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.global v1
.global v2
.section .tdata,"awT",%progbits
.word 1
# This GD access does not relax. It consumes a double GOT slot.
adrp x0, :tlsgd:v2
add x0, x0, :tlsgd_lo12:v2
bl __tls_get_addr
# Test the combination of a TLSDESC-GD and IE access to the same
# symbol. We expect the TLSDESC-GD to relax to IE.
adrp x0, :tlsdesc:v1
ldr x1, [x0, #:tlsdesc_lo12:v1]
add x0, x0, :tlsdesc_lo12:v1
.tlsdesccall v1
blr x1
mrs x1, tpidr_el0
add x0, x1, x0
mrs x2, tpidr_el0
adrp x0, :gottprel:v1
ldr x0, [x0, #:gottprel_lo12:v1]
add x0, x2, x0
ldr w0, [x0]
add w0, w1, w0