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# mach: bpf
# sim: --skb-data-offset=0x20
# output: pass\nexit 0 (0x0)\n
;;; ldabs.s
;;; Tests for non-generic BPF load instructions in simulator.
;;; These instructions (ld{abs,ind}{b,h,w,dw}) are used to access
;;; kernel socket data from BPF programs for high performance filters.
;;; Register r6 is an implicit input holding a pointer to a struct sk_buff.
;;; Register r0 is an implicit output, holding the fetched data.
;;; e.g.
;;; ldabsw means:
;;; r0 = ntohl (*(u32 *) (((struct sk_buff *)r6)->data + imm32))
;;; ldindw means
;;; r0 = ntohl (*(u32 *) (((struct sk_buff *)r6)->data + src_reg + imm32))
.include ""
.global main
.type main, @function
;; R6 holds a pointer to a struct sk_buff, which we pretend
;; exists at 0x1000
mov %r6, 0x1000
;; We configure skb-data-offset=0x20
;; This specifies offsetof(struct sk_buff, data), where the field 'data'
;; is a pointer a data buffer, in this case at 0x2000
stw [%r6+0x20], 0x2000
;; Write the value 0x7eadbeef into memory at 0x2004
;; i.e. offset 4 within the data buffer pointed to by
;; ((struct sk_buff *)r6)->data
stw [%r6+0x1004], 0xdeadbeef
;; Now load data[4] into r0 using the ldabsw instruction
ldabsw 0x4
;; ...and compare to what we expect
fail_ne32 %r0, 0xdeadbeef
;; Repeat for a half-word (2-bytes)
sth [%r6+0x1008], 0x1234
ldabsh 0x8
fail_ne32 %r0, 0x1234
;; Repeat for a single byte
stb [%r6+0x1010], 0x5a
ldabsb 0x10
fail_ne32 %r0, 0x5a
;; Repeat for a double-word (8-byte)
;; (note: fail_ne macro uses r0, so copy to another r1 to compare)
lddw %r2, 0x1234deadbeef5678
stxdw [%r6+0x1018], %r2
ldabsdw 0x18
mov %r1, %r0
fail_ne %r1, 0x1234deadbeef5678
;; Now, we do the same for the indirect loads
mov %r7, 0x100
stw [%r6+0x1100], 0xfeedbeef
ldindw %r7, 0x0
fail_ne32 %r0, 0xfeedbeef
;; half-word
sth [%r6+0x1104], 0x6789
ldindh %r7, 0x4
fail_ne32 %r0, 0x6789
;; byte
stb [%r6+0x1108], 0x5f
ldindb %r7, 0x8
fail_ne32 %r0, 0x5f
;; double-word
lddw %r2, 0xcafe12345678d00d
stxdw [%r6+0x1110], %r2
ldinddw %r7, 0x10
mov %r1, %r0
fail_ne %r1, 0xcafe12345678d00d