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#source: ldr1.s
#source: ldr2.s
#as: -little
#ld: -shared -EL -z nocombreloc
#readelf: -r -x4 -x5
#target: sh*-*-elf
# Make sure relocations against global and local symbols with relative and
# absolute 32-bit relocs don't come out wrong after ld -r. Remember that
# SH uses partial_inplace (sort-of REL within RELA) with related confusion
# about how, when, where and which addends to use. A DSO must have the
# same value in the addend as in the data, so either can be used.
Relocation section '\.rela\.text' at offset 0x[0-9a-f]+ contains 1 entry:
0000019c +[0-9a-f]+ R_SH_RELATIVE +1a0
Hex dump of section '\.rela\.text':
0x00000188 9c010000 a5000000 a0010000 .*
Hex dump of section '\.text':
0x00000194 09000900 09000900 a0010000 .*