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fail_compilation/test16365.d(21): Error: `this` reference necessary to take address of member `f1` in `@safe` function `main`
fail_compilation/test16365.d(23): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression `&f2` of type `void delegate() pure nothrow @nogc @safe` to `void function() @safe`
fail_compilation/test16365.d(27): Deprecation: address of variable `s` assigned to `dg` with longer lifetime
fail_compilation/test16365.d(28): Error: `dg.funcptr` cannot be used in `@safe` code
struct S
void f1() @safe { }
void main() @safe
void function() @safe f;
f = &S.f1;
void f2() @safe { }
f = &f2;
void delegate() @safe dg;
S s;
dg = &s.f1;
f = dg.funcptr;