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#source: greg-1.s
#source: gregget1.s
#source: start.s
#source: a.s
#as: -x
#ld: -m mmo
#objdump: -dt
# A greg usage with an expanding insn. The register reloc must be
# evaluated before the expanding reloc. Here, it doesn't appear in the
# wrong order, and it doesn't seem like they would naturally appear in the
# wrong order, but anyway; mmo.
.*: file format mmo
0+10 g \.text Main
0+10 g \.text _start
0+fe g \*REG\* areg
0+14 g \.text a
Disassembly of section \.text:
0+ <(Main|_start)-0x10>:
0: e3fe0014 setl areg,0x14
4: e6fe0000 incml areg,0x0
8: e5fe0000 incmh areg,0x0
c: e4fe0000 inch areg,0x0
0+10 <(Main|_start)>:
10: e3fd0001 setl \$253,0x1
0+14 <a>:
14: e3fd0004 setl \$253,0x4