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#source: nop123.s
#source: pushja.s
#source: undef-2.s
#source: pad2p18m32.s
#source: nop123.s
#ld: -r -m elf64mmix
#objdump: -dr
# When linking relocatably, check two stubbable PUSHJ:s, one expanded.
# With better relaxation support for relocatable links, both should be
# able to pass through unexpanded. Right now, we just check that they can
# coexist peacefully.
.*: file format elf64-mmix
Disassembly of section \.text:
0+ <pushja-0x4>:
0: fd010203 swym 1,2,3
0+4 <pushja>:
4: e3fd0002 setl \$253,0x2
8: f20c0002 pushj \$12,10 <pushja\+0xc>
c: e3fd0003 setl \$253,0x3
10: f0000000 jmp 10 <pushja\+0xc>
10: R_MMIX_JMP a
24: f2050000 pushj \$5,24 <pushja\+0x20>
40008: fd010203 swym 1,2,3