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// Spec Reference: c_dspldst ld_dr_i++m
# mach: bfin
.include ""
M0 = 0 (X);
M1 = 0x4 (X);
M2 = 0x0 (X);
M3 = 0x4 (X);
loadsym i0, DATA_ADDR_3;
loadsym i1, DATA_ADDR_4;
loadsym i2, DATA_ADDR_5;
loadsym i3, DATA_ADDR_6;
R0 = [ I0 ++ M0 ];
R1 = [ I1 ++ M1 ];
R2 = [ I2 ++ M2 ];
R3 = [ I3 ++ M3 ];
R4 = [ I0 ++ M1 ];
R5 = [ I1 ++ M2 ];
R6 = [ I2 ++ M3 ];
R7 = [ I3 ++ M0 ];
CHECKREG r0, 0x00010203;
CHECKREG r1, 0x20212223;
CHECKREG r2, 0x40414243;
CHECKREG r3, 0x60616263;
CHECKREG r4, 0x00010203;
CHECKREG r5, 0x24252627;
CHECKREG r6, 0x40414243;
CHECKREG r7, 0x64656667;
R1 = [ I0 ++ M2 ];
R2 = [ I1 ++ M3 ];
R3 = [ I2 ++ M0 ];
R4 = [ I3 ++ M1 ];
R5 = [ I0 ++ M3 ];
R6 = [ I1 ++ M0 ];
R7 = [ I2 ++ M1 ];
R0 = [ I3 ++ M2 ];
CHECKREG r0, 0x68696A6B;
CHECKREG r1, 0x04050607;
CHECKREG r2, 0x24252627;
CHECKREG r3, 0x44454647;
CHECKREG r4, 0x64656667;
CHECKREG r5, 0x04050607;
CHECKREG r6, 0x28292A2B;
CHECKREG r7, 0x44454647;
M0 = 4 (X);
M1 = 0x0 (X);
M2 = 0x4 (X);
M3 = 0x0 (X);
R2 = [ I0 ++ M0 ];
R3 = [ I1 ++ M1 ];
R4 = [ I2 ++ M2 ];
R5 = [ I3 ++ M3 ];
R6 = [ I0 ++ M1 ];
R7 = [ I1 ++ M2 ];
R0 = [ I2 ++ M3 ];
R1 = [ I3 ++ M0 ];
CHECKREG r0, 0x4C4D4E4F;
CHECKREG r1, 0x68696A6B;
CHECKREG r2, 0x08090A0B;
CHECKREG r3, 0x28292A2B;
CHECKREG r4, 0x48494A4B;
CHECKREG r5, 0x68696A6B;
CHECKREG r6, 0x0C0D0E0F;
CHECKREG r7, 0x28292A2B;
R3 = [ I0 ++ M2 ];
R4 = [ I1 ++ M3 ];
R5 = [ I2 ++ M0 ];
R6 = [ I3 ++ M1 ];
R7 = [ I0 ++ M3 ];
R0 = [ I1 ++ M0 ];
R1 = [ I2 ++ M1 ];
R2 = [ I3 ++ M2 ];
CHECKREG r0, 0x2C2D2E2F;
CHECKREG r1, 0x50515253;
CHECKREG r2, 0x6C6D6E6F;
CHECKREG r3, 0x0C0D0E0F;
CHECKREG r4, 0x2C2D2E2F;
CHECKREG r5, 0x4C4D4E4F;
CHECKREG r6, 0x6C6D6E6F;
CHECKREG r7, 0x10111213;
R5 = [ I0 ++ M2 ];
R6 = [ I1 ++ M3 ];
R7 = [ I2 ++ M0 ];
R0 = [ I3 ++ M1 ];
R1 = [ I0 ++ M3 ];
R2 = [ I1 ++ M0 ];
R3 = [ I2 ++ M1 ];
R4 = [ I3 ++ M2 ];
CHECKREG r0, 0x70717273;
CHECKREG r1, 0x14151617;
CHECKREG r2, 0x30313233;
CHECKREG r3, 0x54555657;
CHECKREG r4, 0x70717273;
CHECKREG r5, 0x10111213;
CHECKREG r6, 0x30313233;
CHECKREG r7, 0x50515253;
// Pre-load memory with known data
// More data is defined than will actually be used
.dd 0x00010203
.dd 0x04050607
.dd 0x08090A0B
.dd 0x0C0D0E0F
.dd 0x10111213
.dd 0x14151617
.dd 0x18191A1B
.dd 0x1C1D1E1F
.dd 0x11223344
.dd 0x55667788
.dd 0x99717273
.dd 0x74757677
.dd 0x82838485
.dd 0x86878889
.dd 0x80818283
.dd 0x84858687
.dd 0x01020304
.dd 0x05060708
.dd 0x09101112
.dd 0x14151617
.dd 0x18192021
.dd 0x22232425
.dd 0x26272829
.dd 0x30313233
.dd 0x34353637
.dd 0x38394041
.dd 0x42434445
.dd 0x46474849
.dd 0x50515253
.dd 0x54555657
.dd 0x58596061
.dd 0x62636465
.dd 0x66676869
.dd 0x74555657
.dd 0x78596067
.dd 0x72636467
.dd 0x76676867
.dd 0x20212223
.dd 0x24252627
.dd 0x28292A2B
.dd 0x2C2D2E2F
.dd 0x30313233
.dd 0x34353637
.dd 0x38393A3B
.dd 0x3C3D3E3F
.dd 0x91929394
.dd 0x95969798
.dd 0x99A1A2A3
.dd 0xA5A6A7A8
.dd 0xA9B0B1B2
.dd 0xB3B4B5B6
.dd 0xB7B8B9C0
.dd 0x70717273
.dd 0x74757677
.dd 0x78798081
.dd 0x82838485
.dd 0x86C283C4
.dd 0x81C283C4
.dd 0x82C283C4
.dd 0x83C283C4
.dd 0x84C283C4
.dd 0x85C283C4
.dd 0x86C283C4
.dd 0x87C288C4
.dd 0x88C283C4
.dd 0x89C283C4
.dd 0x80C283C4
.dd 0x81C283C4
.dd 0x82C288C4
.dd 0x94555659
.dd 0x98596069
.dd 0x92636469
.dd 0x96676869
.dd 0x40414243
.dd 0x44454647
.dd 0x48494A4B
.dd 0x4C4D4E4F
.dd 0x50515253
.dd 0x54555657
.dd 0x58595A5B
.dd 0xC5C6C7C8
.dd 0xC9CACBCD
.dd 0xCFD0D1D2
.dd 0xD3D4D5D6
.dd 0xD7D8D9DA
.dd 0xDFE0E1E2
.dd 0xE3E4E5E6
.dd 0x91E899EA
.dd 0x92E899EA
.dd 0x93E899EA
.dd 0x94E899EA
.dd 0x95E899EA
.dd 0x96E899EA
.dd 0x97E899EA
.dd 0x98E899EA
.dd 0x99E899EA
.dd 0x91E899EA
.dd 0x92E899EA
.dd 0x93E899EA
.dd 0x94E899EA
.dd 0x95E899EA
.dd 0x96E899EA
.dd 0x977899EA
.dd 0xa455565a
.dd 0xa859606a
.dd 0xa263646a
.dd 0xa667686a
.dd 0x60616263
.dd 0x64656667
.dd 0x68696A6B
.dd 0x6C6D6E6F
.dd 0x70717273
.dd 0x74757677
.dd 0x78797A7B
.dd 0x7C7D7E7F
.dd 0xF3F4F5F6
.dd 0xF7F8F9FA
.dd 0xFF000102
.dd 0x03040506
.dd 0x0708090A
.dd 0x0B0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD01
.dd 0xAB0CAD02
.dd 0xAB0CAD03
.dd 0xAB0CAD04
.dd 0xAB0CAD05
.dd 0xAB0CAD06
.dd 0xAB0CAA07
.dd 0xAB0CAD08
.dd 0xAB0CAD09
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xAB0CAD0E
.dd 0xB455565B
.dd 0xB859606B
.dd 0xB263646B
.dd 0xB667686B
.dd 0x80818283
.dd 0x84858687
.dd 0x88898A8B
.dd 0x8C8D8E8F
.dd 0x90919293
.dd 0x94959697
.dd 0x98999A9B
.dd 0x9C9D9E9F
.dd 0x0F101213
.dd 0x14151617
.dd 0x18191A1B
.dd 0x1C1D1E1F
.dd 0x20212223
.dd 0x24252627
.dd 0x28292A2B
.dd 0x2C2D2E2F
.dd 0xBC0DBE21
.dd 0xBC1DBE22
.dd 0xBC2DBE23
.dd 0xBC3DBE24
.dd 0xBC4DBE65
.dd 0xBC5DBE27
.dd 0xBC6DBE28
.dd 0xBC7DBE29
.dd 0xBC8DBE2F
.dd 0xBC9DBE20
.dd 0xBCADBE21
.dd 0xBCBDBE2F
.dd 0xBCCDBE23
.dd 0xBCDDBE24
.dd 0xBCFDBE25
.dd 0xC455565C
.dd 0xC859606C
.dd 0xC263646C
.dd 0xC667686C
.dd 0xCC0DBE2C
.dd 0xA0A1A2A3
.dd 0xA4A5A6A7
.dd 0xA8A9AAAB
.dd 0xB0B1B2B3
.dd 0xB4B5B6B7
.dd 0xB8B9BABB
.dd 0xC0C1C2C3
.dd 0xC4C5C6C7
.dd 0xC8C9CACB
.dd 0xD0D1D2D3
.dd 0xD4D5D6D7
.dd 0xD8D9DADB
.dd 0xE0E1E2E3
.dd 0xE4E5E6E7
.dd 0xE8E9EAEB
.dd 0xF0F1F2F3
.dd 0xF4F5F6F7
.dd 0xF8F9FAFB