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fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(18): Error: missing `{ ... }` for function literal
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(18): Error: semicolon expected following auto declaration, not `bode`
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(19): Error: function declaration without return type. (Note that constructors are always named `this`)
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(19): Error: no identifier for declarator `test1()`
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(19): Error: semicolon expected following function declaration
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(20): Error: semicolon expected following function declaration
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(22): Error: unexpected `(` in declarator
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(22): Error: found `T` when expecting `)`
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(22): Error: enum declaration is invalid
fail_compilation/failcontracts.d(22): Error: found `)` instead of statement
void test()
auto f1 = function() bode;
auto test1() bode;
auto test2()() bode;
enum : int (int function() bode T);