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file: libstdc++-v3/README
New users may wish to point their web browsers to the file
documentation.html in the 'docs/html' subdirectory. It contains brief
building instructions and notes on how to configure the library in
interesting ways.
Instructions for configuring and building appear in
This directory contains the files needed to create an ISO Standard C++
It has subdirectories:
Files in HTML and text format that document usage, quirks of the
implementation, and contributor checklists.
All header files for the C++ library are within this directory,
modulo specific runtime-related files that are in the libsupc++
Files meant to be found by #include <name> directives in
standard-conforming user programs.
Headers intended to directly include standard C headers.
[NB: this can be enabled via --enable-cheaders=c]
Headers intended to include standard C headers, and put select
names into the std:: namespace.
[NB: this is the default, and is the same as --enable-cheaders=c_std]
Headers intended to shadow standard C headers provided by an
underlying OS or C library, and other headers depended on directly
by C++ headers (e.g. unistd.h). These are meant to wrap the names
defined there into the _C_legacy namespace.
[NB: this can be enabled via --enable-cheaders=c_shadow]
Files included by standard headers and by other files in
the bits directory.
Headers provided for backward compatibility, such as <iostream.h>.
They are not used in this library.
Headers that define extensions to the standard library. No
standard header refers to any of them.
Scripts that are used during the configure, build, make, or test
Files that are used in constructing the library, but are not
testsuites/[backward, demangle, ext, performance, thread, 17_* to 27_*]
Test programs are here, and may be used to begin to exercise the
library. Support for "make check" and "make check-install" is
complete, and runs through all the subdirectories here when this
command is issued from the build directory. Please note that
"make check" requires DejaGNU 1.4 or later to be installed. Please
note that "make check-script" calls the script mkcheck, which
requires bash, and which may need the paths to bash adjusted to
work properly, as /bin/bash is assumed.
Other subdirectories contain variant versions of certain files
that are meant to be copied or linked by the configure script.
Currently these are:
In addition, two subdirectories are convenience libraries:
Support routines needed for C++ math. Only needed if the
underlying "C" implementation is non-existent, in particular
required or optimal long double, long long, and C99 functionality.
Contains the runtime library for C++, including exception
handling and memory allocation and deallocation, RTTI, terminate
handlers, etc.
Note that glibc also has a bits/ subdirectory. We will either
need to be careful not to collide with names in its bits/
directory; or rename bits to (e.g.) cppbits/.
In files throughout the system, lines marked with an "XXX" indicate
a bug or incompletely-implemented feature. Lines marked "XXX MT"
indicate a place that may require attention for multi-thread safety.