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Tue Dec 31 20:25:50 1996 Mike Stump <>
* search.c (expand_upcast_fixups): Fix bogus code generation
problem where the generated code uses the wrong index into the
runtime built vtable on the stack. Old code could clobber random
stack values.
Tue Dec 31 15:16:56 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (perform_member_init): Make sure the partial EH cleanups
live on the function_obstack.
Fri Dec 27 10:31:40 1996 Paul Eggert <>
* (g++spec.o): Don't use $< with an explicit target;
this isn't portable to some versions of `make' (e.g. Solaris 2.5.1).
Tue Dec 24 10:24:03 1996 Jeffrey A Law <>
* decl.c (grokvardecl): Avoid ANSI style initialization.
Sun Dec 22 04:22:06 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst): Tweak arg types for a FUNCTION_TYPE.
Fri Dec 20 17:09:25 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Call grok_{ctor,op}_properties.
Fri Dec 20 12:17:12 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* g++spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Put missing hyphen in front of
arguments we compare against. Start the count of I at 1, not 0,
since argv[0] is still the command.
Thu Dec 19 11:53:57 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* lang-specs.h: Accept .cp as an C++ extension.
Mon Dec 16 22:43:31 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cp-tree.h (ptr_reasonably_similar): Add decl.
Thu Dec 12 15:00:35 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (grokvardecl): Change SPECBITS parm to be the SPECBITS_IN
pointer. New local SPECBITS with the parm's value.
(grokdeclarator): Pass &specbits down.
* parse.y (expr_no_commas): Make sure $$ is not an error_mark_node
before we try to do C_SET_EXP_ORIGINAL_CODE on it.
* search.c (envelope_add_decl): Check that the CLASSTYPE_CID of
CONTEXT is not 0 before we try to use TYPE_DERIVES_FROM.
* decl.c (cplus_expand_expr_stmt): Only expand the expr if EXP is
not an error_mark_node.
Sat Dec 7 17:20:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* *.c: Use TYPE_MAIN_DECL instead of TYPE_NAME where appropriate.
Fri Dec 6 14:40:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): When giving an anonymous struct a name,
not affected).
* typeck2.c (build_m_component_ref): If component is a pointer
to data member, resolve the OFFSET_REF now.
* call.c (convert_like): Don't go into infinite recursion.
* pt.c (coerce_template_parms): Use tsubst_expr for non-type args.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL on the vptr.
* tree.c (layout_basetypes): And on the vbase ptr.
Thu Dec 5 02:11:28 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (BOOL_TYPE_SIZE): Define in terms of POINTER_SIZE or
CHAR_TYPE_SIZE so bool is always the same size as another type.
* decl.c (pushtag): Set DECL_IGNORED_P for DWARF, too.
Tue Dec 3 23:18:37 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (grok_x_components): Remove synthesized methods from
TYPE_METHODS of an anonymous union, complain about member
* decl.c (shadow_tag): Wipe out memory of synthesized methods in
anonymous unions.
(finish_function): Just clear the DECL_RTL of our arguments.
Fri Nov 29 21:54:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Emit DWARF debugging info for static data
* pt.c (tsubst): If t is a stub decl, return the stub decl for type.
Wed Nov 27 14:47:15 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Don't die if COMPONENT isn't a
Wed Nov 27 16:05:19 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (g++-cross$(exeext)): Fix typo.
Wed Nov 27 08:14:00 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
Make the g++ driver now be a standalone program, rather than one
that tries to run the gcc driver after munging up the options.
* (g++.c, g++spec.o): New rules.
(g++.o): New rule, based on gcc.o with -DLANG_SPECIFIC_DRIVER
(g++$(exeext)): New rule, based on xgcc rule.
(g++-cross$(exeext)): Now just copies g++$(exeext) over.
* g++spec.c: New file.
* g++.c: Removed file.
Tue Nov 26 19:01:09 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Arrange for any temporary values
that have been keep in registers until now to be put into memory.
Mon Nov 25 15:16:41 1996 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (c++.stage[1234]): Depend upon stage[1-4]-start, so
that make -j3 bootstrap works better.
Sun Nov 24 02:09:39 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (pushtag): Do pushdecl for anon tags.
Thu Nov 21 16:30:24 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Fix logic.
(unary_complex_lvalue): Avoid unused warning on address of INIT_EXPR.
Wed Nov 20 18:47:31 1996 Bob Manson <>
* g++.c (main): Make sure arglist has a final NULL entry. Add
PEXECUTE_LAST to the flags passed to pexecute, as otherwise
stdin/stdout of the invoked program are redirected to
Tue Nov 19 16:12:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (implicitly_declare): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL.
Tue Nov 19 15:48:19 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Handle obj.vfn better.
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Set TREE_TYPE on result from
Tue Nov 19 13:14:33 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Also handle anachronistic
implicit conversions from (::*)() to cv void*.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Likewise.
Mon Nov 18 17:05:26 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* lex.c (handle_cp_pragma): Fix bogus warning.
Mon Nov 18 16:10:43 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Avoid thinking a POINTER_TYPE
Thu Nov 14 23:18:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Support DWARF2_DEBUG.
* search.c (dfs_debug_mark): Likewise.
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Likewise.
* decl.c (pushtag, finish_enum): Likewise.
* lex.c (check_newline): Use debug_* instead of calling *out
functions directly.
Thu Nov 14 15:21:46 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (cplib2.ready): Add else clause to avoid problems
on some picky hosts.
Wed Nov 13 12:32:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): A class has a non-trivial copy
constructor if it has virtual functions.
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Always call a constructor.
* call.c (reference_binding): Still tack on a REF_BIND
for bad conversions.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Propagate ICS_BAD_FLAG.
* typeck.c (convert_arguments): Pass LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING.
(c_expand_return): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (digest_init): Likewise for { }.
* init.c (expand_aggr_init_1): Keep the CONSTRUCTOR handling.
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Handle failure better.
Wed Nov 13 11:51:20 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* g++.c (main): Also set PEXECUTE_SEARCH, to make the invocation
of GCC be path-relative.
Wed Nov 13 11:27:16 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* (g++-cross): G++-cross doesn't need version.o, but
it does need choose-temp.o and pexecute.o.
Wed Nov 13 07:53:38 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* g++.c (error) [!HAVE_VPRINTF]: Put error back for the only time
that we still use it.
(P_tmpdir, R_OK, W_OK, X_OK) [__MSDOS__]: Delete unnecessary macros.
Wed Nov 13 02:00:26 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (expand_default_init): Avoid calling constructors to
initialize reference temps.
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Fix.
Tue Nov 12 19:10:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Simplify for flag_ansi_overloading.
(convert_to_reference): Likewise.
* typeck.c (convert_for_initialization): Likewise.
* init.c (expand_default_init): Likewise.
(expand_aggr_init_1): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (CONV_NONCONVERTING): Lose.
* typeck.c (build_c_cast): Lose allow_nonconverting parm.
* *.c: Adjust.
* call.c (build_user_type_conversion_1): Assume LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING.
Tue Nov 12 16:29:04 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Reverse args to expand_start_catch_block.
Tue Nov 12 15:26:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (expand_aggr_init_1): Don't crash on non-constructor
Tue Nov 12 14:00:50 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* g++.c: Include gansidecl.h.
(choose_temp_base_try, choose_temp_base, perror_exec,
run_dos) [__MSDOS__]: Delete fns.
(pfatal_with_name): Delete fn.
(temp_filename): Declare like in gcc.c.
(pexecute, pwait, choose_temp_base): Declare from gcc.c.
(error_count, signal_count): Define.
(error): Delete both definitions.
(pfatal_pexecute): Add fn from gcc.c.
(main): Rename local VERBOSE var to VERBOSE_FLAG. Rewrite the
code to use the pexecute stuff also used by gcc.c.
* (g++): Add dependency on and linking with
choose-temp.o and pexecute.o.
* cp-tree.h: Include gansidecl.h.
(STDIO_PROTO): Delete #undef/#define.
* cvt.c (NULL): Delete #undef/#define.
* expr.c (NULL): Likewise.
* init.c (NULL): Likewise.
* rtti.c (NULL): Likewise.
* xref.c (NULL): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (build_user_type_conversion): Add prototype.
* call.c (build_user_type_conversion): Delete prototype. Correct
decl of FLAGS arg to be an int.
* cvt.c (build_user_type_conversion): Likewise.
Tue Nov 12 12:16:20 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-tree.def: Add TRY_BLOCK and HANDLER.
* except.c (expand_start_catch_block): Support templates.
* parse.y (try_block, handler_seq): Likewise.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Support TRY_BLOCK and HANDLER.
Mon Nov 11 13:57:31 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (current_template_args): New fn.
(push_template_decl): Use it.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Use it.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Dereference ref vars.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Generalize handling of TYPENAME_TYPEs in
the decl-specifier-seq.
* decl.c (grok_op_properties): Don't force the type of a conversion
op to be complete. Don't warn about converting to the same type
for template instantiations.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Don't call instantiate_decl on synthesized
Mon Nov 11 13:20:34 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Remove previous bogusness.
Don't give errors if force is set.
Fri Nov 8 17:38:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Don't emit debug info.
* decl.c (pushdecl): Lose obsolete code.
(grokdeclarator): Still do the long long thing after complaining.
* search.c (note_debug_info_needed): Don't do anything if we're in a
* method.c (synthesize_method): For non-local classes,
push_to_top_level first.
Fri Nov 8 11:52:28 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Add no_error parameter.
(build_ptrmemfunc): Call get_delta_difference with no_error set;
we don't want error messages when converting unrelated
pointer-to-member functions.
Thu Nov 7 11:16:24 1996 Mike Stump <>
* error.c (dump_expr): Improve the wording on error messages that
involve pointer to member functions.
Tue Nov 5 17:12:05 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Move code for conversions from
(::*)() to void* or (*)() up a bit, so that we can convert from
METHOD_TYPEs as well.
Tue Nov 5 14:54:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_fn): Make sure 'type' is permanent.
There are no 'member' types.
(get_tinfo_fn_dynamic): Diagnose typeid of overloaded fn.
(build_x_typeid): Handle errors.
Mon Nov 4 17:43:12 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Handle anachronistic implicit
conversions from (::*)() to void* or (*)().
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Likewise.
(cp_convert_to_pointer_force): Remove cp_convert_to_pointer
conversions from here.
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Add -W{no-,}pmf-conversions.
* lang-options.h: Likewise.
* decl2.c (warn_pmf2ptr): Define.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* typeck2.c (digest_init): Allow pmfs down into
Sun Nov 3 09:43:00 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Fix for returning overloaded fn.
Fri Nov 1 08:53:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-tree.h (DIRECT_BIND): Change from INDIRECT_BIND.
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Pass DIRECT_BIND.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Don't mark 'this' addressable. Use
* call.c (convert_like): Don't pass INDIRECT_BIND.
* typeck.c (convert_arguments): Likewise.
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Allow &this if flag_this_is_variable.
Thu Oct 31 17:08:49 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Support TARGET_EXPR, unify with
similar code in build_up_ref.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Drastically simplify.
Mon Oct 28 12:45:05 1996 Jeffrey A Law <>
* typeck.c (signed_or_unsigned_type): If the given type already
as the correct signedness, then just return it.
* typeck.c ({un,}signed_type): If can't do anything, call
Thu Oct 24 14:21:59 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl2.c (copy_assignment_arg_p): Don't buy the farm if
current_class_type is NULL.
Wed Oct 23 00:43:10 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Avoid empty structs by adding a field
so layout_type gets the mode right.
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Drastically simplify.
Mon Oct 21 22:34:02 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (decay_conversion): Handle overloaded methods.
Fri Oct 18 16:03:48 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_over_call): A TARGET_EXPR has side-effects.
Thu Oct 17 11:31:59 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (convert_to_pointer_force): Add code to support pointer to
member function to pointer to function conversions.
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Add code to allow faked up objects,
ignoring them if they are not used, and giving an error, if they
are needed.
* typeck.c (get_member_function_from_ptrfunc): Fold e1 to improve
code, and so that we can give an error, if we needed an object,
and one was not provided.
(build_c_cast): Don't call default_conversion when we want to
convert to pointer to function from a METHOD_TYPE.
Mon Oct 14 00:28:51 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (cplib2.ready): Fix logic.
* decl.c (shadow_tag): Only complain about non-artificial function
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Add synthesized methods to TYPE_METHODS.
Fri Oct 11 16:12:40 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* expr.c (cplus_expand_expr): Pre-tweak call_target like
expand_inline_function would.
* pt.c (mark_decl_instantiated): If extern_p, call
Thu Oct 10 15:58:08 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (unary_complex_lvalue): Add code to handle intermediate
pmd conversions.
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Fix wording, as we can be used
for pointer to data members.
Tue Oct 8 12:43:51 1996 Bob Manson <>
* pt.c (tsubst): If the function decl isn't a member of this
template, return a copy of the decl (including copying the
lang-specific part) so we don't hose ourselves later.
Thu Oct 3 16:24:28 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct): Remove DWARF-specific tag handling.
* decl.c (pushtag): Likewise.
(finish_function): Always clear DECL_ARGUMENTS on function decls with
no saved RTX.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Emit DWARF debugging info for static data
Wed Oct 2 21:58:01 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Make sure the old DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC
isn't the same as the new one before we whack it.
Mon Sep 30 13:38:24 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c, cp-tree.h, cvt.c, decl.c, decl2.c, gxx.gperf, hash.h,
lex.c, method.c, parse.y, typeck.c, typeck2.c: Remove
warn_traditional and warn_strict_prototypes; remove ancient
'overload' code; remove references to flag_traditional.
Mon Sep 30 12:58:40 1996 Mike Stump <>
* input.c (sub_getch): Handle 8-bit characters in string literals.
Sun Sep 29 03:12:01 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (mapcar): Handle CONSTRUCTORs.
(copy_to_permanent): Handle expression_obstack properly.
* (cplib2.txt): Also depend on the headers.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_var): Don't assume that POINTER_SIZE ==
(expand_class_desc): Use USItype for offset field.
* tinfo.h (struct __class_type_info): Likewise.
* method.c (build_overload_int): TYPE_PRECISION should be applied
to types.
Sat Sep 28 14:44:50 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_new_op): A COND_EXPR involving void must be a
Fri Sep 27 16:40:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_x_component_ref): New fn.
(build_object_ref): Use it.
* parse.y (primary): Use it.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Use it.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* decl.c (start_decl): Variable-sized arrays cannot be initialized.
* error.c (dump_type_suffix): Handle variable arrays.
Fri Sep 27 13:14:05 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (exception.o): Put back compiling it with -fPIC.
Fri Sep 27 03:00:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Don't try to look up anything in a
* (__throw_type_match_rtti): Oops.
Thu Sep 26 22:11:05 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* (exception.o): Use -fno-PIC for now.
Thu Sep 26 10:59:00 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Pass tinfo fns rather than
calling them.
(get_tinfo_fn_dynamic): Extracted from build_typeid.
* (__dynamic_cast): Adjust.
* rtti.c (build_typeid): Use resolves_to_fixed_type_p.
(build_x_typeid): Likewise.
* parse.y: Call build_x_typeid instead of build_typeid.
* cp-tree.def: Add TYPEID_EXPR.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Handle typeid.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Likewise.
* rtti.c (build_x_typeid): Throw bad_typeid from here.
(build_typeid): Not here.
* cp-tree.h: Declare build_x_typeid.
Wed Sep 25 17:26:16 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (convert_like): Pull out constant values.
* tree.c (mapcar): Use build_cplus_array_type, not build_array_type.
Wed Sep 25 17:28:53 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Create short int types before
creating size_t in case a machine description needs to use
unsigned short for size_t.
Tue Sep 24 18:18:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (exception.o): Turn off pic.
* (__throw_type_match_rtti): Fix cv-variants of the same
type, multi-level ptr conversions.
* rtti.c (call_void_fn): Renamed and genericized from throw_bad_cast.
(throw_bad_cast): Use it.
(throw_bad_typeid): New fn.
(build_typeid): Throw bad_typeid as needed.
Use build_call.
(synthesize_tinfo_fn): Handle functions and arrays before checking
for cv-quals.
* Remove .h from standard C++ headers, add new.h, move into inc
* exception*: Remove pointer from object, constructors. Add
default exception::what that uses type_info::name. Add
* init.c (build_new): Don't add a cookie to new (void *) T[2].
Mon Sep 23 15:21:53 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* Building C++ code depends on cc1plus.
Mon Sep 23 12:38:40 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (struct saved_scope): Declare PROCESSING_TEMPLATE_DECL as
a HOST_WIDE_INT, not a tree.
Mon Sep 23 12:36:02 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* Don't include <stdlib.h>.
* (c++.clean): Remove cplib2.*.
Mon Sep 23 09:42:19 1996 Doug Evans <>
* parse.y (component_decl_1, component_costructor_declarator case):
Pass attributes/prefix_attributes in tree list.
Mon Sep 23 01:18:50 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tinfo{,2}.cc: #include <stddef.h> instead of <stdlib.h>.
Sun Sep 22 05:31:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* lex.c (do_identifier): Don't do deferred lookup in a template
* typeck2.c (store_init_value): Oops.
* new.{h,cc}, exception.{h,cc}, typeinfo.h, tinfo{,.cc,.h}:
New files for C++ lang-support library.
(CXX_LIB2FUNCS): Define.
And rules for building the C++ lang-support code.
* (headers): Define.
(lib2funcs): Define.
Sat Sep 21 19:17:28 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): If CONSTRUCTOR has a type, call
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Compute type for CONSTRUCTOR.
* typeck2.c (store_init_value): Check for initializing pmf with { }
(process_init_constructor): Not here.
Thu Sep 19 16:41:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (begin_template_parm_list): Increment
processing_template_decl here.
(end_template_parm_list): Not here.
(process_template_parm): No need to add 1 to it now.
* *.c: Use processing_template_decl instead of current_template_parms
to check for being in a template.
* pt.c (uses_template_parms): Handle SCOPE_REF. Fix CONSTRUCTOR.
(tsubst_copy): Handle CONSTRUCTOR.
(instantiate_decl): Set up context properly for variables.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Handle CONSTRUCTOR.
* class.c (finish_struct): Reverse CLASSTYPE_TAGS.
Wed Sep 18 13:30:20 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* lex.c (enum tree_node_kind) [GATHER_STATISTICS]: Put the enum back.
Wed Sep 18 04:24:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (make_thunk): Call comdat_linkage before setting the
* decl2.c (comdat_linkage): Use make_decl_one_only.
(import_export_decl): Likewise.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Check supports_one_only instead of
Sat Sep 14 08:34:41 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (grokfield): Tighten checking for access decls.
* decl.c (make_typename_type): Resolve references to
current_class_type. Set CLASSTYPE_GOT_SEMICOLON.
(lookup_name_real): Types that depend on a template parameter get
an implicit 'typename' unless they're in the current scope.
(start_decl_1): We don't care about incomplete types that depend
on a template parm.
(grokdeclarator): Resolve 'typename's in the type specifier that
refer to members of the current scope.
* call.c (build_over_call): Remove 'inline called before
definition' diagnostic.
(build_method_call): Likewise.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Downgrade 'used before declared
inline' to a warning, only with -Winline.
Fri Sep 13 17:31:40 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* mpw-make.sed: Fix include paths, add @DASH_C_FLAG@ to compile.
Wed Sep 11 22:38:13 1996 Gerald Baumgartner <>
* call.c (build_method_call): When calling a signature
default implementation, as in other cases, let instance_ptr simply
be instance.
Wed Sep 11 22:14:44 1996 Mike Stump <>
* parse.y (simple_stmt): Cleanup and use do_poplevel ().
Wed Sep 11 22:10:48 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (expand_start_catch_block): Add a pushlevel so that -g
works on hppa and SPARC.
Wed Sep 11 10:18:06 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* typeck.c (build_indirect_ref): Catch PTR being an error_mark_node.
Mon Sep 9 19:51:14 1996 Gerald Baumgartner <>
* call.c (build_over_call): Check first whether DECL_CONTEXT exists
before testing whether it's a signature.
Sun Sep 8 16:06:57 1996 Gerald Baumgartner <>
* call.c (build_new_method_call): Don't complain about signature
pointers and references not being an aggr type.
(build_this): If a signature pointer or reference was passed in,
just return it.
(build_new_method_call): If instance is a signature pointer, set
basetype to the signature type of instance.
* sig.c (build_signature_method_call): Deleted basetype and
instance parameters, they can be found as the DECL_CONTEXT of
function and as the first argument passed in.
* cp-tree.h: Changed declaration of build_signature_method_call.
* call.c (build_method_call): Deleted first two arguments in call
of build_signature_method_call.
(build_over_call): Added call to build_signature_method_call.
Thu Sep 5 16:51:28 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_c_cast): Don't tack a non_lvalue_expr onto a
Thu Sep 5 10:05:38 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Use %#T, not %#D, for error.
Wed Sep 4 17:16:09 1996 Bob Manson <>
* except.c (expand_start_try_stmts): Move to except.c in the backend.
(expand_end_try_stmts): Remove.
* init.c (perform_member_init): Use add_partial_entry () instead
of directly manipulating lists.
(emit_base_init): Likewise.
Wed Sep 4 12:14:36 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (expand_exception_blocks): Always make sure USE and
CLOBBER insns that came at the end still do, the backend relies
upon this.
Wed Sep 4 07:44:48 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_over_call): We can only use a TARGET_EXPR of the
right type.
Tue Sep 3 19:26:05 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Revert last change, don't complain
about temp without target decl.
Tue Sep 3 10:22:56 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't core dump when void() is given.
Tue Sep 3 02:38:56 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (copy_args_p): Don't crash.
Fri Aug 30 14:26:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* pt.c (tsubst): And support template args inside the exception
* pt.c (tsubst): Add support for exception specifications in
template functions.
Fri Aug 30 10:01:55 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.def (DECL_STMT): Eliminate the throw spec field, only 3
fields now.
* cp-tree.h (start_decl): Eliminate the throw spec parameter.
(start_function): Likewise.
(start_method): Likewise.
(grokfield): Likewise.
(make_call_declarator): Add throw spec parameter.
(set_quals_and_spec): Add routine.
* lex.c (set_quals_and_spec): Likewise.
* decl.h (grokdeclarator): Eliminate the throw spec parameter.
* decl.c (shadow_tag): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
(groktypename): Likewise.
(start_decl): Eliminate the throw spec parameter. Eliminate the
throw spec parameter to grokdeclarator. Eliminate the throw spec
field in DECL_STMT.
(cp_finish_decl): Eliminate the throw spec field in DECL_STMT.
(grokfndecl): Remove useless set of raises.
(grokdeclarator): Eliminate the throw spec parameter. Eliminate
the throw spec parameter to start_decl. Pull the throw spec out
of the call declarator.
(grokparms): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to grokdeclarator.
(start_function): Eliminate the throw spec parameter. Eliminate
the throw spec parameter to grokdeclarator.
(start_method): Likewise.
* decl2.c (grokfield): Likewise.
(grokbitfield): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to grokdeclarator.
(grokoptypename): Likewise.
(finish_file): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
start_function. Add throw spec to make_call_declarator.
* except.c (init_exception_processing): Add throw spec to
make_call_declarator. Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
(expand_start_catch_block): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
(expand_builtin_throw): Add throw spec to make_call_declarator.
Eliminate the throw spec parameter to start_function.
(start_anon_func): Likewise.
* lex.c (make_call_declarator): Add throw spec parameter.
(set_quals_and_spec): New routine.
(cons_up_default_function): Add throw spec to make_call_declarator.
Eliminate the throw spec parameter to grokfield.
* method.c (synthesize_method): Eliminate the throw spec parameter
to start_function.
* pt.c (process_template_parm): Eliminate the throw spec parameter
to grokdeclarator.
(tsubst): Add throw spec to make_call_declarator.
(tsubst_expr): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to start_decl.
(do_function_instantiation): Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
grokdeclarator. Eliminate the throw spec parameter to
* rtti.c (synthesize_tinfo_fn): Eliminate the throw spec parameter
to start_function.
* parse.y (datadef): Remove non-winning optimization.
(decl): Likewise.
(fndef): Remove ambiguous error productions uncovered by grammar
(constructor_declarator): Add exception_specification_opt here.
(component_constructor_declarator): Likewise.
(direct_after_type_declarator): Likewise.
(complex_direct_notype_declarator): Likewise.
(direct_abstract_declarator): Likewise.
(fn.def1): Remove exception_specification_opt.
(fn.def2): Likewise.
(condition): Likewise.
(initdcl0): Likewise.
(initdcl): Likewise.
(notype_initdcl0): Likewise.
(nomods_initdcl0): Likewise.
(component_decl_1): Likewise.
(component_declarator): Likewise.
(after_type_component_declarator0): Likewise.
(after_type_component_declarator): Likewise.
(notype_component_declarator): Likewise.
Wed Aug 28 01:40:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_over_call): Also use an INIT_EXPR when
initializing anything from an rvalue.
* call.c (build_over_call): Call stabilize_reference when building
an INIT_EXPR instead of calling the copy ctor.
* call.c (joust): Extend the previous change to all comparisons.
* decl2.c, method.c, lex.c: Use MAKE_DECL_ONE_ONLY and
* decl2.c (finish_file): Emit any statics that weren't already.
* typeck.c (build_static_cast): Implement.
* tree.c (build_cplus_new): Handle getting a TARGET_EXPR.
* decl.c (grokparms): Use can_convert_arg instead of
implicit_conversion directly.
(copy_args_p): New fn.
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Don't complain about temp with
(build_up_reference): Handle TARGET_EXPRs.
* call.c (build_over_call): Elide unnecessary temps.
(can_convert*): Use new overloading code.
Tue Aug 27 13:12:21 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c: Move TYPE_PTR*_MACROS ...
* cp-tree.h: To here.
* typeck.c (build_reinterpret_cast): Implement.
* call.c (add_builtin_candidate): Use TYPE_PTROB_P instead of
(joust): If we're comparing a function to a builtin and the worst
conversion for the builtin is worse than the worst conversion for the
function, take the function.
* typeck.c (build_const_cast): Implement.
(comp_ptr_ttypes_const): Like comp_ptr_ttypes, for const_cast.
(comp_ptr_ttypes_reinterpret): Like cpt, for reinterpret_cast.
Tue Aug 27 13:14:58 1996 Bob Manson <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Don't try to dereference exprtype
too early. Make sure we explode if exprtype turns out to be a
NULL_TREE when it shouldn't be.
Tue Aug 27 10:56:21 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.h: New routine make_call_declarator.
* lex.c (make_call_declarator): Define it.
* except.c (init_exception_processing): Use it.
(expand_builtin_throw): Likewise.
(start_anon_func): Likewise.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Likewise.
* lex.c (cons_up_default_function): Likewise.
* parse.y: Likewise.
* pt.c (tsubst): Likewise.
Mon Aug 26 17:40:03 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl2.c (groktypefield): Remove unused code.
Mon Aug 26 17:00:33 1996 Mike Stump <>
* gxx.gperf: Change TYPE_QUAL into CV_QUALIFIER.
* parse.y: Likewise. Change maybe_type_qual into maybe_cv_qualifier.
Change type_quals into cv_qualifiers. Change nonempty_type_quals into
* hash.h: Rebuild.
* lex.c (make_pointer_declarator): Change type_quals into
(make_reference_declarator): Likewise.
Thu Aug 22 01:09:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (start_function): Only check interface_* for templates
with flag_alt_external_templates.
* call.c (build_new_op): Check for comparison of different enum types.
(build_over_call): Fix arg # output.
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Handle pre-found TYPE_DECL.
Wed Aug 21 00:13:15 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_new_op): Check for erroneous args.
* call.c (build_new_method_call): Add missing args to cp_error.
* tree.c (error_type): Don't print reference-to-array.
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Don't say contravariance for
removing const.
Tue Aug 20 13:23:00 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_over_call): Diagnose bad convs for `this'.
* lex.c (cons_up_default_function): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL
on _ctor_arg.
* call.c (convert_like): Handle bad convs.
(build_over_call): Handle bad convs better.
* decl2.c: -fansi-overloading is now the default.
* call.c (build_new_method_call): Check for erroneous args.
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Propagate
Tue Aug 20 13:09:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (enforce_access): Add static to routine.
Sun Aug 18 14:35:54 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_user_type_conversion_1): Fix bad handling.
(compare_ics): Likewise.
Sat Aug 17 21:54:11 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (standard_conversion): Oops.
Sat Aug 17 16:28:11 1996 Geoffrey Noer <>
* g++.c: Update test for win32 (&& ! cygwin32).
Sat Aug 17 03:45:31 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (comp_ptr_ttypes_real): Handle OFFSET_TYPEs properly.
(ptr_reasonably_similar): New fn.
* call.c (BAD_RANK): New rank.
(ICS_BAD_FLAG): New macro.
(standard_conversion): Handle almost-right pointer conversions.
(reference_binding): Handle bad rvalue bindings.
(add_*_candidate): Stuff.
(build_over_call): Pass bad conversions to convert_for_initialization.
(compare_ics): Handle bad convs.
(joust): Likewise.
Fri Aug 16 15:02:19 1996 Bob Manson <>
* init.c (expand_vec_init): Use ptrdiff_type_node instead of
integer_type_node when computing pointer offsets.
Fri Aug 16 01:28:32 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (lvalue_type): New fn.
(error_type): New fn.
* call.c (op_error): Use error_type.
(add_conv_candidate): Use lvalue_type.
(add_builtin_candidates): Likewise.
* error.c (args_as_string): Use error_type.
Thu Aug 15 17:27:13 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Evaluate DECL_INITIAL of a VAR_DECL here.
(tsubst): Not here.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): With -ansi, __null's type is the
signed integral type with the same number of bits as a pointer.
Introduce a new variable null_node for it.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
* call.c (null_ptr_cst_p): Adjust.
Thu Aug 15 17:09:54 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (do_unwind): Mark %i7 as used on the SPARC so we can
Thu Aug 15 01:36:49 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (import_export_decl): Ignore #pragma interface for tinfo
fns of classes without virtual functions.
* call.c (add_function_candidate): Handle `this' specially.
(compare_ics): Likewise.
Tue Aug 13 12:16:10 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): Fix handling of __null.
* decl2.c (comdat_linkage): New fn.
(import_export_vtable): Use it.
(import_export_decl): Use it.
* method.c (make_thunk): Use it.
Mon Aug 12 00:09:18 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (end_template_decl): If we don't actually have parms, return.
* parse.y (template_header): Accept 'template <>'.
* errfn.c: Allow 5 args.
Sun Aug 11 15:20:58 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (make_temp_vec): New fn.
* pt.c (push_template_decl): Handle partial specs.
(instantiate_class_template): Likewise.
(more_specialized): Use get_bindings.
(more_specialized_class): New fn.
(get_class_bindings): New fn.
(most_specialized_class): New fn.
(do_function_instantiation): List candidates for ambiguous case.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Lose reference to DECL_TEMPLATE_MEMBERS.
(shadow_tag): Call push_template_decl for partial specializations.
* parse.y: Likewise.
* call.c (print_z_candidates): Reduce duplication.
Fri Aug 9 14:36:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Allow -fansi-overloading.
Thu Aug 8 17:04:18 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (get_bindings): New fn.
(most_specialized): Likewise.
(do_function_instantiation): Use them.
(add_maybe_template): New fn.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_MAYBE_TEMPLATE): New macro.
* call.c (build_new_op): Handle guiding decls.
(build_new_function_call): Likewise.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Likewise.
* decl2.c (mark_used): Do synthesis here.
* call.c (build_method_call): Not here.
(build_over_call): Or here.
* typeck.c (build_function_call_real): Or here.
* tree.c (bot_manip): Call mark_used on functions used in default
Thu Aug 8 17:48:16 1996 Michael Meissner <>
* decl2.c (import_export_vtable): Delete code that disabled vtable
heuristic on systems with ASM_OUTPUT_EXTERNAL.
Wed Aug 7 12:44:11 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Handle static call context
* decl.c (finish_function): Set the DECL_CONTEXT of the result to
the function, not its outer block.
* call.c (build_field_call): Pass fields on to build_opfncall
(build_method_call): Pass on to build_new_method_call sooner.
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc): Just return what instantiate_type
gives us.
* class.c (instantiate_type): Don't put a POINTER_TYPE to
METHOD_TYPE on an expression. Also make a copy of rhs instead of
modifying it.
Tue Aug 6 12:58:46 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (compare_ics): Handle qual_conv after lvalue_conv.
(add_builtin_candidate): Don't take enums for ++.
(build_new_method_call): Handle non-aggregates and field calls.
Move new overloading code from...
* cvt.c: Here.
* decl.c (grokparms): Don't check default args in templates.
Mon Aug 5 17:17:06 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (build_new_op): Fix args to build_unary_op.
(add_builtin_candidates): Don't call type_promotes_to on float.
* decl.c (grokparms): Check the type of the default arg.
* cvt.c (build_new_op): Pass non-overloaded cases on rather than
returning NULL_TREE.
* typeck.c (build_x_binary_op): Avoid doing extra work.
(build_x_unary_op): Likewise.
(build_x_conditional_expr): Likewise.
* cvt.c (build_over_call): Return.
(add_builtin_candidate): Fix MEMBER_REF.
(build_new_op): Likewise.
Mon Aug 5 17:07:47 1996 Mike Stump <>
* method.c (build_overload_name): Put bug fix into code but leave
disabled for now so we can be bug compatible with older releases
that do repeats incorrectly. In the future, we can enable it.
Mon Aug 5 13:46:28 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (convert_like): Don't call build_cplus_new twice.
* call.c, cp-tree.h, cvt.c, decl2.c, init.c, method.c, pt.c, typeck.c:
Control new overloading code with -fansi-overloading.
Sun Aug 4 15:29:11 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (build_over_call): Call build_cplus_new.
* call.c (build_method_call): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_function_call_real): Likewise.
(build_conditional_expr): If both operands are TARGET_EXPRs, wrap
the COND_EXPR in a TARGET_EXPR so they use the same slot.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Propagate INDIRECT_BIND to
recursive calls.
* typeck.c (complete_type): Propagate
Sat Aug 3 14:05:07 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (joust): More ?: kludging. Sigh.
(build_over_call): Don't try to synthesize global fns.
* search.c (lookup_conversions): Use binfo marking.
Sat Aug 3 12:33:42 1996 Bob Manson <>
* search.c (build_mi_matrix): Use the correct value of cid
when determining the new mi_size.
Sat Aug 3 01:27:41 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (add_builtin_candidates): Do consider type conversion ops
for the first parms of += et al.
(strip_top_quals): New fn.
(reference_binding): Use it instead of TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT.
(implicit_conversion): Likewise.
(add_builtin_candidates): Be careful about arrays.
(build_new_method_call): Handle vtable optimization.
Fri Aug 2 01:26:59 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-tree.h (LOOKUP_NO_TEMP_BIND): New flag.
* cvt.c (reference_binding): Use it.
(implicit_conversion): Use it.
(add_builtin_candidate, COND_EXPR): Use it.
* cvt.c (build_new_function_call): Check for error args.
* typeck.c (comptypes): Just check DERIVED_FROM_P, not UNIQUELY.
* gxx.gperf: Add __null.
* hash.h: Regenerate.
* lex.h: Add RID_NULL.
* lex.c (init_lex): Create null_pointer_node here, stick it in
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Still set its type here.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Don't produce null_pointer_node.
(convert_to_pointer_force): Likewise.
(null_ptr_cst_p): Check for null_pointer_node; only accept (void*)0
if (! pedantic).
* call.c (convert_harshness): Use null_ptr_cst_p.
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Likewise. Don't produce
* error.c (args_as_string): Handle lists of actual args, too.
* cvt.c (null_ptr_cst): Support (void*)0 for now.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Improve diagnostics.
(build_new_function_call): Likewise.
(build_object_call): Likewise.
(build_new_method_call): Likewise. Move call before def diagnostic...
(build_over_call): Here.
* cvt.c (build_new_method_call): Don't complain about no match if
(build_over_call): Fix 'this' for virtual fn.
(build_new_method_call): Add diagnostic.
Thu Aug 1 16:45:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (add_function_candidate): Expect 'this' and 'in_chrg' for
constructors to be passed in.
(build_over_call): Likewise.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Pass them in.
(convert_like): Likewise.
(build_object_call): Handle overloaded conversions.
(build_over_call): Pass the right args to build_vfn_ref.
(standard_conversion): Fix pmf convs.
(joust): Handle comparing statics and non-statics.
(build_new_method_call): New fn.
* call.c (build_method_call): Call it if NEW_OVER.
Thu Aug 1 16:06:14 1996 Mike Stump <>
* lex.c (do_identifier): Don't use %O on IDENTIFIER_OPNAME_Ps, use
%D instead.
Thu Aug 1 15:24:02 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (expand_throw): Use maybe_build_cleanup_and_delete
instead of just maybe_build_cleanup so that we deallocate the
thrown object.
Thu Aug 1 15:18:00 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl2.c (finish_prevtable_vardecl): Make non-static for pt.c's use.
* cp-tree.h (finish_prevtable_vardecl): Add decl.
Thu Aug 1 11:53:51 1996 Bob Manson <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Call complete_type. Also, if
we're at the end of the file and we just instantiated a template
class with a vtable, call finish_prevtable_vardecl.
* error.c (dump_decl): Don't explode (or explode more gracefully
as appropriate) if the object being dumped has a null type.
(dump_expr): Likewise.
* search.c (build_mi_matrix): Ensure that mi_size is large enough,
by counting the number of nodes that we'll need before allocating
the array.
(lookup_fnfields): Fix comment.
(breadth_first_search): Fix comment.
Wed Jul 31 09:57:05 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Propagate TYPE_PACKED and
* class.c (finish_struct): Call cplus_decl_attributes here.
(finish_struct_1): Not here.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
* pt.c (type_unification): New parameter STRICT.
(unify): If STRICT, don't allow cv addition or base deduction.
* call.c, class.c, cvt.c, cp-tree.h: Adjust.
Tue Jul 30 13:06:13 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* search.c (get_template_base{_recursive}): New fns.
* pt.c (more_specialized): New fn.
(do_function_instantiation): Use it.
(unify): Handle base deduction.
* cvt.c (joust): Use more_specialized.
Don't arbitrarily choose between non-builtin candidates.
(build_over_call): Call require_complete_type.
* decl.c (start_function): Statics are static even in a #pragma
interface file.
* decl2.c (import_export_vtable): Disable vtable heuristic on
* cvt.c (compare_ics): Fix comparison of PMEM_CONV and BASE_CONV.
(standard_conversion): No std conv to enum type.
* cvt.c (standard_conversion): Fix order of args to DERIVED_FROM_P
for ptm's.
* cvt.c (reference_binding): Bind directly to a base subobject of
a class rvalue.
* cvt.c (build_new_op): Enforce access control.
Tue Jul 30 09:22:53 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck2.c (process_init_constructor): When scanning the
union for a named field, skip things that aren't FIELD_DECLs.
* method.c (synthesize_method): Don't scan fndecl's rtl if
we're at the end of the file; just assume the function can't
be inlined.
Mon Jul 29 15:48:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (build_builtin_candidate): Stick a dummy conversion in if
it failed.
* cvt.c (build_user_type_conversion_1): Handle overloaded
conversion ops.
* cvt.c (add_builtin_candidates): Don't consider type conversion
operators for the first parameter of operator=.
Mon Jul 29 15:33:55 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (complete_type): Only call layout_type if we're not
expanding a template.
Mon Jul 29 14:40:38 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (compare_ics): Oops.
* cvt.c (op_error): Oops.
* cp-tree.def: Add RVALUE_CONV, rename EXACT_CONV to IDENTITY_CONV.
* cvt.c: Add IDENTITY_RANK before others. Use real_lvalue_p.
(build_conv): Use them.
(implicit_conversion): Use them.
(convert_like): Handle them.
(build_new_op): Handle builtin COND_EXPR again.
(add_builtin_candidates): Strip cv-quals. Fix oops. Include enums
in lists of types for COND_EXPR.
(add_builtin_candidate): Add enum candidates for COND_EXPR.
Mon Jul 29 12:05:40 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (build_modify_expr): Always attempt to build a call to
the assignment operator, even if we're using a default one.
(convert_for_initialization): Call complete_type.
Mon Jul 29 11:25:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (reference_binding): A REF_BIND gets the reference type.
(implicit_conversion): Likewise.
(convert_like): Likewise.
(compare_ics): Likewise.
(compare_qual): Likewise.
(print_z_candidates): Handle no candidates.
(build_new_op): Don't handle builtin COND_EXPR for now.
Sat Jul 27 11:27:47 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* cvt.c (build_builtin_candidate): Init local var in an ANSI way.
Fri Jul 26 01:07:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (joust): If the candidates are the same, arbitrarily pick one.
* cvt.c (build_builtin_candidate): Oops.
(build_new_op): Oops.
* method.c (build_opfncall): Pass COND_EXPR on.
* cvt.c (build_builtin_candidate): Reorganize, support COND_EXPR.
(add_builtin_candidate{,s}): Likewise.
(add_builtin_candidates): Likewise.
(print_z_candidates, op_error, build_new_op): Likewise.
(type_decays_to): New fn.
* lex.c (init_lex): Just say ?: for COND_EXPR.
Thu Jul 25 09:33:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (complete_type): Call layout_type rather than building
a new array type.
* cvt.c (add_builtin_candidate): Pointer arithmetic candidates
only use ptrdiff_t.
Wed Jul 24 12:45:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c: Always compile the new overloading code (but don't use it).
(implicit_conversion): Add a BASE_CONV when converting to
the same class type.
(convert_like): Handle BASE_CONV.
Tue Jul 23 12:46:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (build_new_op): Support {MAX,MIN}_EXPR.
(add_builtin_candidate): Likewise.
NEW_OVER changes:
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Try an operator function
whenever we call an object of class type.
* method.c (build_opfncall): Pass CALL_EXPRs through.
* cvt.c (implicit_conversion): Do const-ref case first.
(add_conv_candidate, build_object_call, op_error): New fns.
(ptr_complete_ob, TYPE_PTROB_P): void is not an object type.
({add,build}_builtin_candidate{,s}, print_z_candidates): Display
builtin candidates.
(build_new_op): Handle CALL_EXPR. Don't try to decay void.
Fall back on preincrement handling. Use op_error.
Handle warn_synth.
(convert_like): Pass INDIRECT_BIND. Don't try to do anything with
an error_mark_node.
(build_over_call): Handle PROMOTE_PROTOTYPES and ellipsis promotions
Mon Jul 22 16:21:55 1996 Bob Manson <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Handle CONTINUE_STMT.
Mon Jul 22 15:38:58 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref_1): Use build_component_ref
instead of open coding it here.
Mon Jul 22 12:18:54 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* g++.c (main): Don't link with -lg++.
NEW_OVER changes:
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Don't use convert_from_reference on
result of build_type_conversion.
(cp_convert): Only call build_method_call for ctors if
build_type_conversion failed.
(ptr_complete_ob): New function.
(TYPE_PTR{,OB,MEM}_P): New macros.
({add,build}_builtin_candidate{,s}): New functions.
(print_z_candidates): Handle builtins.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Don't use conversion fns for
converting to a base type.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Set ICS_USER_FLAG on AMBIG_CONVs.
(build_user_type_conversion): Use convert_from_reference.
(build_new_op): New function.
(build_over_call): Fix handling of methods.
(compare_ics): Handle AMBIG_CONV properly.
* typeck2.c: Increment abort count.
* method.c (build_opfncall): Forward most requests to build_new_op.
* cp-tree.h (IS_OVERLOAD_TYPE): Tweak.
Fri Jul 19 17:59:29 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* error.c (dump_expr, case CONSTRUCTOR, case CAST_EXPR): Take out
invalid second argument to dump_expr_list.
Fri Jul 19 14:04:05 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Make sure we do obj->X::i correctly.
Thu Jul 18 14:48:23 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl2.c (import_export_vtable): ASM_OUTPUT_EXTERNAL, not
Mon Jul 15 17:48:43 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck2.c (process_init_constructor): New pedwarn for using { }
to initialize a pointer to member function.
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc1): Avoid use of digest_init so that
we can avoid the new error.
Mon Jul 15 15:42:03 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc1): New function to hide details of
pointer to member functions better.
Mon Jul 15 14:23:02 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Resolve OFFSET_REFs that are
methods into the actual method, as we know the implied object is
not used.
Mon Jul 15 13:08:29 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* parse.y (maybecomma_warn): Only emit the pedwarn if we're not
inside a system header.
Fri Jul 12 16:30:05 1996 Bob Manson <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Call complete_type on the
instance type.
Thu Jul 11 17:16:40 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Always build up an OFFSET_REF
for obj_ptr->func so that we can know which object to use in a
method call.
Wed Jul 10 19:36:37 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc): Remove sorry, now we can cast
around things. Also improve maintainability.
Wed Jul 10 18:20:11 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Check for overflow when evaluating an
array dimension.
Wed Jul 10 17:26:19 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Don't check for ambiguity with constructor
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Pass function overload
questions to new overloading code if NEW_OVER.
* init.c (expand_aggr_init_1): Only check for type conversion ops
if we're doing copy-initialization (i.e. LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING).
Don't check for ambiguity with constructor if NEW_OVER.
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Dereference the result of a type
conversion operator.
(build_conv): Propagate ICS_USER_FLAG.
(implicit_conversion): Call instantiate_type.
(add_function_candidate): Fix cv-quals on argtype.
(print_z_candidates): New function.
(build_new_function_call): Call it.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): If LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING, don't
consider non-converting constructors.
Call print_z_candidates.
Return an AMBIG_CONV for an ambiguous conversion.
(build_user_type_conversion): Handle AMBIG_CONV.
(convert_like): Fix test for building TARGET_EXPR.
Call instantiate_type.
(build_over_call): Handle 0 args and ellipsis.
* cp-tree.def: Add AMBIG_CONV.
Tue Jul 9 17:48:48 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): If we find mem in obj when parsing
`obj->mem', make sure we return the right value.
Tue Jul 9 16:11:28 1996 Bob Manson <>
* search.c (get_base_distance): Call complete_type.
Tue Jul 9 12:46:34 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (store_bindings): Make static.
Mon Jul 8 16:42:31 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (expand_aggr_init_1): Don't check type conversions if
* cvt.c (z_candidate): Put back template field.
(add_function_candidate): Set it.
(add_template_candidate): Likewise.
(joust): Use it.
(compare_qual): Handle references and pointers to members.
(compare_ics): Handle reference bindings.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Propagate DECL_ONE_ONLY.
Mon Jul 8 16:18:56 1996 Bob Manson <>
* call.c (compute_conversion_costs): Call complete_type.
* tree.c (vec_binfo_member): Use comptypes instead of comparing
pointers, so we can handle template parameters.
Fri Jul 5 16:51:53 1996 Bob Manson <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): We have to call complete_type
here; let's make it explicit instead of a side effect of an
error check.
Wed Jul 3 16:29:51 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (z_candidate): Remove template field.
(reference_binding): Handle binding to temporary.
(implicit_conversion): Likewise.
(add_function_candidate): Handle artificial constructor parms.
Handle functions with too few parms.
(add_template_candidate): New function.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Handle constructors.
(convert_like): Likewise.
(build_over_call): Likewise.
(build_new_function_call): Support templates.
(compare_ics): Fix reference, inheritance handling.
Mon Jul 1 22:58:18 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c: Add signed_size_zero_node.
(init_decl_processing): Build it.
* class.c (prepare_fresh_vtable): Use it instead of size_zero_node
when we're trying to make a negative delta.
Mon Jul 1 17:56:19 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
Stop doing this damn index==strchr variable name confusion.
* class.c (add_virtual_function): Change local var INDEX to be
named IDX.
(add_method): Likewise.
* lex.c (print_parse_statistics): Likewise.
* search.c (make_memoized_table_entry): Likewise.
(lookup_fnfields_here): Likewise.
(lookup_field): Likewise.
(lookup_fnfields): Likewise.
(get_baselinks): Likewise.
* sig.c (build_signature_table_constructor): Likewise.
(build_signature_method_call): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_x_array_ref): Change INDEX parm to be named IDX.
(get_member_function_from_ptrfunc): Likewise.
(build_ptrmemfunc): Change local var INDEX to be IDX.
(c_expand_start_case): Likewise.
Sat Jun 29 14:05:46 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Move user-defined type conversion
handling to before extraction of TYPE_PTRMEMFUNC_FN_TYPE.
(convert_to_reference): Use build_type_conversion to convert to
the reference type directly.
(standard_conversion): Fix void* case, non-conversions.
(reference_binding): Fix expr == 0 case, non-conversions.
(convert_like): Support REF_BIND.
(compare_qual): Split out from compare_ics.
(compare_ics): Use it, handle icses with only a qual_conv.
* init.c (expand_vec_init): Don't crash if decl is NULL.
Fri Jun 28 11:52:51 1996 Stan Shebs <>
* New file, configury for Mac MPW.
* mpw-make.sed: New file, makefile editing for MPW.
Thu Jun 27 15:18:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Call repo_template_used.
* search.c (lookup_conversions): Only lookup conversions in
complete types.
Thu Jun 27 12:59:53 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cp-tree.def: Renamed from tree.def, to avoid confusion with
gcc's tree.def.
* cp-tree.h, lex.c: Include cp-tree.def.
* (CXX_TREE_H): Reference cp-tree.def.
Wed Jun 26 18:29:47 1996 Bob Manson <>
* init.c (build_vec_delete_1): Call complete_type.
Mon Jun 24 17:17:32 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (start_anon_func): Make sure anonymous functions are
never external.
Fri Jun 21 15:10:58 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (finish_function): If function_depth > 1, set nested.
* decl2.c (grokbitfield): Revert Bob's change.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Fix handling of named bitfield widths.
Thu Jun 20 23:35:38 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (add_pending_template): Handle types.
(lookup_template_class): With -fexternal-templates, just add the class
to pending_templates instead of instantiating it now.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Handle types in pending_templates.
Thu Jun 20 14:08:40 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl2.c (grokbitfield): Handle constant decls appropriately.
Give an appropriate error message now instead of spewing core
Thu Jun 20 13:01:51 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c: Don't turn on thunks by default for now.
Wed Jun 19 11:37:04 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (complete_type): Handle error_mark_node.
(common_type, OFFSET_TYPE): Handle template_type_parms.
Tue Jun 18 10:02:15 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): If at_eof, call import_export_decl
regardless of DECL_INLINE.
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Set TREE_ADDRESSABLE on CONSTRUCTORs.
* class.c (finish_struct_bits): Copy TYPE_SIZE.
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Support templates.
* tree.def: Support DYNAMIC_CAST_EXPR.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Likewise.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Likewise.
Mon Jun 17 15:23:36 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_static_cast): Support templates.
(build_const_cast): Likewise.
* tree.def: Support CONST/STATIC_CAST_EXPR.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Likewise.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Likewise.
Sun Jun 16 12:33:57 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Don't trust
TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED for vtables of local classes.
Fri Jun 14 18:13:36 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Handle operator T.
Wed Jun 12 17:52:40 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* init.c (build_delete): Move creation of PARMS inside test of
TYPE_HAS_DESTRUCTOR, since it's never used outside of that block.
Tue Jun 11 15:09:18 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): Don't assume that
the arguments to ?: are always pointers or records.
Tue Jun 11 13:56:23 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (import_export_decl): Still emit static/weak/comdat
copies of inline template functions with -fno-implicit-templates.
Tue Jun 11 11:42:13 1996 Bob Manson <>
* init.c (build_delete): Determine the complete basetype
path to the destructor we're calling.
Fri Jun 7 15:30:10 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c (build_enumerator): Always copy the INTEGER_CST used to
initialize the enum, because we really and truly don't know where
it came from.
(start_enum): Don't copy integer_zero_node because
build_enumerator will do it.
Fri Jun 7 11:11:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (finish_function): Do access control on base destructors.
* pt.c (tsubst, case FUNCTION_DECL): Set up
IDENTIFIER_GLOBAL_VALUE for member functions so pushdecl doesn't
hose us.
Fri Jun 7 10:37:33 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): If we have already extended the
lifetime of the temporary, don't try it again.
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Don't try and convert the return
value twice when we want a reference, once is enough.
Tue Jun 4 15:41:45 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr, case DECL_STMT): Don't pass
* search.c (add_conversions): Put the conversion function in
TREE_VALUE, the basetype in TREE_PURPOSE.
* cvt.c (build_type_conversion): Adjust.
* cvt.c (build_expr_type_conversion): Adjust.
* call.c (user_harshness): Adjust.
Mon Jun 3 15:30:52 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (emit_thunk): Pretend this is a FUNCTION_DECL for the
backend's benefit.
Mon Jun 10 18:58:19 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (expand_start_catch_block): Add a dummy region, if we
get an error, so that we can avoid core dumping later.
Fri May 31 14:56:13 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.h (OFFSET_REF): Remove.
* tree.def (CP_OFFSET_REF): Rename to OFFSET_REF.
* expr.c (cplus_expand_expr): Cleanup callers of expand_expr.
* init.c (expand_aggr_init_1): Likewise.
(build_new): Likewise.
* typeck.c (expand_target_expr): Likewise.
Fri May 31 14:22:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_modify_expr): Don't use TREE_VALUE on a
Wed May 29 17:04:33 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Redo how and when temporaries are
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Don't try and be smart about
running cleanups.
Wed May 29 16:02:08 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Add NULL_TREE to all calls to build
(TARGET_EXPR...), now that it has 4 arguments.
* tree.c (build_cplus_new): Likewise.
Thu May 23 16:40:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* error.c (dump_expr, case CAST_EXPR): Handle T() properly.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Don't call push/pop_cp_function_context.
* decl.c (struct saved_scope): Remove named_labels,
(maybe_push_to_top_level): Don't set them. Call
push_cp_function_context if appropriate.
(pop_from_top_level): Likewise.
* method.c (do_build_assign_ref): Remove obsolete check of
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Diagnose user definition of
implicitly-declared methods.
Thu May 23 12:13:08 1996 Bob Manson <>
* method.c (do_build_copy_constructor): Add code to give
meaningful error messages instead of crashing.
(do_build_assign_ref): Don't synthesize assignment operators for
classes containing reference or const members.
* class.c (struct base_info): Remove cant_synth_copy_ctor
and cant_synth_asn_ref.
(finish_base_struct): Remove the code that tries to conditionalize
synthesis of copy constructors & assignment operators based on
access permissions. Instead, let it fail when it tries to
synthesize the copy constructor. This will give meaningful error
messages instead of silently generating code to perform a bitcopy.
Wed May 22 11:45:19 1996 Bob Manson <>
* lex.c (real_yylex): Remove old-n-crufty #if 0 code for
determining types for constant values.
* decl.c (struct named_label_list): Use instead of stuffing
random items into a TREE_LIST node.
(named_label_uses): Use the new struct.
(poplevel): Likewise.
(lookup_label): Likewise.
(define_label): Add an error message to tell the user the line
where the goto is located in addition to the destination of the
(init_decl_processing): Use NULL instead of NULL_TREE to initialize
(finish_function): Likewise.
(start_decl): Complain about defining a static data member
in a different type from which it was declared.
Wed May 22 09:33:23 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (build_expr_type_conversion): Adjust.
Tue May 21 11:21:56 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Always convert 'this' to the
appropriate type.
* search.c (add_conversions): Put the conversion function in
* cvt.c (build_type_conversion): Adjust.
* call.c (user_harshness): Adjust.
* method.c (emit_thunk): Call temporary_allocation and
permanent_allocation around the ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK case, too.
* tree.c (build_cplus_array_type): Handle tweaking of
* typeck.c (common_type): Not here.
* typeck.c (complete_type): Only try to complete an array type if
it has a domain.
Mon May 20 14:55:59 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokvardecl): Call complete_type.
(grokdeclarator): Call complete_type for PARM_DECLs.
Fri May 17 16:41:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Re-set
CLASSTYPE_GOT_SEMICOLON after calling finish_struct_1.
Fri May 17 14:56:55 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.h (cp_expand_decl_cleanup): Remove, the backend is now
smart enough to do it right.
* tree.c (cp_expand_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Use expand_decl_cleanup instead of
(store_parm_decls): Likewise.
(hack_incomplete_structures): Likewise.
* except.c (push_eh_cleanup): Likewise.
Fri May 17 13:13:51 1996 Mike Stump <>
* expr.c (expand_expr, cond UNSAVE_EXPR): Move from the C++
frontend to the backend where it belongs.
* tree.c (unsave_expr): Likewise.
(unsave_expr_now): Likewise.
* tree.def (UNSAVE_EXPR): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (unsave_expr): Likewise.
(unsave_expr_now): Likewise.
Fri May 17 11:02:41 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (emit_base_init): Make sure the partial EH cleanups live
on the function_obstack.
Thu May 16 15:29:33 1996 Bob Manson <>
* expr.c (do_case): Don't try to dereference null TREE_TYPEs
when checking for pointer types.
Thu May 16 13:38:58 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Remove obsolete check for
access declarations.
Thu May 16 13:34:15 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (build_overload_call): Simplify calls to
build_overload_call by removing last parameter.
(build_method_call): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h: Likewise.
* method.c (build_opfncall): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Likewise.
Thu May 16 13:15:43 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (default_parm_conversions): Factor out common code.
(build_method_call): Use it.
(build_overload_call_real): Use it.
Wed May 15 14:46:14 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Allow implicit & on METHOD_TYPEs,
but pedwarn as the code is bogus.
* typeck.c (decay_conversion): Likewise.
(build_function_call_real): Use build_addr_func instead of
default_conversion. Don't allow pointer-to-method functions down
(build_unary_op): Use real pointer-to-member functions instead of
fake ones.
(build_ptrmemfunc): Use build_addr_func instead of build_unary_op.
(convert_for_assignment): Removed some obsolete code.
* decl2.c (reparse_absdcl_as_expr): Pass current_class_ref to
build_x_function_call instead of current_class_ptr. Only call
digest_init once on an initializer, we do this just checking
(build_expr_from_tree): Pass current_class_ref to
build_x_function_call instead of current_class_ptr.
* init.c (build_member_call): Likewise.
* pase.y: Likewise.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle OFFSET_REFs better.
* pt.c (unify): Handle pointer-to-member functions better.
* decl.c (finish_function): Clear out current_class_ref just like
we do for current_class_ptr.
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Handle virtual bases better.
Tue May 14 16:37:37 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* sig.c (build_signature_table_constructor): Use the delta for
the original basetype for this virtual function with thunks.
(build_signature_method_call): We still need to adjust 'this'
with thunks.
Tue May 14 16:27:25 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (build_addr_func): New routine. Used to get the `real'
address of a function or a method. Needed to avoid getting a
pointer-to-member function.
(build_call): New routine to build CALL_EXPRs.
(build_method_call): Use it.
* cvt.c (convert_to_aggr): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_function_call_real): Likewise.
* sig.c (build_signature_table_constructor): Use build_addr_func.
* cp-tree.h (build_call, build_addr_func): Declare them.
Tue May 14 12:47:47 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.h (LOOKUP_AGGR): Remove, unused.
* parse.y: Remove uses of LOOKUP_AGGR.
Tue May 14 12:07:51 1996 Mike Stump <>
* *.[chy]: Rename current_class_decl to current_class_ptr, and
C_C_D to current_class_ref.
Mon May 13 16:55:23 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (convert_harshness): Tighten up pointer conversions.
Sat May 11 04:33:50 1996 Doug Evans <>
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Surround DECL_ONE_ONLY with ifdef.
(finish_file): Likewise.
Fri May 10 11:09:57 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (convert_fn_ptr): We don't use thunks for pmfs.
* method.c (emit_thunk): Set flag_omit_frame_pointer in default
Thu May 9 18:18:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c: Turn on thunks by default where supported.
Tue May 7 20:39:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cp-tree.h (build_overload_call_maybe): Removed.
* call.c (build_overload_call_real): Invert meaning of last arg to
be require_complete.
(build_overload_call): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Use build_overload_call_real
instead of build_overload_call_maybe.
Mon May 6 01:23:32 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Don't try to emit functions that haven't
been compiled.
Fri May 3 09:30:13 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Oops.
* decl.c (maybe_push_to_top_level): Do save previous_class_*.
Also store the bindings from previous_class_values.
(pop_from_top_level): Restore them.
Thu May 2 21:56:49 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Only write out vtable if its
symbol has been referenced.
(finish_file): Re-join synthesis/vtable loop with inline emission
loop, disable inlining when an inline is output.
Thu May 2 17:20:02 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (init_exception_processing): Setup saved_in_catch.
(push_eh_cleanup): Reset __eh_in_catch.
(expand_start_catch_block): Set __eh_in_catch.
Thu May 2 16:21:17 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (push_eh_cleanup): Add tracking for whether or not we
have an active exception object.
(expand_builtin_throw): Use it to make sure a rethrow without an
exception object is caught.
Thu May 2 11:26:41 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (maybe_push_to_top_level): Clear out class-level bindings
Wed May 1 11:26:52 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Also use sentries for vars with
DECL_ONE_ONLY or DECL_WEAK set (should any such happen to be
* lex.c (handle_cp_pragma): Disable #pragma
interface/implementation if SUPPORTS_ONE_ONLY > 1.
Tue Apr 30 11:25:46 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (emit_thunk): Wrap default case in
* method.c (make_thunk): Use DECL_ONE_ONLY.
(emit_thunk): Call assemble_end_function.
Mon Apr 29 15:38:29 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (import_export_vtable): Use DECL_ONE_ONLY.
(import_export_decl): Likewise.
(finish_prevtable_vardecl): Disable vtable hack if
Mon Apr 29 14:32:47 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_modify_expr): PREINCREMENT_EXPR and
PREDECREMENT_EXPRs take two arguments, not one.
Mon Apr 29 00:27:53 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (build_vtable_entry): Don't build thunks for abstract
* lex.c (real_yylex): Fix handling of __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ like C
Sat Apr 27 16:45:35 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (set_rtti_entry): Use size_zero_node.
(build_vtable): Likewise.
Sat Apr 27 14:48:57 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Pass size_zero_node to set_rtti_entry.
(prepare_fresh_vtable): Likewise.
Fri Apr 26 13:14:14 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (emit_thunk): Call mark_used on the target function.
* call.c (build_method_call): Don't warn about pending templates.
Thu Apr 25 14:55:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Fix list walking logic.
* typeck2.c (check_for_new_type): Only warn if -pedantic.
Wed Apr 24 15:41:15 1996 Bob Manson <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Remove old code for
* cp-tree.h: Likewise.
* spew.c: Make sure cp-tree.h is included before parse.h, so the
definition of flagged_type_tree is found before it is used.
* lex.c: Likewise.
* parse.y: Added the ftype member to the type union, and changed a
number of rules to use it instead of ttype. Added calls to
check_for_new_type() as appropriate.
* typeck2.c (check_for_new_type): New function for checking
if a newly defined type appears in the specified tree.
* cp-tree.h: Add new type flagged_type_tree. Add a prototype
for check_for_new_type().
Wed Apr 24 00:36:21 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (finish_file): Only use a sentry if the decl is public.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr, DECL_STMT): If we don't have an initializer,
Tue Apr 23 17:18:47 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (common_type): Fix the ARRAY_TYPE case so it
properly keeps track of const and volatile type modifiers.
Tue Apr 23 10:52:56 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (cp_tree_equal): C++ version of simple_cst_equal.
* pt.c (comp_template_args): Use it.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_fn, build_dynamic_cast, expand_*_desc): Call
assemble_external for artificial function decls.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Oops.
Mon Apr 22 17:28:27 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (import_export_decl): Put static data member templates
into common storage, or make them weak, depending on whether they
are dynamically or statically initialized.
(get_sentry): New function.
(finish_file): Do import_export_decl for static data members before
building the init/fini functions. Don't init/fini a variable that's
EXTERNAL. Use a sentry for variables in common. Fix mismatching
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): If DECL_NOT_REALLY_EXTERN, do the
expand_static_init thang.
* method.c (get_id_2): New function.
Mon Apr 22 15:32:45 1996 Bob Manson <>
* parse.y (empty_parms): Make sure we use C++-style prototypes
when we're declaring member functions.
Sun Apr 21 10:08:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* (CONFLICTS): 16 s/r conflicts.
* parse.y (self_template_type): New nonterminal.
Thu Apr 18 08:56:54 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (make_typename_type): Handle getting a TYPE_DECL for a
* parse.y (base_class.1): Allow 'typename foo::bar'.
* lex.c (check_newline): Remove #pragma code that plays with the
input stream, since we now deal with tokens. Clear nextchar when
we're done.
(handle_cp_pragma): Use real_yylex.
(handle_sysv_pragma): Don't do skipline here. Only call real_yylex
in one place.
* lex.c (check_for_missing_semicolon): Handle SELFNAME.
* lex.c (handle_cp_pragma): Fix "#pragma implementation".
Wed Apr 17 16:51:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y: New token SELFNAME for potential constructor.
* spew.c (yylex): Handle it.
* lex.c (identifier_type): Produce it.
* parse.y (complete_type_name): In :: case, don't push class binding.
(complex_type_name): Likewise.
Wed Apr 17 15:02:40 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_reinterpret_cast): Handle pointer to member
Wed Apr 17 12:28:26 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* lex.c (handle_cp_pragma): New function, with decl, doing the cc1plus
(check_newline): Put the vtable/unit/implementation/interface pragma
code into handle_cp_pragma, replacing it with a call.
(handle_sysv_pragma): Give int return type, and take FINPUT and TOKEN
args. Get the next token after handling the pragma token.
Wed Apr 17 10:28:34 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Avoid doing base analysis on pmfs.
(convert_to_pointer_force): Likewise.
* init.c (build_new): Fix array new without -fcheck-new.
Tue Apr 16 13:44:58 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-tree.h, call.c, class.c, decl.c, parse.y, pt.c, rtti.c,
tree.c: Lose TYPE_NESTED_NAME.
* parse.y (nested_name_specifier_1): Don't treat non-identifiers
as identifiers.
* tree.def: Add VEC_INIT_EXPR.
* expr.c (cplus_expand_expr): Handle it.
* init.c (build_new): Use it instead of the RTL_EXPR nastiness and
the extra file-scope symbol nastiness.
Mon Apr 15 16:21:29 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (make_thunk): Thunks are static.
(emit_thunk): Use ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK if it's defined.
* decl2.c (mark_vtable_entries): Emit thunks as needed.
(finish_file): Don't emit them here.
Sun Apr 14 11:34:39 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Handle null pointers.
(ifnonnull): New function.
Fri Apr 12 09:08:27 1996 Bob Manson <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Remember the original basetype we
were called with. Give an error message instead of trying
(incorrectly) to call a non-static member function through a
non-inherited class.
* search.c (expand_upcast_fixups): Mark the new fixup as
Thu Apr 11 03:57:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (build_new): Use a TARGET_EXPR for alloc_expr.
* class.c (set_rtti_entry): Fix for thunks.
* decl2.c (import_export_decl): Still emit typeinfo fns for
cv-variants of builtin types.
* rtti.c (expand_class_desc): Set up base_info_type_node here.
(init_rtti_processing): Instead of here.
Wed Apr 10 14:17:13 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (init_rtti_processing): Do init regardless of -frtti.
(build_typeid): Only complain about taking dynamic typeid without
* decl2.c: flag_rtti defaults to 1.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_var): The general class case is now smaller.
(init_rtti_processing): Pack the latter three fields of base_info
into 32 bits.
Wed Apr 10 13:50:14 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (expand_member_init): Don't dump if name is NULL_TREE.
Wed Apr 10 12:56:02 1996 Mike Stump <>
* search.c (make_memoized_table_entry): Undefer the pop, if necessary.
(push_memoized_context): Split out code to undefer pop_type_level to
(clear_memoized_cache): here.
(pop_memoized_context): We can only handle one layer of deferral of
pop_type_level so clear the cache, if there was a previous level.
Tue Apr 9 23:06:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (init_rtti_processing): Build up base_info_type_node.
(expand_class_desc): Use one pointer to an array of base_info
structs, passed using a CONSTRUCTOR.
Tue Apr 9 14:20:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* class.c (build_vbase_path): Remove block extern for
flag_assume_nonnull_objects here.
(build_vfn_ref): Split out functionality into build_vtbl_ref.
(build_vtbl_ref): New routine.
(build_vtable): Set up rtti info here.
(add_virtual_function): Note in CLASSTYPE_RTTI the best
place where we can get the rtti pointers from to avoid having to
search around for a place.
(finish_base_struct): Likewise.
(finish_struct_1): Likewise. Never create totally new vtables
with totally new vtable pointers for rtti. Disable code to layout
vtable pointers better until we want to break binary
* rtti.c (build_headof_sub): New routine to convert down to a
sub-object that has an rtti pointer in the vtable.
(build_headof): Use it. Also, use build_vtbl_ref now to be more
(build_dynamic_cast): Make sure we have saved it, if we need to.
* search.c (dfs_init_vbase_pointers): Disable code that deals with
a more efficient vtable layout, enable later.
* call.c (flag_assume_nonnull_objects): Moved declaration to
* cp-tree.h: here. Declare build_vtbl_ref.
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Use NULL_TREE instead of 0 in
function calls that want a tree.
Tue Apr 9 12:10:26 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Handle downcasting to X* given
other X subobjects in the most derived type. Ack.
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): No need to strip cv-quals here,
get_typeid will do it for us.
(get_typeid_1): Break out call-building for expand_*_desc to use.
(get_typeid): Call it.
(expand_*_desc): Likewise.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Don't set TYPE_BUILT_IN on char *
and void *.
(init_decl_processing): Lose builtin_type_tdescs lossage.
* decl2.c (finish_vtable_vardecl): Remove obsolete code.
Mon Apr 8 17:23:23 1996 Bob Manson <>
* pt.c (tsubst): When calling set_nested_typename, use
TYPE_NESTED_NAME (current_class_type) instead of
* decl.c (pushdecl): Likewise.
(pushdecl_class_level): Likewise.
(grokdeclarator): Use NULL_TREE instead of 0 in the call to
Sun Apr 7 10:44:31 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (synthesize_tinfo_fn): Handle arrays.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_REALLY_EXTERN): New macro.
Sat Apr 6 13:56:27 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* rtti.c (throw_bad_cast): Use entry point __throw_bad_cast.
(init_rtti_processing): Lose bad_cast_type.
(build_dynamic_cast): Use throw_bad_cast.
* rtti.c (synthesize_tinfo_fn): Handle enums and pmfs.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Don't synthesize artificial functions
that are external and not inline.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_fn): If at_eof, call import_export_decl.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Handle having new inlines added to
saved_inlines by synthesis.
* rtti.c (get_bad_cast_node): Don't require <typeinfo>.
Fri Apr 5 17:02:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
RTTI rewrite to initialize nodes as needed, not require that
users #include <typeinfo>, complete functionality and reduce wasted
* rtti.c (init_rtti_processing): New fn.
(build_typeid): The vtable entry is now a function.
(get_tinfo_var): New fn.
(get_tinfo_fn): Likewise.
(get_typeid): Use it.
(build_dynamic_cast): Declare and use entry point __dynamic_cast.
(build_*_desc): Rename to expand_*_desc and rewrite to use entry
points __rtti_*.
(add_uninstantiated_desc, get_def_to_follow, build_t_desc): Lose.
(synthesize_tinfo_fn): New fn.
* method.c (build_t_desc_overload): Lose.
(build_overload_with_type): More generic.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Call init_rtti_processing.
* class.c (set_rtti_entry): Use get_tinfo_fn.
* decl2.c (mark_vtable_entries): Mark the rtti function.
(finish_prevtable_vardecl): Don't build_t_desc.
(import_export_decl): Handle tinfo functions.
(finish_file): Likewise.
* typeck.c (inline_conversion): New fn.
(build_function_call_real): Use it.
* cp-tree.h: Add decls.
* method.c (hack_identifier): Also convert component_refs from
* lex.c (cons_up_default_function): Use the type, not the name, in
* decl2.c (import_export_vtable): Fix weak vtables.
Fri Apr 5 13:30:17 1996 Bob Manson <>
* search.c (get_base_distance_recursive): Fix access checks for
protected bases.
Fri Apr 5 11:02:06 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* call.c (unary_complex_lvalue): Delete unneeded decl, it's in
(convert_harshness): Add prototypes wrapped by PROTO.
* decl2.c (grok_function_init): Likewise.
(do_toplevel_using_decl): Change to void return type.
* class.c (build_vtable_entry): Remove decl of make_thunk.
(merge_overrides): Fix order of arg definitions.
(finish_vtbls): Likewise.
(fixup_vtable_deltas): Likewise.
(modify_all_direct_vtables): Likewise.
(modify_all_indirect_vtables): Likewise.
* search.c (get_base_distance_recursive): Likewise.
(get_abstract_virtuals_1): Likewise.
(fixup_virtual_upcast_offsets): Likewise.
(lookup_fnfields_1): Add prototypes wrapped by PROTO.
* init.c (perform_member_init): Fix order of arg definitions.
(expand_aggr_init_1): Add prototypes wrapped by PROTO.
* cp-tree.h (make_thunk): Add decl.
(overload_template_name, push_template_decl): Add decls.
(do_toplevel_using_decl): Change to void return type.
(vec_binfo_member): Add decl.
Thu Apr 4 13:33:10 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* typeck.c (mark_addressable, convert_for_assignment,
convert_for_initialization, pointer_int_sum, pointer_diff,
unary_complex_lvalue): Add prototypes wrapped by PROTO.
(convert_sequence): #if 0 fn decl, since definition also is.
Thu Apr 4 11:00:53 1996 Mike Stump <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast): Make sure we strip qualifiers on
cast to pointer types for type searching.
Wed Apr 3 17:10:57 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Use cp_error, not error, in the
case where BINFO == 0.
Wed Apr 3 12:01:02 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Fix wording of error messages so
constructors come out right.
Tue Apr 2 16:06:59 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c (push_overloaded_decl): Don't warn about hidden
constructors when both the type and the function are declared
in a system header file.
Mon Apr 1 09:03:13 1996 Bob Manson <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Propagate the TYPE_PACKED
flag for the type to the type's fields.
Sat Mar 30 12:14:33 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* parse.y (complex_parmlist, ELLIPSES): Take out ARM-based warning.
Fri Mar 29 15:51:36 1996 Bob Manson <>
* class.c (base_info, finish_base_struct): Replace
needs_virtual_dtor with base_has_virtual.
(finish_struct_1): Remove the old code that tried to make default
destructors virtual. Use base_has_virtual when checking if we need
to add a vtable entry for the rtti code.
Fri Mar 29 14:02:36 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (push_template_decl): Complain about template decl with
inappropriate declaration.
Fri Mar 29 12:15:35 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (build_x_unary_op): Remove bogus check for taking
the address of a member function.
Fri Mar 29 11:56:02 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (constructor_declarator): Only push the class if
we are not already in the class.
Fri Mar 29 09:41:02 1996 Jeffrey A. Law <>
* method.c (emit_thunk): Remove current_call_is_indirect nonsense.
Add additional argument to INIT_CUMULATIVE_ARGS.
Thu Mar 28 16:41:39 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (shadow_tag): Fix error about anon union with methods.
* parse.y (self_reference): Only generate a self-reference if this
is a non-template class.
(opt.component_decl_list): Only use it if it was generated.
* parse.y (component_decl_1): Use constructor_declarator.
(fn.def2): Likewise.
(notype_component_declarator0): Likewise.
Thu Mar 28 15:11:35 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (build_x_unary_op): Add checks for taking the address
of a TARGET_EXPR or of a member function, and give appropriate
Thu Mar 28 14:49:26 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (process_template_parm): Allow template type parms to be
used as types for template const parms.
Wed Mar 27 15:51:19 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (expand_vec_init): Ensure the eh cleanups are on the
Wed Mar 27 10:14:30 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Be even more picky about the
ambiguous lookup warning.
(grokdeclarator): Tweak SCOPE_REF constructor declarators here.
* parse.y (constructor_declarator): Rather than here.
* parse.y (constructor_declarator): New nonterminal.
(fn.def1): Use it.
(explicit_instantiation): Likewise.
Tue Mar 26 13:41:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
Add implicit declaration of class name at class scope.
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Restrict pedwarn about ambiguous lookup.
* parse.y (self_reference): New nonterminal.
(opt.component_decl_list): Use it.
(fn.def1): Add nested_name_specifier type_name cases.
* class.c (build_self_reference): New function.
(finish_struct): Handle access_default later, move self-reference
decl to the end.
* pt.c (lookup_template_class): Handle getting a TYPE_DECL.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
* pt.c (do_function_instantiation): Separate handling of member
functions and non-member functions properly.
Mon Mar 25 14:23:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (process_template_parm): Improve error for 'volatile class K'.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Check the right slot for destructors.
* decl.c (start_enum): Complain about enum templates.
Mon Mar 25 13:25:31 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Offset pointers to member data by one.
* typeck.c (unary_complex_lvalue): Likewise.
Mon Mar 25 13:30:42 1996 Bob Manson <>
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Check for a returned local
array name, similar to the check for an ADDR_EXPR.
Mon Mar 25 13:07:19 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Don't build cleanups for static
variables here.
Fri Mar 22 17:57:55 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_modify_expr): Fix error messages to be more
* cp-tree.h (assop_as_string): Parallel to op_as_string, but for
assignment operators.
* error.c (assop_as_string): Likewise. Add support for `%Q' for
assignment operators.
Fri Mar 22 13:48:29 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Call bad_specifiers for typedefs. Also
give an error if initialized. pedwarn about nested type with the
same name as its enclosing class.
* pt.c (tsubst, case TYPE_DECL): Set DECL_CONTEXT.
* typeck.c (require_complete_type): Be sure to instantiate the
MAIN_VARIANT of the type.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Instantiate pending templates before
processing static constructors and destructors.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Don't instantiate functions at toplevel
unless at_eof.
Fri Mar 22 09:30:17 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): If error_mark_node is passed
in as an expression, quit while we're ahead.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Give an error message if `friend'
is combined with any storage class specifiers.
Wed Mar 20 14:51:55 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (named_complex_class_head_sans_basetype): Don't crash on
definition of nonexistent nested type.
* error.c (dump_decl, case TYPE_DECL): Fix decision for whether or
not to say 'typedef'.
Wed Mar 20 00:11:47 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cp-tree.h (struct lang_type): Make search_slot a tree, not a char*.
* search.c (dfs_walk, dfs_init_vbase_pointers,
expand_upcast_fixups): Remove cast of CLASSTYPE_SEARCH_SLOT.
(dfs_find_vbases): Remove cast for CLASSTYPE_SEARCH_SLOT init.
Tue Mar 19 17:56:03 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* except.c (build_throw): Support minimal parse.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Support THROW_EXPR.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Likewise.
* pt.c (mangle_class_name_for_template): Always allocate
Tue Mar 19 16:34:31 1996 Bob Manson <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Give an appropriate error
when trying to cast from an incomplete type.
Tue Mar 19 16:00:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Don't bother setting up
CLASSTYPE_TAGS explicitly, as the nested types will add
Tue Mar 19 15:48:43 1996 Bob Manson <>
* decl.c (shadow_tag): Remove old error check for usage of
an enum without a previous declaration.
(xref_tag): Add error message about usage of enums without a
previous declaration.
Tue Mar 19 09:21:35 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* lex.c (do_identifier): Only do name consistency check if we're
* pt.c (push_template_decl): Don't crash if we get a member defn
that doesn't match.
* decl.c (xref_tag_from_type): New function to do an xref without
always having to figure out code_type_node.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Use it for friend classes.
(lookup_template_class): Use it.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Pull out a single parm before
passing it to build_c_cast.
Tue Mar 19 09:07:15 1996 Bob Manson <>
* expr.c (do_case): Give an error message if a pointer is
given as a case value.
Mon Mar 18 21:57:54 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_c_cast): Don't pull single TEMPLATE_DECL out of
an overload list.
* lex.c (cons_up_default_function): Really, now, interface hackery
does not apply to synthesized methods.
Mon Mar 18 18:20:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* call.c (build_method_call): Ctors and dtors now have special names
with respect to lookups.
* class.c (add_method): Likewise.
(grow_method): Likewise.
(finish_struct_methods): Likewise.
(warn_hidden): Likewise.
(finish_struct_1): Likewise.
* cvt.c (convert_to_reference): Likewise.
(convert_to_aggr): Likewise.
(cp_convert): Likewise.
* decl2.c (check_classfn): Likewise.
* init.c (expand_member_init): Likewise.
(expand_default_init): Likewise.
(expand_aggr_init_1): Likewise.
(build_offset_ref): Likewise.
(build_new): Likewise.
(build_delete): Likewise.
* lex.c (do_inline_function_hair): Likewise.
* search.c (lookup_field_1): Likewise.
(lookup_fnfields_here): Likewise.
(lookup_field): Likewise.
(lookup_fnfields): Likewise.
(get_virtual_destructor): Likewise.
(dfs_debug_mark): Likewise.
(dfs_pushdecls): Likewise.
(dfs_compress_decls): Likewise.
* tree.c (layout_basetypes): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Likewise.
(build_x_function_call): Likewise.
(build_modify_expr): Likewise.
(convert_for_initialization): Likewise.
(build_functional_cast): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (CLASSTYPE_FIRST_CONVERSION): Likewise.
* decl.c (ctor_identifier): New.
(dtor_identifier): New.
(init_decl_processing): Set them.
Mon Mar 18 18:00:51 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Don't get confused by fields whose
context has no type name, like pointer to member functions.
Mon Mar 18 13:19:03 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Handle typedef without declarator.
* pt.c (tsubst): Handle SCOPE_REF in declarator.
* parse.y (bad_parm): Catch another case of missing `typename'.
* lex.c (yyprint): Handle TYPE_DECLs.
* decl.c (start_function): Don't try to be clever.
* lex.c: Lose compiler_error_with_decl.
* typeck2.c: Lose error_with_aggr_type.
(incomplete_type_error): Use cp_* instead of old functions.
(readonly_error): Likewise.
* typeck.c (convert_arguments): Likewise.
* search.c (lookup_nested_field): Likewise.
* method.c (make_thunk): Likewise.
* decl.c (grokparms): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h: Update.
* tree.c (min_tree_cons): Call copy_to_permanent for the purpose
and value.
Mon Mar 18 11:25:52 1996 Bob Manson <>
* method.c (build_opfncall): When deleting a pointer to an
array, build a new pointer to the tree past any ARRAY_TYPE
Mon Mar 18 10:11:46 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Initialize local var TYPE to NULL_TREE.
Fri Mar 15 11:03:57 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Only call import_export_decl if at_eof
* decl.c (finish_function): Don't set nested based on
* parse.y (function_try_block): Check for nested function.
(pending_inlines): Likewise.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): If a unary op already has a
type, just return it.
* decl2.c (finish_prevtable_vardecl): Use ADJUST_VTABLE_LINKAGE.
* decl2.c (walk_vtables): vardecl_fn returns int; return 1 if it does.
(finish_file): Check the return value of walk_vtables.
(finish_prevtable_vardecl): Return int.
(finish_vtable_vardecl): Likewise.
(prune_vtable_vardecl): Likewise.
* lex.c (set_vardecl_interface_info): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust return types.
* class.c (delete_duplicate_fields_1): Don't complain about
duplicate nested types if they're the same type.
(finish_struct): Remove check for duplicate.
* decl2.c (grokfield): Don't check for typedef of anonymous type.
Thu Mar 14 10:00:19 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Lose special handling of class-level
* cvt.c (convert_pointer_to_real): Retain cv-quals in conversion.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Strip cv-quals from destructor name types.
* search.c (compute_access): Fix handling of anonymous union
* class.c (finish_struct_anon): Propagate TREE_{PRIVATE,PROTECTED}
from anonymous unions to their members.
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): For static member functions,
hand off to build_member_call.
Wed Mar 13 14:03:34 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Handle OFFSET_REFs.
* init.c (expand_vec_init): Fix init == 0 case.
Tue Mar 12 14:36:02 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (build_new): pedwarn about init and array new.
(expand_vec_init): Handle lists, use convert_for_initialization.
* typeck.c (convert_for_initialization): Pass LOOKUP_NO_CONVERSION
when converting to an aggregate type.
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Pass it through.
* typeck.c (build_conditional_expr): Handle user-defined
conversions to slightly different types.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Force an array type in a parm to be
* decl2.c (do_using_directive): Sorry.
(do_namespace_alias): Likewise.
* lex.c (real_yylex): Warn about using the `namespace' keyword.
Sun Mar 10 22:26:09 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (datadef): Move call to note_list_got_semicolon up.
Fri Mar 8 11:47:26 1996 Mike Stump <>
* tree.c (unsave_expr): Don't unsave, UNSAVE_EXPRs.
Fri Mar 8 11:29:06 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): The exception regions have to be
nested, not overlapping. We start the exception region for a
decl, after it has been fully built, and all temporaries for it
have been cleaned up.
Thu Mar 7 17:46:06 1996 Mike Stump <>
* tree.c (vec_binfo_member): Don't core dump if we have no bases.
Thu Mar 7 14:11:49 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.def: Add RETURN_INIT.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Handle RETURN_INIT.
* decl.c (store_return_init): Handle minimal_parse_mode.
* tree.c (cp_build_type_variant): Just return an error_mark_node.
* decl.c (make_typename_type): Don't try to get the file and line
of an identifier.
* typeck.c (comptypes): Handle TYPENAME_TYPE.
Wed Mar 6 18:47:50 1996 Per Bothner <>
* decl.c (poplevel): Make sure we clear out and restore old local
non-VAR_DECL values by default when they go out of scope.
Wed Mar 6 09:57:36 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (build_overload_value): Use DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME in
referring to addresses of variables and functions.
* error.c (dump_expr): Support SIZEOF_EXPR.
* init.c (do_friend): Use the return value of check_classfn.
* typeck.c (convert_arguments): Call complete_type.
* method.c (hack_identifier): After giving an error, set value to
Tue Mar 5 16:00:15 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (hack_decl_function_context): Kludge around DECL_CONTEXT
lossage for local classes.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Evil, painful hack for local classes.
Use hack_decl_function_context.
(grokdeclarator): Don't set DECL_NO_STATIC_CHAIN here.
(start_function): Use hack_decl_function_context.
(finish_function): Likewise.
* method.c (synthesize_method): Likewise.
* lex.c (process_next_inline): Likewise.
(do_pending_inlines): Likewise.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Unset DECL_STATIC_FUNCTION_P when we're
done with it.
Mon Mar 4 22:38:39 1996 Gerald Baumgartner <>
* sig.c (build_signature_pointer_or_reference_type): Align
signature pointers/references on 8-byte boundaries so they can be
grabbed 2 words at a time on a SPARC.
Tue Mar 5 10:21:01 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* method.c (hack_identifier): Requiring a static chain is now a
hard error.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Set DECL_NO_STATIC_CHAIN on nested
Mon Mar 4 20:03:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (build_offset_ref): Call complete_type.
* decl.c (pop_from_top_level): Always pop previous_class_type.
* parse.y: Handle multiple decls in a for-init-statement.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Likewise.
* pt.c (tsubst): Use tsubst_expr for the second operand of an
* decl.c (maybe_push_to_top_level): Don't save previous_class_type.
(poplevel_class): Set it here.
(pop_from_top_level): Pop it here if we're returning to class scope.
* class.c (pushclass): Don't set it here.
* decl.c (maybe_push_to_top_level): Save current_template_parms,
and clear it if !pseudo.
(pop_from_top_level): Restore it.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Push the dummy each time we walk the list
of vtables.
* error.c (dump_expr): Support LOOKUP_EXPR and actually do
something for CAST_EXPR.
Mon Feb 19 14:49:18 1996 Rusty Russell <>
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Warn about implicit conversion of the
address of a function to bool, as it is always true.
Fri Feb 23 23:06:01 1996 Rusty Russell <>
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Fix warning for local externs returned.
Mon Mar 4 15:03:11 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (mapcar): Propagate const and volatile properly.
* typeck.c (complete_type): Be sure to instantiate the
MAIN_VARIANT of the type.
* method.c (synthesize_method): Class interface hackery does not
apply to synthesized methods.
Mon Mar 4 14:05:23 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (comp_template_args): Use comptypes rather than just
checking for TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM equivalence.
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Call complete_type before
Mon Mar 4 18:48:30 1996 Manfred Hollstein <>
* g++.c (main): Check also for new define ALT_LIBM.
Fri Mar 1 13:09:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): If we don't have a pattern
yet, that's OK.
(coerce_template_parms): If we see a local class, bail.
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Make sure there's a type before
checking its code.
* pt.c (do_function_instantiation): Avoid crashing on invalid decls.
(push_template_decl): Likewise.
* parse.y (named_class_head): Set
* decl.c (xref_tag): Diagnose redeclaration of template
type-parameter name.
* error.c (dump_type): Handle anonymous template type parms.
* pt.c (instantiate_template): Use TYPE_MAIN_DECL instead of
(coerce_template_parms): Likewise.
Thu Feb 29 16:26:01 1996 Mike Stump <>
* class.c (instantiate_type, case {ARRAY,INDIRECT}_REF,
case ADDR_EXPR): Don't modify rhs if a subinstantiation fails.
Thu Feb 29 08:20:25 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (instantiate_template): Take the MAIN_VARIANT of the type
before trying to get its STUB_DECL.
(coerce_template_parms): Likewise.
* parse.y (template_type_parm): If they didn't use 'class',
pretend they did after giving an error.
* pt.c (coerce_template_parms): Diagnose use of local class.
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Use instantiate_type.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle TEMPLATE_DECLs.
* parse.y (named_class_head): Diagnose mismatching types and tags.
* decl.c (pushdecl): Type decls and class templates clash with
artificial type decls, not hide them.
* decl.c (redeclaration_error_message): Diagnose redefinition of
templates properly.
(duplicate_decls): Diagnose disallowed overloads for template
functions, too.
* decl.c (start_decl): Call complete_type before checking for a
* pt.c (tsubst): Use tsubst_expr on the elts of a VEC.
* decl.c (xref_tag): A TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM is a match.
Wed Feb 28 09:28:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grok_op_properties): Don't check for operator++(int) in
a template.
* tree.c (perm_manip): Return a copy of variable and function
decls with external linkage.
* tree.def: Change some of the min tree codes to type "1".
* pt.c (uses_template_parms): Handle 'e's, return 1 for LOOKUP_EXPRs.
* method.c (build_overload_int): Emit something arbitrary for
anything but an INTEGER_CST if we're in a template.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Call complete_type before deciding
whether or not to lay out the decl.
* lex.c (do_identifier): Check for DECL_INITIAL before using it.
Tue Feb 27 16:35:32 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck2.c (build_x_arrow): Call complete_type.
* pt.c (add_pending_template): Broken out.
(lookup_template_class): If -fexternal-templates, call it for all
the methods of implemented types.
(instantiate_class_template): Instead of instantiating them here.
(instantiate_decl): Handle -fexternal-templates earlier.
Tue Feb 27 15:51:32 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* search.c, lex.c, decl.c, class.c, cp-tree.h: Don't wrap the
memoized lookup stuff inside GATHER_STATISTICS.
Tue Feb 27 10:38:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (start_decl): Complain about array of incomplete type
(grokdeclarator): Not here.
* parse.y (template_parm): Expand full_parm inline so we can set
the rule's precedence.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): If we're in a template, just do tsubst_copy.
(tsubst): tsubst_expr the DECL_INITIAL of FIELD_DECLs.
* decl2.c (grokbitfield): Don't check for integer constant here.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Check here.
* decl.c (define_label): Make the min decl go on permanent_obstack.
* pt.c (unify): Don't handle CONST_DECLs.
(uses_template_parms): Don't check DECL_INITIAL on a CONST_DECL.
(tsubst_copy): Likewise.
* lex.c (do_identifier): Do pull the DECL_INITIAL out of a
CONST_DECL for a template parm.
Mon Feb 26 12:48:18 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Complain about array of incomplete type
(start_decl_1): Not here.
* pt.c (tsubst): Handle pointer-to-function declarators.
* method.c (hack_identifier): If pedantic, diagnose local class
methods that require a static chain.
* decl.c (grok_op_properties): No longer static.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* pt.c (tsubst): Call it for operators.
Use tsubst_copy for TREE_VECs.
* parse.y (template_arg): The expr has precedence like '>'.
Fri Feb 23 14:51:52 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (coerce_template_parms): Don't coerce an expression using
template parms.
(uses_template_parms): Also check DECL_INITIAL in CONST_DECLs.
(tsubst): Don't use build_index_2_type if the max_value uses template
* method.c (build_overload_int): Emit something arbitrary for an
expression using template parms.
* parse.y (template_close_bracket): New non-terminal to catch use
of '>>' instead of '> >' in template class names.
(template_type): Use it.
* (CONFLICTS): Causes one more r/r conflict.
* tree.def: Add CAST_EXPR.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Use CAST_EXPR instead of
CONVERT_EXPR for minimal_parse_mode.
* typeck.c (build_c_cast): Likewise.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Likewise.
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree): Likewise.
* error.c (dump_expr): Likewise.
Fri Feb 23 10:36:46 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* except.c (SetTerminate, SetUnexpected): Put back global vars.
(init_exception_processing): Put back decl/init of
set_unexpected_fndecl and set_terminate_fndecl, needed to get the
fns from libstdc++.
* decl.c (struct binding_level): Delete ACCEPT_ANY bitfield.
(declare_uninstantiated_type_level, uninstantiated_type_level_p):
Delete unused fns.
* cp-tree.h (declare_uninstantiated_type_level,
uninstantiated_type_level_p): Delete prototypes.
Thu Feb 22 19:36:15 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Add default return.
Thu Feb 22 16:47:24 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* error.c (fndecl_as_string): Delete unused arg CNAME.
* sig.c (build_signature_table_constructor,
build_signature_method_call): Fix calls.
* class.c (the_null_vtable_entry): Delete var definition.
(init_class_processing): Delete tree the_null_vtable_entry init.
* decl.c (no_print_{functions, builtins}): Declare as static.
(__tp_desc_type_node): #if 0 var definition.
(init_type_desc): #if 0 init of __tp_desc_type_node.
(vb_off_identifier): Move var decl into init_decl_processing.
(current_function_assigns_this): Declare as static.
(int_ftype_ptr_ptr_int, void_ftype_ptr_int_int): Delete var decls.
(init_decl_processing): Delete init of void_ftype_ptr_ptr_int.
Move decls of string_ftype_ptr_ptr and int_ftype_string_string here.
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): Delete definition/mod of local var ELT_SIZE.
* init.c (BI_header_type, BI_header_size): Declare as static.
* pt.c (template_classes): Delete unused var.
(add_pending_template): Delete decl for non-existent fn.
(lookup_template_class): Delete vars CODE and TAG_CODE.
(instantiate_template): Delete unused var TARGS.
* cp-tree.h (vb_off_identifier, current_function_assigns_this):
Delete decls.
(__tp_desc_type_node): #if 0 var decl.
(fndecl_as_string): Fix prototype.
Thu Feb 22 15:56:19 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.def: Add GOTO_STMT.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Support goto and labels.
* decl.c (define_label): Support minimal parsing.
* parse.y (simple_stmt): Likewise.
Thu Feb 22 15:30:12 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* xref.c (GNU_xref_member): Only define/set var I if
XREF_SHORT_MEMBER_NAMES is defined, to match when it's actually
(GNU_xref_end_scope): Delete unused fifth arg TRNS.
(GNU_xref_end): Fix call.
* decl.c (poplevel, poplevel_class, finish_method): Fix calls.
* cp-tree.h (GNU_xref_end_scope): Fix prototype.
* tree.c (build_exception_variant): Delete unused vars I, A, T,
T2, and CNAME.
(layout_vbasetypes): Delete unused var NONVIRTUAL_VAR_SIZE.
(mapcar): Delete unused var CODE.
(build_cplus_new): Delete unused arg WITH_CLEANUP_P.
(break_out_cleanups): Fix call.
(bot_manip): Likewise.
* call.c (build_method_call): Likewise.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference, convert_to_reference, cp_convert):
* typeck.c (unary_complex_lvalue, build_modify_expr,
convert_for_initialization): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (build_cplus_new): Fix prototype.
* repo.c (open_repo_file): Delete unused var Q.
(repo_compile_flags, repo_template_declared,
repo_template_defined, repo_class_defined, repo_inline_used,
repo_vtable_used, repo_tinfo_used): #if 0 unused fns.
(repo_get_id, repo_vtable_used): Declare as static.
* cp-tree.h (mark_{decl,class}_instantiated, finish_repo): Add
Thu Feb 22 14:53:35 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (pending_inlines): Add function_try_block case.
* pt.c (unify): Fix for template const parms.
Thu Feb 22 13:24:15 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* lex.c (extract_interface_info): Delete forward decl.
(default_copy_constructor_body, default_assign_ref_body): Delete
decls for non-existent functions.
(synth_firstobj, inline_text_firstobjs): Delete unused vars.
(init_lex): Delete setting them.
(cons_up_default_function): Delete unused vars FUNC_BUF,
FUNC_LEN, and COMPLEX. Delete code setting COMPLEX. Delete old
#if 0'd synth code.
(toplevel, expression_obstack): Delete unused extern decls.
(tree_node_kind): Delete unused enum.
(tree_node_counts, tree_node_sizes): Wrap with #ifdef
(tree_node_kind_names): Delete unused extern decl.
(synth_obstack): Delete unused var.
(init_lex): Don't set it.
(init_parse): Add decl before use.
(reduce_count): Only define #ifdef GATHER_STATISTICS && REDUCE_LENGTH.
(current_unit_{name, language}): Delete unused vars.
(check_newline): Don't bother setting them, just accept the #pragma.
* cp-tree.h (init_repo, peek_yylex): Add prototypes.
(current_unit_{name, language}): Delete decls.
* search.c: Wrap all of the memoized functions, macros, and
variables inside #ifdef GATHER_STATISTICS.
(lookup_field, lookup_fnfields): Likewise.
(init_search_processing): Likewise.
(reinit_search_statistics): Wrap whole function.
* lex.c (reinit_lang_specific): Wrap call to reinit_search_statistics.
* decl.c (finish_function): Only call pop_memoized_context if
(start_function): Likewise for push_memoized_context.
* class.c (pushclass, popclass): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (CLASSTYPE_MTABLE_ENTRY): Move definition from here...
* search.c (CLASSTYPE_MTABLE_ENTRY): ... to here.
* cvt.c (cp_convert): Delete unused local var FORM.
* cp-tree.h (can_convert, can_convert_arg, real_lvalue_p): Add
Thu Feb 22 13:19:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (do_poplevel): Oops; really return what we get from
poplevel this time.
Thu Feb 22 11:41:44 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* cp-tree.h (is_aggr_type): Add prototype.
* cp-tree.h ({push,pop}_cp_function_context): Add decls.
* method.c ({push,pop}_cp_function_context): Delete decls.
* except.c (start_eh_unwinder, end_eh_unwinder): Declare as void.
(SetUnexpected, SetTerminate): Delete unused vars.
(init_exception_processing): Don't set SetUnexpected or
(output_exception_table_entry): Delete unused array LABEL.
(expand_internal_throw): Delete unused var PARAMS.
(expand_start_catch_block): Delete unused var CLEANUP.
(emit_exception_table): Delete unused var EH_NODE_DECL.
(expand_builtin_throw): Delete unused vars UNWIND_AND_THROW and
GOTO_UNWIND_AND_THROW. Don't set them.
(end_eh_unwinder): Add top decl.
(pop_rtl_from_perm): Delete unused decl of PERMANENT_OBSTACK.
(exception_section, push_rtl_perm, do_function_call,
lang_interim_eh, push_eh_cleanup, eh_outer_context,
expand_end_eh_spec, end_eh_unwinder): Declare as static.
(saved_pc, saved_throw_type, saved_throw_value, saved_cleanup,
throw_used): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (expand_end_eh_spec): Delete prototype.
* search.c (dfs_mark, dfs_mark_vtable_path,
dfs_unmark_vtable_path, dfs_mark_new_vtable,
dfs_unmark_new_vtable, dfs_clear_search_slot,
dfs_search_slot_nonempty_p, bfs_markedp, bfs_unmarkedp,
bfs_marked_vtable_pathp, bfs_unmarked_vtable_pathp,
bfs_marked_new_vtablep, bfs_unmarked_new_vtablep): #if 0 unused
(n_fields_searched, n_calls_lookup_field, n_calls_lookup_field_1,
n_calls_lookup_fnfields, n_calls_lookup_fnfields_1,
n_calls_get_base_type, n_outer_fields_searched, n_contexts_saved):
Only define #ifdef GATHER_STATISTICS.
(reinit_search_statistics): Only init some vars if GATHER_STATISTICS
is defined.
(vbase_decl): Delete var definition.
(init_search): Delete old decl.
(init_vbase_pointers): Delete building of VBASE_DECL, since it's
never actually used.
(expand_indirect_vtbls_init): Delete init of VBASE_DECL.
(get_base_distance_recursive): Delete unused fourth arg
(get_base_distance): Fix call.
(push_class_decls): Delete unused var ID.
(make_memoized_table_entry): Declare as static.
(breadth_first_search): Declare as static.
(tree_has_any_destructor_p): Declare as static.
(pop_class_decls): Delete unused arg pop_class_decls.
* class.c (popclass): Fix call to pop_class_decls.
* cp-tree.h (make_memoized_table_entry, breadth_first_search,
tree_has_any_destructor_p): Delete prototypes.
* rtti.c (build_ptmf_desc): Delete unused arg TYPE.
(build_t_desc): Fix call. Delete unused vars ELEMS and TT.
(build_dynamic_cast): Delete unused local vars TMP1 and RETVAL.
(build_user_desc): Delete unused var T.
(build_class_desc): Delete unused vars T and OFF.
(build_t_desc): Delete unused var NAME_STRING.
(build_headof): Make static.
(get_bad_cast_node): Likewise.
(get_def_to_follow): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (init_type_desc): Add prototype.
(build_headof): Remove prototype.
Thu Feb 22 00:54:22 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst): Only look for matching decls at file scope for
non-member functions.
* call.c (build_scoped_method_call): Handle scoped destructor
calls in templates.
* decl.c (*_top_level): Also save previous_class_values.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Support do {} while loops.
* parse.y (simple_stmt): Likewise.
* tree.def: Likewise.
* method.c (build_overload_identifier): For a class nested in a
template class, don't mangle in the template parms from our
* lex.c, cp-tree.h: Remove support for template instantiations in
the pending_inlines code.
* pt.c: Remove dead functions and unused arguments.
(uses_template_parms): TYPENAME_TYPEs always use template parms.
* parse.y: Stop passing anything to end_template_decl.
* tree.c (print_lang_statistics): Only print tinst info #ifdef
Wed Feb 21 16:57:33 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* init.c (expand_recursive_init{,_1}): Delete decls.
(sort_member_init): Delete unused var INIT.
(emit_base_init): Delete unused var X.
(build_offset_ref): Delete unused var CNAME.
(sort_member_init): Delete unused var FIELDS_TO_UNMARK.
(emit_base_init): Delete unused local var BASE. Delete extern
(build_delete): Delete unused local var VIRTUAL_SIZE.
* init.c (build_vec_delete): Delete unused third arg ELT_SIZE.
(build_delete): Fix call.
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (build_vec_delete): Update prototype.
* typeck.c (common_base_type): Delete unused var TMP.
(build_binary_op): Delete local var ARGS_SAVE.
(build_array_ref): Delete unused var ITYPE.
(c_expand_return): Delete unused var USE_TEMP.
* typeck.c (compexcepttypes): Delete unused arg STRICT.
(comptypes): Fix calls.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (compexcepttypes): Delete extra arg.
* decl2.c (check_classfn): Delete unused second arg CNAME.
* decl.c (start_decl, grokfndecl): Fix calls.
* init.c (do_friend): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (check_classfn): Update prototype.
* cp-tree.h (signature_error, import_export_vtable,
append_signature_fields, id_in_current_class, mark_used,
copy_assignment_arg_p): Add decls.
* decl2.c (mark_used): Delete decl.
* class.c (n_*): Wrap with #ifdef GATHER_STATISTICS.
* class.c (get_vtable_entry): Disable unused function.
(doing_hard_virtuals): Delete unused static global var.
(finish_struct_1): Don't init DOING_HARD_VIRTUALS.
(prepare_fresh_vtable): Delete unused vars PATH and RESULT.
(overrides): Delete unused vars RETTYPE and BASE_RETTYPE.
(modify_one_vtable): Delete unused var OLD_RTTI.
(finish_struct_anon): Delete unused vars OFFSET and X.
(finish_struct_bits): Delete unused var METHOD_VEC.
(get_basefndecls): Delete unused var PURPOSE. Delete unused
for-scope local variable METHODS.
* call.c (user_harshness): Delete unused/unneeded arg PARM.
(ideal_candidate): Delete unused args BASETYPE and PARMS.
(build_method_call): Delete unused args passed into ideal_candidate.
(build_overload_call_real): Likewise. Delete unused var OVERLOAD_NAME.
* cp-tree.h (synthesize_method): Add decl.
* decl.c (note_level_for_for): Give void return type.
(pushdecl_nonclass_level): Likewise.
(finish_function): Delete unused vars VFIELDS and ALLOCATED_THIS.
(poplevel): Delete unused var IMPLICIT_TRY_BLOCK.
(suspend_binding_level): Delete unused var LEVEL.
(duplicate_decls): Delete unused var CTYPE.
(duplicate_decls): Delete unused var PREVIOUS_C_DECL.
(init_decl_processing): Delete unused vars FLOAT_ENDLINK and
(grokdeclarator): Delete unused var C.
(grokdeclarator): Delete unused var SIZE_VARIES.
(grokparms): Delete unused var SAW_VOID.
(start_function): Delete unused var OLDDECL.
(cplus_expand_expr_stmt): Delete unused var
* cp-tree.h (pushdecl_nonclass_level): Fix prototype.
* (CONFLICTS): Update to 12 shift/reduce.
Wed Feb 21 00:06:17 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (build_min): Set TREE_COMPLEXITY to lineno.
(build_min_nt): Likewise.
* pt.c (do_pushlevel): Emit line note.
(do_poplevel): Return what we get from poplevel.
(tsubst_expr): Set lineno from TREE_COMPLEXITY in stmt nodes.
* parse.y: Use do_pushlevel and do_poplevel.
* cp-tree.h: Declare do_poplevel.
* cp-tree.h: Declare at_eof.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Pass it to rest_of_decl_compilation.
* decl2.c (import_export_decl): Renamed from import_export_inline.
(finish_file): Call it to do interface handling for statics.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Call mark_used on variables and functions
used here.
* decl2.c (finish_file): Don't emit statics we can't generate.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Don't set interface on instantiations
we can't generate.
* cp-tree.h (struct tinst_level): Change 'classname' to 'decl'.
* tree.c (print_lang_statistics): Print max template depth.
* pt.c (push_tinst_level): Dump entire instantiation context.
(instantiate_class_template): Use it and pop_tinst_level.
(instantiate_decl): Likewise.
* call.c class.c cp-tree.h decl.c decl2.c error.c lex.c method.c
pt.c ptree.c tree.def: Remove all traces of UNINSTANTIATED_P_TYPE.
Tue Feb 20 18:21:51 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c class.c cp-tree.h cvt.c decl.c decl2.c error.c expr.c
init.c lex.c method.c parse.y pt.c repo.c search.c spew.c tree.c
tree.def typeck.c typeck2.c xref.c: Massive, systemic changes for
the new template implementation.
Tue Feb 20 17:14:29 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl2.c (check_cp_case_value): Use STRIP_TYPE_NOPS.
Thu Feb 15 18:44:42 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Delay emitting the debug information for
a typedef that has been installed as the canonical typedef, if the
type has not yet been defined.
Thu Feb 15 09:39:08 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (grokfield): Still call pop_nested_class for access decls.
Wed Feb 14 17:30:04 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (lookup_label): Call label_rtx.
* decl.c (make_binding_level): New function.
(pushlevel, pushlevel_class): Call it instead of explicit
duplicate calls to xmalloc.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Delete useless build_pointer_type
* decl.c (float_ftype_float, ldouble_ftype_ldouble): Add definitions.
(sizet_ftype_string): Delete variable.
(init_decl_processing): Add built-in functions fabsf, fabsl,
sqrtf, sqrtl, sinf, sin, sinl, cosf, cos, cosl. New local
variable strlen_ftype, used for strlen.
Wed Feb 14 16:21:25 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (push_to_top_level): Start from current_binding_level
again for now; the stl hacks depend on g++ being broken in this
way, and it'll be fixed in the template rewrite.
* tree.def: Add USING_DECL.
* decl2.c (do_class_using_decl): Implement.
(grokfield): Pass access decls off to do_class_using_decl instead of
* error.c (dump_decl): Handle USING_DECLs.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Remove code for handling access decls.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Adjust accordingly, treat using-decls
as access decls for now.
(finish_struct): Don't check USING_DECLs for other uses of the name.
* search.c (get_matching_virtual): Use cp_error_at.
Wed Feb 14 10:36:58 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* typeck.c (comptypes): Default COMP_TYPE_ATTRIBUTES to 1, to
match c-typeck.c.
(self_promoting_args_p): Move the check that TYPE is non-nil
before trying to look at its main variant.
(unsigned_type, signed_type): Add checking of DI/SI/HI/QI nodes.
Delete macros.
* init.c (xref_friend, embrace_waiting_friends): Delete functions.
(do_friend): Delete call to xref_friend.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Delete call to embrace_waiting_friends.
* typeck.c (convert_sequence): #if 0 unused function.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_IN_MEMORY_P): New macro w/ the check that used to
be in decl_in_memory_p.
(decl_in_memory_p): Delete decl.
* expr.c (decl_in_memory_p): Delete fn.
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Use DECL_IN_MEMORY_P.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Use DECL_IN_MEMORY_P.
Tue Feb 13 12:51:21 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Check for a pure-specifier on a
non-virtual function here.
* decl2.c (grok_function_init): Don't check whether the function
is virtual here.
(grokfield): Don't call check_for_override here.
* decl.c (push_to_top_level): Start from inner_binding_level,
check class_shadowed in class levels.
Mon Feb 12 17:46:59 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (resume_level): Ignore things that don't have names, instead
of core dumping.
Mon Feb 12 15:47:44 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl2.c (grokfield): Set DECL_VINDEX properly for FUNCTION_DECLs.
Sat Feb 10 17:59:45 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Set DECL_VINDEX properly on a
synthesized dtor.
* parse.y (complete_type_name): Bind global_scope earlier.
(complex_type_name): Likewise.
(qualified_type_name): Remove.
Thu Feb 8 15:15:14 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Move code that looks for virtuals in base
* class.c (check_for_override): ... to a new function.
(finish_struct_1): Call it.
* cp-tree.h: Declare warn_sign_compare.
* typeck.c (build_binary_op_nodefault): Check warn_sign_compare
rather than extra_warnings to decide whether to warn about
comparison of signed and unsigned.
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Handle warn_sign_compare. -Wall
implies -Wsign-compare. -Wall doesn't imply -W.
Wed Feb 7 15:27:57 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Fix to handle anon unions in base
classes as well.
Wed Feb 7 14:29:12 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* class.c (resolves_to_fixed_type_p): Delete code dealing with
a WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR, since we don't generate them any more.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Likewise.
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Likewise.
(cp_finish_decl): Likewise.
* error.c (dump_expr): Likewise.
* tree.c (real_lvalue_p): Likewise.
(lvalue_p): Likewise.
(build_cplus_new): Likewise.
(unsave_expr_now): Likewise.
* typeck.c (unary_complex_lvalue, build_modify_expr,
c_expand_return): Likewise.
Tue Feb 6 13:39:22 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
Make the C++ front-end pay attention to attributes for structures.
* class.c (finish_struct): New argument ATTRIBUTES, passed down into
(finish_struct_1): New argument ATTRIBUTES; call cplus_decl_attributes.
Take out old round_up_size use and setting the DECL_ALIGN possibly
using it. Take out setting of TYPE_ALIGN to round_up_size, which
can override what the attribute set.
* cp-tree.h (finish_struct): Update prototype.
* parse.y (template_instantiate_once): Pass a NULL_TREE for the
attributes to finish_struct.
(structsp): For a CLASS decl, add maybe_attribute to rule and pass that
value down into finish_struct.
* (CONFLICTS): Switch to 7 shift/reduce conflicts.
Tue Feb 6 13:12:15 1996 Per Bothner <>
* decl.c (poplevel): Re-word dead for local handling.
(pushdecl): Remove useless DECL_DEAD_FOR_LOCAL test.
(cp_finish_decl): If is_for_scope, check for duplicates so
we can disable is_for_scope. Otherwise, preserve_temp_slots.
* lex.c (do_identifier): Use global binding in preference of
dead for local variable.
Mon Feb 5 17:46:46 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (initializing_context): Handle anon union changes, the
context where fields of anon unions can be initialized now has to be
found by walking up the TYPE_CONTEXT chain.
Fri Feb 2 14:54:04 1996 Doug Evans <>
* decl.c (start_decl): #ifdef out code to set DECL_COMMON
if ASM_OUTPUT{,_ALIGNED}_BSS is defined.
(obscure_complex_init): If bss is supported, always set
DECL_INITIAL to error_mark_node.
Thu Feb 1 16:19:56 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* init.c (is_friend): Make sure there's a context before we see if
it's an aggr type.
Thu Feb 1 15:44:53 1996 Mike Stump <>
* init.c (is_friend): Classes are not friendly with nested classes.
Thu Feb 1 15:27:37 1996 Doug Evans <>
* lex.c (check_newline): Pass last character read to HANDLE_PRAGMA,
and record its result.
Thu Feb 1 09:27:01 1996 Mike Stump <>
* class.c (finish_struct_anon): Switch around code to not move anon
union elements around, nor mess up their contexts, nor offsets,
instead we now build up the right number of COMPONENT_REFs for all
the anon unions that may be present at build_component_ref time.
* typeck.c (lookup_anon_field): New routine to handle field lookup
on fields without names. We find them, based upon their unique type
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Allow FIELD_DECL components.
Handle finding components in anonymous unions, and ensure that a
COMPONENT_REF is built for each level as necessary.
Tue Jan 30 18:18:23 1996 Mike Stump <>
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Make the INDIRECT_BIND case come after
code that ensures that copy ctors are used if appropriate.
Tue Jan 30 17:35:14 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* init.c (build_vec_delete): Only give an error if base isn't an
Mon Jan 29 17:09:06 1996 Mike Stump <>
* spew.c (do_aggr): `new struct S;' isn't a forward declaration.
(yylex): If we see `new', keep slurping.
Thu Jan 25 18:31:36 1996 Mike Stump <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Move code for handling anon unions...
(finish_struct_anon): to here. Fixup so that we do the offset
calculations right, and so that the fields are physically moved to
the containers's chain.
Thu Jan 25 18:27:37 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Avoid trying to get an operand off an
identifier node.
Wed Jan 24 11:25:30 1996 Jim Wilson <>
* typeck.c (pointer_int_sum): Use TYPE_PRECISION (sizetype) not
POINTER_SIZE to agree with expr.c.
Thu Jan 25 13:01:23 1996 Mike Stump <>
* search.c (lookup_field): Don't report ambiguities if protect is 0,
instead return NULL_TREE.
Wed Jan 24 13:01:26 1996 Mike Stump <>
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Call warn_hidden if we want warnings
about overloaded virtual functions.
(warn_hidden): New routine to warn of virtual functions that are
hidden by other virtual functions, that are not overridden.
(get_basefndecls): New routine, used by warn_hidden.
(mark_overriders): New routine, used by warn_hidden.
* search.c (get_matching_virtual): Remove old warning that just
isn't very useful.
Tue Jan 23 12:26:10 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (output_builtin_tdesc_entries): #if 0 the function definition.
* typeck.c (null_ptr_cst_p): Delete unused fn.
(build_function_call_maybe): Delete unused fn.
* expr.c (extract_init): #if 0 the code after unconditional return 0
for now.
Delete old cadillac code.
* edsel.c: Remove file.
* (CXX_SRCS): Take edsel.c off the list.
* (CXX_OBJS): Delete edsel.o.
(edsel.o): Delete rule.
* cp-tree.h (flag_cadillac): Delete var decl.
* lang-options.h: Delete "-fcadillac" and "-fno-cadillac".
* decl2.c (flag_cadillac): Delete var definition.
(lang_decode_option): Delete handling of -fcadillac and -fno-cadillac.
(grokfield): Delete code depending on flag_cadillac.
(finish_anon_union): Likewise.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Likewise.
(pushclass): Likewise.
(popclass): Likewise.
(push_lang_context): Likewise.
(pop_lang_context): Likewise.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Likewise.
(start_decl): Likewise.
(cp_finish_decl): Likewise.
(xref_tag): Likewise.
(finish_enum): Likewise.
(start_function): Likewise.
(finish_function): Likewise.
(finish_stmt): Likewise.
* lex.c (lang_init): Likewise.
(check_newline): Likewise.
* lex.c (do_pending_inlines): Delete synthesized method kludge.
Delete defunct, ancient garbage collection implementation.
* rtti.c: New file with the RTTI stuff from gc.c.
* gc.c: Removed file (moved the remaining stuff into rtti.c).
* (CXX_OBJS): Replace gc.o with rtti.o.
(rtti.o): New rule, replacing gc.o.
* (CXX_SRCS): Replace gc.c with rtti.c.
* cp-tree.h: Delete gc-related fn decls.
(DECL_GC_OFFSET): Delete macro.
(flag_gc): Delete extern decl.
* decl.c (current_function_obstack_index): Delete var decl.
(current_function_obstack_usage): Delete var decl.
(start_function): Delete clearing of current_function_obstack_index
and current_function_obstack_usage.
(init_decl_processing): Delete code relying on -fgc.
Delete call to init_gc_processing.
(cp_finish_decl): Delete calls to build_static_gc_entry and
type_needs_gc_entry. Delete gc code setting DECL_GC_OFFSET.
(store_parm_decls): Delete -fgc calls to cp_expand_decl_cleanup
and to expand_expr of a __gc_main call.
(maybe_gc_cleanup): Delete var decl.
(finish_function): Delete call to expand_gc_prologue_and_epilogue.
* decl2.c (flag_gc): Delete var decl.
(lang_f_options): Delete offering of -fgc.
(lang_decode_option): Delete -fgc and -fno-gc handling.
(get_temp_regvar): Delete gc code.
* init.c (build_new): Delete gc code.
* lex.c (init_lex): Delete checking of flag_gc.
* typeck.c (convert_arguments): Delete gc code.
(build_component_addr): Delete -fgc warning.
(build_modify_expr): Delete gc code.
* decl2.c (build_push_scope): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (build_push_scope): Delete decl.
* search.c (clear_search_slots): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (clear_search_slots): Delete decl.
* search.c (tree_needs_constructor_p): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (tree_needs_constructor_p): Delete decl.
* tree.c (id_cmp): Delete fn.
* tree.c (set_fnaddr_from_vtable_entry): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (set_fnaddr_from_vtable_entry): Delete decl.
* tree.c (decl_value_member): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (decl_value_member): Delete decl.
* tree.c (list_hash_lookup_or_cons): Delete fn.
* cp-tree.h (list_hash_lookup_or_cons): Delete decl.
* method.c (cplus_exception_name): Delete fn.
* spew.c (shift_tokens): Delete fn.
Mon Jan 22 17:49:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* except.c (init_exception_processing): Pass 1 to needs_pop in calls
to cp_finish_decl.
* parse.y: Likewise.
Mon Jan 22 17:34:29 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* tree.c (build_cplus_staticfn_type): Delete function definition;
never used.
* cp-tree.h (build_cplus_staticfn_type): Delete decl.
* tree.c (virtual_member): Delete function definition; never used.
* cp-tree.h (virtual_member): Delete decl.
Fri Jan 19 18:03:14 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Handle getting vbase pointers
out of complex multiple inheritance better.
Fri Jan 19 16:27:40 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (build_object_ref): Make sure we use the real type, not
any reference type.
Fri Jan 19 16:01:47 1996 Mike Stump <>
* tree.c (build_exception_variant): Don't create new types if we
don't have to, also build new types on the right obstack.
Fri Jan 19 14:09:44 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (store_bindings): Split out from push_to_top_level.
(push_to_top_level): Call it for b->type_shadowed on class binding
Fri Jan 19 13:53:14 1996 Mike Stump <>
* search.c (expand_upcast_fixups): Fix so that offsets stored in
vbase_offsets are always right. Fixes a problem where virtual base
upcasting and downcasting could be wrong during conversions on this
during virtual function dispatch at ctor/dtor time when dynamic
vtable fixups for deltas are needed. This only sounds easier than
it is. :-)
(fixup_virtual_upcast_offsets): Change to reflect new calling
convention for expand_upcast_fixups.
Fri Jan 19 12:23:08 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl2.c (grokbitfield): Strip the NOPs from WIDTH before we
check that it's usable as the bitfield width.
Wed Jan 17 21:22:40 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl2.c (grokfield): Call cplus_decl_attributes with the attrlist.
Pass a null tree to grokdeclarator for its ATTRLIST arg, since it's
only ever used for functions in it.
Wed Jan 17 12:10:38 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (qualified_type_name): Use the TYPE_DECL, not the type.
(nested_type): Likewise.
(nested_name_specifier): Use lastiddecl.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Adjust accordingly.
* init.c (expand_member_init): Likewise.
* parse.y (base_class): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Fill in name after we've
checked for non-aggr type.
Wed Jan 17 10:18:01 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl2.c (warn_pointer_arith): Default to on.
Tue Jan 16 12:45:38 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* lex.c (is_rid): New function.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Diagnose reserved words used as
Tue Jan 16 11:39:40 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (get_decl_list): Don't lose cv-quals.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Fix SCOPE_REF handling and diagnose
typespecs used as declarator-ids.
Tue Jan 16 11:09:42 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (poplevel): When popping a level, don't give a warning for
any subblocks that already exist.
Tue Jan 16 00:25:33 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_object_ref): Finish what I started.
* parse.y (qualified_type_name): Don't check TYPE_BUILT_IN.
* decl2.c (constructor_name_full): Handle TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARMs.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Also accept TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM as a
Mon Jan 15 16:19:32 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (xref_tag): Handle passing a type in directly.
* parse.y (qualified_type_name): Pull out the type.
(nested_type): Likewise.
Take types directly instead of as identifiers.
* call.c (build_scoped_method_call): Take types directly instead of
as identifiers.
* decl.c (xref_basetypes): Likewise.
* init.c (expand_member_init): Likewise.
(build_member_call): Likewise.
(build_offset_ref): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (build_scoped_ref): Likewise, remove bogus code.
* method.c (do_build_assign_ref): Likewise.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Handle a type appearing as the
declarator-id for constructors.
* method.c (do_build_copy_constructor): current_base_init_list now
uses the types directly, not their names.
* init.c (sort_base_init): Likewise.
(expand_member_init): Likewise.
* init.c (is_aggr_type): New function, like is_aggr_typedef.
Mon Jan 15 08:45:01 1996 Jeffrey A Law <>
* tree.c (layout_basetypes): Call build_lang_field_decl instead
of build_lang_decl if first arg is a FIELD_DECL.
Thu Jan 11 14:55:07 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
* decl.c (cp_finish_decl): Only clear TREE_USED if DECL_NAME is
* except.c (expand_start_catch_block): Set TREE_USED to avoid
warnings about the catch handler.
Mon Jan 8 17:35:12 1996 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_modify_expr): Use a COMPOUND_EXPR instead of
Thu Jan 4 12:30:32 1996 Brendan Kehoe <>
Fix access control to use trees rather than integers.
* class.c (access_{default, public, protected, private,
default_virtual, public_virtual, private_virtual}_node): Add
(init_class_processing): Do creation of those nodes.
* cp-tree.h (access_type): Delete enum decl.
(access_{default, public, protected, private, default_virtual,
public_virtual, private_virtual}_node): Add decls.
(compute_access): Change return type.
* search.c (compute_access): Have tree return type, instead of enum.
(lookup_field): Declare THIS_V and NEW_V to be tree nodes.
* lex.c (real_yylex): Use yylval.ttype for giving the value of the
access_* node for each of RID_{PUBLIC, PRIVATE, PROTECTED}.
* parse.y (VISSPEC): Make ttype rather than itype.
(base_class_access_list): Likewise.
* *.[cy]: Change all refs of `access_public' to `access_public_node',
* call.c (build_method_call): Make ACCESS be a tree.
* class.c (alter_access, finish_struct_1, filter_struct): Likewise.
* cvt.c (convert_to_aggr): Likewise.
* init.c (build_offset_ref, resolve_offset_ref, build_delete):
* method.c (hack_identifier): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_component_ref_1, build_component_ref): ): Likewise.
Thu Jan 4 11:02:20 1996 Mike Stump <>
* typeck.c (pointer_int_sum, pointer_diff): Make code agree with C
frontend, and make it more consistent with respect to
Tue Jan 2 00:13:38 1996 Rusty Russell <>
* decl.c (pushdecl): Check for duplicate parameter names.
Wed Jan 3 09:25:48 1996 Mike Stump <>
* decl.c (expand_static_init): Call assemble_external for atexit.
Wed Jan 3 07:55:19 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (do_unwind): Remove some generated dead code.
(eh_outer_context): New routine, factor out some common code from
expand_builtin_throw and end_eh_unwinder. Add code to do return
address masking for the PA.
(expand_builtin_throw): Use eh_outer_context instead of open coding
it here.
(end_eh_unwinder): Likewise.
Tue Jan 2 17:00:56 1996 Mike Stump <>
* except.c (expand_throw): Call assemble_external for __empty, if we
use it.
Copyright (C) 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.