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REQUIRED_ARGS: -verrors=0
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(29): Error: basic type expected, not `)`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(30): Error: basic type expected, not `)`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(31): Error: `__traits(identifier, args...)` expected
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(31): Error: semicolon expected following auto declaration, not `o`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(31): Error: expression expected, not `)`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(32): Error: `type identifier : specialization` expected following `is`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(33): Error: semicolon expected following auto declaration, not `auto`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(33): Error: found `+` when expecting `(` following `mixin`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(35): Error: `key:value` expected for associative array literal
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(36): Error: basic type expected, not `;`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(36): Error: `{ members }` expected for anonymous class
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(38): Error: template argument expected following `!`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(38): Error: missing closing `)` after `if (parseShift!()`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(38): Error: found `)` when expecting `(`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(39): Error: missing closing `)` after `if (`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(39): Error: identifier expected following `(type)`.
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(39): Error: expression expected, not `;`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(40): Error: semicolon expected following auto declaration, not `auto`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(40): Error: identifier or `new` expected following `.`, not `+`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(41): Error: identifier or new keyword expected following `(...)`.
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(41): Error: expression expected, not `;`
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(42): Error: found `}` when expecting `;` following statement
fail_compilation/misc_parser_err_cov1.d(43): Error: found `End of File` when expecting `}` following compound statement
module misc_parser_err_cov1;
#line 29
void foo(in);
void bar(int, const @tation);
void main()
// cover errors from line 7930 to EOF
#line 31
auto tt = __traits(<o<);
auto b = is ;
auto mx1 = mixin +);
aa += [key:value, key];
auto anon1 = new class;
auto anon2 = new class {};
if (parseShift !if){}
auto unaryExParseError = immutable(int).+;
auto postFixParseError = int.max.+;