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#source: start3.s
#source: bpo-6.s
#source: bpo-5.s
#as: -linker-allocated-gregs
#ld: -m mmo --gc-sections
#objdump: -st
# Check that GC does not mess up things when no BPO:s are collected.
# Note that mmo doesn't support GC at the moment; it's a nop.
.*: file format mmo
0+ g .* Main
0+14 g \.text x
0+10 g \.text x2
Contents of section \.text:
0004 0000003d 00000000 0000003a 232dfe00 .*
0014 232dfd00 .*
Contents of section \.MMIX\.reg_contents:
07e8 00000000 0000107c 00000000 0000a420 .*