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# Copyright 2014-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# This file is part of the gdb testsuite.
# Test PowerPC instructions disassembly.
standard_testfile .s
set objfile [standard_output_file ${testfile}.o]
if {![istarget "powerpc*-*-*"]} then {
verbose "Skipping PowerPC instructions disassembly."
if { [gdb_compile "${srcdir}/${subdir}/${srcfile}" "${objfile}" object {debug}] != "" } {
untested "PowerPC instructions disassembly"
return -1
clean_restart ${objfile}
# Disassemble the function.
set func ""
gdb_test "set disassembler-options altivec"
set test "disass func"
gdb_test_multiple $test $test {
-re "\r\nDump of assembler code for function func:(\r\n.*\r\n)End of assembler dump.\r\n$gdb_prompt $" {
set func $expect_out(1,string)
pass $test
proc instr_to_patt {instr} {
global decimal hex
# 0x0000000000000018 <+24>: stxvd2x vs43,r4,r5
return "\[ \t\]*$hex <\\+$decimal>:\[ \t\]*[string_to_regexp $instr]"
proc func_check {instr} {
global func
set test "found: '$instr'"
set peb [instr_to_patt $instr]
if [regexp -nocase -line [instr_to_patt $instr] $func] {
pass $test
} else {
fail $peb
func_check "dss 3"
func_check "dssall"
func_check "dst r5,r4,1"
func_check "dstt r8,r7,0"
func_check "dstst r5,r6,3"
func_check "dststt r4,r5,2"
func_check "lvebx v30,r22,r24"
func_check "lvebx v21,0,r24"
func_check "lvehx v10,r16,r2"
func_check "lvehx v20,0,r23"
func_check "lvewx v17,r4,r18"
func_check "lvewx v23,0,r8"
func_check "lvsl v6,0,r25"
func_check "lvsl v2,0,r6"
func_check "lvsr v22,r16,r12"
func_check "lvsr v0,0,r29"
func_check "lvxl v15,r5,r13"
func_check "lvxl v19,0,r23"
func_check "lvx v22,r1,r2"
func_check "lvx v18,0,r17"
func_check "mfvrsave r31"
func_check "mfvscr v24"
func_check "mtvrsave r10"
func_check "mtvscr v25"
func_check "stvebx v18,r27,r10"
func_check "stvebx v16,0,r6"
func_check "stvehx v17,r13,r16"
func_check "stvehx v23,0,r20"
func_check "stvewx v11,r19,r31"
func_check "stvewx v31,0,r1"
func_check "stvxl v26,r21,r17"
func_check "stvxl v13,0,r22"
func_check "stvx v11,r31,r31"
func_check "stvx v30,0,r16"
func_check "vaddcuw v24,v7,v28"
func_check "vaddfp v3,v30,v11"
func_check "vaddsbs v8,v28,v9"
func_check "vaddshs v7,v5,v4"
func_check "vaddsws v22,v26,v27"
func_check "vaddubm v16,v14,v28"
func_check "vaddubs v6,v1,v25"
func_check "vadduhm v2,v4,v6"
func_check "vadduhs v26,v21,v8"
func_check "vadduwm v29,v31,v1"
func_check "vadduws v23,v13,v4"
func_check "vandc v30,v16,v9"
func_check "vand v3,v13,v27"
func_check "vavgsb v4,v6,v17"
func_check "vavgsh v23,v28,v19"
func_check "vavgsw v8,v15,v31"
func_check "vavgub v6,v7,v25"
func_check "vavguh v25,v22,v10"
func_check "vavguw v3,v23,v29"
func_check "vctsxs v14,v2,6"
func_check "vctuxs v9,v31,20"
func_check "vcfsx v24,v30,3"
func_check "vcfux v17,v21,29"
func_check "vcmpbfp v18,v28,v0"
func_check "vcmpbfp. v19,v26,v3"
func_check "vcmpeqfp v16,v2,v11"
func_check "vcmpeqfp. v23,v13,v13"
func_check "vcmpequb v25,v19,v10"
func_check "vcmpequb. v18,v11,v2"
func_check "vcmpequh v9,v25,v7"
func_check "vcmpequh. v14,v24,v21"
func_check "vcmpequw v24,v12,v5"
func_check "vcmpequw. v19,v16,v1"
func_check "vcmpgefp v23,v17,v16"
func_check "vcmpgefp. v19,v29,v17"
func_check "vcmpgtfp v16,v28,v13"
func_check "vcmpgtfp. v14,v24,v7"
func_check "vcmpgtsb v16,v22,v6"
func_check "vcmpgtsb. v2,v12,v14"
func_check "vcmpgtsh v28,v3,v29"
func_check "vcmpgtsh. v16,v19,v13"
func_check "vcmpgtsw v15,v0,v5"
func_check "vcmpgtsw. v21,v13,v0"
func_check "vcmpgtub v5,v10,v30"
func_check "vcmpgtub. v7,v13,v10"
func_check "vcmpgtuh v24,v15,v16"
func_check "vcmpgtuh. v25,v21,v27"
func_check "vcmpgtuw v17,v27,v6"
func_check "vcmpgtuw. v8,v21,v27"
func_check "vcfsx v1,v1,14"
func_check "vctsxs v4,v15,25"
func_check "vctuxs v28,v23,14"
func_check "vcfux v6,v6,0"
func_check "vexptefp v0,v8"
func_check "vlogefp v22,v27"
func_check "vmaddfp v23,v18,v5,v18"
func_check "vmaxfp v13,v13,v27"
func_check "vmaxsb v8,v23,v14"
func_check "vmaxsh v19,v17,v0"
func_check "vmaxsw v19,v3,v22"
func_check "vmaxub v23,v30,v28"
func_check "vmaxuh v9,v20,v23"
func_check "vmaxuw v21,v19,v1"
func_check "vmhaddshs v22,v13,v5,v22"
func_check "vmhraddshs v31,v0,v3,v18"
func_check "vminfp v2,v21,v24"
func_check "vminsb v20,v6,v10"
func_check "vminsh v18,v27,v26"
func_check "vminsw v3,v4,v1"
func_check "vminub v7,v0,v13"
func_check "vminuh v0,v12,v6"
func_check "vminuw v6,v3,v1"
func_check "vmladduhm v3,v29,v3,v26"
func_check "vmrghb v21,v5,v31"
func_check "vmrghh v21,v24,v0"
func_check "vmrghw v16,v0,v22"
func_check "vmrglb v1,v17,v16"
func_check "vmrglh v14,v8,v15"
func_check "vmrglw v31,v21,v5"
func_check "vmr v24,v9"
func_check "vmsummbm v0,v24,v15,v23"
func_check "vmsumshm v1,v4,v7,v25"
func_check "vmsumshs v9,v8,v13,v31"
func_check "vmsumubm v23,v31,v12,v30"
func_check "vmsumuhm v29,v0,v26,v21"
func_check "vmsumuhs v27,v14,v25,v5"
func_check "vmulesb v10,v25,v14"
func_check "vmulesh v1,v18,v8"
func_check "vmuleub v17,v14,v9"
func_check "vmuleuh v5,v26,v9"
func_check "vmulosb v21,v18,v6"
func_check "vmulosh v4,v5,v8"
func_check "vmuloub v2,v9,v19"
func_check "vmulouh v29,v5,v4"
func_check "vnmsubfp v8,v2,v6,v5"
func_check "vnor v31,v9,v10"
func_check "vnot v25,v31"
func_check "vor v23,v7,v2"
func_check "vperm v0,v28,v22,v25"
func_check "vpkpx v16,v25,v17"
func_check "vpkshss v12,v16,v17"
func_check "vpkshus v1,v19,v23"
func_check "vpkswss v25,v7,v13"
func_check "vpkswus v4,v24,v10"
func_check "vpkuhum v9,v27,v12"
func_check "vpkuhus v22,v10,v25"
func_check "vpkuwum v30,v18,v0"
func_check "vpkuwus v7,v3,v22"
func_check "vrefp v24,v28"
func_check "vrfim v17,v19"
func_check "vrfin v24,v25"
func_check "vrfip v3,v5"
func_check "vrfiz v8,v10"
func_check "vrlb v26,v18,v30"
func_check "vrlh v16,v17,v25"
func_check "vrlw v23,v30,v9"
func_check "vrsqrtefp v2,v18"
func_check "vsel v20,v14,v18,v10"
func_check "vslb v25,v25,v12"
func_check "vsldoi v9,v9,v12,7"
func_check "vslh v14,v2,v11"
func_check "vslo v30,v5,v6"
func_check "vsl v22,v30,v9"
func_check "vslw v26,v26,v3"
func_check "vspltb v1,v20,6"
func_check "vsplth v16,v18,3"
func_check "vspltisb v25,-13"
func_check "vspltish v22,10"
func_check "vspltisw v13,13"
func_check "vspltw v9,v18,2"
func_check "vsrab v14,v22,v0"
func_check "vsrah v12,v12,v18"
func_check "vsraw v2,v2,v13"
func_check "vsrb v7,v27,v5"
func_check "vsrh v7,v11,v29"
func_check "vsro v18,v30,v31"
func_check "vsr v2,v9,v28"
func_check "vsrw v0,v25,v0"
func_check "vsubcuw v24,v2,v10"
func_check "vsubfp v22,v24,v20"
func_check "vsubsbs v10,v22,v13"
func_check "vsubshs v24,v17,v28"
func_check "vsubsws v10,v26,v0"
func_check "vsububm v16,v11,v24"
func_check "vsububs v11,v21,v1"
func_check "vsubuhm v6,v12,v24"
func_check "vsubuhs v30,v11,v9"
func_check "vsubuwm v19,v20,v13"
func_check "vsubuws v18,v25,v6"
func_check "vsum2sws v25,v10,v18"
func_check "vsum4sbs v13,v16,v21"
func_check "vsum4shs v23,v8,v4"
func_check "vsum4ubs v28,v13,v30"
func_check "vsumsws v22,v10,v8"
func_check "vupkhpx v24,v14"
func_check "vupkhsb v2,v22"
func_check "vupkhsh v16,v2"
func_check "vupklpx v10,v26"
func_check "vupklsb v15,v28"
func_check "vupklsh v8,v8"
func_check "vxor v25,v0,v3"