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2017-12-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 22602
* (Target_powerpc::Branch_info::mark_pltcall): Resolve
forwards before replacing __tls_get_addr.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Likewise.
2017-12-11 Stephen Crane <>
* (Plugin::load): Include hooks for register_new_input
in transfer vector.
(Plugin::new_input): New function.
(register_new_input): New function.
(Plugin_manager::claim_file): Call Plugin::new_input if in
replacement phase.
* plugin.h (Plugin::set_new_input_handler): New function.
* testsuite/plugin_new_section_layout.c: New plugin to test
new_input plugin API.
* testsuite/ Add new input test.
* testsuite/ (plugin_layout_new_file): New test case.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
2017-12-02 Vladimir Kondratyev <>
Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/22540
* (gold_fallocate): Trivial return for len == 0.
Add fallback options when posix_fallocate and fallocate return
not-supported errors.
2017-12-01 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21090
* (Sized_relobj_incr::do_relocate): Fix comment.
* (General_options::finalize): Disallow -pie with
incremental linking.
* (Target_x86_64::Scan::local): Don't do mov-to-lea
or callq-to-direct optimizations for incremental links.
(Target_x86_64::Scan::global): Likewise.
(Target_x86_64::Relocate::relocate): Likewise.
* testsuite/ (incremental_test): Force -no-pie.
(incremental_test_2): Likewise.
(incremental_test_3): Likewise.
(incremental_test_4): Likewise.
(incremental_test_5): Likewise.
(incremental_test_6): Likewise.
(incremental_copy_test): Likewise.
(incremental_common_test_1): Likewise.
(incremental_comdat_test_1): Likewise.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
2017-12-01 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21841
* testsuite/ Adjust expected line numbers.
* testsuite/ (DummyFunction): New function.
2017-12-01 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/22309
* testsuite/ (two_file_test_1_v1_ndebug.o): Compile with
no EH information.
(two_file_test_1_ndebug.o): Likewise.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/ Touch to force recompilation with new
* testsuite/ Likewise.
2017-12-01 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/22042
* options.h (-fuse-ld): Use NULL instead of empty string.
2017-12-01 Benjamin Peterson <>
PR gold/22406
* (queue_initial_tasks) Check for number of real input files.
* (Command_line::process) Check for unterminated --start-lib
* testsuite/ Add new test script.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/ New test script.
2017-11-17 Stephen Crane <>
PR gold/22448
* (Symbol_table::add_from_object): Only rescan for
undefined symbols in regular, not dynamic, objects.
2017-11-30 Peter Smith <>
PR gold/20765
* (Aarch64_relobj::update_erratum_address): New method.
(AArch64_relobj::scan_errata): Update addresses in stub table after
relaxation pass.
2017-11-30 Peter Smith <>
Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/20765
* (Erratum_stub::invalidate_erratum_stub): Use erratum_insn_
instead of relobj_ to invalidate the stub.
(Erratum_stub::is_invalidated_erratum_stub): Likewise.
2017-11-30 Peter Smith <>
PR gold/22233
* (AArch64_relobj::fix_errata_and_relocate_erratum_stubs):
Fix calculation of stub address.
2017-11-29 Stefan Stroe <>
* po/Make-in (datadir): Define as @datadir@.
(localedir): Define as @localedir@.
(gnulocaledir, gettextsrcdir): Use @datarootdir@.
2017-11-28 Cary Coutant <>
* (Symbol_table::resolve): Allow multiply-defined absolute
symbols when they have the same value.
2017-11-28 Cary Coutant <>
* object.h (class Sized_relobj_file): Remove discarded_eh_frame_shndx_.
* (Sized_relobj_file::Sized_relobj_file): Likewise.
(Sized_relobj_file::layout_eh_frame_section): Likewise.
(Sized_relobj_file::do_count_local_symbols): Check for optimized
.eh_frame section by other means.
(Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value_internal): Likewise.
2017-11-28 H.J. Lu <>
* testsuite/pr22266_a.c: Add a newline at end of file.
2017-11-27 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/19291
PR gold/22266
* (Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value_internal):
Revert changes from 2017-11-08 patch. Adjust symbol value in
relocatable links for non-section symbols.
(Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value): Revert changes from
2017-11-08 patch.
(Sized_relobj_file::do_finalize_local_symbols): Likewise.
(Sized_relobj_file::write_local_symbols): Revert changes from
2015-11-25 patch.
* object.h (Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value_internal):
Revert changes from 2017-11-08 patch.
* (Target_powerpc::relocate_relocs): Adjust addend for
relocatable links.
* target-reloc.h (relocate_relocs): Adjust addend for relocatable links.
* testsuite/pr22266_a.c (hello): New function.
* testsuite/pr22266_main.c (main): Add test for merge sections.
* testsuite/pr22266_script.t: Add rule for .rodata.
2017-11-19 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Cary Coutant <>
* dwarf_reader.h (class Dwarf_info_reader): Add ref_addr_size
* (Dwarf_die::read_attributes): Use ref_addr_size
for DW_FORM_ref_addr_size.
(Dwarf_die::skip_attributes): Likewise.
2017-11-08 H.J. Lu <>
PR gold/22291
* (Layout::define_section_symbols): Use STV_PROTECTED
for __start and __stop symbols.
* (Symbol_table::define_special_symbol): Add an
argument, visibility. Ignore definition and reference from
a dynamic object, depending on visibility.
(Symbol_table::do_define_in_output_data): Pass visibility to
(Symbol_table::do_define_in_output_segment): Likewise.
(Symbol_table::do_define_as_constant): Likewise.
(Symbol_table::add_undefined_symbol_from_command_line): Pass
STV_DEFAULT to define_special_symbol.
* symtab.h (Symbol_table::define_special_symbol): Add an
argument, visibility.
2017-11-08 James Clarke <>
PR gold/22266
* (Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value_internal):
Drop relocatable parameter and stop adjusting output value based on
(Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value): Stop passing
relocatable to compute_final_local_value_internal.
(Sized_relobj_file::do_finalize_local_symbols): Ditto.
* object.h (Sized_relobj_file::compute_final_local_value_internal):
Drop relocatable parameter.
2017-11-08 Kyle Butt <>
* (do_find_special_sections): Fix a thinko with memmem return
values and check for != NULL rather than == 0.
2017-11-07 Alan Modra <>
* system.h (textdomain, bindtextdomain): Use safer "do nothing".
(ngettext, dngettext, dcngettext): Define when !ENABLE_NLS.
2017-10-25 Alan Modra <>
* (Symbol_table::add_from_relobj): Match "__gnu_lto_slim"
optionally prefixed with "_".
2017-10-20 Sriraman Tallam <>
* options.h (-z,text_unlikely_segment): New option.
* (Layout::layout): Create new output section
for .text.unlikely sections with the new option.
(Layout::segment_precedes): Check for the new option
when segment flags match.
* testsuite/ New test source.
* testsuite/ New test script.
* testsuite/ (text_unlikely_segment): New test.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
2017-10-19 Umesh Kalappa <>
* (Stub::do_fixed_endian_write):Far call stubs support for arm
in the be8 mode.
* testsuite/ New test cases.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/ New script for arm to arm far
call stubs.
* testsuite/ New script for thumb to
thumb far call stubs.
2017-10-18 Kyle Butt <>
Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::Scan::local): Correct dst_off
calculation for TOC16 relocs.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
2017-09-26 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/22213
* (Target_sparc): Fix incorrect register mask.
2017-09-22 Jim Wilson <>
* (Target_aarch64::aarch64_info): Set
is_default_stack_executable to false.
2017-09-22 Alan Modra <>
* (clone): Fix got_offset_list test.
2017-09-22 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc<64,*>::powerpc_info): Set
is_default_stack_executable false.
2017-09-20 Teresa Johnson <>
* (is_visible_from_outside): Check for export dynamic symbol
option and list.
* testsuite/ (plugin_test_12): New test.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/ New test source.
* testsuite/ New test script.
2017-09-20 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Put
stubs for ppc32 non-branch relocs in first stub table.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Resolve similarly.
2017-09-19 Alan Modra <>
* options.h (stub-group-multi): Default to true. Add
2017-08-30 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Nop addis on
TPREL16_HA, and convert insn on TPREL16_LO and TPREL16_LO_DS
relocs to use r2/r13 when addis would add zero.
2017-08-29 Alan Modra <>
* options.h (tls_get_addr_optimize): New option.
* symtab.h (Symbol::clear_in_reg, clone): New functions.
(Sized_symbol::clone): New function.
(Symbol_table::clone): New function.
* (Symbol::clone, Sized_symbol::clone): New functions.
* (Target_powerpc::has_tls_get_addr_opt_,
tls_get_addr_, tls_get_addr_opt_): New vars.
(Target_powerpc::tls_get_addr_opt, tls_get_addr,
is_tls_get_addr_opt, replace_tls_get_addr,
set_has_tls_get_addr_opt, stk_linker): New functions.
(Target_powerpc::Track_tls::maybe_skip_tls_get_addr_call): Add
target param. Update callers. Compare symbols rather than names.
(Target_powerpc::do_define_standard_symbols): Init tls_get_addr_
and tls_get_addr_opt_.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::mark_pltcall): Translate tls_get_addr
sym to tls_get_addr_opt.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Likewise.
(Stub_table::define_stub_syms): Likewise.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Likewise.
(add_3_12_2, add_3_12_13, bctrl, beqlr, cmpdi_11_0, cmpwi_11_0,
ld_11_1, ld_11_3, ld_12_3, lwz_11_3, lwz_12_3, mr_0_3, mr_3_0,
mtlr_11, std_11_1): New constants.
(Stub_table::eh_frame_added_): Delete.
(Stub_table::tls_get_addr_opt_bctrl_, plt_fde_len_, plt_fde_): New vars.
(Stub_table::init_plt_fde): New functions.
(Stub_table::add_eh_frame, replace_eh_frame): Move definition out
of line. Init and use plt_fde_.
(Stub_table::plt_call_size): Return size for tls_get_addr stub.
Extract alignment code to..
(Stub_table::plt_call_align): ..this new function. Adjust all callers.
(Stub_table::add_plt_call_entry): Set has_tls_get_addr_opt and
tls_get_addr_opt_bctrl, and align after that.
(Stub_table::do_write): Write out tls_get_addr stub.
(Target_powerpc::do_finalize_sections): Emit DT_PPC_OPT
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Don't check for or modify
nop following bl for tls_get_addr stub.
2017-08-29 Alan Modra <>
* symtab.h (Symbol): Split u_ into u1_ and u2_. Adjust accessors
to suit. Move plt_offset_ before got_offsets_.
* (Symbol::init_fields): Adjust for union change.
(Symbol::init_base_output_data): Likewise.
(Symbol::init_base_output_segment): Likewise.
(Symbol::allocate_base_common): Likewise.
(Symbol::output_section): Likewise.
(Symbol::set_output_section): Likewise.
(Symbol::set_output_segment): Likewise.
* (Symbol::override_base): Likewise.
(Symbol::override_base_with_special): Likewise.
2017-08-28 Igor Kudrin <>
* (Target_aarch64::Relocate::relocate_tls):
Make got_tlsdesc_offset signed and fix its calculation.
* testsuite/ (aarch64_tlsdesc): New test.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/aarch64_tlsdesc.s: New test source file.
* testsuite/ New test script.
* testsuite/aarch64_tlsdesc.t: New test linker script.
2017-08-28 Alan Modra <>
PR 21847
* (Target_powerpc::is_elfv2_localentry0): Test
(Target_powerpc::resolve): New function.
(powerpc_info): Set has_resolve for 64-bit.
* target.h (Sized_target::resolve): Return bool.
* (Symbol_table::resolve): Continue with normal
processing when target resolve returns false.
* symtab.h (Symbol::non_zero_localentry, set_non_zero_localentry):
New accessors.
(Symbol::non_zero_localentry_): New flag bit.
* (Symbol::init_fields): Init non_zero_localentry_.
2017-08-08 Romain Geissler <>
Alan Modra <>
* Add --enable-default-hash-style option.
* options.h (hash_style): Use DEFAULT_HASH_STYLE as default value.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2017-08-03 James Clarke <>
* options.h (General_options): Set a non-NULL second help string
argument for relax to allow --no-relax.
2017-08-01 Alan Modra <>
* (Fde::operator==): New.
(Cie::remove_fde, Eh_frame::remove_ehframe_for_plt): New.
* ehframe.h (Fde::operator==): Declare.
(Cie::remove_fde, Eh_frame::remove_ehframe_for_plt): Likewise.
* (Layout::remove_eh_frame_for_plt): New.
* layout.h (Layout::remove_eh_frame_for_plt): Declare.
* (Target_powerpc::do_relax): Remove old eh_frame FDEs.
(Stub_table::add_eh_frame): Delete eh_frame_added_ condition.
Don't add eh_frame for empty stub section.
(Stub_table::remove_eh_frame): New.
2017-07-31 Alan Modra <>
* options.h (no_tls_optimize): New powerpc option.
* (Target_powerpc::abiversion, set_abiversion): Formatting.
(Target_powerpc::stk_toc): Formatting, fix comment.
(Target_powerpc::Track_tls::tls_get_addr_state): Rename from
(Target_powerpc::optimize_tls_gd, optimize_tls_ld, optimize_tls_ie):
Return TLSOPT_NONE when !tls_optimize.
(Target_powerpc::add_global_pair_with_rel): Check
for existing reloc before reserving.
(Target_powerpc::add_local_tls_pair): Likewise.
2017-07-31 Alan Modra <>
PR 21847
* (Target_powerpc::scan_relocs): Warn on --plt-localentry
without checks.
2017-07-29 Alan Modra <>
PR 21847
* (Target_powerpc::scan_relocs): Default to
2017-07-28 H.J. Lu <>
PR gold/21857
* (Output_compressed_section::set_final_data_size):
Call put_ch_reserved to clear the reserved field for 64-bit ELF.
2017-07-26 H.J. Lu <>
* (Mips_relocate_functions): Add "llu" suffix to
2017-07-23 Alan Modra <>
* (glink_eh_frame_fde_64v2): Correct advance to
restore of LR.
(glink_eh_frame_fde_64v1): Advance to restore of LR at latest
possible insn.
2017-07-18 Nick Clifton <>
PR 21775
* Fix spelling typos.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
2017-07-12 Alan Modra <>
* po/es.po: Update from
* po/fi.po: Likewise.
* po/fr.po: Likewise.
* po/id.po: Likewise.
* po/it.po: Likewise.
* po/vi.po: Likewise.
* po/zh_CN.po: Likewise.
* po/ja.po: New file from
* po/sv.po: Likewise.
* po/uk.po: Likewise.
2017-07-06 Han Shen <>
PR gold/21491
* (Erratum_stub::invalidate_erratum_stub): New method.
(Erratum_stub::is_invalidated_erratum_stub): New method.
(Stub_table::relocate_reloc_stub): Renamed from "relocate_stub".
(Stub_table::relocate_reloc_stubs): Renamed from "relocate_stubs".
(Stub_table::relocate_erratum_stub): New method.
(AArch64_relobj::fix_errata_and_relocate_erratum_stubs): Renamed from
(Target_aarch64::relocate_reloc_stub): Renamed from "relocate_stub".
2017-06-23 Alan Modra <>
* options.h (General_options): Add plt_localentry.
* (Target_powerpc::st_other): New function.
(Target_powerpc::plt_localentry0_, plt_localentry0_init_,
has_localentry0_): New vars.
(Target_powerpc::plt_localentry0, set_has_localentry0,
is_elfv2_localentry0): New functions.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::mark_pltcall): Don't set tocsave or
return true for localentry:0 calls.
(Stub_table::Plt_stub_ent::localentry0_): New var.
(Stub_table::add_plt_call_entry): Set localentry0_ and has_localentry0_.
Don't set r2save_ for localentry:0 calls.
(Output_data_glink::do_write): Save r2 in __glink_PLTresolve for elfv2.
(Target_powerpc::scan_relocs): Default plt_localentry0_.
(Target_powerpc::do_finalize_sections): Set DT_PPC64_OPT.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Don't require nop following
calls for localentry:0 plt calls, and don't change nop.
2017-06-23 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::tocsave_loc_): New var.
(Target_powerpc::mark_pltcall, add_tocsave, tocsave_loc): New functions.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::tocsave_): New var.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::mark_pltcall): New function.
(Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Pass tocsave_ to
(Stub_table::Plt_stub_ent): Make public. Add r2save_.
(Stub_table::add_plt_call_entry): Add bool tocsave_ param. Set
(Stub_table::find_plt_call_entry): Return Plt_stub_ent*. Adjust
use throughout.
(Stub_table::do_write): Conditionally output r2 save in plt stubs.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::local): Handle R_PPC64_TOCSAVE.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Skip r2 save in plt call stub
with tocsave reloc. Replace header tocsave nop with r2 save.
* symtab.h (struct Symbol_location_hash): Make public.
2017-06-21 Alan Modra <>
* (Plt_stub_key): Rename from Plt_stub_ent. Remove indx_.
(Plt_stub_key_hash): Rename from Plt_stub_ent_hash.
(struct Plt_stub_ent): New.
(Plt_stub_entries): Map from Plt_stub_key to Plt_stub_ent. Adjust
use throughout file.
2017-06-20 Eric Christopher <>
* (scan_reloc_for_stub): Use plt_address_for_global to
calculate the symbol value.
(scan_reloc_section_for_stubs): Allow stubs to be created for
section symbols.
(maybe_apply_stub): Handle creating stubs for weak symbols to
match the code in scan_reloc_for_stub.
2017-06-20 James Clarke <>
* (Stub_table::define_stub_syms): Always include object's
uniq_ value.
2017-06-15 Eric Christopher <>
* Fix a few typos and grammar-os.
2017-06-15 Jiong Wang <>
* (Insn_utilities::is_mrs_tpidr_el0): New method.
(AArch64_relobj<size, big_endian>::try_fix_erratum_843419_optimized):
Return ture for some TLS relaxed sequences.
2017-06-07 Eric Christopher <>
* (maybe_apply_stub): Add debug logging for looking
up stubs to undefined symbols and early return rather than
fail to look them up.
(scan_reloc_for_stub): Add debug logging for no stub creation
for undefined symbols.
2017-05-23 Alan Modra <>
PR 21503
* options.h: Add --emit-stub-syms option.
* (object_id): New.
(Powerpc_relobj): Add uniq_ and accessor. Sort variables for
better packing.
(Powerpc_dynobj): Sort variables for better packing.
(Target_powerpc::define_local): New function.
(Target_powerpc::group_sections): Pass stub table size to
Stub_table constructor.
(Target_powerpc::do_relax): Define stub and glink symbols.
(Stub_table): Add uniq_ variable, and id param to constructor.
(Stub_table::Plt_stub_ent): Add indx_ variable.
(Stub_table::Branch_stub_entries): Move typedef earlier.
(Stub_table::branch_stub_size): Replace "to" parameter with a
Branch_stub_entries iterator.
(Stub_table::add_long_branch_entry): Adjust to suit.
(Stub_table::add_plt_call_entry): Set indx_.
(Stub_table::define_stub_syms): New function.
2017-05-15 Eric Christopher <>
* (Layout::segment_precedes): Add a case for testing
pointer equality when determining which segment precedes
2017-05-13 James Clarke <>
PR gold/21444
* (Target_sparc::Relocate::relocate_tls): Local
variables are final for position-independent executables. This
has to be consistent with Target_sparc::Scan::local otherwise
they will disagree as to whether local-exec is used.
2017-05-12 Igor Kudrin <>
PR gold/21430
Set the section offset to -1ULL.
(Target_aarch64::relocate_section): Adjust the view in case
of a relaxed input section.
* testsuite/ (pr21430): New test.
* testsuite/ Regenerate
* testsuite/pr21430.s: New test source file.
* testsuite/ New test script.
2017-04-27 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/plugin_section_order.c (onload): Add missing break.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Mips_got_entry::hash()): Shift addend to reduce
possibility of collisions.
(Mips_got_entry::equals): Fix case for GOT_TLS_LDM
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Mips_relobj::merge_processor_specific_data_): New data
(Mips_relobj::merge_processor_specific_data): New method.
(Mips_relobj::do_read_symbols): Set merge_processor_specific_data_
to false, only if the input file is a binary or if object has no
contents except the section name string table and an empty symbol
table with the undefined symbol.
(Target_mips::do_finalize_sections): Refactor. Skip empty object files
for merging processor-specific data.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Target_mips::Relocate::calculated_value_): New data
(Target_mips::Relocate::calculate_only_): Likewise.
(Target_mips::Relocate::relocate): Handle multiple consecutive
relocations with the same offset.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Target_mips::Relocate::relocate): Remove redundant
checks for relocatable link.
(Mips_relocate_functions::reljalr): Likewise.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (class Mips_output_section_options): New class.
(Target_mips::do_make_output_section): New method.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Mips_relocate_functions::rel26): Don't print relocation
overflow error message.
(Target_mips::relocate_special_relocatable): Improve relocation
overflow error message.
(Target_mips::Relocate::relocate): Likewise.
2017-03-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (symbol_refs_local): Return false if a symbol
is from a dynamic object.
(Target_mips::got_section): Make _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ STV_HIDDEN.
(Target_mips::set_gp): Refactor. Make _gp STT_NOTYPE and
(Target_mips::do_finalize_sections): Set _gp after all the checks
for creating .got are done.
(Target_mips::Scan::global): Remove unused code.
2017-02-22 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::make_iplt_section): Check that
output_section exists before attempting add_output_section_data.
(Target_powerpc::make_brlt_section): Likewise.
2017-02-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Target_mips::Scan::get_reference_flags): Remove
gold_unreachable from default case.
2017-02-15 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
PR gold/21111
* (Mips_relocate_functions::relhigher): New method.
(Mips_relocate_functions::relhighest): Likewise.
(mips_get_size_for_reloc): Add support for relocs: R_MIPS_HIGHER and
(Target_mips::Scan::local): Add support for relocs: R_MIPS_HIGHER,
(Target_mips::Scan::global): Likewise.
(Target_mips::Scan::get_reference_flags): Likewise.
(Target_mips::Relocate::relocate): Call static methods for resolving
HIGHER and HIGHEST relocations.
2017-02-03 Rahul Chaudhry <>
* (Target_x86_64::do_can_check_for_function_pointers):
Return true even when building pie binaries.
(Target_x86_64::possible_function_pointer_reloc): Check opcode
for R_X86_64_PC32 relocations.
(Target_x86_64::local_reloc_may_be_function_pointer): Pass
extra arguments to local_reloc_may_be_function_pointer.
(Target_x86_64::global_reloc_may_be_function_pointer): Likewise.
* gc.h (gc_process_relocs): Add check for STT_FUNC.
* testsuite/ (icf_safe_pie_test): New test case.
* testsuite/ Regenerate.
* testsuite/ New shell script.
2017-02-03 Alan Modra <>
* (Powerpc_relobj::make_toc_relative): Don't crash
when no .toc section exists.
2017-01-31 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21090
* (Target_x86_64::can_convert_mov_to_lea): Add check
for predefined symbol.
(Target_x86_64::Relocate::relocate): Fix formatting.
2017-01-23 Rahul Chaudhry <>
* testsuite/ Use "set -e".
* testsuite/ Likewise.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
2017-01-23 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
* (Mips_output_data_plt::rel_plt): Remove const from return
(Target_mips::make_plt_entry): Make the sh_info field of .rel.plt
point to .plt.
2017-01-23 Vladimir Radosavljevic <>
PR gold/21054
* (Mips_got_info::record_global_got_symbol): Don't add symbol
to the dynamic symbol table if it is forced to local visibility.
(Target_mips::do_finalize_sections): Don't add __RLD_MAP symbol to the
dynamic symbol table if it is forced to local visibility.
2017-01-20 Nick Clifton <>
* (Stub_template_repertoire): Change ST_E_835769_INSNS
from a pointer to an array.
2017-01-13 H.J. Lu <>
PR gold/21040
* (Powerpc_relobj<size, big_endian>::make_toc_relative):
Cast 0x80008000 to uint64_t.
2017-01-12 Cary Coutant <>
* (Sized_relobj_file): Fix byte counts for calls to memmem.
2017-01-11 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21040
* (Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_first_plt_entry):
Remove unnecessary 'typename' keyword.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_plt_entry): Likewise.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::fill_aplt_entry): Likewise.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_tlsdesc_entry): Likewise.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_write): Likewise.
2017-01-11 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21040
* (Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_first_plt_entry):
Remove unnecessary 'typename' keyword.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_plt_entry): Likewise.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::do_fill_tlsdesc_entry): Likewise.
(Output_data_plt_x86_64_bnd::fill_aplt_entry): Likewise.
* testsuite/ (p, b, c, q): Add separate extern
2017-01-11 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/21039
* testsuite/ Adjust patterns to work for i386.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
* testsuite/ Likewise.
2017-01-11 Alan Modra <>
* (class Powerpc_copy_relocs): New.
(Powerpc_copy_relocs::emit): New function.
(Powerpc_relobj::relatoc_, toc_, no_toc_opt_): New variables.
(Powerpc_relobj::toc_shndx, set_no_toc_opt, no_toc_opt): New inlines.
(Powerpc_relobj::do_relocate_sections): New function.
(Powerpc_relobj::make_toc_relative): Likewise.
(Powerpc_relobj::do_find_special_sections): Stash away .rela.toc
and .toc too.
(ok_lo_toc_insn): Move earlier, and handle more insns.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::local): If optimizing toc accesses, set
no_toc_opt for entries we can't edit. Check insn validity.
Emit "toc optimization is not supported" warning, downgraded
from error.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Edit TOC indirect code
to TOC relative. Don't emit "toc optimization is not supported"
error here.
2017-01-10 Cary Coutant <>
* (AArch64_relobj::do_relocate_sections): Call
* (Arm_relobj::do_relocate_sections): Likewise.
* object.h (Sized_relobj_file::relocate_section_range): New method.
* (Sized_relobj_file::do_relocate_sections): Move
(Sized_relobj_file::relocate_section_range): new method.
2017-01-10 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/ Accept .TOC. in lieu of
_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_. Allow zero count.
* testsuite/ (c, q): New vars.
* testsuite/ Rewrite to test read-only
status of variables directly. Reference new vars in
read-only data.
2017-01-10 Alan Modra <>
* options.h: Add --secure-plt option.
* (Target_powerpc::Scan::local): Detect and error
on -fPIC -mbss-plt code.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global): Likewise.
2017-01-09 Alan Modra <>
* (Target_powerpc::make_plt_section): Point sh_info of
".rela.plt" at ".plt".
2017-01-07 Alan Modra <>
* Use shorter equivalent elfcpp typedef for
Reltype and reloc_size throughout.
(Target_powerpc::symval_for_branch): Exclude dynamic symbols.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::local): Use local var r_sym.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::global: Likewise.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Delete shadowing r_sym.
2017-01-02 Alan Modra <>
Update year range in copyright notice of all files.
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