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2001-10-17 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.1: Remove .TP macro from SYNOPSIS section - it prevents
successful translation to DocBook format.
2001-09-30 Stephane Carrez <>
Report 2001-08-03 Stephane Carrez <>
* scripttempl/ (FINISH_CODE, FINISH_RELOC): New to handle
.fini[0-4] sections used by _exit
(CTOR, DTOR): Export ctor/dtor symbols; move them to ROM.
(*.text,*.data,*.bss): Take into account .text.*, .data.*, .bss.*.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2001-08-29 Joel Sherrill <>
* configure.tgt (i[3456]86-*-rtems*, m68*-*-rtems*): Change
default from coff to elf.
2001-08-13 Richard Henderson <>
* emultempl/needrelax.em: New file.
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Reference it.
* (eelf64_ia64.c): Depend on it.
* Rebuild.
2001-07-30 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo (Simple Assignments): Fix computation in SECTIONS
2001-07-19 David O'Brien <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Do not assuming that contents of the buffer
returned from basename function will remain unchanged accross other
function calls.
2001-07-19 Nick Clifton <>
* ldlang.c (lang_leave_overlay): If a region is specified assign
it to all sections inside the overlay unless they have been
assigned to the own, non-default, memory region.
2001-07-14 matthew green <>
* configure.tgt (i386-*-netbsdelf*): New target.
(i386-*-netbsd*): Set targ_extra_emuls to `elf_i386'
2001-06-27 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ New file.
* configure.tgt: hppa*64*-*-linux* uses
* (ALL_64_EMULATIONS): Add ehppa64linux.o
(ehppa64linux.c): Add rule to make it.
Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2001-06-07 Andreas Jaeger <>
(TEXT_START_ADDR): Likewise.
2001-06-11 Alan Modra <>
Merge from mainline.
2001-06-05 Danny Smith <>
* emultempl/pe.em (init): Reduce default stack reserve to 0x200000.
2001-05-25 Alan Modra <>
* Replace linuxoldld with linux*oldld.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
2001-05-14 DJ Delorie <>
* (ld.dvi): Search bfd/doc for texinfo files.
* Ditto.
2001-04-05 Steven J. Hill <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eelf32ltsmip.o.
(ALL_64_EMULATIONS): Add eelf64btsmip.o and eelf64ltsmip.o.
(eelf32ltsmip.c): New target.
(eelf64btsmip.c): Likewise.
(eelf64ltsmip.c): Likewise.
* Regenerated.
* configure.tgt (mips*el-*-linux-gnu): Uses traditional MIPS
(mips*-*-linux-gnu*): Likewise.
* emulparams/ New. Traditional little endian
MIPS taget.
* emulparams/ New. Traditional 64bit big endian
* emulparams/ New. Traditional 64bit little
endian target.
2001-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-02-13 H.J. Lu <>
* ldexp.h (node_type): Add etree_provided.
* ldexp.c (exp_fold_tree): Handle etree_provided. Set the node
type to etree_provided if defined by PROVIDE. Allow updating
for etree_provided.
(exp_print_tree): Handle etree_provided.
* mpw-elfmips.c (gldelf32ebmip_find_exp_assignment): Handle
2001-06-10 Philip Blundell <>
* Set version to 2.11.1.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-06-08 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (record_bfd_errors): Remove.
Merge from mainline.
2001-05-31 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (open_input_bfds): Don't change the bfd error
handler whilst loading symbols.
2001-05-02 Nick Clifton <>
* emultempl/aix.em: Replace buystring with xstrdup.
* emultempl/beos.em: Replace buystring with xstrdup.
2001-06-07 Alan Modra <>
* Many files: Update copyright notices.
2001-05-23 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (wild_doit): Use linker_has_input to reliably determine
whether an input section is the first one assigned to an output
Assorted formatting fixes.
Merge from mainline.
2001-05-03 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Include "libiberty.h".
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_vercheck): Call basename () to get the
basename of the bfd filename.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_stat_needed): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_try_needed): Likewise.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive): Likewise.
2001-03-17 Ulrich Drepper <>
* emultmpl/elf32.em (OPTION_GROUP): New macro.
Add new option Bgroup to longopts.
(gld*_parse_args): Handle GROUP_OPTION and recognize -z defs.
(gld*_list_options): Add -Bgroup and -z defs.
* ld.1: Document -Bgroup and -z defs.
* ld.texinfo: Likewise.
2001-02-01 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.1: Replace occurances of -oformat with --oformat.
2001-05-02 H.J. Lu <>
* ldfile.c: Include "libiberty.h".
* ldlex.l: Likewise.
* ldmisc.c (buystring): Removed.
* ldmisc.h: Likewise.
* ldfile.c: Replace buystring with xstrdup.
* ldlang.c: Likewise.
* ldlex.l: Likewise.
* ldmain.c: Likewise.
* ldmisc.c: Likewise.
* lexsup.c: Likewise.
* mpw-eppcmac.c: Likewise.
2001-04-28 Paul Sokolovsky <>
* ldlang.c (load_symbols): Give emulation a chance
to process unrecognized file before fatal error is
reported, not after.
2001-02-26 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (open_input_bfds): Set the bfd error handler so
that problems can be caught whilst loading symbols.
(record_bfd_errors): New function: Report BFD errors and mark
the executable output as being invalid.
2001-04-02 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Set to 64k.
2001-03-27 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* configure.tgt (cris-*-*): Change default emulation to criself.
(cris-*-*aout*): New rule.
2001-03-27 Matthew Wilcox <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Set to 0x4000.
2001-03-17 Ulrich Drepper <>
* emultmpl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_search_needed): If NAME
is an absolute path look only for this file and not along the path.
2001-03-16 Philip Blundell <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-03-11 Philip Blundell <>
* Set version to 2.11.
2001-03-05 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/m68kelf.em (m68k_elf_after_allocation): Call
after_allocation_default, not gld..._before_allocation.
001-02-18 David O'Brien <>
* configure.tgt: Add FreeBSD/Alpha, FreeBSD/x86-64, FreeBSD/ia64,
FreeBSD/PowerPC, FreeBSD/arm, and FreeBSD/sparc64 entries.
2001-02-17 David O'Brien <>
* Add a generic FreeBSD configuration entry such that
all [modern] FreeBSD systems on all platforms will look the same.
2001-02-13 Richard Henderson <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_GOT_SYMBOLS): Remove.
2001-02-11 Philip Blundell <>
* Remove mention of earmelf_linux26.o.
* Regenerate.
* emulparams/ (TEXT_START_ADDR): Set to 0x8000.
* emulparams/ Delete.
* configure.tgt: Remove mention of armelf_linux26 emulation.
2001-02-09 David Mosberger <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READONLY_SECTIONS): Add
.IA_64.unwind.* pattern to unwind table section and
.IA_64.unwind_info* pattern to unwind info section.
2001-01-25 Jim Driftmyer <>
* ldlang.c (lang_leave_overlay): Don't set lma_region when
load_base is specified.
2001-01-24 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Correct spelling in comments and listed
2001-01-23 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (lang_leave_overlay): Only set lma_region from the
default for the first section of a group of overlay sections.
2001-01-22 Alan Modra <>
* (GENSCRIPTS): Pass exec_prefix.
* Regenerate.
* Use exec_prefix parameter to specify tool lib.
Check for null tool_dir.
2001-01-16 Jim Wilson <>
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READONLY_SECTIONS): Add IA_64.unwind
2001-01-16 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (lang_check): Merge the private data only if the
input file has contents.
2001-01-14 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Set to elf32-hppa-linux.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (hppaelf_after_parse): New function,
enabling search for libmilli. On a relocatable link, make .text
sections unique.
(hppaelf_finish): Correct spelling of relocatable in comments.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Don't
rummage through the script for sections on the unique list.
Correct length of strncmp for ".note".
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_check_needed): Rearrange function.
* ldlang.c (unique_section_list): New var.
(unique_section_p): New function.
(walk_wild_section): Don't match sections on unique_section_list.
(lang_add_unique): New function.
Correct spelling of relocatable in comments.
* ldlang.h (struct unique_sections): Declare.
(unique_section_list): Declare.
(unique_section_p): Declare.
(lang_add_unique): Declare.
* lexsup.c (ld_options): Allow --unique to take an optional arg.
(parse_args [OPTION_UNIQUE]): Call lang_add_unique.
* ld.texinfo (--unique): Update.
2001-01-13 Nick Clifton <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Remove spurious white space.
2001-01-12 Nick Clifton <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Update copyright date.
2001-01-12 Philip Blundell <>
* Set HOSTING_LIBS appropriately for ix86-cygwin.
2001-01-10 Kazu Hirata <>
* scripttempl/ Fix formatting. Fix a comment typo.
* scripttempl/ Fix formatting.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2000-01-07 David O'Brien <>
* emultempl/elf32.em: Only perform Linux ld hints processing when
targeting Linux.
2001-01-07 Philip Blundell <>
* ld.texinfo (Bug Reporting): Update email address for reports.
2000-12-31 Nick Clifton <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Set opterr to 0 and detect unparsed long
options by checking for a return value of '?' not -1.
2000-12-28 Nick Clifton <>
* lexsup.c (struct ld_option): Add new enum value:
(ld_options[]): Change -omagic, -output and -oformat options
(parse_args): Change parameter 'argc' to unsigned.
Place EXACTLY_TWO_DASHES options into new really_longopts
If getopt_long_only fails, try calling getopt_long using the
really_longopts array.
(help): Print a double dash for both EXACTLY_TWO_DASHES and
TWO_DASHES options.
* ldlex.h: Fix prototype of parse_args.
* ld.texinfo: Document that long options starting with 'o'
must be preceeded by two dashes. Change example of a single
dashed long option from -oformat to -trace-symbol.
2000-12-26 Danny Smith <>
* emultempl/pe.em (OPTION_NO_DEFAULT_EXCLUDES): Define.
(longopts[]): New --no-default-excludes option.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Document.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Handle.
2000-12-13 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* ldlang.c (new_stat): Revert the last beautification with "innocent"
whitespace, it breaks the K&R C preprocessor.
2000-12-11 DJ Delorie <>
* ld.texinfo: Add notes about --whole-archive and gcc.
2000-11-18 Fred Fish <>
(ld_options): Entry for --allow-shlib-undefined.
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize link_info.allow_shlib_undefined
to false.
* ld.texinfo: Document new command line switch.
2000-12-12 Geoffrey Keating <>
.fixup is actually read/write.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (OTHER_READWRITE_SECTIONS): Likewise.
Mon Dec 11 14:50:33 MET 2000 Jan Hubicka <>
* NEWS: Add note about x86_64 architecture.
2000-12-06 Mark Elbrecht <>
* scripttempl/ Use PROVIDE with _etext, _edata, _end.
Set DWARF2 sections to a VMA of zero.
2000-12-01 Joel Sherrill <>
* configure.tgt (arm-*-rtems*, a29k-*rtems*, h8300-*-rtems*):
New targets.
(sparc*-*-rtemself*, sparc*-*-rtemsaout*): New targets.
(sparc*-*-rtems*): Switched from a.out to ELF.
2000-11-30 Jan Hubicka <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eelf_x86_64.o
(eelf_x86_64.c): New.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add support for x86_64-*-linux-gnu*.
* emulparams/ New.
2000-11-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* emulparams/ (ENTRY): Change back to _start.
(TEXT_START_SYMBOLS): Remove conditional setting of __start.
* scripttempl/ Change all RELOCATING not related to
merging non-a.out sections into CONSTRUCTING.
2000-11-28 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.1 (COPYING): Mention that the GNU Free Documentation
License is present in the sources, but not the output, and
also available from the GNU website.
(GNU Free Documentation License): Comment out this section.
2000-11-28 David O'Brien <>
* emulparams/ (ENTRY): Remove leading underscore as ELF
does not use them.
2000-11-25 David O'Brien <>
* ld.1: Remove old date so it does not give the impression the manpage
is way out of date.
2000-11-24 Nick Clifton <>
* configure.tgt (xscale-coff): Add target.
(xscale-elf): Add target.
2000-11-24 Fred Fish <>
* ldmain.c (main): Remove redundant init of config.make_executable
to true.
2000-11-15 Richard Henderson <>
* emulparams/ (MAXPAGESIZE): Typo -- 64k, not 1M.
2000-11-14 Kazu Hirata <>
* scripttempl/ Fix formatting.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
Tue Nov 14 00:59:19 2000 Denis Chertykov <>
* scripttempl/ Fix bug in .eeprom segment.
2000-11-09 Philip Blundell <>
* emultempl/pe.em: Define ___start_SECNAME and ___stop_SECNAME
around orphan sections whose names can be represented in C.
2000-11-07 Jim Wilson <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): New local
hold_sdata. If SEC_SMALL_DATA set, set place to hold_sdata.
2000-11-06 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* ldint.texinfo: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* ld.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
2000-11-05 Alan Modra <>
* ldlex.l (yy_create_string_buffer): Init yy_is_our_buffer,
yy_is_interactive, yy_at_bol, and yy_fill_buffer.
* (DISTCLEANFILES): Add stringify.sed.
Move 2000-11-02 changes to this file.
* Regenerate.
2000-11-03 Nick Clifton <>
* scripttempl/ Use ${CONSTRUCTING...} to enclose
constructors and destructors.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
2000-11-02 Per Lundberg <>
* (e_i386_chaos.c): New rule.
(ALL_EMULATIONS): Added e_i386_chaos.o.
* emulparams/ New file.
* configure.tgt: Recognise i[3456]86-chaosdev-storm-chaos.
2000-10-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
* emulparams/ (TEXT_START_ADDR,
NONPAGED_TEXT_START_ADDR): Set to 4GB for Solaris targets.
Fix sed invocation, so that it coped with '/' in Solaris 64bit
library path suffix.
Based on patch by Andrew Macleod <>.
2000-10-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* scripttempl/ (.text, .data): Pad, with ALIGN (32),
for consecutive sections.
2000-10-17 Chandrakala Chavva <>
* lexsup.c: New option OPTION_TARGET_HELP. Prints all target specific
* ld.texinfo: Added notes about this new option.
2000-10-16 Nick Clifton <>
* emultempl/pe.em (_after_open): Add tests of return values from
bfd functions. Emit appropriate error messages if necessary.
2000-10-13 Nick Clifton <>
* emultempl/pe.em (_after_open): Delete 'is2' and 'nsyms'
local variables - they are not used, but leave in the call to
(_open_dynamic_archive): Add #ifdef DLL_SUPPORT around use of
2000-10-12 Charles Wilson <>
* emultempl/pe.em (pe_dll_search_prefix): New variable,
(longopts): New --dll-search-prefix option.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Document.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Handle.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive): When linking
dynamically, search for a dll named '<prefix><basename>.dll'
in preference to 'lib<basename>.dll' if --dll-search-prefix
is specified.
2000-10-12 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (section_already_linked): Set kept_section instead of
2000-10-10 Kazu Hirata <>
* deffile.h: Fix formatting.
* lexsup.c: Likewise.
* mri.c: Likewise.
2000-10-09 Paul Sokolovsky <>
* pe-dll.c (make_one): Do not generate code thunk for DATA
(process_def_file): deduce DATA flag for auto-export sumbols.
2000-10-09 Kazu Hirata <>
* ld.h: Fix formatting.
* ldcref.c: Likewise.
* ldctor.h: Likewise.
* ldemul.c: Likewise.
* ldemul.h: Likewise.
* ldexp.c: Likewise.
* ldexp.h: Likewise.
* ldfile.c: Likewise.
* ldfile.h: Likewise.
* ldlang.c: Likewise.
* ldlang.h: Likewise.
* ldmain.c: Likewise.
* pe-dll.c: Likewise.
* pe-dll.c: Revert some formatting fixes.
2000-10-08 Kazu Hirata <>
* pe-dll.c: Fix formatting.
2000-10-05 Kazu Hirata <>
* ldlang.c: Fix formatting.
2000-10-03 DJ Delorie <>
* pe-dll.c (fill_edata): initialize entire block
(make_one): fill in correct section.
2000-10-03 Kazu Hirata <>
* ldexp.c: Fix formatting.
2000-10-02 DJ Delorie <>
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_*_after_open): detect case where there two
import libraries for same dll; rename one to ensure proper link
* pe-dll.c (process_def_file): compare ordinals to -1, not 0; fix
(generate_edata): fix typo
2000-09-29 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* scripttempl/ (ENTRY): Now __start.
(.text): Add default setting for __start.
Remove CONSTRUCTORS handling.
(/DISCARD/): Add .gnu.warning.*.
* emulparams/ (ENTRY): Now __start.
(TEXT_START_SYMBOLS): New; provide __Stext and __start default.
* emulparams/ (OUTPUT_FORMAT): Now elf32-us-cris.
(ENTRY): Now __start.
(EXECUTABLE_SYMBOLS): Add default setting for __start.
2000-09-29 Kazu Hirata <>
* deffile.h: Fix formatting.
* ld.h: Likewise.
* ldcref.c: Likewise.
* ldctor.c: Likewise.
* ldctor.h: Likewise.
* ldemul.c: Likewise.
* ldemul.h: Likewise.
* ldexp.c: Likewise.
* ldexp.h: Likewise.
* ldfile.c: Likewise.
* ldfile.h: Likewise.
* ldlang.c: Likewise.
* ldlang.h: Likewise.
* lexsup.c: Likewise.
* mri.c: Likewise.
* pe-dll.c: Likewise.
2000-09-28 Paul Sokolovsky <>
* pe-dll.c (process_def_file): Uninitialized data wasn't
exported with --export-all-symbols switch.
2000-09-28 DJ Delorie <>
* pe-dll.c (fill_edata): rearrange the data so that ordinals and
noname work properly.
2000-09-28 Alan Modra <>
* ld.texinfo (HPPA ELF32): New section.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (group_size): New.
(hppaelf_finish): Pass group_size to elf32_hppa_size_stubs.
(PARSE_AND_LIST_LONGOPTS): Add --stub-group-size. Duplicate
options to prevent abbreviations matching.
(PARSE_AND_LIST_OPTIONS): Describe the above. Reformat.
2000-09-21 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* emultempl/m68kelf.em: Conditionalise the embedded relocs feature
on the m68*-*-elf target. Make it support COFF input objects.
2000-09-21 Kazu Hirata <>
* ldmain.c: Fix formatting.
* ldmisc.c: Likewise.
* ldver.c: Likewise.
* ldwrite.c: Likewise.
2000-09-21 Alan Modra <>
* ldwrite.c (clone_section): Silence gcc warnings.
2000-09-20 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Handle
out of memory failure.
* ldwrite.c (ldwrite): Remove unnecessary einfo arg.
(clone_section): Handle out of memory failures. Rename var to
avoid c++ reserved word.
2000-09-18 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (hppaelf_add_stub_section): Rename
stub_name param to stub_sec_name.
(hppaelf_finish): Modify call to elf32_hppa_size_stubs.
2000-09-10 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* emultempl/m68kelf.em: New file.
* emulparams/ (EXTRA_EM_FILE): Use it.
* (em68kelf.c): Add dependency on m68kelf.em.
* Regenerate.
2000-09-15 Alan Modra <>
* emulparams/ (DATA_START_SYMBOLS): Provide $global$
only as needed.
2000-09-13 Nick Clifton <>
* ldmain.c (multiple_definition): Disable relaxation if
multiple symbol definitions are encountered - otherwise the
linker could abort with an assertion failure.
2000-09-10 Nick Clifton <>
* mri.c: Fix formatting.
2000-09-07 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Rebuild.
2000-09-07 H.J. Lu <>
* (lexsup.o): Also depend on $(INCDIR)/demangle.h.
* Rebuild.
2000-09-07 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Fix
broken list handling. Create __start_SECNAME and __stop_SECNAME
when no place-holder. Add some comments. Test both SEC_CODE and
SEC_READONLY for hold_text to prevent .rodata orphan poisoning.
Handle case where no output section statement created.
2000-09-07 Niibe Yutaka <>, Kaz Kojima <>, Alexandre Oliva <>
* configure.tgt (sh-*-linux*): Added.
* Added eshelf_linux and eshlelf_linux.
* Rebuilt.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
2000-09-06 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Don't
try shuffling sections when the orphan happens to be the place
holder. Keep count of unique section names generated so we speed
the search for a new name.
2000-09-06 Alexandre Oliva <>
* configure: Rebuilt with new libtool.m4.
2000-09-05 Nick Clifton <>
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* po/ld.pot: Regenerate.
* ldint.texinfo: Remove CVS revision marker - it foils local
* emultempl/ticoff.em: Remove extraneous comma.
2000-09-05 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (hppaelf_add_stub_section): Add SEC_RELOC
to stub section flags.
(hppa_for_each_input_file_wrapper): New.
(hppa_lang_for_each_input_file): New.
(lang_for_each_input_file): Define to call above.
(multi_subspace): New.
(hppaelf_finish): Pass multi_subspace to elf32_hppa_size_stubs.
(hppaelf_finish): Call elf32_hppa_set_gp.
(hppaelf_set_output_arch): Remove.
* emulparams/ (ELFSIZE): Define.
(MACHINE): Define.
(DATA_PLT): Define.
* ldlang.c: Add missing prototypes, and tidy others. Change CONST
to const throughout. Change `void *' to `PTR' throughout.
(lang_memory_default): Function is local to file, add `static'.
* (ehppaelf.c): Depend on emultempl/elf32.em.
(ehppalinux.c): Likewise.
(earmelf.c): Likewise.
(earmelf_linux.c): Likewise.
(earmelf_linux26.c): Likewise.
* Regenerate.
* ld.h (ld_config_type): Add unique_orphan_sections.
* lexsup.c (OPTION_UNIQUE): Define.
(ld_options): Add "--unique".
(parse_args): Handle it.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Don't
search for an existing output section if unique_orphan_sections is
set. Make use of bfd_get_unique_section_name rather than
duplicating code here.
* ld.texinfo: Describe --unique.
* lexsup.c (ld_options): Make split-by-reloc arg optional. Add
optional arg to split-by-file.
(parse_args): Handle them.
* ld.texinfo: Update description of these options.
* ldwrite.c (clone_section): Pass in the section name. Replace
local code with bfd_get_unique_section_name.
(split_sections): Tidy code and comments. Use a list traversal
more appropriate to the list construction. Handle cooked section
sizes. Split when split_by_reloc reached rather than exceeded.
Track section size and split when split_by_file reached. Fix
link_order_tail (even though it's not used).
(ldwrite): Modify condition for calling split_sections to suit
changed split_by_reloc and split_by_file.
* ldmain.c (main): Init config.split_by_reloc and
config.split_by_file to -1.
* ld.h (ld_config_type): Change split_by_reloc to unsigned.
Change split_by_file to bfd_size_type.
2000-09-02 Nick Clifton <>
* Increase version number to 2.10.91.
* NEWS: Mention new ability to support removal of duplicate DWARF2
debug information.
* configure: Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2000-09-02 Daniel Berlin <>
* scripttempl/ Add .gnu.linkonce.wi.* to .debug_info
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
* scripttempl/ Ditto.
2000-08-31 Alexandre Oliva <>
* acinclude.m4: Include libtool and gettext macros from the
top level.
* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt.
2000-08-25 Nick Clifton <>
* ldlang.c (open_output): When choosing the target for a
particular endianness, do nothing if the target is not
2000-08-25 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Don't
check -rpath nor LD_RUN_PATH for cross link.
* ld.texinfo: Document the change.
2000-08-24 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* NEWS: Mention support for CRIS.
2000-08-23 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Get
the current runpath list from bfd_elf_get_runpath_list ()
before search.
2000-08-22 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Search
the DT_RPATH/DT_RUNPATH entries for DT_NEEDED after
LD_LIBRARY_PATH for native linker. Display the needed DSO if
trace_file_tries is non-zero.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_try_needed): Report the needed DSO found
if trace_file_tries is non-zero.
* ld.texinfo: Document the usage of DT_RPATH/DT_RUNPATH.
* NEWS: Mention it.
2000-08-14 Jason Eckhardt <>
* NEWS: Mention i860 support.
2000-08-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* scripttempl/ Fix last change to use correct comment
2000-08-10 Geoff Keating <>
* scripttempl/ Add a comment giving the correspondence
between sections, per-datum sections, and linkonce sections. Make
the comment true even for .bss, .sdata, .sdata2, .sbss, and
2000-08-10 Jason Eckhardt <>
* emulparams/ New file.
* configure.tgt: Recognize new target i860-stardent-{sysv4*|elf*}.
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add eelf32_i860.o.
(eelf32_i860.c): New rule.
* Regenerate.
2000-08-10 Nick Clifton <>
* emulparams/ (ENTRY): Add definition.
2000-08-08 Peter Jeremy <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (_after_close): Refer to -rpath not --rpath
in error message.
2000-08-08 Stephane Carrez <>
* scripttempl/ Define __bss_size symbol to indicate
the final size of .bss section.
* scripttempl/ Likewise.
2000-08-04 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Rename to
gld${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args for consistency. Combine
lastoptind and prevoptind vars, and keep track of last optind.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Rename to
2000-08-03 Rodney Brown <>
* configure.tgt: Select targ_emul=elf_i386 for Unixware 7
2000-07-27 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ (PARSE_AND_LIST_ARGS): Removed.
2000-07-28 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/armelf.em: Elide functions common to elf32.em,
ie. most of the file.
(arm_elf_after_open): New. Do arm specific things then call
(arm_elf_before_allocation): New. Call
gld${EMULATION_NAME}_before_allocation then do arm specifics.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: Similarly zap most of this file.
(hppaelf_add_stub_section): Prototype.
(hppaelf_layaout_sections_again): Prototype.
(hook_in_stub): Prototype.
* emulparams/ (TEMPLATE_NAME): Use elf32.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
* emulparams/ Likewise.
(NOP): Define.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Fix formatting.
(EXTRA_EM_FILE): Source it.
LDEMUL_FIND_POTENTIAL_LIBRARIES): New shell vars. Add code to
allow functions in this file to be overridden.
* emultempl/m68kcoff.em: Include ldfile.h before ldemul.h.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Reorganize file.
2000-07-27 Ivan Kokshaysky <>
* emulparams/ Implement "-taso" emulation
specific option to fit 64-bit executable in the lower
31-bit address range. This is done by changing start
address of .interp (the very first section of executable)
and then setting EF_ALPHA_32BIT elf header flag.
2000-07-21 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* emultempl/m68kcoff.em: New file.
* emulparams/ (TEMPLATE_NAME): Use m68kcoff template.
* (em68kcoff.c): Depend on m68kcoff.em rather than
* Regenerate.
2000-07-20 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (longopts): Duplicate "disable-new-dtags"
and "disable-new-dtags" to stop getopt from treating -d/-e as
abbreviations for these options.
2000-07-20 H.J. Lu <>
* ld.texinfo: Add documentation for --disable-new-dtags and
* ldmain.c (main): Initialize link_info.new_dtags to false.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Add
--disable-new-dtags and --enable-new-dtags.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Likewise.
2000-07-05 Kenneth Block <>
* lexsup.c: Add optional style to demangle switch
* ld.texinfo: Document optional style to demangle switch.
2000-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Add ecrisaout.o, ecriself.o,
(ecrisaout.c, ecriself.c, ecrislinux.c): New rules.
Regenerate dependencies.
* Rebuild.
* configure.tgt (cris-*-*): New target.
* emulparams/, emulparams/,
emulparams/, scripttempl/ New files.
* po/, po/ld.pot: Regenerate.
2000-07-20 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options):
Print out ignored -z options.
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ (PARSE_AND_LIST_ARGS): Removed.
* ldmain.c (main): Clear link_info.flags and link_info.flags_1.
* lexsup.c (ld_options): Comment out 'z'.
(parse_args): Likewise.
* emultempl/elf32.em: Include "elf/common.h".
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Defined. Handle some -z
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Likewise.
* ld.texinfo: Add documentation for the recognized -z options.
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_try_needed): Call
bfd_elf_set_dt_needed_soname ().
2000-07-18 DJ Delorie <>
* pe-dll.c (pe_dll_id_target): check object target name also
2000-07-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* scripttempl/ (.init): Only do ${INIT_START} and
${INIT_END} if relocating.
(.fini): Likewise ${FINI_START} and ${FINI_END}.
2000-07-16 Charles Wilson <>
* emultempl/pe.em (gld_*_open_dynamic_archive): New search
order for dynamic library '-lfoo' on pei386: libfoo.dll.a,
foo.dll.a, libfoo.a, libfoo.dll, foo.dll. This fixes compatibility
errors introduced by the old dynamic lib search order.
2000-07-17 DJ Delorie <>
* pe-dll.c (process_def_file): auto-export data items also
(pe_process_import_defs): also see if _imp_ form needed
2000-07-12 Charles Wilson <>
* pe-dll.c (make_one): fix a typo in the __imp_ name decoration
for dll import libraries
2000-07-12 Mark Elbrecht <>
* scripttempl/ Support the g++ attribute init_priority in
gcc 2.95.2 and later.
2000-07-11 Kazu Hirata <>
* ldfile.c (ldfile_try_open_bfd): Output '\n' after an error
2000-07-10 Alan Modra <>
* ldemul.h (struct lang_input_statement_struct): Remove forward
(struct search_dirs): Likewise.
* ldfile.h (struct lang_input_statement_struct): Likewise.
Protect file from multiple inclusion.
* ldlang.h (LANG_FOR_EACH_INPUT_STATEMENT): Move file_chain
declaration from macro to file scope.
* ldemul.c: ldexp.h,ldlang.h,ldfile.h,ldemul.h go in this order.
* ldgram.y: Likewise here.
* ldlang.c: And here.
* ldmain.c: And here.
* mpw-elfmips.c: And here.
* mpw-eppcmac.c: And here.
* emultempl/aix.em: And here.
* emultempl/armcoff.em: And here.
* emultempl/armelf.em: And here.
* emultempl/armelf_oabi.em: And here.
* emultempl/beos.em: And here.
* emultempl/elf32.em: And here.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: And here.
* emultempl/linux.em: And here.
* emultempl/lnk960.em: And here.
* emultempl/pe.em: And here.
* emultempl/sunos.em: And here.
* mpw-esh.c: And here. Include ldexp.h and ldlang.h too.
* mpw-idtmips.c: Ditto.
* emultempl/generic.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/gld960.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/gld960c.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/mipsecoff.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/ticoff.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/vanilla.em: Ditto.
* pe-dll.c: Include ldfile.h
* ldver.c: Include ldexp.h, ldlang.h, ldfile.h
* mpw-elfmips.c: (gldelf32ebmip_before_allocation): Add missing
arguments to bfd_elf32_size_dynamic_sections call.
(gldelf32ebmip_place_orphan): Add missing arguments to
lang_leave_output_section_statement call.
2000-07-10 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/pe.em (pe_enable_stdcall_fixup): Protect with
(strhash): Likewise.
(compute_dll_image_base): Likewise.
(pe_undef_found_sym): Likewise.
(pe_undef_cdecl_match): Likewise.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_open_dynamic_archive): Mark the
argument "arch" with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
2000-07-10 Alan Modra <>
* configure.tgt: Remove extraneous hppa*-*-linux-gnu*.
From Ryan Bradetich <>
* ldwrite.c (SSIZE): Remove to cure macro redefinition warning.
2000-07-09 Alan Modra <>
Changes to create multiple linker stubs, positioned immediately
before the section where they are required.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: Include elf32-hppa.h.
(stub_sec, file_chain): Delete.
(hppaelf_create_output_section_statements): Don't make a stub
section here.
(hook_stub_info): New struct.
(hook_in_stub): New function.
(hppaelf_add_stub_section): New function.
(hppaelf_finish): Do nothing for relocateable links. Modify the
call to elf32_hppa_size_stubs. Move code for updating section
layout from here...
(hppaelf_layaout_sections_again): here, a new function.
* emultempl/hppaelf.em (hppaelf_delete_padding_statements): Fix
broken list handling. Pass in a pointer to the list.
(hppaelf_finish): Update call to hppaelf_delete_padding_statements
for above changes.
(hppaelf_before_parse): Prototype.
(hppaelf_set_output_arch): Prototype.
(hppaelf_create_output_section_statements): Prototype.
(hppaelf_delete_padding_statements): Prototype.
(hppaelf_finish): Prototype.
Merge from elf32.em
* emultempl/hppaelf.em: Include ctype.h.
(struct orphan_save): New.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): New.
(output_rel_find): New.
(hppaelf_get_script): Update from elf32.em.
(ld_hppaelf_emulation): Rename to ld_${EMULATION_NAME}_emulation.
Change emulation_name field to "${EMULATION_NAME}". Add
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Reinstate ehppaelf.o, add
ehppalinux.o, sort it. Regenerate dependencies.
(ehppalinux.c): Depend on hppaelf.em
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: targ_emul=hppalinux for hppa*linux
* emulparams/ New.
* emulparams/ (TARGET_PAGE_SIZE): Write in hex.
2000-07-08 Alan Modra <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Copy section name.
2000-07-07 Charles Wilson <>
* emultempl/pe.em: institute the following search order for
dynamic libraries on pei386: libfoo.dll.a, foo.dll.a (import
libs), libfoo.dll, foo.dll (link direct to dll). Fall back to
static lib (libfoo.a) if none of the above are found.
2000-07-07 Mumit Khan <>
* emultempl/pe.em (pe_enable_auto_image_base): New variable.
(longopts): New --{enable,disable}-auto-image-base options.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): Document.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse): Handle.
(strhash): New static function.
(compute_dll_image_base): New static function.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_set_symbols): Use.
2000-07-05 DJ Delorie <>
2000-07-01 Koundinya K <>
* configure.tgt: Add traditional mips (mips*-*-sysv4*) target.
* emulparams/ New file.
* Add traditional mips target.
* Rebuild.
2000-07-01 H.J. Lu <>
* (EXTRA_ld_new_SOURCES): Set to deffilep.y for
automake to use YLWRAP.
* Rebuild.
2000-07-01 Alan Modra <>
* (DEP): Fix 2000-06-22. grep after running dep.sed
* Regenerate.
2000-06-30 Timothy Wall <twall@ppc>
* scripttempl/ PAGE N is not implemented, so encode
the page in the upper octet of the address.
2000-06-26 Marek Michalkiewicz <>
* emulparams/ (ARCH): Change to avr:5.
2000-06-24 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: arm-elf does --gc-sections too.
2000-06-22 Alan Modra <>
* (DEP): grep for leading `/' in DEP1, and fail if we
find one.
* Regenerate.
2000-06-21 H.J. Lu <>
* Rebuild dependency.
* Rebuild.
2000-06-20 H.J. Lu <>
* Rebuild dependency.
* Rebuild.
2000-06-20 Timothy Wall <>
* scripttempl/ New.
* ldlang.c (wild_doit): Propagate SEC_BLOCK flag.
* gen-doc.texi: Add flag for TI COFF.
* ld.texinfo: Add documentation for TI COFF handling switches.
* emultempl/ticoff.em: New. TI COFF handling.
* configure.tgt: Add tic54x target.
* Add tic54x target.
* Ditto.
2000-06-20 Alan Modra <>
* ldmain.c (set_scripts_dir): Correct pointer comparison when
checking for backslashes.
2000-06-19 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Move entries not in 2.10 above "Changes in version 2.10".
2000-06-18 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Update list of targets supporting --gc-sections.
* scripttempl/ KEEP .eh_frame contents.
* scripttempl/ Same here.
2000-06-18 Stephane Carrez <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Added new emulation for m68hc12
and m68hc11 (elf).
* Rebuild.
* configure.tgt: Recognize m68hc12 and m68hc11.
* scripttempl/ New file.
* emulparams/m68hc12elfb: New emulation.
* emulparams/m68hc12elf: New emulation.
* emulparams/ New file. User configurable emulation
(includes a memory.x script to define the ROM and RAM banks).
* scripttempl/, emulparams/
New configuration files for support of Motorola 68hc11
2000-06-15 Alan Modra <>
* ldmain.c (main): Only change SEC_READONLY for final link.
2000-06-13 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2000-06-08 David O'Brien <>
* (VERSION): Update to show this is the CVS mainline.
2000-06-07 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* emultempl/mipsecoff.em (gld{EMULATION_NAME}_after_open): Require all
input objects to be ECOFF.
(check_sections): einfo takes %B, not %P, to print a BFD name.
2000-06-05 Michael Matz <>
* ldgram.y (vers_defns): Handle 'extern "C++" { ... }' in
version scripts.
* ldlex.l (V_IDENTIFIER): Accept `::' in symbols.
2000-05-23 Marek Michalkiewicz <>
* emulparams/ (STACK): Define as 0.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Define as last internal SRAM address.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* emulparams/ (STACK): Likewise.
* scripttempl/ (__data_start): Define for gcrt1.
(__stack): Define from ${STACK} for main().
2000-05-26 Alan Modra <>
* Update dependencies with "make dep-am"
* Regenerate.
2000-05-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
* ldmain.c: Include filenames.h.
(set_scripts_dir): Support backslashes in program name.
2000-05-22 Igor Shevlyakov <>
* ldmain.c (main): When deciding if ".text" section should be
read-only, don't forget to reset SEC_READONLY because it
could be already set.
2000-05-22 Thomas de Lellis <>
* ld.1: Add documentation for new command line option:
--section-start <sectionname>=<sectionorg>
This is a generic version of -Ttext etc. which accepts
any section name as a parameter instead of just text/data/
* ld.texinfo: More docs.
* NEWS: More docs.
* lexsup.c: (parse_args): Recognize new command line option.
(ld_options): Add new option.
2000-05-18 H.J. Lu <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): `i' == `r', not `q'.
Thu May 18 10:47:57 2000 Jeffrey A Law (
* configure.tgt (hppa*64*-*-*): Enable PA64 target.
2000-05-17 S. Bharadwaj Yadavalli <>
Rick Gorton <>
Add support for '-q' == '--emit-relocs' switch.
* ldmain.c (main): Default to false.
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Turn on emitrelocations flag if set.
* NEWS: Describe the emitrelocations switch.
* ld.texinfo: Describe the emitrelocations switch.
2000-05-16 Charles Wilson <>
* emultempl/pe.em (_open_dynamic_archive): New function: Search
the library path for "foo.dll" and "libfoo.dll" dynamic libraries
before searching for 'libfoo.a' in response to a '-Bdynamic -lfoo'
link options.
2000-05-15 David O'Brien <>
* lexsup.c (parse_args): Update the year in the copyright notice.
2000-05-13 Alan Modra <>
* ld.h (gettext, dgettext, dcgettext, textdomain, bindtextdomain):
Replace defines with those from intl/libgettext.h to quieten gcc
2000-05-10 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (open_input_bfds): Don't load the same file within
a group again if the whole archive has been loaded already.
2000-05-03 Alan Modra <>
From Ulf Carlsson <> and Andreas Jaeger <>
* lexsup.c (set_section_start): Use bfd_scan_vma rather than
Mon May 1 17:34:34 2000 Jim Wilson <>
* (ia64-*-linux-gnu*): Change gcc to ${CC}.
host "ia64-*-linux-gnu*".
2000-04-29 Andreas Jaeger <>
* ld.h: Correctly check GCC version.
Tue Apr 25 11:20:43 2000 Jeffrey A Law (
* Add PA64 support. Add missing dependencies for
PA32 elf support.
* Rebuilt.
* configure.tgt: Add PA64 support (currently disabled).
2000-04-25 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_section): Delete.
(output_rel_find): New function.
(hold_section, hold_use): Delete.
(hold_text, hold_rodata, hold_data, hold_bss, hold_rel,
hold_interp): Make local to place_orphan.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Use lang_output_section_find
rather than place_section to find possible previous use of orphan.
Similarly find the place-holder output sections. Use returned
value from lang_enter_output_section_statement rather than calling
* emultempl/armelf.em: Same here.
* emultempl/pe.em: Similar to above, but no need for output_rel_find.
* ldlang.c (lang_enter_output_section_statement): Return output
section statement.
* ldlang.h (lang_enter_output_section_statement): Change
declaration too.
* ldlang.h (lang_output_section_statement): Export it.
* ldlang.c (lang_output_section_statement): Ditto.
2000-04-24 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo (Output Section Data): Add note that section data
commands cannot appear outside of section directives.
2000-04-2 Matthew Green <>
* configure.tgt: Add NetBSD/sparc ELF, and NetBSD/sparc64 support.
Fri Apr 21 13:20:53 2000 Richard Henderson <>
David Mosberger <>
* (ALL_64_EMULATIONS): Add eelf64_ia64.o.
(eelf64_ia64.c): New rule.
* Rebuild.
* configure.tgt (ia64-*-elf*, ia64-*-linux*): New targets.
* emulparams/ New file.
2000-04-21 Richard Henderson <>
* scripttempl/ Place .gcc_except_table.
2000-04-19 Alan Modra <>
* dep-in.sed: Match space at start of file name, not at end.
2000-04-18 H.J. Lu <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Call
lang_leave_output_section_statement () after calling
lang_enter_output_section_statement ().
* emultempl/armelf.em: Likewise.
2000-04-18 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (struct orphan_save): Add section field.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Use above to keep sections in
better order, and place first orphan section as we did before the
2000-04-12 patch. Ignore ~SEC_ALLOC sections when choosing place.
Don't call make_bfd_section here, let wild_doit do the job for us.
Don't build a statement list when we'll only throw it away.
* emultempl/armelf.em: Ditto.
* emultempl/pe.em: Similarly.
2000-04-14 Geoff Keating <>
* scripttempl/ Remove.
* emulparams/ Use
* emulparams/ Use
* emulparams/ Use
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* Update dependencies. Add elf32ppcsim ad elf32lppcsim.
(ALL_EMULATIONS): Add elf32ppcsim ad elf32lppcsim.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt (powerpc-*): Add elf32ppcsim and elf32lppcsim.
2000-04-14 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Process
~SEC_ALLOC sections too. Init start address of debug sections.
* emultempl/armelf.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Ditto.
* emultempl/pe.em (gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Ditto.
Also set all relocateable section start addresses.
2000-04-13 Geoff Keating <>
* scripttempl/ Add support for .sbss2 and .sdata2 sections.
Add new BSS_PLT variable for when .plt need not be contained in
the file. Move _etext so that it is also after .fini, and provide
both etext and _etext with a leading underscore. Mark the start
and end of .sbss.
2000-04-12 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/elf32.em (struct orphan_save): New.
(hold_text, hold_rodata, hold_data, hold_bss, hold_rel,
hold_interp): Make them struct orphan_save.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_section): Modify for new hold_*.
(gld${EMULATION_NAME}_place_orphan): Add new orphan sections to
the end of the relevant section list. Also add associated section
statements to the end of any previous orphan statements.
* emultempl/armelf.em: Similarly.
* emultempl/pe.em: Similarly.
2000-04-11 Alan Modra <>
* ld.texinfo (Simple Example): Remove extraneous paragraph.
Fri Apr 7 15:56:57 2000 Andrew Cagney <>
* (WARN_CFLAGS): Set to -W -Wall by default. Add
--enable-build-warnings option.
* (AM_CFLAGS, WARN_CFLAGS): Add definitions.
*, configure: Re-generate.
2000-04-04 Alan Modra <>
* po/ld.pot: Regenerate.
* lexsup.c (help): Restore translated part of bug string.
* (MKDEP): Use gcc -MM rather than mkdep.
(DEP): Quote when passing vars to sub-make. Add warning message
to end.
(DEP1): Rewrite for "gcc -MM".
Update dependencies.
* Regenerate.
2000-04-03 Alan Modra <>
* ld.h: #include "bin-bugs.h"
* lexsup.c (help): Use REPORT_BUGS_TO.
2000-03-27 Denis Chertykov <>
* configure.tgt (avr-*-*): New target support.
* Likewise.
* scripttempl/ New script file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* emulparams/ New file.
* Regenerate.
2000-03-09 Andreas Jaeger <>
* (check-DEJAGNU): Also unset LANG.
* Rebuild.
2000-03-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* ldfile.c (ldfile_try_open_bfd): Don't crash if we see an empty
2000-03-02 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ Include "getopt.h".
2000-03-01 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* configure.tgt: Remove *-*-aout, *-*-coff, and *-*-netware.
2000-03-01 H.J. Lu <>
* emulparams/ Likewise.
2000-03-01 Nick Clifton <>
* pe-dll.c: Remove unused variables and add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
to unused parameters.
* emultempl/pe.em: Add "#ifdef DLL_SUPPORT" around static
functions only used by DLL code.
(_place_orphan): Initialise 'dollar'.
2000-03-01 H.J. Lu <>
* ldmain.c (undefined_symbol): Take one more arg, fatal, to
indicate if the undefined symbol is a fatal error or not.
Don't delete the output file if "fatal" is false.
2000-02-29 H.J. Lu <>
* (check-DEJAGNU): Also pass LIBS="$(LIBS)".
Set LC_COLLATE and LC_ALL to null and export them. It is for
sort which expects the C locale.
Add $(LIBS) to all $(HOSTING_LIBS).
* Rebuild.
2000-02-29 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/{aix.em, armcoff.em, armelf.em, armelf_oabi.em,
beos.em, elf32.em, generic.em, gld960.em, gld960c.em, hppaelf.em,
linux.em, lnk960.em, mipsecoff.em, sunos.em, vanilla.em}
(ld_emulation_xfer_struct): Add missing NULL initialiser for
2000-02-28 Jim Blandy <>
* ldgram.y (exclude_name_list): Don't require a comma to separate
list entries; the lexer considers commas to be valid part of a
filename, so in something like `foo, bar' the comma is considered
part of the first filename, `foo,'.
* ld.texinfo: Update section on EXCLUDE_FILE lists.
2000-02-27 Loren J. Rittle <>
host "i[3456]86-*-freebsdelf*".
2000-02-27 Mark Elbrecht <>
* scripttempl/ Move misplaced semicolons.
2000-02-25 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (ALL_EMULATIONS): Remove ehppaelf.o.
(ALL_64_EMULATIONS): Remove eelf64hppa.o.
(eelf64hppa.c, ehppaelf.c): Remove targets.
* Rebuild.
2000-02-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
* configure.tgt (targ_extra_ofiles): Enable elf64_sparc on
GNU/Linux/sparc, but keep the default as 32.
* configure.tgt: Enable elf64_sparc on Solaris7+/sparc. And make
it default if sparcv9 or sparc64.
2000-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
* Add rules to build emipspe.o and earmpe.o.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add targets for arm-wince, sh-pe and mips-pe.
* ldemul.h (ld_emulation_xfer_struct): Add new field:
* ldemul.c (ldemul_find_potential_libraries): New function.
* ldfile.c (ldfile_open_file_search): Allow function to be
(ldfile_open_file): Call ldemul_find_potential_libraries.
* ldfile.h: Add prototype for ldfile_open_file_search.
* pe-dll.c: Add support for ARM, MIPS and SH targets.
* emulparams/ New file. Parameters for mips-pe target.
* emulparams/ New file. Parameters for sh-pe target.
* emultempl/pe.em: Add support for ARM, MIPS and SH DLLs.
(gld_X_find_potential_libraries): New function. Search for
libraries called "*.lib".
* scripttempl/ Add .pdata section.
2000-02-23 Richard Henderson <>
* scripttempl/ Remove dynamic linking hooks.
Add and use memory regions.
2000-02-23 Linas Vepstas (
* emulparams/, scripttempl/ New.
* Add support for Linux/IBM 370.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
* Regenerate.
2000-02-21 Alan Modra <>
* ldlang.c (print_input_section, print_data_statement,
print_reloc_statement, print_padding_statement, insert_pad,
size_input_section, lang_check_section_addresses,
lang_size_sections, lang_do_assignments, lang_set_startof,
lang_one_common): Change `opb' to unsigned.
(lang_do_assignments): Also change `size' to unsigned.
2000-02-16 Richard Henderson <>
* scripttempl/ Place OTHER_PLT_RELOC_SECTION.
2000-02-16 Timothy Wall <>
* mri.c (mri_draw_tree): Add default LMA region argument to call
to lang_leave_output_section_statement.
* ldlang.h: Update prototypes with LMA region arguments.
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections): Encapsulate region bounds
checking in os_check_region call.
(os_check_region): New function.
(lang_output_section_statement_lookup): Initialize lma_region.
(lang_leave_output_section_statement): Add LMA region argument.
(lang_leave_overlay): Ditto.
* ldgram.y: Handle LMA region syntax.
* ld.texinfo (Output Section Description): Describe LMA region usage.
* emultempl/armelf.em (gld$place_orphan): Add default value for
lma region in call to lang_leave_output_section_statement.
* emultempl/elf32.em (gld$place_orphan): Add default value for
lma region in call to lang_leave_output_section_statement.
* emultempl/pe.em (gld$place_orphan): Add default value for
lma region in call to lang_leave_output_section_statement.
2000-02-04 Timothy Wall <>
* ldlang.c (lang_check_section_addresses): Use bytes instead of
octets when calculating section end addresses.
2000-02-04 Timothy Wall <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections): Fix typo in ALIGN_N invocation.
2000-02-03 Timothy Wall <>
* ldexp.c (fold_name): Make SIZEOF operator return byte count, not
octet count.
* ldlang.c (print_input_section, print_data_statement,
print_reloc_statement, print_padding_statement): Print target
address values and section sizes as bytes, not octets.
(insert_pad) Calculate padding size in octets, and adjust "dot"
by bytes.
(size_input_section) Always adjust "dot" by bytes, not octets.
(lang_check_section_addresses, lang_do_assignments) Adjust
"dot" by bytes, not octets. Use the larger of the directive size
or octets_per_byte for the number of octets actually allocated in
the output section.
(lang_set_startof) Make sure STARTOF returns a target address.
(lang_one_common) Record size changes in octets.
(lang_abs_symbol_at_end_of) Section end symbol's value is
recorded in target bytes.
* ld.texinfo: Updated description of BYTE, SHORT, LONG, etc.
to be clear about behavior when an octet is smaller than one byte.
2000-01-27 Alan Modra <>
* ldcref.c (output_cref): Don't pass message strings to printf
as format arg.
Update copyright.
* ldmisc.c (vfinfo): Same here.
Update copyright.
2000-01-23 Alan Modra <>
* emultempl/{armcoff.em,armelf.em,armelf_oabi.em,beos.em,
mipsecoff.em,sunos.em,vanilla.em} (ld_emulation_xfer_struct):
Add missing NULL initialisers, and comments.
* testsuite/ld-srec/ (__rethrow): New.
2000-01-21 Nick Clifton <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections): Fix typo in comment.
2000-01-18 H.J. Lu <>
* ldlang.c (lang_size_sections): Also update the current
address of a region if the SEC_NEVER_LOAD bit is not set.
2000-01-10 Philip Blundell <>
* configure.tgt (arm*-*-conix*): New target.
2000-01-07 Nick Clifton <>
* ld.texinfo (Options): Remind users to preceed linker command
line switches with -Wl, (or whatever is appropriate) if it is
being invoked by a comnpiler driver program.
Fix description of the behaviour of the -n command line switch.
Wed Jan 5 08:02:12 2000 Catherine Moore <>
* ld.h (wildcard_spec): Change exclude_name to exclude_name_list.
(name_list): New.
* ld.texinfo (EXCLUDE_FILE): Update documentation.
* ldgram.y (wildcard_spec): Support a list of excluded_files.
(exclude_name_list): New.
ldlang.c (walk_wild_section): Support list of excluded files.
(print_wild_statement): Likewise.
(lang_add_wild): Likewise.
* ldlang.h (lang_wild_statement_type): Likewise.
* scripttempl/ (OTHER_EXCLUDE_FILES): Support.
2000-01-04 Mumit Khan <>
* pe-dll.c (pe_dll_warn_dup_exports): New variable.
(process_def_file): Use.
(pe_dll_compat_implib): New variable.
(make_one): Use.
* pe-dll.h: Add exports of pe_dll_warn_dup_exports and
* emultempl/pe.em (longopts): Add warn-duplicate-exports and
compat-implib options.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_list_options): List new options.
(gld_${EMULATION_NAME}_parse_args): Handle.
* pe-dll.c (pe_dll_generate_implib): Use the correct name for output
* deffilep.y (opt_name): Allow "." in name.
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