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PERMUTE_ARGS: -preview=in
fail_compilation/diagin.d(14): Error: function ` int)` is not callable using argument types `()`
fail_compilation/diagin.d(14): too few arguments, expected `1`, got `0`
fail_compilation/diagin.d(16): Error: none of the overloads of template `diagin.foo1` are callable using argument types `!()(bool[])`
fail_compilation/diagin.d(20): Candidate is: `foo1(T)(in T v, string)`
void main ()
bool[] lvalue;
void foo(in int) {}
void foo1(T)(in T v, string) {}
// Ensure that `in` has a unique mangling
static assert(foo.mangleof == `_D6diagin3fooFIiZv`);
static assert(foo1!int.mangleof == `_D6diagin__T4foo1TiZQiFNaNbNiNfIiAyaZv`);
static assert(foo1!char.mangleof == `_D6diagin__T4foo1TaZQiFNaNbNiNfIaAyaZv`);