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fail_compilation/fail22351.d(18): Deprecation: overriding `extern(C++)` function `fail22351.C22351.func(int*)` with `const` qualified function `fail22351.Fail22351.func(const(int*))` is deprecated
fail_compilation/fail22351.d(18): Either remove `override`, or adjust the `const` qualifiers of the overriding function parameters
fail_compilation/fail22351.d(19): Error: function `extern (C++) void fail22351.Fail22351.func(const(int*)**)` does not override any function, did you mean to override `extern (C++) void fail22351.C22351.func(int*)`?
extern(C++) class C22351
void func(int*) { }
void func(int***) { }
extern(C++) final class Fail22351 : C22351
override void func(const int*) { }
override void func(const(int*)**) { }