-10-27 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* breakpoint.c (struct condition_command_opts): New struct.
(condition_command_option_defs): New static global.
(make_condition_command_options_def_group): New function.
(condition_completer): Update to consider the '-force' flag.
(condition_command): Use gdb::option for the '-force' flag.
2020-10-27 Tom de Vries <>
* symtab.c (find_pc_sect_compunit_symtab): Include STATIC_BLOCK
symbols in section check.
2020-10-27 Tom de Vries <>
* symtab.c (find_pc_sect_compunit_symtab): Use early continue.
2020-10-27 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* breakpoint.h (set_breakpoint_condition): Add a new bool parameter.
* breakpoint.c: Update the help text of the 'condition' and 'break'
(set_breakpoint_condition): Take a new bool parameter
to control whether condition definition should be forced even when
the condition expression is invalid in all of the current locations.
(condition_command): Update the call to 'set_breakpoint_condition'.
(find_condition_and_thread): Take the "-force-condition" flag into
* linespec.c (linespec_keywords): Add "-force-condition" as an
(linespec_lexer_lex_keyword): Update to consider "-force-condition"
as a keyword.
* ada-lang.c (create_ada_exception_catchpoint): Ditto.
* guile/scm-breakpoint.c (gdbscm_set_breakpoint_condition_x): Ditto.
* python/py-breakpoint.c (bppy_set_condition): Ditto.
* NEWS: Mention the changes to the 'break' and 'condition' commands.
2020-10-27 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* breakpoint.h (class bp_location) <disabled_by_cond>: New field.
* breakpoint.c (set_breakpoint_location_condition): New function.
(set_breakpoint_condition): Disable a breakpoint location if parsing
the condition string gives an error.
(should_be_inserted): Update to consider the 'disabled_by_cond' field.
(build_target_condition_list): Ditto.
(build_target_command_list): Ditto.
(build_bpstat_chain): Ditto.
(print_one_breakpoint_location): Ditto.
(print_one_breakpoint): Ditto.
(breakpoint_1): Ditto.
(bp_location::bp_location): Ditto.
(locations_are_equal): Ditto.
(update_breakpoint_locations): Ditto.
(enable_disable_bp_num_loc): Ditto.
(init_breakpoint_sal): Use set_breakpoint_location_condition.
(find_condition_and_thread_for_sals): New static function.
(create_breakpoint): Call find_condition_and_thread_for_sals.
(location_to_sals): Call find_condition_and_thread_for_sals instead
of find_condition_and_thread.
2020-10-26 Tom de Vries <>
* dwarf2/read.c (process_full_comp_unit): Call
2020-10-26 Tom Tromey <>
* gdbtypes.c (create_range_type): Revert previous patch. Add
2020-10-26 Pedro Alves <>
* nat/linux-waitpid.c: Include "gdbsupport/eintr.h".
(my_waitpid): Use gdb::handle_eintr.
2020-10-25 Simon Marchi <>
* acinclude.m4: Update ptrace.m4 path.
* ptrace.m4: Moved to gdbsupport.
2020-10-24 Simon Marchi <>
* symfile-mem.c (add_vsyscall_page): Use inferior parameter
instead of target_gdbarch.
2020-10-24 Simon Marchi <>
* jit.c (jit_reader_load_command): Pass current inferior.
(jit_inferior_init): Change parameter type to inferior, use it.
(jit_inferior_created): Remove.
(jit_inferior_created_hook): Pass inferior parameter down.
(_initialize_jit): Use jit_inferior_created_hook instead of
* jit.h (jit_inferior_created_hook): Add inferior parameter.
* infrun.c (follow_exec): Pass inferior to
2020-10-24 Simon Marchi <>
* linux-thread-db.c (check_pid_namespace_match): Add inferior
parameter and use it.
(thread_db_inferior_created): Pass inferior argument.
2020-10-24 Simon Marchi <>
* aix-thread.c (aix_thread_inferior_created): Add inferior
* bsd-uthread.c (bsd_uthread_inferior_created): Likewise.
* dummy-frame.c (cleanup_dummy_frames): Likewise.
* jit.c (jit_inferior_created): Likewise.
* linux-thread-db.c (thread_db_inferior_created): Likewise.
* m68k-linux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_inferior_created): Likewise.
* observable.h (inferior_created): Likewise.
* ravenscar-thread.c (ravenscar_inferior_created): Likewise.
* symfile-mem.c (add_vsyscall_page): Likewise.
* infcmd.c (post_create_inferior): Pass inferior argument.
2020-10-24 Joel Brobecker <>
GDB 10.1 released.
2020-10-23 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-typeprint.c (ada_print_type): Remove superfluous second call
to ada_check_typedef.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* f-exp.y (f_parse): Rename to...
(f_language::parser): ...this.
* f-lang.c (f_get_encoding): Rename to...
(f_language::get_encoding): ...this.
(f_op_print_tab): Rename to...
(f_language::op_print_tab): ...this.
(exp_descriptor_f): Rename to...
(f_language::exp_descriptor_tab): ...this.
(class f_language): Moved to f-lang.h.
(f_language::language_arch_info): New function, moved out of class
(f_language::search_name_hash): Likewise.
(f_language::lookup_symbol_nonlocal): Likewise.
(f_language::get_symbol_name_matcher_inner): Likewise.
* f-lang.h: Add 'valprint.h' include.
(class f_language): Moved here from f-lang.c.
* f-typeprint.c (f_type_print_args): Delete commented out
(f_print_typedef): Rename to...
(f_language::print_typedef): ...this.
(f_print_type): Rename to...
(f_language::print_type): ...this.
(f_type_print_varspec_prefix): Delete declaration and rename to...
(f_language::f_type_print_varspec_prefix): ...this.
(f_type_print_varspec_suffix): Delete declaration and rename to...
(f_language::f_type_print_varspec_suffix): ...this.
(f_type_print_base): Delete declaration and rename to...
(f_language::f_type_print_base): ...this.
* f-valprint.c (f_value_print_inner): Rename to...
(f_language::value_print_inner): ...this.
* parse.c: Delete 'f-lang.h' include.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* language.h (language_defn::print_type): Add variable names in
declaration, and update header comment.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_language::demangle): Rename to...
(ada_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* c-lang.c (cplus_language::demangle): Rename to...
(cplus_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* d-lang.c (d_language::demangle): Rename to...
(d_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* f-lang.c (f_language::demangle): Rename to...
(f_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* go-lang.c (go_language::demangle): Rename to...
(go_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* language.c (language_demangle): Update call to demangle_symbol.
(auto_or_unknown_language::demangle): Rename to...
(auto_or_unknown_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* language.h (language_defn::demangle): Rename to...
(language_defn::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* objc-lang.c (objc_language::demangle): Rename to...
(objc_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
* rust-lang.c (rust_language::demangle): Rename to...
(rust_language::demangle_symbol): ...this.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* language.h (LA_ITERATE_OVER_SYMBOLS): Delete.
(iterate_over_file_blocks): Replace use of macro with the macros
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* language.h (LA_PRINT_ARRAY_INDEX): Delete.
* valprint.c (maybe_print_array_index): Replace use of macro with
the macros definition.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_language::print_array_index): Call value_print
* language.c (language_defn::print_array_index): Likewise.
* language.h (LA_VALUE_PRINT): Delete.
* valprint.c (value_print): Call value_print on the
current_language directly.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* language.h (LA_PRINT_TYPEDEF): Delete.
* typeprint.c (typedef_print): Call print_typedef directly on the
current_language object.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* m2-exp.y (m2_parse): Rename to...
(m2_language::parser): ...this. Update function signature.
* m2-lang.c (m2_printchar): Renamed to m2_language::printchar.
(m2_op_print): Rename to...
(m2_language::op_print_tab): ...this, and make const.
(exp_descriptor_modula2): Rename to...
(m2_language::exp_descriptor_modula2): ...this.
(class m2_language): Move to m2-lang.h.
(m2_language::language_arch_info): New function, moved out of
class declaration.
(m2_language::printchar): New function, body from m2_printchar.
(m2_language::printstr): New function, moved out of class
(m2_language::emitchar): Likewise.
* m2-lang.h (m2_parse): Delete declaration.
(m2_print_typedef): Delete declaration.
(m2_value_print_inner): Delete declaration.
(class m2_language): Class declaration moved from m2-lang.c,
larger functions are left in m2-lang.c.
* m2-typeprint.c (m2_print_typedef): Rename to...
(m2_language::print_typedef): ...this, and update function
* m2-valprint.c (m2_value_print_inner): Rename to...
(m2_language::value_print_inner): ...this, replace use of
LA_PRINT_STRING with a direct call to printstr member function,
and update recursive call.
2020-10-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* language.c (default_is_string_type_p): Delete, implementation
moved into auto_or_unknown_language::is_string_type_p.
(unk_op_print_tab): Moved into
(unknown_language_arch_info): Delete, implementation moved into
(class auto_or_unknown_language): New class, member functions
copied from unknown_language class, with some updates.
(class unknown_language): Most member functions moved into
auto_or_unknown_language class. Inherit from
auto_or_unknown_language class.
(class auto_language): Inherit from auto_or_unknown_language.
Delete most member functions.
2020-10-22 Hannes Domani <>
* stabsread.c (read_member_functions): Remove gdb_assert.
2020-10-22 Hannes Domani <>
* gdbtypes.c (init_complex_type): Check target type name.
2020-10-22 Simon Marchi <>
* target-debug.h (target_debug_print_struct_target_ops_p):
(target_debug_print_async_callback_ftype_p): Remove.
(target_debug_print_struct_trace_state_variable_p): Remove.
(target_debug_print_struct_traceframe_info_p): Remove.
(target_debug_print_VEC__btrace_block_s__pp): Remove.
(target_debug_print_enum_btrace_format): Remove.
(target_debug_print_enum_info_proc_what): Remove.
(target_debug_print_thread_info_pp): Remove.
2020-10-22 Simon Marchi <>
* target.h (struct target_ops) <make_corefile_notes>:
Change return type to unique pointer.
* target.c (dummy_make_corefile_notes): Likewise.
* exec.c (struct exec_target) <make_corefile_notes>:
(exec_target::make_corefile_notes): Likewise.
* procfs.c (class procfs_target) <make_corefile_notes>:
(procfs_do_thread_registers): Adjust to unique pointer.
(struct procfs_corefile_thread_data): Add constructor.
<note_data>: Change type to unique pointer.
(procfs_corefile_thread_callback): Adjust to unique pointer.
(procfs_target::make_corefile_notes): Change return type to
unique pointer.
* target-delegates.c: Re-generate.
* gcore.c (write_gcore_file_1): Adjust.
* target-debug.h (target_debug_print_gdb_unique_xmalloc_ptr_char):
2020-10-22 Tom de Vries <>
* block.c (find_block_in_blockvector): Make sure the returned block
contains pc.
2020-10-22 Simon Marchi <>
PR gdb/26693
* dwarf2/read.c (load_full_comp_unit): Add existing_cu
(load_cu): Pass existing CU.
(process_imported_unit_die): Likewise.
(follow_die_offset): Likewise.
2020-10-22 Luis Machado <>
* corelow.c (core_target::xfer_partial): Also check for an empty
m_core_unavailable_mappings vector.
2020-10-22 Andrew Burgess <>
* expprint.c (dump_subexp_body_standard): Print RANGE_HAS_STRIDE.
* expression.h (enum range_type): Add RANGE_HAS_STRIDE.
* f-exp.y (arglist): Allow for a series of subranges.
(subrange): Add cases for subranges with strides.
* f-lang.c (value_f90_subarray): Catch use of array strides and
throw an error.
* parse.c (operator_length_standard): Handle RANGE_HAS_STRIDE.
2020-10-22 Andrew Burgess <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp_standard): Change enum range_type to
range_flag and rename variables to match.
(dump_subexp_body_standard): Likewise.
* expression.h (enum range_type): Rename to...
(enum range_flag): ...this.
(range_types): Rename to...
(range_flags): ...this.
* f-lang.c (value_f90_subarray): Change enum range_type to
range_flag and rename variables to match.
* parse.c (operator_length_standard): Likewise.
* rust-exp.y (rust_parser::convert_ast_to_expression): Change enum
range_type to range_flag.
* rust-lang.c (rust_evaluate_funcall): Likewise.
(rust_range): Likewise.
(rust_compute_range): Likewise.
(rust_subscript): Likewise.
2020-10-22 Andrew Burgess <>
* expprint.c (print_subexp_standard): Update to reflect changes to
enum range_type.
(dump_subexp_body_standard): Likewise.
* expression.h (enum range_type): Convert to a bit field enum, and
make the enum unsigned.
* f-exp.y (subrange): Update to reflect changes to enum
* f-lang.c (value_f90_subarray): Likewise.
* parse.c (operator_length_standard): Likewise.
* rust-exp.y (rust_parser::convert_ast_to_expression): Likewise.
* rust-lang.c (rust_range): Likewise.
(rust_compute_range): Likewise.
(rust_subscript): Likewise.
2020-10-21 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (displaced_step_in_progress_thread): Fix comment.
(displaced_step_in_progress): Fix comment.
2020-10-21 Simon Marchi <>
* (make_corefile_notes): Return unique pointer.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* gcore.c (write_gcore_file_1): Adjust.
* fbsd-tdep.c (struct fbsd_collect_regset_section_cb_data): Add
<note_data>: Change type to unique pointer.
<abort_iteration>: Change type to bool.
(fbsd_collect_regset_section_cb): Adjust to unique pointer.
(fbsd_collect_thread_registers): Return void, adjust.
(struct fbsd_corefile_thread_data): Add construtor.
<note_data>: Change type to unique pointer.
(fbsd_corefile_thread): Adjust.
(fbsd_make_corefile_notes): Return unique pointer, adjust.
* linux-tdep.c (linux_make_mappings_corefile_notes): Change type
to unique pointer, adjust.
(struct linux_collect_regset_section_cb_data): Add constructor.
<note_data>: Change type to unique pointer.
<abort_iteration>: Change type to bool.
(linux_collect_thread_registers): Return void, adjust.
(struct linux_corefile_thread_data): Add constructor.
<note_data>: Change type to unique pointer.
(linux_corefile_thread): Adjust.
(linux_make_corefile_notes): Return unique pointer, adjust.
2020-10-20 Simon Marchi <>
* (displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Return bool.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
* aarch64-tdep.c (aarch64_displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Return
* aarch64-tdep.h (aarch64_displaced_step_hw_singlestep):
* arch-utils.h (default_displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Likewise.
* arch-utils.c (default_displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Likewise.
* rs6000-tdep.c (ppc_displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Likewise.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_displaced_step_hw_singlestep): Likewise.
2020-10-20 Simon Marchi <>
* Make generated predicates return bool.
* gdbarch.c: Re-generate.
* gdbarch.h: Re-generate.
2020-10-20 Tom Tromey <>
* varobj-iter.h (struct varobj_item): Remove typedef.
2020-10-20 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (currently_stepping): Change int to bool
(maybe_software_singlestep): Likewise.
(show_stop_on_solib_events): Likewise.
(stepping_past_nonsteppable_watchpoint): Likewise.
(displaced_step_in_progress_any_inferior): Likewise.
(displaced_step_in_progress_thread): Likewise.
(keep_going_stepped_thread): Likewise.
(thread_still_needs_step_over): Likewise.
(start_step_over): Likewise.
(do_target_resume): Likewise.
(resume_1): Likewise.
(clear_proceed_status): Likewise.
(thread_still_needs_step_over_bp): Likewise.
(proceed): Likewise.
(switch_back_to_stepped_thread): Likewise.
(adjust_pc_after_break): Likewise.
(stepped_in_from): Likewise.
(handle_stop_requested): Likewise.
(handle_syscall_event): Likewise.
(handle_no_resumed): Likewise.
(handle_inferior_event): Likewise.
(finish_step_over): Likewise.
(handle_signal_stop): Likewise.
(process_event_stop_test): Likewise.
2020-10-20 Simon Marchi <>
* infrun.c (get_displaced_stepping_state): Fix comment.
2020-10-20 Andreas Schwab <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (_initialize_cli_cmds): Fix alias command help.
2020-10-19 Tom Tromey <>
PR tui/26719
* tui/tui-winsource.h (struct tui_source_window_base)
<refresh_window>: Rename from refresh_pad.
* tui/tui-winsource.c (tui_source_window_base::refresh_window):
Rename from refresh_pad.
(tui_source_window_base::do_scroll_horizontal): Update.
2020-10-19 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* thread.c (_initialize_thread): Fine-tune the help text of
'info threads'.
2020-10-19 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* frame.c: Remove the unused 'uinteger_option_def' type alias.
2020-10-14 Mihails Strasuns <>
* breakpoint.c (handle_jit_event): Add an argument, change how
`jit_event_handler` is called.
2020-10-17 Tom Tromey <>
* xcoffread.c (xcoff_end_psymtab): Use partial_symtab::empty.
(scan_xcoff_symtab): Update.
* psymtab.h (class psymtab_storage) <global_psymbols,
static_psymbols, current_global_psymbols,
current_static_psymbols>: Remove.
* psymtab.c (require_partial_symbols, find_pc_sect_psymbol)
(match_partial_symbol, lookup_partial_symbol): Update.
(print_partial_symbols): Change parameters.
(dump_psymtab, recursively_search_psymtabs)
(psym_fill_psymbol_map, psym_find_compunit_symtab_by_address)
(sort_pst_symbols, partial_symtab::partial_symtab): Update.
(concat): Remove.
(end_psymtab_common): Simplify.
(append_psymbol_to_list): Change parameters.
(partial_symtabs::add_psymbol): Rename from add_psymbol_to_list.
(init_psymbol_list): Simplify.
(maintenance_info_psymtabs, maintenance_check_psymtabs): Update.
* psympriv.h (struct partial_symtab) <empty>: New method.
<globals_offset, n_global_syms, statics_offset, n_static_syms>:
<global_psymbols, static_psymbols>: New members.
<add_psymbol>: New methods.
(add_psymbol_to_list): Don't declare.
(psymbol_placement): Move earlier.
* mdebugread.c (parse_partial_symbols): Update.
(handle_psymbol_enumerators): Change parameters.
(mdebug_expand_psymtab): Update.
* dwarf2/read.c (process_psymtab_comp_unit_reader)
(add_partial_symbol): Update.
* dwarf2/index-write.c (write_psymbols): Change parameters.
(write_one_signatured_type): Update.
(recursively_count_psymbols): Update.
(recursively_write_psymbols): Update.
(class debug_names) <recursively_write_psymbols>: Update.
<write_psymbols>: Change parameters.
<write_one_signatured_type>: Update.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Update.
(dbx_end_psymtab): Use partial_symtab::empty.
* ctfread.c (struct ctf_context) <pst>: New member.
(create_partial_symtab): Set it.
(ctf_psymtab_type_cb, ctf_psymtab_var_cb): Update.
(scan_partial_symbols): Use the psymtab's context. Update.
2020-10-17 Tom Tromey <>
* valprint.c (generic_value_print): Remove comment.
* m2-valprint.c (m2_value_print_inner): Remove comment.
* gdbtypes.c (create_range_type): Set TYPE_UNSIGNED from base
2020-10-17 Tom de Vries <>
PR symtab/26317
* source.c (select_source_symtab): Handling sal.symtab == NULL for
symbol main.
2020-10-14 Tom de Vries <>
PR gdb/26733
* solib.c (solib_contains_address_p): Handle
'solib->sections == nullptr'.
2020-10-13 Simon Marchi <>
PR gdb/26642
* infrun.c (do_target_wait_1): Clear TARGET_WNOHANG if the
target can't do async.
* target.c (target_wait): Assert that we don't pass
TARGET_WNOHANG to a target that can't async.
2020-10-13 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* alpha-bsd-nat.c: Adjust include.
* alpha-bsd-tdep.h: Adjust comment.
* alpha-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* alpha-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* amd64-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* amd64-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* amd64-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* amd64-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* amd64-tdep.h: Adjust include.
* arm-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* arm-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* arm-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* arm-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* arm-nbsd-tdep.h: Rename to ...
* arm-netbsd-tdep.h: ... this, adjust include.
* configure.nat: Adjust file lists.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
* hppa-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* hppa-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* hppa-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* hppa-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* i386-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* i386-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* i386-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* i386-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* m68k-bsd-nat.c: Adjust include.
* mips-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* mips-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* mips-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* mips-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* mips-nbsd-tdep.h: Rename to ...
* mips-netbsd-tdep.h: ... this.
* nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* nbsd-nat.h: Rename to ...
* netbsd-nat.h: ... this, adjust include.
* nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* nbsd-tdep.h: Rename to ...
* netbsd-tdep.h: ... this.
* ppc-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* ppc-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* ppc-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* ppc-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include and comment.
* ppc-nbsd-tdep.h: Rename to ...
* ppc-netbsd-tdep.h: ... this.
* sh-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* sh-netbsd-nat.c: ... this, adjust include.
* sh-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* sh-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* sparc-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* sparc-netbsd-nat.c: ... this.
* sparc-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* sparc-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* sparc64-nbsd-nat.c: Rename to ...
* sparc64-netbsd-nat.c: ... this.
* sparc64-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* sparc64-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
* sparc64-tdep.h: Adjust comment.
* vax-bsd-nat.c: Adjust include.
* vax-nbsd-tdep.c: Rename to ...
* vax-netbsd-tdep.c: ... this, adjust include.
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* target.h (struct target_ops) <get_section_table>: Update.
(target_get_section_table): Update.
* target.c (target_get_section_table, target_section_by_addr)
(memory_xfer_partial_1): Update.
* target-section.h (target_section_table): Now an alias.
* target-delegates.c: Rebuild.
* target-debug.h (target_debug_print_target_section_table_p):
Rename from target_debug_print_struct_target_section_table_p.
* symfile.c (build_section_addr_info_from_section_table): Update.
* solib.c (solib_map_sections, solib_contains_address_p): Update.
* solib-svr4.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* solib-dsbt.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* remote.c (remote_target::remote_xfer_live_readonly_partial):
* record-full.c (record_full_core_target::xfer_partial): Update.
* progspace.h (struct program_space) <target_sections>: Update.
* exec.h (print_section_info): Update.
* exec.c (exec_target::close, build_section_table)
(add_target_sections, add_target_sections_of_objfile)
(remove_target_sections, exec_on_vfork)
(exec_target::get_section_table, exec_target::xfer_partial)
(print_section_info, set_section_command)
(exec_set_section_address, exec_target::has_memory): Update.
* corelow.c (core_target::build_file_mappings)
(core_target::xfer_partial, core_target::info_proc_mappings)
(core_target::info_proc_mappings): Update.
* bfd-target.c (class target_bfd): Update
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* progspace.c (program_space::~program_space): Don't call
* exec.h (clear_section_table): Don't declare.
* exec.c (exec_target::close): Update.
(clear_section_table): Remove.
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* exec.c (add_target_sections_of_objfile): Simplify.
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* solib.c (solib_map_sections): Update.
* record-full.c (record_full_core_open_1): Update.
* exec.h (build_section_table): Return a target_section_table.
* exec.c (exec_file_attach): Update.
(build_section_table): Return a target_section_table.
* corelow.c (core_target::core_target): Update.
* bfd-target.c (target_bfd::target_bfd): Update.
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* target.c (target_section_by_addr, memory_xfer_partial_1):
* target-section.h (struct target_section_table): Use
* symfile.h (build_section_addr_info_from_section_table): Take a
* symfile.c (build_section_addr_info_from_section_table): Take a
* solist.h (struct so_list) <sections>: Change type.
<sections_end>: Remove.
* solib.c (solib_map_sections, clear_so, solib_read_symbols)
(solib_contains_address_p): Update.
* solib-svr4.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* solib-dsbt.c (scan_dyntag): Update.
* remote.c (remote_target::remote_xfer_live_readonly_partial):
* record-full.c (record_full_core_start, record_full_core_end):
(record_full_core_sections): New global.
(record_full_core_open_1, record_full_core_target::xfer_partial):
* exec.h (build_section_table, section_table_xfer_memory_partial)
(add_target_sections): Take a target_section_table.
* exec.c (exec_file_attach, clear_section_table): Update.
(resize_section_table): Remove.
(build_section_table, add_target_sections): Take a
(add_target_sections_of_objfile, remove_target_sections)
(exec_on_vfork): Update.
(section_table_available_memory): Take a target_section_table.
(section_table_read_available_memory): Update.
(section_table_xfer_memory_partial): Take a target_section_table.
(print_section_info, set_section_command)
(exec_set_section_address, exec_target::has_memory): Update.
* corelow.c (class core_target) <m_core_section_table,
m_core_file_mappings>: Remove braces.
<~core_target>: Remove.
(core_target::core_target): Update.
(core_target::~core_target): Remove.
(core_target::xfer_partial, core_target::info_proc_mappings):
* bfd-target.c (target_bfd::xfer_partial): Update.
(target_bfd::target_bfd): Update.
(target_bfd::~target_bfd): Remove.
2020-10-12 Tom Tromey <>
* target.h (struct target_section, struct target_section_table):
Move to target-section.h.
* target-section.h: New file.
2020-10-12 Pedro Alves <>
PR exp/26602
* valops.c (struct struct_field_searcher): New.
(update_search_result): Rename to ...
(struct_field_searcher::update_result): ... this. Simplify
prototype. Record all found fields.
(do_search_struct_field): Rename to ...
(struct_field_searcher::search): ... this. Simplify prototype.
Maintain stack of visited baseclass path. Call update_result for
fields too. Keep searching fields in baseclasses instead of
stopping at the first found field.
(search_struct_field): Use struct_field_searcher. When looking
for fields, report ambiguous access attempts.
2020-10-11 Andrew Burgess <>
* frame.c (inside_main_func): Check full symbols as well as
minimal symbols.
2020-10-09 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (advance_wild_match): Rewrite the function's
description. Change the type of target0, t0 and t1 to char.
2020-10-09 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_add_field): Handle signed offsets.
2020-10-09 Tom Tromey <>
* ada-lang.h (ada_encode): Return std::string.
* ada-lang.c (ada_encode_1): Return std::string.
(ada_encode): Likewise.
(type_from_tag, ada_lookup_name_info::ada_lookup_name_info):
* ada-exp.y (block_lookup, write_var_or_type): Update.
2020-10-09 Hannes Domani <>
PR exp/26714
* printcmd.c (print_formatted): Handle void results as
unformatted prints.
2020-10-09 Andrew Burgess <>
* arch/aarch32.c (aarch32_create_target_description): Release the
target_desc_up as late as possible.
* arch/aarch64.c (aarch64_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/amd64.c (amd64_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/arc.c (arc_create_target_description): Return a
target_desc_up, don't release it.
* arch/arc.h (arc_create_target_description): Update declaration.
(arc_lookup_target_description): Move target_desc_up into the
cache, and return a borrowed pointer.
* arch/arm.c (arm_create_target_description): Release the
target_desc_up as late as possible.
* arch/i386.c (i386_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/riscv.h (riscv_create_target_description): Update
declaration to match definition.
* arch/tic6x.c (tic6x_create_target_description): Release the
target_desc_up as late as possible.
2020-10-09 Andrew Burgess <>
* Include Don't define LIBGNU
or INCGNU. Make use of LIBGNU_EXTRA_LIBS when linking.
2020-10-09 Jan Vrany <>
* source.c (directory_command): Notify observers that "directories"
parameter has changed.
2020-10-08 Tom Tromey <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (print_disassembly): Style function name and
addresses. Add _() wrappers.
2020-10-08 Shahab Vahedi <>
* NEWS: Mention ARC support in GDBserver.
2020-10-08 Andrew Burgess <>
* arch/aarch32.c (aarch32_create_target_description): Release
unique_ptr returned from allocate_target_description.
* arch/aarch64.c (aarch64_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/amd64.c (amd64_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/arc.c (arc_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/arm.c (arm_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/i386.c (i386_create_target_description): Likewise.
* arch/riscv.c (riscv_create_target_description): Update return
type. Handle allocate_target_description returning a unique_ptr.
(riscv_lookup_target_description): Update to handle unique_ptr.
* arch/tic6x.c (tic6x_create_target_description): Release
unique_ptr returned from allocate_target_description.
* features/microblaze-with-stack-protect.c: Regenerate.
* features/microblaze.c: Regenerate.
* features/mips-dsp-linux.c: Regenerate.
* features/mips-linux.c: Regenerate.
* features/mips64-dsp-linux.c: Regenerate.
* features/mips64-linux.c: Regenerate.
* features/nds32.c: Regenerate.
* features/nios2.c: Regenerate.
* features/or1k.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-32.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-403.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-403gc.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-405.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-505.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-601.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-602.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-603.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-604.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-64.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-7400.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-750.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-860.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-altivec32.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-altivec32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-altivec64.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-altivec64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-e500.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-e500l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-altivec64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-ppr-dscr-vsx32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-ppr-dscr-vsx64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-vsx32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa205-vsx64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa207-htm-vsx32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa207-htm-vsx64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa207-vsx32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-isa207-vsx64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-vsx32.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-vsx32l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-vsx64.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/powerpc-vsx64l.c: Regenerate.
* features/rs6000/rs6000.c: Regenerate.
* features/rx.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-gs-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux32.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux32v1.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux32v2.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux64v1.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-linux64v2.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-te-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-tevx-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390-vx-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-gs-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-linux64v1.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-linux64v2.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-te-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-tevx-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* features/s390x-vx-linux64.c: Regenerate.
* mips-tdep.c (_initialize_mips_tdep): Release unique_ptr returned
from allocate_target_description.
* target-descriptions.c (allocate_target_description): Update
return type.
(print_c_tdesc::visit_pre): Release unique_ptr returned from
2020-10-07 Tom Tromey <>
* unittests/search-memory-selftests.c: New file.
2020-10-07 Tom Tromey <>
PR gdb/16930:
* findcmd.c (_initialize_mem_search): Mention that the range is
2020-10-07 Tom Tromey <>
* target.h (simple_search_memory): Don't declare.
* target.c (simple_search_memory): Move to gdbsupport.
(default_search_memory): Update.
* remote.c (remote_target::search_memory): Update.
2020-10-07 Simon Marchi <>
(check-headers): Add CXXFLAGS.
2020-10-07 Anton Kolesov <>
* arc-linux-tdep.h: New file.
* arc-linux-tdep.c (arc_linux_core_reg_offsets,
arc_linux_supply_gregset, arc_linux_supply_v2_regset,
arc_linux_collect_gregset, arc_linux_collect_v2_regset,
arc_linux_gregset, arc_linux_v2_regset,
arc_linux_core_read_description): Implement.
(arc_linux_init_osabi): Set iterate_over_regset_sections.
* arc-tdep.h (ARC_OFFSET_NO_REGISTER): Declare.
(arc_gdbarch_features_create): Add.
* arc-tdep.c (arc_gdbarch_features_create): Not static anymore.
2020-10-07 Shahab Vahedi <>
* arch/arc.h: Rename "arc_gdbarch_features" to
* arc-tdep.h: Likewise.
* arc-tdep.c: Likewise.
2020-10-07 Tankut Baris Aktemur <>
* infcmd.c (attach_command): Remove the redundant call to
2020-10-07 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* nat/netbsd-nat.c (write_memory, read_memory): Update.
2020-10-07 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* nat/netbsd-nat.c (write_memory, read_memory): Add.
* nat/netbsd-nat.h (write_memory, read_memory): Likewise.
* nbsd-nat.c (nbsd_nat_target::xfer_partial): Update.
2020-10-07 Simon Marchi <>
* break-catch-sig.c (signal_catch_counts): Make a static arrray.
(_initialize_break_catch_sig): Don't allocate array.
2020-10-06 Andrew Burgess <>
* symtab.c (find_pc_line): Return unmapped addresses when the
requested address is also unmapped.
2020-10-05 Simon Marchi <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Remove tui/tui-windata.h, add
2020-10-05 Simon Marchi <>
* amd64-windows-tdep.c (amd64_windows_return_value): Use
type::is_vector instead of TYPE_VECTOR.
2020-10-05 Simon Marchi <>
* auto-load.c (auto_load_objfile_script_1): Don't use
debugfile_holder as temporary variable when stripping drive
2020-10-05 Hannes Domani <>
* amd64-windows-tdep.c (amd64_windows_passed_by_integer_register):
(amd64_windows_return_value): Fix types returned via XMM0.
2020-10-05 Alan Hayward <>
* MAINTAINERS (Responsible Maintainers): Add Luis Machado to
AArch64/ARM maintainers.
2020-10-04 Simon Marchi <>
* NEWS: Mention set/show debug event-loop.
2020-10-02 Tom Tromey <>
* skip.c (skiplist_entry::skiplist_entry): Unconditionally use
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* aix-thread.c (aix_thread_inferior_created): Remove parameters.
* procfs.c (procfs_inferior_created): Remove.
(_initialize_procfs): Don't register procfs_inferior_created.
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* async-event.c (invoke_async_signal_handlers): Add debug
(check_async_event_handlers): Likewise.
* event-top.c (show_debug_event_loop): New function.
(_initialize_event_top): Register "set debug event-loop"
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* debug.c (debug_prefixed_vprintf): Move to gdbsupport.
* debug.h: Remove.
* infrun.c: Include gdbsupport/common-debug.h.
* linux-nat.c: Likewise.
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* async-event.h (create_async_signal_handler): Add name
(create_async_event_handler): Likewise.
* async-event.c (struct async_signal_handler) <name>: New field.
(struct async_event_handler) <name>: New field.
(create_async_signal_handler): Assign name.
(create_async_event_handler): Assign name.
* event-top.c (async_init_signals): Pass name when creating
* infrun.c (_initialize_infrun): Likewise.
* record-btrace.c (record_btrace_push_target): Likewise.
* record-full.c (record_full_open): Likewise.
* remote-notif.c (remote_notif_state_allocate): Likewise.
* remote.c (remote_target::open_1): Likewise.
* tui/tui-win.c (tui_initialize_win): Likewise.
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* async-event.c (initialize_async_signal_handlers): Pass name to
* event-top.c (ui_register_input_event_handler): Likewise.
* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_target::async): Likewise.
* run-on-main-thread.c (_initialize_run_on_main_thread):
* ser-base.c (reschedule): Likewise.
(ser_base_async): Likewise.
* tui/tui-io.c: Likewise.
* top.h (struct ui) <num>: New field.
* top.c (highest_ui_num): New variable.
(ui::ui): Initialize num.
2020-10-02 Simon Marchi <>
* observable.h <inferior_created>: Remove parameters. Update all
* inferior.h (post_create_inferior): Remove target parameter.
Update all callers.
2020-10-02 Nitika Achra <>
* dwarf2/macro.c (dwarf_decode_macro_bytes): Handle DW_MACRO_define_strx
and DW_MACRO_undef_strx.
(dwarf_decode_macros): Likewise
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf_decode_macros): Pass str_offsets_base in the parameters
which is the value of DW_AT_str_offsets_base.
* dwarf2/macro.h (dwarf_decode_macros): Modify the definition to include
2020-10-01 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* i386-tdep.h (i386nbsd_sc_reg_offset): Remove.
2020-10-01 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* i386-bsd-nat.c (_initialize_i386bsd_nat): Update.
* i386-nbsd-tdep.c (i386nbsd_sc_reg_offset): Now static.
2020-10-01 Kamil Rytarowski <>
* i386-bsd-nat.c: Include "x86-bsd-nat.h".
2020-09-30 Tom de Vries <>
PR symtab/26683
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_name): Update attr_name after attr is updated.
2020-09-30 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (handle_variant): Use constant_value.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (lookup_dwo_id, get_type_unit_group)
(read_file_scope, dwarf2_get_pc_bounds)
(dwarf2_record_block_ranges, dwarf2_add_field, get_alignment)
(read_structure_type, handle_struct_member_die)
(read_enumeration_type, read_array_type, read_set_type)
(read_tag_pointer_type, read_tag_reference_type)
(read_subroutine_type, read_base_type, read_subrange_type)
(read_full_die_1, partial_die_info::read)
(partial_die_info::read, by, new_symbol)
(dwarf2_const_value_data, dwarf2_const_value_attr)
(dump_die_shallow, dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes)
(prepare_one_comp_unit): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (DW_UNSND): Remove.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_func_scope, prototyped_function_p)
(read_subroutine_type, partial_die_info::read)
(dwarf2_flag_true_p, new_symbol, dump_die_shallow)
(dwarf2_add_member_fn): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_boolean>: Declare.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::as_boolean): New method.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_add_field, dwarf2_add_member_fn): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_virtuality>: New
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::as_virtuality): New method.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/die.h (struct die_info) <addr_base, ranges_base>: Check
the attribute's form.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (is_valid_DW_AT_defaulted): Move to attribute.c.
(dwarf2_add_member_fn): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <defaulted>: Declare.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::defaulted): New method, from
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dw2_get_file_names_reader)
(dwarf2_build_include_psymtabs, handle_DW_AT_stmt_list)
(dwarf2_cu::setup_type_unit_groups, fill_in_loclist_baton)
(dwarf2_symbol_mark_computed): Use as_unsigned.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_unsigned>: New
<form_is_section_offset>: Update comment.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_access_attribute): Rename from
dwarf2_default_access_attribute. Look up attribute.
(dwarf2_add_field, dwarf2_add_type_defn, dwarf2_add_member_fn):
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (skip_one_die): Update.
(read_full_die_1): Change how reprocessing is done.
(partial_die_info::read): Update.
(read_attribute_value): Remove need_reprocess parameter.
(read_attribute): Likewise.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <requires_reprocessing_p>:
New method.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_attribute_reprocess, read_attribute_value)
(dwarf2_const_value_attr, dump_die_shallow)
(dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <form_is_ref>: Update
<set_address>: New method.
(DW_ADDR): Remove.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::form_is_ref): Update comment.
(attribute::as_string, attribute::as_address): Add assert.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo): Use OBSTACK_ZALLOC.
(read_attribute_reprocess, read_attribute_value): Update.
(read_attribute): Clear requires_reprocessing.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_unsigned_reprocess,
form_requires_reprocessing>: New methods.
<string_init>: Clear requires_reprocessing.
<set_unsigned_reprocess>: New method.
<name>: Shrink by one bit.
<requires_reprocessing>: New member.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::form_requires_reprocessing): New
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_attribute_value): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <form_is_unsigned,
set_unsigned>: New methods.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::form_is_unsigned): New method.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (get_alignment, read_array_order)
(read_attribute_value, dwarf2_const_value_attr)
(dump_die_shallow, dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_signed, set_signed>:
New methods.
(DW_SND): Remove.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_attribute_value, lookup_die_type)
(dump_die_shallow, follow_die_sig, get_DW_AT_signature_type):
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_signature,
set_signature>: New methods.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_call_site_scope)
(handle_data_member_location, dwarf2_add_member_fn)
(mark_common_block_symbol_computed, attr_to_dynamic_prop)
(partial_die_info::read, read_attribute_value)
(var_decode_location, dwarf2_const_value_attr, dump_die_shallow)
(dwarf2_fetch_die_loc_sect_off, dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes)
(dwarf2_symbol_mark_computed): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <as_block, set_block>: New
(DW_BLOCK): Remove.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::form_is_block): Add
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo)
(read_attribute_reprocess, read_attribute_value, read_attribute)
(dwarf2_const_value_attr, dwarf2_name, dump_die_shallow)
(dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <form_is_string>: Declare.
<set_string_noncanonical, set_string_canonical>: New methods.
<string_is_canonical>: Update comment.
<canonical_string_p>: Add assert.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::form_is_string): New method.
(attribute::string): Use it.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (anonymous_struct_prefix, dwarf2_name)
(dump_die_shallow): Use canonical_string_p.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <canonical_string_p>: New
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (partial_die_info::read)
(dwarf2_const_value_attr, anonymous_struct_prefix, )
(dwarf2_name, dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes): Use
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::address): Don't use DW_UNSND or
(attribute::string): Don't use DW_STRING.
(attribute::get_ref_die_offset): Don't use DW_UNSND.
(attribute::constant_value): Don't use DW_UNSND or DW_SND.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (dwarf2_find_base_address, read_call_site_scope)
(dwarf2_get_pc_bounds, dwarf2_record_block_ranges)
(partial_die_info::read, dwarf2_string_attr, new_symbol): Update.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute): Rename methods.
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::as_address): Rename from
(attribute::as_string): Rename from value_as_string.
2020-09-29 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2/read.c (partial_die_info::read) <case
DW_AT_linkage_name>: Use value_as_string.
(dwarf2_string_attr): Use value_as_string.
* dwarf2/attribute.h (struct attribute) <value_as_string>: Declare
* dwarf2/attribute.c (attribute::value_as_string): New method.
2020-09-29 Pedro Alves <>
* unittests/enum-flags-selftests.c: Check whether __GNUC__ is
defined before using '#pragma GCC diagnostic' instead of checking
2020-09-28 Tom Tromey <>
* infrun.c (displaced_step_fixup, thread_still_needs_step_over)
(handle_signal_stop): Update.
* procfs.c (procfs_target::insert_watchpoint): Update.
* target.h (target_have_steppable_watchpoint): Now a function.
2020-09-28 Tom Tromey <>
* infrun.c (set_schedlock_func): Update.
* target.h (target_can_lock_scheduler): Now a function.
2020-09-28 Tom Tromey <>