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# mach: bpf
# output: pass\nexit 0 (0x0)\n
;;; xadd.s
;;; Tests for BPF atomic exchange-and-add instructions in simulator
;;; The xadd instructions (XADDW, XADDDW) operate on a memory location
;;; specified in $dst + offset16, atomically adding the value in $src.
;;; In the simulator, there isn't anything else happening. The atomic
;;; instructions are identical to a non-atomic load/add/store.
.include ""
.global main
.type main, @function
mov %r1, 0x1000
mov %r2, 5
;; basic xadd w
stw [%r1+0], 10
xaddw [%r1+0], %r2
ldxw %r3, [%r1+0]
fail_ne %r3, 15
;; basic xadd dw
stdw [%r1+8], 42
xadddw [%r1+8], %r2
ldxdw %r3, [%r1+8]
fail_ne %r3, 47
;; xadd w negative value
mov %r4, -1
xaddw [%r1+0], %r4
ldxw %r3, [%r1+0]
fail_ne %r3, 14
;; xadd dw negative val
xadddw [%r1+8], %r4
ldxdw %r3, [%r1+8]
fail_ne %r3, 46