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// { dg-do compile { target c++11 } }
template<typename T, typename U>
struct is_same
static const bool value = false;
template<typename T>
struct is_same<T, T>
static const bool value = true;
template<typename T> const T& foo();
int i;
template<typename T>
struct A
double x;
const A<double>* a = new A<double>();
static_assert(is_same<decltype(foo<int>()), const int&>::value,
"type should be const int&");
static_assert(is_same<decltype(i), int>::value,
"type should be int");
static_assert(is_same<decltype(a->x), double>::value,
"type should be double");
static_assert(is_same<decltype((a->x)), const double&>::value,
"type should be const double&");