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% The .text contents is supposed to be linked --oformat binary with
% b-post1.s and b-goodmain.s. The code below will provide a LOP_LOC
% with a 64-bit address (0x789abcdef012345b) then 16 bytes of % random
% data. Note that the address is misaligned and the contents should
% be handled as at 0x789abcdef0123458. After that, there's another
% LOP_LOC, about 32 bytes further on, also at a misaligned address:
% this time the data (0x12345677) is entered with a LOP_QUOTE.
.byte 0x98,1,0,2
.8byte 0x789abcdef012345b
.byte 0xb0,0x45,0x19,0x7d,0x2c,0x1b,0x3,0xb2
.byte 0xe4,0xdb,0xf8,0x77,0xf,0xc7,0x66,0xfb
.byte 0x98,1,0,2
.8byte 0x789abcdef012347a
.byte 0x98,0,0,1
.byte 0x12,0x34,0x56,0x77