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-- --
-- --
-- G N A T . S O C K E T S . T H I N --
-- --
-- S p e c --
-- --
-- Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Ada Core Technologies, Inc. --
-- --
-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
-- terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- --
-- ware Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later ver- --
-- sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- --
-- OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY --
-- or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License --
-- for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General --
-- Public License distributed with GNAT; see file COPYING. If not, write --
-- to the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, --
-- MA 02111-1307, USA. --
-- --
-- As a special exception, if other files instantiate generics from this --
-- unit, or you link this unit with other files to produce an executable, --
-- this unit does not by itself cause the resulting executable to be --
-- covered by the GNU General Public License. This exception does not --
-- however invalidate any other reasons why the executable file might be --
-- covered by the GNU Public License. --
-- --
-- GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. --
-- Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. --
-- --
-- This package provides a target dependent thin interface to the sockets
-- layer for use by the GNAT.Sockets package ( This package
-- should not be directly with'ed by an applications program.
-- This version is for NT
with Interfaces.C.Pointers;
with Interfaces.C.Strings;
with GNAT.Sockets.Constants;
with System;
package GNAT.Sockets.Thin is
package C renames Interfaces.C;
use type;
-- So that we can declare the Failure constant below.
Success : constant := 0;
Failure : constant := -1;
function Socket_Errno return Integer;
-- Returns last socket error number.
procedure Set_Socket_Errno (Errno : Integer);
-- Set last socket error number.
function Socket_Error_Message
(Errno : Integer)
return C.Strings.chars_ptr;
-- Returns the error message string for the error number Errno. If
-- Errno is not known it returns "Unknown system error".
subtype Fd_Set_Access is System.Address;
No_Fd_Set : constant Fd_Set_Access := System.Null_Address;
type Timeval_Unit is new C.long;
pragma Convention (C, Timeval_Unit);
type Timeval is record
Tv_Sec : Timeval_Unit;
Tv_Usec : Timeval_Unit;
end record;
pragma Convention (C, Timeval);
type Timeval_Access is access all Timeval;
pragma Convention (C, Timeval_Access);
Immediat : constant Timeval := (0, 0);
type Int_Access is access all;
pragma Convention (C, Int_Access);
-- Access to C integers
type Chars_Ptr_Array is array (C.size_t range <>) of
aliased C.Strings.chars_ptr;
package Chars_Ptr_Pointers is
new C.Pointers (C.size_t, C.Strings.chars_ptr, Chars_Ptr_Array,
-- Arrays of C (char *)
type In_Addr is record
S_B1, S_B2, S_B3, S_B4 : C.unsigned_char;
end record;
pragma Convention (C, In_Addr);
-- Internet address
type In_Addr_Access is access all In_Addr;
pragma Convention (C, In_Addr_Access);
-- Access to internet address
Inaddr_Any : aliased constant In_Addr := (others => 0);
-- Any internet address (all the interfaces)
type In_Addr_Access_Array is array (C.size_t range <>)
of aliased In_Addr_Access;
pragma Convention (C, In_Addr_Access_Array);
package In_Addr_Access_Pointers is
new C.Pointers (C.size_t, In_Addr_Access, In_Addr_Access_Array, null);
-- Array of internet addresses
type Sockaddr is record
Sa_Family : C.unsigned_short;
Sa_Data : C.char_array (1 .. 14);
end record;
pragma Convention (C, Sockaddr);
-- Socket address
type Sockaddr_Access is access all Sockaddr;
pragma Convention (C, Sockaddr_Access);
-- Access to socket address
type Sockaddr_In is record
Sin_Family : C.unsigned_short := Constants.AF_INET;
Sin_Port : C.unsigned_short := 0;
Sin_Addr : In_Addr := Inaddr_Any;
Sin_Zero : C.char_array (1 .. 8) := (others => C.char'Val (0));
end record;
pragma Convention (C, Sockaddr_In);
-- Internet socket address
type Sockaddr_In_Access is access all Sockaddr_In;
pragma Convention (C, Sockaddr_In_Access);
-- Access to internet socket address
procedure Set_Length
(Sin : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Len :;
pragma Inline (Set_Length);
-- Set Sin.Sin_Length to Len.
-- On this platform, nothing is done as there is no such field.
procedure Set_Family
(Sin : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Family :;
pragma Inline (Set_Family);
-- Set Sin.Sin_Family to Family
procedure Set_Port
(Sin : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Port : C.unsigned_short);
pragma Inline (Set_Port);
-- Set Sin.Sin_Port to Port
procedure Set_Address
(Sin : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Address : In_Addr);
pragma Inline (Set_Address);
-- Set Sin.Sin_Addr to Address
type Hostent is record
H_Name : C.Strings.chars_ptr;
H_Aliases : Chars_Ptr_Pointers.Pointer;
H_Addrtype : C.short;
H_Length : C.short;
H_Addr_List : In_Addr_Access_Pointers.Pointer;
end record;
pragma Convention (C, Hostent);
-- Host entry
type Hostent_Access is access all Hostent;
pragma Convention (C, Hostent_Access);
-- Access to host entry
type Servent is record
S_Name : C.Strings.chars_ptr;
S_Aliases : Chars_Ptr_Pointers.Pointer;
S_Port :;
S_Proto : C.Strings.chars_ptr;
end record;
pragma Convention (C, Servent);
-- Service entry
type Servent_Access is access all Servent;
pragma Convention (C, Servent_Access);
-- Access to service entry
type Two_Int is array (0 .. 1) of;
pragma Convention (C, Two_Int);
-- Used with pipe()
function C_Accept
(S :;
Addr : System.Address;
Addrlen : access return;
function C_Bind
(S :;
Name : System.Address;
Namelen : return;
function C_Close
(Fd : return;
function C_Connect
(S :;
Name : System.Address;
Namelen : return;
function C_Gethostbyaddr
(Addr : System.Address;
Length :;
Typ : return Hostent_Access;
function C_Gethostbyname
(Name : C.char_array) return Hostent_Access;
function C_Gethostname
(Name : System.Address;
Namelen : return;
function C_Getpeername
(S :;
Name : System.Address;
Namelen : access return;
function C_Getservbyname
(Name : C.char_array;
Proto : C.char_array) return Servent_Access;
function C_Getservbyport
(Port :;
Proto : C.char_array) return Servent_Access;
function C_Getsockname
(S :;
Name : System.Address;
Namelen : access return;
function C_Getsockopt
(S :;
Level :;
Optname :;
Optval : System.Address;
Optlen : access return;
function C_Inet_Addr
(Cp : C.Strings.chars_ptr) return;
function C_Ioctl
(S :;
Req :;
Arg : Int_Access) return;
function C_Listen
(S :;
Backlog : return;
function C_Read
(Fildes :;
Buf : System.Address;
Nbyte : return;
function C_Readv
(Socket :;
Iov : System.Address;
Iovcnt : return;
function C_Recv
(S :;
Buf : System.Address;
Len :;
Flags : return;
function C_Recvfrom
(S :;
Buf : System.Address;
Len :;
Flags :;
From : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Fromlen : access return;
function C_Select
(Nfds :;
Readfds : Fd_Set_Access;
Writefds : Fd_Set_Access;
Exceptfds : Fd_Set_Access;
Timeout : Timeval_Access) return;
function C_Send
(S :;
Buf : System.Address;
Len :;
Flags : return;
function C_Sendto
(S :;
Msg : System.Address;
Len :;
Flags :;
To : Sockaddr_In_Access;
Tolen : return;
function C_Setsockopt
(S :;
Level :;
Optname :;
Optval : System.Address;
Optlen : return;
function C_Shutdown
(S :;
How : return;
function C_Socket
(Domain :;
Typ :;
Protocol : return;
function C_Strerror
(Errnum : return C.Strings.chars_ptr;
function C_System
(Command : System.Address) return;
function C_Write
(Fildes :;
Buf : System.Address;
Nbyte : return;
function C_Writev
(Socket :;
Iov : System.Address;
Iovcnt : return;
function WSAStartup
(WS_Version :;
WSADataAddress : System.Address) return;
procedure Free_Socket_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access);
-- Free system-dependent socket set.
procedure Get_Socket_From_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access;
Socket : Int_Access;
Last : Int_Access);
-- Get last socket in Socket and remove it from the socket
-- set. The parameter Last is a maximum value of the largest
-- socket. This hint is used to avoid scanning very large socket
-- sets. After a call to Get_Socket_From_Set, Last is set back to
-- the real largest socket in the socket set.
procedure Insert_Socket_In_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access;
Socket :;
-- Insert socket in the socket set
function Is_Socket_In_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access;
Socket : return Boolean;
-- Check whether Socket is in the socket set
procedure Last_Socket_In_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access;
Last : Int_Access);
-- Find the largest socket in the socket set. This is needed for
-- select(). When Last_Socket_In_Set is called, parameter Last is
-- a maximum value of the largest socket. This hint is used to
-- avoid scanning very large socket sets. After the call, Last is
-- set back to the real largest socket in the socket set.
function New_Socket_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access) return Fd_Set_Access;
-- Allocate a new socket set which is a system-dependent structure
-- and initialize by copying Set if it is non-null, by making it
-- empty otherwise.
procedure Remove_Socket_From_Set
(Set : Fd_Set_Access;
Socket :;
-- Remove socket from the socket set
procedure WSACleanup;
procedure Finalize;
procedure Initialize (Process_Blocking_IO : Boolean := False);
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Accept, "accept");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Bind, "bind");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Close, "closesocket");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Gethostbyaddr, "gethostbyaddr");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Gethostbyname, "gethostbyname");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Gethostname, "gethostname");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Getpeername, "getpeername");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Getservbyname, "getservbyname");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Getservbyport, "getservbyport");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Getsockname, "getsockname");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Getsockopt, "getsockopt");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Inet_Addr, "inet_addr");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Ioctl, "ioctlsocket");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Listen, "listen");
pragma Import (C, C_Read, "_read");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Recv, "recv");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Recvfrom, "recvfrom");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Send, "send");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Sendto, "sendto");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Setsockopt, "setsockopt");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Shutdown, "shutdown");
pragma Import (Stdcall, C_Socket, "socket");
pragma Import (C, C_Strerror, "strerror");
pragma Import (C, C_System, "_system");
pragma Import (C, C_Write, "_write");
pragma Import (Stdcall, Socket_Errno, "WSAGetLastError");
pragma Import (Stdcall, Set_Socket_Errno, "WSASetLastError");
pragma Import (Stdcall, WSAStartup, "WSAStartup");
pragma Import (Stdcall, WSACleanup, "WSACleanup");
pragma Import (C, Free_Socket_Set, "__gnat_free_socket_set");
pragma Import (C, Get_Socket_From_Set, "__gnat_get_socket_from_set");
pragma Import (C, Is_Socket_In_Set, "__gnat_is_socket_in_set");
pragma Import (C, Last_Socket_In_Set, "__gnat_last_socket_in_set");
pragma Import (C, New_Socket_Set, "__gnat_new_socket_set");
pragma Import (C, Insert_Socket_In_Set, "__gnat_insert_socket_in_set");
pragma Import (C, Remove_Socket_From_Set, "__gnat_remove_socket_from_set");
end GNAT.Sockets.Thin;