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fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(24): Error: `@safe` function `attributediagnostic.layer2` cannot call `@system` function `attributediagnostic.layer1`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(26): which calls `attributediagnostic.layer0`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(28): which calls `attributediagnostic.system`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(30): which was inferred `@system` because of:
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(30): `asm` statement is assumed to be `@system` - mark it with `@trusted` if it is not
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(25): `attributediagnostic.layer1` is declared here
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(46): Error: `@safe` function `D main` cannot call `@system` function `attributediagnostic.system1`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(35): which was inferred `@system` because of:
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(35): cast from `uint` to `int*` not allowed in safe code
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(33): `attributediagnostic.system1` is declared here
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(47): Error: `@safe` function `D main` cannot call `@system` function `attributediagnostic.system2`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(41): which was inferred `@system` because of:
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(41): `@safe` function `system2` cannot call `@system` `fsys`
fail_compilation/attributediagnostic.d(39): `attributediagnostic.system2` is declared here
// Issue 17374 - Improve inferred attribute error message
auto layer2() @safe { layer1(); }
auto layer1() { layer0(); }
auto layer0() { system(); }
auto system()
asm {}
auto system1()
int* x = cast(int*) 0xDEADBEEF;
auto fsys = function void() @system {};
auto system2()
void main() @safe