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/* Test ambiguous forward lookups post-deduplication.
This also makes sure that deduplication succeeds in this case and does not
throw spurious errors. */
#include <ctf-api.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
main (int argc, char *argv[])
ctf_dict_t *fp;
ctf_archive_t *ctf;
ctf_id_t type;
ctf_arinfo_t ar;
int err;
if (argc != 2)
fprintf (stderr, "Syntax: %s PROGRAM\n", argv[0]);
if ((ctf = ctf_open (argv[1], NULL, &err)) == NULL)
goto open_err;
if ((fp = ctf_dict_open (ctf, NULL, &err)) == NULL)
goto open_err;
/* Dig out the array type and resolve its element type. */
if ((type = ctf_lookup_by_name (fp, "a_array") ) == CTF_ERR)
goto err;
if ((type = ctf_type_resolve (fp, type)) == CTF_ERR)
goto err;
if (ctf_array_info (fp, type, &ar) < 0)
goto err;
printf ("Kind of array element is %i\n", ctf_type_kind (fp, ar.ctr_contents));
ctf_dict_close (fp);
ctf_close (ctf);
return 0;
fprintf (stderr, "%s: cannot open: %s\n", argv[0], ctf_errmsg (err));
return 1;
fprintf (stderr, "Lookup failed: %s\n", ctf_errmsg (ctf_errno (fp)));
return 1;