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fail_compilation/failattr.d(16): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v1` cannot be `synchronized`
fail_compilation/failattr.d(17): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v2` cannot be `override`
fail_compilation/failattr.d(18): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v3` cannot be `abstract`
fail_compilation/failattr.d(19): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v4` cannot be `final`, perhaps you meant `const`?
fail_compilation/failattr.d(31): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v13` cannot be `final abstract synchronized override`
fail_compilation/failattr.d(33): Error: variable `failattr.C2901.v14` cannot be `final`, perhaps you meant `const`?
class C2901
synchronized int v1; // error
override int v2; // error
abstract int v3; // error
final int v4; // error
synchronized { int v5; } // no error
override { int v6; } // no error
abstract { int v7; } // no error
final { int v8; } // no error
synchronized: int v9; // no error
override: int v10; // no error
abstract: int v11; // no error
final: int v12; // no error
synchronized override abstract final int v13; // one line error
static final int v14; // error, even if static is applied at the same time