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% The .text contents is supposed to be linked --oformat binary with
% b-twoinsn.s, and will provide a valid end of a mmo file, but with the
% "n" in :Main in wide character format; the widening is with a nil, so it
% is treated like a normal "n". Also, it provides a normal "n", so the
% two symbols collide.
.byte 0x98,0x0b,0x00,0x00,0x20,0x3a,0x30,0x4d,0x20,0x61,0x20,0x69
.byte 0x91,0,0x6e,0x04,0x81,0x01,0x6e,0x04,0x83,1,0x01,0x61,0x04,0x82,0,0,0x98,0x0c,0,0x06