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abi Tests for ABI compatibility -- mangling, object layout, etc.
bprob Tests for functionality of profile-directed block ordering.
compat Tests for binary compatibility (consistency, not ABI conformance).
cpp Tests for the preprocessor.
debug Tests for debugging options.
eh Tests for exception handling.
expr Tests for expressions.
ext Tests for GNU language extensions.
gcov Tests for GCOV (code coverage) support.
inherit Tests for inheritance -- virtual functions, multiple inheritance, etc.
init Tests for initialization semantics, constructors/destructors, etc.
lookup Tests for lookup semantics, namespaces, using, etc.
opt Tests for fixes of bugs with particular optimizations.
other Tests that don't quite fit anywhere else.
overload Tests for overload resolution and conversions.
parse Tests for parsing.
pch Tests for precompiled headers.
rtti Tests for run-time type identification (typeid, dynamic_cast, etc.)
special Tests requiring individual processing.
template Tests for templates.
tls Tests for support of thread-local data.
warn Tests for compiler warnings.
other Tests that don't fit into one of the other categories.
special Tests that need custom expect code to run them; see special/ecos.exp
for an example.