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# mach: all
# output:
# sim: --environment operating
.include "t-macros.i"
; Test ld and st
ld r4, @foo
check 1 r4 0xdead
ldi r4, #0x2152
st r4, @foo
ld r4, @foo
check 2 r4 0x2152
; Test ld2w and st2w
ldi r4, #0xdead
st r4, @foo
ld2w r4, @foo
check2w2 3 r4 0xdead 0xf000
ldi r4, #0x2112
ldi r5, #0x1984
st2w r4, @foo
ld2w r4, @foo
check2w2 4 r4 0x2112 0x1984
.align 2
foo: .short 0xdead
bar: .short 0xf000