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#source: gc-start.s
#source: gc-relocs-309.s
#source: gc-relocs-311.s
#source: gc-relocs-312.s
#ld: --gc-sections -T aarch64.ld
#objdump: -s -t -d
# Executable with got related relocs against global sysmbol gced.
# After gc-section removal we are cheking that symbol and got section
# do not exist and text section contains only start function.
.*: file format elf64-(little|big)aarch64
0+8000 l d \.text 0+ \.text
0+0000 l df \*ABS\* 0+ .*
0+8000 g \.text 0+ _start
Contents of section .text:
8000 1f2003d5 .*
Disassembly of section .text:
0+8000 \<_start>:
8000: d503201f nop