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# Generated file. DO NOT EDIT
# This file is generated by ld/testsuite/ld-sh/arch/arch.exp .
# It contains the expected results of the tests.
# If the tests are failing because the expected results
# have changed then run 'make check' and copy the new file
# from <objdir>/ld/arch_results.txt
# to <srcdir>/ld/testsuite/ld-sh/arch/arch_expected.txt .
# Make sure the new expected results are ALL correct.
# ----- ----- ------
sh-dsp.o sh-dsp.o sh-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh.o sh-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh2.o sh-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh4.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh2e.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh3.o sh3-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh3e.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh4.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh4a.o ERROR
sh-dsp.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh-dsp.o sh-unknown.o sh-dsp
sh.o sh-dsp.o sh-dsp
sh.o sh.o sh
sh.o sh2.o sh2
sh.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh.o sh2e.o sh2e
sh.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh.o sh3.o sh3
sh.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh.o sh4.o sh4
sh.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh.o sh-unknown.o sh
sh2.o sh-dsp.o sh-dsp
sh2.o sh.o sh2
sh2.o sh2.o sh2
sh2.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2.o sh2e.o sh2e
sh2.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh2.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh2.o sh3.o sh3
sh2.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh2.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh2.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh2.o sh4.o sh4
sh2.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh2.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh2.o sh-unknown.o sh2
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3.o sh3
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4.o sh4
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3.o sh3
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4.o sh4
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu.o sh2e.o sh2a
sh2a-nofpu.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh3-nommu.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh3.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh3e.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4a.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-nofpu.o sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3-nommu.o sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3.o sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh-unknown.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh3-nommu.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh3.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh3e.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4.o sh4
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a-or-sh4.o sh-unknown.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2a.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh2e.o sh2a
sh2a.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh3-nommu.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh3.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh3e.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4a.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh2a.o sh-unknown.o sh2a
sh2e.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh2e.o sh.o sh2e
sh2e.o sh2.o sh2e
sh2e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2e.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a
sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh2e.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh2e.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh2e.o sh2e.o sh2e
sh2e.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh2e.o sh3-nommu.o sh3e
sh2e.o sh3.o sh3e
sh2e.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh2e.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4
sh2e.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh2e.o sh4.o sh4
sh2e.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh2e.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh2e.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh2e.o sh-unknown.o sh2e
sh3-dsp.o sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh2.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh4.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh2e.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh3.o sh3-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh3e.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh4.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh4a.o ERROR
sh3-dsp.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh3-dsp.o sh-unknown.o sh3-dsp
sh3-nommu.o sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3-nommu.o sh.o sh3-nommu
sh3-nommu.o sh2.o sh3-nommu
sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-nommu
sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3e
sh3-nommu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh3-nommu.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh3-nommu.o sh2e.o sh3e
sh3-nommu.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh3-nommu.o sh3.o sh3
sh3-nommu.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh3-nommu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh3-nommu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh3-nommu.o sh4.o sh4
sh3-nommu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh3-nommu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh3-nommu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh3-nommu.o sh-unknown.o sh3-nommu
sh3.o sh-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3.o sh.o sh3
sh3.o sh2.o sh3
sh3.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3
sh3.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3
sh3.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh3.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3e
sh3.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh3.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh3.o sh2e.o sh3e
sh3.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh3.o sh3-nommu.o sh3
sh3.o sh3.o sh3
sh3.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh3.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh3.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh3.o sh4.o sh4
sh3.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh3.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh3.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh3.o sh-unknown.o sh3
sh3e.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh3e.o sh.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh2.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh3e.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh3e.o sh2e.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh3e.o sh3-nommu.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh3.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh3e.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4
sh3e.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh3e.o sh4.o sh4
sh3e.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh3e.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh3e.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh3e.o sh-unknown.o sh3e
sh4-nofpu.o sh-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nofpu.o sh.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh2.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh4-nofpu.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4-nofpu.o sh2e.o sh4
sh4-nofpu.o sh3-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nofpu.o sh3-nommu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh3.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh3e.o sh4
sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh4.o sh4
sh4-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4-nofpu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh4-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nofpu.o sh-unknown.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2e.o sh4
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3-nommu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh3e.o sh4
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4.o sh4
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh-unknown.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh4.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh4.o sh.o sh4
sh4.o sh2.o sh4
sh4.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4
sh4.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh4.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4
sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4
sh4.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4.o sh2e.o sh4
sh4.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh4.o sh3-nommu.o sh4
sh4.o sh3.o sh4
sh4.o sh3e.o sh4
sh4.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4
sh4.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4
sh4.o sh4.o sh4
sh4.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh4.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh4.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh4.o sh-unknown.o sh4
sh4a-nofpu.o sh-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4a-nofpu.o sh.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4a-nofpu.o sh2e.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh3-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4a-nofpu.o sh3-nommu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh3.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh3e.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh4a-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4a-nofpu.o sh-unknown.o sh4a-nofpu
sh4a.o sh-dsp.o ERROR
sh4a.o sh.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4a.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4a.o sh2e.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh3-dsp.o ERROR
sh4a.o sh3-nommu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh3.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh3e.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh4a.o sh4al-dsp.o ERROR
sh4a.o sh-unknown.o sh4a
sh4al-dsp.o sh-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh2.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a-nofpu.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a-or-sh4.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh2a.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh2e.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh3-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh3-nommu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh3.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh3e.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh4.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh4a.o ERROR
sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
sh4al-dsp.o sh-unknown.o sh4al-dsp
sh-unknown.o sh-dsp.o sh-dsp
sh-unknown.o sh.o sh
sh-unknown.o sh2.o sh2
sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu-or-sh3-nommu
sh-unknown.o sh2a-nofpu.o sh2a-nofpu
sh-unknown.o sh2a-or-sh3e.o sh2a-or-sh3e
sh-unknown.o sh2a-or-sh4.o sh2a-or-sh4
sh-unknown.o sh2a.o sh2a
sh-unknown.o sh2e.o sh2e
sh-unknown.o sh3-dsp.o sh3-dsp
sh-unknown.o sh3-nommu.o sh3-nommu
sh-unknown.o sh3.o sh3
sh-unknown.o sh3e.o sh3e
sh-unknown.o sh4-nofpu.o sh4-nofpu
sh-unknown.o sh4-nommu-nofpu.o sh4-nommu-nofpu
sh-unknown.o sh4.o sh4
sh-unknown.o sh4a-nofpu.o sh4a-nofpu
sh-unknown.o sh4a.o sh4a
sh-unknown.o sh4al-dsp.o sh4al-dsp
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