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* C Header File *
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* Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. *
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* GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under *
* terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- *
* ware Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later ver- *
* sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- *
* OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY *
* or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License *
* for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General *
* Public License distributed with GNAT; see file COPYING. If not, write *
* to the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, *
* MA 02111-1307, USA. *
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* As a special exception, if you link this file with other files to *
* produce an executable, this file does not by itself cause the resulting *
* executable to be covered by the GNU General Public License. This except- *
* ion does not however invalidate any other reasons why the executable *
* file might be covered by the GNU Public License. *
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* GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. *
* Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. *
* *
/* This file contains definitions to access front-end functions and
variables used by gigi. */
/* comperr: */
#define Compiler_Abort comperr__compiler_abort
extern int Compiler_Abort (Fat_Pointer, int) ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN;
/* csets: */
#define Fold_Lower(C) csets__fold_lower[C]
#define Fold_Upper(C) csets__fold_upper[C]
extern char Fold_Lower[], Fold_Upper[];
/* debug: */
#define Debug_Flag_XX debug__debug_flag_xx
#define Debug_Flag_NN debug__debug_flag_nn
extern Boolean Debug_Flag_XX;
extern Boolean Debug_Flag_NN;
/* einfo: We will be setting Esize for types, Component_Bit_Offset for fields,
Alignment for types and objects, Component_Size for array types, and
Present_Expr for N_Variant nodes. */
#define Set_Alignment einfo__set_alignment
#define Set_Esize einfo__set_esize
#define Set_RM_Size einfo__set_rm_size
#define Set_Component_Bit_Offset einfo__set_component_bit_offset
#define Set_Component_Size einfo__set_component_size
#define Set_Present_Expr sinfo__set_present_expr
extern void Set_Alignment (Entity_Id, Uint);
extern void Set_Component_Size (Entity_Id, Uint);
extern void Set_Esize (Entity_Id, Uint);
extern void Set_RM_Size (Entity_Id, Uint);
extern void Set_Component_Bit_Offset (Entity_Id, Uint);
extern void Set_Present_Expr (Node_Id, Uint);
/* Test if the node N is the name of an entity (i.e. is an identifier,
expanded name, or an attribute reference that returns an entity). */
#define Is_Entity_Name einfo__is_entity_name
extern Boolean Is_Entity_Name (Node_Id);
#define Get_Attribute_Definition_Clause einfo__get_attribute_definition_clause
extern Node_Id Get_Attribute_Definition_Clause (Entity_Id, char);
/* errout: */
#define Error_Msg_N errout__error_msg_n
#define Error_Msg_NE errout__error_msg_ne
#define Set_Identifier_Casing errout__set_identifier_casing
extern void Error_Msg_N (Fat_Pointer, Node_Id);
extern void Error_Msg_NE (Fat_Pointer, Node_Id, Entity_Id);
extern void Set_Identifier_Casing (Char *, Char *);
/* err_vars: */
#define Error_Msg_Node_2 err_vars__error_msg_node_2
#define Error_Msg_Uint_1 err_vars__error_msg_uint_1
#define Error_Msg_Uint_2 err_vars__error_msg_uint_2
extern Entity_Id Error_Msg_Node_2;
extern Uint Error_Msg_Uint_1;
extern Uint Error_Msg_Uint_2;
/* exp_code: */
#define Asm_Input_Constraint exp_code__asm_input_constraint
#define Asm_Input_Value exp_code__asm_input_value
#define Asm_Output_Constraint exp_code__asm_output_constraint
#define Asm_Output_Variable exp_code__asm_output_variable
#define Asm_Template exp_code__asm_template
#define Clobber_Get_Next exp_code__clobber_get_next
#define Clobber_Setup exp_code__clobber_setup
#define Is_Asm_Volatile exp_code__is_asm_volatile
#define Next_Asm_Input exp_code__next_asm_input
#define Next_Asm_Output exp_code__next_asm_output
#define Setup_Asm_Inputs exp_code__setup_asm_inputs
#define Setup_Asm_Outputs exp_code__setup_asm_outputs
extern Node_Id Asm_Input_Constraint (void);
extern Node_Id Asm_Input_Value (void);
extern Node_Id Asm_Output_Constraint (void);
extern Node_Id Asm_Output_Variable (void);
extern Node_Id Asm_Template (Node_Id);
extern char *Clobber_Get_Next (void);
extern void Clobber_Setup (Node_Id);
extern Boolean Is_Asm_Volatile (Node_Id);
extern void Next_Asm_Input (void);
extern void Next_Asm_Output (void);
extern void Setup_Asm_Inputs (Node_Id);
extern void Setup_Asm_Outputs (Node_Id);
/* exp_dbug: */
#define Get_Encoded_Name exp_dbug__get_encoded_name
#define Get_External_Name_With_Suffix exp_dbug__get_external_name_with_suffix
extern void Get_Encoded_Name (Entity_Id);
extern void Get_External_Name_With_Suffix (Entity_Id, Fat_Pointer);
/* lib: */
#define Cunit lib__cunit
#define Ident_String lib__ident_string
#define In_Extended_Main_Code_Unit lib__in_extended_main_code_unit
extern Node_Id Cunit (Unit_Number_Type);
extern Node_Id Ident_String (Unit_Number_Type);
extern Boolean In_Extended_Main_Code_Unit (Entity_Id);
/* opt: */
#define Global_Discard_Names opt__global_discard_names
#define Exception_Mechanism opt__exception_mechanism
#define Back_Annotate_Rep_Info opt__back_annotate_rep_info
typedef enum {Setjmp_Longjmp, Front_End_ZCX, GCC_ZCX} Exception_Mechanism_Type;
extern Boolean Global_Discard_Names;
extern Exception_Mechanism_Type Exception_Mechanism;
extern Boolean Back_Annotate_Rep_Info;
/* restrict: */
#define No_Exception_Handlers_Set restrict__no_exception_handlers_set
#define Check_No_Implicit_Heap_Alloc restrict__check_no_implicit_heap_alloc
#define Check_Elaboration_Code_Allowed restrict__check_elaboration_code_allowed
#define Check_No_Implicit_Heap_Alloc restrict__check_no_implicit_heap_alloc
extern Boolean No_Exception_Handlers_Set (void);
extern void Check_No_Implicit_Heap_Alloc (Node_Id);
extern void Check_Elaboration_Code_Allowed (Node_Id);
extern void Check_No_Implicit_Heap_Alloc (Node_Id);
/* sem_elim: */
#define Eliminate_Error_Msg sem_elim__eliminate_error_msg
extern void Eliminate_Error_Msg (Node_Id, Entity_Id);
/* sem_eval: */
#define Compile_Time_Known_Value sem_eval__compile_time_known_value
#define Expr_Value sem_eval__expr_value
#define Expr_Value_S sem_eval__expr_value_s
#define Is_OK_Static_Expression sem_eval__is_ok_static_expression
#define Is_OK_Static_Subtype sem_eval__is_ok_static_subtype
extern Uint Expr_Value (Node_Id);
extern Node_Id Expr_Value_S (Node_Id);
extern Boolean Compile_Time_Known_Value (Node_Id);
extern Boolean Is_OK_Static_Expression (Node_Id);
extern Boolean Is_OK_Static_Subtype (Entity_Id);
/* sem_util: */
#define Defining_Entity sem_util__defining_entity
#define First_Actual sem_util__first_actual
#define Next_Actual sem_util__next_actual
#define Requires_Transient_Scope sem_util__requires_transient_scope
extern Entity_Id Defining_Entity (Node_Id);
extern Node_Id First_Actual (Node_Id);
extern Node_Id Next_Actual (Node_Id);
extern Boolean Requires_Transient_Scope (Entity_Id);
/* sinfo: These functions aren't in sinfo.h since we don't make the
setting functions, just the retrieval functions. */
#define Set_Has_No_Elaboration_Code sinfo__set_has_no_elaboration_code
extern void Set_Has_No_Elaboration_Code (Node_Id, Boolean);
/* targparm: */
#define Stack_Check_Probes_On_Target targparm__stack_check_probes_on_target
extern Boolean Stack_Check_Probes_On_Target;