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/* Copyright (C) 2021-2023 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Oracle.
This file is part of GNU Binutils.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301, USA. */
/* The DbeSession class is instantiated by a DbeApplication, and contains
* all the data referring to a set of loaded experiments
* It manages a set of tables for the Experiments, for the LoadObjects
* referenced in them, and for the other objects representing the
* elements in the program hierarchy that can have metrics associated
* with them. It also has a master list of all the metrics available
* from all the loaded experiments.
* It gets an instance of the Settings class, instantiated as a copy
* of the one in the DbeApplication that instantiated the DbeSession.
* In addition, it manages a vector of DbeView's (q.v.); each DbeView
* represents a window into the DbeSession, and has its own set of
* Settings, and FilterSets for the Experiments, and is the access point
* for all processed data.
#include <stdio.h>
#include "dbe_structs.h"
#include "vec.h"
#include "Hist_data.h"
#include "Histable.h"
#include "BaseMetric.h"
#include "BaseMetricTreeNode.h"
#include "MemorySpace.h"
#include "hwcentry.h"
#include "dbe_types.h"
#include "Settings.h"
#include "HashMap.h"
#include "Table.h"
#include "Experiment.h"
class DbeSession;
class Experiment;
class Expression;
class ExpGroup;
class Function;
class JMethod;
class Histable;
class DbeView;
class Module;
class LoadObject;
class DataObject;
class SourceFile;
class Settings;
class StringBuilder;
class UserLabel;
class DbeFile;
class DbeJarFile;
class FileData;
class HeapData;
template <typename ITEM> class DbeSyncMap;
template <class ITEM> class Vector;
struct DispTab;
struct List;
struct Countable;
class IndexObjType_t;
typedef struct
char *path;
Experiment *exp;
DbeSession *ds;
bool read_ahead;
} exp_ctx;
class DbeSession
DbeSession (Settings *_settings, bool _ipc_mode, bool _rdt_mode);
~DbeSession ();
void reset ();
void reset_data ();
set_interactive (bool _interactive)
interactive = _interactive;
is_interactive ()
return interactive;
bool is_datamode_available ();
bool is_leaklist_available ();
bool is_heapdata_available ();
bool is_iodata_available ();
bool is_racelist_available ();
bool is_deadlocklist_available ();
bool is_timeline_available ();
bool is_ifreq_available ();
bool is_omp_available ();
bool has_java ();
bool has_ompavail ();
// XXX get_clock should be removed, to support cpus with different clocks
// XXX means reworking time-convertible HWC code
int get_clock (int id);
// Access functions for DbeView's
int createView ();
int createView (int index, int cloneindex);
DbeView *getView (int index);
void dropView (int index);
// Access functions controlling the experiment list
Vector<char*> *get_group_or_expt (char *path); // load an experiment or group
void open_experiment (Experiment *exp, char *path);
Experiment *get_exp (int exp_ind);
Vector<Vector<char*>*> *getExperimensGroups ();
char *setExperimentsGroups (Vector<Vector<char*>*> *groups);
char *drop_experiment (int exp_ind);
int find_experiment (char *path);
nexps ()
return exps->size ();
int ngoodexps ();
// Access functions controlling the DataObject list
DataObject *createDataObject ();
DataObject *createDataObject (DataObject *d, DataObject *p = NULL);
DataObject *createMasterDataObject (DataObject *);
Vector<DataObject*> *get_dobj_elements (DataObject *);
DataObject *
get_Total_DataObject ()
return d_total;
DataObject *
get_Unknown_DataObject ()
return d_unknown;
DataObject *
get_Scalars_DataObject ()
return d_scalars;
DataObject *find_dobj_by_name (char *dobj_name);
DataObject *find_dobj_match (DataObject *dobj);
DataObject *find_dobj_master (DataObject *dobj);
ndobjs ()
return dobjs->size ();
// check if no -xhwcprof should be ignored
check_ignore_no_xhwcprof ()
return settings->get_ignore_no_xhwcprof ();
// check if FS warning should be comment, or real warning
check_ignore_fs_warn ()
return settings->get_ignore_fs_warn ();
// Access functions controlling the LoadObject list
DbeSyncMap<LoadObject> *loadObjMap;
void append (LoadObject *lobj);
LoadObject *createLoadObject (const char *nm, int64_t cksum = 0);
LoadObject *createLoadObject (const char *nm, const char *runTimePath, DbeFile *df);
Vector<LoadObject *> *
get_LoadObjects ()
return lobjs;
void dobj_updateHT (DataObject *dobj);
LoadObject *get_Total_LoadObject ();
Vector<LoadObject*> *get_text_segments ();
LoadObject *get_Unknown_LoadObject ();
LoadObject *find_lobj_by_name (const char *lobj_name, int64_t cksum = 0);
// Access functions controlling the Tab list
Vector<DispTab*> *
get_TabList ()
return settings->get_TabList ();
Vector<bool> *
get_MemTabList ()
return settings->get_MemTabState ();
void mobj_define (MemObjType_t *);
// Access functions controlling metrics
BaseMetric *find_base_reg_metric (char *mcmd);
Vector<BaseMetric*> *get_base_reg_metrics (); // excludes comparison (expr) variants
Vector<BaseMetric*> *
get_all_reg_metrics ()
return reg_metrics; // includes comparison (expr) variants
BaseMetricTreeNode *get_reg_metrics_tree ();
BaseMetric *register_metric_expr (BaseMetric::Type type, char *aux, char *expr_spec);
BaseMetric *register_metric (BaseMetric::Type type);
BaseMetric *register_metric (char *name, char *username, char *_def);
BaseMetric *register_metric (Hwcentry *ctr, const char* cmdname, const char* username);
void drop_metric (BaseMetric *);
Module *createModule (LoadObject *lo, const char *nm);
Module *createUnknownModule (LoadObject *lo);
Module *createClassFile (char *className);
DbeFile *getDbeFile (char *filename, int filetype);
SourceFile *get_Unknown_Source ();
SourceFile *createSourceFile (const char *path);
Histable *createHistObject (Histable::Type);
Function *createFunction ();
Function *create_hide_function (LoadObject *lo);
Function *get_Total_Function ();
Function *get_Unknown_Function ();
Function *get_JUnknown_Function ();
Function *get_jvm_Function ();
LoadObject *get_OMP_LoadObject ();
Function *get_OMP_Function (int);
JMethod *createJMethod ();
Histable *createIndexObject (int idxtype, int64_t idx);
Histable *createIndexObject (int idxtype, Histable *hobj);
enum SpecialFunction
Function *getSpecialFunction (SpecialFunction);
Histable *
findObjectById (uint64_t _id)
long id = (long) _id;
return (id >= 0 && id < objs->size ()) ? objs->fetch (id) : NULL;
Histable *findObjectById (Histable::Type type, int subtype, uint64_t id);
// Other access functions
bool find_obj (FILE *dis_file, FILE *inp_file, Histable *&obj, char *name,
const char *sel, Histable::Type type, bool xdefault);
int ask_which (FILE *dis_file, FILE *inp_file, Vector<Histable*> *list, char *name);
LoadObject *map_NametoLoadObject (char *name, Vector<Histable*> *, int which);
Module *map_NametoModule (char *name, Vector<Histable*> *, int which);
Function *map_NametoFunction (char *, Vector<Histable*> *, const char *);
DataObject *map_NametoDataObject (char *name, Vector<Histable*> *, int which);
bool match_FName (char *name, Function *func);
// Functions to convert a string to all matching Functions/DataObjects
Vector<Function *> *match_func_names (const char *ustr, Histable::NameFormat nfmt);
Vector<DataObject *> *match_dobj_names (char *);
// Functions to convert a string to all matching JThreads
Vector<JThread*> *match_java_threads (char *ustr, int matchParent,
Vector<uint64_t> * &grids,
Vector<uint64_t> * &expids);
// Function to convert a string to all matching File names
Vector<FileData *> *match_file_names (char *ustr, Histable::NameFormat nfmt);
// Access functions concerning the search path
Vector<char*> *
get_search_path ()
return search_path;
Vector<DbeFile*>*get_classpath ();
void set_search_path (Vector<char*> *path, bool reset);
void set_search_path (char *lpath, bool reset);
bool add_classpath (char *path);
bool add_path (char *path);
void set_pathmaps (Vector<pathmap_t*> *newPathMap);
Vector<pathmap_t*> *get_pathmaps ();
// functions to aid debugging
void dump_stacks (FILE *);
void dump_dataobjects (FILE *);
void dump_segments (FILE *);
void dump_map (FILE *);
// Find dynamic property by name
int registerPropertyName (const char *name);
int getPropIdByName (const char *name);
char* getPropName (int propId);
char* getPropUName (int propId);
Vector<UserLabel*> *userLabels; // List of er_labels
UserLabel *findUserLabel (const char *name);
DbeJarFile *get_JarFile (const char *name);
void append (UserLabel *lbl);
void append (SourceFile *sf);
void append (Experiment *exp);
void append (Hwcentry *exp);
void set_need_refind ();
// Find user defined object by name
Expression *findObjDefByName (const char *);
void get_filter_keywords (Vector<void*> *res);
// Get the Settings class object
Settings *
get_settings ()
return settings;
// static members, used to define or fetch the various IndexSpaces
Vector<void*> *getIndxObjDescriptions (void);
Vector<void*> *getCustomIndxObjects (void);
char *indxobj_define (const char *, char *, const char *, char *, char *);
char *getIndexSpaceName (int index);
char *getIndexSpaceDescr (int index);
Expression *getIndexSpaceExpr (int index);
char *getIndexSpaceExprStr (int index);
int findIndexSpaceByName (const char *mname);
void removeIndexSpaceByName (const char *mname);
IndexObjType_t *getIndexSpace (int index);
IndexObjType_t *findIndexSpace (const char *mname);
Expression *ql_parse (const char *expr_spec);
BaseMetric *find_metric (BaseMetric::Type type, const char *cmd, const char *expr_spec = NULL);
static void dump (char *msg, Vector<Metric*> *mlist);
static void dump (char *msg, Vector<BaseMetric*> *mlist);
static Platform_t platform; // Sparc, Intel
Vector<ExpGroup *> *expGroups;
HashMap<char*, LoadObject *> *comp_lobjs; // list of comparable LoadObjects
HashMap<char*, DbeLine *> *comp_dbelines; // list of comparable DbeLines
HashMap<char*, SourceFile*>*comp_sources; // list of comparable SourceFiles
char *localized_SP_UNKNOWN_NAME;
set_lib_visibility_used ()
lib_visibility_used = true;
is_lib_visibility_used ()
return lib_visibility_used;
void unlink_tmp_files ();
char *get_tmp_file_name (const char *nm, bool for_java);
Vector<char *> *tmp_files;
int status_ompavail;
int archive_mode;
bool ipc_mode;
bool rdt_mode;
// data and methods concerning the machine model
// methods are in source file
Vector<char*> *list_mach_models (); // scan . and system lib directory for models
char *load_mach_model (char *);
char *
get_mach_model ()
return dbe_strdup (mach_model_loaded);
Vector<SourceFile *> *get_sources ();
void init ();
void check_tab_avail ();
bool add_path (char *path, Vector<char*> *pathes);
Experiment *createExperiment ();
// Divide the regular createExperiment into two parts -
// Part1 creates just the Experiment data structure
// Part2 updates related fields and vectors
Experiment *createExperimentPart1 ();
void createExperimentPart2 (Experiment *exp);
Histable *findIndexObject (int idxtype, uint64_t idx);
void append_mesgs (StringBuilder *sb, char *path, Experiment *exp);
static void insert_metric (BaseMetric *mtr, Vector<BaseMetric*> *mlist);
void update_metric_tree (BaseMetric *m);
char *find_mach_model (char *); // fine machine model file by name
Vector<Experiment*> *exps; // Master list of experiments
Vector<Histable*> *objs; // Master list of Functions,Modules,Segments
Vector<DataObject*> *dobjs; // Master list of DataObjects
Vector<LoadObject*> *lobjs; // Auxiliary list of LoadObjects
Vector<Hwcentry*> *hwcentries;
Vector<HashMap<uint64_t, Histable*>*> *idxobjs; // Master list of IndexObjects
HashMap<char*, SourceFile*> *sourcesMap; // list of Source which were not archived
Vector<SourceFile*> *sources; // list of SourceFiles
Map<const char*, DbeJarFile*>*dbeJarFiles;
Vector<Countable*> *metrics;
Vector<BaseMetric*> *reg_metrics; // Master list of BaseMetrics
BaseMetricTreeNode* reg_metrics_tree; // Hierarchy of BaseMetrics
Vector<char*> *search_path;
Vector<char*> *classpath;
Vector<DbeFile*> *classpath_df;
Map<const char*, DbeFile*>*dbeFiles;
Vector<DbeView*> *views; // Master list of DbeViews
bool interactive; // interactive mode
bool lib_visibility_used;
LoadObject *lo_total; // Total LoadObject
Function *f_total; // Total function
LoadObject *lo_unknown; // Unknown LoadObject
Function *f_unknown; // Unknown function
SourceFile *sf_unknown; // Unknown source file
Function *f_jvm; // pseudo-function <JVM-System>
Vector<Function*> *f_special; // pseudo-functions
Function *j_unknown; // pseudo-function <no Java callstack>
LoadObject *lo_omp; // OMP LoadObject (libmtsk)
Vector<Function*> *omp_functions; // OMP-overhead, etc.
DataObject *d_unknown; // Unknown dataobject
DataObject *d_scalars; // Scalars dataobject
DataObject *d_total; // Total dataobject
List **dnameHTable; // DataObject name hash table
Settings *settings; // setting/defaults structure
Vector<IndexObjType_t*> *dyn_indxobj; // Index Object definitions
int dyn_indxobj_indx;
int dyn_indxobj_indx_fixed;
void propNames_name_store (int propId, const char *propName);
void propNames_name_store (int propId, const char *propName,
const char *propUName, VType_type vType, int flags);
char* propNames_name_fetch (int propId);
Vector<PropDescr*> *propNames;
char *defExpName;
int user_exp_id_counter;
char *mach_model_loaded;
char *tmp_dir_name;
// For now, there's only one, so keep its pointer
extern DbeSession *dbeSession;
extern Vector<char *> *split_str (char *str, char delimiter);
#endif /* _DBESESSION_H */