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Tue Jan 23 15:49:47 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (define_symbol): Deal with deftype 'X'.
* convex-dep.c (wait): Make it pid_t.
* convex-dep.c (comm_registers_info): accept decimal comm register
specification, as "i comm 32768".
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Make VARIABLES_INSIDE_BLOCK
macro say by itself where variables are. Pass it desc.
m-convex.h (VARIABLES_INSIDE_BLOCK): Nonzero for native compiler.
* m-convex.h (SET_STACK_LIMIT_HUGE): Define.
(IGNORE_SYMBOL): Take out #ifdef N_MONPT and put in 0xc4.
Fri Jan 19 20:04:15 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Always set highest_offset to
current_offset when former is -1.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Print nice error message
when encountering multiple inheritance.
Thu Jan 18 13:43:30 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Always treat N_FN as a potential
source for a x.o or -lx symbol, ignoring OFILE_FN_FLAGGED.
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Cast -1 to (CORE_ADDR).
* hp300bsd-dep.c (_initialize_hp300_dep): Get kernel_u_addr.
m-hp300bsd.h (KERNEL_U_ADDR): Use kernel_u_addr.
* infcmd.c (run_command): #if 0 out call to
Thu Jan 11 12:58:12 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at mole)
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args) [STRUCT_ARG_SYM_GARBAGE]:
Try looking up name of var before giving up & printing '?'.
Wed Jan 10 14:00:14 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at pogo)
* many files: Move stdio.h before param.h.
* sun3-dep.c (store_inferior_registers): Only try to write FP
regs #ifdef FP0_REGNUM.
Mon Jan 8 17:56:15 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at pogo)
* symtab.c: #if 0 out "info methods" code.
Sat Jan 6 12:33:04 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at pogo)
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Set TYPE_NFN_FIELDS_TOTAL
from all baseclasses; remove vestigial variable baseclass.
* findvar.c (read_var_value): Check REG_STRUCT_HAS_ADDR.
printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Check STRUCT_ARG_SYM_GARBAGE.
* blockframe.c (get_frame_block): Subtract one from pc if not
innermost frame.
Fri Dec 29 15:26:33 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): check highest_offset != -1, not i.
Thu Dec 28 16:21:02 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valops.c (value_struct_elt): Clean up error msg.
* breakpoint.c (describe_other_breakpoints):
Delete extra space before "also set at" and add period at end.
Tue Dec 19 10:28:42 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at pogo)
* source.c (print_source_lines): Tell user which line number
was out of range when printing error message.
Sun Dec 17 14:14:09 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Use
SYMBOL_VALUE (f) to get start of function.
* dbxread.c: Make xxmalloc just a #define for xmalloc.
Thu Dec 14 16:13:16 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m68k-opcode.h (fseq & following fp instructions):
Change @ to $.
Fri Dec 8 19:06:44 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_clear_ignore_counts): New function.
infcmd.c (run_command): Call it.
Wed Dec 6 15:03:38 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c: Change it so "array-max 0" means there is
no limit.
* expread.y (yylex): Change error message "invalid token in
expression" to "invalid character '%c' in expression".
Mon Dec 4 16:12:54 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Always return 1
for success, 0 for failure, and set *NAME and *ADDRESS to
match the return value.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Use perror_with_name on
error from stat.
(psymtab_to_symtab, add_file_command),
core.c (validate_files), source.c (find_source_lines),
default-dep.c (exec_file_command): Check for errors from stat,
fstat, and myread.
Fri Dec 1 05:16:42 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valops.c (check_field): When following pointers, just get
their types; don't call value_ind.
Thu Nov 30 14:45:29 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb (pyr): New machine.
core.c [REG_STACK_SEGMENT]: New code.
dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Cast return from copy_pending
to long before casting to enum namespace.
infrun.c: Split registers_info into DO_REGISTERS_INFO
and registers_info.
m-pyr.h, pyr-{dep.c,opcode.h,pinsn.c}: New files.
* hp300bsd-dep.c: Stay in sync with default-dep.c.
* m-hp300bsd.h (IN_SIGTRAMP): Define.
Mon Nov 27 23:48:21 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
Return floating point values in %f0.
Tue Nov 21 00:34:46 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_type): #if 0 out code which skips to
comma following x-ref.
Sat Nov 18 20:10:54 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print): Undo changes of Nov 11 & 16.
(print_string): Add parameter force_ellipses.
(val_print): Pass force_ellipses true when we stop fetching string
before we get to the end, else pass false.
Thu Nov 16 11:59:50 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c (restore_inferior_status): Don't try to restore
selected frame if the inferior no longer exists.
* valprint.c (val_print): Rewrite string printing code not to
call print_string.
* Makefile.dist (clean): Remove xgdb and xgdb.o.
Tue Nov 14 12:41:47 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (XGDB, bindir, xbindir, install, all): New stuff.
Sat Nov 11 15:29:38 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print): chars_to_get: New variable.
Thu Nov 9 12:31:47 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (main): Process "-help" as a switch that doesn't
take an argument.
Wed Nov 8 13:07:02 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z): Add "else true".
Tue Nov 7 12:25:14 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c (restore_inferior_status): Don't dereference fid if NULL.
* config.gdb (sun3, sun4): Accept "sun3" and "sun4".
Mon Nov 6 09:49:23 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (Makefile): Move comments after commands.
* *-dep.c [READ_COFF_SYMTAB]: Pass optional header size to
* inflow.c: Include <fcntl.h> regardless of USG.
* coffread.c (read_section_hdr): Add optional_header_size.
(symbol_file_command): Pass optional header size to
(read_coff_symtab): Initialize filestring.
* version.c: Change version to
* GDB 3.4 released.
Sun Nov 5 11:39:01 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* version.c: Change version to 3.4.
* symtab.c (decode_line_1): Only skip past "struct" if it
is there.
* valops.c (value_ind), eval.c (evaluate_subexp, case UNOP_IND):
Have "*" <int-valued-exp> return an int, not a LONGEST.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Pass arg{4,5,6} to sprintf.
* printcmd.c (x_command): Use variable itself rather
than treating it as a pointer only if it is a function.
(See comment "this makes x/i main work").
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Use error for
"%s does not have a symbol-table.\n".
Wed Nov 1 19:56:18 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c [BELIEVE_PCC_PROMOTION_TYPE]: New code.
Thu Oct 26 12:45:00 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c: Include <sys/dir.h>.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, case N_LSYM, case 'T'):
Check for enum types and put constants in psymtab.
Mon Oct 23 15:02:25 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (define_symbol, read_dbx_symtab): Handle enum
constants (e.g. "b:c=e6,0").
Thu Oct 19 14:57:26 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* stack.c (frame_info): Use FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS_CORRECT
m-vax.h (FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS_CORRECT): New macro.
(FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS): Restore old meaning.
* frame.h (Frame_unknown): New macro.
stack.c (frame_info): Check for Frame_unknown return from
m-vax.h (FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS): Sometimes return Frame_unknown.
* utils.c (fatal_dump_core): Add "internal error" to message.
* infrun.c (IN_SIGTRAMP): New macro.
(wait_for_inferior): Use IN_SIGTRAMP.
m-vax.h (IN_SIGTRAMP): New macro.
Wed Oct 18 15:09:22 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb, Makefile.dist: Shorten m-i386-sv32.h.
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Pass 0 to select_source_symtab.
Tue Oct 17 12:24:41 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* i386-dep.c (i386_frame_num_args): Take function from m-i386.h
file. Check for pfi null.
m-i386.h (FRAME_NUM_ARGS): Use i386_frame_num_args.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): set stop_func_name to 0
before calling find_pc_partial_function.
Thu Oct 12 01:08:50 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Add "disa".
* Makefile.dist: Add GLOBAL_CFLAGS and pass to readline.
* config.gdb (various): "$machine =" -> "machine =".
Wed Oct 11 11:54:31 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c (try_writing_regs): #if 0 out this function.
* main.c (main): Add "-help" option.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Merge code for N_FUN with
N_STSYM, etc.
Mon Oct 9 14:21:55 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c (try_writing_regs_command): Don't write past end
of struct user.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): #if 0 out code which checks for
bitpos and bitsize 0.
* config.gdb: Accept sequent-i386 (not seq386).
(symmetry): Set depfile and paramfile.
* m-convex.h (IGNORE_SYMBOL): Check for N_MONPT if defined.
Thu Oct 5 10:14:26 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* default-dep.c (read_inferior_memory): Put #if 0'd out comment
within /* */.
Wed Oct 4 18:44:41 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb: Change /dev/null to m-i386.h for various
386 machine "opcodefile" entries.
* config.gdb: Accept seq386 for sequent symmetry.
Mon Oct 2 09:59:50 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* hp300bsd-dep.c: Fix copyright notice.
Sun Oct 1 16:25:30 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (DEPFILES): Add isi-dep.c.
* default-dep.c (read_inferior_memory): Move #endif after else.
Sat Sep 30 12:50:16 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* version.c: Change version number to
* GDB 3.3 released.
* version.c: Change version number to 3.3.
* Makefile.dist (READLINE): Add vi_mode.c
* config.gdb (i386): Change /dev/null to m-i386.h
* config.gdb: Add ';;' before 'esac'.
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z): Move comment above dependency.
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab): Check symbol before start
of source file for GCC_COMPILED_FLAG_SYMBOL.
(start_symtab): Don't clear processing_gcc_compilation.
Thu Sep 28 22:30:23 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* valprint.c (print_string): If LENGTH is zero, print "".
Wed Sep 27 10:15:10 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb: "rm tmp.c" -> "rm -f tmp.c".
Tue Sep 26 13:02:10 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (_initialize_utils): Use termcap to set lines_per_page
and chars_per_line.
Mon Sep 25 10:06:43 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, N_SOL): Do not add the same file
more than once.
Thu Sep 21 12:43:18 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infcmd.c (unset_environment_command): Delete all variables
if called with no arg.
* remote.c, inferior.h (remote_{read,write}_inferior_memory):
New functions.
core.c ({read,write}_memory): Use remote_{read,write}_inferior_memory.
* valops.c (call_function): When reserving stack space for
arguments, call value_arg_coerce.
* m-hp9k320.h: define BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA.
* breakpoint.c (delete_command): Ask for confirmation only
when there are breakpoints.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): If lookup_basetype_type has
copied a stub type, call add_undefined_type.
* sparc_pinsn.c (compare_opcodes): Check for "1+i" anywhere
in args.
* val_print.c (type_print_base): Print stub types as
"<incomplete type>".
Wed Sep 20 07:32:00 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-opcode.h (swapa): Remove i bit from match.
(all alternate space instructions): Delete surplus "foo rs1+0"
* Makefile.dist (LDFLAGS): Set to $(CFLAGS).
* remote-multi.shar (remote_utils.c, putpkt): Change csum to unsigned.
Tue Sep 19 14:15:16 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-opcode.h: Set i bit in lose for many instructions which
aren't immediate.
* stack.c (print_frame_info): add "func = 0".
Mon Sep 18 16:19:48 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-opcode.h (mov): Add mov to/from %tbr, %psr, %wim.
* sparc-opcode.h (rett): Fix notation to use suggested assembler
syntax from architecture manual.
* symmetry-dep.c (I386_REGNO_TO_SYMMETRY): New macro.
(i386_frame_find_saved_regs): Use I386_REGNO_TO_SYMMETRY.
Sat Sep 16 22:21:17 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at spiff)
* remote.c (remote_close): Set remote_desc to -1.
* gdb.texinfo (Output): Fix description of echo to match
reality and ANSI C.
Fri Sep 15 14:28:59 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Add comment about "asm".
* sparc-pinsn.c: Use NUMOPCODES.
* sparc-opcode.h (NUMOPCODES): Use sparc_opcodes[0] not *sparc_opcodes.
Thu Sep 14 15:25:20 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (xxmalloc): Print error message before calling abort().
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Check for {stop,prev}_func_name
null before passing to strcmp.
Wed Sep 13 12:34:15 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-opcode.h: New field delayed.
sparc-pinsn.c (is_delayed_branch): New function.
(print_insn): Check for delayed branches.
* stack.c (print_frame_info): Use misc_function_vector in
case where ar truncates file names.
Tue Sep 12 00:16:14 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* convex-dep.c (psw_info): Move "struct pswbit *p" with declarations.
Mon Sep 11 14:59:57 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at spiff)
* convex-dep.c (core_file_command): Delete redundant printing
of "Program %s".
* m-convex.h (ENTRY_POINT): New macro.
* m-convex.h (FRAME_CHAIN_VALID): Change outside_first_object_file
to outside_startup_file
* main.c: #if 0 out catch_termination and related code.
* command.c (lookup_cmd_1): Consider underscores part of
command names.
Sun Sep 10 09:20:12 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c: Change asdump_command to disassemble_command
(_initialize_printcmd): Change asdump to diassemble.
* main.c (main): Exit with code 0 if we hit the end of a batch
* Makefile.dist (libreadline.a): Fix syntax of "CC=${CC}".
Sat Sep 9 01:07:18 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* values.c (history_info): Renamed to value_history_info.
Command renamed to "info value" (with "info history" still
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Extend symbolic address printing
to cover "sethi" following by an insn which uses 1+i.
Fri Sep 8 14:24:01 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-hp9k320.h, m-hp300bsd.h, m-altos.h, m-sparc.h, m-sun3.h
dbxread.c [READ_GDB_SYMSEGS]: Remove code to read symsegs.
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Detect "sethi-or" pairs and
print symbolic address.
* sparc-opcode.h (sethi, set): Change lose from 0xc0000000 to
* remote.c (remote_desc): Initialize to -1.
* Makefile.dist (libreadline.a): Pass CC='${CC}' to readline makefile.
Thu Sep 7 00:07:17 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Check for static member functions.
values.c, eval.c, valarith.c, valprint.c, valops.c: Merge changes
from Tiemann for static member functions.
* sparc-opcode.h (tst): Fix all 3 patterns.
* Makefile.dist (gdb1): New rule.
* sparc-opcode.h: Change comment about what the disassembler
does with the order of the opcodes.
* sparc-pinsn.c (compare_opcodes): Put 1+i before i+1.
Also fix mistaken comment about preserving order of original table.
* sparc-opcode.h (clr, mov): Fix incorrect lose entries.
* m-symmetry.h (FRAME_NUM_ARGS): Add check to deal with code that
GCC sometimes generates.
* config.gdb: Change all occurances of "skip" to "/dev/null".
* README (about languages other than C): Update comments about
Pascal and FORTRAN.
* sparc-opcode.h (nop): Change lose from 0xae3fffff to 0xfe3fffff.
* values.c (value_virtual_fn_field): #if 0-out assignment to
Wed Sep 6 12:19:22 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (fatal_dump_core): New function.
Makefile.dist (MALLOC_FLAGS): use -Dbotch=fatal_dump_core
Tue Sep 5 15:47:18 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (enable_command): With no arg, enable all bkpts.
* Makefile.dist (Makefile): Remove \"'s around $(MD).
* Makefile.dist: In "cd readline; make . . ." change first
* m68k-pinsn.c (_initialize_pinsn): Use alternate assembler
syntax #ifdef HPUX_ASM
Sat Sep 2 23:24:43 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* values.c (history_info): Don't check num_exp[0] if num_exp
is nil (just like recent editing_info change).
Fri Sep 1 19:19:01 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* gdb.texinfo (inc-history, inc-readline): Copy in the inc-* files
because people might not have makeinfo.
* README (xgdb): Strengthen nasty comments.
* gdb.texinfo: Change @setfilename to "".
Thu Aug 31 17:23:50 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (editing_info): Don't check arg[0] if arg is null.
* m-vax.h: Add comment about known sigtramp bug.
* sun3-dep.c, sparc-dep.c (IS_OBJECT_FILE, exec_file_command):
Get right text & data addresses for .o files.
Wed Aug 30 13:54:19 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (tilde_expand): Remove function (it's in readline).
* sparc-opcode.h (call): Change "8" to "9" in first two
patterns (%g7->%o7).
Tue Aug 29 16:44:41 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (whatis_command): Change 4th arg to type_print
from 1 to -1.
Mon Aug 28 12:22:41 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab_1): In "and %s ..." change
pst->filename to pst->dependencies[i]->filename.
* blockframe.c (FRAMELESS_LOOK_FOR_PROLOGUE): New macro
made from FRAMELESS_FUNCTION_INVOCATION from m-sun3.h except
that it checks for zero return from get_pc_function_start.
m-hp9k320.h, m-hp300bsd.h, m-i386.h, m-isi.h, m-altos.h,
m-news.h, m-sparc.h, m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h, m-symmetry.h
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Give warning and ignore field
if bitpos and bitsize are zero.
Sun Aug 27 04:55:20 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab{,_1}): Print message about
reading in symbols before reading stringtab, not after.
Sat Aug 26 02:01:53 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (IS_OBJECT_FILE, ADDR_OF_TEXT_SEGMENT): New macros.
(read_dbx_symtab): Use text_addr & text_size to set end_of_text_addr.
(symbol_file_command): pass text_addr & text_size to read_dbx_symtab.
Fri Aug 25 23:08:13 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (value_print): Try to give the name of function
pointed to when printing a function pointer.
Thu Aug 24 23:18:40 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* core.c (xfer_core_file): In cases where MEMADDR is above the
largest address that makes sense, set i to len.
Thu Aug 24 16:04:17 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* valprint.c (print_string): New function to print a character
string, doing array-max limiting and repeat count processing.
(val_print, value_print): Use print_string.
(REPEAT_COUNT_THRESHOLD): New #define, the max number of elts to print
without using a repeat count. Set to ten.
(value_print, val_print): Use REPEAT_COUNT_THRESHOLD.
* utils.c (printchar): Use {fputs,fprintf}_filtered.
* valprint.c (val_print): Pass the repeat count arg to the
fprintf_filtered call for "<repeats N times>" messages.
Wed Aug 23 22:53:47 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* utils.c: Include <pwd.h>.
* main.c: Declare free.
Wed Aug 23 05:05:59 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c, defs.h: Add tilde_expand.
source.c (directory_command),
main.c (cd_command),
main.c (set_history_filename),
dbxread.c (symbol_file_command),
coffread.c (symbol_file_command),
dbxread.c (add_file_command),
symmisc.c (print_symtabs),
*-dep.c (exec_file_command, core_file_command),
main.c (source_command): Use tilde_expand.
* dbxread.c (read_type): When we get a cross-reference, resolve
it immediately if possible, only calling add_undefined_type if
* gdb.texinfo: Uncomment @includes and put comment at start
of file telling people to use makeinfo.
* valprint.c (type_print_base): Print the right thing for
* config.gdb (sun3os3): Set paramfile and depfile.
Tue Aug 22 05:38:36 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Pass string table size to
(read_dbx_symtab): Before indexing into string table, check
string table index for reasonableness.
(psymtab_to_symtab{,_1}, read_ofile_symtab): Same.
Tue Aug 22 04:04:39 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* m68k-pinsn.c: Replaced many calls to fprintf and fputs with
calls to fprintf_filtered and fputs_filtered.
(print_insn_arg): Use normal MIT 68k syntax for postincrement,
predecrement, and register indirect addressing modes.
Mon Aug 21 10:08:02 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (initialize_signals): Set signal handler for SIGQUIT
and SIGHUP to do_nothing.
* ns32k-opcode.h (ord): Change 1D1D to 1D2D.
* ns32k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg, print_insn): Handle index
bytes correctly.
* ns32k-opcode.h: Add comments.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Put enum fields in type.fields in order
that they were found in the debugging symbols (not reverse order).
Sun Aug 20 21:17:13 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (source_command): Read .gdbinit if run without argument.
* source.c (directory_command): Only print "foo already in path"
if from_tty.
* version.c: Change version number to
Sat Aug 19 00:24:08 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-news.h: Define HAVE_WAIT_STRUCT.
* m-isi.h, isi-dep.c: Replace with new version from Adam de Boor.
config.gdb: Remove isibsd43.
* main.c (catch_termination): Don't say we have written
.gdb_history until after we really have.
* convex-dep.c (attach): Add "sleep (1)".
(write_vector_register): Use "LL" with long long constant.
(wait): Close comment.
(wait): Change "unix 7.1 bug" to "unix 7.1 feature" & related
changes in comment.
(scan_stack): And fp with 0x80000000 in while loop test.
(core_file_command): Move code to set COREFILE.
(many places): Change printf to printf_filtered.
(psw_info): Allow argument giving value to print as a psw.
(_initialize_convex_dep): Update docstrings.
* m-convex.h (WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN): Correct typo ("WRODS")
add "undef BUILTIN_TYPE_LONGEST" before defining it.
Use "LL" after constants in CALL_DUMMY.
* dbxread.c: In the 3 places it says error "ridiculous string
table size"... delete extra parameter to error.
* dbxread.c (scan_file_globals): Check for FORTRAN common block.
Allow multiple references for the sake of common blocks.
* main.c (initialize_main): Set history_filename to include
current directory.
* valprint.c (decode_format): Don't return a defaulted size
field if osize is zero.
* gdb.texinfo (Compilation): Update information on -gg symbols.
Document problem with ar.
Fri Aug 18 19:45:20 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print, value_print): Add "<repeats %d times>" code.
Also put "..." outside quotes for strings.
* main.c (initialize_main): Add comment about history output file
being different from history input file.
* m-newsos3.h: Undefine NO_SIGINTERRUPT. Rearrange a few comments.
* m-newsos3.h (REGISTER_U_ADDR): Use new version from Hikichi.
* sparc-opcode.h: Add comment clarifying meaning of the order of
the entries in sparc_opcodes.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp, case UNOP_IND): Deal with deferencing
things that are not pointers.
* valops.c (value_ind): Make dereferencing an int give a LONGEST.
* expprint.c (print_subexp): Add (int) cast in OP_LAST case.
* dbxread.c (read_array_type): Set lower and upper if adjustable.
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Don't abort if symbol found in psymtab
but not in symtab.
Thu Aug 17 15:51:20 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* config.gdb: Changed "Makefile.c" to "Makefile.dist".
Thu Aug 17 01:58:04 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* sparc-opcode.h (or): Removed incorrect lose bit 0x08000000.
[many]: Changed many `lose' entries to have the 0x10 bit set, so
they don't think %l0 is %g0.
Wed Aug 16 00:30:44 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-symmetry.h (STORE_STRUCT_RETURN): Also write reg 0.
(EXTRACT_RETURN_VALUE): Call symmetry_extract_return_value.
symmetry-dep.c (symmetry_extract_return_value): New fn.
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Deal with changed
result_list from lookup_cmd_1 for ambiguous return.
command.c (lookup_cmd): Same.
* inflow.c [TIOCGETC]: Move #include "param.h" back before
system #includes. Change all #ifdef TIOCGETC to
#if defined(TIOCGETC) && !defined(TIOCGETC_BROKEN)
m-i386-sysv3.2.h, m-i386gas-sysv3.2.h: Remove "#undef TIOCGETC"
and add "#define TIOCGETC_BROKEN".
* command.c (lookup_cmd_1): Give the correct result_list in the
case of an ambiguous return where there is a partial match
(e.g. "info a"). Add comment clarifying what is the correct
* gdb.texinfo (GDB History): Document the two changes below.
* main.c (command_line_input): Make history expansion not
just occur at the beginning of a line.
* main.c (initialize_main): Make history expansion off by default.
* inflow.c: Move #include "param.h" after system #includes.
* i386-dep.c (i386_float_info): Use U_FPSTATE macro.
* m-i386-sysv3.2.h, m-i386gas-sysv3.2.h: New files.
Makefile.dist, config.gdb: Know about these new files.
Tue Aug 15 21:36:11 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (lookup_struct_elt_type): Use type_print rather
than assuming type has a name.
Tue Aug 15 02:25:43 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* sparc-opcode.h (mov): Removed bogus "or i,0,d" pattern.
* sparc-opcode.h (mov, or): Fixed incorrect `lose' members.
* sparc-dep.c: Don't include "sparc-opcode.h".
(skip_prologue, isanulled): Declare special types to recognize
instructions, and use them.
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Sign-extend 13-bit immediate args.
If they are less than +9, print them in signed decimal instead
of unsigned hex.
* sparc-opcode.h, sparc-pinsn.c: Completely rewritten to share an
opcode table with gas, and thus produce disassembly that looks
like what the assembler accepts.
Tue Aug 15 16:20:52 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (find_pc_psymbol): Move best_pc=psymtab->textlow-1
after test for psymtab null.
* main.c (editing_info): Remove variable retval.
* config.gdb (sun3, isi): Comment out obsolete message about telling
it whether you have an FPU (now that it detects it).
* config.gdb (sun3): Accept sun3os3.
* m68k-insn.h: Include <signal.h>.
* m68k-pinsn.h (convert_{to,from}_68881): Add have_fpu code
* m-newsos3.h: Undefine USE_PCB. That code didn't seem to work.
* sparc-dep.c: Put in insn_fmt and other stuff from the old
* sparc-opcode.h, sparc-pinsn.c: Correct copyright notice.
* sparc-opcode.h, sparc-pinsn.c: Replace the old ones with the new
ones by roland.
Tue Aug 15 02:25:43 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* Makefile.dist: Don't define CC at all.
* Makefile.dist (Makefile): Remove tmp.c after preprocessing.
Use $(MD) instead of M_MAKEDEFINE in the cc command.
* Makefile.dist: Don't define RL_LIB as
"${READLINE}/libreadline.a", since READLINE is a list of files.
Mon Aug 14 23:49:29 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (print_version): Change 1988 to 1989.
* main.c (copying_info, initialize_main): Remove #if 0'd code.
Tue Aug 1 14:44:56 1989 Hikichi (hikichi at sran203)
* m-newsos3.h
* m-news.h(FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): use the sun3's instead of old
Mon Aug 14 15:27:01 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-news.h, m-newsos3.h, news-dep.c: Merge additional changes
by Hikichi (ChangeLog entries above).
* Makefile.dist (READLINE): List readline files individually
so we don't accidently get random files from the readline
Expect floating point returns to be in fp0.
* gdb.texinfo (Format options): New node.
* gdb.texinfo: Comment out "@include"s until bfox fixes the
readline & history docs.
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms): Set startup_file_* if necessary at
the end (as well as when we hit ".o").
* printcmd.c (decode_format): Set val.format & val.size to '?' at
start and set defaults at end.
* symtab.c (decode_line_1): Check for class_name null.
* valops.c: Each place where it compares against field names,
check for null field names. (new t_field_name variables).
* utils.c (fputs_filtered): Check for linebuffer null before
checking whether to call fputs. Remove later check for linebuffer
Sun Aug 13 15:56:50 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-isi.h, m-sun3.h ({PUSH,POP}_FP_REGS): New macros.
m-sun3.h (NUM_REGS): Conditionalize on FPU.
config.gdb (sun3, isi): Add message about support for machines
without FPU.
* main.c (catch_termination, initialize_signals): new functions.
* main.c (editing_info): Add "info editing n" and "info editing +".
Rewrite much of this function.
gdb.texinfo (GDB Readline): Document it.
* values.c (history_info): Add "info history +". Also add code to
do "info history +" when command is repeated.
gdb.texinfo (Value History): Document "info history +".
* expprint.c (print_subexp): Add OP_THIS to case stmt.
* config.gdb (sun4os4): Put quotes around make define.
* config.gdb: Canonicalize machine name at beginning.
Sat Aug 12 00:50:59 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb: define M_MAKEDEFINE
Makefile (Makefile, MD): Be able to re-make Makefile.
* main.c (command_line_input): Add comments to
the command history.
* Makefile.dist (Makefile): Add /bin/false.
Fri Aug 11 14:35:33 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at spiff)
* Makefile.dist: Comment out .c.o rule and add TARGET_ARCH.
* m-altos.h: Include sys/page.h & sys/net.h
* m-altos.h (FRAME_CHAIN{,_VALID}): Use outside_startup_file.
* config.gdb (altos, altosgas): Add M_SYSV & M_BSD_NM and remove
M_ALLOCA=alloca.o from makedefine.
* coffread.c (complete_symtab): Change a_entry to entry.
* m-altosgas.h: New file.
* m-symmetry (REGISTER_BYTE): Fix dumb mistake.
Fri Aug 11 06:39:49 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* utils.c (set_screensize_command): Check for ARG being nil, since
that's what execute_command will pass if there's no argument.
* expread.y (yylex): Recognize "0x" or "0X" as the beginning of a
Thu Aug 10 15:43:12 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb, Makefile.dist: Rename Makefile.c to Makefile.dist.
* m-altos.h: Add comment about porting to USGR2.
* config.gdb (sparc): Add -Usparc.
Wed Aug 9 14:20:39 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-sun3os4.h: Define BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA.
* values.c (modify_field): Check for value too large to fit in
* utils.c (fputs_filtered): Allow LINEBUFFER to be NULL.
* breakpoint.c (condition_command): Check for attempt to specify
non-numeric breakpoint number.
* config.gdb, Makefile, m-altos.h, altos-dep.c: Merge Altos
* README: Change message about editing Makefile.
* config.gdb: Edit Makefile.
Copied Makefile to Makefile.c and changed to let config.gdb
run us through the C preprocessor.
* expread.y (yylex): Test correctly for definition of number.
Wed Aug 9 11:56:05 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Put bracketing of entry point in
test case for .o symbols so that it will be correct even without
debugging symbols.
(end_psymtab): Took bracketing out.
* blockframe.c (outside_startup_file): Reverse the sense of the
return value to make the functionality implied by the name
Tue Aug 8 11:48:38 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Do not assume presence of a.out
* blockframe.c: Replace first_object_file_end with
(outside_startup_file): New function.
dbxread.c (read_addl_syms, read_dbx_symtab, end_psymbol): set
startup_file_*. Delete first_object_file_end code.
Add entry_point and ENTRY_POINT
coffread.c (complete_symtab): Set startup_file_*.
(first_object_file_end): Add as static.
m-*.h (FRAME_CHAIN, FRAME_CHAIN_VALID): Call outside_startup_file
instead of comparing with first_object_file_end.
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1): Change -1 to (CORE_ADDR)-1.
* config.gdb (i386, i386gas): Add missing quotes at end of "echo"
* source.c (directory_command): Add dont_repeat ();
Mon Aug 7 18:03:51 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms): Change strcmp to strncmp and put 3rd
arg back.
* command.h (struct cmd_list_element): Add comment clarifying
purpose of abbrev_flag.
Mon Aug 7 12:51:03 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (_initialize_printcmd): Changed "undisplay" not to
have abbrev flag set; it isn't an abbreviation of "delete
display", it's an alias.
Mon Aug 7 00:25:15 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (lookup_symtab_1): Remove filematch (never used).
* expread.y [type]: Add second argument to 2 calls to
lookup_member_type which were missing them.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Add from_tty arg.
Check it before calling query.
* infcmd.c (tty_command): Add from_tty arg.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Remove 3rd argument from
calls to value_x_unop.
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms): Remove 3rd argument from
call to strcmp.
* gdb.texinfo (Command editing): @include inc-readline.texinfo
and inc-history.texinfo and reorganize GDB-specific stuff.
* Makefile: Add line MAKE=make.
* README (second paragraph): Fix trivial errors.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Make sure p is initialized.
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Complete correctly
on the empty string.
Sun Aug 6 21:01:59 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symmetry-dep.c: Remove "long" from definition of i386_follow_jump.
* gdb.texinfo (Backtrace): Document "where" and "info stack".
* dbxread.c (cleanup_undefined_types): Strip off "struct "
or "union " from type names before doing comparison
Sat Aug 5 02:05:36 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb (i386, i386gas): Improve makefile editing instructions.
* Makefile: Fix typo in CLIBS for SYSV.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Deal with N_GSYM typedefs.
* dbxread.c (add_file_command): Do not free name. We didn't
allocate it; it just points into arg_string.
* Makefile, m-*.h: Change LACK_VPRINTF to HAVE_VPRINTF.
Fri Jul 28 00:07:48 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (val_print): Made sure that all returns returned a
value (usually 0, indicating no memory printed).
* core.c (read_memory): Changed "return" to "return 0".
* expread.y (parse_number): Handle scientific notation when the
string does not contain a '.'.
Thu Jul 27 15:14:03 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* infrun.c (signals_info): Error if signal number passed is out of
* defs.h: Define alloca to be __builtin_alloca if compiling with
gcc and localized inclusion of alloca.h on the sparc with the
other alloca stuff.
* command.c: Doesn't need to include alloca.h on the sparc; defs.h
does it for you.
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Changed test for call to
print_frame_nameless_args to check i to tell if any args had been
Thu Jul 27 04:40:56 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Always check that NAME
and/or ADDRESS are not nil before storing into them.
Wed Jul 26 23:41:21 1989 Roland McGrath (roland at
* m-newsos3.h: Define BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command, psymtab_to_symtab):
Use xmalloc #ifdef BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA.
Tue Jul 25 16:28:18 1989 Jay Fenlason (hack at
* m68k-opcode.h: moved some of the fmovem entries so they're
all consecutive. This way the assembler doesn't bomb.
Mon Jul 24 22:45:54 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Changed error to an informational (if
not very comforting) message about internal problems. This will
get a null symbol returned to decode_line_1, which should force
things to be looked up in the misc function vector.
Wed Jul 19 13:47:34 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Changed "fatal" to "error" in
external symbol not found in symtab in which it was supposed to be
found. This can be reached because of a bug in ar.
Tue Jul 18 22:57:43 1989 Randy Smith (roland at
* m-news.h [REGISTER_U_ADDR]: Decreased the assumed offset of fp0
by 4 to bring it into (apparently) appropriate alignment with
Tue Jul 18 18:14:42 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* Makefile: pinsn.o should depend on opcode.h
* m68k-opcode.h: Moved fmovemx with register lists to before other
Tue Jul 18 11:21:42 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at susie)
* Makefile, m*.h: Only #define vprintf (to _doprnt or printf,
depends on the system) if the library lacks it (controlled by
LACK_VPRINTF_DEFINE in makefile). Unpleasant, but necessary to
make this work with the GNU C library.
Mon Jul 17 15:17:48 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1): Change addr-b->address to
Sun Jul 16 16:23:39 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Change error message printed when
right operand of '@' is not an integer to English.
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Fix call to print_spaces_filtered
to specify right # of arguments.
* gdb.texinfo (Command Editing): Document info editing command.
* coffread.c (read_file_hdr): Add MC68MAGIC.
* source.c (select_source_symtab): Change MAX to max.
Fri Jul 14 21:19:11 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Clean up display to look good with long
register names, to say "register" instead of "reg", and to put the
"relative to selected stack frame" bit at the top.
Fri Jul 14 18:23:09 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (record_misc_function): Put parens around | to force
correct evaluation.
Wed Jul 12 12:25:53 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-newsos3, m-news, infrun.c, Makefile, config.gdb, news-dep.c:
Merge in Hikichi's changes for Sony/News-OS 3 support.
Tue Jul 11 21:41:32 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (fputs_filtered): Don't do any filtering if output is
not to stdout, or if stdout is not a tty.
(fprintf_filtered): Rely on fputs_filtered's check for whether to
do filtering.
Tue Jul 11 00:33:58 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* GDB 3.2 Released.
* valprint.h: Deleted.
* utils.c (fputs_filtered): Don't do any filtering if filtering is
disabled (lines_per_page == 0).
Mon Jul 10 22:27:53 1989 Randy Smith (roland at
* expread.y [typebase]: Added "unsigned long int" and "unsigned
short int" to specs.
Mon Jul 10 21:44:55 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (main): Make -cd use cd_command to avoid
current_directory with non-absolute pathname.
Mon Jul 10 00:34:29 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Catch errors from stat (even
though they should never happen).
* source.c (openp): If the path is null, use the current
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Put N_SETV symbols into the misc
function vector ...
(record_misc_function): ... as data symbols.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Return after printing if we aren't
going to do filtering.
* Makefile: Added several things for make clean to take care of.
* expread.y: Lowered "@" in precedence below +,-,*,/,%.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Return an error if the rhs of "@"
isn't integral.
* Makefile: Added removal of core and gdb[0-9] files to clean
* Makefile: Made a new target "distclean", which cleans things up
correctly for making a distribution.
Sun Jul 9 23:21:27 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c: Surrounded define of gnu symbols with an #ifndef
NO_GNU_STABS in case you don't want them on some machines.
* m-npl.h, m-pn.h: Defined NO_GNU_STABS.
Sun Jul 9 19:25:22 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (fputs_filtered): New function.
(fprintf_filtered): Use fputs_filtered.
utils.c (print_spaces_filtered),
command.c (help_cmd,help_cmd_list),
printcmd.c (print_frame_args),
stack.c (print_block_frame_locals, print_frame_arg_vars),
valprint.c (many functions): Use fputs_filtered instead of
fprintf_filtered to avoid arbitrary limit.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Fix incorrect comment.
Sat Jul 8 18:12:01 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (val_print): Changed assignment of pretty to use
prettyprint as a conditional rather than rely on values of the
* Projects: Cleaned up a little for release.
* main.c (initialize_main): Initialize
rl_completion_entry_function instead of completion_entry_function.
* Makefile: Modified to use the new readline library setup.
* breakpoint.c (break_command_1, delete_breakpoint,
enable_breakpoint, disable_breakpoint): Put in new printouts for
xgdb usage triggered off of xgdb_verbose.
* main.c (main): Added check for flag to set xgdb_verbose.
* stack.c (frame_command): Set frame_changed when frame command
Fri Jul 7 16:20:58 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Remove valprint.h and move contents to value.h (more logical).
Fri Jul 7 02:28:06 1989 Randall Smith (randy at rice-chex)
* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn): Included a check for register list;
if there is one, make sure to start p after it.
* breakpoint.c (break_command_1, delete_breakpoint,
enable_breakpoint, disable_breakpoint): #ifdef'd out changes
below; they produce unwanted output in gdb mode in gnu-emacs.
* gdb.texinfo: Spelled. Also removed index references from
command editing section; the relevance/volume ratio was too low.
Removed all references to the function index.
* ns32k-opcode.h, ns32k-pinsn.c: Backed out changes of June 24th;
haven't yet received legal papers.
* .gdbinit: Included message telling the user what it is doing.
* symmetry-dep.c: Added static decls for i386_get_frame_setup,
* values.c (unpack_double): Added a return (double)0 at the end to
silence a compiler warning.
* printcmd.c (containing_function_bounds, asdump_command): Created
to dump the assembly code of a function (support for xgdb and a
useful hack).
(_initialize_printcmd): Added this to command list.
* gdb.texinfo [Memory]: Added documentation for the asdump
* breakpoint.c (break_command_1, delete_breakpoint,
enable_breakpoint, disable_breakpoint): Added extra verbosity for
xgdb conditionalized on the new external frame_full_file_name.
* source.c (identify_source_line): Increase verbosity of fullname
prointout to include pc value.
* stack.c: Added a new variable; "frame_changed" to indicate when
a frame has been changed so that gdb can print out a frame change
message when the frame only changes implicitly.
(print_frame_info): Check the new variable in determining when to
print out a new message and set it to zero when done.
(up_command): Increment it.
(down_command): Decrement it.
* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg [lL]): Modified cases for register
lists to reset the point to point to after the word from which the
list is grabbed *if* that would cause point to point farther than
it currently is.
Thu Jul 6 14:28:11 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print, value_print): Add parameter to control
valprint.h: New file containing constants used for passing
prettyprinting parameter to val{,ue}_print.
expprint.c, infcmd.c, printcmd.c, valprint.c, values.c:
Change all calls to val{,ue}_print to use new parameter.
Mon Jul 3 22:38:11 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (,process_one_symbol): Moved extern declaration for
index out of function to beginning of file.
Mon Jul 3 18:40:14 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* gdb.texinfo (Registers): Add "ps" to list of standard registers.
Sun Jul 2 23:13:03 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (enable_display): Change d->next to d = d->next so
that "enable display" without args works.
Fri Jun 30 23:42:04 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* source.c (list_command): Made error message given when no
symtab is loaded clearer.
* valops.c (value_assign): Make it so that when assigning to an
internal variable, the type of the assignment exp is the type of
the value being assigned.
Fri Jun 30 12:12:43 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (verbose_info): Created.
(initialize_main): Put "info verbose" into command list.
* utils.c (screensize_info): Created.
(_initialize_utils): Defined "info screensize" as a normal command.
* valprint.c (format_info): Added information about maximum number
of array elements to function.
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Again.
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Replaced a "shouldn't
happen" (which does) with a zero return.
* main.c (dont_repeat): Moved ahead of first use.
Thu Jun 29 19:15:08 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* vax-opcode.h: Made minor modifications (moved an instruction and
removed a typo) to bring this into accord with gas' table; also
changed copyright to reflect it being part of both gdb and gas.
* m68k-opcode.h: Added whole scads and bunches of new stuff for
the m68851 and changed the coptyrightto recognize that the file
was shared between gdb and gas.
* main.c (stop_sig): Use "dont_repeat ()" instead of *line = 0;
* core.c (read_memory): Don't do anything if length is 0.
* Makefile: Added readline.c to the list of files screwed by
having the ansi ioctl.h compilation with gcc.
* config.gdb: Added sun4os3 & sun4-os3 as availible options.
Wed Jun 28 02:01:26 1989 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Add ignore_help_classes argument.
(lookup_cmd_1): Add ignore_help_classes argument.
command.c, main.c: Change callers of lookup_cmd{,_1} to supply
value for ignore_help_classes.
Tue Jun 27 18:01:31 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* utils.c (print_spaces_filtered): Made more efficient.
* defs.h: Declaration.
* valprint.c (val_print): Used in a couple of new places.
Mon Jun 26 18:27:28 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg ['#', '^']): Combined them into one
case which always gets the argument from the word immediately
following the instruction.
(print_insn_arg ["[lL]w"]): Make sure to always get the register
mask from the word immediately following the instruction.
Sun Jun 25 19:14:56 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Added hp-include back in as something to distribute.
* stack.c (print_block_frame_locals): Return value changed from
void to int; return 1 if values printed. Use _filtered.
(print_frame_local_vars): Use return value from
print_block_frame_locals to mention if nothing printed; mention
lack of symbol table, use _filtered.
(print_frame_arg_vars): Tell the user if no symbol table
or no values printed. Use fprintf_filtered instead of fprintf.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Check for no inferior or
core file before crashing.
* inflow.c (inferior_died): Set current frame to zero to keep from
looking like we're in start.
Sat Jun 24 15:50:53 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c (frame_command): Added a check to make sure that there
was an inferior or a core file.
* expread.y (yylex): Allow floating point numbers of the form ".5"
to be parsed.
Changes by David Taylor at TMC:
* ns32k-pinsn.c: Added define for ?floating point coprocessor? and
tables for register names to be used for each of the possibilities.
(list_search): Created; searches a list of options for a specific
(print_insn_arg): Added 'Q', 'b', 'M', 'P', 'g', and 'G' options
to the value location switch.
* ns32k-opcode.h: Added several new location flags.
[addr, enter, exit, ext[bwd], exts[bwd], lmr, lpr[bwd], restore,
rett, spr[bwd], smr]: Improved insn format output.
* symtab.c (list_symbols): Rearrange printing to produce readable
output for "info types".
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_address): Fixed typo.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Don't output an error message when
there isn't a ',' after a cross-reference.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): #if'd out N_FN case in
read_dbx_symtab if it has the EXT bit set (otherwise multiple
cases with the same value).
Fri Jun 23 13:12:08 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symmisc.c: Changed decl of print_spaces from static to extern
(since it's defined in utils.c).
* remote.c (remote_open): Close remote_desc if it's already been
* Remote_Makefile, remote_gutils.c, remote_inflow.c,
remote_server.c, remote_utils.c: Combined into remote-multi.shar.
* remote-multi.shar: Created (Vikram Koka's remote stub).
* remote-sa.m68k.shar: Created (Glenn Engel's remcom.c).
* README: Updated to reflect new organization of remote stubs.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Put an N_FN in with N_FN | N_EXT to
account for those machines which don't use the external bit here.
* m-symmetry.h: Defined NO_SIGINTERRUPT.
Thu Jun 22 12:51:37 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (decode_format): Make sure characters are printed
using a byte size.
* utils.c (error): Added a terminal_ours here.
* stack.c (locals_info): Added check for selected frame.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Checked to make sure that a "," was
actually found in the symbol to end a cross reference.
Wed Jun 21 10:30:01 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* expread.y (parse_number, [exp]): Allowed for the return of a
number marked as unsigned; this will allow inclusion of unsigned
* symtab.h: Put in default definitions for BUILTIN_TYPE_LONGEST
* expread.y (parse_number): Will now accept integers suffixed with
a 'u' (though does nothing special with it).
* valarith.c (value_binop): Added cases to deal with unsigned
arithmetic correctly.
Tue Jun 20 14:25:54 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab_1): Changed reading in info message
to go through printf_filtered.
* symtab.c (list_symbols): Placed header message after all calls
to psymtab_to_symtab.
* symtab.c (smash_to_{function, reference, pointer}_type): Carried
attribute of permanence for the type being smashed over the bzero
and allowed any type to point at this one if it is permanent.
* symtab.c (smash_to_{function, reference, pointer}_type): Fix
typo: check flags of to_type instead of type.
* m-hp9k320.h: Changed check on __GNU__ predefine to __GNUC__.
* Makefile: Made MUNCH_DEFINE seperate and based on SYSV_DEFINE;
they aren't the same on hp's.
Mon Jun 19 17:10:16 1989 Randy Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Fixed typo.
* valops.c (call_function): Error if the inferior has not been
* ns32k-opcode.h [check[wc], cmpm[bwd], movm[bwd], skpsb]: Fixed
Fri Jun 9 16:23:04 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-news.h [NO_SIGINTERRUPT]: Defined.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Start copy of undefined structure name
past [sue] defining type of cross ref.
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Changed strchr to index.
* ns32k-opcode.h, ns32k-pinsn.c: More changes to number of
operands, addition of all of the set condition opcodes, addition
of several flag letters, all patterned after the gas code.
* ns32k-opcode.h [mov{su,us}[bwd], or[bwd]]: Changed number of
operands from 1 to 2.
Wed Jun 7 15:04:24 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symseg.h [TYPE_FLAG_STUB]: Created.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Set flag bit if type is stub.
(cleanup_undefined_types): Don't mark it as a stub if it's been
defined since we first learned about it.
* valprint.c (val_print): Print out a message to that effect if
this type is encountered.
* symseg.h, symtab.h: Moved the definition of TYPE_FLAG_PERM over
to symseg.h so that all such definitions would be in the same place.
* valprint.c (val_print): Print out <No data fields> for a
structure if there aren't any.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Set type name of a cross reference type
to "struct whatever" or something.
Tue Jun 6 19:40:52 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_1): Print out symbolic location of
breakpoints for which there are no debugging symbols.
Mon Jun 5 15:14:51 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* command.c (help_cmd_list): Made line_size static.
Sat Jun 3 17:33:45 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Don't include the binutils hp-include directory in the
distribution anymore; refer the users to the binutils distribution.
Thu Jun 1 16:33:07 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (disable_display_command): Fixed loop iteration for
no arg case.
* printcmd.c (disable_display_command): Added from_tty parameter
to function.
* valops.c (value_of_variable): Call read_var_value with 0 cast to
FRAME instead of CORE_ADDR.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Corrected number of args passed to
value_subscript (to 2).
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior), symtab.c (decode_line_1),
m-convex.h: Changed name of FIRSTLINE_DEBUG_BROKEN to
* m-merlin.h: Fixed typo.
* ns32k-opcode.h: Added ns32381 opcodes and "cinv" insn, and fixed
errors in movm[wd], rett, and sfsr.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp, evaluate_subexp_for_address), valops.c
(value_zero): Change value_zero over to taking two arguments
instead of three.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp)
[OP_VAR_VALUE]: Get correct lval type for AVOID_SIDE_EFFECTS for
all types of symbols.
[BINOP_DIV]: Don't divide if avoiding side effects; just return
an object of the correct type.
[BINOP_REPEAT]: Don't call value_repeat, just allocate a
repeated value.
(evaluete_subexp_for_address) [OP_VAR_VALUE]: Just return a thing
of the right type (after checking to make sure that we are allowed
to take the address of whatever variable has been passed).
Mon May 29 11:01:02 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* breakpoint.c (until_break_command): Set the breakpoint with a
frame specification so that it won't trip in inferior calls to the
function. Also set things up so that it works based on selected
frame, not current one.
Sun May 28 15:05:33 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* eval.c (evalue_subexp): Change subscript case to use value_zero
Fri May 26 12:03:56 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms, psymtab_to_symtab): Removed
cleanup_undefined_types; this needs to be done on a symtab basis.
(end_symtab): Called cleanup_undefined_types from here.
(cleanup_undefined_types): No longer uses lookup_symbol (brain
dead idea; oh, well), now it searches through file_symbols.
Wed May 24 15:52:43 1989 Randall Smith (randy at galapas)
* source.c (select_source_symtab): Only run through
partial_symtab_list if it exists.
* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Don't unrecord a misc function
when a function symbol is seen for it.
* expread.y [variable]: Make sure to write a type for memvals if
you don't get a mft you recognize.
Tue May 23 12:15:57 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab, psymtab_to_symtab): Moved cleanup
of undefined types to psymtab_to_symtab. That way it will be
called once for all readins (which will, among other things,
help reduce infinite loops).
* symtab.h [misc_function_type]: Forced mf_unknown to 0.
* dbxread.c (record_misc_function): Cast enum to unsigned char (to
* expread.y [variable]: Cast unsigned char back to enum to test.
Mon May 22 13:08:25 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
Patches by John Gilmore for dealing well with floating point:
* findvar.c (value_from_register, locate_var_value): Used
BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN instead of an inline test.
* m-sparc.h [IEEE_FLOAT]: Created to indicate that the sparc is
IEEE compatible.
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Use BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN and
the stream argument for printing; also modify default type for
'f'. Change handling of invalid floats; changed call syntax for
(print_command): Don't print out anything indicating that
something was recorded on the history list if it wasn't.
* valprint.c (val_print): Fixed to deal properley with new format
of is_nan and unpacking doubles without errors occuring.
(is_nan): Changed argument list and how it figures big endianness
(uses macros).
* values.c (record_latest_value): Return -1 and don't record if
it's an invalid float.
(value_as_double): Changed to use new unpack_double calling
(unpack_double): Changed not to call error if the float was
invalid; simply to set invp and return. Changed calling syntax.
(unpack_field_as_long, modify_field): Changed to use
BITS_BIG_ENDIAN to determine correct action.
* m-hp9k320.h [HP_OS_BUG]: Created; deals with problem where a
trap happens after a continue.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Used.
* m-convex.h [FIRSTLINE_DEBUG_BROKEN]: Defined a flag to indicate
that the debugging symbols output by the compiler for the first
line of a function were broken.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior), symtab.c (decode_line_1): Used.
* gdb.texinfo [Data, Memory]: Minor cleanups of phrasing.
Fri May 19 00:16:59 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (add_undefined_type, cleanup_undefined_types): Created
to keep a list of cross references to as yet undefined types.
(read_type): Call add_undefined_type when we run into such a case.
(read_addl_syms, read_ofile_symtab): Call cleanup_undefined_types
when we're done.
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab, psymtab_to_symtab_1): Broke
psymtab_to_symtab out into two routines; made sure the string
table was only readin once and the globals were only scanned once,
for any number of dependencies.
Thu May 18 19:59:18 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-*.h: Defined (or not, as appropriate per machine)
Wed May 17 13:37:45 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Always complete on result
command list, even if exact match found. If it's really an exact
match, it'll find it again; if there's something longer than it,
it'll get the right result.
* symtab.c (make_symbol_completion_function): Fixed typo; strcmp
==> strncmp.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Change 'G' case to mark symbols as
* expread.y [variables]: Changed default type of text symbols to
function returning int so that one can use, eg. strcmp.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Include a special flag indicating
that one shouldn't insert the breakpoints on the next step for
returning from a sigtramp and forcing at least one move forward.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Change test for nexting into a
function to check for current stack pointer inner than previous
stack pointer.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Check for step resume break
address before dealing with normal breakpoints.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Added a case to deal with taking
and passing along a signal when single stepping past breakpoints
before inserting breakpoints.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Inserted special case to keep
going after taking a signal we are supposed to be taking.
Tue May 16 12:49:55 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* inflow.c (terminal_ours_1): Cast result of signal to (int
* gdb.texinfo: Made sure that references to the program were in
upper case. Modify description of the "set prompt" command.
[Running]: Cleaned up introduction.
[Attach]: Cleaned up.
[Stepping]: Change "Proceed" to "Continue running" or "Execute".
Minor cleanup.
[Source Path]: Cleaned up intro. Cleared up distinction between
the executable search path and the source path. Restated effect
of the "directory" command with no arguments.
[Data]: Fixed typos and trivial details.
[Stepping]: Fixed up explanation of "until".
* source.c (print_source_lines): Print through filter.
* printcmd.c (x_command): If the format with which to print is
"i", use the address of anything that isn't a pointer instead of
the value. This is for, eg. "x/10i main".
* gdb.texinfo: Updated last modification date on manual.
Mon May 15 12:11:33 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (lookup_symtab): Fixed typo (name ==> copy) in call to
* gdb.texinfo: Added documentation for "break [+-]n" and for new
actions of "directory" command (taking multiple directory names at
the same time).
* m68k-opcode.h: Replaced the version in gdb with an up-to-date
version from the assembler directory.
* m68k-pinsn.c (print_insn_arg): Added cases 'l' & 'L' to switch
to print register lists for movem instructions.
* dbxread.c, m-convex.h: Moved convex dependent include files over
from dbxread.c to m-convex.h.
* printcmd.c (disable_display, disable_display_command): Changed
name of first to second, and created first which takes an int as
arg rather than a char pointer. Changed second to use first.
(_initialize_printcmd): Changed to use second as command to call.
(delete_current_display, disable_current_display): Changed name of
first to second, and changed functionality to match.
* infrun.c (normal_stop), main.c (return_to_top_level): Changed to
call disable_current_display.
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol, read_dbx_symtab): Changed N_FN to
be N_FN | N_EXT to deal with new Berkeley define; this works with
either the old or the new.
* Remote_Makefile, remote_gutils.c, remote_inflow.c,
remote_server.c, remote_utils.c: Created.
* Makefile: Included in tag and tar files.
* README: Included a note about them.
* printcmd.c (print_address): Use find_pc_partial_function to
remove need to readin symtabs for symbolic addresses.
* source.c (directory_command): Replaced function with new one
that can accept lists of directories seperated by spaces or :'s.
* inflow.c (new_tty): Replaced calls to dup2 with calls to dup.
Sun May 14 12:33:16 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c (args_info): Make sure that you have an inferior or core
file before taking action.
* ns32k-opcode.h [deiw, deid]: Fixed machine code values for these
* dbxread.c (scan_file_globals): Modified to use misc function
vector instead of file itself. Killed all arguments to the
funciton; no longer needed.
(psymtab_to_symtab): Changed call for above to reflect new (void)
argument list.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, ): Moved HASH_OFFSET define out of
* expread.y [variable]: Changed default type of misc function in
text space to be (void ()).
* Makefile: Modified for proper number of s/r conflicts (order is
confusing; the mod that necessitated this change was on May 12th,
not today).
* expread.y (yylex): Added SIGNED, LONG, SHORT, and INT keywords.
[typename]: Created.
[typebase]: Added rules for LONG, LONG INT, SHORT, SHORT INT,
SIGNED name, and UNSIGNED name (a good approximation of ansi
* Makefile: Included .c.o rule to avoid sun's make from throwing
any curves at us.
* blockframe.c: Included <obstack.h>
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Clear out trailing whitespace.
* command.c (lookup_cmd_1): Changed malloc to alloca.
Fri May 12 12:13:12 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Only print nameless args when you
know how many args there are supposed to be and when you've
printed fewer than them. Don't print nameless args between
printed args.
* symtab.c (make_symbol_completion_function): Fixed typo (= ==>
* remote.c (remote_open): ifdef'd out siginterrupt call by #ifndef
* m-umax.h: Defined NO_SIGINTERRUPT.
* expread.y [ptype, array_mod, func_mod, direct_abs_decl,
abs_decl]: Added rules for parsing and creating arbitrarily
strange types for casts and sizeofs.
* symtab.c, symtab.h (create_array_type): Created. Some minor
misfeatures; see comments for details (main one being that you
might end up creating two arrays when you only needed one).
Thu May 11 13:11:49 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* valops.c (value_zero): Add an argument for type of lval.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp_for_address): Take address properly in
the avoid side affects case (ie. keep track of whether we have an
lval in memory and we can take the address).
(evaluate_subexp): Set the lval type of expressions created with
value_zero properley.
* valops.c, value.h (value_zero): Created--will return a value of
any type with contents filled with zero.
* symtab.c, symtab.h (lookup_struct_elt_type): Created.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Modified to not read memory when
* Makefile: Moved dbxread.c ahead of coffread.c in the list of
source files.
Wed May 10 11:29:19 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* munch: Make sure that sysv version substitutes for the whole
* symtab.h: Created an enum misc_function_type to hold the type of
the misc function being recorded.
* dbxread.c (record_misc_function): Branched on dbx symbols to
decide which type to assign to a misc function.
* coffread.c (record_misc_function): Always assign type unknown.
* expread.y [variable]: Now tests based on new values.
Tue May 9 13:03:54 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c: Changed inclusion of <strings.h> (doesn't work on
SYSV) to declaration of index.
* Makefile: Changed last couple of READLINE_FLAGS SYSV_DEFINE
* source.c ({forward, reverse}_search_command): Made a default
search file similar to for the list command.
Mon May 8 18:07:51 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): If we don't know how many
arguments there are to this function, don't print the nameless
arguments. We don't know enough to find them.
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Call print_frame_nameless_args
with proper arguments (start & end as offsets from addr).
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms): Removed cases to deal with global
symbols; this should all be done in scan_global_symbols.
Sun May 7 11:36:23 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Added copying.awk to ${OTHERS}.
Fri May 5 16:49:01 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_prefix): Don't pass
passed_a_pointer onto children.
* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_suffix): Print "array of" with
whatever the "of" is after tha array brackets.
* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_{prefix,suffix}): Arrange to
parenthesisze pointers to arrays as well as pointers to other
* valprint.c (type_print_varspec_suffix): Make sure to print
subscripts of multi-dimensional arrays in the right order.
* infcmd.c (run_command): Fixed improper usages of variables
within remote debugging branch.
* Makefile: Added Convex.notes to the list of extra files to carry
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Made use of alloca or malloc
dependent on macro define.
Thu May 4 15:47:04 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Changed READLINE_FLAGS to SYSV_DEFINE and called munch
with it also.
* munch: Check first argument for -DSYSV and be looser about
picking up init routines if you find it.
* coffread.c: Made fclose be of type int.
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Put "unset" into class
Wed May 3 14:09:12 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-sparc.h [STACK_END_ADDR]: Parameterized off of
machine/vmparam.h (as per John Gilmore's suggestion).
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Changed this function back
to checking frameless invocation first before checking frame
chain. This means that a backtrace up from start will produce the
wrong value, but that a backtrace from a frameless function called
in main will show up correctly.
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Added entry in help for
delete that indicates that unset is an alias for it.
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Modified recognition of
being within a single command.
Tue May 2 15:13:45 1989 Randy Smith (randy at gnu)
* expread.y [variable]: Add some parens to get checking of the
misc function vector right.
Mon May 1 13:07:03 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* default-dep.c (core_file_command): Made reg_offset unsigned.
* default-dep.c (core_file_command): Improved error messages for
reading in registers.
* expread.y: Allowed a BLOCKNAME to be ok for a variable name (as
per C syntax).
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Flushed stdout after printing
starting message about reading in symbols.
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Switched starting place for
printing of frameless args to be sizeof int above last real arg
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Modified final call to
print_nameless_args to not use frame slots used array if none had
been used.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Take FUNCTION_START_OFFSET into
account when dealing with comparison of pc values to function
* Makefile: Added note about compiling gdb on a Vax running 4.3.
Sun Apr 30 12:59:46 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Got correct error message on bad
* m-sun3.h [ABOUT_TO_RETURN]: Modified to allow any of the return
instructions, including trapv and return from interupt.
* command.c (lookup_cmd): If a command is found, use it's values
for error reporting and determination of needed subcommands.
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Use null string for error if cmdtype is
null; pass *line to error instead of **.
* command.c (lookup_cmd_1): End of command marked by anything but
alpha numeric or '-'. Included ctype.h.
Fri Apr 28 18:30:49 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* source.c (select_source_symtab): Kept line number from ever
being less than 1 in main decode.
Wed Apr 26 13:03:20 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* default-dep.c (core_file_command): Fixed typo.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Don't use return value from
* main.c, command.c (complete_on_cmdlist): Moved function to
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Modified to use my new routine. Old
version is still there, ifdef'd out.
* command.c, command.h (lookup_cmd_1): Added a routine to do all
of the work of lookup_cmd with no error reporting and full return
of information garnered in search.
Tue Apr 25 12:37:54 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Change "delete
breakpionts" to be in class alias and not have the abbrev flag
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Fix to correctly complete
things that correspond to multiword aliases.
* main.c (complete_on_cmdlist): Don't complete on something if it
isn't a command or prefix (ie. if it's just a help topic).
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Set list index to be 0 if
creating a list with just one element.
* main.c (complete_on_cmdlist): Don't allow things with
abbrev_flag set to be completion values.
(symbol_completion_function): Don't accept an exact match if the
abbrev flag is set.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Fixed typo in comparision to check if
type number existed.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Made sure to only call dbx_lookup_type on
typenums if typenums were not -1.
Mon Apr 24 17:52:12 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c: Added strings.h as an include file.
Fri Apr 21 15:28:38 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (lookup_partial_symtab): Changed to only return a match
if the name match is exact (which is what I want in all cases in
which this is currently used.
Thu Apr 20 11:12:34 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-isi.h [REGISTER_U_ADDR]: Installed new version from net.
* default-dep.c: Deleted inclusion of fcntl.h; apparently not
* Makefile: Added comment about compiling on isi under 4.3.
* breakpoint.c (break_command_1): Only give decode_line_1 the
default_breakpoint_defaults if there's nothing better (ie. make
the default be off of the current_source notes if at all
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Clean up comments and
delete code ifdefed out around FRAMELESS_FUNCTION_INVOCATION test.
* remote.c: Added a "?" message to protocol.
(remote_open): Used at startup.
(putpkt): Read whatever garbage comes over the line until we see a
'+' (ie. don't treat garbage as a timeout).
* valops.c (call_function): Eliminated no longer appropriate
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Changed several convex conditional
compilations to be conditional on CANNOT_EXECUTE_STACK.
Wed Apr 19 10:18:17 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Added code to attempt to deal
with arguments that are bigger than an int.
Continuation of Convex/Fortran changes:
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Added leading zeros to
printing of large integers.
(address_info, print_frame_args): Added code to deal with
(print_nameless_args): Allow param file to specify a routine with
which to print typeless integers.
(printf_command): Deal with long long values well.
* stack.c (print_frame_arg_vars): Change to deal with LOC_REF_ARG.
* symmisc.c (print_symbol): Change to deal with LOC_REF_ARG.
* symseg.h: Added LOC_REF_ARG to enum address_class.
* symtab.c (lookup_block_symbol): Changed to deal with
* valarith.c (value_subscripted_rvalue): Created.
(value_subscript): Used above when app.
(value_less, value_equal): Change to cast to (char *) before doing
comparison, for machines where that casting does something.
* valops.c (call_function): Setup to deal with machines where you
cannot execute code on the stack segment.
* valprint.c (val_print): Make sure that array element size isn't
zero before printing. Set address of default array to address of
first element. Put in a couple of int cast. Removed some convex
specific code. Added check for endianness of machine in case of a
packed structure. Added code for printing typeless integers and
for LONG LONG's.
(set_maximum_command): Change to use parse_and_eval_address to get
argument (so can use expressions there).
* values.c (value_of_internalvar, set_internalvar_component,
set_internalvar, convenience_info): Add in hooks for trapped
internal vars.
(unpack_long): Deal with LONG_LONG.
(value_field): Remove LONGEST cast.
(using_struct_return): Fixed typo ENUM ==> UNION.
* xgdb.c (_initialize_xgdb): Make sure that specify_exec_file_hook
is not called unless we are setting up a windowing environ.
Tue Apr 18 13:43:37 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
Various changes involved in 1) getting gdb to work on the convex,
and 2) Getting gdb to work with fortran (due to convex!csmith):
* convex-dep.c, convex-opcode.h, m-convex.h, convex-pinsn.c:
Created (or replaced with new files).
* Makefile: Add convex dependent files. Changed default flags to
gnu malloc to be CFLAGS.
* config.gdb: Added convex to list of machines.
* core.c (files_info): Added a FILES_INFO_HOOK to be used if
(xfer_core_file): Conditionalized compilation of xfer_core_file on
the macro XFER_CORE_FILE.
* coffread.c (record_misc_function): Made sure it zerod type field
(which is now being used; see next).
* dbxread.c: Included some convex dependent include files.
(copy_pending, fix_common_blocks): Created.
may be overridden in m-*.h.
Included data structures for keeping track of common blocks.
(dbx_alloc_type): Modified; if called with negative 1's will
create a type without putting it into the type vector.
(read_dbx_symtab, read_addl_syms): Modified calls to
record_misc_function to include the new information.
(symbol_file_command, psymtab_to_symtab, add_file_command):
Modified reading in of string table to adapt to machines which
*don't* store the size of the string table in the first four bytes
of the string table.
(read_dbx_symtab, scan_file_globals, read_ofile_symtab,
read_addl_syms): Modified assignment of namestring to accept null
index into symtab as ok.
(read_addl_syms): Modified readin of a new object file to fiddle
with common blocks correctly.
(process_one_symbol): Fixed incorrect comment about convex. Get
symbols local to a lexical context from correct spot on a per
machine basis. Catch a bug in pcc which occaisionally puts an SO
where there should be an SOL. Seperate sections for N_BCOMM &
(define_symbol): Ignore symbols with no ":". Use
STAB_REG_TO_REGNUM. Added support for function args calling by
(read_type): Only read type number if one is there. Remove old
(#if 0'd out) array code.
(read_array_type): Added code for dealing with adjustable (by
parameter) arrays half-heartedly.
(read_enum_type): Allow a ',' to end a list of values.
(read_range_type): Added code to check for long long.
* expread.y: Modified to use LONGEST instead of long where
necessary. Modified to use a default type of int for objects that
weren't in text space.
* findvar.c (locate_var_value, read_var_value): Modified to deal
with args passed by reference.
* inflow.c (create_inferior): Used CREATE_INFERIOR_HOOK if it
* infrun.c (attach_program): Run terminal inferior when attaching.
(wait_for_inferior): Removed several convex dependencies.
* main.c (float_handler): Created.
Made whatever signal indicates a stop configurable (via macro
(main): Setup use of above as a signal handler. Added check for
"-nw" in args already processed.
(command_line_input): SIGTSTP ==>STOP_SIGNAL.
* expread.y: Added token BLOCKNAME to remove reduce/reduce
* Makefile: Change message to reflect new grammar.
Mon Apr 17 13:24:59 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (compare_ints): Created.
(print_frame_args): Modified to always print arguments in the
order in which they were found in the symbol table. Figure out
what apots are missing on the fly.
* stack.c (up_command): Error if no inferior or core file.
* m-i386.h, m-symmetry.h [FRAMELESS_FUNCTION_INVOCATION]: Created;
same as m68k.
* dbxread.c (define_symbol): Changed "desc==0" test to
"processing_gcc_compilation", which is the correct way to do it.
Sat Apr 15 17:18:38 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* expread.y: Added precedence rules for arglists, ?:, and sizeof
to eliminate some shift-reduce conflicts.
* Makefile: Modified "Expect" message to conform to new results.
Thu Apr 13 12:29:26 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* inflow.c (terminal_init_inferior): Fixed typo in recent diff
installation; TIOGETC ==> TIOCGETC.
* m-vax.h, m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h, m-sparc.h, m-hp*.h, m-isi.h,
m-news.h [FRAMELESS_FUNCTION_INVOCATION]: Created macro with
appropriate definition.
Wed Apr 12 15:30:29 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Added in a macro to specify
when a "frame" is called without a frame pointer being setup.
* Makefile [clean]: Made sure to delete gnu malloc if it was being
Mon Apr 10 12:43:49 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Reset within_function to 0 after
last RBRAC of a function.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Changed check for filling in of
* inflow.c (create_inferior): Conditionalized fork so that it
would be used if USG was defined and HAVE_VFORK was not defined.
* defs.h: Added comment about enum command_class element
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Fixed a typo with interesting
implications for associative processing in the brain (':' ==> 'c').
* sparc-dep.c (isabranch): Changed name to isannulled, modified to
deal with coprocessor branches, and improved comment.
(single_step): Changed to trap at npc + 4 instead of pc +8 on
annulled branches. Changed name in call to isabranch as above.
* m-sun4os4.h (STACK_END_ADDRESS): Changed it to 0xf8000000 under
os 4.0.
Sat Apr 8 17:04:07 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): In the case N_FUN or N_FNAME the
value being refered to is sometimes just a text segment variable.
Catch this case.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior), breakpoint.c
(breakpoint_stop_status): Move the selection of the frame to
inside breakpoint_stop_status so that the frame only gets selected
(and the symbols potentially read in) if the symbols are needed.
* symtab.c (find_pc_psymbol): Fixed minor misthough (pc >=
fucntion start, not >).
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Change "delete" internal
help entry to simply refer to it being a prefix command (since the
list of subcommands is right there on a "help delete").
Fri Apr 7 15:22:18 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): Created; figures out
what function pc is in (name and address) without reading in any
new symbols.
* symtab.h: Added decl for above.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Used instead of
* stack.c (print_frame_info): Used instead of hand coding for same
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): No longer patch readin pst's out
of the partial_symtab_list; need them there for some checks.
* blockframe.c (block_for_pc), source.c (select_source_symtab),
symtab.c (lookup_symbol, find_pc_symtab, list_symbols): Made extra
sure not to call psymtab_to_symtab with ->readin == 1, since these
psymtab now stay on the list.
* symtab.c (sources_info): Now distinguishes between psymtabs with
readin set and those with it not set.
* symtab.c (lookup_symtab): Added check through partial symtabs
for name with .c appended.
* source.c (select_source_symtab): Changed semantics a little so
that the argument means something.
* source.c (list_command), symtab.c (decode_line_1): Changed call
to select_source_symtab to match new conventions.
* dbxread.c (add_file_command): This command no longer selects a
symbol table to list from.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Only call find_pc_function (to
find out if we have debugging symbols for a function and hence if
we should step over or into it) if we are doing a "step".
Thu Apr 6 12:42:28 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (command_line_input): Added a local buffer and only
copied information into the global main.c buffer when it is
appropriate for it to be saved (and repeated).
(dont_repeat): Only nail line when we are reading from stdin
(otherwise null lines won't repeat and what's in line needs to be
(read_command_lines): Fixed typo; you don't what to repeat when
reading command lines from the input stream unless it's standard
John Gilmore's ( mods for USG gdb:
* inflow.c: Removed inclusion of sys/user.h; no longer necessary.
(, terminal_init_inferior, terminal_inferior, terminal_ours_1,
term_status_command, _initialize_inflow) Seperated out declaration
and usage of terminal mode structures based on the existence of
the individual ioctls.
* utils.c (request_quit): Restore signal handler under USG. If
running under USG initialize sys_siglist at run time (too much
variation between systems).
Wed Apr 5 13:47:24 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
John Gilmore's ( mods for USG gdb:
* default-dep.c: Moved include of sys/user.h to after include of
(store_inferior_registers): Fixed error message.
(core_file_command): Improved error messages from reading in of
u area in core file. Changed calculation of offset of registers
to account for some machines putting it in as an offset rather
than an absolute address. Changed error messages for reading of
registers from core file.
* coffread.c (read_file_hdr): Added final check for BADMAG macro
to use if couldn't recognize magic number.
* Makefile: Added explicit directions for alloca addition.
Included alloca.c in list of possible library files. Cleaned up
possible library usage. Included additional information on gcc
and include files.
* source.c, remote.c, inflow.c, dbxread.c, core.c, coffread.c:
Changed include of sys/fcntl.h to an include of fcntl.h (as per
posix; presumably this will break fewer machines. I hopw).
* README: Added a pointer to comments at top of Makefile.
* Makefile: Added a comment about machines which need fcntl.h in
Tue Apr 4 11:29:04 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (set_prettyprint_command, set_unionprint_command,
format_info): Created.
(_initialize_valprint): Added to lists of commands.
* gdb.texinfo [Backtrace]: Added a section describing the format
if symbols have not yet been read in.
* valprint.c (val_print): Added code to prettyprint structures if
"prettyprint" is set and only to print unions below the top level
if "unionprint" is set.
* infcmd.c (registers_info), valprint.c (value_print, val_print):
Added argument to call to val_print indicating deptch of recursion.
* symtab.[ch] (find_pc_psymbol): Created; finds static function
psymbol with value nearest to but under value passed.
* stack.c (print_frame_info): Used above to make sure I have best
fit to pc value.
* symseg.h (struct partial_symbol): Added value field.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Set value field for partial symbols
saved (so that we can lookup static symbols).
* symtab.[ch] (find_pc_symtab): Changed to external.
* stack.c (select_frame): Call above to make sure that symbols for
a selected frame is readin.
Mon Apr 3 12:48:16 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c (print_frame_info): Modified to only print out full
stack frame info on symbols whose tables have been read in.
* symtab.c, symtab.h (find_pc_psymtab): Made function external;
above needed it.
* main.c (,set_verbose_command, initialize_main): Created a
variable "info_verbose" which says to talk it up in various and
sundry places. Added command to set this variable.
* gdb.texinfo (GDB Output): Added documentation on "set verbose"
and changed the name of the "Screen Output" section to "GDB
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Added information message about
symbol readin. Conditionalized on above.
* dbxread.c (define_symbol): Made an "i" constant be of class
LOC_CONST and an "r" constant be of class LOC_CONST_BYTES.
* README: Made a note about modifications which may be necessary
to the manual for this version of gdb.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Now we get saved address and
check for validity before we check for leafism. This means that
we will catch the fact that we are in start, but we will miss any
fns that start calls without an fp. This should be fine.
* m-*.h (FRAME_CHAIN): Modified to return 0 if we are in start.
This is usually a test for within the first object file.
* m-sparc.h (FRAME_CHAIN): The test here is simply if the fp saved
off the the start sp is 0.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Removed check to see if we
were in start. Screws up sparc.
* m-sparc.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGISTERS): Changed test for dummy
frame to not need frame to be innermost.
* gdb.texinfo: Added section on frameless invocations of functions
and when gdb can and can't deal with this.
* stack.c (frame_info): Disallowed call if no inferior or core
file; fails gracefully if truely bad stack specfication has been
given (ie. parse_frame_specification returns 0).
Fri Mar 31 13:59:33 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Changed references to "unset-env" to
"delete env".
* infcmd.c (_initialize_infcmd): Change reference to set-args in
help run to "set args".
* remote.c (getpkt): Allow immediate quit when reading from
device; it could be hung.
* coffread.c (process_coff_symbol): Modify handling of REG
parameter symbols.
Thu Mar 30 15:27:23 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Use malloc to allocate the
space for the string table in symbol_file_command (and setup a
cleanup for this). This allows a more graceful error failure if
there isn't any memory availible (and probably allows more memory
to be avail, depending on the machine).
Additional mods for handling GNU C++ (from Tiemann):
* dbxread.c (read_type): Added case for '#' type (method type, I
(read_struct_type): If type code is undefined, make the main
variant for the type be itself. Allow recognition of bad format
in reading of structure fields.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Modify evaluation of a member of a
structure and pointer to same to make sure that the syntax is
being used correctly and that the member is being accessed correctly.
* symseg.h: Added TYPE_CODE_METHOD to enum type_code. Add a
pointer to an array of argument types to the type structure.
* symtab.c (lookout_method_type, smash_to_method_type): Created.
* symtab.h (TYPE_ARG_TYPES): Created.
* valops.c (call_function): Modified handling of methods to be the
same as handling of functions; no longer check for members.
* valprint.c (val_print, type_print_varspec_{prefix,suffix},
type_print_base): Added code to print method args correctly.
* values.c (value_virtual_fn_field): Modify access to virtual
function table.
Wed Mar 29 13:19:34 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* findvar.c: Special cases for REGISTER_WINDOWS: 1) Return 0 if we
are the innermost frame, and 2) return the next frame in's value
if the SP is being looked for.
* blockframe.c (get_next_frame): Created; returns the next (inner)
frame of the called frame.
* frame.h: Extern delcaration for above.
* main.c (command_line_input): Stick null at end before doing
history expansion.
Tue Mar 28 17:35:50 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Added namestring assignment to
N_DATA/BSS/ABS case. Sigh.
Sat Mar 25 17:49:07 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* expread.y: Defined YYDEBUG.
Fri Mar 24 20:46:55 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (make_symbol_completion_list): Completely rewrote to
never call psymtab_to_symtab, to do a correct search (no
duplicates) through the visible symbols, and to include structure
and union fields in the things that it can match.
Thu Mar 23 15:27:44 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (dbx_create_type): Created; allocates and inits space
for a type without putting it on the type vector lists.
(dbx_alloc_type): Uses above.
* Makefile: xgdb.o now produced by default rules for .o.c.
Fri Mar 17 14:27:50 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* infrun.c: Fixed up inclusion of aouthdr.h on UMAX_PTRACE.
* Makefile, config.gdb: Added hp300bsd to potential
* hp300bsd-dep.c, m-hp300bsd.h: Created.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Rewrote to do no access to
inferior until we make sure it's still there.
* inflow.c (inferior_died): Added a select to force the selected
frame to null when inferior dies.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): free and zero symfile when
discarding symbols.
* core.c (xfer_core_file): Extended and cleaned up logic in
interpeting memory address.
* core.c (xfer_core_file): Extended opening comment.
Thu Mar 16 15:39:42 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Free symfile name when freeing
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Added to fatal error message
to indicate that it should never happen.
* stack.c (frame_info): Printed out value of "saved" sp seperately
to call attention to the fact that it isn't stored in memory
anywhere; the actual previous frames address is printed.
* m-sparc.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): Set address of sp saved in
frame to value of fp (rather than value of sp in current frame).
* expread.y: Allow "unsigned" as a type itself, as well as a type
* coffread.c: Added declaration for fclose
Fri Mar 10 17:22:31 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (command_line_input): Checked for -1 return from
readline; indicates EOF.
Fri Mar 3 00:31:27 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* remote.c (remote_open): Cast return from signal to (void (*)) to
avoid problems on machines where the return type of signal is (int
* Makefile: Removed deletion of version control from it (users
will need it for their changes).
Thu Mar 2 15:32:21 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symmetry-dep.c (print_1167_regs): Print out effective doubles on
even number regs.
(fetch_inferior_registers): Get the floating point regs also.
* xgdb.c (do_command): Copied command before calling execute
command (so that execute_command wouldn't write into text space).
* copying.awk: Created (will produce copying.c as output when
given COPYING as input).
* Makefile: Used above to create copying.c.
* main.c: Took out info_warranty and info_copying.
* *.*: Changed copyright notice to use new GNU General Public
License (includes necessary changes to manual).
* xgdb.c (create_text_widget): Created text_widget before I create
the source and sink.
(print_prompt): Added fflush (stdout).
* Makefile: Added -lXmu to the compilation line for xgdb. Left
the old one there incase people still had R2.
* README: Added note about -gg format.
* remote.c (getpkt): Fixed typo; && ==> &.
* Makefile: Added new variable READLINE_FLAGS so that I could
force compilation of readline.c and history.c with -DSYSV on
system V machines. Mentioned in Makefile comments at top.
Wed Mar 1 17:01:01 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* hp9k320-dep.c (store_inferior_registers): Fixed typo.
Fri Feb 24 14:58:45 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* hp9k320-dep.c (store_inferior_registers,
fetch_inferior_registers): Added support for remote debugging.
* remote.c (remote_timer): Created.
(remote_open, readchar): Setup to timeout reads if they take
longer than "timeout". This allows one to debug how long such
things take.
(putpkt): Modified to print a debugging message (if such things
are enabled) each time it resends a packet.
(getpkt): Modified to make the variable CSUM unsigned and read it
CSUM with an & 0xff (presumably to deal with poor sign extension
on some machines). Also made c1 and c2 unsigned.
(remote_wait): Changed buffer to unsigned status.
(remote_store_registers, remote_write_bytes): Puts a null byte at
the end of the control string.
* infcmd.c (attach_command, detach_command, _initialize_infcmd):
Made attach_command and detach_command always availible, but
modified them to only allow device file attaches if ATTACH_DETACH
is not defined.
* gdb.texinfo: Added cross reference from attach command to remote
Thu Feb 23 12:37:59 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* remote.c (remote_close): Created to close the remote connection
and set the remote_debugging flag to 0.
* infcmd.c (detach_command): Now calls the above when appropriate.
* gdb.texinfo: Removed references to the ``Distribution'' section
in the copyright.
* main.c, utils.c (ISATTY): Created default defintions of this
macro which use isatty and fileno.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered, print_spaces_filtered), main.c
(command_loop, command_line_input): Used this macro.
* m-news.h: Created a definition to override this one.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Made line_size static (clueless).
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Changed max length of line printed
to be 255 chars or twice the format length.
* symmetry-dep.c, m-symmetry: Fixed typo (^L ==> ).
* printcmd.c (do_examine): Fixed typo (\n ==> \t).
Wed Feb 22 16:00:33 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
Contributed by Jay Vosburgh (
* m-symmetry.h, symmetry-dep.c: Created.
* Makefile: Added above in appropriate lists.
* config.gdb: Added "symmetry" target.
* utils.c (prompt_for_continue): Zero'd chars_printed also.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Call prompt for continue instead of
doing it yourself.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Added code to conditionalize what
symbol type holds to "x.o" or "-lx" symbol that indicates the
beginning of a new file.
Tue Feb 21 16:22:13 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* gdb.texinfo: Deleted @ignore block at end of file.
* findvar.c, stack.c: Changed comments that refered to "frame
address" to "frame id".
* findvar.c (locate_var_value): Modified so that taking the
address of an array generates an object whose type is a pointer to
the elements of the array.
Sat Feb 18 16:35:14 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* gdb.texinfo: Removed reference to "!" as a shell escape
character. Added a section on controling screen output
(pagination); changing "Input" section to "User Interface"
section. Changed many inappropriate subsubsection nodes into
subsections nodes (in the readline and history expansion
Fri Feb 17 11:10:54 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* utils.c (set_screensize_command): Created.
(_initialize_utils): Added above to setlist.
* main.c (main): Added check to see if ~/.gdbinit and .gdbinit
were the same file; only one gets read if so. Had to include
sys/stat.h for this.
* valprint.c (type_print_base): Changed calls to print_spaces to
* main.c (command_line_input): Chaned test for command line
editing to check for stdin and isatty.
* main.c (command_loop): Call reinitialize_more_filter before each
command (if reading from stdin and it's a tty).
utils.c (initialize_more_filter): Changed name to
reinitialize_more_filter; killed arguments.
utils.c (_initialize_utils): Created; initialized lines_per_page
and chars_per_line here.
* utils.c (fprintf_filtered): Removed printing of "\\\n" after
printing linesize - 1 chars; assume that the screen display will
take care of that. Still watching that overflow.
* main.c: Created the global variables linesize and pagesize to
describe the number of chars per line and lines per page.
Thu Feb 16 17:27:43 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (do_examine, print_scalar_formatted, print_address,
whatis_command, do_one_display, ptype_command), valprint.c
(value_print, val_print, type_print_method_args, type_print_1,
type_print_derivation_info, type_print_varspec_suffix,
type_print_base), breakpoint.c (breakpoints_info, breakpoint_1),
values.c (history_info), main.c (editing_info, warranty_info,
copying_info), infcmd.c (registers_info), inflow.c
(term_status_command), infrun.c (signals_info), stack.c
(backtrace_command, print_frame_info), symtab.c (list_symbols,
output_source_filename), command.c (help_cmd, help_list,
help_command_list): Replaced calls to printf, fprintf, and putc
with calls to [f]printf_filtered to handle more processing.
Killed local more emulations where I noticed them.
Wed Feb 15 15:27:36 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* defs.h, utils.c (initialize_more_filter, fprintf_filtered,
printf_filtered): Created a printf that will also act as a more
filter, prompting the user for a <return> whenever the page length
is overflowed.
* symtab.c (list_symbols): Elminated some code inside of an #if 0.
Tue Feb 14 11:11:24 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Turned off backup versions for this file; it changes
too often.
* command.c (lookup_cmd, _initialize_command): Changed '!' so that
it was no longer a shell escape. "sh" must be used.
* main.c (command_line_input, set_history_expansion,
initialize_main): Turned history expansion on, made it the
default, and only execute it if the first character in the line is
a '!'.
* version.c, gdb.texinfo: Moved version to 3.2 (as usual, jumping
the gun some time before release).
* gdb.texinfo: Added sections (adapted from Brian's notes) on
command line editing and history expansion.
* main.c (set_command_editing, initialize_main): Modified name to
set_editing and modified command to "set editing".
* Makefile: Put in dependencies for READLINEOBJS.
* main.c (history_info, command_info): Combined into new command
info; deleted history_info.
(initialize_main): Deleted "info history" command; it was
interfering with the value history.
* coffread.c (enter_linenos): Modified to do bit copy instead of
pointer dereference, since the clipper machine can't handle having
longs on short boundaries.
(read_file_hdr): Added code to get number of syms for clipper.
* stack.c (return_command): Fixed method for checking when all of
the necessary frames had been popped.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab (ADD_PSYMBOL_TO_LIST)): Fixed typo in
allocation length.
Mon Feb 13 10:03:27 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Split assignment to namestring into
several different assignments (so that it wouldn't be done except
when it had to be). Shortened switches and duplicated code to
produce the lowest possible execution time. Commented (at top of
switch) which code I duplicated.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Modified which variables were
register and deleted several variables which weren't used. Also
eliminated 'F' choice from subswitch, broke out strcmp's, reversed
compare on line 1986, and elminated test for !namestring[0]; it is
caught by following test for null index of ':'.
Sun Feb 12 12:57:56 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (gdb_completer_word_break_characters): Turned \~ into ~.
Sat Feb 11 15:39:06 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symtab.c (find_pc_psymtab): Created; checks all psymtab's till
it finds pc.
(find_pc_symtab): Used; fatal error if psymtab found is readin
(should have been caught in symtab loop).
(lookup_symbol): Added check before scan through partial symtab
list for symbol name to be on the misc function vector (only if in
VAR_NAMESPACE). Also made sure that psymtab's weren't fooled with
if they had already been read in.
(list_symbols): Checked through misc_function_vector for matching
names if we were looking for functions.
(make_symbol_completion_list): Checked through
misc_function_vector for matching names.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Don't bother to do processing on
global function types; this will be taken care of by the
misc_function hack.
* symtab.h: Modified comment on misc_function structure.
Fri Feb 10 18:09:33 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* symseg.h, dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, init_psymbol_list,
start_psymtab, end_psymtab), coffread.c (_initialize_coff),
symtab.c (lookup_partial_symbol, list_symbols,
make_symbol_completion_list): Changed separate variables for
description of partial symbol allocation into a specific kind of
(read_dbx_symtab, process_symbol_for_psymtab): Moved most of
process_symbol_for_psymtab up into read_dbx_symtab, moved a couple
of symbol types down to the ingore section, streamlined (I hope)
code some, modularized access to psymbol lists.
Thu Feb 9 13:21:19 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (command_line_input): Made sure that it could recognize
newlines as indications to repeat the last line.
* symtab.c (_initialize_symtab): Changed size of builtin_type_void
to be 1 for compatibility with gcc.
* main.c (initialize_main): Made history_expansion the default
when gdb is compiled with HISTORY_EXPANSION.
* readline.c, readline.h, history.c, history.h, general.h,
emacs_keymap.c, vi_keymap.c, keymaps.c, funmap.c: Made all of
these links to /gp/gnu/bash/* to keep them updated.
* main.c (initialize_main): Made default be command editing on.
Wed Feb 8 13:32:04 1989 & Smith (randy at hobbes)
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Ignore N_BSLINE on first
* Makefile: Removed convex-dep.c from list of distribution files.
Tue Feb 7 14:06:25 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c: Added command lists sethistlist and unsethistlist to
accesible command lists.
(parse_binary_operation): Created to parse a on/1/yes vs. off/0/no
(set_command_edit, set_history, set_history_expansion,
set_history_write, set_history_size, set_history_filename,
command_info, history_info): Created to allow users to control
various aspects of command line editing.
* main.c (symbol_creation_function): Created.
(command_line_input, initialize_main): Added rest of stuff
necessary for calling bfox' command editing routines under
run-time control.
* Makefile: Included readline and history source files for command
editing; also made arrangements to make sure that the termcap
library was available.
* symtab.c (make_symbol_completion_list): Created.
Mon Feb 6 16:25:25 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c: Invented variables to control command editing.
command_editing_p, history_expansion_p, history_size,
write_history_p, history_filename. Initialized them to default
values in initialize_main.
* infcmd.c (registers_info), infrun.c (signals_info),
* main.c (gdb_read_line): Changed name to command_line_input.
(readline): Changed name to gdb_readline; added second argument
indicating that the read value shouldn't be saved (via malloc).
* infcmd.c (registers_info), infrun.c (signals_info), main.c
(copying_info), symtab.c (output_source_filename, MORE,
list_symbols): Converted to use gdb_readline in place of
Sun Feb 5 17:34:38 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* blockframe.c (get_frame_saved_regs): Removed macro expansion
that had accidentally been left in the code.
Sat Feb 4 17:54:14 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (gdb_read_line, readline): Added function readline and
converted gdb_read_line to use it. This was a conversion to the
line at a time style of input, in preparation for full command
Fri Feb 3 12:39:03 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Call end_psymtab at the end of
read_dbx_symtab if any psymtab still needs to be completed.
* config.gdb, sun3-dep.c: Brought these into accord with the
actual sun2 status (no floating point period; sun3-dep.c unless
has os > 3.0).
* m-sun2os2.h: Deleted; not needed.
* config.gdb: Added a couple of aliases for machines in the
* infrun.c: Added inclusion of aouthdr.h inside of #ifdef UMAX
because ptrace needs to know about the a.out header.
* Makefile: Made dep.o depend on dep.c and config.status only.
* expread.y: Added declarations of all of the new write_exp_elt
functions at the include section in the top.
* Makefile: Added a YACC definition so that people can use bison
if they wish.
* Makefile: Added rms' XGDB-README to the distribution.
* Makefile: Added removal of init.o on a "make clean".
Thu Feb 2 16:27:06 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* *-dep.c: Deleted definition of COFF_FORMAT if AOUTHDR was
defined since 1) We *may* (recent mail message) want to define
AOUTHDR under a basically BSD system, and 2) AOUTHDR is sometimes
a typedef in coff encapsulation setups. Also removed #define's of
AOUTHDR if AOUTHDR is already defined (inside of coff format).
* core.c, dbxread.c: Removed #define's of AOUTHDR if AOUTHDR is
already defined (inside of coff format).
Tue Jan 31 12:56:01 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* GDB 3.1 released.
* values.c (modify_field): Changed test for endianness to assign
to integer and reference character (so that all bits would be
Mon Jan 30 11:41:21 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* news-dep.c: Deleted inclusion of fcntl.h; just duplicates stuff
found in sys/file.h.
* i386-dep.c: Included default definition of N_SET_MAGIC for
* config.gdb: Added checks for several different operating
* coffread.c (read_struct_type): Put in a flag variable so that
one could tell when you got to the end of a structure.
* sun3-dep.c (core_file_command): Changed #ifdef based on SUNOS4
to ifdef based on FPU.
* infrun.c (restore_inferior_status): Changed error message to
"unable to restore previously selected frame".
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Used intermediate variable in error
message reporting a bad symbol type. (scan_file_globals,
read_ofile_symtab, read_addl_syms): Data type of "type" changed to
unsigned char (which is what it is).
* i386-dep.c: Removed define of COFF_FORMAT if AOUTHDR is defined.
Removed define of a_magic to magic (taken care of by N_MAGIC).
(core_file_command): Zero'd core_aouthdr instead of setting magic
to zero.
* i386-pinsn.c: Changed jcxz == jCcxz in jump table.
(putop): Added a case for 'C'.
(OP_J): Added code to handle possible masking of PC value on
certain kinds of data.
m-i386gas.h: Moved COFF_ENCAPSULATE to before inclusion of
m-i386.h and defined NAMES_HAVE_UNDERSCORE.
* coffread.c (unrecrod_misc_function, read_coff_symtab): Added
symbol number on which error occured to error output.
Fri Jan 27 11:55:04 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Removed init.c in make clean. Removed it without -f
and with leading - in make ?gdb.
Thu Jan 26 15:08:03 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
Changes to get it to work on gould NP1.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Included cases for N_NBDATA and
(psymtab_to_symtab): Changed declaration of hdr to
* gld-pinsn.c (findframe): Added declaration of framechain() as
* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Avoided treating typedefs as
external symbol definitions.
Wed Jan 25 14:45:43 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* Makefile: Removed reference to alloca.c. If they need it, they
can pull alloca.o from the gnu-emacs directory.
* version.c, gdb.texinfo: Updated version to 3.1 (jumping the gun
a bit so that I won't forget when I release).
* m-sun2.h, m-sun2os2.h, m-sun3os4.h, config.gdb: Modified code so
that default includes new sun core, ptrace, and attach-detach.
Added defaults for sun 2 os 2.
Modifications to reset stack limit back to what it used to be just
before exec. All mods inside of #ifdef SET_STACK_LIMIT_HUGE.
* main.c: Added global variable original_stack_limit.
(main): Set original_stack_limit to original stack limit.
* inflow.c: Added inclusion of necessary files and external
reference to original_stack_limit.
(create_inferior): Reset stack limit to original_stack_limit.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Killed PROFILE_SYMBOLS ifdef.
* sparc-dep.c (isabranch): Multiplied offset by 4 before adding it
to addr to get target.
* Makefile: Added definition of SHELL to Makefile.
* m-sun2os4.h: Added code to define NEW_SUN_PTRACE, NEW_SUN_CORE,
* sun3-dep.c: Added code to avoid fp regs if we are on a sun2.
Tue Jan 24 17:59:14 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_array_type): Added function.
(read_type): Added call to above instead of inline code.
* Makefile: Added ${GNU_MALLOC} to the list of dependencies for
the executables.
Mon Jan 23 15:08:51 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* gdb.texinfo: Added paragraph to summary describing languages
with which gdb can be run. Also added descriptions of the
"info-methods" and "add-file" commands.
* symseg.h: Commented a range type as having TYPE_TARGET_TYPE
pointing at the containing type for the range (often int).
* dbxread.c (read_range_type): Added code to do actual range types
if they are defined. Assumed that the length of a range type is
the length of the target type; this is a lie, but will do until
somebody gets back to me as to what these silly dbx symbols mean.
* dbxread.c (read_range_type): Added code to be more picky about
recognizing builtins as range types, to treat types defined as
subranges of themselves to be subranges of int, and to recognize
the char type idiom from dbx as a special case.
Sun Jan 22 01:00:13 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-vax.h: Removed definition of FUNCTION_HAS_FRAME_POINTER.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Removed default definition
and use of above. Instead conditionalized checking for leaf nodes
on FUNCTION_START_OFFSET (see comment in code).
Sat Jan 21 16:59:19 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_range_type): Fixed assumption that integer was
always type 1.
* gdb.texinfo: Fixed spelling mistake and added a note in the
running section making it clear that users may invoke subroutines
directly from gdb.
* blockframe.c: Setup a default definition for the macro
(get_prev_frame_info): Used this macro instead of checking
* m-vax.h: Overroad definition; all functions on the vax have
frame pointers.
Fri Jan 20 12:25:35 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* core.c: Added default definition of N_MAGIC for COFF_FORMAT.
* xgdb.c: Installed a fix to keep the thing from dying when there
isn't any frame selected.
* core.c: Made a change for the UMAX system; needs a different
file included if using that core format.
* Makefile: Deleted duplicate obstack.h in dbxread.c dependency.
* munch: Modified (much simpler) to cover (I hope) all cases.
* utils.c (save_cleanups, restore_cleanups): Added functions to
allow you to push and pop the chain of cleanups to be done.
* defs.h: Declared the new functions.
* main.c (catch_errors): Made sure that the only cleanups which
would be done were the ones put on the chain *after* the current
* m-*.h (FRAME_CHAIN_VALID): Removed check on pc in the current
frame being valid.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Made the assumption that if
a frame's pc value was within the first object file (presumed to
be /lib/crt0.o), that we shouldn't go any higher.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Do *not* execute check for stop pc
at step_resume_break if we are proceeding over a breakpoint (ie.
if trap_expected != 0).
* Makefile: Added -g to LDFLAGS.
* m-news.h (POP_FRAME) Fixed typo.
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Modified to print out register
params in order by .stabs entry, not by register number.
* sparc-opcode.h: Changed declaration of (struct
arith_imm_fmt).simm to be signed (as per architecture manual).
* sparc-pinsn.c (fprint_addr1, print_insn): Forced a cast to an
int, so that we really would get signed behaivior (default for sun
cc is unsigned).
* i386-dep.c (i386_get_frame_setup): Replace function with new
function provided by pace to fix bug in recognizing prologue.
Thu Jan 19 11:01:22 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* infcmd.c (run_command): Changed error message to "Program not
* value.h: Changed "frame" field in value structure to be a
FRAME_ADDR (actually CORE_ADDR) so that it could survive across
* m-sun.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): Fixed a typo.
* value.h: Added lval: "lval_reg_frame_relative" to indicate a
register that must be interpeted relative to a frame. Added
single entry to value structure: "frame", used to indicate which
frame a relative regnum is relative to.
* findvar.c (value_from_register): Modified to correctly setup
these fields when needed. Deleted section to fiddle with last
register copied on little endian machine; multi register
structures will always occupy an integral number of registers.
(find_saved_register): Made extern.
* values.c (allocate_value, allocate_repeat_value): Zero frame
field on creation.
* valops.c (value_assign): Added case for lval_reg_frame_relative;
copy value out, modify it, and copy it back. Desclared
find_saved_register as being external.
* value.h: Removed addition of kludgy structure; thoroughly
commented file.
* values.c (free_value, free_all_values, clear_value_history,
set_internalvar, clear_internavars): Killed free_value.
Wed Jan 18 20:09:39 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* value.h: Deleted struct partial_storage; left over from
* findvar.c (value_from_register): Added code to create a value of
type lval_reg_partsaved if a value is in seperate registers and
saved in different places.
Tue Jan 17 13:50:18 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* value.h: Added lval_reg_partsaved to enum lval_type and
commented enum lval_type. Commented value structure.
Added "struct partial_register_saved" to value struct; added
macros to deal with structure to value.h.
* values.c (free_value): Created; special cases lval_reg_partsaved
(which has a pointer to an array which also needs to be free).
(free_all_values, clear_value_history, set_internalvar,
clear_internalvars): Modified to use free_values.
* m-sunos4.h: Changed name to sun3os4.h.
* m-sun2os4.h, m-sun4os4.h: Created.
* config.gdb: Added configuration entries for each of the above.
* Makefile: Added into correct lists.
* Makefile: Added dependencies on a.out.encap.h. Made
a.out.encap.h dependent on a.out.gnu.h and dbxread.c dependent on
* infrun.c, remote.c: Removed inclusion of any a.out.h files in
these files; they aren't needed.
* README: Added comment about bug reporting and comment about
* Makefile: Added note to HPUX dependent section warning about
problems if compiled with gcc and mentioning the need to add
-Ihp-include to CFLAGS if you compile on those systems. Added a
note about needing the GNU nm with compilers *of gdb* that use the
coff encapsulate feature also. * hp-include: Made symbolic link
over to /gp/gnu/binutils.
* Makefile: Added TSOBS NTSOBS OBSTACK and REGEX to list of things
to delete in "make clean". Also changed "squeakyclean" target as
* findvar.c (value_from_register): Added assignment of VALUE_LVAL
to be lval_memory when that is appropriate (original code didn't
bother because it assumed that it was working with a pre lval
memoried value).
* expread.y (yylex): Changed to only return type THIS if the
symbol "$this" is defined in some block superior or equal to the
current expression context block.
Mon Jan 16 13:56:44 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-*.h (FRAME_CHAIN_VALID): On machines which check the relation
of FRAME_SAVED_PC (thisframe) to first_object_file_end (all except
gould), make sure that the pc of the current frame also passes (in
case someone stops in _start).
* findvar.c (value_of_register): Changed error message in case of
no inferior or core file.
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Added a check for inferior or core
file; error message if not.
* main.c (gdb_read_line): Modified to take prompt as argument and
output it to stdout.
* infcmd.c (registers_info, signals_info), main.c (command_loop,
read_command_lines, copying_info), symtab.c (decode_line_2,
output_source_filename, MORE, list_symbols): Changed calling
convention used to call gdb_read_line.
* infcmd.c, infrun.c, main.c, symtab.c: Changed the name of the
function "read_line" to "gdb_read_line".
* breakpoint.c: Deleted external referenced to function
"read_line" (not needed by code).
Fri Jan 13 12:22:05 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* i386-dep.c: Include a.out.encap.h if COFF_ENCAPSULATE.
(N_SET_MAGIC): Defined if not defined by include file.
(core_file_command): Used N_SET_MAGIC instead of assignment to
(exec_file_command): Stuck in a HEADER_SEEK_FD.
* config.gdb: Added i386-dep.c as depfile for i386gas choice.
* munch: Added -I. to cc to pick up things included by the param
* stab.gnu.def: Changed name to stab.def (stab.gnu.h needs this name).
* Makefile: Changed name here also.
* dbxread.c: Changed name of gnu-stab.h to stab.gnu.h.
* gnu-stab.h: Changed name to stab.gnu.h.
* stab.gnu.def: Added as link to binutils.
* Makefile: Put both in in the distribution.
Thu Jan 12 11:33:49 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c: Made which stab.h is included dependent on
COFF_ENCAPSULATE; either <stab.h> or "gnu-stab.h".
* Makefile: Included gnu-stab.h in the list of files to include in
the distribution.
* gnu-stab.h: Made a link to /gp/gnu/binutils/stab.h
* Makefile: Included a.out.gnu.h and m-i386gas.h in list of
distribution files.
* m-i386gas.h: Changed to include m-i386.h and fiddle with it
instead of being a whole new file.
* a.out.gnu.h: Made a link to /gp/gnu/binutils/a.out.gnu.h.
Chris Hanson's changes to gdb for hp Unix.
* Makefile: Modified comments on hpux.
* hp9k320-dep.c: #define'd WOPR & moved inclusion of signal.h
* inflow.c: Moved around declaratiosn of <sys/fcntl.h> and
<sys/ioctl.h> inside of USG depends and deleted all SYSV ifdef's
(use USG instead).
* munch: Modified to accept any number of spaces between the T and
the symbol name.
Pace's changes to gdb to work with COFF_ENCAPSULATE (robotussin):
* config.gdb: Added i386gas to targets.
* default-dep.c: Include a.out.encap.h if COFF_ENCAPSULATE.
(N_SET_MAGIC): Defined if not defined by include file.
(core_file_command): Used N_SET_MAGIC instead of assignment to a_magic.
(exec_file_command): Stuck in a HEADER_SEEK_FD.
* infrun.c, remote.c: Added an include of a.out.encap.h if
COFF_ENCAPSULATE defined. This is commented out in these two
files, I presume because the definitions aren't used.
* m-i386gas.h: Created.
* dbxread.c: Included defintions for USG.
(READ_FILE_HEADERS): Now uses HEADER_SEEK_FD if it exists.
(symbol_file_command): Deleted use of HEADER_SEEK_FD.
* core.c: Deleted extra definition of COFF_FORMAT.
(N_MAGIC): Defined to be a_magic if not already defined.
(validate_files): USed N_MAGIC instead of reading a_magic.
Wed Jan 11 12:51:00 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* remote.c: Upped PBUFSIZ.
(getpkt): Added zeroing of c inside loop in case of error retry.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, process_symbol_for_psymtab): Removed
code to not put stuff with debugging symbols in the misc function
list. Had been ifdef'd out.
* gdb.texinfo: Added the fact that the return value for a function
is printed if you use return.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Removed test in "Have we hit
step_resume_breakpoint" for sp values in proper orientation. Was
in there for recursive calls in functions without frame pointers
and it was screwing up calls to alloca.
* dbxread.c: Added #ifdef COFF_ENCAPSULATE to include
(symbol_file_command): Do HEADER_SEEK_FD when defined.
* dbxread.c, core.c: Deleted #ifdef ROBOTUSSIN stuff.
* robotussin.h: Deleted local copy (was symlink).
* a.out.encap.h: Created symlink to
* Makefile: Removed robotussin.h and included a.out.encap.h in
list of files.
* valprint.c (val_print, print_scalar_formatted): Changed default
precision of printing float value; now 6 for a float and 16 for a
* findvar.c (value_from_register): Added code to deal with the
case where a value is spread over several registers. Still don't
deal with the case when some registers are saved in memory and
some aren't.
Tue Jan 10 17:04:04 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* xgdb.c (xgdb_create_window): Removed third arg (XtDepth) to
* infrun.c (handle_command): Error if signal number is less or
equal to 0 or greater or equal to NSIG or a signal number is not
* command.c (lookup_cmd): Modified to not convert command section
of command line to lower case in place (in case it isn't a
subcommand, but an argument to a command).
Fri Jan 6 17:57:34 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c: Changed "text area" to "data area" in comments on
Wed Jan 4 12:29:54 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c: Added definitions of gnu symbol types after inclusion
of a.out.h and stab.h.
Mon Jan 2 20:38:31 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Binary logical operations needed to
know type to determine whether second value should be evaluated.
Modified to discover type before binup_user_defined_p branch.
Also commented "enum noside".
* Makefile: Changed invocations of munch to be "./munch".
* gdb.texinfo: Updated to refer to current version of gdb with
January 1989 last update.
* coffread.c (end_symtab): Zero context stack when finishing
lexical contexts.
(read_coff_symtab): error if context stack 0 in ".ef" else case.
* m-*.h (FRAME_SAVED_PC): Changed name of argument from "frame" to
"FRAME" to avoid problems with replacement of "->frame" part of
* i386-dep.c (i386_get_frame_setup): Added codestream_get() to
move codestream pointer up to the correct location in "subl $X,
%esp" case.
Sun Jan 1 14:24:35 1989 Randall Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (val_print): Rewrote routine to print string pointed
to by char pointer; was producing incorrect results when print_max
was 0.
Fri Dec 30 12:13:35 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, process_symbol_for_psymtab): Put
everything on the misc function list.
* Checkpointed distribution.
* Makefile: Added to the list of things slated for
Thu Dec 29 10:06:41 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c (set_backtrace_limit_command, backtrace_limit_info,
bactrace_command, _initialize_stack): Removed modifications for
limit on backtrace. Piping the backtrace through an interuptable
"more" emulation is a better way to do it.
Wed Dec 28 11:43:09 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c
(set_backtrace_limit_command): Added command to set a limit to the
number of frames for a backtrace to print by default.
(backtrace_limit_info): To print the current limit.
(backtrace_command): To use the limit.
(_initialize_stack): To initialize the limit to its default value
(30), and add the set and info commands onto the appropriate
command lists.
* gdb.texinfo: Documented changes to "backtrace" and "commands"
* stack.c (backtrace_command): Altered so that a negative argument
would show the last few frames on the stack instead of the first
(_initialize_stack): Modified help documentation.
* breakpoint.c (commands_command): Altered so that "commands" with
no argument would refer to the last breakpoint set.
(_initialize_breakpoint): Modified help documentation.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Removed ifdef on Sun4; now you can
single step through compiler generated sub calls and will die if
you next off of the end of a function.
* sparc-dep.c (single_step): Fixed typo; "break_insn" ==> "sizeof
* m-sparc.h (INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO): Set the bottom of a stack
frame to be the bottom of the stack frame inner from this, if that
inner one is a leaf node.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Check to make sure we don't add a
psymtab to it's own dependency list.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Modified check for duplicate
dependencies to catch them correctly.
Tue Dec 27 17:02:09 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-*.h (FRAME_SAVED_PC): Modified macro to take frame info
pointer as argument.
* stack.c (frame_info), blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info),
gld-pinsn.c (findframe), m-*.h (SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL,
FRAME_CHAIN_VALID, FRAME_NUM_ARGS): Changed usage of macros to
conform to above.
* m-sparc.h (FRAME_SAVED_PC), sparc-dep.c (frame_saved_pc):
Changed frame_saved_pc to have a frame info pointer as an
* m-vax.h, m-umax.h, m-npl.h, infrun.c (wait_for_inferior),
blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Modified SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL
to take a frame info pointer as an argument.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Altered the use of the
use frame info pointers as arguments instead of frame addresses.
* m-vax.h, m-umax.h, m-sun3.h, m-sun3.h, m-sparc.h, m-pn.h,
m-npl.h, m-news.h, m-merlin.h, m-isi.h, m-hp9k320.h, m-i386.h:
Modified definitions of the above macros to suit.
* m-pn.h, m-npl.h, gould-dep.c (findframe): Modified findframe to
use a frame info argument; also fixed internals (wouldn't work
* m-sparc.h: Cosmetic changes; reordered some macros and made sure
that nothing went over 80 lines.
Thu Dec 22 11:49:15 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* Version 3.0 released.
* README: Deleted note about changing -lobstack to obstack.o.
Wed Dec 21 11:12:47 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-vax.h (SKIP_PROLOGUE): Now recognizes gcc prologue also.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Added FUNCTION_START_OFFSET
to result of get_pc_function_start.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Same.
* gdb.texinfo: Documented new "step" and "next" behavior in
functions without line number information.
Tue Dec 20 18:00:45 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* infcmd.c (step_1): Changed behavior of "step" or "next" in a
function witout line number information. It now sets the step
range around the function (to single step out of it) using the
misc function vector, warns the user, and continues.
* symtab.c (find_pc_line): Zero "end" subsection of returned
symtab_and_line if no symtab found.
Mon Dec 19 17:44:35 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* i386-pinsn.c (OP_REG): Added code from pace to streamline
disassembly and corrected types.
* i386-dep.c
(i386_follow_jump): Code added to follow byte and word offset
(i386_get_frame_setup): Expanded to deal with more wide ranging
function prologue.
(i386_frame_find_saved_regs, i386_skip_prologue): Changed to use
Sun Dec 18 11:15:03 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-sparc.h: Deleted definition of SUN4_COMPILER_BUG; was designed
to avoid something that I consider a bug in our code, not theirs,
and which I fixed earlier. Also deleted definition of
CANNOT_USE_ARBITRARY_FRAME; no longer used anywhere.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): On the sun 4, if a function
doesn't have a prologue, a next over it single steps into it.
This gets around the problem of a "call .stret4" at the end of
functions returning structures.
* m-sparc.h: Defined SUN4_COMPILER_FEATURE.
* main.c (copying_info): Seperated the last printf into two
printfs. The 386 compiler will now handle it.
* i386-pinsn.c, i386-dep.c: Moved print_387_control_word,
print_387_status_word, print_387_status, and i386_float_info to
dep.c Also included reg.h in dep.c.
Sat Dec 17 15:31:38 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* main.c (source_command): Don't close instream if it's null
(indicating execution of a user-defined command).
(execute_command): Set instream to null before executing
commands and setup clean stuff to put it back on error.
* inflow.c (terminal_inferior): Went back to not checking the
ioctl returns; there are some systems when this will simply fail.
It seems that, on most of these systems, nothing bad will happen
by that failure.
* values.c (value_static_field): Fixed dereferencing of null
* i386-dep.c (i386_follow_jump): Modified to deal with
unconditional byte offsets also.
* dbxread.c (read_type): Fixed typo in function type case of switch.
* infcmd.c (run_command): Does not prompt to restart if command is
not from a tty.
Fri Dec 16 15:21:58 1988 Randy Smith (randy at calvin)
* gdb.texinfo: Added a third option under the "Cannot Insert
Breakpoints" workarounds.
* printcmd.c (display_command): Don't do the display unless there
is an active inferior; only set it.
* findvar.c (value_of_register): Added an error check for calling
this when the inferior isn't active and a core file isn't being
* config.gdb: Added reminder about modifying REGEX in the
makefile for the 386.
* i386-pinsn.c, i386-dep.c: Moved m-i386.h helper functions over
to i386-dep.c.b
Thu Dec 15 14:04:25 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* README: Added a couple of notes about compiling gdb with itself.
* breakpoint.c (set_momentary_breakpoint): Only takes FRAME_FP of
frame if frame is non-zero.
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Implemented /g size for
hexadecimal format on machines without an 8 byte integer type. It
seems to be non-trivial to implement /g for other formats.
(decode_format): Allowed hexadecimal format to make it through /g
Wed Dec 14 13:27:04 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* expread.y: Converted all calls to write_exp_elt from the parser
to calls to one of write_exp_elt_{opcode, sym, longcst, dblcst,
char, type, intern}. Created all of these routines. This gets
around possible problems in passing one of these things in one ear
and getting something different out the other. Eliminated
SUN4_COMPILER_BUG ifdef's; they are now superfluous.
* symmisc.c (free_all_psymtabs): Reinited partial_symtab_list to 0.
(_initialize_symmisc): Initialized both symtab_list and
* dbxread.c (start_psymtab): Didn't allocate anything on
dependency list.
(end_psymtab): Allocate dependency list on psymbol obstack from
local list.
(add_psymtab_dependency): Deleted.
(read_dbx_symtab): Put dependency on local list if it isn't on it
* symtab.c: Added definition of psymbol_obstack.
* symtab.h: Added declaration of psymbol_obstack.
* symmisc.c (free_all_psymtabs): Added freeing and
reinitionaliztion of psymbol_obstack.
* dbxread.c (free_all_psymbols): Deleted.
(start_psymtab, end_psymtab,
process_symbol_for_psymtab): Changed most allocation
of partial symbol stuff to be off of psymbol_obstack.
* symmisc.c (free_psymtab, free_all_psymtabs): Deleted
free_psymtab subroutine.
* symtab.h: Removed num_includes and includes from partial_symtab
structure; no longer needed now that all include files have their
own psymtab.
* dbxread.c (start_psymtab): Eliminated initialization of above.
(end_psymtab): Eliminated finalization of above; get
includes from seperate list.
(read_dbx_symtab): Moved includes from psymtab list to
their own list; included in call to end_psymtab.
* symmisc.c (free_psymtab): Don't free includes.
Tue Dec 13 14:48:14 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* i386-pinsn.c: Reformatted entire file to correspond to gnu
software indentation conventions.
* sparc-dep.c (skip_prologue): Added capability of recognizign
stores of input register parameters into stack slots.
* sparc-dep.c: Added an include of sparc-opcode.h.
* sparc-pinsn.c, sparc-opcode.h: Moved insn_fmt structures and
unions from pinsn.c to opcode.h.
* sparc-pinsn.c, sparc-dep.c (isabranch, skip_prologue): Moved
this function from pinsn.c to dep.c.
* Makefile: Put in warnings about compiling with gcc (non-ansi
include files) and compiling with shared libs on Sunos 4.0 (can't
debug something that's been compiled that way).
* sparc-pinsn.c: Put in a completely new file (provided by
Tiemann) to handle floating point disassembly, load and store
instructions, and etc. better. Made the modifications this file
(ChangeLog) list for sparc-pinsn.c again.
* symtab.c (output_source_filename): Included "more" emulation hack.
* symtab.c (output_source_filename): Initialized COLUMN to 0.
(sources_info): Modified to not print out a line for
all of the include files within a partial symtab (since
they have pst's of their own now). Also modified to
make a distinction between those pst's read in and
those not.
* infrun.c: Included void declaration of single_step() if it's
going to be used.
* sparc-dep.c (single_step): Moved function previous to use of it.
* Makefile: Took removal of out of make clean entry
and put it into a new "squeakyclean" entry.
Mon Dec 12 13:21:02 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* sparc-pinsn.c (skip_prologue): Changed a struct insn_fmt to a
union insn_fmt.
* inflow.c (terminal_inferior): Checked *all* return codes from
ioctl's and fcntl's in routine.
* inflow.c (terminal_inferior): Added check for sucess of
TIOCSPGRP ioctl call. Just notifies if bad.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Close was getting called twice;
once directly and once through cleanup. Killed the direct call.
Sun Dec 11 19:40:40 1988 & Smith (randy at
* valprint.c (val_print): Deleted spurious printing of "=" from
Sat Dec 10 16:41:07 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c: Changed allocation of psymbols from using malloc and
realloc to using obstacks. This means they aren't realloc'd out
from under the pointers to them.
Fri Dec 9 10:33:24 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* sparc-dep.c inflow.c core.c expread.y command.c infrun.c
infcmd.c dbxread.c symmisc.c symtab.c printcmd.c valprint.c
values.c source.c stack.c findvar.c breakpoint.c blockframe.c
main.c: Various cleanups inspired by "gcc -Wall" (without checking
for implicit declarations).
* Makefile: Cleaned up some more.
* valops.c, m-*.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Modified to take 5 arguments
as per what sparc needs (programming for a superset of needed
* dbxread.c (process_symbol_for_psymtab): Modified to be slightly
more picky about what it puts on the list of things *not* to be
put on the misc function list. When/if I shift everything over to
being placed on the misc_function_list, this will go away.
* inferior.h, infrun.c: Added fields to save in inferior_status
* maketarfile: Deleted; functionality is in Makefile now.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Modified algorithm for determining
whether or not a single-step was through a subroutine call. See
comments at top of file.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Made sure that the IGNORE_SYMBOL
macro would be checked during initial readin.
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab): Added macro GCC_COMPILED_FLAG_SYMBOL
into dbxread.c to indicate what string in a local text symbol will
indicate a file compiled with gcc. Defaults to "gcc_compiled.".
Thu Dec 8 11:46:22 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-sparc.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): Cleaned up a little to take
advantage of the new frame cache system.
* inferior.h, infrun.c, valops.c, valops.c, infcmd.c: Changed
mechanism to save inferior status over calls to inferior (eg.
call_function); implemented save_inferior_info and
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame): Simplified this by a direct call
to get_prev_frame_info.
* frame.h, stack.c, printcmd.c, m-sparc.h, sparc-dep.c: Removed
all uses of frame_id_from_addr. There are short routines like it
still in frame_saved_pc (m-sparc.h) and parse_frame_spec
(stack.c). Eventually the one in frame_saved_pc will go away.
* infcmd.c, sparc-dep.c: Implemented a new mechanism for
re-selecting the selected frame on return from a call.
* blockframe.c, stack.c, findvar.c, printcmd.c, m-*.h: Changed
all routines and macros that took a "struct frame_info" as an
argument to take a "struct frame_info *". Routines: findarg,
framechain, print_frame_args, FRAME_ARGS_ADDRESS,
* frame.h, stack.c, printcmd.c, infcmd.c, findvar.c, breakpoint.c,
blockframe.c, xgdb.c, i386-pinsn.c, gld-pinsn.c, m-umax.h,
m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h, m-sparc.h, m-pn.h, m-npl.h, m-news.h,
m-merlin.h, m-isi.h, m-i386.h, m-hp9k320.h: Changed routines to
use "struct frame_info *" internally.
Wed Dec 7 12:07:54 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* frame.h, blockframe.c, m-sparc.h, sparc-dep.c: Changed all calls
to get_[prev_]frame_cache_item to get_[prev_]frame_info.
* blockframe.c: Elminated get_frame_cache_item and
get_prev_frame_cache_item; functionality now taken care of by
get_frame_info and get_prev_frame_info.
* blockframe.c: Put allocation on an obstack and eliminated fancy
reallocation routines, several variables, and various nasty
* frame.h, stack.c, infrun.c, blockframe.c, sparc-dep.c: Changed
type FRAME to be a typedef to "struct frame_info *". Had to also
change routines that returned frame id's to return the pointer
instead of the cache index.
* infcmd.c (finish_command): Used proper method of getting from
function symbol to start of function. Was treating a symbol as a
* blockframe.c, breakpoint.c, findvar.c, infcmd.c, stack.c,
xgdb.c, i386-pinsn.c, frame.h, m-hp9k320.h, m-i386.h, m-isi.h,
m-merlin.h, m-news.h, m-npl.h, m-pn.h, m-sparc.h, m-sun2.h,
m-sun3.h, m-umax.h: Changed get_frame_info and get_prev_frame_info
to return pointers instead of structures.
* blockframe.c (get_pc_function_start): Modified to go to misc
function table instead of bombing if pc was in a block without a
containing function.
* coffread.c: Dup'd descriptor passed to read_coff_symtab and
fdopen'd it so that there wouldn't be multiple closes on the same
fd. Also put (fclose, stream) on the cleanup list.
* printcmd.c, stack.c: Changed print_frame_args to take a
frame_info struct as argument instead of the address of the args
to the frame.
* m-i386.h (STORE_STRUCT_RETURN): Decremented sp by sizeof object
to store (an address) rather than 1.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Set first_object_file_end in
read_dbx_symtab (oops).
* coffread.c (fill_in_vptr_fieldno): Rewrote TYPE_BASECLASS as
Tue Dec 6 13:03:43 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* coffread.c: Added fake support for partial_symtabs to allow
compilation and execution without there use.
* inflow.c: Added a couple of minor USG mods.
* munch: Put in appropriate conditionals so that it would work on
USG systems.
* Makefile: Made regex.* handled same as obstack.*; made sure tar
file included everything I wanted it to include (including
* dbxread.c (end_psymtab): Create an entry in the
partial_symtab_list for each subfile of the .o file just read in.
This allows a "list expread.y:10" to work when we haven't read in
expread.o's symbol stuff yet.
* symtab.h, dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Recognize pst->ldsymlen
== 0 as indicating a dummy psymtab, only in existence to cause the
dependency list to be read in.
* dbxread.c (sort_symtab_syms): Elminated reversal of symbols to
make sure that register debug symbol decls always come before
parameter symbols. After mod below, this is not needed.
* symtab.c (lookup_block_symbol): Take parameter type symbols
(LOC_ARG or LOC_REGPARM) after any other symbols which match.
* dbxread.c (read_type): When defining a type in terms of some
other type and the other type is supposed to have a pointer back
to this specific kind of type (pointer, reference, or function),
check to see if *that* type has been created yet. If it has, use
it and fill in the appropriate slot with a pointer to it.
Mon Dec 5 11:25:04 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* symmisc.c: Eliminated existence of free_inclink_symtabs and
init_free_inclink_symtabs; they aren't called from anywhere, and
if they were they could disrupt gdb's data structure badly
(elimination of struct type's which values that stick around past
elimination of inclink symtabs).
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Fixed a return pathway out of
the routine to do_cleanups before it left.
* infcmd.c (set_environment_command), gdb.texinfo: Added
capability to set environmental variable values to null.
* gdb.texinfo: Modified doc on "break" without args slightly.
Sun Dec 4 17:03:16 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Added check; if there weren't
any debugging symbols in the file just read, the user is warned.
* infcmd.c: Commented set_environment_command (a little).
* createtags: Cleaned up and commented.
* Makefile: Updated dependency list and cleaned it up somewhat
(used macros, didn't make .o files depend on .c files, etc.)
Fri Dec 2 11:44:46 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* value.h, values.c, infcmd.c, valops.c, m-i386.h, m-sparc.h,
m-merlin.h, m-npl.h, m-pn.h, m-umax.h, m-vax.h, m-hp9k320.h,
m-isi.h, m-news.h, m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h: Cleaned up dealings with
functions returning structures. Specifically: Added a function
called using_struct_return which indicates whether the function
being called is using the structure returning conventions or it is
using the value returning conventions on that machine. Added a
macro, STORE_STRUCT_RETURN to store the address of the structure
to be copied into wherever it's supposed to go, and changed
call_function to handle all of this correctly.
* symseg.h, symtab.h, dbxread.c: Added hooks to recognize an
N_TEXT symbol with name "*gcc-compiled*" as being a flag
indicating that a file had been compiled with gcc and setting a
flag in all blocks produced during processing of that file.
Thu Dec 1 13:54:29 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-sparc.h (PUSH_DUMMY_FRAME): Saved 8 less than the current pc,
as POP_FRAME and sparc return convention restore the pc to 8 more
than the value saved.
* valops.c, printcmd.c, findvar.c, value.h: Added the routine
value_from_register, to access a specific register of a specific
frame as containing a specific type, and used it in read_var_value
and print_frame_args.
Wed Nov 30 17:39:50 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_number): Will accept either the argument passed
as an ending character, or a null byte as an ending character.
* Makefile, createtags: Added entry to create tags for gdb
distribution which will make sure currently configured machine
dependent files come first in the list.
Wed Nov 23 13:27:34 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* stack.c, infcmd.c, sparc-dep.c: Modified record_selected_frame
to work off of frame address.
* blockframe.c (create_new_frame, get_prev_frame_cache_item):
Added code to reset pointers within frame cache if it must be
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Added in optimization comparing
last couple of characters instead of first couple to avoid
strcmp's in read_dbx_symtab (recording extern syms in misc
functions or not). 1 call to strlen is balanced out by many fewer
calls to strcmp.
Tue Nov 22 16:40:14 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Took out optimization for ignoring
LSYM's; was disallowing typedefs. Silly me.
* Checkpointed distribution (mostly for sending to Tiemann).
* expression.h: Added BINOP_MIN and BINOP_MAX operators for C++.
* symseg.h: Included flags for types having destructors and
constructors, and flags being defined via public and via
virtual paths. Added fields NEXT_VARIANT, N_BASECLASSES,
and BASECLASSES to this type (tr: Changed types from
having to be derived from a single baseclass to a multiple
base class).
* symtab.h: Added macros to access new fields defined in symseg.h.
Added decl for lookup_basetype_type.
* dbxread.c
(condense_addl_misc_bunches): Function added to condense the misc
function bunches added by reading in a new .o file.
(read_addl_syms): Function added to read in symbols
from a new .o file (incremental linking).
(add_file_command): Command interface function to indicate
incrmental linking of a new .o file; this now calls
read_addl_syms and condense_addl_misc_bunches.
(define_symbol): Modified code to handle types defined from base
types which were not known when the derived class was
(read_struct_type): Modified to better handle description of
struct types as derived types. Possibly derived from
several different base classes. Also added new code to
mark definitions via virtual paths or via public paths.
Killed seperate code to handle classes with destructors
but without constructors and improved marking of classes
as having destructors and constructors.
* infcmd.c: Modified call to val_print (one more argument).
* symtab.c (lookup_member_type): Modified to deal with new
structure in symseg.h.
(lookup_basetype_type): Function added to find or construct a type
?derived? from the given type.
(decode_line_1): Modified to deal with new type data structures.
Modified to deal with new number of args for
(decode_line_2): Changed number of args (?why?).
(init_type): Added inits for new C++ fields from
(value_x_binop, value_binop): Added cases for BINOP_MIN &
* valops.c
(value_struct_elt, check_field, value_struct_elt_for_address):
Changed to deal with multiple possible baseclasses.
(value_of_this): Made SELECTED_FRAME an extern variable.
* valprint.c
(val_print): Added an argument DEREF_REF to dereference references
automatically, instead of printing them like pointers.
Changed number of arguments in recursive calls to itself.
Changed to deal with varibale numbers of base classes.
(value_print): Changed number of arguments to val_print. Print
type of value also if value is a reference.
(type_print_derivation_info): Added function to print out
derivation info a a type.
(type_print_base): Modified to use type_print_derivation_info and
to handle multiple baseclasses.
Mon Nov 21 10:32:07 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* inflow.c (term_status_command): Add trailing newline to output.
* sparc-dep.c (do_save_insn, do_restore_insn): Saved
"stop_registers" over the call for the sake of normal_stop and
* m-sparc.h (EXTRACT_RETURN_VALUE): Put in parenthesis to force
addition of 8 to the int pointer, not the char pointer.
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_addr1): Believe that I have gotten the
syntax right for loads and stores as adb does it.
* symtab.c (list_symbols): Turned search for match on rexegp into
a single loop.
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Don't read it in if it's already
been read in.
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Changed error to fatal in
* expread.y (parse_number): Fixed bug which treated 'l' at end of
number as '0'.
Fri Nov 18 13:57:33 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, process_symbol_for_psymtab): Was
being foolish and using pointers into an array I could realloc.
Converted these pointers into integers.
Wed Nov 16 11:43:10 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* m-sparc.h (POP_FRAME): Made the new frame be PC_ADJUST of the
old frame.
* i386-pinsn.c, m-hp9k320.h, m-isi.h, m-merlin.h, m-news.h,
m-npl.h, m-pn.h, m-sparc.h, m-sun2.h, m-sun3.h, m-umax.h, m-vax.h:
Modified POP_FRAME to use the current frame instead of
read_register (FP_REGNUM) and to flush_cached_frames before
setting the current frame. Also added a call to set the current
frame in those POP_FRAMEs that didn't have it.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Moved call to set_current_frame up
to guarrantee that the current frame will always be set when a
POP_FRAME is done.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Added something to reset the pc of the
current frame (was incorrect because of DECR_PC_AFTER_BREAK).
* valprint.c (val_print): Changed to check to see if a string was
out of bounds when being printed and to indicate this if so.
* convex-dep.c (read_inferior_memory): Changed to return the value
of errno if the call failed (which will be 0 if the call
Tue Nov 15 10:17:15 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Two changes: 1) Added code to
not trigger the step breakpoint on recursive calls to functions
without frame info, and 2) Added calls to distinguish recursive
calls within a function without a frame (which next/nexti might
wish to step over) from jumps to the beginning of a function
(which it generally doesn't).
* m-sparc.h (INIT_EXTRA_FRAME_INFO): Bottom set correctly for leaf
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_cache_item): Put in mod to check
for a leaf node (by presence or lack of function prologue). If
there is a leaf node, it is assumed that SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL is
valid. Otherwise, FRAME_SAVED_PC or read_pc is used.
* blockframe.c, frame.h: Did final deletion of unused routines and
commented problems with getting a pointer into the frame cache in
the frame_info structure comment.
* blockframe.c, frame.h, stack.c: Killed use of
frame_id_from_frame_info; used frame_id_from_addr instead.
* blockframe.c, frame.h, stack.c, others (oops): Combined stack
cache and frame info structures.
* blockframe.c, sparc-dep.c, stack.c: Created the function
create_new_frame and used it in place of bad calls to
* blockframe.c, inflow.c, infrun.c, i386-pinsn.c, m-hp9k320.h,
m-npl.h, m-pn.h, m-sparc.h, m-sun3.h, m-vax.h, default-dep.c,
convex-dep.c, gould-dep.c, hp9k320-dep.c, news-dep.c, sparc-dep.c,
sun3-dep.c, umax-dep.c: Killed use of
set_current_Frame_by_address. Used set_current_frame
(create_new_frame...) instead.
* frame.h: Killed use of FRAME_FP_ID.
* infrun.c, blockframe.c: Killed select_frame_by_address. Used
select_frame (get_current_frame (), 0) (which was correct in all
cases that we need to worry about.
Mon Nov 14 14:19:32 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* frame.h, blockframe.c, stack.c, m-sparc.h, sparc-dep.c: Added
mechanisms to deal with possible specification of frames
Sun Nov 13 16:03:32 1988 Richard Stallman (rms at
* ns32k-opcode.h: Add insns acbw, acbd.
Sun Nov 13 15:09:58 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* breakpoint.c: Changed breakpoint structure to use the address of
a given frame (constant across inferior runs) as the criteria for
stopping instead of the frame ident (which varies across inferior
Fri Nov 11 13:00:22 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* gld-pinsn.c (findframe): Modified to work with the new frame
id's. Actually, it looks as if this routine should be called with
an address anyway.
* findvar.c (find_saved_register): Altered bactrace loop to work
off of frames and not frame infos.
* frame.h, blockframe.c, stack.c, sparc-dep.c, m-sparc.h: Changed
FRAME from being the address of the frame to being a simple ident
which is an index into the frame_cache_item list.
* convex-dep.c, default-dep.c, gould-dep.c, hp9k320-dep.c,
i386-pinsn.c, inflow.c, infrun.c, news-dep.c, sparc-dep.c,
sun3-dep.c, umax-dep.c, m-hp9k320.h, m-npl.h, m-pn.h, m-sparc.h,
m-sun3.h, m-vax.h: Changed calls of the form set_current_frame
(read_register (FP_REGNUM)) to set_current_frame_by_address (...).
Thu Nov 10 16:57:57 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* frame.h, blockframe.c, gld-pinsn.c, sparc-dep.c, stack.c,
infrun.c, findvar.c, m-sparc.h: Changed the FRAME type to be
purely an identifier, using FRAME_FP and FRAME_FP_ID to convert
back and forth between the two. The identifier is *currently*
still the frame pointer value for that frame.
Wed Nov 9 17:28:14 1988 Chris Hanson (cph at kleph)
* m-hp9k320.h (FP_REGISTER_ADDR): Redefine this to return
difference between address of given FP register, and beginning of
`struct user' that it occurs in.
* hp9k320-dep.c (core_file_command): Fix sign error in size
argument to myread. Change buffer argument to pointer; was
copying entire structure.
(fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers): Replace
Flush former definition.
Wed Nov 9 12:11:37 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* xgdb.c: Killed include of initialize.h.
* Pulled in xgdb.c from the net.
* Checkpointed distribution (to provide to 3b2 guy).
* coffread.c, dbxread.c, symmisc.c, symtab.c, symseg.h: Changed
format of table of line number--pc mapping information. Can
handle negative pc's now.
* command.c: Deleted local copy of savestring; code in utils.c is
Tue Nov 8 11:12:16 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* gdb.texinfo: Added documentation for shell escape.
Mon Nov 7 12:27:16 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* command.c: Added commands for shell escape.
* core.c, dbxread.c: Added ROBOTUSSIN mods.
* Checkpointed distribution.
* printcmd.c (x_command): Yanked error if there is no memory to
examine (could be looking at executable straight).
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Amount to leftshift sethi imm by is
now 10 (matches adb in output).
* printcmd.c (x_command): Don't attempt to set $_ & $__ if there
is no last_examine_value (can happen if you did an x/0).
Fri Nov 4 13:44:49 1988 Randall Smith (randy at
* printcmd.c (x_command): Error if there is no memory to examine.
* gdb.texinfo: Added "cont" to the command index.
* sparc-dep.c (do_save_insn): Fixed typo in shift amount.
* m68k-opcode.h: Fixed opcodes for 68881.
* breakpoint.c, infcmd.c, source.c: Changed defaults in several
places for decode_line_1 to work off of the default_breakpoint_*
values instead of current_source_* values (the current_source_*
values are off by 5 or so because of listing defaults).
* stack.c (frame_info): ifdef'd out FRAME_SPECIFCATION_DYADIC in