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// { dg-do compile { target c++11 } }
template<typename T, typename U>
struct is_same
static const bool value = false;
template<typename T>
struct is_same<T, T>
static const bool value = true;
static_assert(is_same< DECLTYPE , RESULT >::value, #DECLTYPE " should be " #RESULT)
struct A {
int x;
int& y;
int foo(char);
int& bar() const;
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(&A::x), int A::*);
decltype(&A::y) Ay; // { dg-error "14:cannot create pointer to reference member|invalid type" }
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(&A::foo), int (A::*) (char));
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(&A::bar), int& (A::*) () const);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype("decltype"), const char(&)[9]);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(1), int);
int an_int = 5;
int& i = an_int;
const int j = an_int;
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(i)&, int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(const decltype(j), const int);
int foo();
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(foo()), int);
float& bar(int);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (bar(1)), float&);
const A bar();
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (bar()), const A);
const A& bar2();
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (bar2()), const A&);
void wibble() {
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(1+2), int);
int* p;
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(*p), int&);
int a[10];
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(a[3]), int&);
int i; int& j = i;
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (i = 5), int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (j = 5), int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (++i), int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype (i++), int);
struct B {
B () : bit(), cbit() {}
int bit : 2;
const int cbit : 3;
void foo()
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(bit), int);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype((bit)), int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(cbit), const int);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype((cbit)), const int&);
B b;
const B& bc = b;
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(b.bit), int);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype(bc.bit), int);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype((b.bit)), int&);
CHECK_DECLTYPE(decltype((bc.bit)), const int&);