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/* storag.h -- Public #include File (module.h template V1.0)
Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by James Craig Burley.
This file is part of GNU Fortran.
GNU Fortran is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.
GNU Fortran is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Fortran; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
Owning Modules:
/* Allow multiple inclusion to work. */
#ifndef GCC_F_STORAG_H
#define GCC_F_STORAG_H
/* Simple definitions and enumerations. */
typedef enum
FFESTORAG_typeCOMMON, /* A COMMON variable. */
FFESTORAG_typeLOCAL, /* A local entity (var/array/equivalence). */
FFESTORAG_typeEQUIV, /* An entity equivalenced into a COMMON/LOCAL
entity. */
} ffestoragType;
/* Typedefs. */
typedef struct _ffestorag_ *ffestorag;
typedef struct _ffestorag_list_ *ffestoragList;
typedef struct _ffestorag_list_ ffestoragList_;
/* Include files needed by this one. */
#include "bld.h"
#include "info.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "target.h"
/* Structure definitions. */
struct _ffestorag_list_
ffestorag first; /* First storage area in list. */
ffestorag last; /* Last storage area in list. */
struct _ffestorag_
ffestorag next; /* Next storage area in list. */
ffestorag previous; /* Previous storage area in list. */
ffestorag parent; /* Parent who holds aggregate
initializations. */
ffebld init; /* Initialization expression. */
ffebld accretion; /* Initializations seen so far for aggregate. */
ffetargetOffset accretes; /* # inits needed to fill entire aggregate. */
ffesymbol symbol; /* NULL if typeLOCAL and non-NULL equivs
and the first "rooted" symbol not known. */
ffestoragList_ equivs_; /* NULL if typeLOCAL and not an EQUIVALENCE
area. */
ffetargetOffset size; /* Size of area. */
ffetargetOffset offset; /* Offset of entity within area, 0 for CBLOCK
and non-equivalence LOCAL, <= 0 for equivalence
ffetargetAlign alignment; /* Initial alignment for entity. */
ffetargetAlign modulo; /* Modulo within alignment. */
ffecomStorage hook; /* Whatever the backend needs here. */
ffestoragType type;
ffeinfoBasictype basic_type;/* NONE= >1 non-CHARACTER; ANY=
CHAR+non-CHAR. */
ffeinfoKindtype kind_type; /* NONE= >1 kind type or NONE/ANY basic_type. */
ffesymbol type_symbol; /* First symbol for basic_type/kind_type. */
bool is_save; /* SAVE flag set for this storage area. */
bool is_init; /* INIT flag set for this storage area. */
/* Global objects accessed by users of this module. */
extern ffestoragList_ ffestorag_list_;
/* Declare functions with prototypes. */
void ffestorag_drive (ffestoragList sl, void (*fn) (ffestorag mst, ffestorag st),
ffestorag mst);
void ffestorag_dump (ffestorag s);
void ffestorag_end_layout (ffesymbol s);
void ffestorag_exec_layout (ffesymbol s);
void ffestorag_init_2 (void);
ffestorag ffestorag_new (ffestoragList sl);
void ffestorag_report (void);
void ffestorag_update (ffestorag s, ffesymbol sym, ffeinfoBasictype bt,
ffeinfoKindtype kt);
void ffestorag_update_init (ffestorag s);
void ffestorag_update_save (ffestorag s);
/* Define macros. */
#define ffestorag_accretes(s) ((s)->accretes)
#define ffestorag_accretion(s) ((s)->accretion)
#define ffestorag_alignment(s) ((s)->alignment)
#define ffestorag_basictype(s) ((s)->basic_type)
#define ffestorag_hook(s) ((s)->hook)
#define ffestorag_init(s) ((s)->init)
#define ffestorag_init_0()
#define ffestorag_init_1()
#define ffestorag_init_3()
#define ffestorag_init_4()
#define ffestorag_is_init(s) ((s)->is_init)
#define ffestorag_is_save(s) ((s)->is_save)
#define ffestorag_kindtype(s) ((s)->kind_type)
#define ffestorag_list_equivs(s) (&(s)->equivs_)
#define ffestorag_list_master() (&ffestorag_list_)
#define ffestorag_modulo(s) ((s)->modulo)
#define ffestorag_offset(s) ((s)->offset)
#define ffestorag_parent(s) ((s)->parent)
#define ffestorag_ptr_to_alignment(s) (&(s)->alignment)
#define ffestorag_ptr_to_modulo(s) (&(s)->modulo)
#define ffestorag_set_accretes(s,a) ((s)->accretes = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_accretion(s,a) ((s)->accretion = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_alignment(s,a) ((s)->alignment = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_basictype(s,b) ((s)->basic_type = (b))
#define ffestorag_set_hook(s,h) ((s)->hook = (h))
#define ffestorag_set_init(s,i) ((s)->init = (i))
#define ffestorag_set_is_init(s,in) ((s)->is_init = (in))
#define ffestorag_set_is_save(s,sa) ((s)->is_save = (sa))
#define ffestorag_set_kindtype(s,k) ((s)->kind_type = (k))
#define ffestorag_set_modulo(s,m) ((s)->modulo = (m))
#define ffestorag_set_offset(s,o) ((s)->offset = (o))
#define ffestorag_set_parent(s,p) ((s)->parent = (p))
#define ffestorag_set_size(s,si) ((s)->size = (si))
#define ffestorag_set_symbol(s,sy) ((s)->symbol = (sy))
#define ffestorag_set_type(s,t) ((s)->type = (t))
#define ffestorag_set_typesymbol(s,sy) ((s)->type_symbol = (sy))
#define ffestorag_size(s) ((s)->size)
#define ffestorag_symbol(s) ((s)->symbol)
#define ffestorag_terminate_0()
#define ffestorag_terminate_1()
#define ffestorag_terminate_2()
#define ffestorag_terminate_3()
#define ffestorag_terminate_4()
#define ffestorag_type(s) ((s)->type)
#define ffestorag_typesymbol(s) ((s)->type_symbol)
/* End of #include file. */
#endif /* ! GCC_F_STORAG_H */